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Difficulty: Legend

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A good morning started for Cu Chulainn coming out from his bunk bed, the lower one, the upper bed belongs to his roommate. Emiya was early up because he made breakfast. Cu often sleep until the last seconds. He got up, wearing nothing but his boxer because sleeping shirtless was nice. Especially when it was hot summer. Cu went to the tablet, sat down, scratching his untied hair. Cu grabbed the chopsticks and the sliced the fish. "Goohoammm... morning..." he said before he started to eat.

"What time did you come home yesterday?" Emiya asked after he drank a bit of his soup.

"Two. Thanks for the cake. Did you make that for a project?" Last night when he came home, there was a cake sitting at the table with a note saying 'eat it or put it into the fridge'. Really, coming home at midnight after extra work at the gas station, greeted by the sweet treat, that was life. Cu was taking the midnight shift because he wanted extra money.

"Yes. How was it?" Emiya asked. Living with cooking school student, Cu always got delicious 'prototype' food.

"It's delicious. Man, you can sell that. It's like the cafe cakes!" Cu grinned and he slurped the soup and tofu and then put more rice and fish into his mouth. Good breakfast, good mood for the day. "Haha. You can rival Karna's pops now!"

Emiya smiled a bit. He tried to hide it, but Cu's words were making him happy. He was proud with his creation. Even when he was a grad school student, Emiya had been always diligent on checking Karna's bento, which usually went to Cu for a trade for his bread, to copy it the next day. And sometimes, Emiya would ask Karna to ask Surya for recipes. So, Surya was like the indirect teacher. "Baka, it's still a long way to reach that level of skill."

After breakfast, Cu took a quick shower and he left the house at the same time with his roommate, and they went separate way to start the day of functional young adults. For now, Cu worked at morning to afternoon at Surya coffee shop. After that, he would hit the other workplaces. Sometimes as sellers, handyman, cashier, anything. Time is money.


The real game started after the lunch rush hour. After one, usually these people came to start their staking, more like stalking out. The problem was Karna. Yes. That dense waiter was currently serving the stalker guests. Okay. Seeing Arjuna stalking Karna was not something weird for Cu Chulainn. He had gotten used to that sight since they were high school. This young brother of Karna was anything and he was super dedicated in his plans to make Karna his. A few times Cu had gotten into trouble thanks to Arjuna, but of course, it was a neat plan that Cu himself never realized it. For years Arjuna tried to get rid of Cu because he dislike another alpha being near his future mate. His family excluded. Not because they were not dangerous, but Arjuna couldn't get rid of them.

But recently, Karna had an addition to his stalker. Yes. New stalkers. There was this huge 190 cm guy who would come everyday and just sit there looking at Karna with that kind of blushing stupid face. This was another reason why Arjuna was so keen on stalking Karna. There was a big rival for him. Siegfried was Karna's friends at high school and he already had crush for Karna since then, but until recently, he never actually tried to woo Karna. Now, he was planning to get Karna and Arjuna didn't like it at all.

Karna put the plate of doughnut and tea at Siegfried's table. Siegfried was so happy to see Karna from this close. He admired him as he moved his hands. Karna noticed the man was staring at him again. The fourth time today. "What's wrong, Siegfried?"

"No! Nothing!" Siegfried blushed more. He picked his random book from his bag, and covered his face.

Karna raised his brows, looking at the man, confused. Siegfried was always this weird anyway. "It's good to be studying hard. But I don't recommend you doing it all the time. Please take it easy." Karna told him with a kind smile and that made Siegfried the happiest man for the day. And the worst for Arjuna because he was sitting at the table across, and he was looking at them with darkened face filled with hatred.

Karna nodded after a short chat with Siegfried and left the guest alone. He went to the bar to standby, and next to him was the new part-timer girl, Nefertari. She smiled so bright and talked to Karna and he replied her also with friendly gesture. They spoke very closely and Nefertari looked so happy. And this was the reason for the additional stalker at the corner of the room. Ozymandias was stalking Karna as well because he was convinced Nefertari liked him. Ozymandias's logic was simple. The wife of my wife is also my wife. Therefore, he was trying to get Karna to his side as well, for a entirely different reason to Arjuna and Siegfried. But still a potential threat that Arjuna recognized.

Siegfried's eyes met with Arjuna's. And they both glared at each other. Rival for years. But thanks to Nefertari being here, things were getting a bit complicated. For example, now. Arjuna raised his hand to call for Karna. But she came instead, and now Ozymandias was glaring at him like shit because Nefi was just generally cheerful and friendly with everyone and Ozy felt Arjuna was a rival for Nefi too. I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS WOMAN! But Arjuna retained his calm. I twas a shame that Karna wasn't the one who served him, but okay. "Ah, I would like a refill for my coffee."

