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Heroes Stranded

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You realized far too late that it was pouring rain outside. Exiting the doors of your high school following a very good nap from a very boring detention, you don't process the storm until you had let the doors slam shut and automatically lock behind you. You figure your options are to pick the lock and get back into school to try and find an umbrella, (subsequently setting off the alarms and causing another Saturday detention) or you could suck it up.  

You choose the latter.

School-mandated skirt rippling around your legs, you scurry down narrow alleyways and barren city sidewalks. You scarcely notice how few people are around the typically-bustling urban cityscape; you're far to busy trying to use your thick tweed jacket to cover your head and avoid ruining your last good pair of knee-high cotton socks.

Your run down apartment complex was a good trek from your school- a fancy, private establishment for rich and overachieving snobs. Granted, you probably were one of said rich snobs at a younger age, but now as a Sophomore in high school and have struggled to support yourself for years, you didn't relate to them anymore. Not that you would want to.

Your apartment wasn't an awful place to live, anyway; at least you had a roof over your head.

The rain brings up foggy snippets of the past as your legs operate solely on their muscle memory. You remember some of the day that your parents died, but you were much younger. The jerking of the car, screeching to a halt, only to flip when it hits-

A large boom shakes you from your grim train of thought. You turn to your left, where the sound came from. You look back in the direction you were going. I'm already soaked to the bone. It's not like the apartment is going anywhere, you justify, and swiftly slosh through the street towards the explosion.

Your sense of right and wrong was a bit skewed from its traditional idea, you couldn't deny it, but you had a strong sense of justice regarding what you did view as good, or bad. If something was wrong, you couldn't stop yourself from jumping in and helping. You weren't quite sure if this justice in you was from your own experience or just watching too much anime after-hours in the school's library. Apparently it didn't matter in this moment.

That sense of justice brought you into the middle of a brawl unlike anything you'd seen.

Actually, that was a lie: you had seen this exact type of fight before, but never in real life. It was typically in colorful animation, with characters that don't exist- or rather, shouldn't. You know exactly who they are, though.

Several people in costume shout at one another, exchanging quick blows and setting off the occasional explosion, shooting an icicle, or doing some other miraculous thing. You internally wonder if it's some sort of special effects show, or the filming of a movie. That had to be it, right? After all, the street is completely abandoned. It was inexplicable otherwise.

One of the people you saw you were sure was a 'villain', given their dark smudgy makeup and the contemptuous gleam in their eyes. They wore a black cloak which concealed their face, and a voice modulating device around their throat. "Careful, you fledgling heroes, this world isn't used to such flashy quirks~," they giggle, "you could end up causing an uproar..."

They were speaking Japanese. Like any good multi-million-dollar-business-owner-in-training, you had become fluent in many languages at a young age, Japanese included. Nowadays, though, you only used it to watch anime without subtitles.

A large green disk appears on the ground behind them. You cover your mouth in a gasp. Is that something special effects can do nowadays?? The other 'villains' retreat and leap into the hole, followed quickly by the villain that created it. Their voice rings out as they descend. "Good luck, little heroes~." The hole closes up. The six remaining people rush over to where it was, but it was clearly too late. The street, now silent save the sound of rain, was disconcertingly still.

You watch them, completely in awe. "This can't be real," you murmur to yourself, tone almost frustrated. You give the six boys in front of you a once over, licking your lips slightly at the sheer amount of muscle each boy possesses. Well, if it is a movie, they hired some damn-fine actors, you think with a smirk.

"Dammit!" The shout comes from a spiky-haired blonde. He swings his arms wildly, nicely flexing his exposed arms. The rain sticks the black sleeveless shirt with a red 'X' to his large chest.

He suddenly holds his hands with his palms up, a loud crackling coming from the gloves- or rather, giant grenade-like gauntlets- on his hands. The sound of explosives trigger something primal in your mind, but you choose to focus on what he is saying and not what sound his gloves are making. "Get back here, you shitty villain extra! You can't hide!!"

One removed his helmet, which was the same metallic material as the rest of his outfit, revealing an indigo head of hair and rectangular glasses that had slipped out of place. His eyes were the same deep blue as his hair, but held a silvery glint. His movements were stiff. "Bakugou-san, we must remain calm in such a situation!" He waved his arm in an odd chopping motion.

"Fuck off, Four-Eyes! I'm pissed!!"

"K-Kacchan," a nervous sound comes from another boy with green hair (which somehow stays partially floofy while being soaking wet). He moves towards the angry one, earning a glare that shoots daggers. He holds up his hands, which are covered in long white gloves over his green super suit, in an attempt to placate the other. "Wait a minute. I-If what that villain said is true, then..."

"We're stranded in a world with no quirks," a boy finishes stoically, adjusting the silver strap on his blue costume. His hair, half snow and half scarlet, clings to his face as he stares at the ground. You can't see his face, but you know there is a burn around his eye under the red side of his hair. His eyes are different colors.

"C-Come on, guys," another with bright red hair pipes up after a moment of silence, "we don't know that! We're probably just somewhere else in our world, another country. All Might-" he stops himself, then continues with the same energy (albeit somewhat more nervously), "S-Some hero will come and find us!" He finishes with a heroic pose, puffing out his chest, which is exposed save two black straps forming an ‘X’. His arms are covered in black sleeves.

"Exactly!" the last one agrees with a smile, hands behind his head. He has yellow hair with a black stripe through it. This one's costume wasn't nearly as revealing as the previous, but it was slick, in your opinion. And if you're being honest, you don't need any more tasty distractions at this point. "The heroes will probably come any time."

You feel your stomach drop. If this is real... then they have nowhere to go, do they?

"Oi!" A shout from the spiky blond jars you. Wait- is he shouting at me?? "You! Stalker chick! Where are we?"

The others gave him harsh looks for his manner of speech. You emerge from the alleyway slowly, unsure of how to play your hand. "Y-You're in the United States," you say, spoken Japanese a bit rusty. Deciding to play it safe, you ask, "Is there any way I can help you?"

The green haired boy comes up to you in a bit of excited relief. "Thank you!" He blushed, trying to speak in English. "W e w o u l d .... l i k e t o ........... f i n d ....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm... c e l l p h o n e ?"

"Moron, she clearly speaks Japanese!" The first one smacks a tuft of green hair, and you stifle an inappropriately-timed laugh.

"It's no problem, I appreciate the thought. I might be one of the few around here that speaks it, though. You are far away from home, if you are from Japan," you smile respectfully.

"Yeah!" the yellow haired one sidles up next to you, placing an arm around your shoulders. "We reeeeally~ appreciate the help, sweetheart. See, guys, I told you we have nothing to worry about."

You blush slightly. "N-No problem," you mumble. "You needed a phone, you said? Who are you trying to call?"

"Well, we're students at U.A. high," the same boy continues, "you know- the best hero school in Japan? We need to call them so they can pick us up."

"Yes! To us heroes-in-training, your assistance is greatly appreciated, citizen!" The one with glasses emphasized with a firm chop of his hand.

You laugh a bit, still not quite sure if they're pretending. You hope so, just for your sanity's sake- you probably wouldn't be able to handle yourself if these boys were real. Not to mention, you're still standing out in the rain, so your patience for this little game is growing short. You pull away from the boys, giving yourself some room to see all of them at once. "I appreciate the commitment, but really, what do you guys need?"

They all stare at you in silence. "What?" the red haired one asks softly. You can see the small fear in his eyes, and almost feel bad.

"Look. I'm all about cosplay, acting, all that jazz, the special effects were amazing, and I'm glad that you're all gung-ho about this, but I'm tired and I'm soaked. Do you guys need me to call you a cab? Uber? Something? I'm more than willing to help, but you gotta level with me."

"C-Cosplay...?" The boy with green hair furrows his brow, mumbling under his breath.

"Special effects?" The red haired and the yellow haired boys exchange a glance.

You cross your arms with a huff, raising an eyebrow. You shoot them a look that reads 'any time now'.

"I think understand what's happened," the half-red half-white haired boy speaks over the confused sounds of the others. His voice is smooth and eloquent, and his speech formal to a fault. "Miss, we have come from another world where we have powers. We were told this is a world with no powers or heroes. From your reaction, I am assuming that's correct?"

You tighten the grip on your arms, nodding. You find yourself gazing between both eyes, one a vivid teal and the other a muted grey, unable to pick one to watch. Is that his real eye color? They're too pretty to be, they must be contacts, you think idly.

"If that is the case," he sighs slightly, "then we are trapped here until further notice, and are in need of somewhere to stay." His voice is gentle as he approaches you slightly. "Your generosity in helping us has already been enormous, and I am sure you do not believe our story at this time, but may we ask for some help in finding somewhere to stay the night?"

You open your mouth to speak, but pause, shutting it. You feel your cheeks heating up. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. If this is real... "I'll help you guys out." You see them all release a breath you didn't realize they were holding. "I can't promise anywhere fancy to stay the night, so don't complain. But come morning, if you don't get out of dodge, I'd like for you all to prove your story to me. For right now, though, we are all soaked to the bone and in need of showers and sleep and food."

The green boy practically leaps onto you in a hug. "Thank you so much, uh," he stumbles, face red and retreating as he realizes he doesn't know your name.

"[Y/N]. [Y/N] [L/N]."

He nods, giving you the most genuine smile you think you've ever seen. "Thank you so much, [L/N]-san!"

You chuckle, nodding to the others as they thank you as well. Except the angry blond one, but that didn't surprise you. "Ok, follow me. In case you get lost, it's through this street, to the left, and three blocks up. It'll be on the right. Big brick building like all the rest, so good luck picking it out of a lineup, but it's easy enough to sneak you all up the fire escape."

"Fire escape?!" You hear a startled sound behind you. Probably Kiri, you think with a giggle.

"Alright, let's get moving!" you say, ignoring the questionable looks you get. They seem to follow you without further question though, to your relief.

The rain lets up a bit as you walk, until it’s nothing more than a sprinkle. You turn back to them when you reach the apartment building.

"Alrighty," you clap your hands together, "I’m gonna go up to my apartment, then I’ll open the window so you all can get in. Go over there," you say, gesturing to a narrow alleyway, "and wait until you see me. Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. Climb up the fire escape once you see me."

The shortest raises his hand with a slight tremble. "W-Why can’t we just go up with you...?"

You give him a devious smile. "Because you guys sound like a parade of elephants, and I have to sneak in without anyone seeing me." Whipping around, you enter the building without another glance. You try not to relish their shocked murmurs too much.

Okay, so you had been a bit melodramatic; if anyone had seen you, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. You’d probably just get a scolding from the landlady. She was kind enough to let you stay for free in one of the apartments on the top floor (which was permanently ‘under renovation’). But she had a reputation to uphold. If a large group of kids in costume came tromping up to the top floor, questions might be asked, and you’d could end up homeless again. And you rather liked running water.

You take the steps up two at a time, trying to quell the squelch from your loafers as you go. You pray as you leap up the stairs that no one decides to go out, or come in, or really use the stairs in any fashion.

Your prayer seems to be answered, as you manage slip under the 'CAUTION' tape leading to the sixth floor hallway undetected. You walk down the hall swiftly, turning to your room. You reach into your pockets for your keys. Hand slipping into both pockets, coming up empty, you feel yourself pale a bit. Must've lost 'em in all the running and shit. Of fucking course.

Your hands run through your damp hair, both in frustration and to frisk your hair for bobby pins. A sound of triumph escapes your soft smirking lips when you find what you're looking for.

Taking two hair pins, you approach your doorknob and insert them with practiced ease. I'll hafta ask Landlady for a new key, that'll piss her off... I'll cook her some tamales or something as an apology. Your thoughts are far away as your fingers work their magic. After a brief moment, you feel a kerchunk of the door unlocking for you. Smiling smugly, you enter and scurry over to the window.

Pushing open the grimy glass, you poke your head out and look below. You are met by six pairs of eyes, each swirling in different emotions, ranging from irritation to self-admonishment. You nearly roll your eyes at them.

"Come on!" Your harsh whisper jolts them into action as it echoes through the alleyway.

The first to reach you is the green haired kid, whose body glows a soft green before he easily leaps up to the fire escape. He gives you a sheepish smile when he meets your awe-filled gaze. "Thanks," he murmurs, slipping past you. You nod, mind far-off.

Next is the explosive blond. He uses said explosions to launch himself up to you. The sound of his quirk causes your eyes to shut tightly, and you don't open them again until he brushes past you silently.

The navy haired boy is next, using engines in his leg to bounce off of the opposite brick wall and land neatly in front of you. He nods dutifully to you, eyes conveying what he cannot without breaking the precious quiet.

The last three file quickly up the fire escape, leaping easily up to the second story landing, and ascending the remainder by stairs. The red haired boy gives you a bright smile, revealing rows of sharp teeth. The yellow haired boy follows quickly, thanking you with a flirtatious wink. The last is the boy with heterochromic eyes, who nods, but otherwise avoids your gaze.

You shut the window with a sigh. "Well boys, mission accomplished." You turn around and face all of them with a smile, hoping to bring a lighthearted air to the room. They all seemed exhausted, physically and emotionally. You still aren't quite sure what to believe, but you know how to spot a person- or six- in need. "The shower is that way," you point over to a small hallway. "It's next to my room, so no snooping around. There's linens in the cabinet just outside the bathroom, so if you'd like you can just... I dunno, strip and wait for the shower. I... don't think you guys will fit in my clothes," you state with a blush, shaking the image of the boys in tight fitting tanks and short-shorts from your mind's eye. Goodness, I'm more of a mess than usual today. "I'll try and see if I can find some to borrow. Well, actually," you pause again, "there's a thrift store just down the road, they have some basics. I'll go back out and grab some while you guys get warm."

"What about you?" The red haired one asks with furrowed brows. His concern seems to be reflected in some of the other's eyes as well.

You wave him off. "It's no big, I offered to help you guys, and I'm not one to do something half-assed," you shoot with a wink. "Anyway, there's no point in cleaning up if I just have to go back out in the rain."

The same boy nods in understanding, guilt still evident in his eyes. "I still feel like one of us should go with you to help."

"Look," you say softly. "I appreciate the offer. But if what you say is true, you have no knowledge of this area, let alone this world and how it operates. You don't speak much of the language. Your help would be limited to- what, protection? I've lived here for a good while. I can handle myself."

"Here?" the green haired boy blurts out. "What about your family?"

You see his face shift as soon as he finishes speaking. The others give him a glares that makes you feel a bit bad for the boy. You watch him with a soft gaze.

"They're gone, Izuku," you say with a sigh. "But I don't need or want your pity, so just take your showers and let me get you guys some dry clothes." Your tone has a sense of finality, and nobody says anything else as you walk to your bedroom to grab a few ten dollar bills you keep rolled up in your pillow case. You're too caught up in your exhaustion to notice your mistake.

You slip past the boys without looking at them, but you feel all their eyes on your back as you leave. The question floats in all of their heads: did the green haired boy, Midoriya Izuku, ever say his name? Was it ever brought up?



You walk through the sprinkling rain, gloomy grey skies now even darker than before. It was probably nearing sundown, though you weren't quite sure, not having a cell phone or watch. The store you had in mind was certainly open still, but it was still irritating to go back out in the rain in your soaked garments. A bell dings as you enter the shop.

Picking out clothes for the boys was surprisingly easy. You had intended on grabbing random shirts and pants and throwing them in a pile for them to sort themselves, but as you went through the store, you found certain items caught your eye that seemed to match the style of one boy or another, and eventually you resigned yourself to your fan-girl side and curated specific outfits for each boy. As your confidence in your choices grew, so did your energy level. You were pretty proud of yourself, but more than that, you were surprised at the sheer amount of selection the small thrift store had. After paying and securing your precious cargoes in separate waterproof bags, you set of to your apartment with a small spring in your step.

Reaching the apartment without a hitch, you open the door with a significantly brighter aura than when you'd left. You meet five towel-clad individual and the sound of the shower running. Their clothes- well, most of their clothes- are folded neatly on a patch of tile flooring by your kitchenette area. You take all this in, suppress a small blush at the sights of so many abs, and hold up the bags with a smile. "Merry Christmas, kiddos."

"Wow!" The yellow-haired boy gives you an excited smile, hopping up from his seat on the floor. In fact, they all seemed to be sitting on the floor, avoiding the couch and two chairs that the room held. His hand holds his towel securely in place, and you force your eyes on his face and not other places. I'm so thirsty it's not even funny, you sigh inwardly. "You really went all out, didn't you? Thanks!!"

You smile back at him. "Don't worry about it. I actually enjoyed it, if you can believe that," you giggle, walking over and handing him the bag you marked with a little lightning bolt. "Here you are, Sparky."

"You seem to be in a good mood," the quiet dichromatic boy observes. "That's good to see."

You glance at him, affirming his words were genuine. Of course they are, you scold yourself. He's too much of a dummy to use sarcasm. "This one is for you, Blendy Pen," you smirk at the confused look regarding his nickname, but he says nothing else as you hand him the bag with a little strawberry drawn on it. You watch him scrutinize the symbol, as if wondering what it could mean, before giggling and moving on to your next victim.

"For Sonic," you hand the glasses clad boy his bag with a little hedgehog doodle.

He stands, chopping his free hand emphatically through the air. "Thank you, [L/N]-san! You have gone above what any of us could have asked in assisting us!" A nod is all you can manage at his exaggerated display.

You turn to the red haired boy. He smiles at you casually. "What might you have in store for me?" He asks, sharp teeth on display.

"A whole slew of surprises, Jaws," you laugh lightly as you toss the bag with a shark on it into his lap. You turn on a dime to give the final boy in the room a devious look. "And now for Mr. Sunshine."

"Tch," he scoffs. "What the hell kinda monkey suit you gonna put me in, Stalker-chick?"

"Ohooo~," you lean in with a wicked grin, "the kind that'll make you eat those words, Blasty."

"Wanna bet?" He asks, standing up and getting in your face with a snarky grin.

You shove the bag with the angry frowny face doodle into his arms. "Bet, bitch."

You swivel around quickly, hearing the shower turn off and the final boy emerge. Of course he'd go last, you think with a sigh, what a Best Boy.

"[L-L-L-L/N]-san!" Midoriya stutters over his words as he grips the towel around his waist like a freaking life raft. "I-I'm sorry, I-I d-d-d-d-didn't know you w-were here, and-"

"Don't worry, Broccoli boy," you say with a small snort of laughter, covering your mouth at his actions. "I have clothes for you, so you can change right away." You hand him the bag with a tuft of broccoli drawn on it. "Ok, that's all of you, right?" You don't bother waiting for a response. "Right. So, I'm gonna shower, then I'll get you guys all situated for the evening, then I'm gonna take a looo~ng nap. Until tomorrow morning. So, yeah. Any pressing issues can be brought up after my shower, but please do organize your thoughts because I have a limited bandwidth." You shoot a thumbs up behind you as you approach the bedroom, gather your clothes, and walk into the shower.

The boys wasted no time digging into their bags to see what you'd picked for them, judging by the crinkling of plastic you heard. You smiled as you listened to some of their comments, most of them complimentary (in fact, all of them were, if you saw past the back-handedness of one boy's words).

The bathroom was already steaming from the previous showers, but you could tell they made an effort to be hospitable guests. You were especially impressed that there was still hot water left for you. Not bad, U.A., not bad at all. As the warm water flowed over your skin and relaxed your muscles, you let thoughts of the future disappear and allowed yourself a moment of peace.

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You stayed in the shower until the water turned lukewarm, which was only seconds away from freezing. A soft sigh escaped your lips as you exited, and immediately seeing yourself in the mirror, you feel your thoughts go flooding back to the boys sitting in your living room. 

Fuck, you growl, how am I supposed to do this? You take a deep breath and close your eyes. Ok, [Y/N], think. Just think of this as if it were a manga where this would actually happen. What would the main hero do? You pause. They would do what I’m doing now. Deny it until the last possible moment, and even then not believe it. Which is the most fucking annoying thing ever. So what should I do, instead? The answer came to you as soon as you thought the question, but you didn’t like it. Assume it’s true. Just accept the wacky reality and move on, so you don’t waste precious plot with self doubt, leading to mistrust and difficulty in some upcoming battle.

You rub your face in exhaustion. "Ok. So just go with it. Great," you mumble to yourself. Deciding to finish up your post-shower routine, you gently massage lotion onto your face, trying to treat your skin nicely since you know your current stress-levels will be brutal to it. You don’t care much about other’s perception of your appearance, but you had always been taught to treat your body with kindness since a young age, and that was one of the few lessons from your parents that stuck with you to this day.

Slipping into some soft pajama pants and a tank top, you exit the bathroom with brushed damp hair and glowing skin. You felt the boys’ eyes on you, and you tried not to let it get you flustered like it often seemed to. They watched you, a few giving shocked expressions, blinking as though they needed a double take.

"Ueno-?" Midoriya sputtered out, but clamped his jaw, shaking his head.

"Hm?" You ask, placing some hair behind your ear in a self conscious habit.

The boys looked at one another, but chose to say nothing. After a moment of odd silence, your embarrassment flitted away when a voice cut through the tension.

"Damn, you took your sweet time, didn’t you?"

Relieved at the distraction, you glance lazily over to Blasty, whose hair was now dried into its original spiked form. "Sorry? Did you say that you didn’t want a place to sleep?"

He didn’t respond, but let out an irritated sound, but said nothing else. It took you until this moment to take in their clothes. The blond’s seemed to fit him well, a simple, tight-fitting black tank and snug maroon joggers. You hum softly in approval. "Everyone’s clothes fit alright?"

You sit down on a chair that was unoccupied. Nods and verbal affirmations answered you. A sleepy smile grazed your lips. "Well, I’m glad. There were a surprising amount of options, so I thought I’d try and make an effort to make you all look decent."

"I’m impressed!" Jaws grins at you. His dark grey t-shirt fit a bit looser, but he looked comfortable in them and the black basketball shorts. "You even made us a casual outfit and a nicer one!"

You nod. "Like I said, they had more than I expected, and for very good prices." Your smile drops a bit. "So, was there anything we wanted to say or ask before I get you guys settled for the night?"

The boys look around at one another, somewhat nervous. They clearly have something they want to say, but forgot to designate a speaker or something.

You bite your lip. "We can move forward with the assumption that I believe you guys, if that helps. I won’t question your backstory whatsoever, when you decide to share it in full. But for right now, what do we need to talk about?"

Their tension eases a bit at your statement, but it’s still a moment before Blendy Pen’s voice pipes up. He wears a midnight tank and dark grey sweats. His two tone eyes are fixed on you intently.

"Yes, there is something we’d like to ask." You nod in encouragement for him to continue. "You referred to Midoriya by his name. We talked about it, and we don’t think we’ve said his name, which leads us to believe you knew it prior to us meeting. This, along with other things you’ve said, makes us believe you know something about our world. So first is... do you know our names?"

You take a quick breath to steady yourself, ignoring the warmth you feel in your cheeks. Dammit, I messed up. Now my babies and I gotta have the talk. "Yes. I do. Not everyone in this world will know your names, but some will. You are Todoroki Shouto. You," turning to Blasty, "are Bakugou Katsuki." You go around the room, pointing to Jaws, Sparky, and Sonic. "Kirishima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, Iida Tenya. And of course, Midoriya Izuku," you turn to the broccoli boy, who watches with a deep flush.

"How do you know our names?" Todoroki leans forward, the only part of his demeanor displaying his interest.

"That’s..." you sigh, "a complicated answer." You bite your lip in consideration. Do I tell them? They’ll find out eventually... "I guess the simplest way to explain is to show you...?" You sigh with a bit of uncertainty.

You shuffle to your room and grab your laptop- one of the few coveted pieces of technology you own. You were very skilled with computers and coding, but things like a cell phone you never felt the need for.

You sit on the couch and open the laptop, and beckon the boys to come and gather. They eye you warily, but comply nonetheless. You carefully type into the search bar.

"What the fuck is this?" A growl comes from near your ear. You blush but say nothing as you start the first OP song of "Boku no Hero Academia". You decide it best not to show any of the episode, fearing that you could reveal some private information about the boys to one another, but the answer to their question is clear to them from the minute-and-a-half video you showed them. They say nothing and stare at the screen.

You swallow nervously, their silence becoming deafening. "In this world, you all are the characters in a television show. If you are indeed from another world, I am certain the events of this anime reflect directly onto the events in your world. Though, perhaps a bit different, since you're in this world, but that's neither here nor there right now. I know a lot more than just your names... possibly more about you than you know about each other," you finish with a small glance at Midoriya. His face blushes deeply, but the other boys don’t seem to notice.

Nobody says anything for another moment. Kaminari is the first to speak.


You turn to him with a confused expression. His hands are behind his head casually. "I mean, that doesn’t change what we gotta do, right? If anything, it means there’s a chance there is someone on this world that already knows about our world, and can help us get back!"

His lighthearted exclamation breaks the tension in the room. "Right!" Kirishima is the next to cheer. "We have even more of a chance now! And now that we know [L/N]-san knows all about us, we don’t have to worry about explaining too much! Easier for us!"

"Well, I don’t know everything, but I do know a lot," you say, conceited spark in your eyes. "Ok, if there’s no further questions, I’ll get you guys settled... well, on the couch and floor, I guess," you shoot them an apologetic smile. "We can talk more about what you all have lived through so far so we can see if I know anything that can help. Until then, let’s get some rest."

They all agree, and you fall into an odd rhythm of passing out pillows and blankets to them and helping them settle into their respective places. You felt strangely motherly in that moment.

"Ok, well, uh, good night boys." You wave awkwardly.

A series of mumbled ‘goodnight‘s are thrown your way as you shuffle into your room. You snuggle into your bed, unsure of what else to say to the six boys sitting in your living room. Well. That happened. You let out a soft laugh, sleep overtaking you nearly instantaneously.



The next day, you awoke to the sun's warm rays on your skin. What a strange dream, you sigh as you stretch. Your hearing slowly tunes into the sound of muffled voices through the walls. You ignore it at first- your neighbors downstairs can be rowdy sometimes- but as you listen further it comes from your living room.

Brows furrowed and body tense, you creep out from your bed and around the corner to peek in the living room, but not before grabbing one of the small throwing knives you kept hidden away in your room. Eyes blinking the sleep away, you crouch around the corner, prepared to strike. Your shoulders relax a bit when you see the cause of the commotion.

Oh. Not a dream, then.

"Hey, [L/N]-san!"

Kirishima's lively voice brought a blush to your face. You carefully tuck the knife against your forearm. "H-Hey, Kiri," you give a small wave. You watch the boys all bustling around the kitchen and living room area. "Whaaaaat's going on?"

"Breakfast, babe!" Kaminari interjects from beside you with a smirk. He tosses an arm around your shoulder and guides you towards the living room. You notice with a smile that he wears the white t-shirt with a graphic design and black sweats you picked for him.


"Yeah, we wanted to thank you for being so nice to us!" Midoriya beams at you from where he sets plates around your coffee table. Best boy wears the clothes you picked as well, and you’re pleased at how well the soft pink t-shirt and grey sweats fit him. You not sure why you’re so surprised they’re wearing the clothes you bought them- especially considering they have nothing else besides their hero costumes to wear- but it makes you happy nonetheless. You look to see what Midoriya had arranged.

Around the circular mahogany table sits seven thin pillows with soft floral patterns you kept in your linens closet. They were part of an incomplete set Landlady had found in an apartment when the tenants moved out, but you'd never found a use for them.

"How sweet!" you gush, pulling Midoriya into a quick hug (with the hand that was not clutching the knife still). His cheeks tinge a vivid coral, mouth flopping open and closed. You whip towards the kitchen, ignoring the boy you probably broke. "Oh, you guys should keep it down though, you're being really loud." Your gaze is pointed towards Bakugou, who turns to you with his typical scowl.

"Ehhh? The fuck you mean I'm loud? Who's making you breakfast, bitch??" He holds a spatula towards you accusatorily. A frilly apron hangs from his neck and is tied neatly around the small of his back. You choose not to comment on this, knowing the spectacle would come to a screeching halt.

"Who gave you a place to sleep, bitch? Shower, bitch?? Clothed you, bitch???" Your tone sounds offended, but your smile reveals your sarcasm. Your faces are very close to one another's in a challenging manner. He growls at you. You glare at him. "Your eggs are burning," you whisper loud enough for him to hear you, and his face flushes and turns away to salvage his creation.

"Dammit," he grunts, "don't complain if they taste like shit, it's your fault."

"I'm sure it'll be great, Ka- er... Bakugou," you fluster. I'll need a better way to refer to him than Kacchan, and Bakugou is too formal. Bitch don't deserve it, you think absently as you move back towards the living room.


You turn to Todoroki, who enters from the laundry room alongside Iida. They both clutch all of their hero costumes, now clean and dried.

"Hey, glad to see you guys got your costumes all cleaned up."

"Yes! Thank you for allowing us to use your washer and drier!" Iida bows a few times, and you laugh.

"Not a problem, Iida."

Todoroki nods, face somewhat blank. "Yes. [L/N]-san, might I ask why you are holding a knife?"

You intake a sharp breath. You quickly look down to your hand, and peel the knife from your forearm with an awkward laugh. "Ah, yeah. I woke up and thought all of you were a dream, so I got a little, uh, nervous when I heard people in my apartment. Doesn’t usually mean good news," you chuckle, rubbing the back of your head apologetically.

"Awww, you dreamt about me~?" Kaminari popped up beside you. You smack his chest with a smirk.

"You’re such a dork, Minari."

"Oh, a get a nickname now, too? We must be close," Kaminari winks at you, before turning to go about whatever he was doing before.

All the boys seemed to be doing something to help clean their mess or set up breakfast. It was very cute, and something you’d definitely never have expected. Ever. With anyone. But especially not them.

"Alright shit heads, breakfast is ready!"

Everyone gives an excited cheer, which you promptly shush.

"You guys gotta keep it down, if people hear us, they might call a noise complaint and the Landlady will-"

Knock knock knock.

"-show up." You finish with a sigh. "Nobody say or do anything."

You peer out the eyehole, and feel the slightest relief when you see the short, chunky woman you’ve come to love so much. Her long grey hair was tied back in a braid, draping over her shoulder and onto the pink floral sundress and long necklace with wooden beads she always wore. Her eyes were dark, and bore right through your soul. She could spot a bad tenant before they opened their mouth- or so she says. And hell yeah, you believed it. Her skin was incredibly wrinkled and flabby, but she wore it with the same pride she did in her prime, which she often reminisced with you, comparing yourself to her when she was your age.

You open the door gingerly, as if any sudden movements would anger her. "Hola, doña..." you greet her in her native tongue.

"[Y/N]!" She yells, seeming to be ready to grab one of her bright yellow Crocs and hit you with them. "Are you crazy? Making so much sounds? Do you want to be kicked out, hmm??"

"No, no, lo siento," you frantically make a motion to calm her down. "I’ve got some friends that need a place to stay. They’ve got nowhere to go so I wanted to help them. They don’t know the situation we are in, please doña, forgive me. I’ll make sure they are quiet."

She quietly considers what you say. "Let me see these friends," she says. You gulp, and step aside so she may enter.

"Guys, this is my Landlady." You introduce the six boys- some of whom seem ready to jump out the window. Landlady looks at you with a quirked eyebrow at the language switch, but turns to the lot before her.

Landlady says nothing. She stares intensely at the boys in the room, sizing them up individually.

"You," she points to Kaminari, "look like you would be playing the music too loud."

"You," she points to Bakugou, "look like you would make too much yelling."

"And you," she points to Midoriya, who points to himself in confusion, "look like you keep a secret. I don’t like too much secret."

They watch you and Landlady nervously, and you quietly translate for them. They don’t seem any less nervous after you do.

Landlady snaps her attention to you. The boys watch in slight awe as the two of you carry out a fast-paced conversation in Spanglish. Midoriya recognizes scarce few words, and no and gracias, but it’s your expression that fills his chest with increasing hope. As the conversation flows, it goes from its respectful, compliant tone, to you smiling and even laughing a bit. You and the old woman hug tightly, murmuring something to one another, and she leaves. She does an ‘I got an eye on you’ motion to the boys in the room as she closes the door.

"Boys," you turn to them with an easygoing expression, "Landlady says she’ll arrange another apartment up here for you guys. You can stay as long as you need, like I have, just learn to be quiet and respectful of her building. She won’t pry into your business, don’t worry. She and I have a similar arrangement." You smile knowingly to yourself. The boys all exchange excited glances, as if they’re going to a summer camp. Oh my goodness they’re so cute."She’ll have extra beds and stuff put into the rooms by tonight. In the meantime, we can come up with a plan for how to get you guys back home, and what to do in the meantime."

"This is awesome!" Kirishima punches his palm in excitement.

"Right?! It’s like... like being on some crazy school trip!" Kaminari exclaims, fist pumping in the air.

"I suppose we could make the best use of our time here this way," Todoroki says, considering.

"Yes! As students of U.A., we shall make the most of our time here!" Iida chops his arm in an affirming manner.

"Tch, whatever. I guess I’ll stay in this lame-ass world for a bit longer," Bakugou grumbles. You can tell he’s a bit excited, but he’d never tell.

"[L-L/N]-san," Midoriya draws your attention. You meet his earnest expression with a gentle one. "W-We really appreciate all you’re doing for us! I hope it’s not a burden, but, um, please take care of us!" He says hurriedly with a swift and deep bow.

Your heart swells at the sight of their excitement and appreciation. You don't get much (positive) contact with people aside from Landlady and a few people at school, so having so many eyes on you is somewhat alarming, to say the least. But, to your surprise, you don't hate it as much as you thought you would have. You feel your lips subconsciously tug in a genuine, sweet smile.

"C'mon, you guys. Baka-gou's wonderfully delicious and laboriously made breakfast is getting cold!" You clap your hands together gently and gesture for them to gather around the coffee table.

"Heh, yeah, it's killer, you won't know what hit- hey, wait, WHAT'D YOU CALL ME???"

They all stifle laughter as you lunge to cover Bakugou's mouth as he opens it to sling profanities at a high volume. You cling for dear life as he writhes around under your firm grasp, both hands clamping down over his mouth.

"Shhh, it's ok, Blasty. It was a joke. No need to get us all in trouble," you say in a soothing, borderline mocking tone, as one would with an animal. He growls as his glare reaches your eyes, which sparkle in laughter. He wrestles you a bit longer, but to no avail. He seems very angry that he can't manage to get out of your grip. "Ready to tap out so we can eat?"

With a moment of hesitation and a huff, he taps your arm.

You release him, not noticing how your fingers brush against his lips as they leave. His face blooms with color and he inhales sharply. The others are still laughing about the ordeal.

"Thank you, sir," you say as you walk around, giving him a mock two fingered salute.

"Yeah, yeah, get your damned food," he grumbles, not looking at you. His face is flushed and crimson.

He's probably still mad, you think with a twinge of guilt. He needed to shut up though.

You all file around the table, settling into your seats. It was very cozy; everyone could see one another, and everyone felt included in the conversation when food was finally served. Bakugou wasn't lying; it was killer, he knew what he was doing. The eggs were slightly overcooked, but you didn't dare say a word about it, especially since they were still great. You got into an easy rhythm of asking questions about one another; they'd ask you something about yourself, you'd ask them about their timeline or their powers or their interactions.

"So you all have just gotten your hero licenses? Well, except Shouto and Katsuki." Both boys blush at your familiarity.

"No," Kirishima looks at you a bit confused, "that happened a few months ago. What makes you think that?"

"O-Oh," you flush a bit. "It's just that, um, that's where the TV show has stopped so far, so I assumed it was a direct parallel. I guess I was wrong," you mumble to yourself, shoveling some more food in your mouth.

"Hmm, I would have thought so too," Midoriya hums. "But it seems we are from a point in time further than where we are now."

"Perhaps," you say, "if we had the anime to look to for reference, we’d be able to see what would happen. Or at least learn something about these villains."

"S'pose," Kaminari shrugs. "If you were ahead of us, that’d probably be helpful. But we’re ahead of you, so we probably won’t know. No way to know for sure, I guess. But," Kaminari scratches his head, giving a pause indicating the gears in his brain turning, "something bothered me in that intro song you showed us."

Midoriya visibly gulps. You nod, encouraging Kaminari to go on.

"It showed all of us and our classmates except one of them. And there was some other person instead."

"Interesting," you think to yourself. "Maybe you came from a world where 'reader replaces Mineta'?" You laugh. You take notice their furrowed browsing exchages of glances, and your jaw drops. Holy shit, they don't know who Mineta is. Someone else is there instead. "Oh. Ok, so no little shit, got it. Trust me, you’re not missing out on much. Who is there instead? Shinsou?" I hope it's Shinsou. Sleepy boy.

There's a moment where the boys look amongst themselves. It was starting to get on your nerves. They look like they're harboring a deep dark secret I'm not allowed to know. The fuck, boys??

"W-Well that's the thing," Midorya mumbles, "sh-she kinda... reminds me... you and her... l-loooook a bit alike...?"

That was painful to listen to, you grunt inwardly. "Ok, so we look alike. That's fine, I'm not her, so mystery solved, in case you were wondering."

"No, dumbass," Bakugou speaks up. "You are her. Your face, your voice, even your shitty personality. You are Ueno Mieko."

You look around at all the boys. They all watched you in a way that felt way too personal for having met you a day ago. It felt super strange. And it pissed you off more than you realized.

"Look, if me looking like someone you know helps you feel comfortable, that's fine. But I'm not her. My name is [Y/N] [L/N]. I'm a lonely-ass orphan living isolated in a dingy apartment. My only friend is the Landlady. My parents paid for my schooling through college in their will so I go to a fancy-ass rich kid school. I don't pay rent, probably couldn't afford it through legal means anyway. I do less-than-legal jobs for people online to pay for groceries and clothes. I do what I can to survive.

"I'm not what you guys would call a 'hero'. In fact, I'm probably a 'villain' in your black-and-white terms. But, you're stuck with me, so I'm gonna do what I think is right, and help you as best I can. So can we please get back to the topic at hand?"

The boys don't say anything, but their faces show their regret. You feel a twinge of regret as well; you had snapped a bit at them. God, they look like wounded puppies.

"Ok," you begin, tone much softer. "So this villain that plopped you guys here. They have the quirk to, what, open portals to other worlds?"

"It appears so." Iida nods.

"How odd. Thinking about it, it makes sense how you all are the stars of a television show; if there is another world that can be reached by portal, then there must have been some previous contact, perhaps with someone that can see into the future or so... I'm not sure what kind of chance encounters it'd take, but with the right creative minds, they could make a hit story out of some young people's lives. It could pass as fiction, and the odds of ever being found out are slim to none, especially in the world where quirks are nonexistent.

"But I suppose that's not the main concern now," you bite your lip in thought, wheels turning mentally. "What we need right now is a plan to figure out how to get you guys home. So, let's start by talking about that villain: what do you know about them?"

"Not much," Kirishima grunts, scratching the back of his hair sheepishly. "They call themselves 'Gatekeeper'. That's about it."

"Their powers are still a bit of a mystery," Midoriya adds. "They seem to be able to create portals to other realms, but there seems to also be an aspect of time travel, or time manipulation, or simply control over when in time the portal opens to the other world. If that is true, then we all could be from a future of the world of ours that you know of, which theoretically runs parallel to yours."

"That's something to keep in mind," you nod. "Any ideas behind their motive, or who they work for?"

"No," Iida states. "But we have reason to believe he or she or they are involved with the League of Villains."

You quirk a brow. "Intrigued. Go on, then."

He nods curtly. "I'll explain how we got to this world, then. It started when-"

"Oh, that training exercise, right?" Kaminari interjects.

Iida nods again, not minding the interruption "Yes. We were-"

"Yeah, yeah," Kirishima responds to Kaminari. "We were all training with Aizawa-sensei, when he got called away from some League of Villains attack nearby. So we all got to jump in on the action!"


Kaminari bounces in his seat with energy. "Right! We got to where the attack was happening, and MAN! There were like, 60, maybe 70 villains-" 

"Well, in fact, there were-" Poor Iida, you sigh for the boy as he takes the interjections in stride.

"No, dumbass, there were only like, 30, stop over-exaggerating." Bakugou huffs. "We all were fighting them, and the fuckers were dropping like flies, then in comes that fruit bat fucker, flitting around like a goddamned fairy, making a giant-ass portal thing underneath us and his dumbass minions that we were fighting."

"Yes, and that-"

"That's when you found us fighting," Todoroki finishes. Iida nods as though he'd been the one to complete the story. You exchange a glance with Midoriya, reading is it always like this? to which he nods. You sigh a bit.

"Ok, caught up to the present. Out of curiosity, how far are you in school?"

"Summer of our second year," Todoroki answers simply.

Your eyes widen. "That is a bit of a time jump. It’s September, now. That’s... Nine, ten months?"

"Ten months," Iida adds with a chop of affirmation.

"Hmm," you spend some moments lost in thought. "I suppose we’ll have to wait for the villains next move, in this case. I’m sure your teachers and friends are looking for you, and if they get plopped in this world, they’ll either: be dropped in the past, and find us now, or; be dropped in the future, in which case we just have to wait."

"And what?" Bakugou spits. "Sit on our asses, hope they get shoved through the portal, and know to find us in wherever-the-hell-we-are America?"

"I’m sure that there’s some way to track the portals, we just have to find it. In the meantime, you all just have to be patient."

"Yeah? Doing what all day?? Waiting around for you???"

"I guess not, but..." a lightbulb goes off in your mind. The idea brings a maniacal grin to your face. The boys watch nervously as you hop up from the table and scurry to grab your laptop. You flop back down, use a forearm to swipe cups and dishes away from your space, and begin typing away.

"Boys, how would you like to be V.B.'s newest transfer students?"

Chapter Text

You sit back to admire your work as the evening rolls around. The last several hours you'd spent sitting isolated in your room in a trance-like state, hacking and forging and preparing. You think back to earlier that morning, just after you slammed your laptop on the coffee table.

"[Y-Y/N], you're not suggesting-!"

"Yep," you interrupt Midoriya matter-of-factly. You don't bother looking up from your laptop, where you furiously type away; you know what expression he's giving you. "It's really not hard to throw together some fake documentation and get you guys into the system as transfer students."

"B-But that's not the point!" Midoriya stammers. "Y-You can't just- that's illegal, isn't it??"

You shrug noncommittally. "Yeah. If I get caught. Which I won't. But here's the thing," your tone shifts, and you pause your actions to look up at the heroes in front of you. "How else are you six meant to do anything in this world? You have no identification, no money, no knowledge of the world's history or culture, and barely any language skill. You have no idea when that villain will be back. If we're to find a proper lead, we'll need to use the tools available, which are the computers at my school. Exploding buildings and creating ice walls is only going to cause a panic, so you guys just have to trust me and do this my way." You watch them seriously, but an amused expression peeks through. "Besides, Happy has a point: what else are you guys gonna do in the meantime, hmm? Sit in here all day, twiddling your thumbs?"

"That's a disaster waiting to happen," Kirishima relents with a regretful chuckle.

"Exactly," you laugh with him. "You guys will have your own apartment, and if you guys go to school with me, you could learn more about the language and this world. Most, if not all, of the people at that school speak Japanese because their families are involved with a lot of business and partnerships with Japan. The cafeteria is entirely provided for in the tuition fees, so we won't have to worry about at least two meals during school days. We can probably find somewhere private on campus for you guys to continue training your quirks so you don't fall behind in that regard."

"Won't some people recognize us?" Todoroki seems hesitant, but his eyes are intrigued. He wants to believe you, and you can tell.

"Probably not. Some might say 'hey you look like this character from blah blah blah’, in which case you just have to brush it off and they'll get over it. It's not like it is in your world; we don't have powers or quirks, so as long as you don't give them reason to think otherwise, you'll be fine. Saying 'yeah I get that a lot' and moving on is the best move. Most people won't care enough about you to approach you, though." You sigh and mutter under your breath, "especially if you associate with me." You return to your normal tone. "So are we in agreement? No complaints?"

Bakugou lets out a sound of irritated resignation. Nobody else speaks, but they seem like they're warming up to the idea.

Kaminari, ever going with the flow, grins at you. "This'll be fun! We get to go to a new school again! Plus, I'll bet there's a lot of rich girls at this school~!" His brows waggle conspiratorially. As soon as he speaks, you feel the tension dissipate. You wonder if anyone else notices the charisma he has, the silent leadership and ease he grants the others.

"Is that the only thing you think about?" Todoroki deadpans, but the rest of you burst into fits of laughter.

Kaminari fakes offense. "How could I not?! In a brand new world with brand new faces, what kind of a guy would pass up this sort of chance!"

"The kind trying to get back home to his old world," Todoroki says with the same intonation, but a small smirk tugs on his lips. So he does have a sense of humor, you note with a smile.

"Yo," Bakugou’s voice snaps you back to reality. He lingers in your doorway, eyes glancing over your rediculous setup: laptops strewn around you on your bed, mice and mouse pads in seemingly random places, papers, writing utensils, and several empty cans of soda.

You had just finished shutting down the last laptop and closed it with a soft tap. "Yo. Just finished your guys’ paperwork, welcome to Very Best Academy."

He grunted, eyebrows lifted. "You... did all that in," he glanced at the digital clock on your side table, "8 hours?"

You glance to see the time. "Yeah, I coulda done it all in 6, but I wanted to make sure your birth certificate looked pretty~" you give a snarky grin.

"Tsk," he scoffs. He turns his face a bit to hide the pink on his cheeks. You have a strange effect on him- you look and act so much like her, but you’re not, so he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to talk to you. He can’t just treat you like Ueno... "Whatever. That’s cool, I guess."

You raise a brow at his complement. "Thanks..." you watch him for a moment while neither of you say anything. Your thoughts swirl, and your lips move on their own accord. "You’re different."

"Hah??" He turns to you, scowl in full effect.

"I just mean," you say quickly, "I don’t know if it’s the fact your timeline is different or if it’s because you’re older, but..." you meet his eyes with an unintentionally gentle gaze. "You’re not how I expected you to be."

Rather than mad, he feels intrigued. "Oh really." He approaches a bit, letting the door close a bit behind him. He perches on a free space on the bed, near you. "What’d you think I’d be like, [Y-N]?"

"Egocentric. Haughty. Entitled." His eyebrows furrow at your words, eyes unreadable. "Inconsiderate. Insecure. Angry... Afraid. But, I don’t see it in you. I mean, you do show those thing still. We all do. But it’s more of a front, or a reaction, than what I see when I talk to you one-on-one."

He grunted, looking away. "Did I seem like that much of a dick? In the show."

"Kinda," you giggle a bit at his pouty expression. "But I think it’s because it focuses on Midoriya. You’re his antagonist for a lot of the beginning. His rival. It doesn’t show much more of your background than what Midoriya sees of you. And honestly, a lot of the time you’re a dick to him. But even in those moments, a lot of the people watching can see you through what you say and do."

"Whadya mean," he looks at you.

"Like, when you were kidnapped. And the villains talked to you. The audience knew you wouldn’t give in, that you wouldn’t even budge. You may not be the most well-understood character, but people love to see you succeed, watching you grow." You pause, blushing. "I really loved watching you grow."

Bakugou’s eyes watch you with the same unreadable expression- like he can’t decide if he’s annoyed or flattered or embarrassed, but he’s certainly awed.

"Did-" you flush after he stares at you for too long. "Did you come in here to tell me something?"

He snaps back to his usual expression. He stands up and head to the door. "Oh, right. Dinner is ready, I was gonna see if you needed me to bring it to you or if you’d join us. Guess I got my answer, so come on."

