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“Ohmygod, that’s the shitthat’sso-”

Sugizo threw his body backward, moaning in ecstasy. Yoshiki’s hands moved deeper inwards, slender fingers working their way around the mess of feathers.

“M...Move closer down- Ohthat’sgood!

Yoshiki crossed his legs, shifting his position as Sugizo’s back arched. Even though this wasn’t really supposed to be anything sexual, just him helping with the molt, but with the lovely sounds Sugizo was making, and the expressions on his face, he might just have to-

“Hey! Do any of you have… Oh.”

Yoshiki turned his head. Hide was leaning against the door frame. He walked forward, somewhat unsteady.

“You could have invited me, you know.”

Sugizo turned to face him. “It’s not what you think. He’s just helping me with my molt.”

Hide moved closer, a tentacle reaching out. “Molt?”

“Do you not have feathered animals on your homeworld?”

Hide rolled his eyes, flopping down on the bed. “I’m a soldier, not a biologist. What’s with all the feathers?”

Sugizo weakly flapped one of his wings, sending a cascade of dead feathers down on the bed. “All Lar’ya lose our feathers once a year. Then we grow new ones.”

Yoshiki moved to reach a clump of dead feathers, eliciting a moan from Sugizo. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Hide staring at the scene with rapt interest.

“You don’t have to sit there and watch, you know.”

Hide tentatively reached out, one hand and one tentacle reaching out and plunging deep into the mess, massaging the roots.

Sugizo jerked up, before falling face forward onto Hide’s lap, mumbling something into his chest. Hide tentatively reached out with another tentacle and his other arm, massaging deeper and causing Sugizo to moan.

“ good…” Sugizo moved closer to Hide, head pressed into his chest.

“Can he...he just ta...mmmm...take over from you, Yoshiki?”

Yoshiki laughed. “I’m not letting go of you that easily. Hide, could you move over for a bit?”

He moved closer to Hide, a smile on his face, hands moving closer to Sugizo’s other outstretched wing, causing Sugizo to hum happily.

Hide turned to Yoshiki. “Should we keep just keep going?”

Yoshiki smiled, reaching next to one of Hide’s hands. “Why not?”