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Te quiero

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"...Steak Rattlesteak fries. Only at Taco bell for a limited time."

These words were chimed at the camera low and alluring, as if it were telling you something it shouldn't; it was a lewd secret, kept between him and... the camera.

"Alright, Diego, that's a wrap. Good work today."

Diego Kageyama. A name known now by just about nobody- soon all would change. Diego was just starting to make it big; as big as Taco Bell commercials could make you, that is. The cameraman, Remus, who had strange blue curly hair that made his green pepper eyes pop through his pale skin, handed him a rag to wipe his sweat as well as some water. It smelled like chlorine; it smelt like Remus. He always reeked of chlorine.
"Remember, sex sells, but so does being family friendly. With your looks, you could definitely go either way." Remus gave Diego a weak half-smile. He wasn't flirting with him, he was just this open as he was right now to everyone else. Besides, a rose gold heart locket had always been slumped around Remus's neck, and Diego was sure that meant something, but he never wanted to ask.

"I'm not sure how that has anything to do with Taco Bell, but for the future, I'll keep that in mind." Diego let out a small chuckle as he wiped his face.

Acting, for most, is so much more than it appears to be. For Diego, all it is and all it has been was lying. A thick, warm layer of what the world wants him to be. He's done it his whole life, so how does doing it on his screen make it any different? He was a preformed actor; Diego was definitely not a novice to acting techniques.
Clearing up his space, he put his washed up white scarf over his dull pink coat. He gave an indifferent wave to Remus before heading out, and waved to a few extras giving a gritty smile.

Acting was a daily part of Diego's life.

For one, he acted like his life was simple by taking the bus to work. He did this to observe other people's daily actions- get an idea of the character he portrays; he's never Diego Kageyama. Nobody wants to be Diego Kageyama. Not even Diego Kageyama. A 15-minute bus ride can only be so long during the wintertime. Spring would come soon, but this weather was going to fight cold until it's eventual death.
Diego sighed. He could see his own breath. Today was different today. Diego wasn't taking his usual route home. His usual home was with... Well it was with his now ex-girlfriend, Tyla. Long story. It'd be better for another time. He arrived at Herring Heights, a small suburban area owned by a very rich and powerful man; Diego happened to be friends with his eldest son, Peter Herring.

"Friends" was a loose term. Peter, was in fact, an asshole. Even worse than Diego, probably. Not sure. We're gonna have to do a vote on that. Still, he had some human in him... Probably. Who knows. His father certainly raised him to be an ass. As he made his way to his friends less than humble house, he carefully looked down at his feet as he took a step on the thin, course stairs that made their way up. Two things went through Diego's mind: MAN, was this a death waiting to happen and boy, do the Herring's sure hate handicap people. Diego felt like he was walking up to meet the final boss of a video game or even the gates of heaven, which would be more surprising if he ever did climb the latter. He rang the doorbell, and its' chipper tune was less than fitting.

Peter's step-mom (rather to be, she was Peter's dad's fiance), Kitty (great woman), answered the door, her usual curly brown locks that reached to her elbows tied up in a clean and beautiful ponytail. She gave a smile. "Ah, Diego!" Her voice was chipper and had a sweet accent. "I am so happy you've come over. What brings you here today? I was just prepping dinner, please come in. Why don't you join us?" Diego bowed as he enter, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. "Thank you, but I don't think I'll be staying too long-" He stops to sniff the air. "It smells great though. I've actually come to see Peter, do you happen to know where he is?" Kitty's' eye's smile as she says, "Oh, well, he's hanging in Nova's garden." followed by a soft giggle.

Nova was Peter's younger half-brother. They both have the same father and have no blood relation to Kitty at all. Nova was very eccentric. Diego made sure to stay away from this kid.

He thanked Kitty for her help and headed outside. The Herring's backyard spread enough acres to probably put a few more houses, which a lot of it took up Nova's garden. It was like a maze constructed by a little kid; he didn't even hire a gardener to do it... How much free time could this kid possibly have?

