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The Light of Anubis

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There she was…protector of the mothers and pregnancy, goddess of the sun then the moon..makes sense, cats are fond of the night…she is graceful as she walks down the pantheon, dark skin, green hair, feline features, top of feminity, Anubis skipped a beat as she walked past him placing herself next to Anput who was next to him. He wondered how it should be to see such life, to protect much different from his wife, protector of funerals, so much different from him, all his life was about death. And yet he knew where she came from, does she remember? How he and her previous self, Sekhmet, used to be together? Who would’ve thought, the now goddess of fertility once almost took the entire humanity to extinction with her ruthless thirst for blood, Rá had to tame her, she couldn’t control revenge and so Rá made her reborn as Bastet, once a lioness, now a cat. But she would always be feline wouldn’t she? Top of the food chain, a graceful hunter didn’t matter the size and again so much different from the animal who was appointed to him, a chacal..a scavenger. Death, yes death was everywhere or wouldn’t he be the god of the dead, the underworld was his home as he walked every single soul to its final destiny. What was the council of gods about again? Anubis lost his track with his thoughts, he thought about many things, he walked beside humanity all this ages at its critical moment, the last moment. He saw many faces, many feelings yet with thousand years he couldn’t comprehend them, he was an immortal surrounded by death since the beginning of humanity and he looked like it too, dark toned, his torso dressed in scars he didn’t remember how he got them, black chacal head, yellow lifeless eyes, stoic face, cold heart, silent…he barely talked and he prefered to be alone. Some noise had awakened him from his thoughts and he looked right, Bastet was chuckling a bit while talking with Ptah, one of the most ancient gods, Anubis wasn’t fond of him, he was Sekhmet husband and it seemed it won’t be long until he is of Bast too, he couldn’t stop looking at the female cat, something from Sekhmet was still there, the agility of her mind translated through hypnotizing eyes, relentless personality could be felt as she walked, slowly, with no unnecessary movements, confident with a purpose and her dark long claws and sharp white canines were a sign that she couldn’t be messed with but now as Bastet she would use all her weapons to protect, protect life and not destroy it. He went to turn his head front again waiting for Rá to dismiss them, he hated this councils, too much noise for him. He stood straight with a a slight discomfort..a bit of warmth ran below his skin, slowly as a wave on a calm was her light warming him.