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The moment her key was broken, she knew everything would change, and she had been right.

Six months ago, Lucy Heartfilia, former heiress and former Fairy Tail Guild Mage, had sacrificed her beloved golden celestial key that held the very spirit her mother had left too her. Six months ago she lost the only family she known, the only ones she had to call home. Six months ago Lucy Heartfilia had her heartbroken and was plagued at night with nightmare that made no sense but felt so heartbreakingly real.

Somehow she had managed to survive by getting a job she always dreamed of having, but now lacked the passion to be enthusiastic. The book she had started to write with the promise of finishing and allowing Levy to read first laid abandoned in a box under her bed, along with the other items she could no longer bear to look at.

With the steady beat of time, the light that flickered in Lucy slowly dimmed. She no longer had the energy to get out of bed on her Crocus apartment, no longer had the energy to entertain her boss Jason's pumped up personality. For the past two days Virgo had tended to the blonde, who suddenly stopped functioning. All she did was eat and sleep, and in between cried and be angry at the world. The magic energy would sometimes spike up high inside of her and would drop low, worrying her spirits, but the magic itself was different.

Virgo hadn't known how to explain it to Loke, who now sat beside a sleeping Lucy who curled into his leg. Her long blonde hair fell over her face as a curtain, her breathing even and shallow, but her brows scrunched up as if she was confused, upset.

"This is getting out of hand, Virgo." Loke says softly. "Three months ago she was doing perfectly fine. Working, happy, and okay. She was moving on. What the hell happened to make her fall down the rabbit hole this deep?"

Virgo gave Lucy a sad once over, sighing softly, a rare show of emotion from the maid spirit, "I'm not sure, Big Brother. Princess was striving, and then she fell from grace over night. Two weeks ago I noticed her forcing smiles, and then she stopped trying altogether three days ago."

She was running, fast and yelling with tears streaming down her face. The fear and apprehension was nearly too much for her to handle. She was choking on the yell trapped in her throat, eyes wide as she fell to her knees under the full moon that shined so brightly with the promise of loss the night held.

Lucy gave a uncomfortable groan, shifting so her back was turned away from Loke and Virgo as small mumbles fell from her lips and onto deaf ears. Loke gently stroked Lucy's blonde hair that was tangled and dirty, the scent of her vanilla shampoo faded. How he missed her laughter, her being happy.

That was all Loke wanted for her, to be happy. If Lucy was happy then life was great. It was perfect, but everything had changed and they were all trying to figure it out. They were all trying to work through it. Loke knew the breakage of Aquarius's key wasn't just hard on Lucy, but it was also hard on the said spirit.

Over the months, Aquarius had seem to become increasingly worried. As if she was waiting for something inevitable to happen. Yet she said nothing when ever asked about it, merely tsking and denying her missing Lucy before promptly calling her an annoying ungraceful brat.

"Lucy, wake up." Loke pushed her shoulder softly, earning nothing from the blonde in response. Only picking up on the change of her heartbeat, how it grew rapid.

"Mom!" Lucy cried, going to run forward but being caught by waiting arms. "Let me go!"

"She's gone, Lu."

With a start, Lucy sat up crying out and shaking, burying her face into her hands and tucking her knees away under her. Counting to three, she tried to regain control on her breathing that came out rigid. She could feel Loke's hand rubbing small circles into her hand. A hand that soothed her, but was not the warm hand of the person she wished was there with her.

"Lucy." Loke said softly, as if her own name could break her. "You're safe here, no one will hurt you."

Lucy knew the spirits thought she was having nightmares about Tartaros, about Jackal and the demons, and they weren't wrong. It was just more to it, more she was dreaming about, more she was confused about, more she just couldn't fucking grasp.

"Princess, I think it's time to shower." Virgo suggested, trying to ease Lucy from her nest to get fresh hair. "Big Brother can take you out into the town and I'll clean up here."

"Jason." Lucy muttered with a realization that she had missed more than one day of work.

"Called earlier." Loke offered, trying to ease her stress quickly. "Told him you weren't feeling good and been bed ridden. He said take as much time you need to recover."

Lucy only nodded, not finding anything in her to speak up, just lost in her own thoughts again.

