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The Change-Up

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A/N: Hi guys. This is my first fiction in a very long time and I am very unsure of it. I have tried hard for it... and I don't know why am I telling you all this. ;) So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or the characters.


Inuyasha and Kagome always whining that the other person's life and duties are much easier. At least, they think so. But what happens when they get to know how is it to live each other's lives?


1. The Change-Up

"It's hot." Inuyasha said to the ebony haired girl sitting beside him.

"Hmm." Was the only reply he got from her. Kagome was reading a book and then scribbling on the notebook beside her, giving a very little amount of attention to Inuyasha.

It was indeed a very hot day, so hot that even Inuyasha had to say it. The spring was almost to its end. All the farmers had finished their works earlier than usual and gone to their homes already. On such an afternoon, except for the little chirping of birds and sound of a stream flowing far away, atmosphere around the couple was really quiet.

"It's boring also." Inuyasha said again while sleeping on his back, his hands under his head in the shadow of a huge tree, as an attempt of pushing the conversation.

"Hmm." Kagome again replied the same way she did before. He looked at her for a moment with slight annoyance and then asked her again,

"Are you bored?"


"Am I stupid to talk with you?"

"Hmm." He stopped for a moment before asking her again.

"Are you a wench?" 'Hum now dear Kagome...!' Inuyasha thought while grinning.

"Sorry but no..." Kagome said with a grin and looked at Inuyasha. That was it. It must have taken a blink of an eye for Kagome to reply, and Inuyasha to stand up and grab the book in Kagome's hand and then taking a leap only to situate himself on the branch of the tree.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Kagome asked with an amazed expression on her face while looking up at his figure standing on the branch of the tree as she was clearly surprised by his actions.

"So you were aware of how the conversation was going and you still opted for humming like a cow!" Inuyasha barked at her.

"What can I do then? I have exams coming. I have got to study for them. They are important for my admission in university." Kagome noticed a dumbfounded look on Inuyasha's face and hence didn't bother explaining any further.

"Inuyasha just give it to me ok! Or you know I have my ways." Inuyasha knew what she was referring to. He waited for a moment thinking what to do. Deciding not to get buried some feet under the ground, he unwillingly gave her the book back and returned to his earlier position. 'Besides she did say she has something important to do.' He thought.

Kagome was surprised as he gave her the book back without any stupid tantrums, but then she decided to shake it off. 'Thank god he's acting like a grownup for once in a while.' She opened her book again but instead she turned and looked at Inuyasha.

"What wench?" He asked her with bitterness in words as he saw her looking at him.

"Are you bored?" Kagome asked him.

"Let's see, hmmmmmm, I am!" Inuyasha replied and Kagome chuckled and returned to continue studying with her opened book. Still, after a while when she took a glimpse of him from the corner of her eyes, she saw him playing with a line of ants. He would break their line and they would again, form one.

'Wow he really is bored, who plays with ants anyways?... what should I do?' She pulled the sleeve of her white shirt a little bit up which revealed her watch. 'It's 1 o'clock. Wow I have been studying for like four hours now...' Kagome looked at Inuyasha again and thought, 'I guess I can take a break now.' Kagome closed her book and spoke,

"So Inuyasha what do you want to do?" Kagome asked him while closing her books. He gave her a questioning look.

"But don't you have to study or something?"

"Yeah I do. But I have been studying for so long, I thought of taking a break." His face lit up with happiness at least that's what she expected but you know that things never turn as you expect them too.

"Huh? So now we should do things according to your time? Forget it. If you're thinking of bossing me missy, it's never going to happen. It's so hot, we can't even do anything." He stopped for a moment and then continued, "Man I am so bored. And I feel like I am going to melt away," He looked at Kagome from the corner of his eyes and continued, "Darn it! I knew I should have gone with Miroku and Sango. What a bloody waste of time... Nothing to do except sitting around... Huh!" Kagome's face stiffened as she heard his last sentence.

"Oh I am sorry that I have a test to study for! But you see I also am not that much thrilled for being left behind! It's not like I asked for it! And I did not even ask you to stop with me. You were the one who decided that."

"Yeah well I had to! Roaming around with the shards of jewel... do you think it'd be a walk in the park? Who the hell is going to protect it then?" Inuyasha also retorted back to which Kagome replied again.

"Well I can protect the jewel and myself! No need for you to be so helpful!"

"Yeah right! You can't even shoot rightly with your stupid arrows and you're saying that 'I can do it!' " He said the last sentence as he did her impression.

