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when we all fall asleep, where do we go?

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Dipper thought it was over four years ago. He truly thought that there was no way in hell that Bill could ever return to Gravity Falls.

Boy, oh boy, was he wrong.

The brunet sat down in his bed, reading a book about the theories of the afterlife, a blank expression on his face as he read the paragraph. Dipper and Mabel were back in Gravity Falls, it was their first time returning ever since the event™ happened.

Not a huge amount of stuff had changed, except for the fact that Dipper's old crush, Wendy Corduroy, was in quite a serious relationship with some guy named Giv Meabrak. Dipper was a bit bummed out at the news, but was still glad that Wendy was his friend.

Soos was running the Mystery Shack, earning more money in these past few years than Stan earned in a decade. People loved Soos' personality and humor, and he would occasionally get gifts when it was around the holidays. The items were still pretty crappy and obviously fake, but that's what made it unique.

Pacifica probably had the most dramatic change, personality and appearance wise. She had become a lot more kinder, and was less snobby and selfish than she used to be. Her hair was cut into a bob, and she just wore whatever she wanted. She didn't focus on her looks 24/7, but she still looked great.

Mabel hadn't changed much. She was still extremely childish and happy, and everyone was thankful for that. It would be pretty horrible if she changed completely. Although her personality was childish at times, she was mature. She often came up with great ideas when doing a project, and she was much more logical than she used to be. Her hair was still very long, but she wore it in a low ponytail or a braid on occasion. She had developed a bit of a bad mouth though, and would sometimes curse when she was frustrated. It wasn't too major, just the usual 'shit' or 'fuck'. It wasn't nearly as bad as Dipper's vocabulary, however.

Now, we move on to Dipper. He was disappointed, to say the least. His voice was deeper, but the voice cracks still happened, and Mabel found that to be hilarious. He ditched the blue vest, and now wore a blue hoodie. His hair was a bit longer, but not to his shoulders or anything similar to that. He was still the same stubborn, supernatural-obsessed nerd as he was when he was 13. California wasn't very fun, it had no supernatural things that he could investigate.

A sudden crashing noise, along with an ear-piercing scream that Dipper could only identify as Mabel's, made him freeze and drop his book.