After the guild's disbandment and everyone she considered family leaving her behind, Lucy had been struggling with her emotions. It started in her battle in Tartaros, sacrificing Aquarius to save her family, her home, and everything she loved. Then it got worse when she returned home to find a note from Natsu stating he and Happy where leaving for a year to train. The breaking point was Master Makarov disbanding the guild for unknown reasons and everyone going their own paths.

Lucy knew he had his reasons, but she believed that Makarov could have easily passed the title of Guild Master to Laxus, instead he decided to disband the guild and break their family. Now everyone was scattered, finding their own way and that killed Lucy a bit inside. To know that without the guild the others could find a purpose, that they had someone to lean on. Gray had Juvia, Levy had Gajeel, and even Erza probably had Jellal.

She was supposed to have Natsu, and he'd left her. Of course she had her Celestial Spirits, and she knew they loved her but still, they had their lives to live without needing to worry about her. They couldn't keep her company every waking second, and she would never ask them too, even if they would willingly. Plus seeing them brought the dull ache of the reminder of Aquarius. Which left her completely alone when she had no one out, only in the company of misery and grief.

Of course Lucy had never been one good at dealing with loss. When she was younger, Lucy found it difficult to cope the loss of her mother. Yet now her emotions were making her sick, and once so strong that when she screamed her frustrations out at the world out, the windows around her shattered and fell to the floor like her tears running down her pale cheeks. Yet Virgo never mentioned it, only came to help clean the mess.

It had been five months since Lucy made the choice to actually stay in Crocus, six since the guild's ending. Five days a week she walked into the city to the Sorcerer Weekly building, worked an eight hour day under Jason's training and returned home. It was routine she fell into that made it bearable, doing work that keep her mind distracted most times. Yet it wasn't enough, because as soon as she went to bed Lucy found she couldn't sleep and laid there awake overthinking about how everyone else was doing.

Or weeks like this where she couldn't even get out of bed.

Frequently Loke and Virgo opened their own gates, sometimes bringing Plue out to comfort Lucy and check how she was doing. Despite her false smiles and half hearted I'm okay's, they knew she was far from it. They could feel something deep within their master stirring around trying to break at the seam. Loke believed it was her magic reacting to her emotions, but he wasn't sure.

"I don't want to go outside, Virgo." Lucy says softly, now moving her gaze onto her beloved maiden spirit. "I know you mean well, but I don't think I have the energy for it today."

Loke and Virgo shared a look that Lucy noticed, but before she could comment on it, Loke had already stood. Only he moved to now sit in front of her, giving her a look that was so full of worry that it caused guilt to wash over Lucy. Her spirits didn't deserve to be treat like this, but she wasn't strong enough. She didn't feel strong at least, and she knew they only wanted the best for her.

"Whatever it is going on Lucy, we are here for you." Loke reminded her, placing a hand on her knee. "Despite everything from Natsu leaving with Happy, and the guild disbanding with everyone going their own ways, you have us still here by your side no matter what. Please trust us in that."

Lucy bit her lip, knowing Loke was right. She should trust her spirits, her most loyal friends and people she could confide in. The childish fear that they would leave was something she also couldn't shake. The nightmares of them hating her for breaking Aquarius's key, sometimes it was to real, that when she woke up it took Lucy moments to realize it was just a dream to begin with.

That was only one of the nightmares that plagued her sleep at night.

A knock sounded from the front door, and seeing as it was almost three in the morning, it raised some alarms. Who the hell could be knocking on Lucy's door this time of night was beyond Loke. The knocking only became more frantic, raising the alarms even more inside the lion spirit.

Virgo had been the one to go and answer the door, opening it to reveal a tall man that had sandy blond hair with brown eyes that held the same light as her Princess's. He was about six feet, well built like Laxus, and had a serious expression on his face that Virgo could categories as both worry and determination.

The determine look was what had her on edge, merely because she couldn't understand why or what he would be determined about. As against her nature as it was, Virgo somehow knew that this man meant no harm, not when his expression softened seeing Lucy with Loke on her bed. Care, it was exactly what Lucy needed right now.

Moving aside, Virgo allowed the man through, causing Loke to look up sharply and narrow his eyes on the man. Who the hell was he and why was Virgo just letting him saunter into Lucy's home? 

