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Filling Out The Rest

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A short, loud ringing brought you back to reality. Straightening your posture you glanced around before moving to pack up your materials. It was only the second day of class but already your professor was talking about semester projects. You would have never guessed that a humanities course would involve so many projects. You decided to take a course focused on religions, a topic that you had never felt too involved in personally but found interesting nonetheless. If you have to take three humanities courses you may as well take something that interests you at least. Anything besides pottery.

"Don't forget to check the forum tonight! I will be posting who your partner is for the semester," your professor called to your class as they moved to leave the room. A few people groaned, already knowing that they'd much rather work alone on these projects (or not do them at all). You shrugged to yourself a bit, deciding it could be worse. Glade University had a few off requirements for graduation that other schools didn't have, but other schools also didn't have the same financial support or the largest employment agencies. All in all, you didn't think taking a few extra courses was much to complain about when you were able to get an almost full ride from the school itself.

Exiting the classroom, you jotted down a reminder to yourself to check the forum for Religious Interconnections later that night. The sooner you found out who your partner was the sooner you'd be able to claim a topic for the first quarter of the semester. You had your eye on a particular set of topics and would prefer to not have to dig through the scraps next week. Tucking away your pen, you continued down the hall and out the doors so you could find your second and final class of the day.


. . .


A slow sigh escaped your lips as you leaned your back against the door after closing it. You weren't exactly tired, but being in class for the past 4 hours and having to interact with so many new people was still draining. Dropping your keys into a small bowl at your desk, you began kicking off your shoes and sliding off your backpack. At least you were home now. Well, kind of home. Your dorm was still better than anyplace else on campus but still not as good as your actual home. Close enough, though.

"Someone looks tired," came a voice to your left. You glanced over to the other side of the room to see Lizzy laying on her bed, propped up on her elbows and a book in front of her. She moved to a sitting position, put her book away, and patted the spot next to her. You smiled at her and happily obliged, moving to join her. You took the spot at the foot of her bed, pulling your legs up to curl underneath yourself as you got settled in your spot.

"How was your second day at Glade U?" Lizzy asked, a wide smile taking over her face. Lizzy wasn't any older than you, in fact, she was a couple of months younger than you, but she had more experience with this campus than anyone else in your year. She already knew which professors to avoid and what schedules were best. You were glad you had her, otherwise, you would have been taking three different 8 am courses on three different days of the week with some of the campus's worst teachers. Planning things out was never a strong suit of yours.

"It was... a day," you said, causing Lizzy to giggle a bit. "'How about you?" Lizzyhummed happily as the question got turned back around to her. She always had some sort of good news to share or something exciting to tell you about. "Well, actually... We have plans tonight," she said matter of factly. At this, you sat up a bit more, the fog in your brain clearing immediately. 


"Yes, we. We are-"

"But I don't wanna," you whined, leaning back against the frame of Lizzy'sbed. Your plans for the night included pajamas, hot tea, and probably a book or a YouTube binge. It definitely did not include leaving your bed or your desk.

"Y/N, it'll be fun!" Lizzy insisted, her hands now resting on your knees as she leaned forward, a slight pout on her lips. You crossed your arms over your chest and narrowed your eyes, silently telling her to explain what it was that she had signed you both up for.

"Neither of us have classes for the next couple of days and I figured it would be a good time to meet everyone!" she explained, though the explanation itself only left you with more questions.

"And who, exactly, is everyone?" you pried, your shoulders slumping slightly. 

"Newt and Thomas and their new friends. I've met a few of them and I think you'll really like them! Especially Harriet," she supplied, a broad grin erasing her previous pout. "It's just going to be at Alby's house, and he lived right around the corner. It's not even a five-minute walk, promise."

After a minute of silence, you let out a sharp huff of air through your nose and moved to stand up. It was already 5 o'clock by now and you presumed that it wouldn't be long until you were all expected to meet up. Lizzy just let out a small, happy laugh as she moved to stand with you. You both pulled your shoes and jackets back on. Lizzy leaned into your closet and pulled out a bag, throwing it over her shoulder before you walked out. Leaving the comfort of your dorm you headed down the hallway and outside the two large doors. Even though you were a bit sad to leave your night of binge-watching and cozy pajamas, you were actually excited to see some of your old friends. And if that wasn't a good enough bribe then Lizzy's promise of free food helped get you moving a bit faster down the sidewalk.