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Still Here For You

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"So Mr.Ground Zero... you have everyone, and I mean everyone, chasing after you. Girls', Guys', Alphas', Betas', Omegas', everyone! I guaranty that at least half of the audience would kill for you to at least shake their hand. But what I want to know is that if you have a special someone behind closed doors?"

All went quiet as everyone waited for the pro to answer. Which didn't take very long. "No. Any kind of mate would be too much of a distraction from my goal of keeping my spot as the number one hero." The blonde stated as the crowd of his loving fans cheered with joy at his cocky remark. Also at the fact that they still had a slight chance to get with the Alpha wolf.

"Heh, I'm not surprised." The Beta host said when the crowd calmed. "Well if you're not seeing anyone, then why don't you tell us what interests you so we can fix ourselves. Am I right people?" Once again the crowd applauded and cheered. Bakugou being bisexual and not sexually attracted to a certain second gender, pretty much everyone had a chance. "Well, this person can't be a cookie-cutter kind of mate. They can't be there to just agree with everything I say and go with whatever happens. They have to have some kind of fuc- uh freaking fire to them. Someone who will be able to put up with all of my crap and temper." "That's me!" A girl in the crowd shouted, which got a chuckle out everyone including Bakugou. "Well Ground Zero, it looks like whenever you're ready you have an offer. Well, that's all for tonight folks. Thank you Ground Zero for coming out here tonight it was amazing to meet you! Goodnight folks I'll see you next week!" The camera panned out and the crowd applauded as the show ended for the night.

After a while, Bakugou got up from the leather chair he was sitting in to go to the restroom in the temporary dressing room he had for the night.

On the way, he was stopped by a small voice. "Um, Mr.G-Ground Zero?" The Alpha turned around to see a small, timid boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes that stared directly at the ground below him. "What's up, kid?" He answered. "I was wondering if y-you could sign this picture I have?" The boy held up a picture of Bakugou after he won a fight he had a few months back. "Sure." Bakugou had gotten a whole lot better with kids than when he attended UA. He actually was very fond of them. No one was really sure why, including himself, but they always made him a little happy and calmed him down for some reason.

Using the marker the wolf pup had brought, he signed his hero name on the bottom right messily as always. "Here you go, kid. And you stay outta trouble." He motioned to the cast on the boy's wrist. The kid's eyes lit up when the picture was returned, now with his idol's signature. "Yes, sir! Oh! I have a picture for you, too." He gave the older wolf a drawing of him in his hero gear, standing on a line of green and the sun was drawn in the top left corner which was all drawn in crayon. He looked up at the pro with ears, which were drooped on his head before, now standing straight up and his tail wagging happily behind him. Katsuki smiled at it, really liking it. "Thanks, bud, I'll hang it up when I get home."

Katsuki noticed something that he hadn't before, that he had a bruise under his left eye that looked like it was made pretty recently. "Hey kid," he said as he crouched down to get on his level and looking him directly in his wide, cobalt eyes. "What's your name?" "Ren" "Do me a favor, Ren; the next time your bully does that too I want you to hit him as hard as you can. Because bullies aren't cool, I should know. Can you do that for me?" "Yes, Sir Ground Zero!" He confirmed with a nod and a determined face. The Alpha stood, smiled down at Ren and tousled his hair a bit. "Good, now get outta here" Ren laughed and pulled his arm away. "Thank you!" He exclaimed and turned to his mom who was standing behind him the entire time and probably heard their whole conversation. They walked away, hand in hand, but his mom mouthed a 'thank you' to him when they were about to turn a corner. Which Bakugou didn't think she meant for the picture.


Bakugou returned to his apartment at 12 am that night and was worn out. It was way past the time he normally went to bed at. Thank God he didn't have to work tomorrow so he could sleep in for a few hours in the morning.

He loved his fans, they were amazing and kind of weird for loving how much of a dick he was, but it was nice to have the support. Meeting Ren had definitely made his day. It put him in a good mood the rest of the night even though he was exhausted. He hung his drawing up as promised, next to a pile of other artwork, letters, or anything else he got from his fans. He took a quick shower, slid into a pair of boxers and some old basketball shorts and got finally got in bed. One thing stopped him from falling into the peaceful state of sleep. Ren. He's been thinking of that kid since he saw him and how he reminded him of a certain someone. Izuku Midoriya. Deku. The last time he saw the guy was in their second year of high school. Deku moved to the states at the end of the year for some reason that he didn't care to know, and he hasn't seen him since. All he knew was that the rabbit was ranked the number one hero in some place in California. The new Symbol of Peace. The first Omega to reach number one. He had to admit, the nerd was doing pretty good. Guilt clawed at his mind when he remembered all the things he did to the omega.