Lucy on the other hand, couldn't tear her eyes away from the man. The man who looked at her as if he knew her, like he wanted to pull her away from everything. Deep down somewhere inside her a voice told her to trust him, to listen to him and be open minded. The usual anger that would take over of people in her apartment at unreasonable hours of the day wasn't there this time. She was calm, and Loke didn't get why.

"Lucy." The man breathed, going to reach for her the closer steps he took. 

"Who the hell do you think you are? Don't touch her!" Loke snarled at the man in front of her, moving to stand in front of Lucy to protect her.

Yet Lucy's eyes locked onto the eyes of the man in front of her, eyes that were the same as hers. The splitting image of her mother's eyes. As foolish as it was, something deep down inside of her told Lucy she could trust this man. That she knew him from somewhere. She frowned at this, lightly pushing Loke aside.


"Please go back, Loke, or stay put right there." She says, moving forward to the man, actually standing from her bed. "Who are you?"

He smiled gently at her, almost sad, "Kai Soros."

"Kai." She stopped walking to where he was half way waiting, eyes narrowing at him suddenly. "You're one of the men in my dreams."

Hearing that had Loke tensing up again, not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing since Lucy never talked about her dreams. That and she always happened to find herself in the middle of trouble that were either life or death. Whether those dreams be normal dreams or nightmares, she never wanted to comply to him what they were.

"You don't remember, do you?" Kai questions, a frown playing on his lips. "Or at least if you do, it's bits and pieces."

Lucy's eyes only narrowed more, nearly squinting at him with accusation dancing in her eyes. He said nothing else to offer comfort, just closing the distance and placing his hands on her temple. Instead of tensing at the sudden closeness, she seemed to relax like his hands eased all her pain and worries.

"Close your eyes, Lucy." Kai says softly, watching as she listened and closed her brown eyes.

Loke watched, tense as he trusted Lucy's ( in his eyes) poor lack of judgement. Watching as Kai mumbled under his breath, almost as if he were lowly chanting. He watched Kai slowly lower his arms, watching Lucy, and took a step back slowly. Loke's instincts told him to grab Lucy then and run. Or punch Kai across town, then take Lucy and run, but instead Lucy open her eyes.

She opened her usually bright and vivacious brown eyes, that stared at Kai dull and lifeless. For a second, Loke believed Kai had broke Lucy. He believed that maybe now Lucy was completely gone, but then she spoke one single three lettered word.

"Kai." One single world, and she crumpled like the floor had been taken from under her.

Quick, Loke went to catch her but Kai had been faster, scooping Lucy into his arms and lifting her up. For a moment, Loke thought the other man would put Lucy in her bed, where she had been residing in the past few days. Yet he only growled when Kai had turned towards the front entrance, moving to stand in front of the door to block the exit.

"You aren't taking my master anywhere." Loke warned, a growl waiting to be unleashed at the back of his throat. "What the hell did you do to her?"

Kai looked at Lucy, sighing softly. "I came to bring her home." He said it as if it was the obvious thing in the world before looking Loke dead in the eyes. "Ask Aquarius what's happening. She'll tell you, because right now my sister needs me more than ever."

"Sister!?" Loke yelled, eyes wide since Lucy never mentioned a brother.

Kai sighed again, wishing he could rub his own temples from the headache easing in away, "Please, go ask Aquarius to explain. She'll have all the answers you need."

Virgo was the one to step up and pull Loke back, "Come on Big Brother, we can get our answers at home." 

With the two Celestial Spirits gone, Loke giving him one stern look before leaving, Kai turned to look around and looked down at his sister. He knew people would eventually look for her, and that was something they couldn't have. Standing at the door way, he muttered one more word, "Ignium."

Not looking back at her apartment, Kai walked away with Lucy curled in his arms in the dead of night as her living space burned with all her belongings in there. Knowing that if she was believed gone, it ensured no one would look for her. 

"I hope it hurts him knowing fire is what killed you, Lucy." Kai muttered softly. "That Natsu Dragneel could have saved you had he never left you at all."

New idea for a story, let me know what you think and if I should continue  :) I hope you enjoyed it.