You nod and slip off the bed, following behind him. You couldn’t help but let your thoughts wander as you followed the blonde into the living room. What sort of a relationship do Bakugou and that girl Ueno Mieko have...?


Vincent Beauregard Academy for the Elite, the number one school for the super rich and privileged in the United States. Students with excellent grades, skills, and status come from around the world to attend the award winning school. You equate it to the real-life Ouran High School.

V.B. (or Very Best, as dubbed by the students) was for kids who are the cream of the crop in all subjects. And the best of the best in the age group were part of the student council; and naturally, as the heroine of this series, they were your worst nemesis.

There were scholarship students, sure. But that it was usually easy to spot them, and they were ignored by the student body as a whole. Don’t ask, don’t tell, and they would survive. You were assumed to be one such student, but by design, you couldn’t help but speak out against their rich bullshit, hence the student council’s hatred of you.

You rivaled them for top spots in most subjects, and your computer skills were the talk of rumor and mystery, but you remained in the bottom rung because of your streak of absences and thus detentions.

What? Sometimes you needed money to buy things like food, and that required hacking into the early morning, making a 6 am wake up call a no-go.

Said hacking skills are what allowed you to get the boys into the school as transfer students and process their paperwork like a dream, rather than the usual weeks-long wait. Forging e-documents, processing, and signing them up for classes.

You’d informed the boys of the plan over dinner that night, and the next morning it was put in motion. Dressed in the nicest clothes you bought them, they accompanied you to the school, arriving an hour before classes would start. That’s probably enough time, right? Right.

"So~," Kaminari sidles up to you as you all make the trek, "anything interesting~ happen last night with you and Bakugou~?" You groan a bit inwardly.

Last night the Landlady had come around to inform you that she prepared individual rooms for the boys, but only five apartments were available, so one of the boys would have to stay with you. It's a damn plot device if I ever saw one, you'd grumbled as soon as the news came your way. Not as if Kiri and Katsuki can't room together, or Shouto and Izuku. I'd sooner push either of my ships together than live with any of them, dammit. Kiss him, not me, am I right?

There was a spare bed built into the couch, but that isn’t the issue: you’d be stuck for an unforeseeable amount of time will at least one guy as a roommate. Granted, they agreed on a civil rotation, and they decided on the order by drawing numbered sticks.

Bakugou drew stick number one.

"Nah~," you shoved him playfully. You and Bakugou didn’t say much to one another after your talk; you helped him settle in after the other boys left, you both got ready for bed (with an admittedly cute domestic scene of you both brushing your teeth side-by-side) and then went to your respective beds. You moved the couch-bed to a more private corner of the living room, sectioning it off in a way that made it almost a room unto itself. It was a nice setup, if you did say so yourself. "Why, are you hoping something will happen when I room with you?"

Kaminari grins. "Damn, you caught me."

You laugh. "Better hope Bakugou doesn’t steal my heart before you get the chance, in that case, Minari."

"Won’t matter," his hands clasp the back of his head. "I’ll still be able to make you mine even if Bakugou makes a move."

"Oh really, now?" You poke his side.

He recoils with a laugh, clutching his side like he was wounded. "Hey!"

You roll your eyes. "We’re here!" You shout over your shoulder.

Midoriya scuttles up to you. "S-So, just so we’re clear," he stumbles nervously, "w-we are all transfer students from Japan, we are joining the 4th year- which in Japan is our 3rd year- and we are coming in a few weeks late into the school year. We are getting our uniforms, we are reviewing our schedule, and we go to each class?"

You nod. "You got it. In the U.S., the teachers stay in their room and the students go around to the different classes. This one is especially big, so be sure to keep those maps handy. You all have the same schedule, but you are allowed to change it around until next week, as per policy. So if you hear of a class you like, you can talk to someone in an office about it to make it seem more official, or just lemme know and I’ll fix it for you. The school's so damn big the departments barely communicate with one another."

"Convenient for our purposes," Todoroki notes.

"Yup," you smile deviously. "It definitely has been."

You approach the large glass doors of the school, unlocking them with a quick flick of your student ID. If you weren’t a student you’d have to buzz in, but they rarely allowed strangers in without an appointment and prearranged guest ID pass, good for one scan. This damn school is too much, sometimes.

Bakugou brushes past you and holds the door open, not looking at anyone. You enter first, mumbling a thanks with a ghost of a smile. The rest file in behind you. You don't stop, but slow, knowing they would all stop to take in the view.

The entrance was pretty magnificent, as much as you hated to admit it; it was massive, the vaulted ceiling sporting a modern-looking titanium chandelier. The ceiling itself was a tinted glass giving a natural glow along with the lighting inside. The marble and stone of the walls and floors, respectively, gave the school a feeling of classical architecture meeting modern accommodations, which is something the school prides itself for. There are ornately framed pictures of the former principals on one wall, each a painting as monarchs might have of themselves. The other wall holds much smaller paintings of notable alumni- presidents of large corporations and small countries, Olympic gold medalists, the like.

A large hallway sporting similar decor and photos of faculty veered to the left of the entryway. You wave the boys forward after allowing them a moment to process.

"Office of Attendance and Student Conduct is this way, as well as all the other offices and the teacher’s lounge. Straight ahead and up those steps," you point to a glass staircase leading up and down," are the classrooms. Science and Mathematics are on this floor, English and History are upstairs. Arts, Business, and Language classes are downstairs. The Library is at the end of the hall, on all floors." You find yourself speaking softly, the empty hall allowing your voice to echo more than you are used to. There was a small buzz of noise to the right of the entrance, in the cafeteria area. "Cafe’s that way. Some morning clubs are there doing... club stuff now," you shrug. You never cared to join any of them. They wouldn’t have wanted you to join them, anyway. Student council would probably cut the club’s budget in response.

You lead them without slowing towards the office. Slamming the door open, you shout in English, "Jeremy, I got some new students."

The old man behind the desk watches you with a sour look on his once-handsome face. "Miss [Y/N] [L/N], I take it you are responsible for the sudden influx of students?" Jeremy's eyes were deep-set and a muted gray, much like the rest of him- his charcoal cardigan, his black slacks, and the thick salt-and-pepper hair both atop his head and on his face in a mustache and beard. He has the whole Mediterranean-lover-fantasy-island vibe to him, though he's probably past his prime in that regard. But you're certain he was slinging mad dick in his heyday. 

You can't help the cheeky grin that plasters onto your face. "Aw shucks, you know me so well."

He allows a deep, raspy chuckle, but it quickly gets overtaken by a thick cough. Your smile drops instantly.

"What did the doctor say," you state more than ask after he finishes coughing, leaning with your forearms over the desk. You already know the answer.

He shakes his head. "They didn't have anything new to say. They told me the progression was steady, so the... the timeline hasn't changed." His tone is more annoyed than anything else, but you notice a tinge of something akin to regret, or maybe exhaustion.

You grunt. "Well don't kick the bucket too soon, at least wait until I graduate." You know pity always rubs him the wrong way. "Nobody else in this hell hole is gonna save my ass from constant tardies and inevitable expulsion," you grin once more.

He laughs, and this time he doesn't cough. "You got that right, smart-mouth."

The boys watch you with varying looks of confusion and curiosity. "Ah," you remember why you're here, switching to Japanese, "Jeremy, these are our newest transfer students. They're from Japan. I trust you got my email."

He nods, responding in Japanese as well. It's funny to hear him speak it with his twinge of an accent. "Yeah, I got it late yesterday. You're lucky I got all the paperwork filed in time."

"Aw, I knew I kept you around for a reason."

He gave a scoffing laugh. "You're too much, Miss [L/N]." He turns to the boys. "Alright, so first there is 'Iida Tenya'."

You move to the side as Iida chops his arm in affirmation and steps forwards to receive a folder filled with information. He accepts with a bow. Well, several bows. "Thank you!"

"Kaminari Denki."

Kaminari saunters up and grabs his folder with a quick thanks and a grin in your direction. "You didn't really try hard to cover up who we are, now did you?"

"Oh hush," you scold lightly. "It would have taken an additional several hours to try and come up with new names for all of you."

Jeremy doesn't bat an eye. "Kirishima Eijirou."

"Yup!" Kirishima accepts with his wide shark grin. "Thank you, Jeremy-san!"

Jeremy nods, but you can tell he feels proud at the bit of formality. "Todoroki Shouto."

"B-but [L/N]- er, [Y-Y/N]," Midoriya stutters as Todoroki silently gathers his items. "Wouldn't that make it easier to figure out that we are... you know..."

You shrug. Midoriya is called up next. "Nah, maybe just say you guys know the author? That he based the characters off you guys or something. If it gets too suspicious we can always dye your hair. Or put on a wig," you look over to Todoroki with a smirk, remembering in the anime when he wore a shoddy disguise. He met your gaze.

"I wouldn't be opposed to another wig. It was very effective."

Everyone except Kaminari struggle to withhold laughter. Even Todoroki reveals his smirk. Bakugou just scoffs.

"What? Wait, when was this?? I missed Todoroki in a wig???"

You all release the laughter you were holding, albeit softly, as it was still early and you really didn't want to draw much attention to yourself.

"Bakugou Katsuki," Jeremy clears his throat to gather your attention, but he seems amused. He turns to you. "I'm surprised to see you like this, Miss [L/N]." He speaks in English this time.

You purse your lips to him as Baka-gou gets his papers, eyeing you curiously. Him, Iida, and Todoroki are probably the most fluent in English, so you figure you've got to be careful what you say around those three. "Whadya mean? I'm always laughing when I'm with you. You're great company." You lean on the desk again.

"Yes, you always have laughter. But I'm happy to see you with friends."

"You're my friend, Jeremy," you say quickly, irritated how young and soft your voice sounds.

"I know." His Mediterranean voice is soothing. "And I'm honored. But you need friends your age. Especially now that I'm... you know." He gives you a paternal smile. Him and Landlady have been the closest things to parental figures you've had for the last several years.

"Yeah, I know," you relent quietly. After thinking a moment, you rest your chin on the palms of your hands, tone regaining its usual cockiness. "Well, they kinda fell onto my lap. I had no choice but to take 'em in. They're more like stray animals than friends."

Jeremy doesn't take the bait. "At any rate, it makes me happy to know there are other people in your life that know you. That care about you."

Your face falls. You understand the implications of that, but it still doesn't feel like something you want to accept. 'When I die, I want to know there are other people looking after you. Other people that care about you the way I do.' It hurt you to think about.

"We'll see how it goes, I guess." You speak softly once again. You know he understands the implications of what you say as well. 'People come and go, so we'll see if these ones stick.'

"Well, for your sake, I do hope it works out." He gives you a gentle smile. You return it with a genuine grin in an instant.

"Me too, Jeremy."

"What's all this, happening so early in the morning?"

A voice you loathe to recognize cuts through the tender moment like a dull knife through cold butter. As soon as the deep timbre reaches your ears, your back stiffens and the hair on your neck stands on end. "Just showing some new students where the office is, Mister President." Your voice has a poorly concealed edge to it.

You pointedly refuse to look at the owner of the voice. You already know who it is, what he looks like, how he adjusts his stupid perfect Windsor knotted tie, how his dark chestnut curls are styled in an effortlessly perfect way, how his shoes are always impossibly shiny even in muddy rain. He is your nemesis, and one of the four biggest heart throbs of the school (as any good manga should have, as you've noted on many occasions). Alistair Ainsworth, the Adonis and Absolute Authority of Vincent Beauregard's Academy for the Elite(TM). His skin is tan like polished bronze, his jaw is chiseled in the likeness of a statue, his words are transcribed to law, his opinions are adopted by the masses.

And he hates your guts.

At least, that's what you've gathered after years of people suddenly shunning you and surges of 'pranks' towards you whenever you snark at him. It was pretty easy to assume he hated you. He either initiated the bullying, or allowed it to happen in his name, and frankly it doesn't matter which is reality. You just hate him back.

"Aw, that's so kind of you, [Y/N]!" His slings a muscular arm around your shoulders. His tone is patronizing, but to the untrained ear it might sound curious and chipper. "I'm surprised you're even at school today, let alone here early! Good job! And you somehow know six new transfer students?"

"No," you say evenly. "I heard about them from Jer- uh, Mr. Herod. I volunteered to come early and greet them."

"Really," his voice shoots undercurrents of venom as he turns to Jeremy. "And Mr. Herod allowed this? Without informing me?"

"I insisted," you wriggle out of his arms to face him. His dazzling green eyes meet your gaze. He always reminds you of a snake. You give a smile that leaves no room for discussion on the matter. "You know how persistent I can be, Alistair."

Alistair's smile turns to a wicked grin. "I have a feeling I only know the beginning, little scorpion."

You resist a growl at the pet name. Ever since he found out about a certain online presence of yours, he'd been calling you that. It was your only indication he'd found out about your 'extracurriculars', but it was enough to know he had at least something over you. You'd immediately begun retracing your online steps to make sure you weren't detectable, and made preventative measures to see that you weren't found out in the future.

Whipping back around to the heroes, you give them a bit of an apologetic glance. You forced your Japanese to come out broken and very American-sounding. "I am apology, I am classroom. You talk Jeremy, Jeremy give.... clothes. New clothes."

You hear a scoff as you walk away. Alistair speaks in a perfect fluency to the boys. "I apologize for her poor language skills, she's not the one you should have met when coming here. I trust you are well otherwise? My name is-"

You tune out after leaving the office, exchanging looks with some of the boys. They seemed to understand why you did what you did, and would go along with it. At least you hope they understood. You sigh, adjusting your backpack and heading to your homeroom class to do some catch-up work you didn't do over the weekend. The halls were quiet, as you liked them to be. You didn't bother worrying about the U.A. students.

I'm sure they'll figure it out, they're big boys. Very big... you sigh a bit, the thirst hitting you again. Dammit, I need some serious me time.

Chapter Text

By the time lunch rolled around, you were so consumed by the usual heckling and shoving by your peers that you nearly forgot that today was indeed not a normal day.

You are reminded of this fact when Bakugou slams his lunch tray in the seat across from you. You jolt in your seat. "Wha-? Bakugou, what the fuck?"

"Hah??" He asks irritably around a bite of the giant burger in his equally giant hands. He's wearing a new V.B. uniform.

"You're not supposed to associate with me, dumbass." You scoff. You look over and see Midoriya and the others sitting at a table with Alistair and his crew. They all wear new uniforms as well. "Why aren't you sitting with the Elite Four?"

"What kinda dumb fuckin' name is that?" He grumbles. "I ain't gonna sit there with those dumbasses anyway. They lie through their teeth and act like they know everything."

You fail to resist the smirk. "They think they do."

"Then they're fucking dumb," he concludes. You laugh. "What's so funny?"

You rest your chin on the palm of your hand. "You know, you'd be popular if you kept your mouth shut," you say with a fond smile.

"The fuck's that mean, bitch???"

"[Y/N]!" A voice calls excitedly. You turn to see a wild haired guy with a big grin plastered on his face. His light brown locks are curly and unruly, like Midoriya's but shorter, and he wears his school uniform sleeves rolled up (against protocol).

"West," you greet blandly, in English. "Not in the mood today."

West pouts, setting his tray down beside you. "You say that every day." His face beams towards Bakugou. "Who's this?"

"Exchange student I met this morning. Japanese. Doesn't seem to like the Elite Four so he's clinging to me like a tick."

"That must make you a mangy bitch," Bakugou responds in stride, albeit in Japanese.

"Dumbass, I knew you understood English," you snap in Japanese.

"I-I speak Japanese, too!" West insists, also in Japanese.

"Yeah, what of it? Doesn't mean I wanna speak it." Bakugou mumbles over a bite of his food, ignoring West.

You roll your eyes. "Well, either way, welcome to the outcast table, population formerly 2, now 3." You return to your food, ignoring West's lecherous grin and half-lidded eyes as he sidles up to you.

"Does that mean we had a child together~?"

"Fuck off, West," you jab his side. He scoots away with a fit of laughter.

"Fuck off, I'm not gonna be your kid," Bakugou snaps in near-perfect unison to you, shooting the bird at West.

West laughs again. "Damn, that doesn't convince me at all. You sure you're not related? Or at least very close friends??" He gasps. "[Y/N], are you cheating on me???"

You roll your eyes. "West."

"Yes, baby?"








"Uh-uh," he shakes his head. "Maybe not now, but someday I will woo you with my whiles."

"Maybe start by not saying you'll 'woo me with your whiles'," you state with a fake smile. "Or even better, find a new target?'

West shrugs and turns to Bakugou. "So, Lord Explosion Murder," you and Bakugou both stiffen, "has anyone told you-"

"YES." You and Bakugou both snap. Shit. You forgot West watched BNHA.

"Geez, West, not all Japanese guys are anime characters," you nudge his side, hoping the joke will divert the topic.

"Well yeah," West defends, "I know, but he-"

"Next question," you insist.

West whistles. "O~kay, touchy subject, got it. Where are you from, specifically?"

You and Bakugou sigh, a gesture that didn't go unnoticed by West, but he kept his mouth shut. You let the two talk- or, West ask questions and Bakugou snap and curse in response, while West laughed his ass off at Bakugou's antics. It was cute to watch, actually. Shipped, you note internally.

Lunch came to a close, and Bakugou left without a word of goodbye. You walk away, leaving West to scurry after you to catch up. He walks with his hands behind his head. "That dude is cool. Definitely the same as the Bakugou from BNHA, am I right?"

You shrug in what you hope is a nonchalant way. "I guess. I don't see it."

He looks at you curiously, then back to where you guys are walking. "Whatever. I see it. But what I'm more impressed by is his ability to resist the clutches of the Elite Four." He gives elaborate hand movements and gestures to emphasize his words. You watch him with a smile, and allow a small giggle to slip through your lips.

He pauses his antics and watches you in something akin to confusion, bordering on suspicion.

"What?" You blush.

"You feeling alright?" He asks, seeming genuinely concerned. "You're... different today."

You furrow your brows, and keep your eyes forward. "...I'm not. I just had a long weekend."

"Then why are you here? Why not just stay home today?"

"Because I had to help the transfer students."


"Because Jeremy asked me to," you say, keeping to your story. You're getting frustrated.


"Because- Because-! I don't know why! I just did, alright?" you snap, your eyes suddenly watery. "I've had a hell of a long weekend and I'd appreciate you not questioning my every movement! Maybe I am different today! Maybe I'm not the same I was on Friday, I don't know. A lot can happen in a weekend. A lot did happen in a weekend. And now..." You trail off, voice softening. "Now I don't know what to do. I don't know how to help them."

You find yourself stopped at the end of the hallway, in front of the library. When did we get here? You feel a pat on your head, and look up at West. He watches you with an emotion you're not sure you've seen before. Or maybe you never noticed.

"You'll figure it out," he smiles down at you encouragingly. Why is everyone so much taller than me? You wonder. Was West always this tall? His smile is brilliant and you have to ignore the butterflies. It was like the past years were some other life, or perhaps a dream, where you were slugging through motions. Now it didn't feel so arduous. You felt... lighter. Maybe this weekend changed a lot more than I realized.

You scoff a bit once you processed his words. "You don't even know what I'm talking about, though."

"I don't have to, I know you'll figure it out. You always do." He places a gentle peck on the crown of your head and walks into the library with a little wave. You watch in slight awe, giving a small wave back. "And hey! It's a good different," he calls as he walks away.

The place his lips touched feels warm on your head. Woah. I do not have time to feel this way about him. So I just... won't? Yeah. Works well enough with Alistair. Then again, Alistair is a royal dickwad-pain-in-my-ass bully who just happens to have a God-Body... dammit. And now all the hot super heroes I get to have to live with? Double dammit. This is one of those lose-lose reverse harem situations for me, isn't it.

You shake your head and let your legs carry you to your next class. You need to just take a break from boys for a second before your body explodes from the heat.

Besides the obvious, nothing major happened on the boy's first day of school. You all left school at varying intervals, meeting up at your apartment afterwords.

"-wasn't even the best part!" Kaminari sounds like he's having the time of his life as he stumbles into the apartment with Kirishima in tow. Being the last ones to arrive, the other five of you shushed them as they entered.

"Sorry, sorry," Kirishima scratches behind his head regretfully. "We were just thinking about today."

"You two shitheads sure took your time," Bakugou grumbles.

Kaminari and Kirishima flank Bakugou on the couch. "Aww, did Bakugou miss me???" Kaminari coos, and Bakugou swats him away.

"Dumbass, idiot, no way!"

"Boys," you snap. "Quiet, please." At your tone they both do as you say in a near instant, sitting rigidly. "Alright, now that we are all here, shall we debrief? First and foremost, anything come up that needs immediate attention?"

They shook their heads.

"Nah," Kaminari places his arm on the back of the couch, facing you. You stand leaning against a wall. "I had trouble following what they were saying in one class, but this nice chick helped translate for me," he states with a cheeky grin. "I think she digs me."

You roll your eyes. "The teachers should accommodate the notes for you, I'll make sure they're all informed of exchange students." That might have been the one thing that the weeks-long process would have done for you that you overlooked. "Did anyone have trouble finding the classes?"

"No!" Midoriya pipes up with bright features. "In fact, it was surprisingly easy to adjust to! Each floor has designated numbers, so once we were told which floor was which numbers, it was simple!" The others nod in agreement.

You smile at his enthusiasm. "I'm glad it worked out for you guys. Anyone interested in changing their schedule around?"

"Actually," Midoriya answers with a sheepish smile, "that guy Alistair sat down with us before school and rearranged our schedules for us. We're pretty happy with our new schedules." His eyes widen when he realizes how you tensed at Alistair's mention. "N-Not that your schedule was bad! B-But, we all had the same one, and we understand that you had limited time, so we're not blaming you or anything, and you said yourself that you would change our schedules, but you already did so much and Alistair offered so we-" Midoriya's voice becomes muffled behind Todoroki's hand.

"She gets it." He states neutrally.

"Yeah." You released the tension in your shoulders. "It's fine. He's a helpful dude, especially when you're on his good side. You should stay there. Bakugou did a dumb thing sitting with me at lunch." You give him a pointed glance. He snaps his gaze away with a tch of annoyance. "But we can't undo anything. As long as you guys stay away from me during school, and try to avoid West, you'll be fine." All but Bakugou look at you with confused glances. "West is the guy that sat with me and Bakugou today at lunch. He's probably the only other person in the school that watches Boku no Hero Academia. At least, the only other one willing to admit to it. He pegged Bakugou in an instant, so be careful."

You watched their solemn nods, and something felt off to you. It took you a moment to realize what it was. "Is your... hair changing colors?"

They all look amongst one another, all confused. "I don't see anything," Kaminari says quizzically.

"No, not like, actively, but like, your hair has become more normal-looking. By this world's standards, at least. Like, more natural-looking." They reevaluated one another, looking at each other's hair intently. At some point they just started grabbing/petting each other's hair and discussing the current colors. It was one of the gayest things you'd ever seen, but you didn't have time to ship anything. "Do you guys see it? They're turning more blonde, brown, black, ginger, whatever." Midoriya's seemed to be a deeper color that may only be green in direct sunlight. Bakugou's was pretty much the same as before. Kaminari's hair was more a wheat color than the electric yellow it was previously, and the black stripe was getting lighter. Iida's hair was turning more to a black, in a similar way Midoriya's was. Kirishima's hair just seemed to be returning to the original black it was before he dyed it, but was a rich brown. Todoroki's had the biggest change, as both sides were muddying to a light brown.

Kirishima turns to you. "What do you think it means?"

You resist a scoff. "Hell if I know, I don't exactly hold a hero-exchange-program on the regular." You're struck with a thought. "Have you guys tried out your powers much since you got here?"

Bakugou immediately scoffs and holds his hands up to display what should have been a spectacular series of explosions, but instead came out as some short fizzles.

"The fuck???"

The other boys try out their quirks with little luck. Even Iida's engines had retracted into his skin quite a bit without him realizing.

"Maybe... this world isn't used to having a person with quirks, so people with quirks can't stay long before they become quirkless?" you inquire.

"Makes sense," Midoriya concedes, "but I'm still confused as to how. Even Iida's body modification quirk is retracting."

You shrug. "Does it matter? The real question is, if the villain ever does come back, will you guys regain your powers when you return to your world?" After a moment of their fearful glances to one another, you get sick of the gloom. You paste on an easygoing smile. "I mean, you probably will. So, you can't shirk your work just because you guys don't have quirks anymore!" You think for a moment. "If I were to go there, I'd get a wicked cool quirk too, right?"

Kaminari brightens at the idea. "Hell yeah! You'd be such a great hero, [Y/N]."

You giggle, happy he aided in your distraction. "Aw shucks, Minari. How sweet of you. Say, what do you think my quirk would be?"

"Probably something to do with computers!"

"Or electronics in general," Iida nods fervently.

"Hey, that means you'd have a quirk like mine, right?" Kaminari jumps up from his seat. "We'd both be electric!"

"Hell yeah!" You run over to give him a high-five.

"Hell yeah!"

You giggle. "Is that our thing? 'Hell yeah'?"

He grins. "Hell yeah it is!"

"Hell yeah!"

"Hell yeah!"

"You two are so lame," Bakugou scoffs, striding past you. "I'm making dinner."

You and Kaminari exchange a grin, pumping your fists in the air. "Hell yeah!"

Bakugou was an incredible chef. You had your doubts when he cooked in the anime, but damn, it was true. Once the food was set on the humble coffee table, you all barely finished saying 'thanks for the food' before it turned into a free-for-all to scramble for the delicious meal. You internally sobbed in thanks to your former self for having the foresight to stock up on some nicer produce and meats. You intended to treat yourself to it in the coming week, but... you were glad to share it with the guys.

Kirishima was the first to finish his food, and he laid on his back immediately, mouth pouring out praise to Bakugou's skills. One by one, you all followed suit, until every one of you was lounging on top of one another in a contented pile. You'd laid your head on Bakugou's stomach, who'd finished eating before you, and only got a scoff in response. Kaminari, at your other side, plopped his head happily into your torso.

You were surprised how OK you were with the current position. So much... touching... wasn't something you were used to, but it was still comfortable. It was warm. It was nice.

You felt about ready to doze off when a poke to your side woke you from your daze. "W'sup, 'Zuku?" you mumble, rubbing your eyes. You see that the other boys had all nodded off as well.

"There's someone at the door," Midoriya says nervously, loud enough that the other boys begin to rouse as well.

You nod. "I got it, don't worry. Probably Landlady."

You yawn and stretch your arms above your head as you stumble to the door. You open it with a lazy look directly ahead of you, expecting the short Latina woman.

It is not a short Latina woman.

Your eyes meet an incredibly black ensemble; black sweatpants, black thermal shirt, and a black coat over top. Your eyes move up to see the owner of the thin frame. He has chin length disheveled hair the color of tar, he has an almost impressive amount of stubble, he has a grey scarf draping low around his neck. Your [e/c] eyes finally meet his dark brown ones. They're rich in color, possibly the only thing about this man that is.

You realize you're staring at him with your jowls open like a codfish, so you snap your jaw shut and step back to take him all in. He raises an eyebrow at you.

He's also wearing thin rectangular glasses, much like Iida's, and a black beanie that nearly blends into his hair. It seems out of character; but you don't know who this man is, right? You shouldn't. It looks vaguely like... but no, it can't be. Eraserhead is much more fit, right?

He takes you in with mild interest, until his gaze slides past you at a sound from one of the boys. His eyes go wide. "Midoriya?" He sounds unsure.

You whip your head around and realize Midoriya is right behind you, watching the man in confusion. They share a similar expression to one another, like they're on the cusp of an epiphany, but don't want to get their hopes up.

And then Midoriya reaches the conclusion you tried your darndest not to jump to.

"Ai-... Aizawa-sensei?!"

Chapter Text

Aizawa fell through the portal, a strange weightlessness and tingling taking over his body. He felt like he was falling down the rabbit hole, down down down without stop; shouldn't he land soon? 

He sat up in his bed with a gasp. Bed? he thought, staring at his hands in confusion. What the hell?

Aizawa was dressed in different clothes than his hero costume. They were still loose fitting and black, so there wan't much change there, but instead of the uniform he wore a simple t-shirt and boxers. He was smothered by a plain black comforter on a twin bed. Shrugging the bedding off him, he placed his feet onto the floor. It was pale cream carpeting in desperate need of a deep cleaning. He stood. He felt... weak. Frail.

He hated it.

Noticing a mirror, he took a moment to take himself in.


His eyesight was shit, first of all. He had to squint to see anything clearly. His skin looked clammy and pale. His hair was not as long as his usual hair, but it was certainly as unruly. It brushed his chin, which was covered in a sizable amount of stubble. The only major differences he found were his eyesight, and the lack of any muscle mass.

A loud beeping snagged his attention. Bright green lights began flickering and a machine he'd never seen before began whirring angrily. Aizawa went back to the bed, expecting... whomever to have a pair of glasses near their bed. Lo and behold, he was right, and snatched them up, turning his attention to the beeping machine.

More so than the machine, what caught his attention was a letter pinned to a cork board on the wall behind it. On it was written 'AIZAWA SHOUTA'. Whoever this is, they know who I am. He opened the letter.

Aizawa Shouta,

My name is, well, Aizawa Shouta. To put it simply, if you are reading this, I am you from a world with no quirks.

You're wondering how I know about quirks. That villain, the 'Gatekeeper', apparently couldn't resist seeing "how far Eraserhead would fall without his quirk", as they put it. I take mild offence to that, but in this world I have no physical power, so I admit defeat to you in that regard.

Anyway. Gatekeeper explained briefly about their world- your world- and that to us, all of your lives are documented in the form of an animated show. It's called 'Boku no Hero Academia'. You will learn things you probably shouldn't, so don't watch it. Or do. I don't care.

I'm not sure what happens to your previous body when you enter this world, but as Gatekeeper explained it, your consciousness enters my body, you go into a coma state, and I go into a semi-dormant state so you can take control of my body. I'd say don't do anything I wouldn't do with it, but I don't get out much, and I'm assuming you're going to want to find whomever you went through the portal with.

Which brings me to the glowing machine in front of you. In simplest terms, I'm a computer/technical genius, so I found a way to use satellites, sensors, and other things in the sky to track the specific signal given off when Gatekeeper uses their power to enter this world, or when anyone from your world uses their quirk. You're in my body, so you don't have yours. Sorry. If it makes you feel better (it won't) they won't have their powers if they're here more than a few days. Don't worry, though, it'll return in a few days once they return to your world, and you'll return to your original body. Probably.

Anyway. The machine tracks it down to a few miles radius, so it is fairly accurate. That's where the portal actually happened, and assuming your friends or whatever don't have alternate versions of themselves, they'll land there. I made the machine connect to a program I made that basically books the next flights and cabs to the destination, and a hotel stay for 3 days. The information will print over by the door. I left a buffer of 3 hours minimum for the flights. Under this desk is a bag packed with 3 changes of clothes, a laptop connected to the machine's program, some bottled water, and some food. It's carry-on size. You can use my phone however you want, it's probably on the desk near where you found the glasses. No, I can't read anything without them. The phone has international service. In this envelope are directions to the airport, the number to call the taxi service to get you there, and a debit card connected to my main account. Spend what you need, I have more that I'll ever use.

My life... doesn't have much happening right now. You can probably tell. If you want to tell me how it goes, I'd appreciate knowing I did something... heroic. LOL. I doubt you're much for sappy-things like that, and neither am I. But... well, I guess you probably know me best.

Anyway. You'd better get going, save the day, whatever.

Good luck,


In the short time it took to read the letter, Aizawa felt a lifetime of loss. This man is who he would be without his quirk, without the motive to save people. Maybe he does have the motive; he clearly wants to help. Maybe he doesn't know how.

Aizawa shook the contents of the envelope out, and lo and behold were the necessary items. If nothing else, my alternate self is well prepared. He grabbed a change of clothes- there were two piles of unfolded laundry on the floor, and it was pretty clear which one was clean- quickly swapping his black nightwear for black pants and a black thermal. There was a dark grey scarf draped over a- you guessed it- black coat on the door handle. He put them on, along with socks and shoes that sat near the door.

A swift glance to the printer showed the flight was to leave in 3 hours and 15 minutes. It would take 25 minutes to get to the airport, and between 10-15 to wait for the cab.

He didn't care if he looked like a mess- which he surely did. He needed to get the hell out of this crusty apartment (that reeked of loneliness and sleep deprivation) and back to his kids.

Gathering all the necessities, he marched out the door.

Aizawa was not a hugger. At least, he wouldn't show he enjoyed hugs. You could have guessed as much; he always seemed a bit tsundere towards his students, but seeing Midoriya rush him and pull him in a teary-eyed hug was probably the most brilliant thing you'd seen yet. Aizawa merely patted Midoriya's head, but his eyes held a soft smile.

The most surprising thing about Aizawa's sudden appearance was, well, his appearance. He looked like a total lives-in-his-parent's-basement, never-seen-the-sun, only-plays-video-games-and-collects-idol-memorabilia kind of NEET. His skin looked pale, and despite the baggy clothing, you could tell he was thin. Like, unhealthy thin.

Did something happen to him since coming here? Or is this just how he looked in the future?

"I'm so happy you found us!" Midoriya wiped his eyes as Aizawa stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. Midoriya's face settles to a mildly confused and severely curious expression. "How... how did you find us?"

He grunts. "It's a long story." His voice sounds hoarse. You decide to let the boys have their moment and give yourself time to internally squeal while making a kettle for tea. Aizawa was always one of your favorites; even in his overly disheveled state, you felt overwhelmed by the greatness.

"Well we have plenty of time," Kirishima sighs. "We have no idea when the Gatekeeper will pop up again, and we have no way of knowing when he does."

"Actually," Aizawa interjects gruffly, shedding himself of his coat, scarf, and shoes, "we have something now." The boys invited him to sit down with them around the coffee table- most had moved to chairs and the couch after giving him hugs or punches in the arm. Aizawa sat on the floor.

While you poured the hot water into mugs with teabags in them, he launched into what his alternate self explained, as well as his journey to find them. He arrived from Japan Sunday morning.

"After I got to the hotel, I used the laptop to track the radius of where you could have arrived, and where it was most concentrated. The me from this world has hacking skill," he explains. You smile a bit to yourself as you bring a tray with the tea. "He set up some way to access security cameras and whatnot. I found you guys pretty easily after that, waited until school let out- which, I'm surprised you're all in school so quickly after getting to this world," he glances at you, "but I'm sure there's an explanation for that." You blush brightly and blow into your tea to hide your face a bit. The boys all snicker. Aizawa turns back to his students.

"Anyway, I tracked your movement after school let out, found this apartment complex, did some digging into [L/N]-san to try and figure out the apartment number, found there was a section that's been 'under construction' since 1973 and figured that was as good a guess as any. This room and the empty ones over there were the only ones that didn't have 'caution' tape directly over them. I take it those rooms are where you all are staying."

You blink a few times. "Wait, you searched me?"

He nods. "You greatly resemble another student of mine, so I dug a bit into your past, more out of curiosity." He nods in your direction. "I apologize if I breached your privacy in any way by doing so."

You wave a hand with a small laugh. "It's fine, you'd want to know who your boys were trusting. Makes sense. And, yeah, they've mentioned that girl- Uno Momento, or whatever."

"Ueno Mieko," Iida confirms with a sharp nod. You smile to him in acknowledgement. Poor boy just wants to be helpful, you sigh.

"Right. Her. Hey, maybe I've got an alternate self too!" you smile to the boys.

Kaminari grins. "Yeah, that's gotta be it! Super cool, we've been friends for years already!"

"Hell yeah!" you reach over from where you sit on the floor to his position on the couch so that you can high five him.

"Hmph," Eraserhead watches the scene in mild amusement. You wouldn't have been able to tell anyway, but you were too busy bumping fists with Kaminari in a somewhat elaborate handshake to notice his appraising glance.

"Oh! Right, Aizawa-san," you whirl around to look at him. "I forgot to mention, I also am good with coding and computers, so if I may, I'd like to look at the laptop the other Aizawa Shouta left you. I may be able to figure out the program he used."

Aizawa grunts. "It's of no issue to me."

You smile reflexively. A grumpy dadzawa is a sleepy dadzawa. "I could talk to the Landlady for you and arrange for an apartment of your own. She's stingy, but she's kind when it comes to a person in need."

He shakes his head. "I have all of my things at the hotel, and I have disposable funding thanks to my alternate self. Thanks, though." He sounds genuinely grateful for the thought.

You smile brightly. "Anytime, sir." You give a mock salute.

He chuckles with a ghost of a smile. You wonder if he was this animated- if you could call it that- in the show. "I’ll bring the laptop by tomorrow after school for you to look at, [L/N]-san. I’ll monitor it during the day. If anything happens during the day I’ll notify you somehow."

You nod. "Understood."

Aizawa stands and shrugs his coat and shoes on, leaving you where you sit. He turns to you as he opens the door. "It's... nice to know they're in good hands. Take care."

You give a small wave. "See ya." You watch the door for a few moments, counting to three. You slowly turn back, eyes wide. "Eeeeeeeeeek!" Your hands smash over your face as you squeal and kick your legs in excitement. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, that was Aizawa Shouta- that was Eraserhead!"

"Pffft," Kirishima and Kaminari are rolling in their seats laughing. "You're as big a fangirl as Deku!" Kaminari wheezes, wiping his eyes.

"You have no idea what it's like!!!" You speak frantically. "A week ago, he was just this hot teacher from a television show I watched and now he's sitting in my living room and talking to me and telling me I'm taking care of my other favorite characters from the same show and OHMYGOD." You squeal again into your hands.

"Wait, did you just call Aizawa-"

"Irrelevant!" You blush, realizing what you'd said aloud. My thirst is made known, abort mission! 

"And did you just call us-"

"Also irrelevant! I definitely did not react similarly to all of you."

"Was it when you took the shower, or when you went out to buy us clothes?" Todoroki asks smartly.

"Aw dammit," Kaminari goes along with Todoroki, "if I'd known you were gonna need a cold shower, I wouldn't have saved you any hot water."

You glare at one and then the other, both wearing equally shit-eating grins. "Listen wise-asses, you cannot imagine the emotional turmoil I've gone through having to live with the same characters I've crushed on for-e-ver." You blush immediately. I have no head-to-mouth filter today, apparently. You quickly decide to just keep talking, hoping some justifying factor will remedy your bruised dignity. "It's like when you meet your favorite movie character at Disney World? It's that feeling, times ten billion. Because as far as I know, you're not actors in costume in some elaborate scheme to dupe me." You pause a moment. "In which case I would literally ruin you. And Alistair, because he'd definitely be behind it."

"W-We're not tricking you, I promise!" Midoriya shakes his head and waves his hands frantically.

Your eyes bore into him for a moment, before you start giggling. "I believe you, Izuku. I just want to help you guys get home. And looks like we're one step closer now!"

"Right!" Iida nods in confirmation. "We must focus on our studies and be certain to properly keep up our training regimen!"

"Yeah, we gotta work hard to be in fighting shape for when those villains come back!" Kirishima poses, grabbing his flexed bicep.

"Starting with some goddamned sleep," Bakugou growls. "I'm tired as fuck and you shitheads are all lounging in my bedroom."

"Y-You're right!" Midoriya immediately stands rigidly. "We need sleep to go to school tomorrow, and it is late, so we should get back to our rooms!"

You resist a snort and Midoriya's reaction. Him and Bakugou probably mended their friendship somewhat, but Midoriya seems to have a learned reaction to Bakugou's angry voice. "Bye guys," you gave them each a hug as they filed out. It was strange how your stomach reacted to the contact- with a warm, fluttery feeling each time.

After the door closed, you turned to Bakugou a bit awkwardly. He had already pulled the bed from the couch and was lounging on it like a lithe predator. His tight-fitting shorts weren't leaving much to the imagination, and his position flexed his biceps and stretched his exposed chest. Damn, the sight made your mind jump to many places, none of them good for your current well being. "Well, uh, I'll go to bed too, I guess..." You slowly turn towards your room, his eyes burning into your back.


You stop, eyes forward. "Yeah?"


You dare to look at him. He extended a lazy arm out to beckon you, but every muscle in his body was primed to pounce. What the hell kinda hentai is this turning into?

You give him a confused look, but obey nonetheless. You perch yourself on the edge of his bed. You wait as he seems to be in thought, finding the right words.

"When we were laying around after eating, when you were near me, I fell asleep." Bakugou seemed to be slightly embarrassed by his admission, but you patiently let him continue. "And, even though it wasn't long, it was probably the best sleep I've had in a long time. So, what I'm saying is... I think I sleep better when you're around, and I'd... I'd like it if you stayed here. Tonight. I won't pull any shit without your permission or whatever so don't worry, I just- I just need some sleep for once, goddammit." He ran a hand through his ashy locks, seeming frustrated with himself.

"You don't sleep well?" You ask, voice unexpectedly soft and soothing. You swing your legs up onto the bed, leaning on the back of the couch. Your body mirrors his.

"Not really," he grunts. He seems to have released some tension with your unspoken acceptance. "Ever since that shit went down with the villains at the training camp during my first year, I've had nightmares and shit. And it's gotten worse after some of the shit I've seen after getting my provisional license. Like, I can handle everything just fine in the field. But some of the stuff I see villains do will happen in my dreams, and it's so fucking real. It's like I can't do a fucking thing without feeling like I'm gonna have a goddamned nightmare about it. I feel like a fucking- I don't know- I feel weak."

You're surprised by his confession, but don't show it. At some point during him talking you gently placed a hand around to the back of his scalp and ran fingers through his (surprisingly soft) hair in the way you do to your own hair when you're anxious. He didn't give any indication he didn't like it, so you kept going. "There's nothing wrong with being scared, Katsuki. Everyone gets scared." He watches you neutrally, squinting a bit. "But I know you're courageous because you're going out there even though you're scared. And because you're opening up to somebody about it." He seems surprised at that statement. "It's hard to be honest with yourself, and especially with other people. Figuring it out on your own isn't all it's cracked up to be, trust me." You giggle a bit, and he laughs with you. His cheeks are a bit rosy and his face is more relaxed than you ever thought possible. 

"What?" He asks after a moment. You didn't realize you were watching him like that... whatever that is.

"Ah, nothing." You smile softly. "I'm just really happy to see you so calm and happy, I guess."

He blushes profusely at that and turns his head away, but he doesn't move away from where your hand still absently plays with his hair. "Weirdo..." The statement has no punch behind it.

"Yeah, I get that a lot." You laugh. "Come on," you shimmy down and under his blankets, "we gotta rest up for school tomorrow."

His blush doesn't go away in the slightest as he pulls the blankets up his chest. Your head is flat on the pillow, but he still lounges against the back of the couch. He seems almost hesitant. "Do you sleep propped up like that, Katsuki?" you tease lightly.

"Tch." He scoffs but slides down nonetheless. There's a thick tension coming from him. Is it because I look like that girl? He always seems to look at me in a way that's way more... You can't find the word. Knowing? Intimate? You blush at the thought. Holy shit, does he like her? Are they dating or something? You're tempted to ask, but an arm snaking around your waist and pulling you to his chest silences all your thoughts.

You look up at him and immediately regret it. Well, regret isn't quite the word.

"K-Katsuki?" Your voice is smaller than you'd like, but the way he's looking at you is a strange and heady combination of reverent, predatory, and protective. You're suddenly hyper aware of how little space is between your faces. A blush creeps in without your permission.

"Dammit," he whispers. His voice sounds almost pained. "You two are so alike..."

You can't think of anything to say other than 'I'm sorry'.

He smiles that same disarming smile and strokes your hair. "Don't apologize. It's not a bad thing. It just makes this harder."

You lick your lips slightly, eyes lidded. Shit, he needs to rethink his word choice. "What's harder, Katsuki?" You whisper back.

He swallows thickly, watching you for a moment. His lips part to say something, but chooses instead to lean in closer to you. You feel his breath as he inches towards you. Just as he is about to hesitate, you close the gap, eyes fluttering shut.

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.

You try not to squeal at the passion he throws into the kiss. His hands grip your waist and hair, yours slide up his chest to clasp his face and neck. The pace is slow and experimental. He kisses you firmly, like he's afraid you'll disappear, but not forcefully. You reciprocate with fervor, signalling to him that you are, in fact, ok with this. He takes the hint, and his tongue peeks into your willing mouth.

He speeds up a bit, but not much. He savors every moment the lips meet, every gentle peck, every tug of your hair, every soft moan you give him. You lose yourself in the moment as he tunes every part of himself in. For a moment, you forget the absurdity of the fact that you're kissing a fictional character and allow yourself to just kiss a guy you have insane chemistry with.

But then he gently breaks the kiss and watches you like you're the fulfilling of his hopes and dreams, and reality comes crashing in. For a brief moment you look at him with a flushed and dazed look, but he immediately sees when the wheels start to turn, wondering about the why and the what next.

"Ouch!" Your hand shoots to your forehead, where he flicked you.

"Stop thinking so much." He mumbles, repositioning the both of you into the optimal-cuddle-mode. "It doesn't have to be any more than what it was, alright? Stop stressing before I can really enjoy what just happened."

A smile grows on your lips as you think about his words. You nod. "Ok." You look up at him with bright eyes and a content smile. "Thanks, Katsuki."

He placed a peck on your forehead, where he flicked you. "Go to sleep, [Y/N]."

You nod your head against his chest, already following his instructions.

Chapter Text

Waking up to the smell of Bakugou's cooking was probably on your top three ways to wake up, behind waking to being given oral sex and not waking up at all. Neither of which you've experienced.

So of realistic ways to wake up, it was number one.

You stretch your arms above your head with a soft groan. "What a workout, eh Katsuki?" you say more out of your reflex to tease him than anything else. Kissing him was more emotionally exhausting than physically, though you could definitely imagine a scenario where kissing him would be. You pop your head over the back of the couch to try and see Bakugou's reaction, but you're met with Midoriya's blushing face.

"A-Ah, um, [Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y/N]-chan, I, ah, d-d-d-d-d-d-d-iiiiiin't realize you were there! An-n-n-n-n-nd you are in K-K-K-Kacchan's b-bed?? Ah! That's none of my business of course! You're allowed to sleep with- where! Sleep wherever you want! You don't need to worry about any of us, ah, nowaynowehavenoopinionsonthematter-"

There's a loud whistle and a hand clamps over Midoriya's mouth. You feel yourself blush profusely as you turn to Kaminari. "I was wondering why you weren't up yet, but I'd be fast asleep too if I'd spent the night like you did~,"

"Minari!" You place a hand over your heart in fake scandal. "Do you actually think I'd get laid and not run to your room to spill the details immediately after?? You hurt me!"

"S-So, why are you in K-Kacchan's bed?" Midoriya peeks out from behind Kaminari's hand. "Ah! If you don't mind me-" Clamp.

"I..." You look over to where Bakugou stood in the kitchen. He didn't face you, but you could tell by the way he tensed that he was listening. "I couldn't sleep. Bakugou put up with me for the night, and eventually I was able to fall asleep." You make an exasperated expression. "Must be all those all-nighters I pull when hacking. I've become nocturnal! You boys are making a human out of this bat."

Kaminari ruffles your hair. "Aww, sorry to hear that, baby girl. If you ever need someone to ease~ your worries~ I'm always here for you."

"Aww, Minari!" You leap over the couch and glomp him with a hug. "What a sweet-hearted-gentle-manly-cuddle-bud I've got!"

"Eww," he laughs, "only if you never call me that again."

"No promises," you wink and break the hug, sauntering to the kitchen area. "Alright, lover, what are we cooking today?"

