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Greg: ... Are you blushing?

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Greg: ...Are you blushing?

Mycroft: No. Am most certainly not.

Greg: Well knowing that I have gotten the ever-stoic, famously-cold British Government to blush... (Grin) I'd say it's certainly flattering. Makes me want more of it.

Mycroft: Er-hem! Perhaps, I am still recovering from the flu.

Greg: And not because I said your freckles are adorable and I wanted, say, the posh way is to make acquaintance with them all at once?

Mycroft: ...No.

Greg: With my tongue?


Greg: (Full wolf grin) God you're a full package of adorableness aren't you?

Mycroft: Need I, I to remind you Inspector that I don't do 'adorableness' at all?

Greg: Then do dinner with me.

Mycroft: I beg your pardon?

Greg: Be my date, Mycroft. We can go for those fancy dinners of yours, or some Chinese. We dine out, pass time in talking and learning more about each others and maybe hold hands over the table if you're amenable to it. Then, we will see where we go from that. How's that sound?

Mycroft: ...Well.

Greg: (pout down slightly with those puppy eyes) Please?

Mycroft: ...Very well. If you insist. I'll see you at this coming Friday evening, barring both our demanding schedules, my assistant will contact you about the location of our...

Greg: (Twinkling eyes) Date.

Mycroft: Yes erm (turning towards car) Until then Inspector...

Greg: It's Greg.

Mycroft: (turn back, a bit despaired)

Greg: Please?

Mycroft: (sigh) (then softly) I will see you soon... Gregory.


Then with no more words following the whispered name from either party, Greg simply stood there with his eyes trained on the back of the elegant, three-piece suited man whom finally turned and walked calmly towards the black Jaguar. The man folded himself into the back seat, never once looked back. The powerful vehicle took off immediately then slowly merged into the crowds of transportation.

One then punched the air in a high jumping victory whereas the other hid his scarlet face in one-hand embarrassment.

Each side acknowledged then that the other person could probably be the death or the new life of them.