"I have to shoot the arrows at a certain point! It requires a lot of concentration and I have to do it in the middle of a fight! You, on the other hand, just say 'Tetsusiga!' and move it as if it's a broom and that's it! Huh!" Kagome shouted from the bottom of her stomach. "And I do not speak like that!" She replied to the impression he did of hers before.

"Don't compare yours to mine! Mine is much harder. Do you know how much strength it takes just to move and attack with Tetsusiga? It's just that I make it look so effortless." Inuyasha said with pride. "You are just a whiner Kagome. You always have some excuses. You are always doing this. And if I prove you wrong, you 'Sit' me and end the subject." Inuyasha said with a surprisingly serious voice.

'Dumbass...' Kagome thought while gritting her teeth. She listened and processed what he said for a minute so that she could give him a reply. 'Me a whiner? No ways! It's valid. I live in two worlds, adjusting two appearances. I am a 15-year-old and I am fighting demons! Not that I am complaining but not being from this era also makes it hard...' And so, she was going to reply but then she heard a sound. She saw Inuyasha had slapped himself.

'What the hell is going on?' Kagome stared at Inuyasha with widened eyes. 'Is he... like regretting what he just said? Like that? Oh...' Kagome's heart began to swell at the weird but sweet way of expressing his sorrow but it stopped the minute she saw what actually had happened...

"Master Inuyasha, Kagome! How good it is to see you. Are you two fighting again?" Both of them gave out a 'Huh!' and turned their faces away from each other.

'Oh so it's Myouga who bit Inuyasha's cheek... and I was thinking... yeah as if that'd ever happen.'

"I heard your babbling a little, and I think both of you are great fighters and should not compare yourself to each other." Myouga said while coming back to his normal size and sitting on the ground.

"Still, it's hard to be me. All of them are like my responsibility. I have to protect the whole group as if... I am their father..?" Inuyasha wanted to say something great but this F-word came out of his mouth.

"Oh yeah? Well I have to keep the Shikon jewels together as if they are my life! And I also have to lead two lives! I never get to do something for myself!" Kagome fought back.

"So, basically" Myouga said thoughtfully "Both of you perform the duties a mother and a father would, in a family. So that would mean, you two are..." As soon as the other two heard that, their faces turned crimson as if they were painted with it and Myouga let out a laugh.

"Wh... wel... that's not... So, umm Myouga how come you are here?" Kagome struggled with words as she tried to hide her blush whereas Inuyasha opted for being quiet only after flicking Myouga.

"I am on a journey on going to the western lands and as I was traveling, the village was in my path. So I thought I could pay a visit." Myouga explained as he rubbed his forehead where Inuyasha had flicked and Kagome nodded.

"You didn't have to. It would have been better if you would've left without visiting, you tiny flea demon." Kagome glared at Inuyasha and he returned the glare before climbing up the tree and sitting on its branch.

"Sorry Myouga for Inuyasha. So... traveling in this hot weather. Must be hard no?"

"Actually, no. I feel like its winter. In fact, I was thinking of taking a scarf now to cover myself." Kagome raised her eyebrow at Myouga's statement. In such extreme heat how could Myouga even think and feel that it was winter?

"That is because of this." Myouga said in order to explain the current circumstances to Kagome, as he saw her dumbfounded look and took out one tiny bottle looking like a sake's, whose size increased as soon as it came out of Myouga's bundle and he kept it on the grass.

"What's this?" Kagome asked Myouga while observing the brownish bottle which looked almost ancient. 'Well we are in ancient period, aren't we?.' She thought.

"This is a normal bottle but what's inside it, is truly a thing to be amazed for." Kagome nodded as Inuyasha continued listening to them with his eyes closed.

"The reason I am not feeling any of this heat and feeling like it's the season of winter is because the fluid which is in this bottle," Myouga continued, "is fetched from an enchanted lake." Myouga said the last two words as if he was saying a magic spell with exasperation. At this statement Kagome, and Inuyasha who was not paying much attention, were surprised.

"An enchanted lake?" Kagome repeated.

"Yes Kagome, an enchanted lake. That lake has the superiority, meaning the ability to quench the thirst of the person who drinks it until that certain person can find any other source of water. In other words, the water of this lake almost gives life to the travelers." Kagome gave him another surprised look and Inuyasha shifted himself while lending one ear to listen to what Myouga was saying.

"So where is this lake?" Kagome asked Myouga.

"It does not have a certain place but it is found in the desert on the other side of the river Tsurumi. The person who is very thirsty is able to find the lake nearby." Myouga explained as silence followed.