"Shut the fuck up, lazy-ass. I'm making some fucking pancakes, so if you want syrup, get your half-awake shit together and grab it for me." He doesn't look at you, but that doesn't completely conceal the blush.

You face him with a salute, and whirl to the cabinet. You grab it and go to set it on the coffee table. You realize Todoroki has been sitting in a chair and silently observing the whole ordeal. You give him a bright smile. "Good morning," you say softly. "Did you sleep well?"

He nods. "Better than you, apparently." His lips hold a ghost of a smile. You grin.

"Oh," your volume raises significantly, "I wouldn't have slept a wink if Katsuki had any say."

"Fuck off, you wish I had my say."

"And what would you do if you had your say, hmm??"

He snaps a wide-eyed gaze to you and flounders like a codfish. You feel a bit bad, but not bad enough to resist the laughter that erupts from you and Kaminari. Todoroki covers a hand over his mouth, and Midoriya bites his lip and blushes. "F-Fuck you," he mutters.

"You wish," you giggle in a poor impression of his voice. He flips you his middle finger and you turn back to Todoroki. You perch yourself of the edge of the chair where he sits. "Anyway."

"Anyway," he agrees. "I had some questions regarding the television show you said we are from."

You nod. "Of course. I might not be able to answer everything, but I'll tell you what I can."

The two of you launch into a long-winded discussion about the plot of the show, when it starts, who is featured, how much insight it gives into the villains' pasts and mindset, things of that nature. You tiptoe around topics regarding Midoriya and All Might, for obvious reasons, and try to be generic when talking about more personal plot points, but otherwise you answered a lot. It made you feel like such a nerd, but whatever. The discussion lasted well through the arrival of Iida and Kirishima and the start of breakfast.

"Hey," Kaminari chimes in as you discuss who Mineta is and why he might not be in their universe, "that song that you played us- is that the only intro song? You make it sound like there's more."

You smile brightly. "Yes! Right now, there are five songs, one for season one, two for two, and two for three. Season one had the most buildup to the main villain encounter, the USJ, so they only had the one song you guys saw. But for the following seasons there is a theme song for the Sports Festival arc, the Hero-Killer Stain arc, the Training Camp/All Might retirement arc, and the Provisional License arc."

Kaminari lights up at the idea. "Could we see them?" The others seem very interested as well.

"Well," you sigh, "the reason I only showed you guys that first one is because there are some... sensitive bits of information in the show, about each of you, about heroes, about your pasts, those sorts of things. Things that I'm not sure if you know, and I'm not sure if you should know. It's not my place to give away that information." You briefly share a glance with Midoriya. "But I'll see what I can do. The songs themselves probably don't give too much away. The only ones that might are..." Hero-Killer and All Might's Retirement. "Well, like I said, I'll see what I can do. I'll try and tinker around with the internet and find out what you guys know, and see what I can give away." You steeple your fingers and waggle your eyebrows in a conspiring manner.

Kaminari gives you an electric smile and a thumbs up. "Can't wait, babe."

"It won't take long, boo." You blow him a kiss. He snatches it out of the air and pretends to faint. You shake your head. Dork.

You look at Midoriya, who watches you with slight trepidation. Now to find a time to talk to Best Boy and see how he feels about his entire identity potentially being out in the open.

"[Y-Y/N]-chan," he whispers fearfully the moment you both find a secluded corner of the library. "I can't tell them! I promised All Might that I'd keep it a secret! It's bad enough that Kacchan figured it out..."

You'd told him earlier to meet you in your favorite secluded corner of the library during lunch, and his constant state of panic didn't disappoint, as he showed up several minutes before you did.

"Exactly," you whisper back, setting down your back and pulling out your laptop. "Bakugou figured it out. Think for a second how that must have felt- how mistrusted he must have felt. The rest of them could find out at any moment, by a simple search. It's of the most important plot points in the entire show, if not the most important." You pause your typing and face him. "You're the main character of this show. Even if that's now how it is in real life, even if you guys are all equals, in this world you are the one everyone knows about. The most readily available information about this show is information on you. Do you want your friends to find out from another source, someone saying something in passing, or worse, just from their own findings?

"I know you feel like you're betraying All Might," you place a hand on his shoulder. "And I'm not going to make the choice for you. But I think you know how I stand on the matter." You turn back to the screen. "For now, lets watch the intro songs and see if anything stands out to you as a red flag. The ones I think might have revealing information are the ones for the Hero-Killer arc, which shows you, Iida, and Todoroki in various fighting poses near Stain, and the one after that, which shows a sort of representation of All Might receiving his power. The show itself will reveal much more, obviously, but I'll try and keep them sated with this for now."

The remaining hour was much less tense. Midoriya finally relaxed a bit, and you two were able to laugh about things.

"Which song is your favorite, [Y/N]-chan?"

You think a moment. "Well, I saw a video where a kid does a dance to the song Peace Sign, so I think that one is probably the best because I literally can't listen to it without doing that dance. But otherwise, I dunno. I like all of them- except Sora ni Utaeba."

"Which one's that?" He places his chin on a hand as his elbow rests on the table. He watches you in curiosity and amusement.

"The one for the Hero Killer arc. It's a good song, I just didn't like that arc."

He furrows his brows. "Why not?"

"Because..." you blush a bit. "It was hard watching the fight with you guys and Stain. You hurt yourself a lot in the beginning of the show, but that was different. But in that battle he was hurting all three of you, and it was one-sided torture most of the battle- I didn't like watching my heroes get hurt like that. N-Not that I ever like watching you guys get hurt, but especially not like that."

Midoriya's face has bloomed in color. "A-Ah," he avoids eye contact, but smiles. "W-Well, it's nice to know you see me as a hero."

"Of course, Izuku," you state quietly, but firmly. "You're my hero."

He turns to you with a dazed look. "Your... hero...?" He turns away. "So... you said nothing happened with you and Kacchan yesterday?"

"Izuku," you said softly, and he looks at you with a slight pout. "Nothing happened. I don't know why you're being so pouty about it," you giggle, poking his cheek. "Katsuki and I just talked a lot. I feel like I misjudged him, so I'm trying to get to know him better." You pause a moment. "I think I'm trying to get to know all of you better," you admit sheepishly. "I only knew you guys as 2-D after all. I'm sure there's some things I got wrong about you guys."

He laughs lightly, and you feel any tension leave. "You might be right. Maybe I have a dark side?" He makes the statement into a question and you snort quietly.

"Sure, Midoriya."

A person was sitting in a chair in your apartment waiting for you when you came home. You should have been surprised by a stranger in your home, but you'd been so desensitized to crazy this week that you just plopped on the opposite chair. It wasn't until you sat down that you realized who it was.

"Oh, hey Aizawa-san." He nods in your direction. His eyes are on the computer in his lap. "Anything new with the program?"

He grunts. "I honestly don't know. I'm trying to rely on muscle memory and not think too much about it. Here," he turns it towards you, "you take a look."

You pop up and squat in front of him, eyes scanning the program. "Interesting," your eyes light up while analyzing the page. "Mind if I...?" you gesture to the laptop and he relinquishes it without a word. You scurry back to your chair with a giddy smile. Aizawa watches you with a smile, but you're too consumed with your new toy- ahem, sophisticated piece of machinery- to notice.

"... [L/N]-san." Aizawa says after a few moments of you tinkering in peace.

"Hm?" You look up at him over the screen. His face holds some concern, but you can't decipher much else. The man is still hard for you to read.

"There were some comments that made me think... what year are my students in, in their time?"

You tilt the laptop screen down a bit to focus on his question. "Summer of their second year, I think. You guys are from the future, relatively speaking."

He nods, brown eyes narrowed and considering. "I am not from the same point in time, then. I thought it strange how they looked, but they've changed since coming here as well, so I wasn't certain. I am from the boys' first year, in spring time, so relative to you, I'm from the past."

"You- You're-" your eyes widen. How much information is too much, what doesn't he know?? you sweat. "What's the most recent thing that has happened, I guess I should ask?"

He shrugs. "Nothing. School year has barely started, which is why their familiarity was unusual to me."

You nod. "That makes sense, I guess. We should let them know; they'll probably come over in a little while. They shouldn't reveal too much about your future."

He grunts in what you assume to be agreement. You turn back to the beautiful programming. Damn, this world's Aizawa is damn good. I'll have to meet him when the boys go back to their world.

You spend an unknown amount of time absorbed in analyzing the program, giving the boys each a noncommittal wave as they walk in. Bakugou was first, only a few minutes behind you, but he didn't say anything, just changing out of his school uniform quickly and plopped on the couch. Midoriya and Iida were next, followed shortly by Todoroki. The three had some light conversation with Aizawa, mostly about the current state of affairs in the world. Kirishima and Kaminari stumbled in last. Shocker, you think absently as they peer over your shoulder.

"You working on that program thingy?" Kaminari asks.

You nod, eyes on the screen. "Yeah. I'm just looking at the capabilities he's put in it. I added a feature that taps into any cameras in the area, pinning sudden movements so we can look through the video feeds and see if we can find the specific place where the portal opens.

Kirishima's eyes widen. "Wow! That sounds insanely hard, good job!" He flexes an arm and grabs it in an encouraging(?) pose.

"Thank you," you look at him and smile softly.

He blushes the color his hair usually is, looking shocked for a moment, before relaxing to a toothy smile (somehow, his teeth are still pointed and sharp). He rubs the back of his spiky- now black- hair. "Y-Yeah, it's no problem..."

You turn back to the program, not noticing how odd his reaction was. "Now I’m going to see if I can retroactively access the cameras in the area when you guys came through."

"That’s a good idea," Todoroki commends in a voice that is quiet, but firm.

You smile softly to yourself, feeling a blush creep. Todo doesn’t pass out complements lightly, you note, fingers typing away. As you do your magic, Aizawa breaks the news to the boys.

It takes a few minutes to access all the cameras, and a several more to watch the footage to see if there’s any abnormal movement. Finally, you found the tape that shows the boys. You call them all over and they crowd around your chair to watch the video.

Granted, it’s barely a flash of color in the corner of the screen and the occasional flash, looking like an explosion. You flinch slightly, forgetting there’s no sound. You sigh in relief, for a few reasons. "Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about someone seeing you guys." You’re about to close the feed when something about the video catches your eye. You rewind slightly.

You feel the boys tense around you as they notice what you did. "Is that..." you hear a tremble in Midoriya's voice. You don't blame him, especially if he's had other interactions that you don't know about yet. The girl in a school uniform on the screen skipping merrily away from the fighting happening out of view. Her crazed yellow eyes matched her manic, fanged grin perfectly.

"Yep," you nod solemnly. "She's here too."

Aizawa furrows his brows deeply and turns to you. "Who is she?"

Ah, you recall, he hasn't reached that arc yet. "A crazy waifu that we definitely do not want in our world. Her name is Toga Himiko."

Chapter Text

"Toga Himiko..." Aizawa squinted at the screen, imprinting her image in his head. You'd briefly explained that she was a bat-shit crazy zealot hellbent on the destruction of all heroes.

"At least she's cute?" you say, knowing full well you're grasping at straws with your audience. You can't help but feel slightly defensive of her, even though you know in real life she's bound to be fucking terrifying (as opposed to being super hot and total yandere waifu material, which she is in the anime).

The guys mumble, clearly not seeing what you do. You shrug. Can't win 'em all.

"I'll start following her movements from this point as much as I can. I might be able to see where she is staying, or where she is now."

Aizawa nods. "That seems like the best course of action."

You smile at the affirmation. "You guys get going on whatever you were doing before this, I'll find waif- uh, Toga."

Everyone but Kaminari goes about their business, but he remains by your side with a lecherous grin.

"Yes?" you ask, blinking somewhat indignantly.

"I see you, I see you," he chuckles, placing his hands behind his head.

You roll your eyes. "Oh god, please get the gross straight-boy ideal of girl's love out of your head this second."

He shrugs, grin remaining. Kaminari leans in with a conspiring look in his eye. "Who said I was a straight boy?" His voice is low, but his tone indicates he doesn't care who hears.

Your eyes widen as you gasp, covering your mouth slightly. "Minari!" you whisper harshly. "My baby boy's a bi baby???" You clasp your hands around one of his. He clasps he free hand over yours.

"As bi as you are baby girl," he winks. A giggle bubbles from your chest and you retract your hands from his.

"I was outed so quick," you shake your head. "I'm just too thirsty for my own good."

Kaminari sighs and lays his head on your shoulder. "Girl that's a mood if I ever did feel one. At least you just admire from afar, I flirt til it hurt and they still avoid me~..." he whines.

You bite your lip in an attempt not to laugh. Turning your head in another direction, you pat his formerly-yellow-currently-wheat-colored hair gently as he lays on your arm, whining to you about his relationship struggles. The others watch you with amusement and confusion, none of them sure what you two are talking about.

"You'd think having double the choices helps, but it doesn't," you shake your head. He pops up immediately, grabbing your arm.

"Exactly!" His eyes are wide. "Like, what's with that??" He shakes you slightly, and you limply allow it.

"If you two morons are done going on about whatever dumb shit you talk about," Bakugou snaps from across the room, "you can set up the table so we can actually eat some fucking dinner. I made more good shit, as usual, so you better be fucking grateful."

You turn to Bakugou with a sly grin and a wink. "I'm sure I will tonight, lover boy."

His face explodes with color, but he turns around far quicker than you'd like. "Quick fucking around, dumbass!" He says, louder than necessary. The room rumbles with laughter. Laughter is replaced with buzz of activity as everyone begins to prepare for dinner.

"... Hey."

"Hmm?" You look up at Bakugou from your cuddling position. He didn't even have to ask tonight; after everyone left you plopped yourself on his bed.

"You don't have to say anything you don't wanna. But you mentioned you are an orphan... and you live in a run-down apartment complex, but have super fancy computer shit, and have some thing going on with the landlord. There's a story there."

You smile to yourself a bit. It's strange for you to have someone interested in your past. Normally you'd shut the person out right away, but you're not exactly the same 'normal' you were a few days ago.

"Um, well long of the short, my parents were business owners and they died in a car crash. They set me up for schooling in their will but not much else, so I was on the street a while after being put in a shitty orphanage. Ran away from there, found a laptop, started pulling it apart and figuring out it's coding and stuff. I'd learned quite a bit from my schooling up 'til that point, so I picked up on it pretty quick. Soon I was fully immersed in the hacking world. My big break was when I figured out how to do this whole Robin Hood thing where I take back money from those who are dishonest- people that are doing bad stuff and usually should be in jail anyway. I take more than what was taken from the people, return what the people lost, and keep the extra. Those are the big hits, what I'll spend on the equipment and computer stuff. Usually, though, I set up little taps on people's accounts and take a few dollars, a few cents. Tack it onto other purchases so they're none the wiser. But it adds up and that keeps me sustained, for the most part."

Bakugou doesn't say anything for a moment, but pulls you in a tight hug. "You've been through shit, huh."

You grunt. "I'm still here, though."

You can hear the smile in his voice. "Yeah. You are." He loosens the grip again, looking down at you. His eyes are sober. "You'd be a good hero."

You furrow your brows. "I just told you all the illegal shit I do, and that's what you say?"

"Tch," he scoffs. "That's not what I mean. You help people with no real gain- you could just take all that money. But you give back in full and take from the villains- the bad business owners, whatever. Even if the rest of what you do isn't great, that is heroic. Besides, you do what you gotta to live."

"I guess," you sigh, snuggling into his warm chest. He smells ridiculously nice, a bit spicy and earthy. You didn't think someone could smell warm. The comforting scent distracts you from his words. After all, aren't villains doing what they have to for survival as well?

During your lunch break the next day, you holed yourself up in the library and watched even more footage of Toga, trying to find where she might've gone. You stumble across something a bit horrifying in your search.

"She's been watching us..." you murmur, a shiver making your spine go rigid. Video of her in an alleyway near the school, video of her following you all a street over, video of her outside your apartment. She used her power some of the time in the beginning- assaulting a seemingly random woman and using her blood to change form into the woman. Toga grabbed some objects off of the woman's limp body (you hoped she was only passed out) and walked out of the frame. You follow her as much as you can, but she slipped into a building and out of sight. You try to find her again, going through the nearby camera footage, but she either found a way to evade cameras, or was still in that same building. You don't think she took the form of that woman arbitrarily, though, so the former seems most likely to you.

Feeling suddenly exhausted, you decide to skip your next class and take a nap in the library. You shut down the laptop and place it in your bag securely, then let your head flop onto the table in front of you. Your eyes flutter shut.

You wake up with a very sudden start. How long...?

You aren't sure. But a cursory glance around the library tells you it's past dark. Shit. Gathering your things quickly, you run out of the library, of the school, and into the street. It’s definitely past time for you to be home. This usually isn’t a problem, but now you’ve got a whole slew of boys waiting for you, and no way to contact them.

Running down the streets, relying on muscle memory, you tried not to let the impending shit storm deter you from going back. Confrontation isn't your strong suit, but... for these boys, you were willing to try and change. Easier said than done, you sigh.

You were so consumed by the sense of impending doom that you didn't realize someone was directly in your path as you were running.

"Oof!" You find yourself sprawled across the concrete, backpack skidding away from you. You look to the other person, who fell flat on their bum. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention and-" Your blood turns to ice when you meet the face of who you ran into.

"It's ok!" the girl giggles. "I was waiting for you anyway, Miki-chan!" Standing and rubbing her hands on the uniform skirt she wears, she flashes a brilliant smile, sharp canines on display. Her blonde hair is in two messy buns, cute fluffy bangs above fluttering eyelashes. Her cheeks have a pink glow to them. The only thing unsettling about her is the crazed, predatory gleam in her yellow eyes.

You fight the trembles that move throughout your body and stand. "I-I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not." You curse at yourself for stammering, forcing your voice to remain level. "I don't know you either, but I am sorry about running into you. Have a good one." You reach down to grab the backpack with the laptop in it, but apparently she predicts this, because she zips over and grabs the backpack from you. A disconcerting giggle bubbles out from her chest.

"You're funny! I like you, even if you aren't Miki-chan! Gatekeeper-kun told me I'd find people here that look like people I know, so you must be one of those people! So tell me," she leans in close, eyes lidded and voice sounding... excited. "If you're not Miki-chan, then you must be someone I don't know. But lucky for you, I want to get to know you!" She claps excitedly. "So lets start with an introduction! I'm Toga Himiko! We’re gonna be be~st friends! Because Miki-chan and I are best friends!"

You are definitely shaking where you stand. Toga’s eyes are the most penetrative, scary things you’ve ever seen. This is a villain, huh... I need to calm down. She’s just a person. A scary person, but still a person. "I’m [L/N] [Y/N]." You supply cautiously.

She gasps and claps her hands excitedly. "[Y/N]-chan! What a cute name!! Come on, I’m making a fun hideout for my friends! You’re my friend, so you can join me!!" Toga snatches your wrist and drags you behind her. Your cheeks flush slightly. This is strangely cute.

"T-Toga-san," you call out hesitantly, struggling to match her quick pace. You're in shape, but she's just ridiculously fast.

"[Y/N]-chan, you can call me Himiko-chan!" she calls without turning around.

"Right... Himiko-chan, can I have my backpack please?"

She stops and doesn't turn around. The tension radiating off of her is palpable. She turns on a dime with a bright smile, but her eyes are analytic. "Why, [Y/N]-chan? I'll take good care of it!"

You smile at her, suppressing the tremors in your body. "I believe you! I just like having it. Can I have it back please?"

Her eyes narrow, but her expression remains the same otherwise. "Why, [Y/N]-chan? So you can keep spying on me, hmm? I know you think you're sneaky, but you're not that sneaky~!" She giggles. Your expression falls. You step back as far as your connected arms will let you. You're only a tiny bit taller than her, if at all, but she's immensely stronger than you. "Aww, don't be scared, [Y/N]-chan! We can be friends still! I've been spying on you too, after all. I think it's cute that you've been watching me..." her cheeks flush further. "I think you're cute, [Y/N]-chan." She takes a step closer to you. You take a step back, but she keeps your wrist firm, making you unable to get away. "You're so~ smart." Step. "You're friends with all those heroes." Step. "Everyone seems to love you..." Step. "I wanna be ju~st," step, "li~ke," step, "you~." Her breath tickles your ear, and you flush in fear and embarrassment.

"W-What? Why?" Your voice trembles along with the rest of your body. You sound so small. Toga notices and giggles.

"Because you're so cute!" She murmurs. "I like you a lot, and I wanna be just like the people I like... Stain-sama... Izu-kun... Miki-chan... and you~! You look ju~st like Miki-chan, and she looks so~ cute covered in blood... She's so smart too... You really are just like her! I think I like you just as much as I like her! Her pink hair is pretty and long," she runs her free hand through your hair, tracing your face, "and your [h/c] hair is just as pretty... I don't know who I'd choose..."

Her rambling makes you flush. "Himiko-chan, you just met me." I need to focus, dammit.

"But you're ju~st like Miki-chan, and I know Miki-chan su~per well. She's my be~st friend. So you're my best friend too, [Y/N]-chan!"

Shit... I need to get out of here stat. "That makes sense. Well, I still need my backpack, and I need to get home to my friends. I'm really tired but I'll definitely hang out with you later, ok? I'll make a special trip to visit you at your hide out."

Toga laughs and shakes her head. "Nuh-uh, you aren't! Don't lie, it's not nice to lie to a friend, [Y/N]-chan!"

"I'm not, I'd love to see your hideout. But I'm tired. Please, Himiko-chan?" She takes a step back and lets go of your hand. Her smile is gone. Think, dammit. You desperately try to muster a happy expression. "M-My birthday is in a few days. We can have a birthday celebration, ok? Will you help me celebrate my birthday, Himiko-chan?"

Her eyes go a bit wide, considering. Her face falls to it's usual smile. "Ok! I'll meet you after school on Friday in that alley," she points to a nearby secluded area. "Don't tell the boys, though! They won't want us to hang out! And then I'll have to find a sneaky way to get you away from them~!" She giggles in delight, throwing your backpack into your weak arms. "I'll even get you a present, so don't be late!"

You nod numbly. Toga scampers off into an alleyway and you put your backpack on and begin walking back to your apartment, body feeling like jelly, mind in a fog. That was Toga Himiko. I just met Toga Himiko. She is fucking terrifying. And she wants to celebrate my 16th birthday with me.

Chapter Text

You don't even register the sounds that come from the boys when you enter your apartment. The most prominent is probably the shouting from Bakugou, but you just kinda look at him with an expression that's part-exhausted-part-apologetic, and he backs off.

"[L/N]-san." The voice finally brings you out of your fog. You feel two firm hands gripping your shoulders, a comforting warmth. The voice is very low, and a soothing timbre. You look up into two heterochromatic eyes.

"Shouto-kun," you murmur.

"Are you alright?"

You nod slightly. "I met Himi-" you stop yourself. "I met Toga Himiko. She wanted me to go with her to her hideout... She thinks I'm her best friend. She called me Miki-chan." The boys around you stiffen, but Todoroki remains firm and calm.

"That must have been scary," he notes evenly. His eyes are comforting to look at, and you find yourself finding a hypnotic rhythm going back and forth between the two colors. Grey to turquoise. Grey to turquoise. His eyes are pretty. I’m glad they stayed the same.

You nod again. "I'm sorry I didn't come home right away. I fell asleep in the library, and then when I left she was waiting for me."

If you weren't so damn exhausted, you'd notice how he has to resist a smirk. "You fell asleep in the library?"

You nod. "I was only planning on skipping a few classes, but then when I woke up everyone was gone."

Todoroki places a hand on your head, patting your hair gently. "Try and let us know next time you decide to take a nap, hm?"

You nod. "Shouto-kun?"

"Hmm," he hums.

"I'm sleepy."

He nods. "I can tell." There's humor in his eyes. You like his eyes like this. "You can tell us all about it tomorrow, ok? Let's get you to bed."

You nod. "Is Katsuki-kun staying here tonight?"

He shakes his head. "While we were waiting for you, I moved in. Bakugou's turn is over, and now I'm to stay with you. Is that alright?"

You consider a moment, then nod. "Yeah."

He smiles. "Ok. Why don't you take a bath. We'll have something for you to eat here after, then you can sleep."

You smile back. "Ok. Thanks, Shouto-kun."

He pats your head and sends you on your way. You walk in a trance to the bathroom, and begin your shower.

The boys watch your exit.

"... What the fuck was that?" Bakugou finds himself growling more than he intends.

"[L/N]-san is overwhelmed," Todoroki responds flatly. He shoots a glare in Bakugou's direction. "She had a scary experience and she’s shut down. Ueno-san reacts the same way. Since you clearly can't understand as much, why don't you make her some food and keep your mouth shut?"

The venom in Todoroki's voice stuns the room. Aizawa sits in the back, watching how the scene will play out, ready to step in if needed. But he doesn't quite know the boys yet, so he's unsure of how it will progress.

"T-Todoroki," Kirishima interjects nervously, watching Bakugou's features contort in fury. "I know we were all worried about [Y/N]-chan, but let's keep it chill, alright? It's not manly to let the situation to get the best of us."

Todoroki runs a hand over his eyes with a short sigh. "You're right, Kirishima. I apologize, Bakugou. I'm... tired."

Bakugou scoffs, expression lifting to a less scary one. "No shit. We all are. Dumb Toga bitch made us worry about [Y/N]'s stupid ass. Whatever. She needs some fucking soup." He grumbles the last half under his breath as he moves away to the kitchen to make said soup.

Aizawa is shocked. From what he's seen of Bakugou, he wouldn't have left it at that, at least not in his first year. He must mature greatly, Aizawa thinks. It makes him wonder what it would take for him to mature so much in such a short time... But then again, he's sure he'll find out when he gets back to his timeline.

The tension in the room lifts greatly once Bakugou calms. Todoroki buzzes around, setting up his bed and clothes for you and anything he can possibly think of to keep busy. Your disappearance rocked him more than he'd like to admit, even if it was very apparent to everyone else as well. Midoriya finally stops his pacing- which he did practically nonstop before you arrived. Kirishima sits with his arms crossed, watching the bathroom door with furrowed brows. Iida stares at the ground, slumped in relief. Kaminari scratches the back of his head, a sigh frequently leaving his lips.

They were worried as fuck about you. Aizawa wonders if this is because of your lookalike, or if they’re genuinely concerned about you. He’s not sure which. Probably both.

You take your time in the bath, movements slow and sluggish, brain barely working. You give long, drawn out movements as you lather your arms, your torso, your legs. Up, down, up, down. You felt a creeping sense of dread in the back of your mind and you knew the fog was keeping it at bay, keeping you from a full panic attack. You let the fog drown you and keep you in the odd limbo state you were in. A knock gathers your attention, and you move to look at the door. It takes you a moment to process.




"Are you alright?"

"Mmhmm," you hum, "almost done."

"Alright. Bakugou made you some warm soup, whenever you’re done you can eat."

You hum softly. "Katsuki-kun makes yummy food."

"Yes he does." Todoroki’s words sound like a sigh. You don’t know why he’d sigh, though.

"I’m getting out of the bath now, Shouto-kun."


"I forgot a towel. I’m gonna get one."

"[L-L/N]-san," he begins.

"I’m gonna come out now."

"N-No, wait there. I have some clothes and a towel for you. I’ll give them to you now." He opens the door a crack and sticks an arm through, hand clenched around the items he’d prepared.

"Ah, thanks Shouto-kun."

He lets out another sigh. "It’s not a problem. Get dry and dressed and then come eat."

You nod, but then realize he can’t see it. "Ok."


You woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. Slowly you piece together what had happened the last night; how Todoroki calmed you down, prevented you from waltzing in the nude, practically fed you the soup Bakugou had made. You groan. I was so helpless, you think, suddenly embarrassed.

You roll out of your bed, and stumble into the kitchen, snatching the painkillers from a cabinet. You shake a few from the bottle and dry-swallow them all.

"Are you feeling any better?"

You turn to Todoroki, aware of how much of a mess you must look. It’s early as hell, but he’s still awake and looking fresh as hell. Showered, fluffy brown hair dried, clean uniform on and sipping a cup of tea. Damn, he’s an early worm, or whatever. It’s strange how his eyes are the same, but you’re not complaining. The dude’s hot as hell.

"Yeah. Headache, but nothing major. Thanks for helping me last night. I was kinda..."

"Overwhelmed?" he supplies with a kind smile. He hands a cup of tea your direction. You accept it graciously.

"Took the words out of my mouth." You take a sip of the herbal tea. "This is my favorite blend."

"Mine too."

You smile at him. "Didn’t take you for a sweets guy."

"I never used to. I learned to like sweets rather recently. Or, I guess I let myself like sweets."

"An odd thing to deprive yourself of."

He grunts, a coy smile on his lips. "I guess I was deprived of a lot of odd things."

"I’m sorry to hear it. I guess I understand, though."

He nods. "I figured."

A comfortable silence sits between you two as you stand in the kitchen. It was odd, but you didn’t hate it. He just sipped on his tea, occasionally giving you a once-over.

"What time is it?" You ask eventually.

"Early. You could go back to sleep if you’d like, we still have a while before school."

You grunt. "I think I just might. I’m still exhausted."

He nods. "When you wake up again, would you be ok sharing what happened yesterday? In better detail."

You nod slightly. "Yeah. I’ll tell all of you. Wake me once the rest get here?"

He smiles. "Go rest, [L/N]-san."

"Only if you don’t address me so formally," you say whistfully as you walk away.

You don’t see it, but he gives a smile. His expression is almost relieved. He murmurs under his breath as you walk away. "[Y/N]-chan..."

You're woken again by a soft tapping on your shoulder. Your eyes flutter open to see Todoroki leaning over your bed.

"Ah, I apologize, I didn't mean to be so invasive."

You suppress a laugh. If only you would. "It's no problem, Shouto-kun." You crack your neck and stretch. "What time is it?"

"4 pm."

You stiffen. "What-"

"I let you sleep while we went to school. You looked like you needed it. Aizawa-sensei was here to keep watch, in case Toga came back. I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds."

You smile a bit as you roll out of bed. You had to admit, you felt refreshed. "Nah~, I'm feeling better now. Thanks, dude." You give an easygoing smile, and he seems to release a sigh.

"I'm glad."

You nod. "Are the others here?"

"Yes, they arrived a few moments ago."

"Ah, alrighty." You walk out of your room, and Todoroki follows close behind. He's really taking his role as my roommate seriously, huh.

All eyes in the room snap to you when you enter. "H-Hey guys..." you say nervously. You're not sure why you're nervous, though. You feel a dumb guilt, like you betrayed them, but you know it's dumb and try to swallow the feeling.

Before anyone says a word, Bakugou envelops you in a tight hug. You stand rigid, but melt into the hug after you feel how he shakes. He was scared, too.

"I'm so sorry I worried you guys," you mutter, loud enough for them all to hear in the quiet room.

"Shut the fuck up," Bakugou growls. "You didn't do a damn thing wrong, so don't feel any dumb fucking need to apologize."

You laugh, and as you laugh you realize you're crying. When'd that happen...? You break away from Bakugou, and wipe your eyes. "I guess not, huh."

"[Y/N]-chan," Midoriya approaches. His smile is wobbly, and you feel your heart melt a bit. "I'm glad you're ok."

You draw him into a hug. "Izu-kun..." you smile up at him. He's not much taller than you, but just enough to have to look up. His fluffy black hair tickles your cheek as you rest your head on his shoulder.

You feel a hand on your back. You look up to see Kirishima watching you with a pouty expression. "Aww," you laugh lightly, "come here big guy." He completely covers you in his large, protective arms. It's a nice, warm hug that makes you feel safe. It's a nice feeling that you're not used to.

You meet Kaminari's gaze, and smirk. You scuttle over to him, and you squeeze him in a sweet hug. He's not near as big as Kirishima, but it's still warm. You feel a little bit of an electric buzz radiating from his body. Interesting, you idly note.

You break from him, and look at Iida. He stands as a sentry would in the corner, watching you. "Hey, Tenya-kun," you smile softly. He watches you with a soft gaze. It's a very protective look, but more familial than the others'. Like a big brother or something.

He wraps you in a hug as well. "I'm glad you're safe," he whispers in your hair. You can only nod. He plants a chaste kiss to the top of your head and steps back.

You turn to the room, trying your best not to look as sniffly as you feel. You meet Aizawa's watchful eye. He nods to you, and you smile to him. Is this... what a family feels like?

You can't say you hate it. Not in the slightest. People to notice when you don't return, people to run off and get you out of trouble, people to be there when you need to talk; that's what these boys had for each other. And somehow, you'd landed right in the middle of it.

"Um. So about Toga..." you begin with a bit of a flush, remembering how she was all over you, basically confessing her love (obsession?) for you. You definitely should have hated it more than you did. Sure, it terrifies you to your core, and you were scared for your goddamned life, but that didn’t turn you off any less. If anything, the fact she likes you and still wants to possibly kill you makes her even hotter. What the hell is wrong with me, I need to get a goddamned grip. She’s psycho. She’s scary. I can’t let myself just- ugh.

"What happened?" Midoriya prompts gently, unsure how to interpret your flushed face.

"Ah, yeah." You compose yourself with a breath. "So, basically, she told me she has the hots for me and wants to be me, and wanted to show me the hideout she’s making for her friends- probably for the other league of villain people. They’re not here yet, so I can only assume that they’re going to come eventually. She was waiting for me outside the school, I ran into her- literally- and she took my backpack and I had to kinda trick her to get it back. She knows I’ve been watching her movements, and she’s been watching ours. She knows where we’re staying, where Aizawa-san is staying, where we go to school."

The boys think for a moment. Todoroki speaks. "What did you say to get the backpack?"

You blush deeply. "T-That she could celebrate my birthday with me, and that I’d visit the hideout then. She’s going to wait for me in a specific alley after school on Friday. She said not to tell you guys, because you wouldn’t let us ‘hang out’ and she’d have to find another way to get me."

"Well obviously you’re not gonna do it." Bakugou scoffs.

You roll your eyes. "Would I have told you all this if I intended to?" You sigh. "Thing is, it might be valuable to know about their hideout. It could be a really important thing to learn, so if I did-"

"No fucking way."

"Absolutely not."

You expected Bakugou’s outburst, but Todoroki’s surprised you. "W-Well it would be good to know-"

"Not at the risk of your life," Todoroki says with a sense of finality. You sigh, knowing none of them are going to budge.

"Yeah, I get it. She’s gonna be pissed, though. I didn’t intend on doing it anyway, but it’s still scary to think of an angry Toga..." you shiver slightly.

Kaminari places a hand on your back and rubs it a bit. You give him a gracious look.

"Needless to say, it has been a long two days," Iida speaks into the silence that formed. "I think it best we focus on our school and training, and trust in the computer program to tell us when we can expect more villains. Remaining vigilant is of upmost importance at this time, to make sure we all stay safe."

For once, everyone listened to Iida. Go class rep, you think with a find smile. You nod in agreement. "Let’s get some dinner and chill for a little bit."

Nobody was about to argue with that.

After everyone had filed out of your apartment, giving you wonderfully warm goodnight hugs, you were left alone with a very watchful Todoroki.

"You’re like a momma bird," you laugh as he monitors your movements. He quirks his head in confusion. "Or a momma bear. Some kind of mother. Watching my every move like you’re ready to catch me if I fall."

A warmth glows in his cool toned eyes. "Well the first night staying here you weren’t in the best head space, so I guess I associate sleeping in this room with taking care of you."

You blush a bit. "Thanks, Mom. I love knowing that a cute guy thinks of me as a nuisance."

"I never said I didn’t like taking care of you," he says quietly. You notice how he ignores the comment about him being cute, but you’re sure he heard it, based on the reddish tips of his ears. But you’re still a blushing mess, so you can’t say much in that regard. "[Y/N]-chan," he begins a bit awkwardly. "I know it’s a bit forward, but I don’t think it’s wise to sleep in a different room knowing Toga knows where we live. You have a window in your bedroom. I can keep watch for the night, but I would also like sleep at some point. So, if it’s not too much to ask..."

You nod. "Just stay in my bed with me, then." His eyes don't show any kind of response, but his cheeks go a brilliant red. It was truly a sight to behold.

"Ah... No, I only meant sleeping in the same room, we don’t have to do that."

You smirk. "Are you embarrassed? Todoroki Shouto is embarrassed by the idea of sleeping in the same bed with a girl? And here you’ve been so smooth..."

His expression turns somewhat competitive, smirking back. "Not embarrassed. Just surprised at your lack of tact."

You place a hand over your heart. "I can happily sleep alone in my bed while you sit watch and admire my sleeping face. I merely offered as an act of kindness."

"Then I must accept your kindness," he concludes, sauntering to you room.

Here we go again, you sigh.

Chapter Text

Sharing a bed with Todoroki was... an experience. You both laid in very regimented sides of the bed, stiff and unmoving. You'd both talked a big game, but apparently that was all it was, because any accidental touch from one would cause the other to flinch violently. You wanted to scold yourself, since you'd done the same (and more) with Bakugou, but it was as if you fed off of Todoroki's nervous energy. It was like he was afraid to harm you or ruin your purity with any touch in a bed. It was kinda hilarious. Or, it would have been, if you hadn't been laying stiff in a bed struggling to fall asleep.

Eventually, however, you did fall asleep. And apparently you’ve become accustomed to a certain cuddle standard, because when you wake up, you and Todoroki are a mixed up tangled mess of limbs and warmth.

You look up at him, and of course, he's already awake. He doesn't even have the dignity to hide the smirk he wears. In fact, as he watches your expression, the smirk turns to a full-blown shit-eating grin.

"Snarky sonofa..." you mutter as you detangle your limbs from his. Todoroki chuckles, sitting up and letting you exit the bed. "How long have you been watching me like a creep?"

"An hour or so. You snore."

You turn to him with wide eyes, slightly mortified. You open your mouth, but close it when he begins chuckling. "Dumbass," you mumble, turning away with a blush. "I do not snore."

He releases a soft laugh. "No, you don't. I just woke naturally a few minutes ago. I'm surprised you're awake, though."

You yawn widely. "Is it early?"

"Very," he nods, entering the kitchen to make a kettle for tea.

"You always wake this early?"

He shrugs. "Force of habit. I was... encouraged to wake up this early as a child, for training. Even though I’m technically able to sleep in, my body doesn’t let me."

You nod. You perch yourself up on the counter top, watching him make his tea. Your legs kick out in a kiddish way.

"I guess I’m gonna have to learn to do it, too. Damn you, Shouto-kun." Your tone holds no malice.

He grins. "So that you might be awake with me? I didn’t realize you were so desperate to keep my attention."

You glare at him. "Shut up and make my tea, peasant."

He snickers under his breath. You watch him with a smile. I love that he has a sense of humor now. I need to see this process. Anime, hurry up.

Todoroki catches your gaze. "Is there something I’m forgetting?"

"Ah, no."

"Then why are you watching me like that?" he asks, facing you from across the small kitchen.

"N-No reason, I guess. Just thinking."

He smiles. "Thinking about what?"

You feel a blush form. He takes slow, calculated steps towards you. "W-Well, um. You?" It comes out as a question.

"Me?" His hips now brush against your knees. You’re only a bit higher up than him sitting on the counter. You lean forward unconsciously as he places his hands on either side of your legs.

You nod as you bite your lip.

"What about me?"

"I was thinking that I like seeing you happy. You have a pretty laugh."

His expression is unreadable for a second, and your worried you said something wrong. He softens after a moment.

"Guys usually don’t like being called pretty," he jests.

"But you are," you say a bit defensively.

"If I’m pretty, then are you beautiful? Gorgeous? Because you’re much prettier than I."

Your cheeks blossom in color. He’s very close now, hypnotic eyes boring into you. You look away. "If you say so," you resign.

A finger slowly traces down the side of your cheek, your jaw, ending at your chin and clasping it. He gently turns your head back in his direction, encouraging you to look at him. You reluctantly do so. "I do say so." His tone has an authority that fuels something deep in you. You release something between a sigh and a gasp- maybe both. You’re not sure.

But to Todoroki, it’s music. And he wants to hear the rest of the song.

He leans in closer, eyes lidded. You close the gap, eyes fluttering shut.

His lips are soft and tender against yours. He is considerate of your pace, so you have to take the initiative to move your lips against his. Your hands land on his shoulders, feeling their way up his strong neck and into his fluffy brown hair.

His hands move from the counter top to your thighs. He gently runs his hands over the outside up to your hips. He traces little circles with his thumbs around your pelvis juts out. You release a small sound into his mouth as he does that, and he takes the chance to slip his tongue in to meet yours.

The feeling is surreal. His hands on your waist pulling you close, his mouth moving against yours, tongues dancing back and forth in a battle for dominance. You can barely find time to breath, but the lightheaded feeling only amplifies his actions more. You don’t even want to breath at this point.

He groans softly into your mouth when you wrap your dangling legs around his waist, pressing your chests together. "[Y/N]-chan..." One of his hands ventures upward, tracing up your ribs and the crest of your chest, to your neck and into your hair.

He breaks his mouth off of yours and for the slightest moment you are mourning the loss of the contact, but he only takes the few seconds to admire your flushed face and swollen lips before latching onto your neck.

His tongue and lips work together like magic, sending shivers down your spine. "S-Shouto-kun...!" you moan softly. You can feel his reaction to your sound against your leg. His kisses are trailing down to your collarbone, when he stops at one particular place and decides to focus on it.

"W-What are you d-doing?" you ask, voice quivering.

"Marking you a bit." he says flippantly.

You aren’t sure if you can get any more flushed, but it certainly felt like it in that moment. "S-Shouto-kun!"

"It’ll be under the school uniform," he assures between sucks and kisses and licks. "Nobody will see. Except me, for the next few days." You can practically hear the devious smirk.

"Y-You’re a little shit, you know that?" you laugh.

He rises from his spot on your collarbone. There’s a mischievous glint in his eyes. He doesn’t say anything, but places both hands under your thighs and lifts quickly. You yip in surprise and swiftly grasp around his neck. Todoroki carries you like this to the pull out couch, and throws you onto it. "Hey!" you shout. He walks away.

"The kettle’s boiling," he says, as if that explains anything. You can practically hear the smirk.

"Little shit," you grumble, resigning to Todoroki’s tea plans and plopping backwards onto the mattress.

Everything was a bit quiet the rest of the morning, your hero exchange students recognizing the nervous buzz you had surrounding you. You know you're gonna be fine, but that doesn't change the feeling of anticipation. Going to school was uneventful, though you shot obvious glances into every alleyway you passed- especially the one Toga indicated. She was nowhere in sight.

Classes were boring, but that was no surprise. You’d skipped out early from the class before lunch to get a head start and get your favorite meal.

It’s Friday. You figure you’ll treat yourself before being brutally murdered. A last meal, or something.

Now, you sit alone at the reject table, mind running wild with possible scenarios of how the day will go. What Toga's intended 'gift' is.

Bakugou sets down his tray with more force than required when he sits, and tucks into the meal quickly. He glares at you over the sandwich in his hands. "Dafuck you lookin’ at?" he asks around the food.

"You look like shit. Didn’t sleep?" Your words are harsh, but your tone is soft.

He merely grunts.

"Sorry..." you look down, feeling a bit guilty. You pick at the food on your plate.

"Why? Stop with that apology shit. You don’t do shit and feel bad for nothing. Dumbass."

"But you said you needed my help to sleep."

He shrugs. "Doesn't mean you gotta feel bad about not sleeping by me. You're not the reason I sleep like shit; you just help prevent it. I've managed this long without your help. If it gets real bad you'll know because I'll barge in on you and Icy-Hot doing whatever the fuck you two do and take you to my room."

"And what if we're doing stuff like what we were doing? You'd really just barge in on a guy and a girl like that?"

He narrows his eyes and smirks wickedly. "You think I care what you do with him? I'd probably jump in on the action."

Your eyes widen and a blush forms on your cheeks. You win this round, compadre. "And here I took you for the possessive type."

His eyes hold a sinful humor. "I've learned to share."

"Oh shit." It wasn't meant to be said aloud, but it slipped out. You slap a hand over your mouth quickly. He laughs at you unabashedly.

"You really are easy sometimes," he grins and continues eating.

You fight your blush and begin eating again as well. By now the cafeteria is buzzing with activity. At your table though, it remains silent for a few blessed moments before a loud, obnoxious voice cuts in.


You sigh, not looking in his direction as he throws himself on you. "West."

"You've been gone for days." His voice is melodramatic, but his eyes hold genuine worry.

"Stomach flu," you cover quickly. "Not that I needed an excuse to wanna skip."

West has gotten accustomed to speaking with Bakugou in Japanese, to make it easier for him. Bakugou watches the two of you with narrowed eyes. West notices.

"Oh, by the way baby girl," West continues in English, arm slinging around your shoulders as he sits, "happy birthday! I got you a present!"

Bakugou stops in his tracks, but continues eating to try and cover it up.

"T-Thanks, West. You really didn't have to." You blush slightly.

"Nonsense!" He fishes through his backpack. "I got you a thing that I'm sure you'll hate, so you won't feel weird about getting a gift!"

You laugh a little. "Alright, then I guess I'll take it."

He passes a little cardboard box with your name scrawled across the top in spiky handwriting. You open it.

Inside is a ring. It's plain silver with intricate geometric shapes etched into it. It looks small, just right for your pinky finger. You look at him with a suspicious expression.

"I know you hate jewelry," he explains, "but I got this anyway because I thought of you when I saw it. I dunno why."

You consider the piece again, slipping it on your right pinky finger. It holds a nice weight; just enough that it's a constant comfort. The design doesn't seem to rub or itch. The color itself is a silver that complements your skin tone. You finally smile after a moment. "Thank you."

West looks at you like you've grown antennae. "I-I'm sorry- what?" He seems to grow excited. "You're gonna wear it??"

You shrug. "I guess I like rings. Didn't know it before," you say breezily, continuing to eat. You set the box aside with your trash, leaving the ring on your finger.

West blinks a few times. "Y-Yeah, ok. Well, uh, happy birthday!"

You nod in response. Bakugou now glares at you, but more from being deep in thought than anything else.

"What?" you finally ask him, now speaking Japanese.

"I thought you just said that to get her off your case. I didn't realize it was actually your birthday."

You shrug. "What's it matter? Not like I was gonna do anything anyway."

He growls a bit. "Whatever..."

You move to finish your last bite, when a muffled beeping comes from your backpack. You and Bakugou lock eyes, while West looks around in confusion. You hurriedly snatch the laptop from it's place in your bag.

"What's that about?" West inquires.

"Alarm. Don't worry about it," you dismiss. You type quickly to silence the program, but you and Bakugou already know what it means. The program should have notified Aizawa’s phone as well.

"Where is it?" Bakugou asks.

"Few blocks. Checking the feeds now."

Bakugou looks over to the table with the other boys. It seems they heard the noise too, given the obvious attempts to not look over but doing it anyway. Midoriya and Bakugou lock eyes, and Bakugou nods.

"The others know too."

"Good." You don’t look up.

West looks between Bakugou, the other group, and you. "Seriously, what’s going on? You sound serious," he chuckles nervously.

"Don’t worry about it."

"What’s going on?"

You feel a bit frustrated. "I said-"

"Don’t tell me not to worry about it!" he snaps at you. "Clearly something is going on and last I checked, I’m your friend, and I want to help. I can't help if I don't understand."

You stop mid-type. Shit. "West-" you sigh. "It’s actually super complicated."

He quirks an eyebrow. "I’ve got time."

"Well we don’t," Bakugou growls. "So back the fuck off. I don’t care if she tells a shithead like you, but it’s gonna be on her terms."

