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Himchan was visiting Yongguk's home, lurking around the Internet, eyeing Daehyun's crowdfunding project for his solo debut.

Yongguk stood behind the sofa, leaning in to see what he was looking at and whistled. “BABY are truly amazing.”

“It only took 6 hours,” Himchan said with amazement. “We should've had BABY manage B.A.P from the start, huh?”

The two shared a laugh, causing a bright smile to remain on their faces as he continued traversing the net, opening a new tab. That's when Himchan froze, uttering a sound that indicated stumbling upon something unpleasant.

Yongguk tilted his head. “What is this?”

A seething noise could be heard through Himchan's teeth. “An article. Claiming outrage that Daehyun is robbing fans.”

“Oh, some fans think the tiers are too high.”

“It's crowdfunding, don't they know how it--!!”


Yongguk's stern but leveled tone calmed Himchan down, and he just sighed. “What if he sees this?”

“Hey, Daehyun is strong. It'll hurt, but he can handle it. He has support.”

Placing his hand on Himchan's shoulder briefly, he walked away toward the kitchen for more coffee.

“Support...” Himchan eyed the page with Daehyun's campaign, continually increasing beyond the goal.

Then he clicked Join Project.