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however our hearts lead us

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Yoongi’s not excited to get back home.

It’s been years since he’s last set foot in the family mansion, and yet he misses none of it. The estate’s too big, the building too old, the garden too well-kept. He hates how the floorboards crack and how the humidity gets in through every crevice in the rock. He hates how there are always so many people there, cleaning, working, invading his privacy. He hates how his parents are always breathing down his neck, how he never gets a second to himself. He hates Daegu. He hates Korea.

At least, when he was in London, people didn’t turn to stare at him when he passed by them, whispering, “Isn’t that Min Yoongi?” and “I thought he was studying abroad…” Maybe they did gossip about him, but for entirely different reasons, and concerning entirely different things. Maybe they did, but at least then he could just pretend he didn’t understand them and ignore them.

But here, the people are loud and hard to disregard. Here, his name precedes him, and it’s more of a curse than a blessing.

Here, he’s Min Yoongi, the heir to the largest fortune in South Korea.

He’s barely gotten off the plane that already people are talking about him. It’ll be a long day.






Korea has two upsides. One, Yoongi has unlimited access to the music studio. And two, he can meet up with his little cousin Taehyung.

Well, cousin might be a bit of an overstatement. They’re definitely related, but Taehyung’s more like his fourth cousin... They’re close nonetheless, so it doesn’t really matter. The boy’s parents died in a car accident when he was very young, and the Mins were the ones to take him in.

Sometimes Yoongi gets a bit bitter about it. They grew up together, but Taehyung’s always been spoiled. While Yoongi spent endless hours in class or in meetings, learning absolutely everything he needed to know to become the head of the Min Group, Taehyung had a pretty normal childhood. He met up with friends, played outside, got into a few fights, dated around and lost his nights in clubs. It wasn’t that Yoongi never had a childhood—or that he aspired to the kind of things Taehyung did anyway—he can distinctly remember his nights out stargazing, his fall from a tree, his hours lost playing video games, his first kiss… No, it’s just that it was all muted. His whole life has been spent sheltered, covered in the thick layer of bubble wrap that is his family name. While Taehyung can get away with almost everything— Yoongi’s mother had labelled him a lost cause early in the process— like dyeing his hair whatever colour he wishes or spending days out of the house without getting reprimanded, the elder has always been watched, always been told to give the example. He’s been a quiet child to begin with, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s always felt repressed, overly watched and judged. It’s a lot of pressure to put up with.

And he hates it. He hates having his path all figured out for him. He’s clumsy in public, and not that good at bargaining. He doesn’t like to fight his way into things, but that’s exactly what’s expected of him.

Yoongi is jealous of Taehyung, for being born with all the qualities requested of a Min, but not the name that comes with them. He’s jealous of Taehyung’s freedom.

Still, he managed to adapt, to fit in. He took it upon himself to always be the best, the sharpest knife in the drawer, just so his parents would leave him alone. It was never easy, but he soon became one of the Min Group’s best assets. And despite everything, despite the lingering bitterness Taehyung always instills, he’s still glad he can see him again. He’s never been angry with Taehyung himself, only with how differently they’re both treated. No matter what, he loves his little cousin more than anyone else out there.

He can’t wait to meet him over a cup of warm tea and catch up on everything.






The estate’s the same it’s always been when Yoongi finally gets out of the car. He’s tired, jet-lagged and certainly not hungry, but he knows he’ll have to suffer through dinner with his family.

He tells himself he should start looking for his own apartment, or else he’ll get insane.

The place’s bustling as it always has been, and if Yoongi didn’t know any better, he would think his parents are moving or something. There are people everywhere.

“Hyung!” A shrill voice yells, and Yoongi stills, turning around just in time to get 70kg of Taehyung square in the chest.

“Ouch, you idiot!” he protests, instinctively wrapping his arms around him, properly hugging him for the first time in five years.

Taehyung giggles. “I’m so glad you’re back! Hyung, you owe me two hundred and sixty mochaccinos.”

Yoongi can’t help but smile and hug him just a little bit closer. He’s not the huggy kind, but he can always make an exception for Tae. He missed him.

The younger lets him for a while but eventually pulls away. He smiles brightly, grabbing Yoongi’s wrist and pulling him towards the mansion with an impatient “Come on!”

Yoongi sighs to himself and lets him drag him forward.






“—You what ?”

Yoongi , sweetheart, don’t interrupt when I’m talking,” his mother reprimands lightly before continuing. “You’ve always been a loner, but your father and I think it’s time for you to settle down with someone. You should at least try to meet him before you get judgy, don’t you think? He’s been very excited about seeing you—”

Yoongi frowns and sits back a little. “Yeah, so he can get his hands on my inheritance,” he mumbles to himself.

Taehyung looks between them with wide eyes.

“—besides, it’s already arranged. You’re meeting him in three days,” his mother concludes.

And for the thousandth time in his life, Yoongi absolutely hates family dinners.

He wants to protest again, to rebel, to slam his fist on the table and make it clear that he’s not going to marry anyone. He doesn’t want to settle down . He doesn’t want a stranger poking his nose into every part of his life that he’s miraculously managed to keep private up until now.

But he knows acting out is unwise, has always been. So he swallows the words down with every bite of dinner until his plate his clean and he can leave without a word. He heads upstairs and into his old room, closing and locking the door behind him before throwing himself onto his bed. He’s tired and frustrated. He feels stupid, too, for not seeing it coming, for not standing up to his parents. He’s angry with himself because he’s too weak to say no and always ends up getting hurt because of it.

It’s not the first time they’ve tried to set him up. He’s had many dates like that one before, with daughters of all the influential families. Actresses, singers, daughters of businessmen or politicians… He’s had his share of them. And they all had the same goal: his fortune. He can’t stand the way these girls look at him like he’s some piece of meat.

At some point, he just stopped bothering, and right before he left for England, he came out to his parents. He just didn’t give a shit about it anymore, was tired of wasting his time with women he’d never been interested in, to begin with.

He has to admit he’s surprised his parents have actually acknowledged his feelings on the matter and changed their tactic. He’s still upset, but at least he’s glad it won’t be a girl this time. Not that he’ll make it any easier for that suitor. He’s determined to stay single, no matter what the rest of the world thinks of it. He knows he’ll have to prove himself again and again in order to make his convictions clear. But it doesn’t matter.

He’ll show everyone why you don’t mess with Min Yoongi.