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The School Living Club Goes To Another Mall Because Why Not-

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Miki ran her fingers through Kurumi’s hair as she laid her head in her lap, dragging her nails lightly across her scalp in a welcoming, soothing motion.
“You okay?”
It had been a while since Kurumi had gotten the chance to have a break from driving- for the longest time, she was the only one that could. However, since Yuri had officially completed her ‘lessons’, Miki had been forcing her to sit in the back seat with her, while Yuki took the main passenger’s seat. It was nice, she had to admit- being able to kick back and not focus on the road for a while, though it did clash with her core beliefs; doing everything for everyone all on her own. It wasn’t all bad though… at least she had a pretty girl to ease her worries.

Yuki shuffled around from up front so that she could face them, the seatbelt restricting her movements.
“Guys! Guys! I had an idea!” She chirped, the telltale signs of her hunger for adventure dwelling behind the warm hues of her eyes.
“This’ll be good-” Kurumi groaned, shielding her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Let’s go shopping!”
“Shopping?” Yuri asked, eyes still focused on the road. “Where did you have in mind?”
Yuki puffed out her chest, as if she’d just had the revelation of the century.
“There’s a string of outlet stores a few miles ahead, and I know for sure this time- I read the map!!”
“This is what we get for letting her be navigator…” Kurumi mumbled. Miki leaned over the darker haired girls form, bangs dangling just above her head.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing~” The ashen blonde teased, pressing a kiss to the reclining girl's lips.
“Cuz it is.” Kurumi hummed against her mouth, a wide, cheeky grin breaking out across her face.
“Ew! Yuri- Kurumi and Mi-Kun are being gross again!”
“Kurumi- are you not wearing your seatbelt?!”
“Jesus fuck, not so loud-”




They were all happy to stretch their legs, nearly making a mad dash about the relatively empty parking lot after Kurumi had given them the go ahead. She had to deal with a few of Them along under the overpass of the strip-mall, but otherwise came back in decent shape. Miki had the theory that the mall was closed the day everything went to shit- thus preserving the inside as well as it was.
Yuri was thankful that they wouldn’t have too much trouble.
Yuki was beyond excited to go on this excursion- racing about the first store like a child who’d consumed enough sugar to kill a fully grown bear. It was a video store, untouched by anyone looking for supplied due to its unnecessary stock. However, it meant the world to those who only had a car radio for entertainment.
“Alright Yuki, go ahead and pick out some CD’s- with appropriate titles, please!” Yuri called out after her as the brightly colored girl scrambled towards the pop section.
Kurumi promised Yuri that she and Miki would go shuffling around for supplies together while she babysat their rambunctious classmate, eliciting a relieved sigh from the brunette as she began her hunt for a head adored in a kitty ears hat (on their way out, Miki would snatch something off the ‘alternative’ rack, a band she recalled Kurumi saying she liked back when things like going to concerts and cd-signings were a thing).


Besides the DVD store was some sort of office supply space, shelves piled high with paper, pens, printer ink and- yes, there it was- packs of scissors hanging from a rack near the door.
Kurumi was thinking that it was about time she’d gotten a haircut. Maybe something short, like Miki’s would be nice, though the blonds own hair was longer than it used to be, getting in the way of her eyes more often than what could be called the ‘safe amount of times’. Yuri had promised to help her do something with it the next time they were within reach of any products. Stuffing the items in her bag, Kurumi looks over to where Miki had been nosing around- the girl was looking upon a stack of sudoku, crossword, and word search books by the checkout counter. She could tell by the look of disgust on her girlfriends face that she was getting tired of doing puzzles in the back of an old van.

Coming up behind her, she wrapped her arm around her shoulder.

“We’ll settle down somewhere for a bit soon, alright?  Just a little further, until we make it out of the city.”
“I know, I know. I’m just tired…”
“Well, if you’re tired, you could always try laying in my lap for a change~”
Miki giggled, pushing Kurumi’s face away with a gentle hand when she tried to nip at her neck.
“You know what I mean! Being confined in that car all day and night without any privacy can wear a person down, even if it’s with the people they care about.”
Kurumi understood wholeheartedly- people were social creatures, yes, but the lack of exercise and a 1-foot distance between them and their comrades was indeed wearing on them all. Luckily, they hardly had any sort of tension over it, perhaps due to the nature of their situation combined with the love and trust they all had for each other. That didn’t make it any easier, though.
“Don’t worry too much over it, alright? I promise, once we find a good place, we’ll be able to bunker down for a while and relax.”
Miki sighed, resting her head against Kurumi’s.
“Mhm. I’ll grab us a room for just you and me, too- put up a sign that says ‘no Yuki’s allowed’ written in blood on the door for good measure.” Kurumi murmured with a smile, pressing a kiss to the shorter girls cheek.
“Oh really?~”
“Yep- and it’ll have an actual bed, and a probably working shower. There’ll be a shelf for your books, and a window for you to sit by when it’s nice out.”
“Will our grandchildren be playing in the front yard, too?” Miki teased.

Kurumi’s voice took on a more serious tone, the overflow of warmth in her chest tumbling out the moment she opened her mouth.
“Yeah, anything you want, Miki. I can’t promise that we’re always gonna be safe… and I can’t promise ya stuff like consistent food that's not from a can, or things like kids per se, however that would work, but… if you want it, I’ll get it to you. No matter what.”
Miki’s eyes adopted the same warmth Kurumi had been more than a little nervous to show, brimming with secret tears and she turned to lean into Kurumi’s steady form.

“I bet you would find a way to get a kid, wouldn’t you? You’d steal some toddler off the street, I bet.” she mumbled Kurumi’s arms coming up to wrap around her waist.
“If that’s what it takes, baby, I’d go to outer space~ Get you one of them Alien kids like in the movies.”
“That’s so weird- how would you even get to space?”
“Take a rocket ship! Or like, ride a bike off a really big hill and zoom into the sky!”
Miki laughed, pulling back a bit to look up at her, Kurumi’s hand immediately rising to cup her jaw, wiping away a stray tear with her thumb. “I’d go to the moon and back for you, Miki.”
“I know you would.”She smiled in return, closing her eyes as she pulled the darker haired survivor down into her kissing range.

“Gross! Yuri, I found them! They were totally making out behind our backs!”
That’s it - tonight's the night she fucking dies-”