West watches Bakugou with a strange expression, then nods. "Alright." He turns to you. "I trust you. Whatever it is, you’re making it seem really bad, so I hope you’ll be ok."

You nod and turn back to the laptop. "I hope so too. I have no idea right now, honestly." You pause when you find the footage of a glowing green portal. "Gotcha." You send a message to Aizawa’s phone, dropping a pin to the location. You watch anxiously as a figure saunters through the portal. Gatekeeper. "It’s him."

Without waiting to see more, you shut the laptop and stuff it in your bag, knowing exactly where to go. Midoriya catches your eye You cock your head in the direction of the exit, and move out swiftly. Bakugou isn’t far behind. The boys at the elite table find an excuse to leave without raising too much suspicion and follow shortly after. You're too focused to care about Alistair's icy gaze trailing you and the boys as you leave the busy lunchroom. 

Chapter Text

Aizawa arrives before you. He's hidden behind a trash bin, crouching low. You wouldn't have seen him if he hadn't whistled in your direction. The seven of you join him in the alley.

"Four of them. Gatekeeper, and three others."

"Where are they now?" you ask softly.

"Talking, over there, in the back lot."

You peek over to look at the lot. It's surrounded by brick walls on three sides. It's a bend in the alleyway, as if turning to a new street, but it leads to a dead end. The corner to turn before entering said dead end is where the eight of you lie in wait. There's a door to a building embedded in one of the walls- presumably an office or apartment complex, based on the windows scaling up the side. The opposite wall has no windows and no doors. They stand a few feet away from the door, much closer than all of you. They're talking too quietly for you to hear.

Your eyes widen when you realize who the remaining three are. Dammit, more hot villains... "Did you have a plan, Aizawa-san?"

He shakes his head. "I was merely observing. We may outnumber them, but we are quirkless at the moment. They are not. Plus, they have two allies that can create portals; that alone is a great disadvantage. We'd need to be smart about this."

"I'll go in, then," you say quickly. The boys all look at you like you're out of your mind. You continue before they try and talk, possibly ruining your cover. "They don't know me, not really. I may look like someone they know, but I'm not that person. I can pose as someone trying to get into that building; I'm doing a report for my school, or something. I don't know. I'll think on my feet. I'll try and not engage them, but get close enough to hear them."

"[L/N]-san-" Aizawa begins.

"You have no other options. You can't fight them. Right now, this is to gather intel, and see if we can predict the Gatekeeper's next move; at the very least, find out more about their powers, or motives. We need something. We can't be idle."

Aizawa meets your gaze levelly. "... Alright." Your jaw drops. He's really letting me do this? you think excitedly. The all boys look ready to explode. Aizawa silences them before they have a chance to object, glaring as he would when he uses his quirk. "She's our only option. You all may look slightly different, but she is the only one that didn't come from our reality. I trust her abilities." The last sentence makes the boys silent. They trust you, but worry about you immensely. Aizawa looks at you again. "Gather as much information as you can. If they remain in this world, we can plan our attack based on when they lose their abilities. Go, quickly."

You nod, smiling slightly. You stand and adjust your backpack and produce from it a pencil and small notebook, hoping to stick to your cover story. You jot quickly in the first clean page you find. You take a breath to compose yourself. You walk out of hiding.

Turning the corner, you are able to take in all of their appearances: Gatekeeper is covered completely in all black, save a frightening, smiling theatrical mask; Kurogiri, wearing a silver collar, white button-up shirt and grey vest, chic burgundy tie, deep purple body billowing like smoke; Dabi, dressed casually, his creamy skin juxtaposing the dark pruney skin, the two nailed together with copious staples and piercings, appraising all things around him with his gleaming turquoise eyes; Shigaraki Tomura, not wearing his many hands, but wearing a dark hoodie and jeans, his dull powder blue hair concealed mostly by the hood, skin cracked and dry-looking.

You try your best not to stare, and simply act surprised, as if you stumble upon them. Dabi, the only one facing you directly, immediately locks eyes with you. You can't help but blush at the penetrative glare. He looks at you as if he recognizes you, but you don't give the same reaction to him. I have to pull this off, you tell yourself. The others follow his gaze, and you take nervous steps forward as they watch. Shigaraki has his back to you. He's the only one that hasn't turned around.

"O-Oh," you laugh nervously, "I didn't realize people were here, sorry."

Dabi's eyes narrow. Gatekeeper speaks. "May we help you, darling child?" Their voice is as modulated and odd-sounding as when you first heard it.

"Ah, yes, sorry. Your costumes are so interesting, I nearly forgot," you smile in a way you hope is convincing. "I like cosplay myself, so I definitely gotta give you guys props for your skills!"

"Cosplay...?" you hear a gravelly voice speak, and you have to assume it's Shigaraki. A gnarled-looking hand reaches up and scratches the unseen neck behind the hood.

"Yeah! Anyway," you say, stepping closer. You're now closer to them than you are the boys. "I'm here for a school project on that building right there. Well, not that building specifically, but I chose that building for my report."

Dabi smirks at you. "Sorry, doll. That building's off limits." He saunters closer to you.

You stop and look confused. "Why? I called the city and they said it was ok..."

Something seems to click in Shigaraki's brain, because he suddenly whips around to you with an expression you can't decipher. His red eyes are wide, and there's a ghost of a smile. It's disconcerting. "You...!" He looks ready to surge forward at any moment.

"Shigaraki-san," Kurogiri warns softly. "Remember what we were told."

Shigaraki watches you with his head tilted slightly. He considers for a moment, then begins to nod. Nodding, nodding. "Yes, yes, this is a different girl. But she's the same. But she's different. I guess I understand..." He begins scratching his neck again, glaring at you. "But she looks so similar..."

You laugh awkwardly. "R-Right... Well, um, might I just sneak past you guys?"

"It's as my friend said, miss," Kurogiri says. "This building is now off limits."

Gatekeeper tilts their head. "You speak remarkable Japanese." How they all begin to flank you doesn't go unnoticed.

You smile brightly at them, hoping to rid them of the clear suspicion. "Ah! Thank you! I go to a school meant to prepare students for international business, so Japanese is a learning requirement, since Japan is such a large country in regards to the business world. But, about this building- are you guys using it for something?"

Shigaraki stiffens, and pauses his scratching. "Why do you need to know that?"

That's a yes. "Well, I need to do a report on the history of the city's architecture, and I chose this building. It's due in a few weeks, so I can come back another time, but I was hoping to do some research here today on it. How long will you guys be using it?"

"What's the address?"

You freeze, but quickly recover. You turn to Dabi. "What do you mean?"

He smiles wickedly, leaning in a bit closer to you. "What's. The. Address?"

"Of this building?" You ask. There's no way they know the address, either. Time to bullshit. "I-It's 1222 West 34th, right?" You pale. "Oh no, did I come to the wrong place...?"

"No, I think you came to the right place," he places an arm around your shoulders. He exchanges a look with the other guys, who nod. "But here's the thing, doll." He begins guiding you towards the exit, close to where your friends wait. "We're using this building for the foreseeable future." He releases you and places both hands on your shoulders. "So can you get out of here so the big boys can finish talking? Don't get me wrong, you're cute." He snatches your chin and moves your face side to side. You're pliable to his touch, though you hate that it isn't an act. "... Real cute. If you wanna stop by another time, once I'm settled in, I'd love to show you around." He gives you a sexy smolder, placing his hands in his pockets.

You blush. He's acting. I'm acting. Get a grip. You lick your lips slightly. "Will... Will all four of you be showing me around?" You look up at him through fluttery lashes.

He clicks his tongue, grinning. "Cheeky thing," he snickers as he pats your cheek. "Nah doll, those three are just here to check things out for now. They'll be back soon. But it seems I'm here to stay. And I'm sure I can keep you satisfied until they get here."

You press forward slightly, barely inches away. "Well," you giggle, "I guess I'll have to come and do some proper research another day."

He grins lecherously. "I hope you will, doll."

You begin to back away, giving him a small wave. He winks at you and turns around. You take another glance at the three men, watching you both with unreadable- and mostly unseeable- expressions. Shigaraki in particular has a sour glare, eyes dancing between you and Dabi.

You turn around and walk further away, needing to get away quick, especially from Shigaraki's unnerving eyes.

You subtly signal to the guys as you walk away to get the hell out of dodge, in case the villains decide to watch your exit. They do as you say.

The villain's don't bother doing as you feared.

You meet the boys at your apartment. When you open the door, the scene is very similar to coming home after your first villain encounter- lots of noise, not a lot of coherence. This time though, instead of Todoroki placing his hands on your shoulders, you are embraced in a hug. You hug back immediately with a sigh.

"I'm ok," you say, equal parts to him and to yourself.

"I'm glad," he says simply.

After a good moment, you release his hug, and walk to the center of the room and plop onto one of the cushions on the floor. "Alright. Give me what you heard on your end."

"That the man with burns expects you to return to that building at a later time," Aizawa states flatly.

Your face blooms in color. "T-That was all acting, I don't intend on doing anything." Shit. That was implied. Now I'm just digging the hole deeper. "But anyway, that was at the end. Basically what I found is that Dabi- the man with burns- and probably Toga are staying in that building for a while. Shigaraki and Kurogiri are not staying here for now, but will be back soon. I'm not sure what their motives are."

"That's useful information to have," Aizawa notes, more to the boys than to you, you figure. They're probably still mad at him for letting you go in there in the first place.

"At some point, we're going to have to confront them," Kirishima points out, scratching the back of his head.

"Right," Midoriya agrees, "we'll need an actual plan for when that will happen. We need to know more."

You groan. "Does that mean I gotta go back there?"

"Let's not jump to that conclusion just yet," Aizawa interjects. "We now know where they live. I can do some recon while you all are at school. Dabi doesn't know who you are, or at least doesn't think you know who we are. But Toga does. You'll have to be careful if you're going to interact with them- it has to be separate."

You nod. "It’s probably safer to talk with Toga. She's lost her powers."

"But she knows what you know, and where you live," Kirishima counters.

"But she also has a reason not to hurt me. Dabi could turn at any time," you point out. Kirishima grits his teeth, admitting you're right in that regard. "I'll approach Toga first. After a few days, when Dabi's lost his powers, I'll approach him as well. Try and figure out their motives and plans." You turn to Aizawa. "If I'm going to get anywhere with Toga, I'm going to need to meet her today around the time school lets out. If I don't meet her, any sense of trust she has in me will be gone."

Aizawa nods, considering. "Then you should prepare for that. You still have several hours."

You nod. "I'll do that, then."

Apparently to you, preparing consisted of pacing your apartment for several hours, with short breaks in between to shower and for Todoroki to practically force-feed you, despite your insistence that your weren’t hungry. He really is such a mom.

The boys have filtered in and out, taking shifts with you. They didn’t want to overwhelm you, but they all were probably more worried than you were.

Classes have just ended, you realize, and you’ll have to leave relatively soon. You aren’t sure if your nerves stem from fear or excitement; you know you shouldn’t, but you can see a scenario where you genuinely enjoy spending time with Toga, in one capacity or another. Maybe you’re afraid that you’re excited.

"I feel like I’m a spy," you admit with a small giggle as you get ready. You get dressed as if it’s a date. In some perverse way, it probably is.

"It’s pretty accurate," Kaminari laughs, rubbing your shoulders firmly. He stands behind you in the bathroom mirror, having insisted he uses his time with you to help you get ready.

The fact that he’s almost a full head taller than you is more noticeable through the reflection. He glances at the ring on your pinky finger, and lifts your hand up to inspect it. "Where’s this from?" he asks almost suspiciously.

"West gave it to me today," you say, unsure why he’s so confused. It’s not like it’s on your wedding ring finger.

"Ah," he says, releasing it. You watch him through the mirror. "What for?"

"... My birthday," you mumble. You did technically tell them it was your birthday today... they all just assumed it was an out.

His eyes widen. "Baby," he grasps your shoulders and turns you towards him. "Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?? How old are you now??"

"16," you say simply, avoiding his eyes.

"Awwww~!" He pinches your cheek. "Your sweet sixteen?? You really are a babyyy~!"

You swat his hand away with a laugh. "Oh really? And you’re such an adult?"

He shrugs. "In Japan? No. Here? Yes. It’s 18, right?"

You grunt. "Yeah. I guess you’re right." You turn back around and continue flouncing your hair and checking the final touches on your makeup.

Kaminari leans down and rests his head on your shoulder with a pouty expression. "I wish you’d told us it was your birthday. For real, not just fake."

"Why?" you ask with a smirk, hoping to ease his sadness like his presence has eased your nerves. "Would you have gotten me a present?"

"Duh." He doesn’t meet your eyes through the mirror. His cheeks hold a cherry color. What a cutie, you smile as you pat his head.

"You boys being here is more than I could ever ask for. Seriously."

Kaminari finally looks at you. "We’ve caused you nothing but trouble."

"Trouble, yes. But it’s not a troubling kind of trouble... if that makes any sense. Like, my life before you guys was boring as fuck. It just straight sucked. Now that I have you guys..." I don’t want to let you go.

"You’re saying I’m your present?" he asks, his usual grin finally plastered on his face. He moves to lean on the counter next to you. You turn to face him.

"I mean, yeah..." you laugh a bit, blushing.

"Then I better make it worth your while, huh?" He slips his hand across your cheek and into your hair, the other pulling you in by your waist. The cocky grin never leaves his face. The boy knows he’s got moves.

Your eyes lid a little. "Kaminari..."

"Denki," he corrects with a whisper.

"Denki-kun..." you whisper back, leaning in closer to him.

"Whadya say, baby girl? Want me to give you your birthday gift?"

Fuck, I love when you call me that.

"Call you what? Baby girl?" he smirks when you shudder a bit. You hadn’t realized you’d said it out loud, but apparently you had. He leans in, his lips brushing gently against your ear. "Baby girl," he whispers, "let me love on you."

"Please..." you moan softly. Your hands feel up and down his chest.

His lips press against your neck, right below the ear. "I love when you beg for me, baby girl."

"Mmm~," you bite into your lip to resist the moan. "Denki-kun~..."

His kisses trail down your neck, then back through the center of your throat and up your jaw. He retracts a bit after reaching your temple.

"We’ve got time," he says, as if deciding something.

You furrow your brows. "For wha-"

His lips slam on yours. The passion is there immediately, nothing held back or withdrawn. He puts every ounce of his energy into ravaging your mouth in a way that makes your legs weak- as if they weren’t already.

His hands trail up and down your body, from your hair, to your chest, down to your ass, and back up again. You give off soft gasps every time he grabs your ass with one of his hands. Eventually, his hands decide they prefer to play with the lower cheeks, grasping and groping them as you play tongue-of-war. You figure he’s definitely an ass guy.

He gives one of your cheeks a firm slap and pulls away with a cheeky grin. You give a high-pitched moan in response, immediately embarrassed, since the noise wasn’t muffled by his mouth like you’d expected.

"Fuck, baby, you’re a feisty one aren’t you?"

The both of you are panting a little. "Who’s fault is that, Denki-kun?"

He places a finger on your lips. "Only call me that when we’re alone, baby girl. It gets me too riled up otherwise."

You lightly kiss his finger. You smirk, knowing your pushing your luck. "What if I like getting you riled up, Den~ki~kun?"

He moves his hand to clasp your cheek, thumb moving across your lips. "Then you’ll have to pay the consequences, no matter where we are."

You open your mouth and suck his thumb lightly, looking up at him a bit through your lashes. He gives a sharp inhale. You release after a moment and casually turn back to the mirror, fussing over your appearance once again. "You messed up the lipstick. Help me fix it."

He chuckles. "Tease." His entire demeanor relaxes. "Yeah I know, we’ve got just enough time to fix you back up before you gotta go."

You look at him through the mirror suspiciously. "Did you plan this, Minari? If you wanted to wear my lipstick, you could have just asked."

He smirks. "What? Me, plan this out? No way~." He doesn’t sound very convincing.

"You’d never be that devious, would you," you say sarcastically. It’s more a statement than a question.

"Never ever. You get it."

You nod, still smiling. "I got it. Now fix my face, I’ve got a date to go to."

Chapter Text

You walked alone from your apartment to the meeting point. You figured it best to do that, rather than get an escort, in case she was watching you.

"Himiko-chan...?" you call out softly, clutching your hands together nervously. Your eyes dart around each end of the alleyway.

"[Y~N~]-chan~!" You hear the singsongy voice before you see her. You take a deep breath, then plaster an easygoing smile on your face. Toga leaps on you, and you try to give a good-natured laugh.

"Hey, Himiko-chan," you turn to her. She holds you in a loose hug, her arms around your waist.

"I'm so~ excited we can celebrate your birthday! I have the whole afternoon planned! First, we're gonna go find someone and do some stabby stabby, and then I have someone special in mind to do some stabby stabby to, and then we'll go to the secret hideout, and then-"

"Himiko-chan," you laugh nervously, "this world is different. There are cameras everywhere, if you randomly stab people, police will find out and arrest you. The police here are much better than the police in your world. They find out that stuff quickly." It's only sort of a lie; the police in your city suck, as they are easily bribed, but you figure she doesn't need to know that.

Toga pouts. "Aww~... I was hoping we could do some stabby together..." She brightens quickly. "It’s ok! You just gotta teach me what this world does for fun!"

"Uh," you think a moment, "y-yeah, sure! It's probably gonna be boring for you, though."

She shakes her head. "I like stabby stabby, but since there's no stabby in this world, I'll just find something else! I'll have fun with you no matter what, [Y/N]-chan!"

You blush. Shit. She's so cute. "Right," you smile. You try to stay on guard, but you feel at ease around her in spite of yourself. "Well, friends can go dancing, or sing karaoke..." you ponder a moment. You don't hang with people that much. "People can go on a walk, they can go eat food, go shopping, go to the movies, really anything that spends time together."

She giggles. "That sounds like a date."

"W-Well, I guess it just depends what you call it."

She leaps away. "Great! Let's go on a date, then!" She snatches your hand. "I wanna see a movie! Is there a movie with stabby in it??"

"Yeah, there probably is. There are plenty of horror movies in the theater right now, you'd like them- lots of violence and blood."

Her eyes sparkle. "Really?? I can watch people stabby and die and have blood everywhere???"

You laugh a little. She's talking about blood like it's candy or something, you think, the bizarreness of the situation losing it's effect on you. "Yep. There's lots of blood, I promise."

She jumps a little bit, excited. "Yay!! Not as fun as tasting it myself, but I can still watch it! Take me to the movie!"

You nod. "I'll lead the way, then."

The two of you walk hand in hand to the movies. You glance over at her. She wears the same uniform that she has for the last while. "Himiko-chan, do you have any other clothes?"

She shakes her head, skipping merrily. "Nope! I like this outfit. I wash it every night so it doesn't get stinky."

"I like it too, but you should wear some other things too. You might get in trouble at the movies if you look like you're wearing a school uniform. They might not let you in."

She pouts a bit. "Oka~y." She brightens, looking at you. "Take me shopping, [Y/N]-chan!"

You smile back. Her happiness is infectious. "Sure! The mall nearby has a movie theater too, we can go there and buy new clothes and then go to the movie."

She looks at you with amusement. "You're gonna buy~ clothes, and buy~ the movie tickets, you're such a goodie-goodie~!" she giggles.

You blush a bit. A villain is making fun of me for following the rules, you think, scolding your reaction. "I guess I am. I do plenty of illegal stuff in private, so I wanna at least pay for the things I do in public."

She nods, still smiling. "I get it! You pretend to be good, but really, you're as bad as me!"

You shrug, trying to keep from reacting so girlishly. "I guess so."

"Heehee~," she giggles as you two walk. "I want you to tell me all~ the bad things you do, [Y/N]-chan!"

You laugh with her. "It's nothing too exciting. I basically use my computer to take money from people."

"What kinds of people?" she asks, her yellow cat-like eyes sparkling.

"People who say they're good but really aren't."

She bounces excitedly. "You're just like Stain-sama! You hurt all the fake heroes!"

You shrug. "Yeah. Some heroes are good, but the ones that are fake don't deserve to be called heroes."

"Exactly!" she turns to you animatedly. "A~ll the heroes in my world are fakes. Fake, fake, fakes. Stain-sama is doing su~ch a good job of stabby stabbing them so they are dead and can't be fakes anymore!"

You pale a little bit. "Is? I thought he went to jail?"

"Ah, that's right~! You don't know~!" she giggles. "Stain-sama escaped from jail!"

"W-When did he escape?"

She taps her chin in thought. "Ummmm, I dunno! I forget. He's been stabbing so good... I just get so caught up in it..." She has a lustful look as she gets lost in thought.

"Right..." You walk silently next to her as she gets lost in a bloodstained reverie until you finally reach the mall. "Ah, look, here we are!" you point to it.

Toga snaps out of her thoughts and observes the mall. "It's so~ big! So many people!" she says with a spring in her step.

You smile. "Well, it is a Friday afternoon. This tends to be a popular spot for dates." As soon as you say it your cheeks flush a bit. Toga looks up at you with fluttery lashes.

"I'm so~ excited to go on a date with you, [Y/N]-chan," she says softly, a wide grin on her face.

"M-Me too," you say, trying to regain your focus. I'm here to gain her trust and to gather information. Gain trust and gather information. Gain trust and gather information...

You repeat this mantra as you distractedly lead her into the mall. Once inside, she squeals with delight. "So many cute things! I really love this world~!"

You stifle a laugh as she releases your hand and claps excitedly. "Does your world not have cute things?"

"No, it does, but I never have a chance to go anywhere. I'm not really supposed to go out in public, since I’m a wanted villain," she pouts. "Besides, in my world, if I see so many people perfect for stabby stabbing, I'll go crazy! Here, though, I don't wanna make you sad, so I'll just go shopping instead." She nods as if it makes perfect sense.

"I gotcha," you nod, ignoring the fact that she implied that she's not already crazy. "What store do you wanna go to first?"

"Hmm," she places a finger on her lips, looking deep in thought. "I think... that one!" she points to a store whose mannequins wear frilly florals and silky, saucy tank tops. The colors are more demure, with some pops of pastels. It seems odd to think of Toga wearing that sort of clothing- then again, you never thought of her wearing anything other than a school girl uniform.

"Sure," you nod.

She skips into the store, snatching various items off the shelves and racks that she wants to try on.

You proceed in a very cute montage of her trying on clothes, you reacting to them, and her pulling you in with her to try on clothes as well. You leave the store more lighthearted than when you entered. Toga’s crazy antics were actually super cute when not related to killing and blood.

Toga walks hand in hand with you once again as you lead the way to the movies. She now wears a collared floral shirt, high-waisted light wash jeans, and cute little white loafers. Her hair is still in the twin buns, giving her a youthful, spring-time feel, even in the midst of September.

You were somehow coerced into buying new clothes as well: a silky burgundy tank (not low enough to expose Todoroki’s hickey, thank goodness), a long draping black cardigan, and dark jeans. She tried to get you to wear the stunning black heels, but you knew you’d be dead in a few moments if you tried to wear them for real. You bought them because they went with the outfit, not for practical use- you may have gotten caught up in the moment, but you still valued your unblistered feet. You remained in your black ballet flats, which matched the clothing just fine.

"Two tickets for your stabbiest movie please~!" Toga bounces eagerly.

"Uh," you laugh nervously as the employee watches you with confusion. "She means, two tickets for that one," you say in English and point to the slasher film they were viewing.

The employee nods, producing the tickets and wishing you both a good movie.

"Popcorn! Popcorn!" Toga bounces like a child.

"Okay~," you relent, a smile on your face. You continue in the cycle of Toga announcing what she wants in Japanese and you translating for her.

You expect to have to explain the premise of the movie to her, but she doesn’t seem to care; she simply wants to watch the blood and gore. You assume it’s not a sentiment shared by many, given the fact you two are the only occupants of the theater. You’re not a huge fan of the genre yourself, but you have a strong stomach, and watch it just fine.

You look over at Toga about halfway through the movie, after one of the most violent parts. Her eyes are lidded, her mouth open in a wide grin. She’s panting in what you assume to be excitement. She notices you watch her, and runs her tongue across her teeth.

You blush harshly at the sight. She leans over to whisper to you. "Doesn’t this make you so excited~?" Her hand snakes onto yours and squeezes tightly. "I keep imagining it’s your blood being spilled everywhere... You’d look so pretty covered in your own blood, [Y/N]-chan..."

Your breathing becomes a bit ragged, both from fear and from her proximity. Her lips are centimeters from your ear, her breath puffing onto you hotly as she speaks. She runs her fingers delicately over your wrist.

"I bet you taste amazing too, [Y/N]-chan," she presses closer. "I wanna have a taste, I wanna taste, I wanna taste-"

"H-Himiko-chan," you say, voice catching. You’re nearly hyperventilating now. "P-Please."

"Oh, no, no no nonononono I’m not gonna hurt you," she whispers, reveling in your fear. She turns your head so you meet her eyes. "I wanna taste your blood and I wanna taste you and I wanna make you feel good when I do it. I’ll make you feel so good, since I can’t hurt you. I wanna make you go crazy for me."

You don’t calm down in the slightest, but fear does turn to white hot excitement. "F-Fuck, Himiko-chan," you whimper.

"Heehee~," she snakes her other hand onto your thigh. "You’re pretty when you’re scared, you’re pretty when you want me... you’re so pretty... I wanna be you... but I can’t, not yet, so I’ll make you feel good," she murmurs, looking deeply into your eyes. "I had another idea for a present, but plans changed... I think I know what to give you now." She whispers sensually to you. "Can I give you my gift, [Y/N]-chan?"

You bite your lip, nodding.

Amidst the gore and screams, you and Himiko lock lips. You weren’t sure what to expect from Himiko, but it was certainly not disappointing. She kisses you desperately, selfishly, but somehow her self-serving touches to feel and taste you feel amazing.

She sits up on her knees in the chair. Her hands roam up your back and down your side. She pulls your legs up and she straddles your hips, laying you down across several seats. Being beneath her is a scary place, but that fear only makes more hot shivers race down your spine.

Toga trails kisses down your neck, lightly nibbling at your jugular. "I wanna bite you ri~ght here," she indicated with a lick, "where you’d spray out so~ much blood. You’d look so pretty, blood spraying out of your neck," she lets out a squeal at the thought. "I can’t do it now, but someday," she promises to herself. She latches back onto your neck with soft pecks and bites, not enough to break the skin, but enough to make you a moaning mess under her.

The credits roll. You and her finally break apart. You’re sure you’ve just through some kind of time warp- there’s no way you and Toga just made out for the better part of 45 minutes, right? She hops off you and stretches casually as the lights turn back on. You sit up, suddenly lightheaded.

"C’mon!" Toga encourages, grabbing your hand and tugging you behind her. You nod. You begin to regain focus after a few moments of walking with her.

"Is anyone else at your hideout now?" you ask, hoping not to seem like you’re interrogating her, even though you basically are.

"Yeah," she wrinkles her nose. "Dabi. Dumb-dumb Dabi."

You snort a bit at the nickname. "Does he know you call him that?"

She grins. "Of course! I call him that all the time! He gets mad at me a lot," she recalls with a nod.

"I didn’t realize Dabi was here. When did he get here?"

"Today," she sighed. "I thought the hideout would be free for us to go back to and have fun, but I guess we can’t." She sounds disappointed.

"So you didn’t know he was showing up?"

She shakes her head. "Nope~! I think Tomu-kun showed up today too, with Giri-san, but they didn’t say hi," she pouts.

"Aw, that sucks. When will they be back?"

"I think soon," she says, sure of herself. "Dabi said Tomu-kun can’t stay long until it’s time for him to do what we planned."

You put on a mischievous smile, hiding your desperation for the answer. "What is it you have planned?"

"Secret~!" she giggles and boops your nose. "Just kidding. They didn’t tell me. They said I talk too much, which I do not!"

You resist a frustrated growl. "You’re right, that’s mean of them."

She nods fervently. "I know!! All they told me was to find and not kill the dumb heroes you live with. Tomu-kun told me I wasn’t aloud to talk to you if I met you, but I didn’t listen," she giggles.

You squeeze her hand lightly. "I’m glad you didn’t listen."

"Me too! Now your my best friend!" she bounces excitedly.

You give a weak smile in response. You reach the alley where you met. "I’m gonna go home now, I had a lot of fun, Himiko-chan!"

She smiles, nodding. "Yeah! I wish we coulda gone stabby stabby together, but the movies were fun too! Bye bye, [Y/N]-chan!"

You give her a small wave and walk away.

As soon as you’re out of visual range, you release a long sigh. The bags of clothes in your hand feel much heavier now that the adrenaline is going down.

"Dammit," you rub the back of your head in a soothing way. Toga is like one of those friends that is fun in the moment, but afterwords you’re exhausted and thinking back it was entirely a mistake. Fuck.

You open the door to your room. Todoroki is in his bed, laying down with his hands on his stomach, looking at the ceiling. Upon you entering, his eyes snap to you.

"Hey," you greet him as he sits up. You flop the bags in your hand onto the ground.

"How was it?" he asks nervously, taking in your exhausted state. When he reaches you he rubs your arms soothingly. He didn’t get any time with you one-on-one after the events earlier in the day, so he had been worried sick about you, despite hearing you were fine from the other boys. He needed to see for himself.

"Fine. Fun, actually. I really enjoyed myself." Your tone is flat.

"You don’t sound convinced," he points out gently.

You shrug. "I did enjoy myself at the time. I found out some information, I guess. I’m just really tired. I didn’t realize how wound up and nervous I was when she was around until she wasn’t, and now I’m ready to crash."

He nods, understanding. "I get it. Do you want me to stay with you?"

You nod. "Yeah."

"Ok." He puts a hand on your back, leading you towards the bathroom. "Wash up. I’ll go tell the others you’re back. If you’re hungry, Bakugou made you a meal you can warm up quickly. It’s in the refrigerator."

"Thank you, Shouto-kun."

He smiles and plants a kiss on your forehead. "You’re welcome, [Y/N]-chan."

Chapter Text

While you bathed, Todoroki went to one of the boys’ apartment rooms where the others were waiting. He informed them you were home safe, and they went to their respective rooms.

Todoroki was back by the time you came out of the bath. "I wasn’t sure if you wanted to eat, but I made the food anyway."

You smile gratefully. "I don’t feel like eating, but I know I need it. Thanks."

He nods, a gentle expression on his face. "Come on." He gestures for you to join him at the coffee table where he’d set up everything.

"You’re too nice to me," you smile as you sit down.

He shakes his head. "You deserve it."

"Why?" you ask him seriously as you begin to eat the food Bakugou made.

Todoroki watches you for a minute. "I suppose it’s because... I know something about you that you don’t."

You quirk an eyebrow. "Interesting. What might that be?"

He hesitates. "Who you’ll become. I don’t know who you are now, but because of what you will do, I want to get to know who you are now. And I want to help you in the way that you’ll help others."

You put your fork down. "You say this as as if you’ve met my future self. Have you been in this world before...?"

He shakes his head.

"But you’ve met my future self."

"In a sense."

You scoff, picking up more food. "What does that even mean?"

He smirks. "It’s no fun if I spoil it." His face grows serious. "But I do need you to know... you can trust me. Completely. I may not be easy to talk to at first, but once I get some sense knocked into me, I’ll be there for you unconditionally. I swear it."

The intensity in his eyes is overwhelming, and you have to look away. "I guess I’ll just have to trust that I’ll know what that means in the future."

He smiles sweetly. "You will."

You think a moment, and then smile. "Does that mean I meet you again?"

His eyes sparkle with a mischief you can’t help but love. "Spoilers." He says it as if it’s an inside joke. For all you know, it could be.

You purse your lips, not quite satisfied, but still happy to know this isn’t the end. Whatever ‘this’ is. "Alright, then. Keep your secrets."

He leans over the table. "There is one thing that I can tell you that isn’t much of a spoiler, though."

You raise your eyebrows. "Yes?"

His eyes are serious, almost desperate. "I’ve found you to be incredible in all senses of the word since the moment I met you. I might not have been able to act on the feelings I had, but they were there nonetheless. I want you- I need you to know that. Please... don’t be afraid to approach me."

You place your hand on his cheek. "Shouto-kun, I will never be afraid of you in any way. That I can promise."

He smiles once again, placing his hand over yours. He looks relieved. "God, I missed you." He places a kiss on the palm of your hand. You blush deeply.

"Where did I go?"

"It’s not where you went so much as who I was... I was thinking about how much you help me, how much you help everyone. Now I understand even more why you did what you did- what you will do- but it makes the time before I knew you that much more miserable in hindsight."

Your face glows with heat. "I impact you that much...?"

He interlaces his hand with yours. "You’ll just have to wait and see."

You woke up feeling refreshed. You and Todoroki shared a bed together once again, but this time you both fell into a comfortable position very early on. The day had been so long- hell, the week had been so long- that the previous night of you two awkwardly laying stiff next to one another seems like a distant memory.

It was funny to you how is left side smelled like pine, and his right smelled like wintergreen. It was a subtle difference, and it all blended together nicely, but when you focused you could tell it was two scents from different sides.

It’s now Saturday, so with no obligations and no homework- since you’d skipped classes for the majority of the week- you were allowed to sleep in. Not that it would have made a difference if it was a school day or a weekend, it was just more convenient that you were able to do so without school-related consequences.

You wake naturally in the early afternoon. You find yourself stretching comfortably in your bed. There is a significant lack of Todoroki, but you figure he’d have been just sitting there for most of the day so you don’t blame him for bailing. It probably would have been weirder if he’d waited for you to wake up.

You stumble out of your room with a big yawn. Kirishima meets your eyes with an energetic smile. "Morning, sleepy head!"

You mumble something akin to ‘good morning’ and he laughs, patting your head.

"Did you sleep well?? I tried to make you some eggs and stuff but they got burnt real bad and so I just kinda waited until Bakubro woke up and let him do the cooking."

He sits you at the table and lets you start eating. You smile at him through sleepy eyes. "Thanks for trying," you yawn at him. "Where’s the others?"

"With Aizawa-sensei. They’re discussing possible plans about what to do when Shigaraki returns."

"Shouldn’t you be part of that meeting?"

Kirishima shrugs. "Nah, I wouldn’t add much to it. Besides! I’d rather spend time with you now that we’re roomies for the next few days!"

You glare at him slightly. "Ok, I’m gonna ignore that first bit because I know you know that’s bullshit. But I’m glad I get to room with you!" You smile excitedly at him.

He blushes a bit, scratching the back of his head. "Ehehe, yeah I was fishing a bit. Sorry, I’m still working on it."

You nod. "It’s ok. You’ve got every right to be proud of who you are, so don’t let anyone or anything let you feel otherwise- even yourself."

He listens to you intently. He smiles. "Thanks..." he hides his blush and turns his head.

You shrug. "It’s nothing. I don’t say it if it’s not true." You pause. "Unless I’m lying. But," you grin at him, "I don’t lie to people I like. And I like you, Kiri."

He chuckles, hunching a bit in embarrassment. He hasn’t styled his black hair today, so it flops onto his eyes. You reach forward and tuck some behind his ears with a smile. "There you are." He might be self conscious about his hair, you think, as ridiculous as it sounds. You remember him dying his hair was a big confidence boost for him in the anime.

He returns your smile, flashing his teeth brilliantly. "Here I am."

You both laugh a little as you finish up eating. "I think I need to take you boys shopping today. And maybe get some food while we’re out. Bakugou can’t be expected to cook every meal."

You walk with your arms linked with Kaminari’s as the seven of you walk through the mall. They wear their nicer clothes, but that’s only one of two things they can wear aside from the school uniform.

The others eye your arm in Kaminari’s somewhat enviously. Kaminari had jumped on the chance as soon as you’d left the apartment building. The more quiet or shy of the boys don’t stand a chance against him in those situations.

When you pay attention, you feel a slight tingling where your skin meets Kaminari’s. It’s never a snap, like when you get shocked by static, but a constant humming that feels rather soothing. There seems to be some electricity left in him. You wonder if that’s an indicator that he’ll regain his powers easily when he gets back.

"Hey, let’s go in there!" Kaminari points to a store with edgier street clothes.

You look back at the others, and they shrug. "Alright then, Minari, lets get you some clothes here."

Kaminari has a great sense of style, not that you’re surprised. He snags things off the shelves only after careful consideration. He also knows his sizes and body type very well, and looks amazing in everything he picks.

You’re eager to buy clothes for him- he makes it incredibly fun for you. The other boys peruse the store but only the Bakusquad picks clothes from this store. Bakugou and Kirishima pick some darker tees and hoodies they like, as well as some jeans that were very nicely fitting in the back.

Kaminari walks out with a spring in his step. "This is so awesome! Thanks, [Y/N]-chan!"

"Seeing you look so fine~ makes it worth it," you wink at him.

He grins wide. "Hell yeah I do!"

"Hell yeah!"

"Sorry to interrupt," Todoroki interrupts in a manner than indicates that he is not at all sorry, "but I believe it is my turn to get clothes."

Todoroki slips his hand in yours and you barely have the chance to exchange a shocked glance with Kaminari before you’re toted away to another store that has mostly patterned button-ups and nicer jeans.

Todoroki finds a nice mix of solids and patterns of both t-shirts and button-ups to go over slim fitting jeans. Iida picked a more basic selection, but looked fly nonetheless. Midoriya got some jeans, but didn’t find any shirts he liked. You notice Midoriya’s basically the only person not to have found something he really liked, so you grab his hand when Todoroki and Iida are checked out.


"C’mon, I got an idea of where we can go." You turn to the others. "Hey, I’m gonna go to a store with Izu-kun, you guys go on to the food court. We’ll only be a few minutes behind you guys."

"How are we gonna buy anything to eat, dumbass?" Bakugou grumbles, clearly not happy about your holding Midoriya’s hand.

You grab the card you’ve been using to make the bulk purchases and hold it out to him. "Done bitching yet?"

He snatches it and turns away with a mutter under his breath. You smile to Midoriya. "Let’s go."

He follows you, equal parts excited and nervous. "W-Where are we going?"

You grin maniacally. "Somewhere I think you’ll find some good shirts and things like that. Very ironic. I think you’ll like it."

You stop right in front of the store you go to for any and all anime/gaming merchandise. You beeline to the anime section, knowing they have a plethora of Boku No Hero Academia clothes and accessories and things of the like.

Midoriya stops, looking at each and every piece of clothing in awe. A wobbly smile finds his face. "T-That’s me! There’s Kacchan! Ochako-chan! Hatsume-san! A-All Might!"

"Shhh," you laugh at his excitement. You speak softly. "See? You really are a hero. All of you guys are."

He turns to you with a brilliant smile. "Thank you, [Y/N]-chan!"

"Don’t thank me yet, we haven’t even picked out your clothes."

He turns back to the wall, a bit star struck, picking out shirts that he liked the design of. All Might standing victoriously, himself and Shigaraki ready to engage in battle with one another, class 1-A (with Mineta, not with your body double), and a few with simple Japanese characters in phrases from the show. ‘I am here!’ and ‘Plus Ultra!’ were his top picks.

Midoriya holds the shirts giddily. "Ready to ring them up?"

He nods fervently. "Yes! This is so cool! Thank you so much!" He bows a few times.

"You look like Iida," you giggle. "Come one, the others are waiting."

After (quietly) saying your goodbyes in the hallway, you and Kirishima go into your apartment. He watches you as you move about the rooms getting ready for bed and you notice out the corner of your eye. 

“Like what you see, Red?”

He blushes and you laugh. He chuckles nervously. “Sorry. I’m just not used to sharing a room with someone so pretty.” Now it’s your turn to blush. “Besides, my hair isn’t red anymore.”

“No, but I’m sure you’re still a riot,” you laugh with him.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one.” He sheds his clothes and stands in his boxers. You watch, barely trying to contain your drool. “Like what you see, babe?”

You blink and look up at him. “Huh? Oh, yeah. You’re pretty jacked.” You feel your ears burn.

He seems to be growing more comfortable around you, while you’re growing more nervous around him. “Well thanks, you’re not bad yourself.”

“I certainly hope not. I gotta keep up with all you guys.”

“You don’t seem to be struggling, though,” he winks.

You give him a saucy smirk. “Would you like me to be?”

Kirishima grins. “Babe if I made a move, the last thing you’d be doing is struggling.”

“At least you’re confident,” you smile, walking up to him and patting his cheek. He traps your hand under his, forcing you to continue feeling his impeccable jawline.

“You don’t think I can make you feel amazing?” His red eyes bore into yours.

You bite your lip. “I think the question isn’t can you, but will you?” 

He leans forward, want for you swimming in his eyes. “Oh, I think I will.”

Chapter Text

"Oh, I think I will."

You feel his breath hit your face gently. Your hand is trapped between his jaw and his hand. Your thumb gently traces where it can. His other hand finds your waist. Your other hand finds his bicep. The two of you inch closer together.

Knock knock knock.

You jump apart. Kirishima looks ready to kill the cockblock, grabbing the pair of pants he intended on changing into and slipping them on as you go to the door.

Aizawa meets your gaze. "Hi Aizawa-san."

He nods. "Are you able to discuss anything you’ve learned from Toga?"

You nod and gesture for him to come in. Kirishima lounges on his couch bed while you and Aizawa sit in the chairs on opposite sides. "I found out that she knows nothing. They’re not telling her anything. But she came with instructions. She says she was told specifically to find and watch all of the boys that came through. Shigaraki also told her specifically to stay away from me, and not to talk to me. She obviously didn’t listen. But I don’t know why he’d have that specific order." You think about how he looked at you and shiver a bit. "He also reacted oddly to me when I met him the yesterday."

"Hmm, could be something to do with his past regarding your double. Anything else."

You nod. "She said that the Hero Killer escaped from jail. He does get caught, and I’m not sure when it happens, but he does eventually escape."

Kirishima sits up. "He hasn’t escaped during my time."

You furrow your eyebrows in thought. "Then she’s either lying, or from even further in the future than you are." You rub your temple. "Which makes me wonder where in time the other villains are from..."

"You’ve done well," Aizawa says, sensing your stress level rising. "Get some rest, both of you. We’ll discuss this more tomorrow."

You nod. Aizawa stands and leaves without another word. You and Kirishima sit quietly, listening as the the door clicks shut. You take a breath, letting your stress dissipate. You look at Kirishima.

You stand from your seat and approach him slowly. You place a hand on his knee. "Where were we?"

Kirishima grins up at you. "Hop on, babe."

You smirk and straddle him. Your face heats up as you settle on his hips. "Are you using your quirk, or are you just happy to see me?"

"I don’t need my quirk to harden for you, baby."

You shiver, smiling deviously at him. He gives you a similar look as his hands grip your hips and sides. You lay your chest onto his as your lips slowly meet. Your hips move on their own accord, matching the rhythm in which you kiss the boy below you.

"Mmm~," you groan into the kiss as he handles you with a bruising grip. "Eiji~..."

He growls against you. "Open your mouth for me," he orders, and you obey, allowing him to slip his tongue in. You meet his with a soft moan. His grip tightens and he pulls you even closer.

Kirishima’s shark teeth nibble against your bottom lip, not hard enough to draw blood, but you definitely feel the dent they leave. You gasp as he bites your lips, your neck, your ear. He reaches your shoulder and really has his way with it.

"Eiji~," you moan.

"You like that, baby?" he chuckles huskily into your ear.

You nod, biting your lip.

"Tell me what you like."

"I-I," your face feels incredibly warm, "I l-like it when you b-bite me."

"Like this?" he asks, and gently nips your shoulder.

You met out a shuddered breath. "H-Harder."

You can feel the grin. "Like this?" He bites down more, this time it’s bruising but not terribly hard.

"More, Eiji, I love it," you gasp, hips grinding against his.

He growls and flips you so you’re planted under him. "How hard? Do you want me to bruise you? Make you bleed?"

You nod.

"I want you to tell me. What do you want me to do to you?"

"B-Bite me so I bleed," you stutter, not meeting his eyes. You don’t know why you’re suddenly eager for him to do what you were terrified of Toga doing just a day ago. Perhaps you just trust him more. Kirishima wouldn’t hurt you, not really. Or at least, he’d patch you back up after he did.

He makes a deep sound that’s near animalistic. "Fuck," he says under his breath. He leans down and tenderly licks an unblemished space on the junction where your neck meets your shoulder, then bites down. Hard.

You let out a gasping, high pitched moan. You weave your hands through his dark hair and grip tightly. It hurt. It hurt good. "F-Fuckkkkk~, Eiji~," you cry out as tears spring in your eyes. He grunts in response, biting harder. He doesn’t release until you feel warmth dribble onto your shoulder. The tension you held immediately dissipates when he lets go. You didn’t realize you were hardly breathing.

Kirishima laps at the blood ever so carefully. He licks up what bubbles up, placing delicate kisses around the wound and blowing gently on the scorching hot skin.

You catch your breath as he kisses and licks the bite. Your hands release his hair and caress where you were pulling. You give a long, content sigh when he focuses on a particularly sensitive spot.

When he’s satisfied, he plants a final kiss on the wound, then another on your neck, and then up to your lips. He tastes metallic and raw. You whimper at the taste.

He flops beside you. "How was that?"

You look at him with glassy eyes. "Amazing," you sigh.

He grins. He leans back in for another deep kiss. "Goodnight, beautiful." He covers you with the blankets.

"Goodnight, handsome."

You woke up early, which is very unusual for you, but you don’t complain- it gives you plenty of time to slap a band aid on the bite mark and put on a turtleneck before the other boys get to your apartment. Thank goodness for cold weather, you sigh.

Eventually, everyone arrives and Kirishima has no choice but to wake up. Apparently he’s the biggest sleepyhead of the bunch, followed closely by Kaminari.

Aizawa begins the little meeting by explaining what you’d told him yesterday.

You felt looks of concern and protective anger when Aizawa mentions Shigaraki.

Kaminari scratches his head. "I mean, given the way he treats Miki-chan, I’m not surprised he’d be interested in [Y/N]-chan."

You zone in on Kaminari. "How does he treat her?"

Kaminari grunts. "Well, when she was-"

"It’s not important," Todoroki interrupts, shooting Kaminari a glare.

Kaminari seems to realize something and nods. "Right, sorry. He’s just kinda... creepy."

"Well yeah," you scoff a little. "The guy’s a psycho. I guess I’ll have to be careful around him. That... fascination can be to our advantage, or it might not be. We’ll have to be cautious what we do in public, in case Toga reports something to him. But she’s not about to tell me anything about him, or their plans.”

“So basically,” Kirishima summarizes, “Toga knows nothing at the moment.”

You nod. “Toga doesn’t know anything about the plan. But Dabi probably does.”

Todoroki’s eyes meet yours. “No.”

You’re taken aback by the violent reaction. “What? No?”

“He’s far too dangerous to be engaging with. You may be able to trick Toga by using her crush on Ueno-san against her, but Dabi isn’t so easily swayed. You can’t use Ueno to change his mind; if anything, if you reveal what you know about us, he might...” he closes his eyes and sighs. “He might take matters into his own hands. And we don’t want that.”

You don’t think you’ve heard him sound so adamant about anything. When did he meet Dabi, I wonder...? You shake those thoughts, knowing you wouldn’t get answers about his past- or your future- from him. You take a deep breath. “I understand you’ve been through a lot because of these villains,” you say evenly, “but I need to approach them so I can best help you guys. I’m the only one that can do this. You know that. Dabi doesn’t know that I know who he is. I might not be able to use the past he has with my double to my advantage, but I can use what I have as the person I am now.” You meet his eyes. “Please, let me help you guys.”