‘A weak rabbit, omega, really thinks that he's going to be a hero? Ha! You'd be lucky if you even make it past the gates without screwing something up, Idiot!' A memory said.

He really needed to apologize to him. Deku never did anything wrong to him, if anything he was always there for him like after he got kidnapped by the League of Villains. Calling wasn't an option. He never gave him his number, and he's changed his countless amounts of times due to it getting out. He could travel there. But know that he thought about it, it just sounded creepy to go across the world to see someone you haven't seen in years to apologize. Or really sweet.

Ugh! Why was this so damn complicated. Maybe one of the idiots he went to school with still had his number. Yeah, that could work. He'd have to ask later because it was about to be 1 am and he was now yawning every three seconds.


Katsuki spent his next day off catching up on much-needed sleep, training, and just flat out relaxing. As much as he loves his job it's nice to get away every so often. It would have been great if he could get the thought of childhood friend out of his mind. He spent part of his day looking at what the green haired rabbit had been doing the past eight years.

Midoriya kept his hero name as Deku, which is still a surprise to Bakugou considering what it was supposed to mean. He earned the number one hero title a year ago. Four months after Katsuki earned his. So technically he was still better than the nerd even now.

He looked the same. Same costume, same huge green eyes, but he definitely grew a bit and looked older. His hair was still the same also, but it was now cut shorter at the sides and the back. Which he had to admit, looked pretty good. Overall he looked like your basic cute, but hot guy. A muscular body, fit, soft smile, easy on the eyes, cute fluffy ears and tail, but a total badass underneath it all.

He finished his high school years at Shoreside High School in Los Angeles, which is ranked the third best high school in producing the best heroes in America.

Bakugou's hand stood still from scrolling when he saw an image of Izuku that made his heart halt for a second before beating an entire pace faster and his mouth gaped open.

Deku was seen looking down at an unconscious villain who was bleeding from his nose and had a great bruise on his cheek, which Katsuki could only assume was from Izuku punching him. While Deku was bleeding from his temple which was spilling down his face. He had a deep massive scratch across his chest starting from under his right peck and ending at his upper left shoulder that was staining his hero costume in dark, red blood. But caught his attention was his facial expression. Not only was it covered in pride in his own win, but he was smirking eerily in a way that could rival Katsuki's and win. That's a face that he never even considered seeing on his usual timid and muttering rival, but not one that he wouldn't want to see again.

After 30 more minutes of scrolling, he came to the conclusion that it was a one-time thing. And that it was time to reading about the nerd's life. He closed his laptop and went to his spare bedroom to lift his weights he kept in there to distract himself.


10 minutes into the wolfs workout, his phone went off signaling that he had an incoming call.

Incoming Call from 'Shitty Hair' his phone stated.

Pressing the green answer icon, he said into the device, "What do you want?" "BakuBro!" The fellow Alpha exclaimed. "What the fuck do you want." He said with more emphasis this time. "Ok, chill. I was wondering if you wanted to come to the bar with me, Kaminari, Mina, and Sero." "Why would I want to watch you idiots get drunk off your ass's only to bring you back here to watch you all throw your guts up?" "Because you love us and would take care of us." He could hear him grinning even through the phone. "Tch."

"Is that a yes?"




"Come on, you're not going to be doing anything better. Please?" He wasn't wrong. Bakugou did plan on just staying in the rest of the night. Finish his workout, watch some TV, and go to bed. Nothing really interesting. Mabey going out for a couple of drinks wouldn't be too bad.

"Fine, whatever."

"Yay! We'll meet you at our regular spot at 8."


"Ok, I'll see later." And with that, the redhead hung up. Well, it looks like Katsuki was going out tonight.

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"Damn you, hair." Katsuki cursed as he tried to brush his wet, blonde locks out. All was going well before, he combed through his hair without issue, but this tangle he was currently dealing with had to get in the way. He easily could have just ignored it and went on with his day without a problem, but this imperfection would mess with his head know that it was there. And the fact that he considered having clean hair was just part of basic hygiene. With one harsh tug using the brush in his hand, he got the tangle untwisted from his damp hair. Just like in everything else he did, he always succeeded.

Entering his bedroom down the hall from the bathroom he just left, he had to figure what the hell he was going to wear to this damn thing.

