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Little Living Doll

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There were a lot more reasons why Tony Stark got worse and worse after his superhero debut. The stress, the media, the insecurities, and one last thing. One last thing.

His unnamed son, his little Stark.

He got the news shortly after the incident with Obadiah. He knew he wasn't ready. He wasn't sane enough to take care, or... or... or kind enough to love a kid. His kid. He wasn't father material. Howard certainly wasn't, and Tony won't be too.

He's got a bad reputation in the media, has his life watched 24/7 for any minor or major mistakes, had a lot of women, a party addict, and alcoholic.

Heck, he was even drinking one right then and there. He remembers massaging his temples, whispering into his hands and rubbing them together, and lets his head drop onto the counter as the bad memories come rushing in.

He wasn't ready. His decisive and assertive self disappeared within minutes. It always does when nobody was around. When he forgets to lie to himself 24/7.

He felt guilty, no matter what he says to himself.

There is a lot of things wrong with him, a lot of things the world did wrong to him, and in turn, inumerable things he's done wrong to them.

But maybe this could be the only thing he'd do right.

The kid doesn't deserve to be loved by Tony Stark, he doesn't deserve to see a struggling father. And Tony Stark doesn't deserve to be loved by anyone, or love anyone.

Maybe, if he changes...

He stared at the cue cards that Agent got him. His alibi, another lie, something he'd hide from the public. Something he'd have to hide until someone else told him it was fine, IF they will tell him it was fine.

Maybe if he changes, he'd get to deserve his kid.


"It's not iron. It's a gold titanium alloy."


"The truth is,"

"I am Iron Man."


Tony Stark was an orphan. He didn't know how to raise his half-orphan kid. But he was going to try his best.

His precious little boy, his precious child.

He was going to fix the Starks curse. The new generation if Starks will start with him. Nobody deserves to live like he did.

Little soft hands touch his face, brushing his goatee. If the tiny child ever tried to pull it off painfully, he could never be angry. One look at his kid's eyes, and he could see the innocence radiating within them.


"Mythical beasts ravage NYC! An alien invasion is taking place and we advise everyone to evacuate immediately--"


"Wait, is that! It is! Iron Man is currently taking on the monster alone--"


"Ladies and gentlemen please evacuate if you are within a radius of--"


"--expect colossal damages so please evacuate and if you're in a safe place, please stay indoors until further notice--"


"A strange poral has opened right above NYC. Iron Man is still fighting--"


"The Stark Tower has partially collapsed--"


"It seems to be immune to attack, sir." JARVIS' voice resonated inside his helmet. Tony stared at the beast infront of him. It doesn't look like was from another planet, it looked more like it was from another dimension. Like a hybrid between shadows and a tigress blown out of proportion.

"Yyyyyo-oo..." The creature began to speak, and Tony would be lying if he ever said the sound wasn't terrifying.


"Yoou don-t ssta-nd a ch-hance again-st me!"

Dark clouds start to emerge from beneath all the collapsed buildings, twirling, swirling high up into the sky and gathering above the whole city. A wormhole opens above them, and more shadows poured out of the dark abyss. Everywhere the shadows touched, buildings would collapse and streets would crumble.

"Yeah listen you dementor rip-off, sorry we don't allow weird things invading our planet so if you would kindly--" a shadow pounced on him from behind. He quickly turned back at shot it before it even came close. "--first off, rude, and second don't interrupt me. Now bippity bobbity back the @#$% up."

The shadow screeched and flashed away, pounding into buildings as it made its way all around the city. It ate up the people and swallowed them whole. They controlled people amd made them go beserk. They burned and ravaged everything in their path.

And in this world, police can't fight these monsters. And in this world, the only other 'superhero' was a comic book character back in the old warring days.

And he was here, a normal man inside a metal suit. Who had his kid

"Wwwhaaatt do you f-earr th-e mo-sst Tony Stt-ark?"

His breath caught in his throat. No, he shouldn't think of that right now. Because he'll alwaus come home. Always. For his kid.

The shadow beast snorted.

"I see-ee... I seeeEEE!!!"

Tony unleashed 141 mini-missiles and 34 repulsor blasts, only a small portion hitting the shadow beast. So? the arc reactor blast damages them, though it had little effect.

The shadows dispersed and sped towards the ground, it blended itself within the creaks and cracks of the road, the concrete, and the Stark tower. The tower groaned as it was torn off the ground. The glass windows exploded from botton to top, as the world spun around.

The shadow shot up at an alarming rate, shooting from the ground and up until the tallest room of the Stark Tower, the room where--

"JARVIS! Protocol Nemesis!" The walls of the tower plopped open, several walls around the city were pulvurized as the Stark Tower gleamed brighter in the sky, an gigantic a rc reactor powering up and radiating...


"108 casualties, 13 injured, all of them evacuating. There is a chance of dealing 2nd degree burns."

"Shield him. Shield him JARVIS. SHIELD HIM!"


The ground exploded beneath them, dissolving the creatures with the blinding light.

Tony didn't miss a beat.

"JARVIS, how is he?"

"He is unharmed, sir," was JARVIS' quick reply.


"Y-ou'll regre-t th-hiss."

"Mu-st takk-e som-et-hing... from yo-uuu-u--" A flash of lightning, one that rivaled Tony's earlier arc reactor stunt, rankled and thunder shook the skies.





"Itt- do-esn't ha-ve tt-o be y-oou-uuu."

The so und of a screaming baby echoes in the air.