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A Faed Meeting

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Kagome felt some hair against her butt that she knew was not her's and she didn’t know where she was. As Kagome sat up she noticed that what she was on and who she was with made no sense her body was laying on black sheets with somebody she shouldn’t be with. Kagome knew who that long black hair belong to and the spider scar on his back belonged too how could this have happened when she didn’t remember it?

24 Hour's Earlier

I had just came through the well to hear Inuyasha and Shippo arguing about the last bag of chips when I climbed out I asked Inuyasha where our next destination was today to distract them both from fighting. Miroku walked up with Sango as Kirara was fallowing her and told me we’re supposed to be on our way to Nagoya today and that we got the information from some merchants told us that a demon with unusual powers there so might Naraku and his other demons. As I heard this I was hoping we could catch Naraku so that my friends life’s would be there’s again instead of the dark path that we had to take because of Naraku but as I thought this something they said made my stomach tell me that nothing was going to go as we planned. So we gathered our stuff to start the journey to Nagoya and as I got on my bike Shippo jumped into the basket and Miroku and Sango got on Kirara then Inuyasha starts talking about how he couldn’t wait to kick Naraku ass for everything he’s done and I rolled my eyes. Even though the journey started out peaceful of course you always have to have that one moment where something pops up out of nowhere and the name of this person is none other then Kouga and his pack of wolf’s. “ Hey mutt how are you taking care of my woman?” Inuyasha snarl's at Kouga. “ Dammit she not your woman you stupid wolf hurry up and leave so we can go kill Naraku at Nagoya!” As soon as Kouga heard his name he got serious and looked at us. “ So you’ve heard about what’s happening at Nagoya? We’re just on our way there I will avenge my pack for what he did even if it kills me.” Inuyasha screams “ Not if I get there first you idiot the one who’s going to take Naraku out is me.” I look at Koga and smile apologetically. “ Well if you get there first we will see you there Kouga.” “ Bye my sweet Kagome and see you mutt face all let you off this one time since you know I can beat you.” As Kouga leave Inuyasha cursed him. Miroku and Sango look at each other and shook their heads. “ Well that was more polite then usual they usually get out of hand.” They been walking for four hours when they finally reached the front gate of Nagoya if things didn’t seem wrong when a mile out Inuyasha nose keeped wrinkling as if he smelled something gross as we stared at the blood splattered all across the gate. I couldn’t take my eye's off it as I wonder how many Innocents children, women, and old people Naraku demon had killed just to make his plan for the Shikon no Tama come into being just to show us he the number one yokai with all those Innocents makes me want to cry. Inuyasha looks at Sango and nods his head and backs up so she can throw a demon smoke bomb into the village to see how many small demon's came out and as they do Miroku used his wind tunnel to get rid of them so they could bury the villagers and pay their respects. While Inuyasha and Miroku are doing this I have to walk away because I’m so pissed at Naraku for what he did to this village when I get over to the wooded area out of nowhere this claw with purple acid comes right at me and I am barely able to dodge it. “ I can’t believe I was so emotional that I couldn’t detect the shard and this demon.” I think as I yelled for my friends and notch an arrow in my bow as I then see Inuyasha ran up with Tessaiga drawn out and Sango has Hirakiotsu ready then Miroku has his staff out with Shippo beside him. The battle was just about to go down when the demon went right by me and attacked Sango but lucky she used Hirakiotsu to block it’s claw and Miroku used his talisman's to electrocuted it to push the demon away from Sango so she could attack it back. Right as this was about to happen Inuyasha tries to use wind scar but Naraku comes right at Sango and distracts both of them just as I fill my arrow with miko kai to shoot at the demon it disappears and was suddenly at Sango back slashing her deep with it’s claw. Where I was standing I could see purple bubbles hoping out of the wound while Sango go down coughing blood. Miroku stop what he doing and runs over to her and pulls her into his arms to protect her from the demon that is now by Naraku just sitting there watching Inuyasha as he raises Tessaiga to kill both the evil creatures. Naraku shakes his head. “ I wouldn’t do that if I was you this demon has given your friend a poison only it has the cure too.” To back this up Sango bleeds out of her eye's and screams in pain while Miroku holds her as she moves to get away from the pain so Shippo with Kirara try’s to hold her legs in place. Inuyasha looks at me as I feel tear’s run down my cheeks and then he looked at Naraku and asked. “ What do you want for the cure?” Naraku chuckle’s as he does this the hair on my neck stands up. “ All take the girl of course along with the Shikon no Tama and if I see you coming after her all just kill her right in front of you half-breed.” Inuyasha looks at me with sad eyes and then Sango I understand what he was thinking I would do the same but something broke in my chest as I realized it was my heart because all the double that he didn’t love me and wouldn’t fight to get me back even if it means I die. It wouldn’t have bothered me if he did come and I die then I would know he loves me instead of feeling like this because I know he would rather have Kikyo the dead priestess who has half of my soul and he planned on going to hell with her. I closed my eyes as the tear’s of heart break fall down my face and I hold my chest where all the pain his words cause me. Then I opened my eyes and look at Naraku with a determined look. “ I will never give you the Shikon no Tama because I have hide it before we came and I won’t tell you.” Naraku give the cure to Sango as he watches me. “ All get the information I want if I have to beat it out of that body of yours!” Then he moves over by me but I let out a small amount of my miko power to piss him off when he feels this his red eyes go crimson and he hits me in my presser point and it’s go’s all black.