Todoroki closes his eyes, but nods. You turn to Aizawa. He nods as well. You smile.

“Well, I guess I better start looking for Dabi.”


Chapter Text

Your search for Dabi began on your laptop. You tracked what his movements had been the last few days; mostly it was back and forth between the hideout and corner stores, pickpocketing or straight up mugging people for cash along the way. He didn't seem to be doing much other than waiting around. You found one clip of him passing Toga in the street, when she was entering and he was leaving. There wasn't any audio but you could easily tell they didn't like each other by the way they spat at one another. Hopefully that means she hasn't told him about me, you think.

The most recent footage is of him returning from the store with a bag of what's probably food. Even villains gotta eat.

"That was just now," you mutter to yourself. Kaminari slings himself over the back of the chair you sit in.

"Find him?"

You nod. "Seems like he’s home and Toga’s not. Now would be the time to go." You close the laptop and spring up.

"Wait- like now now?" Kirishima asks from across the room. He stands up as you put on your shoes in a rush.

"Yep. Like I said, now’s the time. It’s about the day where his powers are really going down, too. Should be the safest bet, especially since we have no clue when his buddies are coming back." You pause. "Go out and do something. All of you. Toga has to watch you guys, and if she’s watching you, she’s not watching me."

Iida chops his hand. "We will do our best to provide a suitable distraction!"

You smile at him. "I appreciate it. I’m heading out, then."

"Ok," Kirishima sounds doubtful of the plan, but isn’t about to argue. "Be careful."

You nod to him and wave to the rest of the boys. They say their goodbyes as you move swiftly through the halls.

It’s a windy autumn day. Wind whips through your hair and tries its best to blind you. You have a vague idea where Toga is in relation to her hideout and your apartment, so you stick to a different route than usual in hopes of not running into her.

Your plan succeeds, it seems, because you arrive in the familiar alleyway without running into your yandere waifu. You walk up to the door leading into the building. Do I just knock...?

You’re not sure if villains knock, but you figure a courtesy knock before you enter is civil enough, so that’s what you do.

You enter a room that looks vaguely similar to where the League of Villains were shown to meet in the anime. It’s dark and musky, dust motes floating through the air. There’s a lamp glowing far off in a corner, but the only good sources of light are the grimy window that filtered through only a small amount of sunlight. A bar with stools and a few scattered bottles lining the shelves was to your left. A door is tucked next to where the bar ends. To your right are a few mismatches tables and chairs, a couch with a leg broken and tufts of stuffing torn out, and a small area rug that has peculiar stains on it- what can stain something lime green? In the far corner on the opposite wall of the lamp- which has a small reading chair next to it- are several mattresses with blankets thrown overtop them.

The room itself is huge- the entire building seems to be one room. The spatterings of furniture only making the space look bigger.

Dabi sits alone at the bar. In his hand is a deli sandwich and on the bar sits a glass tumbler with an unknown liquid you feel safe to assume is alcoholic. He doesn’t look at you.

"Toga, I swear to fucking hell if you try and tell me about that girl one more time-"

"Wow, and here I thought you’d be happy to see me."

Dabi snaps his head to you, his turquoise eyes scanning you intensely. His expression shifts from being pissed off to easygoing- not that you were fooled. "Shit, doll, I didn’t think you’d actually come back around."

You quirk a brow as you walk closer to him. "Why? Do you think I wouldn’t be a little curious about you?"

He chuckles, shamelessly eyeing you up and down. "A man can hope a hot little piece like you would come back around his way, but I wasn’t holding my breath. Still need to do that report?"

You shake your head. "Nah, I just picked a different building. Turned it in the same day." You sit down next to him at the bar.

"What an overachiever," he grins at you.

You smile flirtatiously back. "I’m eager to please."

He lifts an eyebrow, taking a swig of his drink. "Interesting."

You smirk. "Not nearly as interesting as you. You’ve got a... unique look to you. There’s a story there, eh?"

He smirks back. "I can guarantee you, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before."

"Probably not; you’re a very famous character. But hearing it from your mouth? Now that’s a treat." You lean in. "Tell me, Dabi, what’s a nefarious villain like you doing in my city?"

He laughs. "Doll, you’ve got a mouth on you, that’s for sure. What makes you think I’m a fake?"

"I never said you were," you shrug.

"Not in so many words." He finally turns his body to you. "C’mon, that couch is shit but it’s better than these bar stools."

You smile and follow him to the couch. You sit on the opposite side as him, but the couch is small enough that the two of you touch no matter what way you sit. You face him completely and cross your legs, your back against the couch’s arm. Dabi sits casually, draping an arm against the back of the couch.

"So," you prompt, "what brings you so far from Japan?"

He considers you for a moment. He shrugs. "Business. Following a couple of wannabe heroes."

You raise your eyebrows in interest. "There’s more of you?"

He clicks his tongue. "I’m not with them, but in the way you’re meaning, yes. We want to keep an eye on them until Handsy finds his way back here. Whenever the fuck that’ll be."

"What will ‘Handsy’ do when he finds the heroes?"

Dabi smirks. "That’s top secret, doll."

You pout. "Does ‘top secret’ information come at a price, then?"

"I like the way you think." Dabi beckons you to him with a flick of his finger. "I might be convinced."

You smirk, and move over to him. You straddle onto his lap. You’re a bit frightened by how comfortable you are in this position, but you don’t let yourself think about that. "What might I have to do to prove myself trustworthy to you, Dabi?" His hands grab your outer thighs and feel up your sides. You think a moment about why you’re wearing a turtleneck. Shit, you realize, I really can’t do this.

"Well, the way I see it, no hero would ever associate with a villain."

You hum a bit. "Well I’m not the most heroic person myself. Though I’d be happy to prove it to you." You lean in a bit. He grabs your chin, halting you.

"That’s an interesting statement to make, doll. I thought a good girl like you would be eager to be a hero."

You shake your head as much as his grip allows. "Nope," you grin. "I may look good, but it’s just to hide the bad."

"Hmm," he smiles deviously at you. "I wonder what it is that you do that’s so bad?"

"That’s top secret," you click your tongue.

Dabi chuckles. "You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine?"

You hop off him with a grin. You figure you’ll have to go first, so you give the cliff notes version of your tragic backstory. You may have flimflammed Dabi a lot, but you figure for this, the closer you stick to the truth, the better.

He watches with hardened features. "Huh," he scratches the back of his head. "That’s one tragic backstory. You do make a good villain, doll." He grins at you.

"Your turn, Dabi."

He shakes his head. "I’m not about to tell you my tragic backstory."

You shake your head as well. “I’m not asking you to, don’t worry. I don’t care who you were, just who you are now."

That phrase seems to hit something, because he watches you for a moment. "Y-Yeah, alright." He composes himself. "Yeah. Well, basically, we’re gonna kill all the heroes in our way."

Your blood turns to ice. You can’t let it show, though. So you don’t. "Really, now," you ask with a smirk.

He nods. "Yup. We’re gonna isolate the most troublesome of them, and when Handsy comes back he’s gonna kill them."

You laugh a little. "So you’re all gonna have a battle or something? In the middle of the street, or?"

He grins with you. "Nah, nothing like that. We’ve been keeping tabs on them, so we know where they are, and then when Shigaraki comes back we’ll overpower them and poof, no more heroes."

"You’re keeping tabs on them, as you sit in this warehouse?"

"I’m not the only one here, you know."

"Oh, Toga- you thought I was her when I walked in."

He nods. "Annoying-as-fuck school girl thinks she’s all buddy-buddy with whatever dumb bitch the heroes are staying with in this world."

You grunt. "That’s gotta be irritating."

He sighs. "Yeah. It’s bad enough the heroes have friends in this world, but now even my supposed ally is buddying up with her? Bullshit."

"Well," you say cautiously, "now you’ve got someone in this world, too."

He looks at you. "Yeah. Someone. Dunno what you are, but you’re someone."

You smile. "Sometimes a ‘someone’ is all you need."

He considers you for a moment. "I guess. That’s some sappy shit I’m not in the mood for. Nice talking with ya hot stuff, but I’m gonna take a snooze now. So, if you’d kindly get the fuck out."

You giggle a bit and nod, getting up and walking to the door. "I’ll see you later, Dabi."

"Bye..." he stops. "Damn. What’s your name?"

You freeze. No doubt Toga has said your name. "M-My name’s... Ueno Mieko."

He watches you for a moment, and grins. "Alright. See ya, Miki-chan."

You smile and wave at him. You exit as quickly as you can. You do you best not to freak out as you go back to the apartment. They’re going to kill them. That’s their goal. They’re going to kill the heroes while they’re quirkless and helpless.

Chapter Text

You are struggling to breath by the time you get to your apartment. They’re gonna die. They’re going to get captured and killed.

He could be lying. You remind yourself that. But if he thinks that you’re a random nobody with nothing to gain from the info other than emotional connection and motive to bone him, then why would he lie? Wouldn’t he just not say anything?

Then again, this is Dabi. He’d lie just to get off on it.

The thoughts swirl around and around as you walk into you home in a blind daze. Aizawa sits in a chair, laptop in his lap. One look at you, and he stands swiftly.

"What happened? Are you hurt?"

You blink away tears you didn’t realize were there. You shake your head. "Jus’ scared," you hiccup as he rushes over to you, hands on your shoulders in a comforting way. He sighs in relief.

"Ok. Let’s calm down and then we can talk about what happened."

You nod, wiping your eyes. Aizawa sits you down on the couch and finds a blanket for you, covering you up in the soft warmth. He sits beside you, letting you rest your head against his shoulder as he rubs your back soothingly.

Your breathing becomes normal after a few moments. "He wants to hurt you. All of you."

Aizawa smirks a little. "From what I hear, he tries a whole lot and doesn’t succeed."

You shake your head, looking up at him. "No, this time it’s different. They’re trying to kill you, for real. Not just as a way to get to All Might, not just if you block their path- they’re targeting all of you. They brought the boys here knowing they’d lose their powers and then S-Shigaraki’s gonna come here a-and-" Your eyes well up again and your breathing picks up.

"Hey, hey," Aizawa shushes you as you work yourself up again. "It’s gonna be fine. We’re heroes, we’re used to tricky situations. We’ll figure it out. You’re doing incredibly well, and it’s thanks to you we have an idea about what to expect. You probably... no. You definitely saved our lives."

You listen to him with your eyes closed, relishing the warmth and comfort he brings you. "Thanks, Aizawa-san."

He looks down at you. You don’t see his face, but behind the neutral expression is a warmth. "Yeah. No problem."

You don’t remember falling asleep, but you wake up on the couch. You’re smothered in blankets and pillows. The boys bustle around quietly, clearly trying (and failing) not to wake you. They move around somewhat comically in their futile attempts to keep their noise level down.

"You all look like a bunch of idiots," you smile sleepily, remaining in the comfortable warmth.

Iida is closest to you, sitting in the chair beside you. He hops down and kneels in front of you. "Are you feeling alright, [Y/N]-chan?"

You sigh a little. "Yeah, I guess. Just worried about you guys."

He pats your head gently. "No need to worry about that. We will certainly not fail to overcome even the most impossible of obstacles." His smile is determined, and it makes you remember that these are heroes. If it were in the show, you’d have no doubt they pull through. Why not have the same hope now?

"I’m not used to being so optimistic in real life," you admit with an embarrassed smile.

"It is alright. We’ll help you learn."

You watch him for a moment, and decide to believe him. You nod. "Thanks, Tenya-kun."

He smiles sweetly. "Of course. Now, it is time for us to have dinner, so I would recommend you join us!" He chops affirmatively. "It is very important to maintain your health in the midst of battle, and health starts at home!"

You can't help but laugh at how easily he switched back to his usual robotic self. At least he has a soft side, you think.

You drag the blankets with you to the floor as you sit squished between Kaminari and Bakugou. It’s as if you have assigned seats, the way those two always flank you during meal times. It brings a sense of familiarity, though, and you enjoy it. Kaminari weasels under the blankets with you during dinner, and Bakugou finds your hand under the table, occasionally giving it soft squeezes.

When the boys leave after your routine good-night-hugs, you’re left with a very cuddly Kirishima. About as soon as the door closes, strong arms wrap around your waist and a head flops onto your shoulder. You pat his black hair.

"I’m surprised you haven’t tried dying it again," you say lightly. He grunts.

"Eh. When we go back I’ll do it again."

You turn around in his arms to face him. You drape your arms over his neck. "I thought there was some big backstory behind the red hair, though? Aren’t you eager to have it back?"

He smiles at you, but it reads exhaustion. "Yeah. It gave me confidence. Made me feel like I could be a hero. While I’m here, though, there’s no reason for me to have it- I’m quirkless, I’m no hero right now."

You watch him with an irritated glare. "Kirishima. Don’t you dare tell me you’re not a hero."

His eyes widen. "B-But my quirk-"

"Has nothing to do with your heroism," you interrupt. You grip the sides of his face so he looks at you. "Absolutely nothing. You are what makes you a hero, not any quirk. In your world, your quirk is stable and able to take hits. Your compassion and inner strength are what make it heroic. It’s not flashy, but you use it in a way that is heroic, and makes you someone people can look up to."

Kirishima looks like he’s blinking away tears. "I-I," he sniffs. "I don’t wanna dye my hair."

You laugh, and he laughs with you. You draw him into a gentle kiss, which he reciprocates after a moment of shock. You politely ignore the warm wetness on his cheeks and weave your fingers through his soft black hair. He sighs into your mouth and pulls you closer.

The kiss is slow and sweet. The kiss the night before was frantic and hazardous and chaotic. Right now, he just wants to feel you.

After a moment of slow and borderline lazy kisses, you break apart and just look at each other.

"Can we cuddle?" Kirishima asks sheepishly after a second.

You giggle. "Of course, Kiri."

Chapter Text

There was a moment when you woke up that you felt incredibly at peace. That moment ended very quickly when you realize you woke up to Kaminari’s extremely loud voice.

"Whooooo~," he grins as he leans on the arm of the pull out bed. "You two sure look cozy!"

You realize that Kirishima is still mostly asleep, clinging to you. You roll your eyes at Kaminari. "As if we’re not gonna cuddle when you room here. Come on."

He shrugs, his jovial mood not put off one bit. "Fair point. Doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna make fun of you, though."

You groan. "And here I was thinking I’d have a nice, quiet morning."

"You were wrong~," Kaminari sings as he walks away.

You groan and flop back on the bed. You smack your sleeping partner in crime. "Kiri, wake up. We’ve been caught."

Kirishima grumbles and rolls over to face away from you, but lets go of you in the process, so you take the opportunity to stand up and stretch. Only Kaminari and Todoroki are in the room.

"Ya know, Minari, I never took you for an early riser."

He shrugs. "I’m usually not, but for school I’ll get up whenever I have to."

"Aww~," you coo as you pat his head, "whadda good widdle student~!"

"That’s rich coming from a girl whose attendance record is a blank piece of paper."

You place a hand on your chest in mock offense. "I’ll have you know I have full marks on my attendance."

"Because you cheat the system with your buddy," Kaminari points out, referring to Jeremy.

You shrug. "I use the resources I have. I use my ingenuity."

"Call it what you will, at least I show up to school."

You bite back a remark about his poor grades, knowing it’s a low blow. You give him a look that tells him you’re holding back for his sake, and go to shower.

When you come out, the boys are all there, buzzing around like any other school day. After the crazy weekend you all had, you’re glad the boys fell into their routine so easily.

You skip merrily to school with your arm linked with Kaminari’s. You hum one of the anime’s intro songs.

"Whatcha singing?" Kaminari asks as he skips beside you.

"One of the songs from your show~," you warble.

"One of the songs from my show that you haven’t shown us yet?" he asks pointedly.

You roll you eyes. "I’ve been a bit busy."

He nudges you as you get closer the school. "Just show me when we get home. Or," he has a thought, "during lunch."

You halt right before you turn the corner onto the road where the school is located. You release his arm from yours. "No, you know the drill by now."

"Yeah, sit with a buncha dumbasses who don’t mean shit to me," he pouts at you. "I’m not gonna play nice with people I hate when I could be spending time with someone I do like."

You sigh, a blush forming on your cheeks. "Alright. I guess it’s true, now that we know you guys have a definite... timeline, one way or another."

He grabs your hand. "A timeline for when we’ll go home. And I wanna be around you as much as possible until then."

You close your eyes, hating how they water slightly at the thought of them leaving. You nod, not looking at him. "Ok."

Your table had a significant increase in residents. You were the first to sit down, as usual, but shortly after Bakugou sat down, Kirishima and Kaminari stumbled in, setting their plates down on either side of the prickley boy. You can’t resist the smile.

"Sup, babe!" Kaminari says loudly as he smacks his tray in the table. His loud, charismatic voice draw attention from the table you were hoping it wouldn’t.

You feel Alistair’s glare from across the cafeteria, but ignore it. You didn’t want to deal with his shit.

It was just as Kaminari had said; there wasn’t much time before the boys went home, and you wanted to spend as much time with the guys that flipped your world upside down. They helped you to live and not just survive. You loved them. Maybe not entirely in a romantic way, but it’s love nonetheless.

Todoroki, Iida, and Midoriya were close behind- they had a shared geography class before lunch, so they always show up together. They head to the Elite Four table. Todoroki catches your eye and watches you for a moment. Without notifying the others, he walks towards you.

"Wow, uh, more friends?" West asks as he sits beside you. He’s clearly confused by the sudden influx of people.

"Yup. And apparently more incoming," you say as you gesture towards Todoroki. Iida catches on and walks to you as well, leaving a flustered Midoriya to frantically look back and forth between tables before scurrying over to join them.

Todoroki sets down his plate on your other side. Iida and Midoriya find places at the table as well.

West looks to you with wide eyes. "U-Um," his voice holds an unspoken question.

"Ok West, you know Bakugou Katsuki," you point to the scowling big between to big goofs. "That’s Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Iida Tenya, Midoriya Izuku, and this," you gesture to your side, "is Todoroki Shouto." The boys nod or wave as you name them.

West chuckles a little bit. "Funny. Is this because of that comment I made when I first met Bakugou?"

You shake your head, beginning to eat your food. "Nope. This is the real shit. They’re the main characters from BNHA. They came from an alternate world where they actually are heroes and the anime is real. A villain with the ability to make portals through to other dimensions and travel through time came and dropped them off. Aaaaand now, they- along with Aizawa Shouta- are all staying with me in my shithole apartment, hiding out from Toga Himiko and Dabi, waiting for Shigaraki Tomura to arrive and try to kill them. He’s not gonna, we’re not gonna let him, obviously. Heroes and villains lose their powers after around 2 or 3 days so we just gotta wait until that villain drops him off and he loses his powers and beat the shit out of all of them so they can get back home and be heroes." You look to the boys. "Did I miss anything?"

Midoriya in particular looks like a fish, the way his mouth flops open and closed at the shock of the confession you just made to a person who’s a complete stranger to him. Everyone else looks a little concerned or confused. Bakugou ignores everyone. Kaminari just shrugs.

"Nah," Kaminari grins. "I think you covered it, babe."

West looks at you in awe. "I don’t know which one of us is the idiot, here. Either you believe this, or you’re making me thing you believe this. Either way you’re crazy."

You glower at him a bit, an edge forming in your tone. "You said you wanted answers Friday. Here’s your answer: they’re why I ran off."

"Really," he asks flatly.

"Yah. You know how I said I had a shit weekend last week? They’re why. They popped out of a glowing green portal into my lap and I’ve been scrambling and going through shit just to make sure they’re safe and not killed by that fucking yandere bitch or that angsty sexbot. I ran off Friday because that fancy laptop I have has this program that detects the use of their powers or the opening of a portal, courtesy of Aizawa. Well, the version of Aizawa that exists on this world. Oh, and apparently I have a doppelgänger in their universe too. I guess she’s got everyone wrapped around her little finger because Toga’s all stalker crazy with me and don’t even get me started on the way Shigaraki looked at me when I met him."

"You have a- ok, hold up." West holds a hand up. "I’m still stuck on the idea that these guys," he gestures to the boys, "are the same guys as in the anime."

You nod. "Oh," you realize, "yeah their hair changed colors when they came to this world, same time as they lost their powers. Thinking back, even Dabi’s skin looked less purple and more just... dark, charred I guess."

West rubs his temple, laughing. "You’ve met Dabi, too. Of course."

"West," you snap. "I’m not fucking with you. When have I ever put this much effort in explaining anything to you? I haven’t even told you where I live, let alone my past, anything. I want you to- no, I need you to trust that I’m not shitting you."

He watches you warily. "Why...?"

"B-Because..." you stammer a bit, feeling an overwhelming emotion rise in your chest, but you don’t know what it is. When you finally speak, you voice is small. "When these guys go home, you’re the only friend I have."

West watches you for a moment, then pats your head gently. "Alright, baby, don’t worry. I... I don’t know if I believe it all yet, but I trust you wouldn’t lie to me."

You smile at him sweetly. "Thank you," you murmur softly. He pulls you into a side hug.

"Of course, baby."

Bakugou growls after a moment. "Alright, alright, enough of that shit."

You break from West with a grin in Bakugou’s direction. "What ever happened to sharing, Katsuki-kun?"

"I’m fine with sharing." Bakugou glares at West. "Just not with him."

West looks baffled. "Ok, giving the whole ‘sharing’ thing a pass for a minute, why in the hell am I not allowed to be part of whatever this is??"

Bakugou grunts. "You remind me of a dickwad from back home."

West’s eyes light up. "I remind you of a character from BNHA?? Who??"

"Dunno the fuck his name is. He’s two faced though, like that dumbass over there," he gestures to Alistair. "But that dude is worse. He pretends to be a hero when he’s really a conniving douche."

"Wait, Bakubro, do I know him?" Kirishima wonders.

Bakugou nods. "License Exam. He had the earthquake powers. Deku’s dumb hair, but he’s taller."

"Oh!" Kaminari snaps his fingers. "I remember him!"

Iida and Midoriya nod as well. "Yeah, I thought he was nice, but you had a weird vibe from the start," Kirishima grins. "What was his name...?"

"Shindo Yo." You and Midoriya inform at the same time. You exchange a glance with one another and giggle a bit.

"He caused a lot of problems for the rest of the class while you four ran off," Midoriya says, pointing to all but Iida and himself.

"Wait," West clarifies, "I remind you of Shindo?? That’s cool!"

"Does Ueno know Shindo?" you ask out of curiosity. You know you shouldn’t hate talking about that girl as much as you do, and figure you might as well ask.

Kirishima nods. "They hugged and stuff when we saw him at the License Exam. She said they knew one another from middle school." Kirishima doesn’t seem too pleased by that fact. You don’t notice that Todoroki watches you oddly.

"Huh." You wonder what else about this mystery character you can learn. You know you’re probably just jealous of her- ok, you’re definitely jealous of her for living the life you’ve not been able to have. But you’re starting to come to terms with the boys leaving, and you think it can’t hurt to learn more about the ‘you’ you could be. Or could have been. Whatever.

You come back to reality at West poking your side. "Welcome back to earth," West teases. "I asked if this means I can come over to your place, now."

You shrug. "Yeah, I guess. Aizawa comes over a lot, too, so you’ll meet him."

"What about Toga?"

You grimace. "I’m in the process of gaining her and Dabi’s trust for the sake of getting information, so I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not that it’s a good idea under any circumstance. Just especially not now."

He frowns. "Alright~," he sighs. "No waifu for me..."

"She does not contain the qualities to be a proper wife," Todoroki states blandly. You snicker softly at the blatant declaration.

"Nope," West grins lecherously, "but she’s definitely cute enough to be one."

Your eyes go wide in excitement. "That’s what I said! And like, not gonna lie, those little fangs are just mwah, but she’s fucking terrifying. Like, you wanna pee your pants but you’re too turned on to? That kinda thing."

West nearly keels over in laughter, Kaminari and Kirishima not far behind. "You," he gasps between laughs, "you really do have a sense of humor, huh?? That’s insane. Why didn’t you guys show up sooner???"

You pout. "I was funny before them. I just never said any of the funny things I thought of."

West pats your head again. "There, there, dearie. The adults are talking."

You glare at him, but say nothing, choosing to shovel food in your mouth with a childish anger. Rude.


Chapter Text

West joined you all for dinner. It was funny, watching him meet Aizawa, interact with them all, slowly start to believe what you were placing in front of him. By the time he left, he didn’t show any doubt in his eyes.

You go on your laptop to do some recon before bed. The others are lounging around, even though it’s late, even though it’s a school night, even though you’re not really paying attention to any of them. They all feel the same way Kaminari expressed previously, and will pretty much fill the time with you however they can.

Kirishima made sure to stick close, feeling as though the others were encroaching on his personal time with you. You gave him a gentle pet through his hair whenever you can, the dark locks soft in your hands. You’re pretty sure if he had a tail it’d wag every time you pet him. What a dog.

Feeling like you sufficiently tracked the villains’ movements for the time being, you put the laptop down.

"Oh! Did you guys wanna hear the other intro songs?"

Kaminari bounces up from where he sits. "Hell yeah I do!"

"Hell yeah!" you cheer and your fingers scramble across the keyboard to pull up the first video. You set the computer in the middle of the table and jump up to prepare yourself.

When the song gets to the part you always dance to, you of course stand up and dance. Kaminari laughs. "Hey, I know that dance!"

You look at him with wide eyes. "Really!!!! Ok, wait for the next beat to drop."

You both stand frozen, listening for the chorus to return. In unison, you commence the most atrocious, ridiculous dance. Laughter and obnoxious singing rings through the room, clearly not caring about the other tenants or the possibility of reprimand.

You flop on the floor along with Kaminari, both of you heaving to get enough air. "You really got some movies, Minari," you reach over to give him a fist bump.

He bumps knuckles with you, a wide grin on his face. "You too, boo."

You decide you need to shower and tell the boys to get out while you do so. When you’re out, they’re gone, and Kirishima waits for you on his bed.

"Gonna get me in trouble, again?" You tease as you flop next to him.

He blushes. "I didn’t mean to."

You kiss his cheek. "I know. I’m just messing with you."

"I’d rather be the one messing with you," Kirishima smirks wickedly.

You roll your eyes a bit, but pull him in closer. You press a soft kiss on his cheek, then another on his neck. You work your way up to his ear and whisper softly. "I think you mean ‘messing me up’."

He growls a bit as you continue to kiss up and down his neck. "Don’t tempt me, baby."

You smirk a little as you pull back, meeting his eyes. "I’m trying to, Eiji."

He grins wickedly, shark teeth on display. "You’re an incredible seductress, you know that?"

You smile innocently, but your eyes remain lidded and lustful. "I’m sure it’s come up before."

"It certainly has," Kirishima chuckles, pulling you closer. "And it’s about to again if you don’t stop."

You hum, looking as though you’re in thought. "I suppose it is a school night."

Kirishima laughs, rubbing your head lightly. "Come on, lets get some sleep."

You smile at him. "Alright."

Your sleep is riddled with nightmares; even though you think you’ve come to terms with the boys leaving, your dreams of isolation and suffering imply otherwise. You awake with a violent start, hyperventilating, tears staining your cheeks.

"Hey, hey," you hear a deep voice and a hand on your back. "You’re safe. You’re safe."

You look through blurring tears at the dark haired boy sitting next to you. "K-Kiri..." your voice is shaking and small.

"I got you, babe. Bad dream?"

You nod, breathing not quite even yet. "Y-You got caught by S-Shigaraki, and he- he-" you feel yourself tear up again. "And then I was alone, and-"

He gently quiets you down. "You’re alright now, you’re safe. We’re safe. You don’t have to worry about him."

You sniffle and nod. You spend a few minutes sitting up in his arms. When you’ve calmed enough, you begin to survey the room. "What time is it?"

Kirishima looks to a clock on the wall. "We’ve got a few minutes before the others get here. For me we’ve got a lot of time, but for you and everyone else it’s about time to wake up." His tone is teasing.

"You’re a big sleepyhead, that’s why. Don’t make it sound like we’re the problematic ones."

"I’m just a sleeping beauty waiting for true loves kiss to wake me," he says dramatically, flopping back on the bed with an obnoxious fake snore. You laugh loudly and smack his stomach.

"Nice try, sleeping beauty."

He laughs and gets up, stretching. "Fi~ne, I guess I can just wake up on my own.” 

You smile at him, a laugh bubbling in your chest. “Better get moving if you wanna have any of Bakugou’s food this morning!”

That certainly got him moving. 


Chapter Text

You didn’t even make it to your first class of the day. Your name was called over the speaker system, summoning you to the student council room. You grind your teeth, but say nothing as the boys watch you with slight concern and confusion, heading to their own classes.

You keep your expression schooled and neutral as you enter the student council room. You know they expect you to knock; you know they don’t actually expect you to follow the rules.

Throwing the doors open, you’re met with four pairs of eyes- each one hiding various plots and schemes for your demise, no doubt. They sit at one end of a long rectangular table, leaving you to stand at the end while they analyzed your every movement. You’d been in this position before, though.

"Miss [Y/N]," the President, Alistair Asswipe (or whatever his name is) greets you with a sinister smile.

"Sup, fu- uh, council-members," you correct yourself, not trying to get in trouble before you can even defend yourself. Though, the thought of slamming the doors open and yelling ‘SUP FUCKERS?’ had most certainly passed through your mind. You let your bag drop on the floor behind you and lean against the table casually.

A girlish giggle comes from Alistairs right. "You were gonna say something naughty~," says the Vice President, Maria Garcia. She’s short and bubbly, her bubblegum pink hair always in two high pigtails and her tanned skin has a youthful glow to it. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black, and always hold a sinister glint. But people tend to overlook that and see her cheery smile instead.

You smile at her, poisonously sweet. "To you? Oh never, my dear Maria!"

A scoff comes from across the table, at Alistair's left. "Right, you’re the epitome of good behavior and grace."

Feng Zhao, Secretary. He’s the typical cool and collected support to Alistair’s princely, presidential conduct. Tall, dark hair meticulously trimmed, rectangular glasses, haughty glint in his eyes. How he was even popular was beyond you. Maybe some girls are just shamelessly masochistic, because you’ve never heard a kind word from his mouth, yet they flock to him as easily as they do to Alistair.

"Never claimed to be," you brush him off easily.

"I’d certainly hope not," from the back, sitting lazily on the window seat, comes the final- and very Scottish- voice of the Elite Four. "You’re here based on your behavior, so you’d best be prepared to pay the piper." Her name is Anna McKinnon. Bright red hair tied into a ponytail atop her head, the coils floofing out from where they’re secured. Her pale face holds a spattering of freckles. She’s lean, athletic, and the Treasurer for the student council. You can understand her popularity amongst guys and girls.

The four of them lean in slightly, all looking poised to attack. It’s always a very predatory vibe with them- they used to think of you as easy prey, though you’ve proven them wrong on many occasions, so now they prepare greatly in advanced to try and nail you down for one thing or another. You’re sure their goal is expulsion, but unless you’re really stupid, it’s nothing you can’t wriggle out of.

They watch you like this for a moment, and you raise an eyebrow. "As much as I love our chats, I do have class to go to, so can we keep this brief?"

"As brief as you’ll let it, little scorpion." Alistair’s eyes sparkle in apparent victory. He has something on you and you’re suddenly a bit more nervous than not.

"Then tell me. What have I done to upset the powers at be this time?"

"You were seen leaving the cafeteria on Friday with six boys. All of them were very suddenly accepted from Japan, all of them greeted by you on the first day they arrived."

You can see he’s fishing, but you’re not gonna bite. "Alright. Is there an issue with that? Students aren’t required to stay in the cafeteria during their lunch break, not on school grounds."

Alistair’s jaw clenches. "The thing is, you never came back. They also suddenly decided to sit with you yesterday, while they were all perfectly happy sitting with us the week prior."

You smile innocently at him, batting your eyes. "I don’t see a problem, darling."

"Don’t you play coy!" Anna snaps, marching over to you. "We know something is up with you, and we don’t want our school’s name to be marred by the actions of a delinquent and a few misguided exchange students!"

You levelly meet Anna’s fiery green gaze. "And yet you have no proof of anything done that might ‘mar the school’s name’, as you put it. So why am I here? For you to slander me over nothing?"

Alistair leans in. "There’s something suspicious happening with you and those students. I’m going to find out what it is." You look to him and Anna slips behind you, in what is probably an intimidation tactic.

"How?" You ask with a snarky grin. "Are you going to hack into~ my private accounts?"

Alistair grins. "Whatever it may take, little scorpion."

You scoff, snagging your bag off the floor and walking away without another glance. You don’t see their devious grins as you walk away.

"So what was all that about this morning?"

You look over at West, who was the second to arrive at the lunch table. "The boys. I was gonna talk to them about it when they get here."

West nods. "I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibility of some people having alternate selves. Wouldn’t it be crazy for some of the people we know to also be heroes or villains in their world??"

He sounds excited and you can’t help but laugh. "Yeah, I guess. Thing is, if they have an alternate self, the double will enter their body and use it, like Aizawa. So the six of them," you gesture to the boys in the lunch line, "don’t have doubles. I do, I guess. And maybe you do," you smirk, nudging him. "Although I guess I see the physical similarities to you and Shindo Yo, but he’s kinda..."

"Two-faced?" West supplies. You nod. "Eh," he shrugs, "I kinda understand. He’s just very laser-focused on being a hero, that everyone else is just competition. I haven’t found my passion, otherwise I guess I could be the same."

You hum in reply. The boys reach the table and sit down. "So what was up with that announcement??"

Kaminari asks almost immediately.

You grin, exchanging a glance with West. "You guys. Student council wanted to bust my chops about having friends, heaven forbid. Godbod basically threatened to look into everything I’ve got to try and figure out what my game is, but since I’m not about to explain the real situation, I just brushed them off. His Secretary is the one with the mega hacking skills and is all computer savvy, but I kick his ass any day. They can’t touch this~," you smile cockily.

"While it’s good to be confident," Iida says, chopping his hand, "you must be sure to remain vigilant and make sure they do not get the upper hand based on any mistakes you make. Do not let overconfidence hurt you!"

You smile a bit at Iida’s wisdom. "Thank you, Shifu-Tenya," you give a slight bow. The others snicker. "I’ll be fine. I know I’m better than them, it’s just a matter of keeping my private accounts and activities entirely separate from the less-private ones. They only know about the less-private ones, as far as I can tell, so your secrets should be safe.”

“How do you keep them separate?” Todoroki asks, curious.

“By keeping them physically separate. I found it works best to use different laptops for different types of work, so if one gets busted into, my whole line of work isn’t at risk. Same with your guys’ secrets. Keeping the laptop with that program on it the only laptop with that program secures it a lot better.”

Todoroki nods. “I understand.”

“Alright, so enough of that boring stuff,” West leans in, excited. “I need to know all about that double that [Y/N] has in your guys’ world. Is she a hero? What’s her power?? Does she have some fun special move???”

“Yeah,” you add, “I actually haven’t heard a lot about her. Can we get some details?”

Midoriya smiles brightly. “I can explain her powers very well!”

“Mid-“ Todoroki tries to stop him.

“Ueno Mieko! Hero name: Aether, the crystal hero! Quirk: Hard Light! She has the power to convert light into solid crystalline objects! She can use any light, but sunlight is the most powerful! Depending on the amount of sunlight stored, she can create nearly anything, from an impenetrable wall, to a semi-sentient monster! The amount of things she can create at once and how long she can sustain them are dependent on the sunlight available, her physical condition, and other factors. She can also convert light into energy and use it to reenergize her or her teammates! Her most popular special move is called “Diamond Barrier”, where she creates a thin wall that is as high and long as the eye can see, but is only permeable by what she allows to go through! She can trap enemies and stop physical-type attacks, while letting allies in and out of the field! It requires massive amounts of energy and concentration, so it’s weak to mental-type quirks and to attacks from behind, but that’s just one move that she can use and chooses the best move based on the situation. Her quirk is suitable for offense, defense, support, rescue, and trapping villains! It’s an overpowered, awesome quirk that everyone admires! It’s taken her a long time to get where she is, and her hard work is incredible and admirable! She’s really one of the brightest students at UA and maybe even all of Japan!”

You blink at the outpouring of information. “So, she’s Symmetra.”


“Never mind,” you shake your head. “Sounds like she’s really stacked.”

“Yes,” Midoriya nods fervently, “but she also has incredible drawbacks for such a powerful quirk. She herself becomes stiff and crystallized if she tries to use her power without adequate light intake. So if she’s indoors, using her power at night, or using a lot of power during the day, her body uses its own energy and begins to crystallize itself.”

You widen your eyes. “So, if she misused her power, she could potentially become a statue?”

“Yeah,” Midoriya says, solemnly. “It almost happened a few times. The time when-“

“That’s enough,” Todoroki snaps. The table looks at him in surprise. “She gets it, she’s heard enough.”

You feel yourself seethe a bit. “Says who?” You ask, turning towards him indignantly. “Who the fuck are you to say when I’ve heard enough or not, huh?”

“You don’t need to know everything yet,” he says defensively. “You aren’t ready.”

“Not ready? Why not? Because my life is shit and her life is perfect and you don’t want me to cry over the fact that I can’t have a fucking quirk or a fucking life worth living? Well, long too late for that, Todoroki-kun. Fuck off if you think you know what’s best for me. You barely know me.”

You stand and grab your backpack, slinging it over your shoulder as you head to the library for another long nap. They don’t stop you.

You wake up late in the evening. You don’t really wanna go back, but you know you have to. Maybe Todoroki will get the memo to keep the fuck away from you, and you can just spend the night with- well, you didn’t actually know. There were three options, all better than Todoroki at this moment.

You trudge back to the apartment, a flash of blonde hair catching your eye. You sigh a little bit, but keep walking. “I’m not really in the mood for anything, Himiko-chan.”

“Aww~,” she coos, “but you look so frowny, and I don’t like you frowny. I like you scaredy, or smiley, or excited-y, but not frowny.”

You chuckle a little. “Sorry. I’m just tired. I’m heading home.”

She nods a bit. “Ok! But if you ever get tired of them, you can always come to my hideout! Even dumdum Dabi will probably like you.”

“Have you told him about me?”

She nods. “Yep! But only that I like you a lot~! And that you’re with the boys. If I told him who you are, that you look like Miki-chan, then he’d tell Tomu-kun and I’d get in trouble.”

You sigh a bit. So he doesn’t know. “Alright. I’ll keep all that in mind. Bye, Himiko-chan.”

“Bye-bye~!” She waves and skips off into an alley, shrouded in fog. 

One of the strangest people, and yet one of the most normal interactions of the day. You sigh deeply. 

Iida is waiting for you when you get home. He nods to you. “I will be staying in this apartment for the time being,” he informs you, politely ignoring the drama had happened earlier. You smile at him.

“Alright. Where would you like to sleep?”


Chapter Text

Iida was beyond respectable. You kinda figured he would be, but it was something else to see it in person. You weren't in the best mood after Todoroki's shit, but Iida complied to every childish request you threw his way. 'Speak up', followed by 'not so loud', 'stand over there', and shortly after 'why the fuck are you just standing there, dumbass????'.

He ended up staying on the bed in the living area while you slept in your room. You joked with him that you might crawl into bed with him in the middle of the night, but he only responded politely, saying you were welcome to do so if you wished. What a guy.

You thought you'd have better dreams that night- or at least, dreams that weren't so scary- but of course, had another nightmare. Your bed shook as you writhed, fighting against your blankets, cold sweat causing your body to shiver. You give soft, anguished moans, voice garbled and trapped. Iida woke to these sounds, and rushed into your room, thinking you were being hurt.

He looks down and sees you, scared and trapped in a hell of your mind’s making. He places his hands on your shoulders, calling to you softly. "[Y/N]-chan! Hey, wake up!"

Your body begins to calm at his voice and touch, eyes opening blearily. "T... Tenya-kun..." your voice is very small, and it hurts him to hear. He shushes you softly.

He watches you with kind eyes. His presence calms you down immensely. His steely blue eyes are warmer than usual, and you find yourself enjoying watching them without his usual thick glasses. He’s not bad looking by any means with them, and he’s very handsome without them.

He pets your hair and soothes you as your breathing returns to normal. "Are you alright to go back to sleep?" he whispers.

You let out a shaky breath. "I guess so."

He smiles. "Do you want me to stay here with you?" He sounds amused, like he’s talking to a young child. It’s not diminutive, though; if anything, it feels more comfortable than his usual way of speaking to you. You wonder if he learned this from Tensei, or if it’s just his natural instinct. You nod a little, and he chuckles. "Well scoot over, then."

You move over, apologizing that the bed is probably gross from your sweaty nightmare. He tells you to hush and wraps you in warm, protective arms.

"Thank you, Tenya-kun," you yawn sleepily.

"Get some rest, [Y/N]-chan."

You kept your nose clean that day at school, went to class like a good student, all that. It was Wednesday, so you had a few more days until the weekend when you could really look into the villains movements. You’d seen Toga the day before so you didn’t really think much about tracking them. You hadn’t even touched the laptop yesterday. Maybe you should have.

You purposely waited a bit before going to the cafeteria, flouncing by the Elite Four table and elegantly flipping them the bird. You swore you could hear Maria's hand over her mouth, Feng's discontented glare, and Anna's teeth grinding. You made eye contact with Alistair, who gave you a malicious smirk, ignoring your attempt at a rise. It worked for the others, but not him; he was a bit harder a cookie to crumble. 

You walk unperturbed to the lunch line. There's barely a moment's time to breath before a sultry voice reaches your ear.

"And here I thought you'd be trying to prove us wrong," Alistair murmurs to you, leaning over your shoulder from behind. He sounds mildly impressed.

"And here I thought you'd get bored of trying to prove yourself right and failing," you say, unimpressed.

He scoffs and you spare him a glance. "You think you're very clever, that you're always a step ahead. We'll figure out your secrets, little scorpion. It's just a matter of time."

You roll your eyes at him as you select your food. "I'm quivering in my uniform. Zhao's got a lot going for him, but creative thinking isn't one of them."

Alistair looks at you oddly. "What does that have to do with anything?"

You smirk a bit. "Everything he's been taught about computers, programming, coding, is just that- taught. He can't think outside the box and find new solutions, which is why he'll always be a step behind me in that way."

Alistair looks like he's had an epiphany. "That... That actually makes a lot of sense."

You grin at him. "Even though I was negligent about my activities as 'shiroisasori', I've learned from my mistakes. He only learns from being told."

Alistair considers this for a moment. "White scorpion..." he mumbles, thinking about your hacker name's translation. "Well luckily for him," he continues, "he's not alone." You pause for a spit second. He watches you with something that might be pity. 

Your jolt is relieved when you think about the boys. A soft smile crosses your face. You look in Alistair's eyes with a strength he hadn't seen before. "I'm not alone, either. Not anymore." You ignore the sting of the possibility that you may be soon. For now at least, I have them.

Without another word, you walk to your lunch table.

You think about Alistair's words late into the evening. You lay on Iida's bed- his insistence, given your near-constant nightmares as of late- and wonder why he approached you in the first place. He only ever talks to you if he has a reason; something he's trying to gain, or something he's trying to tell you. 

Why would he assume he's got something on me? you wonder. The thought pervades your mind like an itch out of reach. Why would he say that? Why? Why?? Why???

Eventually you sit up and march over to your bag. Iida sits up, rubbing his eyes, wondering what the fuss is about. You don't respond, choosing to focus on the task at hand. If I can just check the integrity of the program, make sure it's alright, then I'll be able to know he's bluffing.

You bring the bag to the table, it's weight familiar. You swiftly pull the laptop out of the bag and place it on the table. 

Immediately you know something is wrong. The shape, size, color, everything.

Opening the laptop and turning it on, fear and panic threatening to spill out in your head, you frantically hope you're wrong.

You open the only file on the laptop: a note document. It reads:


Your fears are confirmed. This isn't the right laptop.

And your biggest nuisances have the best chance your friends have at returning home.

Chapter Text

You were seething. Iida didn’t blame you for the frantic pacing, typing, and cursing you did all night. You assured him it was nothing you couldn’t handle, and ‘hey, and least there’ll be no nightmares tonight,’ but Iida stayed up with you all night and into the morning.

Needless to say, he’s the type that needs his full 8 hours.

You look over at him. He tries his utmost to stay upright and rigid, as he does usually, but his typical stance is slightly askew as he sways side to side, head nodding violently. You manage a smile, even in your enraged state. "Tenya-kun," you call softly to him. "It's time for school. You going today?"

He stands up swiftly, and it's easy to see from his frantic blinking and swaying that he sees stars. "Yes, of course, I would never miss school for any reason other than to prevent a contagious condition!" Even his chop is at a slight angle. 

You cover your mouth to prevent a laugh. "Okay~," you drawl. You know you're not gonna be able to convince Iida Tenya to skip school.

Some things were just not possible.

Todoroki opens the door. You glance at him somewhat distastefully, and continue your journey to figure out what the hell happened to your- Aizawa's- laptop. Well, you know what happened, you just need to figure out where it is. And who's ass you have to kick to get it back. 

Todoroki doesn't say anything, and gets himself some tea. You're still pissed at him, and he seems not to care. So long as his precious Mieko gets to keep her secrets, you think bitterly.

You manage to get a ping on the laptop. "Finally," you mutter, exasperated. You pin it to the school. So it's still there, you think with a smirk. Now I just gotta find a way to get it back without them finding out...

You're not sure how you're going to do that, though. You're sure they won't leave it over the weekend, so you'll have to find some way to get it back before then. Great. Fuckin' love deadlines.

You sigh and shut the laptop off, getting ready for school. 

You go to school as normal, Kaminari's arm in yours, the two of you sashaying your way into the hallway. The morning works as it always does. Lunch, however, is when you put your investigative plan into motion.

Carefully observing the halls, you slip into the student council room. You close the door behind you softy, letting out a sigh. 

"Why so relieved? Think you're in the clear?"

You snap your head in surprise. You meet the cold pair of spectacled eyes, and relax almost immediately. "Oh, Zhao. I thought it was someone important. I'm relieved."

He scoffs. "You shouldn't be." You glance where his hands busy themselves. Bingo. 

"And why not? I'm pretty sure there's literally no power you have over me, physical, mental, computing, anything. Alone you're worth jack shit."

He glowers at you. "You must find yourself so clever, [Y/N]."

You smirk with a cocky shrug. "Eh, I have moments of temporary idiocy, but overall I'm practically a genius."

Zhao leans back with a smirk. He takes off his glasses and sends a lazy glance your way. "And yet, a moment of idiocy, as you call it, is all it takes for us to find out literally everything you've been trying to hide from us."

Your smirk drops in favor of an angry glare. "You know what I'm here for. Hand it over, Feng."

He closes the laptop and places it in his pack. "What, will you take it by force? There's a camera right there," he points to the corner of the room behind him. "The angle has no way to prove the, ah, method of retrieval, if you will- believe me, I've checked- but you forcing the laptop out of my hands? That's a different story."

You clench your fists by your side, and then release them. You take a breath and make your expression one that's more neutral. "So, what. You find anything juicy?"

He smirks at you. "Oh, I'm sure there's plenty here to be discovered."

You snicker. "It's been what, two days, and you're still trying to crack into it? Man, I almost feel bad now. Should I come back next week, is that a better time for this little confrontation?" Your tone is practically the definition of condescending. 

It's his turn to clench his fists. "Out."

You give him a mock solute. "Whatever you say, sir." You turn on your heel and march away.

Looks like I'll need to be creative for my own method of retrieval.