It being spring right now, the weather was pretty fair right now during the day but would get a little cooler at night which is when he plans to leave to head to the bar. But it wouldn't be terribly so that he would need to bring a heavy jacket. It would probably be packed there granted it was a Friday night. Full of drunk, sweaty, horny people and strong thick scents of Alphas', Betas', Omegas', and species of all kind animals that all didn't know what scent blockers were and the additional small of alcohol as well. Meaning it would be hot and revolting smells. It honestly sounded terrible now that he thought about it if he were to go alone he would be miserable. But he wasn't going to, but sometimes he would, whether it would be to just have a drink yet not be by himself on his couch or he was flat out looking for a one night stand. He's done both, the second numerous amounts of times. What could he say it worked as a good stress reliever. But he wasn't doing either, well at least not today. Today he was going to hang out with his longtime friends that would hopefully distract him from the bad things that the bar came with.

Concluding, he decided to just wear a pair of black joggers with thick, diagonal, white stripes going up the sides of his calf but stopping midway. He threw on a hoodie, his favorite hoodie. A hoodie that people would say describes him in two words. It was a simple white hoodie, but what makes it his favorite is on the back it reads 'F*** OFF!' in bold black letters. On the front, it has a small hand flipping people off. Hands down it was his favorite article of clothing besides the black shirt with the skull on the front, but that's a different story. The hoodie was a gift IcyHot had given him when Kirishima had a small congratulations on being the number one hero party for him a few years back. It was honestly a really good gift, Bakugou loved and didn't blow up at him after receiving it. He simply said "Thanks, now I won't have to tell your dumbasses anymore, you could just read it." Which was still thanks, but he sure as hell wouldn't say he liked nor loved it.

He had a black muscle shirt under the rude hoodie just in case the bar did get hot.

He had maybe an hour before he planned on leaving start walking to the bar to meeting his friends. Walking into the living room, he flopped down on the couch and laid his head on the armrest. Reaching above his head, he grabbed his phone and tugged the charger cord from it. Powering it on, he typed his passcode to unlock it. Once unlocked, he saw that he had 102 notifications from Twitter which is where he spent most of his social life. Yeah, he had other socials but he was more consistent on Twitter and most people knew that he was, family, friends, fans, everyone. He knew that some celebrities had people that ran their public accounts so they wouldn't have to. He couldn't blame them though, it got annoying when your phone was always going off to tell you that someone was dm or @ you, but it came with the job. He found it entertaining when fans would praise him and it would go straight to his already huge ego. Tapping the small, blue icon the app opened. He could spend the next hour here that wasn't a problem with him. Most of the notifications were from fans that @ him. They were probably pictures that he took with some people that recognized him when he ran into them while he was leaving the talk show yesterday. Some of them though were from people who wanted to get to him personally. He had a couple of messages stated that he was too reckless and too mean to that he should have never become a hero and should have become a villain instead of spoiling the good name of being a hero or something like that. He would usually brush something like that off and move on but sometimes they would get to him. He knew he was extreme, rude, and an asshole, but he also knew that he deserved it. Every hate comment, mean message, every death wish, he deserved it. Karma was coming back at him and it was not holding back. Yet there was always some type of loving fan that for some reason liked him. Each word that they would express would think that maybe, just maybe he wasn't as bad as he thought.

The vibrating and ringing of his phone startled him out of his thoughts. 'Incoming call from Shitty Hair' he read off his phone. "Crap" He muttered as he ran to his door to put his shoes on, while he answered and placed it between his ear and shoulder. "Hey, Bakug-" "Yeah, yeah, I know I lost track of time, I'm on my way." "And here I am thinking that you were going to just ditch us, but you do care about us. Awwww, Bakugou, are you going soft on us?" The fellow Alpha practically screamed to be heard by his friend over the crowd and people. "Say that again and I just might have to ditch you, idiots." "Nah you care too much about to ever leave us." "Tch, whatever I'll see you in a minute." "Is that Bakugou? Baku~!" Mina sang yet slurred into the phone. "Get your annoying ass over here right now!" "Yeah, yeah I'm going." He said as he jammed his key into the lock to secure his apartment while he was gone for a few hours. "Okay~! I love you so~ much!" Despite being drunk off her ass, Mina meant what she said. She loved her boys like they were brothers. As they got older she became more and more motherly to them, so she was like a sisterly mother. Sero and Kaminari would tease her all the time about how she was without a doubt the mom of the group. Which she was, and she wore that title with a proud smile on her face. She still had her reckless, party side that she had in high school, which she was currently sporting right now, but her all-time cool mom side was always there no matter what. It could have been her natural Omega instincts telling her to take care of who she cares about, but she'd like to think it's more than that.

