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Building the Lost Boys

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"Ow!" David rubbed his head vigorously, again, trying to rub away the pain. It was the third time today he'd smacked his head into the cave ceiling. Max had really failed in teaching him the ropes of flying.

That, and a whole lot of other things.

And with the morning dawn
Moving right along
I couldn't buy an eyeful of sleep

He'd been a vampire, fully, for two weeks now. Not only was he still trying to get the hang of flying, but he'd also gotten a bit of a 'sunburn', getting caught flying in way late instead of being safely back in the cave before sunrise. David assumed his new supernatural senses would give him a head's up when the sun was rising.

So far, no. It was all trial and error.

And in the aching night under the satellites
I was not received
Built with stolen parts
A telephone in my heart

David was lonely. Without stating it aloud or in words, Max had charged David with finding companions for the long nights. To make his own brothers using that ornate bottle full of blood, the one kept on the shelf in the cave.

Seemed easy, right? Not so much. David was still new to Santa Carla! How was he to find friends in the first place, let alone make them into vampires? Especially if he was only able to hang out during the night hours!

Someone get me a priest
To put my mind to bed
This ringing in my head
Is this a cure or is this a disease

Still absentmindedly rubbing his head and wishing for ice, David picked up a tome Max had stuffed in a box that he'd give to the boy after leaving him to live in the Cave. It was old, that was for sure. David was afraid the pages would crumble in his hand but they held together. Yellowed with age, it seemed to be some type of children's book. The text was written in ink, but far more fancy then anything David had ever seen.

And in the after birth
On the quiet earth
Let the stains remind you

"Ew!" David dropped the journal suddenly. It took him a moment to realize the bloody stains were dried, probably decades old. Looking around, realizing he was alone, his tough facade returned. David usually wasn't squeamish about anything, especially blood now. But something about that stain...

Trying again, recovering the book from the dirt floor, David settled down on the dilapidated loveseat and started to read. Oddly, the story was about a boy alone on an island... looking for friends and a family, just like David... But he flew via pixie dust, instead of being a vampire. Nor did Peter ride a motorcycle.

You thought you made a man
You better think again
Before my role defines you

David felt a new sense of purpose after finishing reading Peter Pan. He felt above and beyond the rules of the city, of the world, of man. Maybe Peter Pan and his Lost Boys were just like vampires: a totally different species. They had made their own family, their own rules, and forged an existence all on their own.

And in your waiting hands
I will land
And roll out of my skin
And in your final hours I will stand
Ready to begin

"All right, Max. You get your wish." David smiled, returning the storybook to the box, and rising from his chair. It was time to find his gang: The Lost Boys.