Iida lays sound asleep beside you. You were surprised that the boy even made it until the end of the day, but he insisted that going to bed before the appropriate time would 'throw off his natural sleep cycle and cause very unsavory consequences'. You can never suppress the smile that surfaces at Iida's mannerisms and quirky phrases. 

As two handsome megane, you can’t help but compare Iida and Zhao. Iida’s face is much wider, containing more angles and sharp turns than Zhao’s rounded face. Iida’s hair was now a traditional black, but it seemed to lay more naturally at its part, giving it a softer look (and probably feel) than Zhao’s, which you could tell was at least a little bit gelled. Iida could analyze a situation and decide the best possible solution, and granted, Zhao seemed to be very analytical in the same way. But Iida was more often goofy, and embraced his friends with open arms. Zhao didn’t seem to have a compassionate bone in his body.

It made you a bit sad to think about; being raised in a society where people struggle to find purpose, did it really affect people all that much? Your mind drifts to Aizawa. His alternate self is a pale, thin, stay-at-home computer nerd, while his hero self is just that- a hero, a person that uses his gifts to fill his inherent need to help people. If there were such an archetype, if there were one job that everyone could choose to pursue when they felt that need to help, would it make a difference in their level of determination, how they carried themselves, who they became?

You think about yourself. Who would you be if the same things that happened in your past happened to a girl on a world with quirks? Would you still be a barely-legal student hacking for cash, or would you be at UA? Could you have been adopted by a hero family, or found your own path using whatever abilities you had at your disposal, simply because of how you were born?

Or would you turn to a life of even deeper crime, joining those that damned the law and went about their lives jaded and hurt by the society that shunned them?

The thought gives you a shiver. Where you are now is such a grey area compared to what they see in their world- at least, what they often choose to see.

Bakugou had told you that he saw heroic potential in you, even though you’d done some less-than-heroic things. He chose to saw the future potential, putting aside what was in the past; but for him, your past is entirely theoretical. 

Fear of nightmares and worries for the future keep you awake, and your mind comes back to the same question: 

Would he still feel the same if you continued your grey path?


Chapter Text

By the time the clock struck 1 am, you were sick of not being able to sleep. Iida had been out for hours already. You were all around irritated, feeling frustrated about the laptop and Todoroki and the situation in general. Deciding a walk was better than stewing in your thoughts, you slipped back into some jogging clothes, write a quick note and leaving it on the coffee table, and exit your apartment.

You tie your long [h/c] hair into a loose ponytail atop your head as you descend the stairs. You’re not sure where you’re going, but it doesn’t matter. You just need to move.

Your feet take you through the concrete paths, light jogging through some alleyways and brisk walking through others. You don’t know how long you’re walking, or where you are, really. You look to your left and see a somewhat familiar alleyway. You press in your slightly foggy mind what it could be, but before you can figure it out your body moves towards it.

It’s not until you’re knocking on the door of a seemingly abandoned warehouse that held the hideout of at least two notorious villains; there could be more now, but without the laptop you wouldn’t know.

There were some shouts from behind the door, and immediately you realized how much you messed up. "Who the fuck is here this late at night?? Oh, it’s probably Toga~ lets let her in!"

You watch in confusion as a masked man opens the door. Through his mask, though, you can see his surprise.

"It’s not Toga. Should I kick her out? Come on in, new friend!"

The man speaks strangely in two different voices, but you’re not phased in the slightest. "Oh, hi. I’m, uh, Ueno Mieko. Is Dabi here?" You try to sound casual as the villain Twice turns around to look behind him.

"Let her in," you hear Dabi call out.

Twice turns to you. "Alright, he’s over there. Don’t go~ stay with us!! It’s boring without Toga~," the second voice whines and you giggle a bit as you step inside.

You find Dabi sitting at the bar, not that you expected anything less. You notice at one of the tables sit two other men, one in a mask and top hat, the other a teenage mutant ninja lizard. You nod at them with a smile and sit next to Dabi.

"I see you’ve got more friends," you note with an eyebrow raised. "When’d they get here?"

Dabi shrugs. "A few hours ago."

You want to sigh, but resist. "Ah, did they come for the big mission~?" You tease. Dabi snickers.

"Yeah. Gotta have all the backup we can get, I guess." He observes you a moment. "You’re here awfully late. I thought a good girl like you would be all tucked away in bed? It is a school night."

You hate what his voice does to you. "Couldn’t sleep, some guys at school are giving me trouble and I can’t think of a good plan to get back at them."

Dabi’s eyes narrow. "I can give ‘em a good scare for you. I’m really fucking bored around here."

You smile. "That’s a sweet offer, but I’m pretty sure I know what you’d do, and I’d rather not be on the morning news for aiding a murder."

He smirks with a shrug. "Humph. Guess you do know me."

You giggle a bit. "I’d like to know you better, though," you say softly so only Dabi hears.

His eyes snap to you, cerulean gaze smoldering with heat. "You better watch what you say around other people, doll. I might just eat you up right here, in front of my friends."

You clench your legs together slightly, sitting up a bit straighter on the stool. "We could always go somewhere else," you suggest. What the fuck am I saying?? you scold yourself.

"I like your thinking," Dabi says with a grin, "but unfortunately I have to wait around here with these cockblocks. Maybe after I’m all done in this shitty place I can snatch you up and take you with me. We could celebrate the liberation of villains everywhere."

You blush. "Wow Dabi, I didn’t realize you were the romantic type."

"Who said anything about romance? I just want an excuse to fuck you into the counter." Your eyes widen with shock. He grins at the red flush that takes over your entire face. "Damn, doll. I didn’t realize you were that easy to rile up. Maybe I will take you with me."

You let out a puff of air in frustration, fanning your face. "You’re so mean, Dabi."

He chuckles. "Yeah, but you like it, doll."

You shrug, knowing he’s right.

The night goes on like that for a while; casual conversation with Dabi that eventually got interrupted by Twice, Spinner, and Mr. Compress. The five of you chatted and joked and laughed for a long while. Toga was nowhere to be seen, but it worked out fine for you.

You look up at the beat up clock on the wall. "Shit. I gotta go, school starts in a few hours and I gotta get back before the boys get up."

"The boys?" Dabi asks.

You freeze. "Uh, yeah, I have some neighbors that don’t know I’m living in that apartment. I’m staying there on the down-low, if you catch my drift, and I wanna keep it that way, so I gotta be in and out before they notice."

Dabi smirks. "I gotcha. I’d say stay out of trouble, but I don’t actually give a shit. If you need me to kick those guys at your school’s asses, lemme know, doll."

You smile, relieved you were able to fudge so quickly. "I will, thanks Dabi." You turn to the other three. "Nice meeting you guys."

They all wave to you. "Don’t get caught! Be sure to let us take your measurements next time~!"

You laugh a little and nod, walking out the door. And Toga is still nowhere in sight. Nice.

You walk home, feeling surprisingly refreshed. It’s ironic to you that the villains are better company than the heroes at the moment. They might not be the most compassionate bunch, but they’ve all been through shit and at the very least have a basic understanding what it’s like to be hurt by society.

You’re only a little bit groggy as you return home and change back into the pajamas you wore previously, crumpling up the note and throwing it away. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

You crawl back into Iida’s bed, a bit relieved the boy didn’t get sleep the night prior, because the light sleeper didn’t move an inch as you snuggled back into his arms. He gave a contented sigh, your only clue he had even noticed your absence on some level.

Feeling exhausted, you manage to slip in a few-hours nap before school.

You’re mildly sleepy, but have a plan formulating in your head as you head to school, fingers fiddling with your backpack straps.

"Hey~," Kaminari greets as he skips up beside you. "You doing alright? You’ve seemed really off the last few days." You and him don’t link arms as you usually do, and that alone makes him wonder if something is wrong.

You shrug, smiling stiffly. "I guess I’ve just been feeling antsy about the laptop thing. Don’t worry about it."

Kaminari looks doubtful, but backs off. "Alright. If you wanna talk, I’m here."

You nod, looking ahead. He’s a bit hurt by your distant, dismissive nature, but slows down to rejoin his friends as you march on ahead, thoughts swirling.

Alright. Zhao is likely taking his laptop with him tonight. I don’t stand a chance of facing off with him at the school. He gets an escort from school to the garage of his father’s office building. There’s only a small amount of time between him getting out of the car and into the building. If I confront him, the garage is the place to be.

I know I’ll need help... I’d ask Bakugou, because intimidation seems like the best route, but he’s still a student and I don’t wanna get him involved in case Shigaraki decides to take his sweet time getting here. But who else could I ask...?

You suddenly realize the obvious answer, and it feels like a smack in the face. You just need to slip away from school so you can plan your attack.

"Ah, I realize I forgot something at home. I’ll be right back," you say, turning around.

"I-I’ll go with you!" Midoriya offers, waving his hand up as you run the opposite way.

"No need! Thanks, Izu-kun!" You shout as you turn the corner.

You make sure to run a ways back towards your apartment before stopping and turning around.

You stand a moment, head tilted as you count to ten. "Alright, Himiko-chan. I know you're there."

A head of blonde hair pulled in two messy buns pops from around the corner. A wide smile adorns her face. "Teehee~ I'm so glad you noticed me! I've missed you, [Y/N]-chan~!" She bounces over to you and smothers you in a hug. 

You smile and allow a laugh. "I think you're very hard to ignore, Himiko-chan."

She breaks the hug and looks at you with a devious expression. "So why are you out here when you should be at school, [Y/N]-chan?"

You smirk a bit. "I need your help scaring the shit out of someone."

Chapter Text

You return to school shortly after talking with Toga. You go to your dumb classes and when lunch comes around, you pass the Elite Four table very slowly.

"Find anything yet?" you ask with a smirk.

Zhao meets your eyes with a scowl. "What was that alarm last night?"

You shrug. "If you can't crack it, don't try to hack it."

That left many people outside of the student council with confused glances, assuming you were off your rocker. You merrily made your way to your table, surprised to find an additional face.

"Uh, hiya, Alistair?" Your greeting comes in the form of a question.

He smiles brightly at you. The only free seat seems to be the one between him and Bakugou. Fucking wonderful. "I thought I'd come sit here, since I really enjoyed our talk the other day."

You don't bother to hide the groan. "Ugh, really? Today, of all days, you just have to bug me?" You sit down.

Alistair snickers, resting his chin on his hand, casually observing you. "You must be out of sorts if you're this blatantly hateful towards me. Usually you're smarter."

You roll your eyes. "Usually I'm more patient. Today I'm just done with anything and everything related to you and your little posse."

You meet Wests eyes, and he shrugs apologetically. You only sigh. "Whatever." You swap to Japanese. "I guess there's no point in bothering to pretend otherwise, so I'm just gonna speak in a language we all understand."

Alistair watches you carefully, but says nothing. He's actually impressed by your language skill, but doesn't show it.

"Tch, about fucking time," Bakugou mutters.

You bump his shoulder. "Don't pretend you aren't fluent in English, mister top-of-his-class. It's Kiri and Minari and Izu-kun I'm most worried about." The three you called out give awkward chuckles, not about to argue with you because, well, you were right on the mark.

"Of course," Bakugou puffs his chest in pride, "I'm the fucking best, don't you forget it." You chuckle under your breath.

"Hey, what'd that four-eyes want?" Kaminari asks.

You open your mouth, then remember that they don't know you snuck out the night prior. If I say it casually, they'll know something is up... "Ah, nothing, just some hazing. The usual banter between arch-foes, you guys get it."

They all nod to themselves, which you found funnier than you should have. West joins you in a fit of giggles.

"I'm still grasping the whole situation," West admits, placing a careful glance at Alistair. West may be a year older than you and Alistair, but he's not any more in love with the dude than you are.

You shrug. "Eventually crazy becomes the new normal. I walked in my apartment the other day and there was a dude sitting in a chair; I didn't recognize who it was, but I was so done with being remotely fazed by all the crazy I just sat in the seat across from him. It was Aizawa, but I didn't know it until I was already sitting down. It could have been freaking All-For-One for all I knew, and I just sat down!" Your words remind you of the discussion you had with Midoriya, and you lean over to whisper to Bakugou while the others laugh. "Did Midoriya ever tell everyone about One-For-All?"

Bakugou looks at you in confusion. "No, when the fuck was he supposed to do that? Are you a fucking moron?"

His volume is louder than you'd hoped it would be, and the others tune into the conversation. You flush a bit, embarrassed. "No, I just thought it was a good idea- better to hear it from him than to read it on the internet, right?"

"No fucking way," Bakugou scoffs. "Why the fuck is that even an issue?"

You feel a bit indignant. "Because I thought of you and how you might have felt from finding out a close friend was keeping a secret. I was trying to look out for you guys."

Midoriya realizes what you're talking about, face alight in understanding. "K-Kacchan, she's right-"

"No, shut the fuck up, Deku!" Bakugou growls, cutting him off. The table watches in stunned silence. "It's not for your sake, it's for All Might's! He might not be an active hero anymore, but you still made a fucking promise. What kinda half-assed fucking hero breaks a promise like that?" He turns to you. "What kinda half-assed fucking hero tries to make a friend break a promise like that?"

"The kind of 'half-assed fucking hero' that's not a hero," you snap sharply, voice laced with venom. "If it's such a dumb fucking idea to tell the secret let's just shout about how bad of an idea is? That wouldn't get anyone curious, would it? Dumbass." You scoff and turn back to your food, wiping your mouth. You stand up, putting your backpack back on.

"[Y-Y/N]-chan?" Midoriya reaches out to you a bit. "W-Where-"

"I've lost my appetite, actually. Have fun explaining what dumbfucker over here was trying not to. Or, don't. I don't fucking care at this point." You turn to Alistair. "Have fun with your laptop, bitchface."

You walk away.

You regretted the altercation, only because it left a sick little pit in your stomach. I feel like I'm slowly losing them, you think, feeling like crying. No, you realize, I'm pushing them away like a dumb baby. Because I can't handle loss and I just need them to hate me. Or something. I never went to counseling like I shoulda.

You hide out in the library until the school day ends. You hack into the school cameras and keep tabs on Zhao, making sure he's definitely got the laptop. Good. One less issue to worry about.

You leave the school about a half hour before he does, meeting Toga in the parking lot of his family's company. There was wifi even in the basement, so you kept up the surveillance there. Toga sits beside you, head on your shoulder as you work. Her feet move side to side in a cute, girlish way.

"[Y/N]-chan~," she whines, "when can I stabby stab this mean person?"

"You're not stabby- I mean, you're not stabbing him," you remind her. "We're scaring him and taking back the laptop so I can know when you guys are using the portals. It makes it easier for me to stalk you, remember?"

"Heehee~," she giggles to herself. "I remember~. I just wanna stab someone, though. Even just a little stab. Or some blood." She lifts her head and looks to you with a wicked grin, her fangs glinting. "Hey, [Y/N]-chan~?"

You look to her somewhat nervously. She still scares you when she has that certain murderous glint in her eyes. "Y-Yeah?"

"I think I know how you can repay me for helping you~," she whispers, crawling on her hands and knees to you. You're already incredibly close, but she inches closer and closer, her breath ghosting on your cheek.

"Y-You haven't helped me yet," you say, but she only giggles.

"I know~, but I wanna get my payment early~," she whispers into your ear. "I want some blood; just a little bitey, just a little bit. I'll make you feel nice, I promise, I just want a taste~."

Your breathing quickens as her lips trail delicately from your ear down your neck. Her tongue occasionally peeks out, causing you to whimper softly at each little lick. She giggles like it's the cutest sound in the world. Toga rocks back on her knees, hands finding your thighs. She leans over you and works gently across your jaw and neck.

"See~? I just wanna taste, you can relax," she whispers, her voice bordering on hypnotic. Your laptop is pulled from your hands and set on the concrete in front of you. You open your mouth to protest, but she places a finger on your lips. "Shh, he's fa~r away still, there's ple~nty of time to get some of your tasty, hot blood, [Y/N]-chan," her voice takes on a lustful tone.

You open your mouth again, her finger still there, but nothing comes out but a soft, suppressed moan as she bites lightly on your neck. Her finger plays gently with your lips. Her tongue and teeth and lips move sensually against one spot on your neck, and a needy moan escapes. Your tongue tries to loll out of your mouth. Feeling this, she sticks her finger past your lips, letting you suck on it. She giggles again at you, but you don't have the energy to do anything but feel slightly red and embarrassed, taking in all the pleasure she bombards upon you.

The thought of her causing you to bleed is still scary. You begin to shake as she bites down harder- not enough to draw blood, but still hard enough to send a shiver of fear through you.

"N-Not there, Hi-Himiko-chan," you groan as she places a knee between your legs, placing you firmly between the wall behind you and her bare thigh. She presses in further, causing your breath to hitch.

"Aww~, is [Y/N]-chan shy~? I think you're so cute when you're being shy," she murmurs over the somewhat-hickey on your neck.

You shake your head. "Sh-Shigaraki w-will be mad if y-you hurt me somewhere h-he can s-see," you reason over the flood of heat through your body.

She sighs. "Well," she thinks to herself, "I can find another place where he definitely won't see." It's half consideration, half a threat. Her hand resting on your thigh tightens to squeeze the soft flesh. You whimper in response.

"N-No," you say quickly. You lift a shaking arm and bare your wrist to her. "I-If you have to, t-take it f-from here."

She pulls away with a grin. "Thanks for the food."

Those words are all you hear before you're blinded by fiery hot pain and pleasure. She digs her fangs into the unblemished underside of your arm, withdrawing them quickly and relishing the dribbles of blood that spurt in response. You cry out loudly, the high-pitched sound ripped from deep within you. Her pupils dilate widely in excitement. Sticking her tongue out, she gives an experimental lap at the flesh.

"[Y/N]-chan..." she breaths airily. "You taste delicious."

She takes the throbbing skin up to her lips again, placing gentle licks at the site of the wound. Small kitten licks grow to long stripes. She squeezes the arm on either side of the wound, pushing more blood from the holes.

"H-Himiko-chan," you moan, "I'm getting dizzzzzzy," you drawl, brain woozy.

She pulls away, licking up some off of her lips. "Ehehe, sorry~, I got a little carried away!" she giggles easily.

You nod, trying to focus and remember what you're doing in a concrete parking garage. You see movement on the laptop in front of you.

"Himiko... chan..." you say softly, gesturing to the laptop. Your breathing tries to return to normal, but you’re still feeling short of breath. Her face lights up and she claps excitedly, seeing something you can’t through your hazy vision. Your world feels like it’s tipping to the side slowly.

"He’s here! Ok, so I scare him- but no stabby stab- and then I get that laptop and then we go!" She turns and skips away. She whips around again. "Oh, right! I won’t say anything about you~!" she giggles with a wink.

You can only nod as you slump back against the concrete wall in exhaustion. Guess I'm just along for the ride, you think distantly.

Chapter Text

 Zhao walks with confidence through the garage. His chauffeur drives away while he approaches the entrance to his father’s offices. Toga skips to him, arms swinging by her sides. She wears her disarming schoolgirl outfit.

"Hi~! Megane-kun~!" she calls out to him. He pauses, turning to her suspiciously. His suspicion turns to some amalgamation of understanding and boredom.

"Oh, you’re one of those. Listen," he says in Japanese in a condescending tone, "I don’t wanna buy any international Girl Scout cookies, or whatever. This is a private garage, so I suggest you leave now." He places his hands on his knees and leans down to look at her at eye-level. She's nearly a foot shorter than him.

"Heehee~, you understand me! That makes this so~ much easier!" In an instant, Zhao's back is pressed painfully against the concrete pillar behind him. He struggles, pupils shrunk in fear. He wriggles against her inconceivably strong grip. "No~, I don't think so," she giggles as a sharp blade is pressed to his throat.

"W-What do you want," Zhao whimpers, stilling upon feeling the cold metal. He looks about ready to piss himself. You'd laugh, but you actually understand the fear that Toga can impose upon you, so you almost feel sympathy.

"You've been nau~ghty, haven't you? Trying to spy on me~? Don't pretend you don't know," she scolds as he shakes his head. "It's not your job to watch me, silly~," she drawls with a giggle. "I only want [Y/N]-chan to watch me. So~ gimme that laptop so I can give it to her!"

If you weren't so disoriented, you'd be cursing at her for mentioning you. Zhao's expression gains some anger, though he still sweats in fear. "Oh," he heaves, "so that's it then? [Y/N] sent you? Crazy bitch."

Toga presses the blade in slightly, causing his breath to hitch. "Don't talk about [Y/N]-chan like that," she hisses lowly, her face contorting in fury. It returns to her usual smile after a moment, but Zhao returns to his former fear-filled expression. "Teehee~, you're so easy to scare! I don't like you very much, but I'm sure you'll be fun to stabby stab~," she says, her voice taking on a carefree, singsongy quality.

Dammit, you curse, I should have known Toga wouldn't stick to the plan.

"Y-You wouldn't do that," Zhao laughs somewhat hysterically, "no- nonononono you can't, y-you wouldn't hurt me! You wouldn't kill me??"

Toga relishes in his hysterics, but waves her hand in the air after a moment. "No, I guess I won't. [Y/N]-chan doesn't know I'm here, but she'd be sad if you turned up dead. She'd get mad at me; she knows me so well!" She giggles at the thought. "Any~way~, I'm not gonna kill you. But you should give me the laptop now. Otherwise I'll get mad, and I'm not so nice when I'm mad~," she releases him and takes a few steps back.

There's a moment when he looks ready to dash, but he moves shaking hands to his backpack and, with some difficulty, produces the laptop. You recognize it from far away; it's the right one. Toga snatches it carelessly from his grasp.

"You wouldn't lie to me, would you~?" she asks with a particularly menacing gleam in her yellow eyes. "I don't like liars very much~..."

"N-No! This is the one, I swear!" he assures, voice cracking in fear.

She hums for a moment, looking like she's considering. She swings the laptop in her arm, the other hand on her mouth in a pensive gesture. "I guess I'll believe you~," she giggles. Zhao lets out an immense sigh. "I'm going now. Bye bye~! I might see you again soon~," she says with a little wave, skipping off to where you lie waiting.

Having regained some strength, you quickly scoot out of sight, before Zhao realizes you're there as well. You doubt he'd watch her leave, though, and hear him grab his backpack and scramble away. Toga hops to your side, grasping your arm and hefting you up easily. You manage to grab your things as she does so.

"Come on~," she encourages, "he's probably gonna call his security, and I don't wanna be caught by the police~!"

You nod, allowing yourself to be towed away by Toga.

You and Toga go your separate ways when you’re a few blocks away from your apartment. Seeming to not notice that you’re about ready to keel over, she lets go of your arm, shoves the laptop into your arms and skips away with a wave.

"What... the fuck," you mutter, utterly confused and done with the current situation. You sigh and walk inside the apartment building, trudging up the stairs to your room. A very concerned pikachu boy waits for you.

"Hey," Kaminari says, brows furrowed. "You alright?"

You shrug, but manage a smile. "I got the laptop back," you say, sounding more defeated and tired than you mean to.

"T-That’s good," he says hesitantly. He helps you put down the bags and computers. When you’re free of the burdens, he takes your chin and looks into your eyes. "Are you alright?"

You look back and forth into his pretty, sunshine eyes. You smile a bit. "I think I am now."

He smiles brightly, but his volume stays softer. "Hell yeah, you are."

You giggle at that. He glances down at your wrist, seeing the blood stain in the sleeve. "Baby..." he mutters, lifting your wrist up for him to see. "What happened?"

You sigh. You figure you trust Kaminari the most out of all the boys, at least in the regard that he wouldn’t judge you for your questionable help. "I... asked Toga for help."

His expression remains concerned, but doesn’t change. "Alright," he prompts.

"She... she intimidated Zhao to get the laptop back. But before she did so she..." you flush at the memory. "She told me she needed, uh, ‘payment’, and wanted to have a little of my blood. She doesn’t have her quirk or anything, so I didn’t see the harm..."

"But she took more than just a little," he guessed, seeing your current state and the stain on your uniform. You shrug.

"I knew what I was signing up for when I asked a psycho for help. I guess I didn’t expect anything less, at least."

He sighs. "You need to get cleaned up. Come on."

He drags you along to the bathroom, a slight pout on his face. He lifts you up on the counter by the sink. You blush a little at the sudden contact, and how easily he lifted you. He’s so strong, you think distantly.

"Um," he says a bit awkwardly, "do those sleeves roll up? They look like they won’t, but if you don’t wanna take your shirt off then..." he trails off, not wanting to impose.

You smile a bit, slipping off the vest overtop and begin to unbutton your shirt. You slip the heavy blouse off of your shoulders, leaving you bare, save your simple black bra.

Kaminari drinks the sight in unashamedly. "You’re really hot," he states bluntly.

You snicker a bit, smacking his arm. "So what, you dragged me in here to stare at me?"

He snapped out of his thoughts and kneels between your legs. You inhale sharply at the sight of him, but he only smirks, reaching into the cabinet underneath you and retrieving the first aid kit. He stands. "Thinking dirty thoughts, baby girl?" he snickers.

You roll your eyes. "You wish, Denki-kun."

He meets your eyes with a dangerous glint. "Careful," he warns. "I don’t wanna reopen any wounds, but keep that up and I might have to."

You suck in a breath, suddenly warmer. "Right... I’d just hate for that to happen."

He snickers, but says nothing, already focused on the task at hand. He opens the kit, taking out the tweezers, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, gauze, and bandages. Using the tweezers, he puts some of the liquid onto the soft material and eases the soaked cotton to your wrist. Watching your reaction carefully, he begins around the edges cleaning off the blood. When the alcohol makes contact with the small holes, you grit your teeth at the mild sting. He murmurs and apology, but continues his treatment. It’s quite soothing, in a strange way.

Finding the blood is thoroughly cleaned off, he places a small square of gauze onto the site, and gently wraps the long bandage around the wrist, making it firm but not too tight. The pressure feels strange but not unwelcome.

You watch Kaminari work, his expression getting progressively poutier. When he finishes dressing the injury, you finally ask. "What’s wrong?"

He sighs, puffing a cheek childishly. "I wish you’d told me," he murmurs.

You squirm a bit in his grip. His hands are still around your wrist. "I... I just..."

"You just what?" he asks, voice deeper than usual. His eyes bore into yours. He leans closer to you. "Come on, baby girl. Tell me."

Your breath come up shaky. Warmth pools downward, the slight dizziness only adding to the effect. "I d-didn’t wanna worry you guys. I knew you’d get mad..."

His eyes trail down your bandaged wrist, and then up in your eyes. "I’m not mad at you," he corrects, "I’m mad at the psycho bitch for touching something that doesn’t belong to her."

Your eyes lid at his declaration. "And I belong to you?"

He smirks darkly. "If you’d like. I’m possessive, but not exclusive, per se. I just don’t want her touching you. I don’t want her seeing you with your cheeks red and warm. Your lips open. Your eyes dazed and needy. Hearing the sounds you make when I touch you," his voice drops to a harsh whisper. He leans to the side of your face, his lips brushing your ear lobe. His hands both move to grasp your unclothed waist. You tremble slightly under his touch. "Feeling your beautiful skin. Tasting you on her tongue. What did she do?" he asks, lips trailing lightly over your neck. "Did she kiss you?" He places a soft kiss on your exposed collarbone. "Lick you?" A lick below the collarbone. "Bite you?" His teeth graze the skin above your breast. "Eat you?"

You gasp softly at his words. His hands slide up to cup both mounds, hands gently molding and feeling them through your bra. You feel yourself flush. "D-Denki~," you exhale as he gropes you softly.

"I knew I liked these tits for a reason, baby girl. They’re so perfect. Has anyone touched these before?"

You bite your lip and shake your head in a no, avoiding his eyes.

"Hey. Look at me," he says, voice holding a surprising amount of command. You obey tentatively. "You’re beautiful... And right now, you’re mine, understand?"

You nod. "Yes, Denki," you say softly, voice trembling a bit. Not like with Toga, or even Dabi, where there’s a fear- it’s thrilling, but it comes from lack of trust. With the boys, with this boy, there’s trust. And relinquishing control to someone you trust is a heady feeling that sends heat straight to your core, making you shudder in anticipation.

He released a stuttering breath at your response, a relieved smile playing on his face. "You’re so perfect, fucking hell." He tooks at you adoringly, giving your breasts a firm squeeze. You give a squeaky moan at that, and he chuckles lightly in response.

You lean forward into his touch. "Denki~," you whine.

"Yes, baby girl?" he asks, hands still squeezing you.

"Kiss me," you beg quietly. "Please."

He closes in, his breath brushing against your lips. "Since you asked so nicely," he sighs, pressing his lips to yours.

You kiss him fervently, desperately, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck, your legs loosely around his hips. One of his hands remains on your chest, while the other moves up into your hair, tugging gently to tilt you to his whim. Kaminari rolls his hips against you, your heat hitting his stiffness. You both moan into one another’s mouths, you rocking into the feeling.

Your teeth clash together as he bites your bottom lip, tugging on it gently. You push your chest towards him and moan as he gives you a pinch through your brazier.

He releases your lips and watches as you writhe beneath him, core grinding against him, chest pressing out in need for contact, eyes dilated in lust, lips swollen and well-kissed, cheeks blooming in color.

"So needy," Kaminari smirks as you try to encourage him to move. "I bet you’re so wet for me." You bite your lip, wiggling your hips. "Use your words, baby girl. Are you wet for me?"

You give a shuddered gasp. "Yes," you groan. "Denki, I’m so wet for you."

His hand at your chest begins to move down. "Damn, baby. Am I that good to you? Or are you just that desperate?" His hand presses against your stomach, and down onto your thigh.

You bite your lip, suppressing a moan. "Denki~," you whine. He gives your thigh a quick smack, causing you to let out a lustful sound.

"Answer me, baby girl."

"I-I’m," you stammer as his hand creeps up your inner thigh, underneath your skirt. "I-I’m so desperate, Denki, you make me feel so good. I’m desperate for you, Denki-kun."

Kaminari exhales sharply. "Fuck," he grunts, hand caressing just next to your panties. "You’re so fucking cute, baby girl. Such a good girl for me." His hand reaches your clothed wetness, causing you to gasp. He presses his fingers past the panties, rubbing his fingers up and down your soaking slit.

"D-Denki-!" you gasp as his fingers brush your sensitive clit. Your breathing is erratic as you writhe and grind against his fingers, desperately chasing the release he intends on giving you.

"Fuck, baby," he chuckles at your enthusiasm. "You’re so wet, you’re so needy. I’m not even touching you that much and you look ready to cum on my fingers. Do you want to cum?"

You bite your lip, nodding. Tears form in your eyes at the overwhelming pleasure.

His thumb brushes harshly over your hardened little pearl, causing you to choke in pleasure. "Tell me, baby. Tell me how you wanna cum on my fingers."

"I-I wanna cum," you hiccup in pleasure, breathing erratic and relatively ineffective. "I wanna cum all over your fingers, Denki. Please, please let me cum, Denki~?"

His fingers still for a moment, then ramp up in speed significantly. You nearly scream in pleasure as he rams his fingers against your sweet spot, spreading your wet juices all around and using it to glide even quicker over you.

Within moments of this harsh speed, you feel climax rise within you, a wave about to crash. You babble as you near it. "Yes, Denki, it’s so good, it’s so good I love it. I love it it feels so amazing, Denki, Denki-!"

You cut off in a moan of pleasure, drawn out and high pitched as you reach completion. Your body stiffens as Kaminari rubs violently at your poor clit, your hips twitching and jerking against his hand.

As you ride down the high, his hand retreats and he watches you with a devious smirk. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he slurps one of them, looking ecstatic as he taste your fluids.

"Damn," he mumbles around his finger, "you taste delicious."

You open your mouth and let your tongue loll out playfully. He chuckles and places a finger in your mouth. Sucking and slurping on his finger, tasting your own salty pleasure, you close your eyes and hum, satisfied in your afterglow.

Kaminari smirks at the sight. "If you like sucking my fingers that much, just wait until you see what else you can get that pretty mouth around."

You open your eyes and look at him, sucking a bit harder in response before pulling off his finger with a wet, slurpy pop. 

“Can’t wait~,” you smirk at him, enjoying the way he blushes.

“Tease,” he grins at you. “Clean yourself up, [Y/N]-chan. You’re a damn mess.”

You roll your eyes. “Fine, I’ll go clean myself up while you quietly jack off in here.”

“You can always join me~,” he laughs as you leave the bathroom. 

“Hmm, maybe next time, Sparky,” you wave him off as you stumble into your bedroom to change. 

You collapse onto your bed, still feeling a bit of twitching down south from the touch treatment. That was... intense, you exhale sharply. I can’t even guess what that must be like... Your thoughts drift a bit, worrying if that was a step too far. But Minari’s cool. He just got jealous about Toga. You smile a bit. It’s nice he cares, I guess.


Chapter Text

You and Kaminari slept in your bed, not bothering to take out the pull-out bed from the couch. Your bed was big enough for the both of you, and there was no need for the pretense that you didn’t sleep in the same bed. The other boys knew just how close the two of you are.

You wake up bright and early along with Kaminari. You forgot he was an early riser.

"Mornin’, baby girl," he purrs in your ear, hands feeling the plush lobes of your backside.

"Mmm," you hum. "Morning, Denki."

You’re glad you woke up early, because Kaminari decides to spend the next fifteen minutes kissing and nipping at your skin, pulling you flush against him, like even a millimeter away from you is too far for him to handle. You realize something as your tongues wrestle, a funny little divot in his appendage.

"Do you have your tongue pierced?" you ask, pulling away with a devious smirk.

He grins brightly. "Damn, I’ve been found out. I take it out for training and fighting, so I haven’t had it on me since we got here."

You lid your eyes mischievously. "Hmm, we might have to go buy you a new one."

Kaminari chuckles at your response. "Does my baby girl have a kink~?"

You bite your lip. "I can’t help it when it’s you, Denki."

He attacks your side, tickling you. You writhe in a fit of laughter. He gives little pecks all over your face as you both roll around on your bed, trying to out-tickle the other.

"S-Stop it, Minari!" You wheeze in laughter.

"I can’t help it when you’re so cute, [Y/N]-chan!" he laughs in response.

He hops off the bed and holds out his hand to help you up. You take it, and he lifts you up off the bed and into his arms. You wrap your legs instinctively around his hips and your arms around his neck as he supports under your bum.

"This is the most I’ve seen you smile all week," he says, looking up at you. His expression is so genuinely happy and relieved, you want to bottle it up for when you feel sad.

You return a similar expression. "I guess I forget to focus on the good things, like you tell me to."

He chuckles. "You should do it for yourself, not just because I say so. But I’m glad it’s working, anyway." he says with a grin. "So, mall today? Sounds like I need to give my baby girl something extra when I kiss her~," he smirks seductively.

You blush, unable to change the proximity due to your position in his arms. "Not that she needs anything more than what’s in front of her," you say, expression surprisingly soft, "but an add on item is always interesting."

He smiles at you, and you never cease to be amazed by how brilliant and loving his eyes can be. A sudden sting pierces your heart, wondering if it’s just your face. But you shove that emotion to the back of your mind; focus on the present and the positive, right?

You lean down and he captures your lips slowly, sweetly. You feel him slowly walk you into the living area.

"Fuck," he grunts when you nibble his bottom lip. He grabs your ass and squeezes it. You squeal in response. He walks you so your back is pinned to a wall, decreasing the space between you even more.

Kaminari doesn’t stop his ministrations, squeezing you and kissing your neck, even as Bakugou walks in. You gasp loudly in shock and surprise, as Bakugou raises an eyebrow and Kaminari bites on your throat.

"K-Katsu-ki~," you moan as Kaminari bites onto you. He pulls away slightly, smacking your ass.

"Wrong name, baby girl," he says with a smirk.

"N-No, Katsuki is-"

"Yeah, so? Doesn’t mean you can moan his name while my hands are on you."

"Tch," Bakugou scoffs. "She just knows who’d make her feel the best. Don’t get jealous, dumb Pikachu."

You both look at him, you in shock and Kaminari in amusement. "Prove it then, Baka-gou," Kaminari challenges.

You snap your head to Kaminari. "Y-You don’t mean-"

He chuckles and claims your lips again, effectively silencing you. He pulls back from the wall and sets you back on the ground, keeping his hands on your hips. Your hands slide down his chest, feeling his surprisingly defined pecs.

"You look amazing in these shorts," Bakugou murmurs in your ear, having moved behind you while you were occupied. He watches Kaminari grope and move your cheeks, shorts tight and barely concealing anything.

You groan in response, wiggling your hips a bit. Kaminari slaps you again. "Cheeky," he snickers as you gasp. "Teasing us like that?"

"It’s like she wants us to fucking devour her," Bakugou says, agreeing. His hands snake around to grasp your breasts through your shirt, no bra underneath to protect you.

Kaminari hums. "I think she’d like that. You know what she told me? She said she wants me to get a new tongue ring, since I left mine back in our world. I think she’s a lot naughtier than we give her credit for."

Bakugou chuckles, playing with the swells of your chest. "Imagine that, getting that cold metal and hot tongue all at the same time? Where would you want it? Here?" He squeezes your breasts. "Here?" His lips ghost over your neck. "Or... down there?" He looks down over your shoulder, and you follow his gaze and flush when you understand where ‘there’ is.

"W-Well," you begin, voice betraying your arousal.

"She’s not denying it~," Kaminari sings, wicked grin on his face.

"Hmph. Everyone else will be here soon," Bakugou reminds. Todoroki would have been in the room already if not for your disagreement with him, you realize.

"Damn," Kaminari smirks. "I was hoping to get somewhere with this. Maybe tonight~," he says with a wink.

Bakugou releases your chest with a final pinch to both nubs, smoothing his hands down your sides and back before letting go. Kaminari lingers a little longer, getting one last kiss, drawn out by his devilish tongue. He smacks your backside one last time, taking a step back and smirking at you.

"You’re fucking hot when you’re a mess," Kaminari snickers, and Bakugou moves around to join him. Bakugou drinks you in with an appraising glance.

"Yeah. Fuckin’ adorable," he say, leaning in for a kiss of his own. Your hand finds his jaw, gently stroking his jawline as his tongue moves against yours. You have to tiptoe a bit to reach him, since he doesn’t lean down as far as Kaminari does to get to you. Bakugou wants you to work for the kiss.

Pulling apart slowly, you look at both the boys rather dazed. You blink a few times. "Well, good morning to you too," you say to Bakugou. They chuckle.

"Go take a shower, baby," Kaminari says, ruffling your hair. "Take off that bandage and let me see it before we head out, alright?"

You roll your eyes. "Yes, dad."

"I think you mean ‘daddy’," he corrects with a smirk.

You shiver a bit at the idea, but store that away for another time. "Go make me some breakfast. I need to replenish my energy after you two hooligans."

They laugh. "I’ll make some good fuckin’ food, don’t worry," Bakugou assures, a calm expression on his face. He’d slept like shit, especially after he snapped at you the day prior. He felt like a total A-list douchenozzel and felt like garbage the rest of the day. He’d have to find a good time to apologize, he notes to himself. Calling you a hero one day and a villain the next... it’s not something he wanted to put you through.

You didn’t remember the exchange with him the day prior until you got in the shower. Shit, you realize, aren’t I mad at him? I was blinded by his good looks and Kaminari’s charismatic kisses. Fuck.

Showered and dressed, you reenter the living area and get hit by the lovely aroma of Bakugou’s cooking. "Smells good," you say, mood obviously not what it was when you enter the shower. Kaminari wraps his arms around your waist from behind, planting a kiss on the back of your neck and settling his head on your shoulder.

"Hey," he greets. You laugh a little.

"Hi? Thought we already greeted for the day," you say teasingly.

"Yeah," he says, "but you look not-happy, and I don’t like you not-happy. I mean, I like you all the time, but I prefer you to be happy. So what’s wrong?"

You sigh, watching Bakugou slave over the loud, hot stovetop. Nobody else had arrived yet. Tenya and Izuku probably went to take a run together, you guess, and Kiri is probably still sleeping. Who the fuck cares where Todoroki is. "It’s just..." you begin, dropping your voice to a whisper, turning so your lips are by his ear. "What Bakugou said yesterday. I forgot until I got in the shower, and it looks like he doesn’t even care about what he said."

Kaminari tightens his grip on a comforting way. "Hmm, I don’t know how he feels," Kaminari begins, "but I’m sure he feels bad. He’d never want to hurt you, he just doesn’t have the best control of his mouth when he’s angry. And he’s angry a lot, even still. He looked like shit all afternoon, if that makes you feel any better."

You shrug. "I guess, I just..." you sigh. "I feel like I’m just losing you all, one at a time."

He turns you around in his arms. "We’re still here, though. You’re allowed to be hurt, but let’s focus on that, right?"

You bite your cheek a bit, but nod. "I’ll try."

Bakugou hears parts of the exchange, his gut clenching inside of him. I’m a fucking moron, he scolds, blinking back tears- that are definitely from the onions, ok??

You release yourself from Kaminari’s grip and go to the laptop, which is where you left it yesterday. You grab it and plop yourself on the couch, Kaminari sprawling like a cat next to you. The first thing you notice is that the program has new infrormation, but there’s no notification for it. You feel a sliver of fear crawl up your spine. Does that mean...?

"Looks like there was an alert Thursday night," you say cautiously. "I’ll check it out."

You dive into your work, so deep that the others come over and begin to eat while Kaminari sits beside you and feeds you bites of the delicious breakfast.

You find the video of the three newest villains arriving, and watch sped up feeds of them going about their day. They didn’t leave much- especially Spinner, who was still mostly reptilian- but you managed to see footage of Toga leaving the villains hideout somewhat recently. You figure you shouldn’t tell them that you’re basically already BFFs with Twice, Compress, and Spinner.

"Alright. Toga is gone. I’m gonna head over, those three might know something.”

You stand and slam the laptop down, scurrying to get your shoes. 

“W-Wait-“ Kaminari says, shuffling around with the plates of half-eaten food. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Bakugou snaps at you.

“Gathering information. It’s not the most heroic thing,” you glare at him pointedly, “but if they know something it’ll help get you guys home.”

You leave before anyone has a chance to respond. Bakugou is left with red cheeks and the urge to punch himself in the face.

Chapter Text

You walk swiftly through the cool autumn breeze to the alleyway where you’re certain the villains wait. You knock on their door and enter without waiting for a response.

"I’m home~," you drawl with a humorous glint in your eyes.

"You’re back! Yay~! Can we take your measurements now??"

You smile at Twice who wears his mask, even though you’re sure their powers are nearly gone by now. "Sure, Twice."

You look around at the scene you walked in on; Dabi at the bar, Mr. Compress and Spinner at the table, Twice bopping about. The only real difference you saw was that Spinner was no longer a lizard, but a human with some scaly parts on his face and arms (and presumably other places). He looked to be in his mid-twenties, and he wasn’t bad looking by any means; long and straight black hair, oval face, narrow pink eyes, wide grin, long straight nose. It was an odd sight to behold, that was for sure. Mr. Compress had also taken his mask off, exposing his face as well. He wasn’t bad looking either.

You look at Dabi. His glittering eyes beccon you to join him, and you oblige with a smirk. You sit beside him.

“Miss me, doll?"

"Hmm," you consider for a moment. "I guess you can say that. I had a great time the other night, and with the dumb shit happening at school, it was a nice change." You grin, meeting his eyes. "Who knew hanging with a bunch of villains would be the highlight of my week?"

Dabi snickers. "You seem shocked that we can give you a good time. You beat the shit outta those guys at school?"

You nod. "I got some help, but yeah. I got what they took from me."

Dabi watches you for a moment. "Huh." He shakes his head slightly. "Well, what are you doing here now? You’d think a cute schoolgirl like you would have plenty of other things to do on a Saturday."

"You’d be surprised," you mutter a bit gloomier than you mean to. "So," you brighten up, "gonna kill the heroes soon?? You guys are all here except for Shigaraki."

"Pretty soon!" Spinner confirms. "We gotta wait for the signal and then we’ll crush those false heroes!"

"You don’t wanna kill the green haired one, though," Mr. Compress reminds.

"No! Stain deemed him a worthy hero!" Spinner growls. "We can’t kill him, I won’t allow it!"

Dabi rolls his eyes. "We clearly have yet to figure out exactly who is going to die. But yes, Handsy told those three he’d be back here very soon."

You nod, smiling at the two as they argue. "Cool. Can’t wait."

Dabi watches you again. You look over at him and see an expression of something just below the surface, of the pieces just about to click. You worry what that might mean for you, so you stand abruptly. "So, what’s there to do in this joint?"

You spend the next few hours playing card games and drinking games and party games with villains.

You end up playing a version of spin the bottle combined with never have I ever. Basically, they’d explained, everyone goes around and says something they have done. Anyone who hasn’t done it has to take a shot and spin the bottle, kissing whoever it lands on. You weren’t about to ask if they played this often amongst themselves, because there was clearly something between Spinner and Compress that you didn’t wanna touch on in case of it not being fully bloomed.

"Ok, I’ve... stolen money," you say, knowing you’re not gonna say anything along those lines that’s gonna eliminate these guys. They all chuckle at your ‘confession’.

Dabi smirks at you deviously. "Alright, doll, how about this. I’ve had sex."

You blush profusely. After a moment of nobody else moving, you down a shot and grab an empty bottle to spin. You hear Dabi wolf whistle, and you flip him the bird.

You spin the bottle, hoping beyond hope it just lands on yourself so you can move onto the next round.

It doesn’t.

It lands on Dabi.

You meet his devilish cerulean gaze, him licking his stapled lips and standing from his chair. You stand with a deep crimson blush. "C’mon, doll. It’s not that scary," he assures, hand slipping into your hair and caressing your cheek.

"I never said I was scared," you say, plastering what you hope is a cocky smirk.

He grins. "Then enough foreplay."

You inhale sharply as Dabi swoops down, claiming your lips. His free hand finds your waist and pulls you in. You put your hands on his neck, the strange texture of his burnt flesh making you reflexively feel it up and down. His mouth wastes no time in moving against yours, and the soft sigh you release when he tugs your hair is enough for him to slip his tongue in.

You and him find a steady rhythm, and you forget your current setting, only feeling Dabi’s mouth on yours.

You hear him groan and pull back. You open your eyes slowly, your awareness taking its time to evaluate the situation. You hear some cheers and whistles, but you and Dabi look into each other’s eyes for what seems like another decade.

His dazed expression is quickly replaced by his trademark smirk. You blink a few times, finally processing, and take a step away. You both sit down, him cockily and you awkwardly. Twice offers you a fist bump that you cautiously accept.

You continue playing the game, managing to only have to spin a few times more, landing on Twice or Spinner and giving them quick pecks on the cheeks or lips. Dabi seemed to be miffed every time he missed the chance to tongue out with you again, but you didn’t think much of it.

"Alright," you say as you stand. "I should get going. It’s been real, it’s been fun."

"Bye bye! Don’t forget to bring me snacks~!" Twice calls after you.

"Will do," you smile. You look over at Dabi, who watches you with the same look- like he’s just on the cusp of discovery, and he knows it.

You smile at him and give him a timid wave. He smirks at you with a mock salute, and you turn to leave.

You’re relieved when you get out of the alleyway without spotting Toga. You’re very tipsy but in enough control that you can recognize how bad that’d be.

You find your way to your apartment, ready to take a year long nap. You stumble in on the boys all hanging out it your apartment.

The alcohol is really starting to hit you when you walk into your apartment. It takes Kaminari three tries to get you to hear him.

"Are you alright?" he asks with a worried glance. You nod finally with a lax smile. "Damn," he sighs. "Don’t scare me like that. I thought something was wrong... Wait- are you drunk?"

