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“‘Ay there, songbird. What’s got you up ‘ere this early in the mornin’?”
Pale arms came to rest against the frigid silver of the rooftop railing, folding gracefully as they held up the newcomer's weight.
“If I’m a songbird- you’re my Cheshire cat.”
“A dangerous predator, equipped with fangs so sharp they’d cut ya’ in an instant?”
“More like a purple ball of fluff that talks too much.”

A slightly darker set of limbs pushes off from the cold metal supports keeping them from slipping off the side of the building, wrapping themselves around a smaller, warmer body. They clutch tightly at a lithe waist, hands burrowing into empty coat pockets.
“Nonsense- I’m yer’ mighty protector! Fear me!”
“I didn’t know mighty protectors needed to steal warmth as frequently as you do.”

Kurumi sighed. She would never be able to beat Miki in a battle of wit, would she? Still, it made her happy, being about to pick at her brain like this. She pulled the blonde closer, pressing her lips against her nape- the skin there was nearly chilled, now.

“How about we get you back inside, Miki. It’s frosty out here.”
“I came up here to drag you back in the first place!”
Kurumi didn’t have to look to see the exasperation on Miki’s face, and it made her smile even wider than before, directing a trail of kisses towards her shoulder, careful not to expose too much of her body to the crisp air.

“I know, I know. Yer’ like an angry mother hen- very birdlike. Where are your other chicks? Already peckin’ at breakfast?~”
“As a matter of fact they are- so we better get back before Yuki eats all the oatmeal again.”
“Fine, fine. Why don’t ya’ head down in front of me Darlin’, I promise, I’ll be after ya in a minute.”

Miki shifted around in Kurumi’s grasp looking up at her with those pleading pastel blue eyes that never failed to make the shovel wielder grow weak in the knees.
“I’m worried.”
“I know.”
“You’ve been really distant lately. If you’re not-”
“It’s alright, I promise. I’ve just been thinkin’... all good things, Miki.”
Kurumi brushed Miki’s bangs from her forehead with the gentle sweep of her hand, planting a kiss against the crease in between her brows. “I just wanted to finish up my thoughts. I swear, It’ll only be a moment.”
Miki’s worried look didn’t fade as much as Kurumi had wanted it too, but it had weakened, replaced with a warmth that rivaled the fire burning in the boiler in the campus basement.
“Okay… just… tell me about it soon? You can rely on me more, you know.”
“Miki, baby, I rely on you much more than you think.” Kurumi laughed. “Now go on, save me a bowl.”
Miki playfully whacked Kurumi’s arm as she turned to leave.
“No way! You’ll have to wrestle the other’s for it- I’m not losing a finger for your stomach.”
“At least I’ll have a pretty nurse to care for me after I beat them to a pulp~”
Kurumi could hear a muffled exclamation of ‘gross!’ as the door to the roof clicked shut.


The sun’s rays brought Kurumi’s attention back to what she’d been contemplating before she’d been called down for their morning meal- it had been several months since they’d come to live at the College, and it had been rather peaceful after the deaths of the Melee Fight Crew. So far, all was well; they had food, shelter, and new people to talk to, so that their minds could still stay in working condition. Thing’s had begun to improve tenfold after Kurumi had made her patrols an official activity- checking and repairing fences seemed to be her calling. It was so good that… she was worried. Worried that something would come and destroy all they’d worked for. Something that would take away this happy life with Miki and the others.

She refused to let that get to her, though. Soon enough, Sino’s baby would be born, and the world would begin anew. She hopes the baby will keep Yuki company. She hopes she’ll get to see Miki gush over it (imagine how cute those faces would be?). She hopes she doesn’t drop it on its head, like she’d heard her own relatives claim they’d done to her time and time again, back when there were relatives to listen to. She hopes that every moment she spends breathing is even better than the last.


She hopes Yuri will let her eat canned peaches with her oatmeal today.