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Guiding Light

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The colorful lights made the room seem to spin, or maybe it was his own head spinning. Keith tightened his grip on his red solo cup and began pushing his way through the half alive bodies as he stumbled to the couch, he sat spread eagle to insinuate he didn't want company. He closed his eyes and let his head fall against the back of the couch. The bass from the music was shaking the ground and made his stomach churn.

Lance danced around the room, casually grinding up on whoever was in the mood. His eyelids half closed, hands on the hips of a platinum blonde, guiding her body with his, his hot breath bouncing against her ear. He released her and continued through the room. Next, he saw a big, buff guy looking him up and down. Lance smirked, making his way to the jock, and meeting together to dance. From behind, the jock ran his hands up and down Lance's sides, and Lance turned his head back to make out with the attractive guy before he had the jock's face in his neck, licking, sucking, and playfully biting. Lance melted in his grip, giggling as he ran his hand through the jock's hair, pressing him deeper into his neck, and purring with pleasure, biting his own lip.

The song changed and Lance quickly got bored, leaving behind the jock. He found the kitchen to get another drink, filling his cup with whiskey and coke, looking to his right and seeing Keith in the living room. He  noticed how Keith had isolated himself as usual, as well as how he looked extremely attractive how he was sitting. It made his heart beat faster and he couldn't hold himself back. He had enough of flirting with strangers and just wanted Keith. He walked over, making his way through the small crowd and, without warning, dropped his ass into Keith's lap, which made Keith shoot his head up aggressively, his eyes squinted and his brows scrunched.

"The hell?" Keith spat, getting ready to push whoever off of him. Then his face softened, realizing it was his boyfriend, Lance. He used his free arm to grab under Lance's legs to pull him closer and centered in his lap.

Lance smiled with a chuckle, "Just me." He wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and pulled his head down for a kiss, connecting their lips. It didn't take long for the kiss to turn into them eating each other's faces.

They broke away from making out for a quick adjustment. They sat their drinks on the coffee table to free their hands. Lance adjusted himself to toss his legs over Keith's, towering over and straddling him, then returning their lips together. Keith relaxed into the sofa, grabbing Lance's waist, and slowly moving his hands down to the other's back pants pockets, keeping his hands in them, applying pressure with his fingertips.

"Mmm." Lance hummed into Keith's mouth, tugging at his dark black hair. Sometimes the mullet had its perks.

The noise made Keith pull Lance closer, no space left between the two. The music seemed to fade out for both of them.