You shake your head. "No~pe, I drank but I’m not dru~nk, see?" You touch your nose and do a spin, not actually knowing what you’re trying to prove.

"You went drinking with villains??" Bakugou snaps from across the room. You whirl towards him with an angry look akin to a mad kitten.

"And what the fucking fuck is it to you, huh???" you say, a slight whine to your voice. "Dumbass. Fucking need your fucking judgement, fucker." You rub your head and turn to go to the bathroom, the world suddenly tilting on its axis.

"Woah," Kaminari says as he catches you, "careful. Here, let me help." You nod with a smile.

"You’re a~lways helpful, De~nki~," you giggle. "You’re my fa~vorite because you’re so~ nice. You, and Tenya, and Eiji, and Izu-kun," you list on your fingers with a laugh. "Not Todoroki. Dumb fucker. Or Baka Hoe. He’s dumb too. I don’t like them."

Kaminari sends apologetic glances at the two you called out.

"Oh! But I like Dabi too! He’s a good kisser~!" you say, wrapping your arms around Kaminari’s neck. "Twice is funny, he’s my BFF. He said so," you nod. "Himiko-chan is a good kisser too, but she bites me too hard and takes too much blood. Eiji is a better biter than her." The boy in question’s face blooms as bright a red as his eyes.

"A-Alright, I think that’s enough of that," Kaminari tries to stop you from digging yourself any deeper.

"No~ it’s fun to talk about boys~! And girls. I like both! Ah, I think I don’t wanna kiss Tenya, because he’s like a big brother. But I think I wanna kiss Izu-kun," you affirm with a nod. "Yep, then I’ll have kissed everyone I wanna kiss! Yay~," you let go of Kaminari and twirl. "Well, Shigaraki is cute," you say thoughtfully. "But I’ll have to wait a few days, that’s when they said he’d be here. Then I’ll have kissed everyone and you can go home."

You whip around to look at the boys who watch you like people on the highway watch a car crash. "I~ am~ sleepy! Naptime! Bye bye~," you wave and whirl around to walk away, disappearing in your room.

You leave the boys sitting stunned. "S-She’s just drunk," Kirishima says after a moment. "Don’t take anything she said to heart, right?"

"Right," Bakugou mutters, standing and walking towards the door. "I’m going to buy some groceries," he says and slams the door shut.

Todoroki also stands and walks away, glint in his eyes the only hint that he’s seething in anger.

Iida sits silently, face neutral.

Midoriya watches everything with wide eyes.

Kirishima and Kaminari exchange glances that show their guilt, but know there’s little they can do to change it.

They shouldn’t have expected anything else, really- they don’t control you, they can’t expect you to only spend time with them. They just wish it wasn’t with their villains, the villains trying to kill them. It felt strange to them, not quite a betrayal, but a breach of trust from the only person they can trust. Then again, you’re doing them a favor, really...

They don’t know what to make of the situation.


Chapter Text

You wake up Sunday morning with a pounding headache. You groan as you sit up. You’re in your bed and wear your clothes from the day before. Shower, you think through the concussive throb in your skull.

Stepping out of the shower and getting dressed, you vaguely recall being wasted as fuck the day prior. I remember coming home from the villains hideout... Kaminari was there... wait, you realize, they were all there. Shit- I think I said too much, didn’t I??

Panic clawing at your throat, you manage to swallow it and exit the bathroom. Kaminari is sitting on the couch on one of your laptops, waiting for you. When he notices you, he tosses you a bottled water with a smile.

"Morning, sleeping beauty."

You give him a sheepish smile, catching the bottle. You take a sip, and set it on the coffee table next to the laptop open on a video- is that a vine comp? "I messed up, didn’t I?"

His smile wavers a bit. "You were drunk. Nobody blames you. It must not have been easy to avoid, since you’re usually careful about it."

You release a long sigh. "I guess. I just don't wanna ruin everything... Though apparently my self-sabotage has been successful," you say with a rueful smile.

Kaminari stands and walks over to you. "We don't hate you," he says with a gentle expression. He places his hands on your arms, rubbing them gently. "You can try your best, but you can't get rid of us that easily. I talked to those two, they'll be fine. They're just kicking themselves for being dicks, I think."

You release a breath from your nose. "They can suck my ass. I'm still mad at them both."

Kaminari chuckles. "I'm sure they'll come around. Oh, and I think you broke Midoriya when you said you wanted to kiss him."

Your eyes widen. "Did I say that??"

He laughs. "Yep. It's ok, I don't think Midoriya is complaining, he's just not the most... smooth when it comes to that sort of thing," he explains.

You laugh a bit. "Yeah, I could have guessed that much." You sigh, relieved they didn't think you were working for the villains, or something. "What did you guys end up doing yesterday?"

Kaminari grins at you with a mischievous grin. He doesn't say anything, but sticks his tongue out, revealing a dark grey metal ball attached to his tongue. You nearly squeal in delight.

"You got a new one?!?!"

Kaminari laughs. "Your enthusiasm is appreciated, baby. Yep, we went to the mall yesterday while you were out gathering intel." His expression sobers, placing his hands in his hoodie pocket. "So... you mentioned that Shigaraki will be here in a few days. Is that what they said?"

You nod, growing serious as well. "Yes. Spinner, Mr. Compress, and Twice came with the message that it wouldn't be too long. They are to try and gather you all so that it's easier for Shigaraki to use his powers on you all. I assume because Gatekeeper can't stay here that they'll drop him off and return after a few days of Shigaraki being here. So I suggest that, no matter what happens, stay away from the villains for at least those two days that it takes for Shigaraki to really start to lose his power. If you must confront them, wait until the third day. I don't know when that'll be, but when it does you guys will probably have to start being a lot more careful about what happens, and keep tabs on the villains. Don't interact with them at all. They'll take any chance they can get to kill you guys, they made that very clear when I was with them."

Kaminari looks worried at the phrase 'no matter what happens', but nods. "I can relay that to the others when we meet up for dinner, if you'd like. Supplement where I miss?"

You smile and nod. "Thanks. Will Aizawa-san be here too?"

Kaminari shrugs. "He's been coming and going a lot. I think he's been doing his own recon on the villains, especially when the laptop was gone."

You hum in understanding. "Makes sense, I guess. I feel like I'm on better behavior when he's around, so I guess it's best he sticks around for all our sakes," you smirk with a wink.

Kaminari grins. "I kinda like it when you're bad, though."

You raise your eyebrows. "Oh? And I thought I was supposed to be a good girl."

He smirks at that. "But when you're a bad girl, daddy can punish you."

You bite your lip, looking up at him. "I might wanna take that piercing for a spin... What's a girl gotta do to be punished around here?"

He hums softly, grasping your hips and smoothing his hands over your ass. "Well, getting drunk with villains seems like something a bad girl would do. And bad girls get spankings from daddy."

You giggle at the deep timbre his voice takes on. "Who knew you were so kinky, Denki?" Your hands feel his chest, relishing the muscular curves and dips.

"Oh, baby girl, you haven't even scratched the surface." You rake your nails down his chest lightly. He groans. "Very funny," he says, smacking your ass. "Come on, we can table this topic for later tonight," he smirks, "you need to eat. And drink that water," he says, pointing to the plastic bottle.

Dinner is incredibly awkward. You sit between Kaminari and Kirishima, Bakugou opting to sit farther from you than usual. You don't complain, but it only reinforces the idea that he's mad at you. You pout as you shovel the delicious food in your mouth. Nobody really says anything. Aizawa isn't there, either, despite you having the laptop back.

You hesitate for a good long while, but finally muster the courage to speak. "I... I'm sorry about anything I said yesterday that hurt you guys. It was dumb of me to be drinking with them, but despite them being villains, I didn't think they'd have a reason to take advantage of me. They have their own goals for being here, so my presence didn't seem to be a big deal, and I didn't think much of drinking with them. It doesn't make it any better, but... yeah. Sorry." You feel your cheeks burn in embarrassment.

"We were only worried for your safety," Iida says firmly, chopping his hand in the air. "Do not feel upset over your words to us! We do not hold you accountable for anything you said in an inebriated state!"

"Don't worry, babe," Kirishima says, rubbing your back. "We've got thick skin," he says with a wink.

You chuckle a little, your eyes suddenly watery. "You've got a thick skull, ya goof." You nudge him, rubbing your eyes. Kaminari holds your hand, giving it a squeeze and sending an encouraging glance your way.

You notice how the Big Three of their class are silent, but you choose to accept the words of those who did speak. You're sure they're still upset about you hanging with villains, but you don't really care. You never pretended you didn't hang with them- well, except the time you snuck out to hang with them, but that's different. Probably.

"We should talk about Shigaraki," Kirishima begins. You nod, allowing him to explain to the others what you'd told him earlier. He has a remarkable auditory memory, and you find no need to fill any of the gaps.

You watch Kaminari as he relays your discoveries. I never really took notice of him much in the show, you ponder. Shame, he’s probably my best friend out of all them. Or best... whatever. Friend with benefits, maybe. Who knows.

"Did I miss anything, [Y/N]?" he asks, turning to you.

You shake your head. "Nope, you got it, Minari."

He grins somewhat proudly. "Alright."

"So basically," Bakugou clarifies with a scowl, "we’re just gonna sit around and hide away from the villains once the boss shows up?? Dumb fucking plan."

"Would you rather get snatched up by Kurogiri and Shigaraki in a significantly more vulnerable state?" you snap. "Better than the dumb fucking plan where you guys get killed. I’d rather not be part of that one."

Bakugou watches you with an irritated expression, but resigns that you’re probably correct, and says nothing.

You sigh. "So are we all clear on the plan?" They nod. "It’s not much of a plan, but better than nothing."

Chapter Text

You knew by now that the night was your last with Kaminari- and damn, did you both make it count. You woke in the morning legs feeling limp and still feeling hella satisfied. You roll onto your side, looking into his eyes. Because of course he's already awake.

"Morning, baby girl," he says with a sunny smile.

"Mornin' daddy," you smirk, sticking your tongue out at him. He swoops in and steals your lips, causing you to squeal. The metallic taste of his tongue ring pervades your mouth, causing you to moan into his mouth. You begin to giggle, and he joins you, still reveling in the high you gave each other. You didn't do it do it- no peen in vaheen- but it was still great. Like, damn great. Boy knows how to rock that mouth jewelry.

You stand up, running away as Kaminari smacks your backside with a laugh. You both poke and prod one another as you go into the living area. Your light mood sours as you look to see Todoroki standing at the counter, making his tea.

"You can't make your damn tea in your own room?" you ask sharply.

Todoroki looks at you, expression unreadable. "I suppose I could, but I prefer being here with you."

Your jaw clenches. "Funny, you don't speak to me in days and suddenly you miss my company?"

His brows furrow. "It's not like that..."

You roll your eyes. "Right. Ok."

Todoroki opens his mouth to speak, but meets Kaminari's gaze. He shakes his head at Todoroki. Todoroki closes his mouth, sighing through his nose.

"Hey [Y/N]-chan, why don't you go shower for school? You'll probably have just enough time to before we gotta go," Kaminari suggests with a kind smile.

You nod, whipping around and walking away.

While showering, a sickening feeling washes over you. You hate the feeling; like it’s all coming to a head, but you don’t know if the outcome will be good or not.

You come out of the shower with a distant frown on your face. You’re barely trying to engage in your surroundings. 

The school day is similar. You ignore Kaminari’s and West’s attempts to engage with you throughout the day, much to their disappointment. 

Even Alistair notices something off when he tries to harass you at lunch.

“Hey,” Alistair snaps. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about a certain robbery on Friday, would you?”

You blink a few times and look at him with an exhausted, irritated expression. “What?”

He scoffs. “I know you heard me.”

“No, I really didn’t, and I’d rather not pretend to give a fuck today, so if you’ll excuse me.”

Alistair blinks in shock. You’re usually smart enough to not curse too violently in front of him, but the language combined with the venom throws him off. 

He approaches your usual table as you walk out of the cafeteria, alone. 

“The fuck you want, dickhead?” Bakugou snaps at him.

Alistair keeps composed, but his concern is obvious. “[Y/N] seems off today. I was wondering if any of you knew what was happening.”

West rolls his eyes. “As if you’d care, dumbass. You bully her from the moment you two enter this school and suddenly you’re concerned about her mental health? Screw you.”

Alistair’s expression hardens. “I was only asking because-“

“Aww, scared you’ll get in trouble? Poor Alistair,” West clicks his tongue. The others frown and glare at Alistair.

He hadn’t realized it, but for Alistair, there’s a sense of burnt bridges- Alistair crossed a line he didn’t realize was drawn, and he was beyond redemption, at least at this moment with these boys. It was a strange thing to see before him. He felt a hurt for what he’d done to you, but perhaps more from the pain it caused him now. He’d have plenty of time to ponder that later, though.

“No. I was concerned something happened in regards to our visitors from Japan. Although, I get the feeling you’re not from Japan- at least, not the Japan we know.”

The boys stiffen.

“How the fuck-“ Bakugou begins.

“We finally managed to get into the system on Friday, before Zhao was mugged by a Japanese girl, about [Y/N]’s height, with blonde hair in twin buns and yellow eyes. She had sharp fangs and wore an unidentifiable school uniform. Ring any bells?” 

“Toga...?” Midoriya mutters under his breath, calculative expression on his face. 

“I didn’t see any footage of her explicitly, but we did manage to see footage of several other figures entering our world through a glowing portal, as crazy as it sounds. I’d venture to guess you all are of similar origin.” Nobody says anything, and Alistair sighs to himself. “Fine. Only the four of us in the student council know, so don’t worry. I was just concerned about what [Y/N] might have gotten herself into when I saw some of the video footage of the people from another world, some with seemingly mystic powers.”

“Quirks,” West corrects. “They’re called quirks. Look up Boku No Hero Academia; it’ll make sense.”

Alistair narrows his eyes. “Alright. I know that’s all I’m getting from you guys, but... be careful,” he warns.

The boys sit in silence, most having lost their appetite. [Y/N] asked Toga for help, all but Kaminari processed with a sickening feeling. They all felt sick for a second reason; the Elite Four knows about our secret.

Chapter Text

Going home, you were more nervous than you wanted to be about sharing a room with the last boy: Midoriya Izuku. 

You didn’t think he was type to judge other people, but his silence during dinner the night before told you plenty about how he felt. And you were pretty much dreading having that confrontation.

You don’t feel like you did anything wrong, but you still are in an awkward position where you feel like you’re moving backwards with them. It’s a sickening feeling.

You skipped your afternoon classes, opting to hang out with the villains instead of sitting at home waiting for the inevitable. At least they didn’t judge you- or, they judged you for your good qualities. You really couldn’t win, it seemed.

You knock on the door, feet having taken you there automatically. Ok, you didn’t really opt to hang with them; you were walking home and you kinda started walking without thinking and ended up there. Your planning at that moment wasn’t at its peak.

Twice opened the door, a big smile on his face (mask?). "Ah! You’re back! Dabi was cranky when you were gone. I think he missed you~!"

You laugh into your hand, tension and worry alleviated from his antics. "I doubt that, but I certainly missed all of you."

You walk in, suddenly worried Toga would be there. Fuck, I didn’t think this through. You take a cursory glance, not seeing her. You sigh deeply. I need to plan better.

You smile at Spinner- now entirely scale-less- and Mr. Compress. Spinner lays sleeping with his head in Compress’s lap, lounging cozily on a cot in the back. You smirk over at Compress, giving a wave and a thumbs up. You can tell through the black ski-type mask that he blushes. You giggle and turn to Dabi, who sits on the couch. He beckons you towards him.

You blush softly and approach.

"Thought you’d be in school right now," Dabi says, sounding amused. You sit near-flush next to him, and he drapes an arm around your waist.

"I should be," you sigh. "But I got bored of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for something else to go to shit. So I came here."

Dabi raises an eyebrow at you. He watches you as you lean into him, curling up easily. "... Hey."

"Hm?" You look up at him.

"You alright?" His expression should have read as passive, but you caught a glimmer of concern in his turquoise eyes.

You smile softly. "I guess I am now."

He chuckles, rubbing your arm. For a villain, he’s surprisingly sweet, you think as you feel your brain drift off.

"Had a massive hangover the next day," you recall to yourself.

"Figures," he chuckles. "You’re a lightweight."

You pout up at him through your lashes. "That’s not true..."

He smirks. "Really? Then why’d you stagger out of here like a newborn deer?"

You open your mouth to protest, but he swoops down and presses his lips to your own. It’s slow at first, and you’re stiff from shock, but you both ease into it. Your tongue runs across the staples at the edges of his mouth, and he groans at the feeling.

You pull away slowly, trying your best to ignore the wolf whistle from Twice who lays sprawled across the bar, legs kicking off the side. You figure he gets to enjoy a lot of sights like that, between Dabi, Spinner and Compress.

You look up at Dabi who smirks down at you. "You’re so fuckin’ pretty, doll. I could eat you up."

You shiver at his words. You lick your lips in response, and be laughs.

"Would you like that? Being eaten- devoured by me? What if I did it right now..." his voice drops to a whisper, lips leaning down to your ear. "What if I stripped you down right now, if front off all three of them, hm? You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you, showing off your pretty little girl tits, spreading your legs for them to see." You sigh softly at the thought, biting your lip. "I’d be the only one touching you, but oh fuck, they’d wanna touch you. They’d start jerking off to the sight, I bet, even those twinks over there. They’re bi, probably, given their history. And besides, no one would be able to handle the sight of you, gorgeous, spread out before them like a meal just begging to be claimed and eaten."

"D-Dabi," you whimper softly as his hand slips down to your thigh, squeezing it.

"Aw, would you like that doll? Being toyed and played with for all of them to see? I’m not gonna do it. I don’t think I wanna share that sight. But I’ll get to see it myself, one of these days," he says, voice holding a promise that makes you give a shaky sigh. "Do you understand, doll?" He says, squeezing your thigh harder. "I’m going to fuck you. Not today. Not in front of these morons. But soon. Do you understand?"

You bit your lip, fear and arousal zipping like lighting up your back. "Yes," you say breathlessly. "Yes Dabi, I understand."

He chuckles darkly in your ear. "Good," he praises, hand releasing your leg and petting your hair. He eases you down to lay on his lap. "You look tired, doll. Sleep."

You nod into his leg. "Yes, Dabi."

He pets down your hair and your back softly, praising you. "Good, doll."

Your eyes flutter shut, exhausted from the flip in his demeanor.

When you open them, you remember why you shouldn’t take naps. "Shit," you mumble, rubbing your eyes and sitting up. "What times it?"

"Dunno," Dabi shrugs as you stand from his lap. You scoff and look at the clock on the wall. Shit. I should get going, I’ll be able to get back about when they do.

"I have to leave now," you say, gathering your backpack. When did I even take that off? What the hell?

Dabi nods. "See you soon, doll." His eyes watch you as you approach the door. Whatever he was trying to figure out, he either did or gave up, because you don’t see the same suspicion in his eyes. You hope he gave up.

You reach for the door, but it opens before you can grab it.

"[Y/N]-chan~! You found my hideout?!"

Your heart drops to the floor.

You slowly turn to Dabi, whose puzzle pieces finally click into place, realization dawning and a dark smirk filling his expression. He chuckles.

"You haven’t been very honest, doll."

Chapter Text

You stammer as Toga bores into you with her yellow eyes. "[Y/N]-chan, since when do you know dumb dumb Dabi?" Her voice is curious but her gaze is venomous.

"W-Well," you begin, but cut off, biting your tongue. You take a deep breath, hoping the element of surprise will be on your side, if nothing else.

Making a fist, you swiftly lift it and slam it into the side of Toga’s head, hearing a crack as her skull knocks into the door frame. Pushing past her, operating on instinct and adrenaline, you sprint away, tears springing into your eyes.

Fuck. FUCK.

You round the corner in one of the streets and run smack into a wall of black clothes and unimpressive skin and bone. You land on the sidewalk, skidding sideways. You look up in fear and apology.

"I’m sor-"

"Don’t worry about it," the dark man grunts before you can finish.

"A-Aizawa-san?" You stutter. "What are you..."

He grunts. "I’ve been watching the activity of those villains, seeing if I can hear anything they discuss. This body may be weak, but it’s also nondescript." He looks at you with sad eyes. "[L/N]-san, why have you been seeking them out like you have been? Today, a few days ago, and before that in the middle of the night."

You freeze in the middle of standing. You sigh, closing your eyes. His bullshit-ometer is too accurate for me to make something up. "I’ve been... kinda getting sick of the boys. The villains make fun of me for being good and all that, but it always feels like the boys genuinely don’t like me. Basically, Kaminari is the only one I don’t get that feeling from. But I can’t just cling to him in a group with all the others- it’s just too much."

Aizawa nods, eyes holding some understanding. "In this world, lines are blurred. Really, they are too in ours, but there are often actions that are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, without regards for the consequences. Here, it’s all a matter of perspective, with everything. The same situation can have an infinite amount of thoughts and opinions that argue for or against the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ nature. To us, enjoying the company of villains is considered ‘bad’. To you, they’re just people. But from what I understand, they’ve harmed and attacked and tried to kill us. Those boys see them as ‘bad’, and all who associate with them as ‘bad’, by default. And they don’t want to see you as ‘bad’, because they all care for you immensely. So they are confused as to how to go about it. Your actions are changing their worldview; please have some compassion with them as they process these things."

You stare, stunned. "I... I didn’t realize. I guess I’ll try and be more patient with them," you say, tears and a small smile forming. So they all don’t hate me...

Aizawa nods, turning to walk away.

"Wait, Aizawa-san!" You call to him. He turns around and you wrap your arms around him swiftly in a hug. "Thank you," you whisper softly. You release the stunned man, turning and waving. I’ve gotta get home, now, you think, not quite dreading it as much as you once did.

You burst into your apartment with relative confidence, but feel the last of it wane as all six pairs of eyes look at you, worry painted on their faces. Shit. Gotta remember what Aizawa said. Be patient.

You plaster a smile on your face. "Hey, sorry for storming off at lunch. Alistair was being a punk bitch."

"Yeah, that punk bitch knows our secret," Bakugou snaps. He leans against the kitchen counter.

Your heart skips. "What?"

"You fucking heard me, dumbass," Bakugou snaps. You feel the last of your very little patience dwindle in a puff. Well that didn’t last long.

"Yeah no shit I did, how the fuck did he figure it out? And how did you learn about it?"

Bakugou growls. "Bitchface thought it’d be a good idea to call us the fuck out about where we’re from. Said that four-eyes fuck figured out your little program. So much for that."

You scoff. "Right, it’s my fault all this is happening."

"Well if you hadn’t fucking taunted them maybe we wouldn’t have been exposed!" He snaps, walking towards you until he stands nearly nose to nose with you. "It’s entirely your fault! We could be sold out in a moments notice all thanks to your dumbass choices!"

You stand there and take it, eyes smoldering in rage. "And you wonder why I prefer the villains," you mutter.

He looks like he’s been slapped. "[Y-Y/N]..."

You whip around and stomp to your bedroom, not looking at anyone else.

You figure naps are not your friend but it’s better than having to deal with that situation.

You wake up naturally a few hours later. You curse to yourself. Come on, I only slept like, 8 hours total!

Grumbling stomach making your feet move, you find yourself in the kitchen. You move through the space with ease, ignoring the flustered Broccoli Boy.

"[Y-Y-Y/N]-chan! I-I d-d-didn’t realize you were awake?" He says, sounding lost for words and everything becoming a question.

You sigh through your nose. "Clearly I am," you say, giving him a look. ‘Cut the smalltalk or stop talking’, it reads.

He sighs, rubbing the back of his head. "I... I’m sorry."

You pause. "For what?"

He mutters something, but realizing you can’t hear him, he clears his throat with a blush. "I had a narrow view of the villains. I forgot that for you, all of us have some worth. Like you said to me before, I’m a hero to you. That doesn’t mean my enemies are yours, though. I felt hurt when you said you enjoyed the company of the villains, but I’m starting to understand your point of view. The same goes for all of us, but some of us don’t realize it yet," he admits sheepishly. "I know you’re probably sick of us and want us to leave, but... I really like you, and hope that after we make it through all this, that we can see eye to eye better and... maybe try and get to know you better... find a way to make it through the portals?"

You approach him with a smile. Your emotions have gone back and forth like a yo-yo, and it’s starting to get exhausting, but at this moment you accept his words with a happy feeling in your chest. "We’ll find a way," you smile up at him.

He smiles with a big blush. "And... I know you said it while you were drunk, but..." he blushes even more, until his face looks as red as his rival’s eyes. "I... I also think... I’d like to kiss you." He waves his hands and stammers with wide eyes. "Not right now! I mean, I’d like to right now, but it doesn’t have to be right now, it can just be in the future or it doesn’t have to be at all I mean I know you weren’t quite in control of what you said and maybe you wanted to just-“

You lean forward and silence his rambles with your lips, closing your eyes. His stay wide, but as he realizes what’s happening, he closes his as well, lips forming a soft smile. His hands tentatively find your hips, yours wrapping around his neck. He begins to move his lips, slowly and experimentally, and you gladly follow his lead. 

After a moment of this, he grows brave, testing out his tongue. You smirk, letting his tongue enter your mouth. You greet his with yours, allowing them to wind and prod and dance. He moans quietly into your mouth, pulling your hips towards his. 

Against your lower stomach you feel his groin, and roll your hips into him to give him some pressure. He groans into you, his hips grinding on their own accord.

You’re not sure how long you did this, but when you finally part, string of saliva between you two, you’re both a flushed mess. Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as you catch your breath. He swallows at the sight.

“[Y/N]-chan...” he whispers. “I... I really liked that.”

You smile, breaking from the trance he seemed to put you in. “We can do it again, if you’d like.”

He smiles, looking down in embarrassment. “I-I think I would, yeah.”

Chapter Text

You woke up beside Midoriya. He wasn’t so much of an early riser, so you and him woke around the same time, watching each other as you blink sleep out of your eyes.

"Hey," you smile.

"Hey," he grins sheepishly.

"Now you’re embarrassed?" You laugh incredulously.

He blushes, but laughs with you. "I can’t help it, I’m not myself when I’m..."

"... Horny?" you finish.

He blushes more. "I-I was gonna say ‘in the moment’..." he mumbles, pouting.

You press your head into his chest and hug him. "I’m just kidding. I think you’re hot when you’re ‘in the moment’."

You feel his bare chest warm up. "R-Really?"

You nod with a sigh. "I don’t have to go to school, do I?" Your voice takes on a whiny quality.

Midoriya chuckles, relieved at the change of topic. "Yes, [Y/N]-chan. You have to go to school."

You scowl, scooting away from him and looking up at him with a childish glare. He sits up on an elbow, watching you with a smile. "You sound like Iida," you grumble.

He laughs. "I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess. He’s responsible."

"He’s a class-pet," you say, sticking your tongue out. "But yes," you concede, "his other points are good."

He nods. "Iida is a great person. He’s definitely doing well to live up to the hero name Ingenium."

You smile. "You all have gone through a lot together, haven’t you?"

He nods again, nostalgic smile on his face. "Tenya-kun, Shouto-kun, and I really became friends after we fought Stain. Since then we’ve gone up against a lot of villains, but those two are always there for me. A-And I am for them, too, of course. We’ve all fought enough together that we know how to aid each other in combat best. Same goes for Kacchan, Kirishima, and Kaminari. The three of them work very well together."

You smile. The Dekusquad and the Bakusquad. "Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you ever train with anyone else?"

His eyes go wide. "O-Oh, yeah! Of course! I just meant in the practical combat scenarios, because of the Stain incident, those two and I-"

You giggle, cutting him off. "I get it. I was just asking."

He laughs. "Right... I guess besides them, Ochako-chan, Miki-chan, Tsu-chan, Tokoyami-kun..." he pauses. "Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of them!" He says with a brilliant smile. "I’m so happy I get along with so many of my classmates. I’ll be sure to work even harder with them and Class 1-B, so we can all be our best heroes."

You watch him with a warm feeling. He’s so passionate about being a hero. You’d probably share his enthusiasm, in that position. You do what you can to help those who were wronged, after all.

You sit up with a stretch. "Well, best be getting up, since apparently I have to go to school."

He gives an attempt at a conspiring smirk. It’s not very convincing, however. "As I planned," he rubs his hands together.

You laugh and nudge him as you stand up. "Goofball. You’d be the worst villain."

He shrugs. "That’s probably for the best," he teases.

You get called to the student council room again that morning. You bite your cheek, knowing it’s probably some half-asses interrogation about the boys and their world.

"What’s up, fuckers," you say as you enter, any sense of self preservation having left the moment you told Alistair you ‘don’t give a fuck’.

You smirk at their expressions- shocked but trying to be composed. Alistair clears his throat. "[Y/N], thank you for joining us so promptly."

"No, thank you, homeroom is always boring as shit. I’d rather mess with you guys, I’ve been reenergized from the dumb shit of the weekend- probably- and am ready to be verbally abused and torn apart once more!" you say with a big smile.

"Please, it’s not like that," Alistair says with a hint of guilt in his glittering leaf green eyes. "At least... not this time."

"Look," Anna scowls. "We don’t like you. We don’t wanna like you. But something crazy is happening, and you’re somehow at the center of it."

"We know about the characters," Zhao explains with a cross look on his face. "West told us the name of the television show, and we put the pieces together."

"The nasty villains are here too!" Maria adds, eyes wide and childlike. She nods her head for emphasis.

"[Y/N]," Alistair says, eyes showing a strange amount of genuine concern. "We want to know what’s happened, so that we can be best prepared to help."

You open your mouth to smart off, but pause. They’re gonna need help when Shigaraki gets here...

You sigh. "Alright. Here’s the deal: the villains here are the lackies. Big Boy Villain is coming soon. The boys need to hide out at least 3 days- that’s time when he will lose his powers, just like all the others did. If you wanna help, you make sure that they stay safe for those three days. No matter what happens, make sure they don’t do anything reckless. I’m not sure what Shigaraki- Big Boy Villain- has in store, but you have to, have to keep them safe. Do you understand? If you want to help, that’s how.”

They look amongst themselves. Alistair meets your gaze. “Shouldn’t be an issue.”

You sigh in relief. “So we got a deal?”

Alistair stands and walks to you. He extends his hand- not domineering, not condescending. An olive branch. “We have a deal.”

Chapter Text

You were wary of their true intentions- and granted, they may genuinely hate you but still want to help the boys- but you set up a plan with them nonetheless. They agreed to approach the boys during lunch and explain the plan to them- Zhao housing the Dekusquad, Alistair housing the Bakusquad. You resolved that if they tried to play some shit game and do some experiments on the boys or something, you’d actually ruin them.

You were relieved for once to see the Elite Four approach your table during lunch. The boys visibly stiffened, turning to you in confusion.

"What the fuck do they want?" Bakugou hisses at you. You shrug. Let him sweat it out, you think dismissively.

"Hello," Zhao greets, adjusting his rectangular glasses. "We would like to discuss a proposition with you six, if you’d like to join us in the student council room."

The boys look at you. You do nothing for a moment, then sigh. "I talked to them already. Apparently they wanna help. Hear them out."

Midoriya’s tentative expression meets yours, but he follows them when you nod to him. He seems reassured by your affirmation, even if unenthusiastic. The others follow him.

West sits across from you and watches you with a worried expression. "You’ve been super back and forth lately."

You glance up at him. "I mean, I dunno. I guess I have been. There’s a lot happening."

West nods. "Maybe it’s good for you to have them be taken care of by those dickwads."

You exhale sharply. "It’s just complicated. It’s been stressful, but they’re leaving soon, and their lives are in danger, and I want to spend time with them, but I’m not really talking to some of them, and I think some of them hate me, and I want to learn about them, but they’re keeping a bunch of things a secret, and-" you take a shuddered breath, not realizing you’re tearing up.

"Hey," West says, extending his hand onto yours. "It’s a lot. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Just don’t shut them all away because one or two of them are rubbing you the wrong way. They’ll realize they’re wrong and apologize, eventually."

You feel a little guilt at that statement, but shove it deep down. "I... I guess you’re right," you concede.

He smiles, amusement twinkling in his eyes. "I usually am, yes."

You roll your eyes with a smile. "Dork."

Bakugou is waiting for you outside of your last class. It’s very strange and you’re not sure what to think of it.

"Um... hi?" you say, confused.

He grunts. "Walk with me," he says, more a command than request, but you heed it nonetheless.

"What’s going on," you ask, but rather blandly.

"I just need to talk to you before the others are around," he justifies as you both walk towards the entrance to the building.

You nod. Maybe West was right? "Ok. Then talk."

"I think..." he sighs. "This is gonna sound shitty, and I know it. I think you’re taking us for granted when you go see the villains."

You stop in your tracks. Ah. So not any kind of apology. "And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

He runs a hand through his hair, stopping as well. "You know what those villains have put us through- at least some of it, and there’s a shit ton you don’t know. You see what they’ve done to us and those we love and still go partying like they’re some fun novelty. Like, what the fuck does that make us? Did you even consider how we’d feel about you using fucking Toga to steal back the laptop?? There’s always another way, and you fucking went straight to the worst possible choice."

"No," you snap, "the worst possible choice woulda been to sit on my ass and hope that they don’t try and screw you guys over with the information they find. What the fuck, Katsuki? You really think I’m doing this to, what, spite you guys? Oh, look, see that person that literally tries to kill you on a regular basis and brought you here to kill you? Yeah, lemme hang out with them like we’re old chums just so you can watch and feel like shit about it."

"Yeah, that’s kinda what it looks like," he growls.

"If you recall, I was terrified that they’d hurt me too. But I went in there with the knowledge they could kill me and did what I did anyway because of you guys. You six are the only reason I ever associated with them in the first place. I wanted to do something brave and help you guys. Damn me if I’m not allowed to find out the people themself are just people that happen to do bad things! And outside the context of killing you guys, they might be great company! Better than being cornered and spat on by a dumb fucking hero-in-training."

You storm past him and leave him feeling like he’d just fucked it all up worse- and not for the first time. 

Bakugou just can’t say anything right, can he.

Chapter Text

You feel like crying. You're so mad at Bakugou. You understand where he's coming from- or at least, you try to. You’d felt similarly seeing them (minus Bakugou) spent all that time with Alistair and his crew in the beginning. Granted, Alistair didn’t try and kill you, but you felt the same principle applied nonetheless. You like to think you’d be more chill if they had to be around a more murderous Alistair for reasons of survival than they were with you and the villains.

It hurts to think about- in a bubble, you genuinely care for the villains. They’re very situational in why they haven’t decided to kill you, sure, and now they might want to... but you still see the good in them. They’re loyal. They’re determined. They’re eccentric. They’re strong.

They’re people.

Your head begins to throb at the circular thoughts. You hate- hate- having to choose sides like this. You’d have thought you’d choose the heroes in a heartbeat, and their survival is primary for you, but as friend? Some of them don’t seem to want to even look at you.

But villains are villains are villains are villains, right? There’s no reason for any of them to be off the hook because they’re fun people with tragic backstories, shunned by the outside world because of things outside their control...

You stop in front of your apartment. When did I get here?

Opening the door, you step inside and lock the door behind you. You don’t want anyone but Midoriya in here, since he’s the required guest of the moment.

You walk in a daze through the living area. You flinch violently at a familiar voice.

"What sort of greeting is that, doll?"

You turn slowly to meet cerulean eyes, burning in some mysterious emotion. "D-Dabi...?" Your voice is a whisper.

He smirks from his casual seat on your couch. "Cute place you have," he looks around nonchalantly. "Normally I’d burn it down in an instant, but for reasons I’d rather not disclose, I’m not gonna do that."

Your eyes narrow. "You don’t have a quirk," you point out.

He shrugs. "You’re saying you don’t have any fire on this planet at all?"

You bite your lip. "Then why aren’t you?"

Dabi watches you with a tilt of his head. "I think, as much as I’d love to see your crying face, burning down this building probably wouldn’t do it. So I came here to do it myself."

"Do what? Make me cry?"

"Punish you," he grins menacingly. He stands and approaches slowly, lithely, like some sort of jungle cat. "You haven’t forgotten already, have you, doll? I might be a liar myself, but I didn’t expect you to lie to me. I’d be impressed if I wasn’t so pissed off."

"Fine. Kill me, or whatever you’re gonna do. I don’t fucking care. Just let me put my backpack away."

He blinks a few times, then starts chuckling as you walk to your room. "You’re so funny. Alright, doll, I’ll make you a deal," he calls to you as you turn the corner.

"Oh, I just love those. Today seems to be the day for them," you scoff, dropping your bag and grabbing a change of clothes. If I’m gonna die it better not be in this damned uniform.

"Huh," he snickers as you walk back in the room wearing a BNHA t-shirt and comfortable athletic pants. His eyes drink you in. He meets your eyes once again, watching you cross your arms and raise an eyebrow.

"Well? What’s the deal?"

He smirks his trademark, panty-dropping smirk. He stands only an arms length away. "The deal is that you don’t have to give up any information about the heroes. I’ll even forgive you for the lying. But when Shigaraki shows up, you be sure to stay away from the heroes. No helping them, no getting involved."

Your eyes narrow. "Sounds like something I was thinking about doing anyway. So what, no helping them fight you guys? I’m not the best suited for hand to hand combat against trained killers, anyway."

His grin widens dangerously. "I’m not finished. I need you to keep doing what you were doing. Just... come to see us whenever you need to de-stress, or something."

You flinch at that. "Why should I? Won’t you guys just gang up on me there?"

Dabi chuckles. "Nope. Toga had a raging hardon when you left her there like that- who knew she was a masochist? Lizard and Marbles never had any beef with you. Twoface keeps asking about you and squealing with Toga about how awesome you are. I think you’re in the clear with that."

You grit your teeth. "So basically, you just want my company."

"See, now you’re getting it."


He hums to himself, watching you carefully. He steps in closer, leaning so you can feel his breath. "I wonder why." He pauses. "You’ve been a dirty little girl, haven’t you? Sleeping with all those heroes... I bet I can show you a better time that any dumb fucker you’ve been with since then."

You blush, stammering. "I-I haven’t slept with them- I mean, I have, but it was literally sleeping in the same bed and-"

He places a finger to your plush lips. Your blush doesn’t go away even as his finger does. "Shh, no need to be so defensive, doll. Those heroes have you to themselves plenty. I just want my fair share of that sweet ass- but don’t worry, doll. I’ll make sure you feel nice. So? What do you say?"

"F-Fine," you snap, brows furrowed. "I’ll go and... say hi every once in a while."

He tuts you with his tongue. "Gotta do better than that, doll. I’m still pretty pissed that my baby brother got to you before I did."

Your blood freezes. "Shouto?" You couldn’t help but feel excited at the revelation. Confirmed, holy fuck it’s confirmed. But how-?

He grins. "Oh, you don’t know? Yeah. Piece of shit, isn’t he? Daddy’s precious little boy. I’m surprised he even made a move on you at all."

"H-How do you-"

"Toga," he says dismissively. "She’d come home whining every night about ‘[Y/N]-chan is doing this and that with who the fuck cares, blah blah blah’. I didn’t give a shit until I realized who you are."

You shiver. You’d known that Toga likely watched you, but to the extent she knew a lot about what you did with the boys... it hit you anew.

"Aw, did that excite you? Knowing that you were watched by Toga?" He asks degradingly, misunderstanding your reaction.

"N-No. I..."

Dabi doesn’t bother listening to what you would say, opting to clasp his hand behind your neck and pull you in for a deep kiss. You open your mouth in shock, and he wastes no time in invading your wet cavern with his probing tongue. His other hand traces carefully up your spine.

You shiver, moaning into his mouth. "D-Dabi..." you whisper.

"[Y/N]," he groans softly. Your name on his lips goes straight to your heat. His voice is simply sinful.

He breaks away, leaving you dazed and short of breath with a lolling tongue.

A knock at the door and a muffled voice causes you to stiffen. "[Y/N]-chan? Are you in there?"


"We have a deal, doll?" He whispers, finger tracing your jawline.

Your eyes flicker to the door, and then back to Dabi. You nod quickly. "Yes, Dabi."

He smirks wickedly. "Good girl.”

Chapter Text

You blink hazily as Dabi saunters out your window, giving you a grin and a salute. When he’s out of sight, you scurry to the door and open it, your eyes meeting those of a slightly concerned Midoriya. Your mind swirls. They don't know that Dabi knows who I am... maybe I can still go there without them thinking too badly of me... Though it seems too late for that.

"[Y/N]-chan," he watches you as you close the door in a daze.

"Hmm?" You look at him.

"Are you alright?"

It takes you a moment to process, gazing into Midoriya's soft, emerald eyes. "Oh..." you blink. "Yeah... Yeah, I'm alright," you say finally with a smile.

He doesn't seem convinced, but walks to set down his bag. "Did... Did something happen with you and Kacchan? He seemed more angry than usual."

You grunt. "He... said... the opposite of what you told me yesterday."

His brows furrow, before understanding dawns in his eyes. He walks over to you with a kind smile and pulls you into a warm hug you didn't know you needed. You wrap your arms around his waist. Your lip quivers as he holds you tight. "Kacchan doesn't always know what to say, but he... he loves you, just as much as I do. As much as we all do. He knows he's hurt you and he feels awful about it. Give him time. Please."

You squeeze your eyes shut as tears threaten to spill. Burying your face into his shoulder, you nod with a sniffle. "Ok."

Midoriya places a hand in your hair, playing with it soothingly. "You're alright, [Y/N]-chan. You're alright. Kacchan, Shouto-kun, they'll come around."

"You keep saying that," your voice wavers, "but they act like I'm doing all these things out of spite. I just want to help in the ways I can, but all it seems to do is make them mad, even when I do help..."

Midoriya hums in thought. "I'll try talking to them. Kirishima, Kaminari, and Iida are more understanding then them, I think, so they'll back me up." He pulls away to look in your wet eyes. "Don't worry, [Y/N]-chan." He places a gentle kiss on the trail where a tear escaped. You giggle softly.

"Thanks, Izu-kun. I feel alright, now." You bite your lip, looking up at him. If Dabi is good at one thing, you think, it's getting me in the mood. "Though... I think I'd like to feel even better," you whisper, fluttering your lashes. His breath hitches.

"Oh... [Y/N]-chan..." he whispers, fingers gripping the back of your shirt. His jet black hair coils fall over his eyes as he looks down at you dreamily. "I... I think I can help with that." His smile holds a confidence he didn’t have even that morning, causing a fluttering in your chest. You nod in agreement.

"I think you can."


The next day feels like torture. You have a nervous buzz around you- the feeling that something bad is gonna happen. Granted, you know something bad is gonna happen, you just don’t know an exact timeframe.

But something about that strange, busted up Wednesday morning felt like beginning of the end.

You bite your lip as you enter the cafeteria, nervous about facing Bakugou again. You’d managed to slip off to school a bit early and avoid him altogether, but since the boys always stuck together now for lunch, you doubted you’d get the same luck as you had earlier. You could always go to the library and hide, but you felt like you wanted to see the others, even at the cost of your comfort. After the shit you’ve been putting them through, you guess they deserve that much.

Eyes down, you sit beside West, as you always do. Bakugou sits across from you. You don’t look at him, instead look at Kirishima to your other side.

"Hey, Kiri," you smile.

"Hey, [Y/N]-chan," he grins his shark-toothed grin. "How’d you sleep?"

You glance across the table at Midoriya on the sly. He blushes, but you don’t acknowledge it. "Very soundly. What about you?"

Kirishima shrugs. You enjoy that his black hair is styled with only a bit of gel to help keep it in place. He looks pretty damn nice like that, you decide. "Can’t complain. I guess I’ll get my turn to sleep with you again, and then I’ll rest even better."

You blush at the comment, but it leaves a pit in your stomach as well. Will we have that kind of time? you wonder. Your heart clenches as you worry that no, you might not.

You watch Iida’s firm gaze from Kirishima’s other side. "How about you, Tenya-kun?"

His expression softens when he looks to you, but he still gives a mechanical chop to affirm. "I am very well rested, thank you! I was able to sleep a full 8 hours, giving me the energy I need to-"

"Hey guys!" Kaminari waves as he approaches the table with Todoroki. You meet Todoroki’s eyes, and rather than coldly ignore you, his eyes watch you with something softer. Maybe him and Kaminari talked...?

"‘Sup, Minari!" You flash a smile at your electric daddy boy.

He sighs in fake distress, rounding the table to drape himself over your shoulders. "I am positively exhausted! I went to the school nurse, and she said the only way to revitalize me is the kiss of a pretty girl."

You look in his eyes with an innocent blink. "Well you’d better start searching for a willing participant! It may take years, but I’m sure you’ll find one eventually."

Kaminari stumbles backwards with a hand clutching his heart. "I. Am. Wounded." He wipes a pretend tear. "And here I thought we had something special...!"

You shrug and turn to your food. "The truth hurts." You look up and see the Elite Four approach.

"Speaking of painful truths..." West mutters in English beside you as he watches them.

You sigh. "Beggars can’t be choosers, kid."

He raises an eyebrow at you. "I’m a year older, sweetie."

You smirk up at him. "Doesn’t mean you’re not a kid."

West laughs and nudges you in the shoulder. "You’re a riot."

"Red Riot?" Kirishima pops his head over your shoulder, excitedly recognizing what is probably the only English word he knows. He looks at you expectantly, like a puppy awaiting attention.

You and West exchange a glance and laugh hysterically.

Kirishima watches with near-visible question marks littering his expression. You pat his somewhat spiky hair.

"Don’t worry, Red Riot, we weren’t talking about you, but good job recognizing that word in English," you praise.

He smiles happily as you pat his head, accepting the praise warmly. He’s literally a dog, you think, not for the first time.

"Enjoying ourselves?" Alistair asks with a smile that’s bordering on smug. Any sense of shame or guilt he felt the previous day was cleared, much to your disappointment. You quite liked having something to dangle over his head.

"We were," you scoff smartly. "Don’t you have other souls to torture?"

"Perhaps," he says as he looks at you from West’s other side, "but yours is so delightful to torment."

"Aww," you smile venomously. "You think I’m delightful?"

"Delightfully horrid," Anna supplies with a snarl. She’s never been good at pleasantries, being straightforward as she is. She’s rather easy to rile up in that way, you’ve found.

You pout as she sits across the table from Alistair. "And here I thought you were starting to like me, Anna." You pronounce the name the opposite of how she prefers. She opens her mouth to counter, but Maria slaps a hand over her mouth and smiles brightly at you.

"I probably am! I thought you were a self-centered b-word, but now I know you’re trying to be helpful to our exchange students, so I think I hate you less!"

Maria is also straightforward, but more oblivious in how her words come across, always saying harsh things in the nicest of tones. Anna just doesn’t care.

"Well thanks," you say, tone flat. "Glad I’ve got some redeeming qualities."

Maria nods happily, bubblegum pink pigtails bobbing. "No problem!"

Bakugou snorts, resisting the smile that tempts his lips.

"Don’t you start," you warn in English with a snap. "I’m still mad at you and peppermint-stick-in-the-mud. You two are in deep shit with me, Sirs."

His smile falls to a scowl, glancing at Todoroki who probably gathered the gist of what you said, given the slight pout that you read on his stoic face.

"At least you’re talking to me again," Todoroki sighs in Japanese to no one in particular.

You bite your cheek, not letting his sad Bambi eyes sway you.

"So~," West drawls, bringing the attention of the group back to center. "I’ve got a fun idea. We’ve established that [Y/N] is OC replacing Mineta, and I’m Shindou Yo, so I thought it’d be fun to brainstorm who these dumbasses could be," he gestures to the Elite Four.