"But then it should have been famous as many people travel through that desert and they all must've drunk the waters of that lake, right? I mean, everyone gets thirsty in deserts." Kagome asked Myouga after some seconds as she processed what he said.

"No, that's not it," Myouga explained, "That's the catch here. Very few people are able to actually drink the water of the lake. I am aware that I said that "the person who is very thirsty is able to find the lake near them" I agree that everyone gets very thirsty in deserts, but there is one phenomenon called Mirage which happens a lot there. Do you know what is a mirage?" Kagome nodded and so Myouga continued, "When due to extreme thirst and lack of water people are almost on the verge of death, the enchanted lake would appear at places close enough where the person can find it. But many times, as the person already had experienced mirages of lakes, streams, rivers, they end up thinking that this lake, is also a mirage. And thus they miss the chance of drinking the water."

"So you were thirsty and it just came in front of you?" This time Inuyasha asked the question.

"Well no Master Inuyasha. If you had listened to me before carefully I said that 'They find the lake near to them.' It didn't just come in front of me. By wandering here and there, I found the lake. Maybe it was planned by that lake for me to find that it. But you do have to take efforts to roam."

"How come you didn't think it was a mirage?" Kagome asked. Myouga explained that he had checked all of the mirages before no matter how hard it was. "You never know, you just might find a real water source. " He said. When he was almost close to dying, he checked the last one, this enchanted lake, and it saved his life. "Always try and never cry."

"Ooooo." Voice echoed from Kagome's mouth. "Sooooooo, how did it feel to drink the water from that enchanted lake?"

"It was a heavenly experience." Myouga quickly replied as he was expecting this question to pop up. "When I drank the water it was like... it was like I was drinking something like nectar. It felt like all my worries, all my tensions, pain were going away only to give me a silent, quiet and beautiful feeling. Oh it was really, really great. A magical experience!" Myouga explained his feelings.

"Heavenly, only to... by going to western lands, did you mean Western Europe Myouga? You are speaking like an English person." Kagome asked sarcastically and let out a laugh but became quiet as her joke was not that much appreciated. 'Shut up Kagome.' She warned herself. "Sounds like it must have been a nice drink. Oh I wish I could drink that too." Kagome said that quickly as she wanted to get over that joke. Myouga let out a laugh and said,

"Don't worry Kagome; I have brought some for you and Master Inuyasha."


"What? How could you?" She asked and in return, she got some questionable glances.

"I mean it's great that you brought the water. But when it comes to this 'Holy things' aren't there some conditions or something?" She gave inverted commas to the words holy things by her hands, which was also not understood by the others. 'I always thought Kagome was an idiot... but at least she wasn't so desperately showing it before. Today... she's on a roll.' Inuyasha quietly thought as he observed Kagome and listened to Myouga.

"That... is a very good question. And I...don't have an answer for that... so let's just drink it." Kagome forced a laugh on Myouga's stupidity but she agreed upon drinking it.

"I have brought some for the rest of the company too, but where are they?" Myouga asked while looking around.

"Sango and Miroku are gone to some other village to take care of a demon and Shippo is accompanying them.'' Myouga nodded.

"So can we drink it?" Kagome asked him with a little greedy sound as the description of the water of the lake given by Myouga felt really, really nice.

"Of course! Here take it. Master Inuyasha, you also taste some."

''Yeah yeah.'' Inuyasha said and showed like he didn't care at all but in fact he was pretty excited about it too. 'Holy water huh?' He thought to himself, clearly looking forward to drink it.

Myouga gave some of the water to Kagome and Inuyasha in bowls as well as taking some for himself. The three of them looked at each other, Myouga with a smile whereas, Inuyasha and Kagome, now with anxiety on their faces, as the moment was upon them. 'Is it safe to drink this? I mean this was meant to be found by the travelers in deserts... we clearly did not travel in the desert... and Myouga took more than he required... greed... what if this water is cursed? Such things don't come for free..' Kagome still in doubt, thought about all the consequences that could happen. She looked at Inuyasha, who was a also a bit doubtful, was checking the water in his bowl.

"Kagome, don't worry. I assure you nothing will go wrong. I would never do anything that would harm you or Master Inuyasha." Myouga assured Kagome and indirectly Inuyasha, as he saw the doubt on their faces.

"Sorry Myouga. We trust you." Kagome said with a smile. 'Besides, if that lake didn't want Myouga to take the water, it could have done something right there, no? And it didn't. Meaning the lake didn't mind Myouga fetching some more water. So, this is safe...' Kagome looked at the water in the bowl again and when she looked up, Inuyasha gave her a reassuring smile with a determined look on his face. She felt butterflies in her stomach and smiled with a nod, and a tint of blush.