"Yes, wait a moment. I'll refill it right now," She said and went back to the counter bar to grab the coffee mug. She returned to Arjuna and refilled his cup. "Please enjoy," She said with the nicest customer service smile. And right there, Ozymandias just broke a cup because he gripped it too hard. Karna was fine because Ozy likes him too. His far cousin was a nice guy and he didn't mind to have him as second wife. That asshole is taking advantage of Nefi's kindness again!

Hearing the sound of glass, Karna saw Ozymandias's cups fell from his hand, he was still holding the holder. He went to the guest with a towel and tray. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Sorry," He said and grabbed on Ozy’s hand to check. “You’re cut.”

Nefertari heard that and quickly went to the backroom to grab the first aid kit. She ran back and gave Ozy the treatment. She used antiseptic on that finger, and band-aid it. Ozy got the two at his table and he was proud AF. Karna watched carefully, passing the things to Nefi one by one. And after making sure things were okay. He cleaned the split milk tea.

Weirdly, the cup was intact. But it somehow fell of the holder. He wiped the spilled milk tea at the table and went to replace it with a new one, telling Surya at the kitchen that their cup was faulty and broke while in use. Arjuna glared back at Ozy. Onore! That asshole is taking advantage of Karna's kindness again! Arjuna was getting more pissed when he looked at that man’s wide proud smile.

Cu whom had witnessed everything, while taking care of other customers, glanced to Siegfried who was looking down at his cup seriously almost like glaring. Cu instantly know what the man was thinking right there and now. Siegfried was having a conscience battle inside himself whether he want to break that cup so that Karna would also give him an aid. Seriously. Not you too! Don’t break the cup, oi!

Even the nicest and kind Siegfried turned a bit anxious with so many rivals around, with the game had already ongoing for some time. Thankfully, he didn’t break the cup as he thought about it as damaging others’ property.

This had been going for months and there was no indication that it would stop soon. The three men would stake there, in their own unspoken competition ‘who can stay the longest win’. And they often stayed until the closing time.

They usually stayed for another fifteen to twenty minutes after closing to do the cleaning. Arjuna took the chance as he hid on a wall a few meters away to wait until they came out. So he could talk with Karna. The first one to leave was Nefi, she waved to her workmates inside the shop, and walked away. Second one was Cu. After that, the light goes off and both Karna and Surya came out.

Arjuna waited until they said goodbye. Surya went on the opposite side. “See you tomorrow, Karna. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you sleep.”

Karna nodded. “Understood, papa-ue. See you tomorrow.” He said and walked away too. A few steps away, until Surya was really gone.

That was when Ajuna came out from his hiding. “Karna!”

Karna turned back, raising his brows a bit, not expecting Arjuna to be here. “Why are you’re still here, Arjuna?”

Arjuna smiled. His gentle voice was as soothing as his expression. “I was waiting for you. I want to talk to you.”

“What is it?” Karna titled his head slightly.

“That,” Arjuna paused a bit. Slightly embarrassed. “Are you free this sunday? I’ve got a good place I’ve wanted to go with you. They serve delicious foods.”

“Sorry. I have plans this sunday.” Karna replied straight.

“What plans? With who?” Because Arjuna was sure it was not with their parents. Because if it was, he and Raikou would be called as well.

“We’re going to fish.”

“With Cu?” Arjuna’s eyes narrowed. That peeble. That friend that always messed up with Arjuna’s masterplan. Tch.

“Yes. With Emiya and Siegfried too.”

“Wha— what!?” Arjuna couldn’t believe what he had just heard. How dare that useless guy have the nerve to start first. How dare he even used Cu Chulainn as his tool. I’ve misjudged him. He’s more dangerous than what I’ve thought. How dare he make a double date!? It couldn’t be helped. “Can I go with you guys?”

“Hm? Ah. Sure. I didn’t know you’re interested with this.”

No. I’m not. “Well, I’m a bit interested right now. Oh but I’ll need to get the fishing rod. Can you help me pick one up at saturday evening?”

“Hm. Sorry. I have plans for saturday evening.”

“What plan?” Arjuna internally screeched. What else? Cu again?

“Going to karaoke with Nefi and Ozy. He just bought a new karaoke system and wanted to try it out together.”

And since then, Arjuna decided that he must be agressive and fast. Faster than the other two rivals, and certainly smart enough not to get killed by Surya in the process. And he thought of a very smart idea. I should just knock Karna up.

Arjuna’s master plan:
-date Karna
-fuck Karna
-knock Karna up
-marry Karna

Surely, Surya wouldn’t want his grandchild to be fatherless, right? Either way, Arjuna have to be quick or someone else will lay their hands on Karna.

But for now, he had to get the fishing tools.