The air tasted like rose petals; that's how Diego knew he was close by. Diego knew how much Peter loved rose petals. He once remembered when they were little how scarred Peter's hands would be playing with the roses. He would always ask him, "Why do you play with their thorns?" to which Peter would say, "I'm just playing with the roses." Oh but he knew. HE KNEW.

Diego was still roaming when suddenly the sound of somebody arrogant clearing their throat made their presence clear. "Ahem." Douchebag.

"Peter," Diego almost sounded a bit surprised at Peter who was sitting under a pure white gazebo, sipping tea while sitting at a fancy looking table.

Peter placed a hand on his lip, amused with the face Diego was making. Diego stared down at his fingers looking at his web piercing; that thing seriously freaked Diego out.

"Diego!" Peter laughed. "Your face- It's so beautiful yet so freaked out! The first isn't my personal opinion- just the media's'- Well, Taco Bell's media- I love it." He laughed some more. Degrading each other: one of their favorite things to do together. :)

"What? At least I don't live with my parents and little brother still." Diego scoffed, crossing his arms.

Peter scooched up out his chair and looked at Diego, getting closer. Another thing that weirded Diego out about Peter: He was always smiling; Diego knew it wasn't always genuine, but he also never knew when it wasn't. He just appeared to be happy. He even sounded happy.

"I don't have a little brother," Was all that he said. He sank his left hand into his dusty blond hair, and Diego wondered how his piercing never got caught. It was weird. He was weird. "What are you here for, anyways?" Peter asked.

"Well, I-" Diego was beginning to regret his last degrade. "Tyla broke up with me; she also kicked me out. I don't really have another place to go." He trembled a bit on his words. Peter hummed as he stroked his chin, then sat right back down and put his feet on the table. He knew what this meant; he knew Diego needed his help.

"You're so lucky to have me.~" He gave a condescending grin.

One day. One day Diego would be better than Peter. When that day came, it would be Diego sitting at that table. Diego making wagers. Diego in control. But for now...

"Alright, what do you want?"

"Oh, nothing."


This was new for Peter Herring. He liked to toy with people, usually, especially Diego. Diego was his friend kind of. Sort of. Peter didn't really have a strong bond with anyone. Peter was weird. Heck, the whole Herring family was weird. RICH people were weird. Diego couldn't wait for the day that he too, could be weird.

"Well, one thing. Since your famous girlfriend dumped you, you probably won't get any more gigs. Or nice things; like money and special treatment. I can't fathom losing such things." He looked down at Diego, playing with his nails. "That's why, I'm going to help you."

"So, you're going to be my new Tyla."

"What, you want to make out now?"

"Relax; I was just using her to get famous."

"Oh, Diego. You're the worst." Peter says this like it's a good thing, a little twinkle in his eye. He pulls out his disgustingly big wallet, which intrigues Diego. Peter carefully orchestrates a grand number in his checkbook; he pulls it out and hands it to Diego.

"Wow, this is..." Diego stopped to take a deep breath. He only dreamed of seeing this much money in his life. Now he was seeing it right in front of him.

"Pocket change? I know." Peter giggles. "Don't tell my father." He says this in an unusual serious diction, which makes Diego a little nervous.

Diego never met Peter's dad, though he knew that rich parent's were usually never good news. He also knew that Kitty was only twenty-years old; forty-years younger than Mr. Herring, three years older than Peter. This made Diego's head hurt.

"Wow, I uh- Thanks. I guess." Diego wasn't all that much of a polite person, or a good person in general. He was grateful, however, he just wasn't good at showing it at all.

"Don't thank me. Just come see me tomorrow. I'll have more for you." With that, He waved a little, and Peter noticed the most gorgeous rose petals pieces placed gently on Peter's collar. They didn't look like one's in Nova's garden; they a solemn shade of blue. It was the last thing Diego saw before he headed out.

It couldn't be...

No, it really couldn't.