"Shut it, Raccoon Eyes," Bakugou said as he exited his apartment complex and entered the nice cool air that the night had to offer hit him in a refreshing breeze. "Mina give me the phone back," Kirishima said in the background. "Okay, bye Bakugou~," She said, her voice getting quieter as if she was walking away as she sang his name at the end.

"I'll see you in a few?"

"Yeah, sure." Ending the call, he proceeded his stroll to the bar. The chill of the night grazed the fur of his blonde ears, causing them to lay back against his head. The cold was something he was never fond of. He would rather have it be scorching hot outside than a simple snow day. So now that it was finally warming up he wouldn't have to wear a big ass jacket anymore. He could not tolerate the cold under any circumstances. Just the thought alone made him shiver. This right now wasn't the worst but it wasn't ideal either.

A group of young adult Alphas' came walking toward him on the other side of the sidewalk all laughing hysterically and despite being a good seven feet away they all reeked of beer. It honestly reminded him of his friends: laughing about something probably really stupid and drinking way too much to be healthy.

A small smile tugged at his lips.

"Oh my God! That's Ground Zero!" One of the two girls screamed and pointed while jumping up and down excitedly. Broken from his thoughts, a group of fans eagerly started coming toward him.


After greeting his buzzed fans and signing random things they had in their pockets, he finally made it to the bar. Like any typical club or bar around there on a Friday night, it was packed. Spotting his friends at a booth, he made a beeline toward them.

The group of friends had continued to talk and drink and Mina had passed out cold on Kaminari's shoulder. The T.V. across the room was covering an incident in California. A fire had broken out in a twelve-story building. Five people were injured, but luckily no one had died.

Much to Katsuki's surprise, it was Deku who had saved those people. "Woah, is that Midoriya?" Kaminari asked, turning everyone's attention to the television. Midoriya had the typical nervous expression he always did when his photo was taken. It was as if he had a gun to his head. "Yep, that's him alright." Sero piped in. The group was all reading the captions on the screen, the bar being too loud hear what the journalist was saying. 'Everyone was safely removed from the burning building. There were multiple ambulances at the scene helping anyone who was injured. Two people that were closer to the fastly spreading fire suffered third-degree burns and were immediately rushed to the hospital.'

"I forgot that Midoriya had moved to the U.S," Kirishima said.
"Yeah, he said he was going to stay with his dad for the rest of high school. I guess he ended up staying there." Said Kaminari. "I wonder how he's doing." Said the redhead. "Good probably. He is a pro now, but I think we all kinda expected that." The Alpha and Beta responded with a yeah and yes.

"Anyways, I should probably start headin' back to my woman. I'll make sure Mina gets home and I'll see you guys later." The rest of them said their goodbyes as Kaminari placed Ashido's arm around his shoulders and his arm around her waist to support her weight.

"Hey, you good man? You've been quiet all night." Kirishima asked out of the natural good he had in him.

"Yeah just wasn't in a talkative mood." Which was true. He was just having one of those off days where he just

"Well if you say so. See ya."



"Jesus, my back," Jirou complained as she plopped down next to Bakugou on his couch. "Well stop fuckin' walking around then." He said not looking up from his phone.

"Why are babies so damn heavy?" Jirou rubbed her swollen stomach over Kaminari's hoodie. She was currently six months pregnant with her and Denki's baby. They had been dating since their third year at UA and moved in together a year ago. The baby may not have been planned, but after the initial shock, they were still terrified yet excited. More Denki than Kyouka, but she's still excited to meet their little bean.

"Because it's a baby." He responded sarcastically. "That's not very helpful." She said as she rolled over on her side with a grunt and continued to scroll on her phone.

When Denki's working or not at home, and is in a good mood, she'll go to Bakugou's place. They became friends in their second year. He liked that she had such a calm and collected presence to her, which back then was the complete opposite then what he was. Except for Kirishima and his friend group they were pretty close.

The other reason she was there was probably just her hormones being all out of wack, but she got lonely with Kaminari being gone all-day. Bakugou was a good friend (when he wanted to be) and he didn't mind. Plus he smelled nice. It was currently her second favorite smell, after her boyfriends. His Alpha smell was admirable. Which was something she never noticed before, damn pregnancy. She made sure that Denki was okay with the situation, which he was. He trusted both Bakugou and his girlfriend so they were just hanging out as friends.

Putting her phone down, pulled her hood over her head, and wrapped her tail around herself and fell into a light slumber.