You snicker. "Sounds extremely meta, lets do it. I can’t say I’ve given them much though, at all, ever, but sure, let’s start with Zhao."

Zhao glares at you from over his meal. "No thank you."

You grin widely. "Great! Alright, everyone but Bakagou has spent many a lunch with this megane hooligan, my first instinct is to compare him to Iida, but since we clearly already have Iida that’s off the table."

"Maybe someone that’s similar to Iida?" Midoriya suggests with a tap to his chin. He immediately starts muttering about the similarities between all the male students in his grade. "Shishida-kun seems the closest," he says only slightly above a mutter.

"Who the fuck’s that," Bakugou asks disinterested.

"Big beast-looking dude in 1-B," Kirishima supplies. "Tetsutetsu is buddies with him."

You shake your head. "I dunno, I guess I don’t know his character well enough to see it."

West looks like he’s struck gold. "Guys! Think about this- what if his counterpart is not a guy???"

"Wait, can that happen?" You ask, tilting your head. "Aizawa looks pretty much on the nose to his anime counterpart, as do you to Shindou. I apparently look the same as Generic OC #47 as well- not that anyone will tell me about her,” you say pointedly.

West smirks. "Yes- but think about, say, siblings, or fraternal twins, even. A boy and girl can look very very similar and have the same personality, but be different. Genetically, our counterparts can’t be identical- they have quirks, and we don’t. I’m not the same as Shindou either, in the way I’m more laid back than he is. What if gender was just another thing that was changed?"

The lunch bell rings, leaving that conversation open-ended, but it gave you something to ponder upon.

The rest of the day was better than usual, because you had that fun thing to ponder upon- if the Elite Four had quirks and not total assholes, who would they be?

As you walk home, you’d pretty much established your headcanons of who each person could be: Alistair is either Monoma Neito or Yoarashi Inasa; Maria is either Ashido Mina or Hatsume Mei; Anna is probably Kendou Itsuka; Zhao is closest to Amajiki Tamaki (though Zhao is the same grade as you, just like the rest of the Elite Four, which doesn’t make sense, given both people’s birthdays and ages tend to be the same).

You realize you could just look up their birthdays and see if they match with any of the BNHA characters that have been shown in the anime, but you also realize you don’t give enough a shit about them to do so.


"[Y/N]-chan..." Todoroki calls to you softly. He sounds somewhat guilty.

You snap your gaze up to him. "Yes, Todoroki-san?"

He flinches at the formality, as do many of the other boys. "May we speak privately? There is a park nearby that we could go to."

You groan internally, but nod, not hiding your displeasure. "Sure." You turn towards Kaminari and mouth ‘help me’. He laughs silently and gives you a thumbs up. You flip him off with a scowl as you walk away with Todoroki.

You find the park silently and sit down on an abandoned swing set, plopping your backpack into the mulch. Todoroki leans against the metal supports, watching you with a distant smile.

"So?" you prompt, legs swinging idly.

He nods, swallowing thickly. "I... I didn't..." he sighs. "I didn't mean what I said the other day. I made a promise to keep as much information a secret as I can, and I must fulfill it. Please just... believe me that it's for your own good."

You clench your jaw a bit. "Who are you to decide what's for my own good? I'm here trying to help you get back to your precious world, and you can't even do me the courtesy of giving me a fucking clue about where you're going back to. What, am I just not trustworthy? Who the hell did you make such a dumb fucking promise to?"

Todoroki runs a frustrated hand through his hair. "I- I can't tell you."

"You can't tell me what? If I'm trustworthy?" Your voice begins to raise. Your legs stop any swinging, planting firmly in the ground.

"No! Of course I trust you," he corrects angrily, "I just can't tell you about the promise I made. It has nothing to do with you."

"Then why can't you tell me if it's so irrelevant to me?" You stand up. "What do I even matter in this grand scheme then?"

"You matter, [Y/N]! You matter more than you can imagine! That's why I can't tell you anything about this!"

"How does that even make any fucking sense?!" You're almost yelling now.

"Because- Because- Dammit, why can't you just trust me on this?!" You don't think you've ever heard his voice raise so much, or have such exclamation.

You feel your teeth grind and tears accumulate in your eyes. "Because you clearly can't trust me! What in the god-damned-fucking-hell is so fucking important about this fucking girl that I'm not allowed to know about her?? I'm so FUCKING done with these secrets, Shouto! Everyone else is taking their orders from you and won't say anything, either! Is everyone under the dumb fucking impression I can't handle whatever amazing secret you guys are keeping?? Is it just to fuck with me?? Use me for whatever the fuck you want, make out and do dirty shit with the girl that looks like your high school crush, and then keep her in the fucking dark about everything besides what she happens to know from a fucking television show? Real fucking heroic of you."

Todoroki's face pales significantly. "[Y/N]-chan, we're not using you we were- we just-"

"Uh huh. Right now I'm feeling real fucking convinced." Anything remotely sorrowful is completely dried up in an instant.

You turn, grabbing your bag and walking away.

"[Y-Y/N]-chan," Todoroki calls after you. You ignore him. "[Y/N]-chan!" His voice is laced with fear. "What are you doing?"

You shrug. "Dunno. Going somewhere I don't have to deal with the bullshit, I guess. Have fun finding your way back, heroes."

Chapter Text

You stomp away in a blind haze, ignoring Todoroki’s frantic shouting. You walk faster and faster. Walking turns to jogging, jogging to running, running to sprinting. Your legs move without a thought on where they should take you; you wouldn’t have picked another destination anyway.

Todoroki doesn’t follow you. You didn’t expect him to.

Your adrenaline wanes by the time you reach the door. You’re suddenly very exhausted, and emotions you pushed deep down begin to bubble up again.

You knock softly, tears threatening to form in your downcast eyes. You don’t look up as the door opens.

"[Y/N]-chan! You’re back! You look really sad! Don’t be sad!"

You laugh bitterly through the tears that now drop freely. You’re not sobbing, but the tears are just flowing like an open faucet. You breath hitches when you breath. "Hey, Twice. C-Can... can I stay here? For a little while?"


You flinch and look into glimmering yellow eyes. "H-Hey Himi-chan."

Toga looks genuinely pleased to see you. She leaps past Twice and smothers you in a big hug, seeming oblivious to your crying face. "You’re finally visiting! Yay!!"

"Of course you can stay! Stay as long as you like!!"

You look over Toga’s shoulder at Twice. "Thank you," you smile sweetly, wiping your eyes.

You step inside, looking at the others. You smile almost sheepishly at Spinner and Mr. Compress, giving them a little wave. They grin when they see you.

"Hey, there she is!" Spinner says happily. "Thought you’d bail after bashing Crazy upside the head. Glad she didn’t scare you away."

You laugh. "I guess it’ll take more than that to keep me away."

"Glad to see you return," Mr. Compress says, eyes warm.

You nod with a smile. It’s a strange feeling of relief; you had forsaken them a few days prior, and now having forsaken the heroes, they take you in. You have somewhere to call home no matter who you hurt, it seems.

You sigh at the thought, eyes training to Dabi, who lounges on the couch like the panther he is. He smirks wickedly at you. "Look who came crawling back," he snickers, noticing your teary gaze. "Aww, someone hurt you, doll? I thought that was my job." His tone is mocking and jaded, but his eyes betray his concern. He beckons you to him, and your body obeys without question.

Toga whines as you approach Dabi. "Aww, no fair! I wanted to cuddle with [Y/N]-chan!"

"Tough," Dabi says dismissively. "She’s mine."

A comment regarding your autonomy lingers on your lips, but you bite your tongue, settling comfortably beside Dabi. In spite of many threats against you, you feel extremely comforted by his all-over warmth. His arm drapes around your shoulders, drawing idly on your arm. You hum comfortably, eyes closing.

"Tired, doll?"

You nod against his chest. "Long day."

He chuckles. "I’d imagine. You should save the sleeping for home."

You shake your head, squeezing your eyes even tighter. "Not gonna go back anytime soon."

"Oh?" His tone is bored, but you can tell he’s at least a little interested. Or at least, that’s what you tell yourself as you open your eyes and look up into his glittering cerulean ones, ready to spill your guts.

"So... basically none of them are telling me anything about that Ueno Mieko girl. And it’s really bothering me, to the point where it feels like they’re all using me because I look like her. I don’t care if they are, I guess, I just wanna know if that’s what’s happening. I can handle a fling, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up, you know?"

Dabi hums, the deep rumbling causing a shiver down your back. "Sounds like a shitty thing to do. Why aren’t they telling you about her?"

You shrug. "Who knows. Well actually, I know who: Shouto. He’s the one keeping them all quiet. I guess Ueno made him promise something, I don’t know. For some reason or another, Shouto promised Ueno that he wouldn’t talk about her or anything that happened to her in regards to the plot of the show- or, um, the last several months or years, for you guys," you clarify.

"Sounds like something my shitty brother would do," he chuckles. "Secrets are only secrets when nobody knows about them. If someone knows there’s a secret, it’s already exposed."

You make a soft, pondering sound. "That’s kinda true I guess. I’m not the type to let up, so in this case it definitely is."

Dabi opens his mouth, then pauses with a grin. "I can tell you all about her," Dabi smirks down at you.

You look at him with wide eyes. "You’d do that?"

He shrugs. "Yeah. Make you happy and screw over Endeavor’s precious boy? Not every day I get a chance like that," he snickers.

You roll your eyes and snuggle back into your personal heater. Even without his quirk he’s incredibly warm. "Yeah, yeah. Save the screwing for later. Lemme sleep."

"With a promise like that, how can I say no?" Dabi chuckles, pulling you closer against him so you’re more comfortable. You ignore the lewd comment and your mind drifts away.

The boys are frantic. Todoroki came back in a panic, the worst they’d seen him in a long while. His heterochromatic eyes were glazed with concern and his face was set in a deep stoic frown, but what made the rest worry was the speed and urgency with which he spoke- and then, of course, the actual words.

“Shouto-kun...?” Midoriya asks, standing. They’d gathered in your room at Todoroki’s request, waiting for him to find proper words.

"I-I messed up. I got into an arguement with [Y/N]-chan, a-and...-"

“Todoroki,” Bakugou growls dangerously, approaching him and standing in very close proximity. “Where. The fuck. Is she?”

Todoroki’s eyes begin to glisten. He shakes his head frantically, brown hair batting his forehead. “I-I don't know. I don’t know... she didn’t say but... but she probably went...”

He doesn’t have to finish. The room tenses.

“Sho-kun,” Kaminari approaches, taking Todoroki’s arm and distancing him from Bakugou, who looked ready to throw hands. “What exactly did you and [Y/N]-chan talk about?”

Todoroki closes his eyes and takes a calming breath. “She asked why I couldn’t tell her about Mieko-chan. I told her it was because of a promise she made. She asked if I didn’t trust her. It escalated to where she asked if... if we were all using her for her body and her similarity to Mieko-chan.” 

All of them flinch visibly at that. None of them knew what the answer was, and if that uncertainty in itself was good or not. 


Any comfort or consolation Kaminari could have given was drowned by an insistent beeping. They turn to the coffee table where your laptop sits. They approach cautiously, Iida taking the initiative to sit and open the program. 

“It reads,” Iida says with a chop of his hand, “‘QUIRK ACTIVITY IN’ that-“ he points to the screen, “area. We are here,” he points to a different place, “and that area is not far away.”

“Click there,” Kirishima suggests, pointing to a little flashing tab at the top. It opens the security feed in the are when clicked on. They watch anxiously to see who it could be.

Their hearts drop. Bakugou’s deadpan sums it up pretty well for them.


You wake up very content and warm. You ignore the fact that you’re conscious and relish the feeling of Dabi against you, even though your ears begin to pick up the harsh whispers being shot back and forth between Dabi and someone else.

“-s sleeping, dumbass,” Dabi says, more irritated than angry. “Why not go find a nice hand to jack off with?” 

“I’m not letting you touch her,” a rough, gravelly voice snarls. You recognize the voice, but can’t place it in your dreamland haze.

“And you think I’d let you touch her? You’re more of an idiot that I thought.”

“Hey!” You hear Toga insert herself, and can almost imagine the wave she’d do above her head to gather their attention to her. “I want her too! She’s tasty~!”

“That’s enough out of you,” the rough voice growls. You hear the sound of something scratching. “You weren’t even supposed to meet her, let alone touch her or drink her blood. You’re useless.”

“Boo~,” Toga whines. “I did my job! I wanted a reward, so I took it~.”

You can practically hear the room eyeroll. You hear footsteps approaching you.

“Back. Away,” Dabi warns. The person ignores him, coming close enough you feel soft puffs of air on your cheek. 

At the sudden sensation, your eyes blink, and you slowly open them. You look up into brilliant red eyes framed by messy powder blue waves. The skin around the eyes is dry and wrinkled and cracked, but somehow you can see the potential for it being attractive. Your breath hitches as you feel his sigh escape his lips and retreat into yours. You lick your lips slightly; it tastes like ash.

Looking into the eyes of the man before you, knowing full well his capabilities from being fresh out of their version of reality, knowing what he’s done and who he’s hurt, knowing who he is and who he can become, you feel a strange mix of fear and excitement ripple through your body. It’s an odd, intoxicating combination. 

“Mieko,” he says breathlessly, caressing your cheek with the back of his finger. His hands are covered by leather gloves, the sensation causing you to suck in a shuddered breath. “I’ve missed you.”

“I-I’m not her,” you explain softly. “We’ve only met once.”

He smiles in an unnerving way, partially childlike excitement and partially sadistic delight. “Then I should introduce myself. My name is Shigaraki Tomura. It’s nice to meet you.”

Chapter Text



"Bakugou-san!" Iida tries to soothe before another dish is thrown across the room, doomed to shatter like the rest.

"Fuck off, four eyes! Would you rather me fucking break you?"

"K-Kacchan-" Midoriya waves his hands frantically. "We’re all frustrated-"

"Are we?" Bakugou snaps and turns to Midoriya, face dangerously close. His shoe crunches broken glass and porcelain as he moves. "Because you all are talking about going to the dumb fucking home of some rich wank who thinks they know everything and hiding for three days while Shiga-fucking-raki does who-the-fuck-knows-what to [Y/N]!" He turns to Todoroki in a blind rage. "This is your fault, you dumbfuck!"

Todoroki’s face is stone and void of all emotion, save his eyes, which boil in rage, sorrow, and regret. "As I recall, you weren’t the kindest to her in the last few days, either."

"T-That’s because-"

"It doesn’t matter," Kaminari suddenly interferes, placing a hand on both their shoulders. "It really doesn’t. [Y/N]-chan is probably with the villains. Shigaraki views her the same way he views Miki-chan, so she’s hopefully not in any danger."

"You can’t assume that," Bakugou argues.

"I can’t. But I have to. She may go off on her own a lot, but she made a plan and we have to stick with it. We have to stay away and stay safe. She may be upset with us, but she doesn’t want us to get hurt. Don’t make her live with any of that guilt."

The weight of Kaminari’s words hang in the air.

"Kaminari’s right," Kirishima says after a moment, running a hand through his black hair. "We have to retreat back before they come for us. They know where we live, they’ll be here any time. Let’s gather our things and... hope Aizawa-sensei knows where we are."

"I-I told him the plan last I saw him," Midoriya explains. "He will probably be able to guess if he comes here and we’re gone."

Kirishima nods. "Then we should go, right?"

Bakugou scoffs. "... Fine."

You sit rigidly on the couch. Dabi’s arm is slung protectively over your waist, though your body barely registers. You're frozen in place by Shigaraki's unnerving gaze, his blood red eyes seeming to pierce right through you and read you like a neon sign. He is still very close in proximity to you, squatting on the ground and looking up slightly into your eyes.

You didn’t want to be terrified. But somehow his reaction to seeing you was even more passionate than the last time, which had been bordering on nightmare-inducing.

Well, not borderline. You had nightmares about it.

But now? It was amplified in a way you never hoped you’d experience. You thought Toga was a yandere, but she’s a mere fangirl in comparison to the vibes you’re getting from Shigaraki.

"You’re [L/N] [Y/N]. I’ll call you [Y/N]-chan, is that ok?"

Something about his tone is incredibly intimidating; where his words themselves are kind and considerate, his tone leaves no room for refusal. Your mouth is dry, but you manage a shaky nod. Dabi growls beside you. "Clearly not. Take a fucking hint, dumbass."

Shigaraki merely gives Dabi a deadly look to the side, smile remaining. "Did she say so? No? Hmm. Then perhaps you should stop before I decide it’d be easier to dispose of you while you’re weak and quirkless."

Dabi emits a low rumbling from his throat, but says nothing. Shigaraki turns back to you.

"You can call me Tomura-kun, if you’d like. I didn’t bring any video games, but I’m sure this universe has some, right? We can play together soon," he assures. "You’re staying, so we’ll have all the time in the world- especially after I kill those heroes."

You swallow thickly. "Um, yeah," your voice is small, nearly lost. "I like video games."

Shigaraki laughs under his breath. He rests his elbows on his knees, and his chin in his palms as he squats. "I know. Miki-chan and I played video games together a lot. I know you’re different than Miki-chan, but I thought you’d at least have that in common."

You force a chuckle. You’re certain it doesn’t come close to convincing, but Shigaraki takes it.

"We’re gonna get along great," he sighs, grin widening to a frightening size. You’re not sure how he can smile like that without hurting his cheeks. Better than the angsty, gloomy Shigaraki that he was in the show, right...? You try and justify, but it doesn’t help the fear that grips your spine in a chilling vice.

Shigaraki stands suddenly, demeanor changing. He scowls at Dabi, eyes lingering where his hands meet your waist. The shift leaves you more unsettled than before.

"I suggest you get your hands off of her. Now."

Dabi looks at Shigaraki levelly, sporting a cocky smirk. "She can make her own choices, Handsy. You shouldn’t be jealous just because you can’t do this without those gloves. I know you wanna fuck her, but she probably doesn’t have that kinda kink, so stop trying. Just accept it and stop bitching- it gets annoying." Besides the fact you’re not quite sure if Dabi is right about not having a gloved kink, you’re acutely aware of how much power Shigaraki holds now. Over all of you.

"Dabi," you plead quietly, looking down at your lap.

Dabi is thrown backwards, gasping for air. You turn to see Shigaraki holding Dabi in a four-fingered choke hold. Ashes billow where he turned his glove to dust. You sit frozen, face only a foot away from Shigaraki’s ungloved hand. Your eyes graze over the arm that’s extended, and the chest that is thrust forward, nearly touching your shoulders. You’re shocked by the amount of taut muscle on the boy you assumed to be frail. Or perhaps, he was frail when you’d seen him last in the anime. He’s jacked, you think, partially afraid and partially thirsty. Holy fuck, he’s JACKED.

Dabi glares venomously at Shigaraki. "Choose your next words carefully, Dabi." His words leave no room for question.

"Do it, you fucker," Dabi taunts. "Get it the fuck over with. Catch me when I’m quirkless- it’s the only way you’re able to catch me anyway."

Shigaraki growls, but takes the bait. Releasing Dabi, Shigaraki sulks away, snapping to Kurogiri- who you hadn’t noticed until now- to find him some game or another. You released your breath, lightheaded suddenly.

"He was watching you sleep for like, thirty minutes," Dabi states casually.


Dabi shrugs. "You look like Mieko."

You sigh, frustrated. "Ok, great. But why would he do that to Mieko?"

"He’s been obsessed with her since we captured her and that exploding kid. He might’ve been interested in her before then too, I just wasn’t around. But he really started liking her after that."

You hum in response, not sure if you’re mentally ready to hear what Mieko did to make him obsessed with her. Probably nothing you wouldn’t do, but still.

Dabi pats your backside as he stands. "Come on. Toga picked up some food for us."

"Picked up?" you ask with a raised eyebrow, grateful for the change in topic.

"You know what I mean," he snickers with a grin. "Come on, I’m not gonna save you any if you don’t hurry."

You smile in spite of yourself. You stand and scurry over to him, feeling a bit less fearful of your life.

Aizawa had watched with sad eyes as you entered the villains lair. He’d accepted you’d be a tougher case to crack, to figure out how to properly convey to you the gravity of the situation. He couldn’t blame you, anyway; it’s not as if you’d been through what the boys had. Even he hadn’t yet. He might not have minded if the boys hadn’t reacted so strongly to their appearance.

He lounged in his hotel room, observing the street below through his fifth story window.

A knock on his door grabs his attention away from the flow of people. He turns to the sound. "Come in," he calls.

"Sorry to bother you this late, Aizawa-sensei."

Dark brown hair falls in front of dichromatic eyes and a pinkened patch of skin.

"Todoroki-san. I wasn’t asleep anyway."

Todoroki smiles softly. "I figured." His smile drops. "I... I don’t know who else to talk to. I believe you know of [Y/N]-chan’s- of Mieko-chan’s- situation in my time. The others are not aware."

"Her situation?" Aizawa asks.

Todoroki nods. "When you return, you go back around the second week of school. She told me that during that time, you sought her out and explained what happened here, and that you're the Aizawa from this part of [Y/N]-chan's life."

"Why does Ueno-san know of the situation in this reality?"

Todoroki rubs the back of his neck. His voice is neutral, but his eyes are burdened. "Mieko-chan... is [Y/N]-chan's future self. And I made a promise to the future [Y/N]-chan that I'd keep this secret from her. She told me I'd meet her past self... but I'd have to keep it a secret. She said not to worry, that it'd all work out," he laughs bitterly, "but it doesn't make it any easier right now. I... I'm the one that pushed her away. She left because I was keeping secrets from her, but I can't tell her that she's the one that asked me to keep the secret from her-" he huffs in frustration. "I apologize. I can't explain this to the others. They don't know, and [Y/N]-chan trusted me with this secret."

Aizawa nods, processing the new information. "Hmm. That is a difficult situation, especially now that she is with the villains. Bakugou-san also pushed her away with his words, and the others may not have been supportive all of the time, so you can't put all of the blame on yourself. And if Ueno-san- if [L/N]-san- told you it works out, it must. Think upon your first interactions with her- was she ever angry with you?"

Todoroki considers for a moment. "No. She gave no hint she knew me. If anything," he smiles knowingy to himself, "she went out of her way to pull me from my shell."

Aizawa smiles softly as well. "Then there's your answer. Don't worry so much about her being with the villains; she'll be fine, you said so yourself." His expression grows stern. "But she gave no guarantee of your safety- she has no way of doing that, if you go back to your time. She wouldn't know."

Todoroki grunts. "I suppose that's right. She told me to come back alive, on the day I went to training and encountered the Gatekeeper." He nods to himself. "In that case, I'll continue with the plan."

Aizawa nods. "Good. Be safe."

"I'll try. For [Y/N]-chan's sake."

Chapter Text

It's been a full day since Shigaraki arrived. You had avoided him like the plague, even though he tried to follow you like a puppy- luckily, Dabi was at your defense, leaving you to deal mostly with a clingy Toga and Twice. You wonder if you should try and engage Shigaraki- there must be a reason he views you in such a way, and you can't help but be curious (and flattered, in a twisted way).

Afternoon rolls around. It feels strange not being able to return home. Or rather, not feeling allowed to. Shigaraki and Kurogiri discuss some plans or another that nobody else seems to be privy to. You play cards with Twice, Spinner, and Mr. Compress. Dabi sits at the bar, discretely listening to all conversations. Toga is off doing who knows what. 

The she-devil in question skips into the hideout with a wide grin and a singsongy 'I'm home~!'. Shigaraki snaps at her in a demanding voice you can't help but overhear, even across the large warehouse.

"So? Where are they?"

Toga shrugs. "Not at the apartment. Weren't there this morning, and then they weren't at school, so I don't know where they are now."

"What do you mean, you don't know where they are?" Shigaraki snaps. "That was your one job, wasn't it? To watch them? To keep tabs on them? And stay away from her?" He points to you accusatorily. You set your cards down, a knot forming in your stomach. As scary as he is when he's happy, he's even scarier when he's angry. You look up to watch the exchange, noticing a large bag in Toga's hands.

Toga rolls her eyes. "Come on~," she whines, "it was so boring staying away~. You like Miki-chan ju~st as much as I do, probably, could you stay away if you were told to? And besides," she shrugs, "they probably hid away when they saw I wasn't watching them. I can't watch them a~ll the time, how will I eat? Change clothes?? Go pee???"

Shigaraki scratches his neck in frustration- though with the leather gloves on his hands, there isn't much damage done. As you think it, the glove on the hand at his neck turns to a puff of ash, his hand violently scratching at his throat.

Kurogiri gently lowers Shigaraki's hand, procuring a new glove for him. Shigaraki grunts, sliding his hand inside. He seemed to have an unlimited supply of the same pair, retrieving them when needed.

"Whatever," Shigaraki mutters after a moment. Toga takes that as her dismissal, turning to you with excitement.

"[Y/N]-chan, guess what, guess what!" she shouts as she bounds over to you.

"Do I have to guess, or are you just gonna tell me?" you ask smartly.

She giggles. "I'll just tell, I'm too excited." She leans in and whispers loud enough for everyone to hear anyway. "I found your panties~!"

You blush profusely as all the guys in the room snap their gaze to her, expressions varying. The three you play cards with, along with Kurogiri, blush with you (not that it's easy to tell with Kurogiri, but his body language suggests he's embarrassed for you); Shigaraki disintegrates both gloves in shock; Dabi quirks an eyebrow with an interested smirk. "H-Himiko-chan, why were you- how did you-?"

"Well~," she drawls girlishly, "I figure you don't wanna be stinky in your same clothes all the time, so I thought I'd sneaky sneak into your apartment, and I was looking for clothes, and I found pants and shirts and dresses and things, and then I remembered you'd need undies and things, so I looked and looked and then I found them~!" She finishes triumphantly, holding up your laciest, showiest pair that you forgot you even stole owned it.

"Himiko-chan!" You stand swiftly, making a grab for your panties. "Give them back, those- they're not for-!"

You hear a whistle from Dabi. "Damn, doll, who'd you buy those for~?" he teases with a smirk. 

You glare at him from across the room, temporarily distracted. Toga takes the chance to skip away, waving your panties like a victory flag.

"H-Hey! I said give them back!"

"Try and get them, then~!" Toga teases, wiggling the undergarments in your direction. 

You grit your teeth at the challenge. "Fine, then!" 

You run after Toga, weaving through the tables and hopping over chairs. Eventually you manage to tackle her onto the couch, tickling her until she releases your clothing. 

"I-I give!" she relinquishes through her laughter. "J-Just stop t-tickling me~!"

You stand with a triumphant huff, stomping over to where she dropped the bag and placing the panties with the other clothes where they belong. Sitting back in your seat, ignoring the toppled furnishings from your quest to retrieve your stolen goods, you pick up your colored number cards once again. You look to the others and blink innocently. "Is it my turn?"

Alistair's house is extravagant in it's size and interior. Several rooms, all with a flowing monochromatic, modern theme. Lots of metal and crisp edges that give it an interesting feeling. The boys parked themselves on the rug of the expansive common room, concrete flooring connecting it to the kitchen on one side and the entryway on the other.

Kaminari lays on his back, throwing a hacky sack up and catching it repeatedly. Kirishima sits on his back as well, the top of his head near Kaminari's, tongue sticking out in concentration as the moves the game console from side to side. Bakugou finishes the triangle, his head near theirs- he was there first, ok??- sitting with his hands clasped on his stomach, eyes closed. 

"Dinner!" Alistair calls, and the boys all snap their heads in his direction to look at him. They don't say anything, just stand and approach with minimal enthusiasm. Alistair shakes his head. "Come on, guys. I know you're worried about [Y/N], but Zhao is keeping tabs on the villains movements. Toga, is that her name?" He doesn't wait for confirmation. "Toga was seen gathering her clothing today at the apartment. If she was hurt, would she get her fresh clothes?"

"Could be a trick," Bakugou spits angrily as he makes himself a plate of what he's sure to be shitty food- after all, it's not his own cooking, and he's the best.

"Would they go through all that effort?" Alistair wonders, his expression, faltering slightly. He's found himself drawn to you more and more since finding out about the boys. Running off gave him a strange ache in his chest he didn't understand, but was determined to ignore. 

"Maybe," Kaminari says with a sigh. He's been running on fumes since he found out you'd gone. He'd always been your biggest fan, your biggest advocate, and it doesn't change even when you're gone. But constantly placating the worries of the others has taken a toll on his energy levels. "I wouldn't put it past Handypants. Toga by herself? Maybe, maybe not, she's more confrontational than that. But as a team she follows most directions and does tricky things like that easily."

"Yeah," Kirishima agrees. He and Kaminari are in the same boat; trying to keep the team morale up has been hard on baby shark. Even the past day has been emotionally exhausting, but they haven't been able to sleep because of their worries. "I'll keep hoping for the best outcome though," he says with a weak smile.

Alistair nods, expression similar. "I'll try as well, then. Try and eat, guys."

Zhao's home is extravagant as well, but holds a more traditional Chinese feeling that the boys feel at least a bit of comfort from, even if it's not Japanese. Natural wood floors, red accent pottery, lanterns hanging from the rafters, full bookshelves that reach the top of the vaulted ceiling, all decorated and placed in a way that flows nicely; Todoroki complimented the feng shui when he entered, to which Zhao gave a slight bow in thanks.

Zhao, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida sit on cushions around a small square table. Todoroki quietly slurps his cold soba noodles, mind distant. Midoriya decided to pour himself into figuring out who Zhao could be in his world, to keep from going mad with his circular thoughts surrounding you and Shigaraki. Iida merely adds to the conversation, mostly listening. Zhao types away on his laptop, answering questions as they come.

"Do you have any siblings?"


"Do you consider yourself a creative person?"

"I don't find reason to indulge in such activity when I can focus on school."

"What's your ethnicity?"

"My father is Chinese and my mother is Japanese."

"Really?" Midoriya asks excitedly, feeling he finally got somewhere. "But your house seems very..."

"Chinese?" Zhao finishes with an amused smirk. "My paternal grandfather owned his house before my father took over the company, and his father before him. We've been in this house for several generations, and much of the decor and furniture are the same, some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars by now. Anyway, my mother just happens to be Japanese; we don't fool around with things that are unnecessary, we're far too busy. Hence the house is the same."

"Ah, I guess that makes sense. What was your mother's maiden family name?"


The other three sit in silence. "Would you happen to have been named Momo if you were born a girl?" Todoroki asks after a moment. 

Zhao stops typing to look at Todoroki with a quizzical expression. "Possibly. I've never asked. Who is Yaoyorozu Momo?"

"Our classmate!" Iida chops in confirmation. He'd focused on logic throughout all this, making rational choices for the sake of everyone. "She comes from the prestigious Yaoyorozu family, and was accepted to the top hero class on recommendation!"

Zhao smiles somewhat smugly. "Sounds like someone very capable. I wouldn't be opposed to having someone like that be my alternate self."

Midoriya nods enthusiastically. "Yep! Her quirk is creation: she can make any non-living thing from the elements in her body, but she needs an extensive knowledge of the object's chemistry to do it. She has an excellent memory, and studies constantly! She's a great classmate and hero! She can-"

Todoroki tunes out again as Midoriya talks on and on about their classmate. Todoroki understands why Midoriya is doing it, so he doesn't try and stop him; rather, he retreats into his own mind and allows his guilt to crawl up his stomach and crawl at his throat, numbing his body. He feels entirely responsible for you leaving.

Talking to Aizawa made him feel a bit better, and logically he knows that you are safe and that it will work out, somehow. At least, you will be safe. You couldn't have known about if he or his classmates arrive home safely, because even for your future self, it hadn't happened yet, as Aizawa pointed out. But he didn't care about himself. Hell, he barely cared of the safety of his classmates- he trusts them to be strong. He worries what psychological damage Shigaraki can and will do to you.

Todoroki knows your future, but your present is uncertain for him. And to him, that's terrifying.


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You didn’t officially go to bed the night before, too perturbed by Shigaraki to do so, but tonight you are far too exhausted to try otherwise. The few drinks you downed didn’t help the tired daze, either.

You trudge over to one of the several mattresses in the corner of the warehouse, wishing for a pillow or blanket (preferably both).

You lay as comfortably as you can, turned towards the wall and ignoring the sounds of the villains around you- clinking of glass bottles and ice and liquids, cards shuffling, slight echoes of whispers bouncing off the vaulted ceiling. What draws your attention is a weight next to you.

You snap your head towards the movement, more irritated than frightened. "Tryna sleep," you grumble, glaring at the figure. They’re shrouded in darkness, their head covering a light so they appear dark to you.

"Don’t let me stop you," a raspy voice chuckles. You flinch visibly, but force yourself to calm. He wouldn’t hurt me. He won’t. He likes me too much.

You turn your head away from him, back to a little spot on the wall you suddenly find interesting. "What do you want, Shigaraki," you sigh.

"Aww, don’t be like that, [Y/N]-chan." You can hear the pout in his voice. You feel the bed shift as he lays behind you, not quite touching you. "I just wanted to spend time with you. The others have had you all to themselves, and I’ve heard some interesting stories from Toga how they took advantage of that."

You shiver as his gloved hand ghosts over your waist, his lips leaning up to your ear and whispering. "Maybe we should spend some time together..." he draws a deep breath, loving the scent of your hair, your body. "Players One and Two are inevitable, after all."

"What makes me Player Two?" you ask, biting your lip. You hate how weak you are to the advances- his, Dabi’s, Toga’s, the boys’, all of them. You’re putty in their hands. But as much as you hate it, it thrills you as well.

"Oh, darling," he groans, "if only you knew... Miki-chan and I are soulmates, destined for one another... and since you two are practically two sides of the same coin, you’re my soulmate as well, don’t you think?" His hand clasps your hip softly, trailing up to your stomach, rubbing it gently. "She was my... first, and I was hers. We made a bond, and we will be together, even if others try to stop us. She pretends for the sake of appearances, but I know that she loves me. She’s told me so, with her actions and... reactions. You are her, she is mine, and so you are mine as well. No matter where I go, whichever universe, my love awaits me. Isn’t it romantic?" he sighs gently into your ear.

You feel your face burn in embarrassment and excitement as well as anger. You didn’t know how to feel about his soulmate theory, but you were willing to bet if Ueno was anything like you, she was certainly not consenting fully to this ‘relationship’. Even if he’s hot as fuck and endearing in his own strange yandere way, you still appreciate having a say in the relationship- as in, agreeing to it at all.

Before you can fully process what he’d said, he purrs into your ear, causing red hot lust mixed with fear down your body.

"Have you had your first yet? I doubt it- Dabi would be gloating if he had. He knows how much I hate anyone touching what’s mine. But, all the better for me- it only proves we are meant to be. Being your first in two worlds would certainly seal the deal for me... and what about you? Would it make you fall for me in this world, as it did in the other? Probably. You fall apart in my hands," he chuckles darkly, one leather glove tracing lightly down your spine while the other slips under your shirt and onto your bare stomach. "I know where you like to be touched, what you like gentle, what you like rough... when to go slow, when to go fast... when to stop and leave you in suspense, when to spread you wide and ravage you... when to lavish you with praise, when to degrade and defile you... I have you mapped out perfectly in my head, every inch of you. You don’t know it yet, but I am your future. I am inevitable."

You feel him grasp you softly and pinch you in places you didn’t know could feel such a pleasurable pain. You bite your lip, not trusting your voice to say words, for fear of moaning loudly.

You only manage a nod as he breaks down your defenses and creeps inside.

A strange guilt washes over you when you wake up. Your body is aglow, but your spirit feels brittle. You’re clothed and cleaned, which was probably Shigaraki’s doing after he had his way with you, but you feel exposed nonetheless.

You didn’t want to feel guilty. Why should you? You didn’t owe yourself to anyone. You can do what you please.

Even if you were a little inebriated, and not quite in control of your actions... Even if he manipulated you, using his knowledge of Ueno to bend you to his will... Even if he took advantage of your desperation for attention and love...

"Fuck," you mutter, tears stinging your eyes suddenly. It felt good, but it still felt wrong.

He doesn’t love me, you think bitterly, biting your lip. He loves the idea of me, the idea that I’m made for him and nothing but his to use. Fuck that. I’m not gonna play that shit.

Your determination dries the tears that formed. I fucked him. That’s that. It’s not a soulmate bond. Just a good fuck. And I’m not going to let him trick me into thinking otherwise. I can do what I want, who I want. My choice.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath. "My choice," you say, feeling some of the weight lift. You repeat it like a mantra, hoping to convince yourself of... something. You’re not quite sure what. "My choice. My choice."

Standing, you walk out of the room and into the main warehouse.

A wolf whistle draws your attention. You snap your steely gaze to the culprit. "Damn, doll, you sure know how to take a nap. Don’t tell me Handsy gave you that good of a time?"

His expression is easygoing, but his eyes are searching and protective. A strange expression for a man who is usually detached to a fault. You smile softly.

"I’m alright, Dabi," you say, answering his real question. You take a quick glance around. No Shigaraki in sight. "Well, I will be. I’m still feeling like a dumbass for letting him use what he knows about Ueno against me."

Dabi grunts. "We’re all at least a little guilty of that. It can’t be helped, doll. You’re nearly the same person. Just... I dunno, different circumstances.”

You ponder this. “I... I guess that’s true. I mean, you’d know better than I,” you smile ruefully, “but it seems I really am her, in some way or another.” Feeling a strange aura of comfort and trust, you confide in him. “Honestly, I felt like I was being used by all of you guys because I looked like someone else, but if she and I are the same in a lot of ways...”

“The same reasons we like her, we like you,” Dabi finishes, not meeting your eye.

“You like me, Dabi?” you ask, nudging him playfully.

“Me? Nah. Don’t push it, doll,” he grins. “You’ve got the same tits and ass, that’s all I care about.”

“So you do care~,” you coo, poking his side, not believing his facade for a moment. 

He grunts. “Whatever. You’re the one that got fucked by a corpse.”

You roll your eyes. “Maybe if you were more corpse-like you’d be fucked too.” You wrinkle your nose at the statement. “That came out weird. You know what I mean, though.”

Dabi chuckles. “Weird kink you got, but sure. Whatever slicks your slit.”

“Dabi-!” you gasp slightly at the lewd phrase. You smack his arm.

“Ouch,” he flinches with a smirk, “watch it, bitch, looks like these aren’t easy to maintain.”

You snort, rolling your eyes. “Can’t have a staple out of place, now can we?”

He grins. “See, you get it.”

You smile up at him. You feel surprisingly easygoing beside him, a man who kills easily and without guilt. But he didn’t want to hurt you- if anything, he wanted to protect you. And somehow, that is enough for you in this moment.

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Kaminari offered to keep his eye on the feed on the laptop at Alistair's home. He lay on his stomach on the shag rug in the living area, bowls of plain potato chips and french onion dip on one side of him, empty cola cans littering the other. Draining the last drops of one, he flinches, can crumpling between his tense fingers.

"Bastard..." he murmurs, teeth clenched together, watching a video of Dabi pinning you to a wall.

You blush profusely, but your body molds easily to his, leaning into his touch. Dabi grabs your chin and hip, lips crashing to yours. There's no audio, but Kaminari can tell you moan when Dabi breaks away, biting your lower lip. Kaminari knows by the way your lips move, your face heats, your eyes flutter, your chest heaves, your knees buckle.

Dabi makes a cheeky glance to the camera. He did it on purpose, there's no question. Taunting the boys. Expecting them to check in and see their girl pinned and pulled and teased the way they wanted to. By someone they didn’t want near her, let alone pleasuring her. It was maddening. And Dabi knew it would be.

Fuck, Kaminari growls, if I had my quirk right now... He sighs. I'd have electrocuted our only way of checking in on [Y/N]. I just have to rely on my hand-to-hand combat when we get there. Probably tonight... He bites his thumbnail, deep in thought. We have to get our girl back.

Morning of day three, the day when Shigaraki and Kurogiri should lose their powers. The end of the day, Gatekeeper will most likely pick them up again and bring them back to regain their powers, and then they'll be back- minutes, hours, or days later, nobody knows. There was no guarantee of any specifics. Hell, they didn't know if the villains planned on leaving at all.  

Zhao turns his laptop over to the trio sitting around the square table, where they'd spent most of their time. "Just spotted."

It was a still frame of a camera with Shigaraki, his hair pure white and skin smooth, only a bit chapped. He hid himself mostly under a black hoodie, dark washed jean jacket over top, tight black pants and sneakers that matched his hair in lack of hue. Toga was frozen beside him, mid-skip, wearing a cutesy sweater with a bow. Her legs were covered in thin black tights and a skirt, much like her former uniform skirt. The buns in her hair were the same as always.

Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki tense visibly as they see the feed. They exchange glances, Todoroki and Iida nodding to Midoriya's command.

"Call the others."

You twiddle your thumbs, swiveling back and forth on the bar stool. Shigaraki clung to you as usual- if not more than usual- and you found that you could handle him much easier than before. He may be extremely dominant in many ways, but when it comes to your attention, he's willing to bend over backwards to make you happy- he was even willing to go with Toga to your apartment to grab you some

of your tech. If that wasn't a miracle of 'love', you didn't know what was.

Dabi watches you blatantly across the bar. You slowly look over to him. He smirks, winking at you, and taking a swig of his drink. You blush when you think of what he did earlier in the morning, and turn away. He chuckles, continuing to watch you wait for something to do.

"Hey, doll," he called out to you.

"Hmm? What's up?" you asked, yawning. Light had just broken the darkness outside, and everyone else was still asleep.

"I got something for you. Late birthday present."

"If it's your dick-"

"It's not."

You gave him a look.

"Ok, not just my dick."

You rolled your eyes. "Sure, sure."

It was a bit disconcerting how long Dabi stared at you, but you couldn't know what he was thinking about. Kurogiri, entirely human-like now, with skin so dark it almost seemed a deep plum and eyes that glowed yellow like a hawk's, stood behind the counter, occasionally taking Dabi’s glass and pouring another half-glass of brown liquid. You sigh, nails following little patterns in the chipped paint in front of you.

The boys will show up today, you think, gut telling you you’re right. Shigaraki’s pretty much lost his power now. He’s not the least formidable person in a fight, but at least he can’t disintegrate them by touching them, you think, trying to keep positive. Then Gatekeeper will show up to grab Shiggy, we- you cut yourself off. They take off through the portal, and that’s that. I may be stuck with a bunch of angry villains, but at least the boys are back home where they belong. They regain their powers, I regain a sense of independence, and we part ways as unlikely friends. Todoroki and Bakugou stay as dumb shits, but they’re safe dumb shits, and my other best friends/casual make-out buddies go home to their loving families and school and lives where they are literal heroes and have a great purpose and...

You ignore the sudden stinging in your eyes. It’s the onions, ok?? You justify, knowing full well there’s nothing besides hard liquor in the room. You’ve refused to think about it.

When they’re gone, what will you do? What you’ve always done- survived. It has to be enough. Right?

Arms around your waist jolt you from your depressing thoughts.

“O-Oh, hey Tomura-kun, Himiko-chan. Didn’t notice you guys come in.”

“How?” Dabi snorts. “They were bickering like two old ladies.”

“Was not!” They both snap at the same time, only to glare at each other.

Dabi looks at them, then at you with a look that says ‘see what I mean?’.

You shrug. “Got anything for me?” You try to keep your voice light, not wanting to hint at the plan. Or possible plan. Or most likely scenario, since no plans were officially made with your assistance. It’s just bound to happen, if you knew your boys at all.

Toga waves a bag in front of her, looking delighted.

Please don’t tell me you raided my panties again?” you groan.

No~,” she insists, but her tone says otherwise. “I just took a peek, is all! I was gonna~ bring back anything I saw with wires and stuff, but since there was so much, I basically just picked what looked cutest!”

You can’t help the laugh that escapes. “I didn’t realize I had a laptop covered in blood.”

Her face lights up at the thought. “That’d be so~ cool! Where can I buy one??”

You shake your head. “What’s in the bag, Himiko-chan?”

“Oh right,” she grins, producing a laptop with a pink tint to the metal covering. “It reminded me of Miki-chan’s hair, so brought it!”

You smile, nodding. “Thank you,” you look at Shigaraki, who stands silently behind Toga. “Both of you. I appreciate it.”

Shigaraki looks at you in surprise, then settles his barely chapped lips into a soft smile. It was the least-yandere expression you’d ever seen on him, and it makes your heart feel a way you don’t want it to.

He’s probably exhausted, you justify, looking away.

"Um, Tomura-kun," you begin, "since you're losing your powers, does that mean you're going back soon?"

Shigaraki sighs, looking away. His wavy white hair shields his eyes from your curious gaze. "Gatekeeper said they'd be back tonight. I'll be back," he promises swiftly, "however many times it takes to kill them, I'll come back here." His voice shakes with anger, and you press your lips together. Best not to say anything else, lest you want to make him upset.

You grab your laptop from the bag and gently set it onto the bar counter. It wasn't your best laptop by any means, but it was certainly viable. Your first instinct is to contact the boys, to tell them what you learned, but you decide to hold off. After all, they just gave you the device; they're probably waiting for you to try something. 

I'll wait until they're distracted, then send a message to Zhao, you decide, and go about the most recent hacking job you took on. 

You became absorbed in your work, and the eyes of the villains would pass over your screen every once in a while. You doubted they understood what anything was, but you kept your nose clean- well, away from the heroes- while they were around. 

"[Y/N]-chan~," Toga whines in your ear after a few minutes. She perches her hands on your shoulder, pouting.

"Yes, Himiko-chan?" you ask somewhat dismissively, not stopping your task. 

If she noticed your disinterest, she didn't show any signs of discouragement. "Play with me~."

You snicker. "You sound like a 3 year old."

She grumbles, resting her head on your shoulder. Her breath brushes against your neck. "But the games we can play are much more fun~," she whispers, a promise in her voice.

You shiver, pausing only momentarily. The sound of keys clacking returned swiftly. "N-Not right now," you say, voice suddenly holding much less authority. You mentally kick yourself. Have a backbone, dammit. Grow a pair. Just because you're a horny sunuvagun doesn't mean you gotta jump on every opportunity that comes your way. Especially if 'opportunity' is what Shigaraki named his dick.

Toga groans. "Fine~, I'll go play cards with Twice."

You sigh, thankful she didn't push the issue. You'd been pushed around far too much for your taste, as of late.

When you felt nobody's eyes on you, you sent a message to Zhao.


You sigh as it registers as sent. Now, you wait for your gallant heroes to come and save the day.

It's nearing nightfall when the boys approach the warehouse. They wear their hero costumes; even if they can't utilize them to their best capacity, a little armor between them and the villains couldn't hurt. 

Midoriya stops their movement, pointing to a dark figure looming over the ledge of the roof. Scaling down the side of the building, the boys are joined by Aizawa. 

"Aizawa-sensei," Midoriya whispers, sounding relieved, "you came."

"You thought I wouldn't?" Aizawa snorts, question entirely rhetorical.

Midoriya blushes and chuckles sheepishly.

Aizawa looks at the others. "These are your hero costumes, huh..." he says, observing the heroes they became. It gives him hope for the floundering, pathetic bunch of wannabes with the slightest potential that he taught in his time. Aizawa grunts after a moment of thought. "Let's move. For now, we have the element of surprise. Even if they anticipate our arrival, they don't know when. Let's take advantage, but try and only stall long enough for Gatekeeper to arrive. We don't need to capture them, just get home, is that understood?"

The boys nod.

"Good. Let's go."