"I saw that." Myouga said with his eyes rolled. Instantly, the two teenagers turned red and Inuyasha started blabbering about what Myouga saw, as nothing happened.

"L-Let's do it!" Kagome squealed loudly to change the subject and with the nod of a red Inuyasha and all three of them drank it down their throats at the same time, Myouga drinking swiftly but the other two slowly and with a slight bit of hesitation. 'This water is already giving me a heavenly feeling..' Kagome thought with a smile as she recalled the moment with Inuyasha before.

All three of them put the bowls down on the grass, all of them finished. Myouga counted the time...




And then it finally came... They had a look of eternal happiness on their faces. Their bodies were getting relaxed by each minute. All the heat around them, sweat on their bodies, their thirst, hunger, all this disappeared in a mere seconds. They could no more feel anything except for the chilly feeling giving them goose bumps.

"Oh my god, it really is a heavenly experience! I am feeling so relaxed!" Kagome exclaimed as she continued experiencing the effect of the drink.

"Hell yeah! I've got to admit it's really good!" Inuyasha exclaimed, clearly impressed by the magical effect of the water. "I am feeling nothing but... dizzy? ..." He couldn't complete his sentence as his surroundings started looking blurry.

"I know! It's good right?" Myouga said cheerfully. "Wait, did you say dizzy?"

"What's happening? I am losing my bal- balance..." Kagome was also in the same condition as Inuyasha.

"Kagome, uh, wait. Don't fall asleep. This.. mus... be a tr- trap." Inuyasha tried to grab his Tetsusiga but couldn't as he was losing his consciousness.

"It's normal. Don't worry, you are just feeling the magic of the wat-" Myouga tried to relieve them by telling it was okay but he couldn't as Kagome fell on the ground.

"Kagome! Wake up! Kago-" Inuyasha called out to Kagome but he also ended up falling on the ground. The worried words of Myouga were ringing in the background. Inuyasha tried to keep his eyes open but he failed to do so and lied unconscious on the ground.

*****After some hours ********

It was late in the evening when Kagome opened her eyes. The sun was going to set at any minute by then. It was somewhat dark but somewhat bright because of the last rays sent by the sun. Kagome sat up. She remembered the recent events.

'Yeah we drank that water. But why did we fall unconscious? Maybe it was expected to fall asleep. It was a nice nap anyways. Probably some relaxation procedure.' Kagome thought with a smile, rubbed her forehead and stretched her arms while looking around. Myouga was nowhere to be seen.

'Maybe he left for his journey. We should go too. It's getting kind of late.' Kagome thought and reached over to the body lying next to her. It took Kagome a minute to adjust her eyes in the dark and look at the person before her. He was wearing a white sailor shirt, a green skirt, white socks and... wait a second...

"OH MY GOD!" Kagome shouted as she saw her body lying next to her. 'What the hell? What's going on? Am I dead? Why am I sleeping there when my body is here!' Kagome asked herself and looked at her body and her eyes widened more.

"OHHH MY BLOODY GOODNESS!" Kagome was completely freaked out, and now shouted from the bottom of her belly as she saw that she was not in her own body but-

"Why the hell are you shouting woman? Keep your voice down a little, will ya? I am already feeling a little dizzy." The body next to Kagome spoke to her and sat up, while rubbing its head as Kagome continued to stare at it with shock.

"Inuyasha...?" Kagome asked him as if she was trying to see if that really was him or not, judging from his language.

"No, I am a goddamn winter fairy! You have my blessings dear!... Wench, can't you see that I already am not feeling well and asking me if I am-" Inuyasha looked at Kagome while rubbing his head and now shared the same expression as hers.

"Oh with hell! What's my body doing there when it's he-" He looked down at his own body to say that it was his body but he couldn't as, it wasn't.



"OH DEAR GOOOD!" Inuyasha screamed in a sweet, girly tone and his voice echoed through the whole forest.

"Have we," Kagome asked in a low tone mixed with fear, puzzlement and surprise

..."Swapped bodies?"


I know guys, lots of stuff to take in. This chapter is kind of an essay type. If you find this boring, I assure you the following chapters will be fun. And don't forget to tell me how you feel about this. Next update will be coming soon. Also, about the river Tsurumi, I just wrote a name that came to my mind. There is one, in reality, that goes by the same name. But no such myths or deserts are known about or near it. I made it up. So, bye till then. Thank you!