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Don't Wait

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Jungkook was sitting by himself in that park. His mother was watching him play from a bench near there while she was talking to some of her friends.

Jungkook saw a group of friends playing tag and held his skate near to his chest. He was going to have fun alone, but he was kind of used to it by now.

Yugyeom, his best friend, moved to another city and since that he didn’t really know how to approach the other kids to play and Seokjin, his older brother, said he was too old to help Jungkook find new friends or to even play with him.

Seokjin was only three years older than Jungkook, but, for some reason, it seemed boys with eleven years weren’t into playing with their little brothers anymore.

“Hey! What’s your name?”

Jungkook looked up for the boy who had approached him out of nowhere while he was thinking about his brother.

“Hi... I’m Jungkook. Kim Jungkook.”

“I’m Taehyung. Kim Taehyung.” The boy smiled. “We share the same last name, that’s nice.” Jungkook smiled too. “Do you want to play with us? I’m tired of seeing you playing here by yourself”

“I don’t know any of them...”

“It’s always nice to meet other people. C’mon, Jungkook, let’s have some fun!” The boy let a boxy smile bloom on his lips. “We’re playing tag right now, so go put your skate elsewhere. I’ll wait here and we’ll go together so I can introduce you to everyone.” Taehyung said with a sympathetic smile and Jungkook ran to his mother, telling her to hold his skate for him.

Taehyung waited for him, like he said he would.

Jungkook liked him already.



“You’re from my school, aren’t you?” Taehyung asked when he and Jungkook were lying on the grass trying to recover from a very tiring game of tag. They ran more than both of them could handle and Jungkook competitive personality made everything worse for him. He was tired, but he didn’t stop until the last of them gave up playing.


“Do you want to spend lunch time with me tomorrow? I don’t like to see you alone.”

“I don’t need your pity.” Jungkook said stubborn and quickly sat down, getting ready to stand up and run from that conversation.

“Hey, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like that.” Tae paused and held jungkook wrist “I’m just saying that you’re nice and I’d like to be your friend.” Jungkook looked into Taehyung’s eyes searching for a hint of a lie, but Tae was being truthful so the younger relaxed a little.

“I guess we can be friends.”


Jungkook went home talking to his mom about his new friend and how Taehyung was so nice and so cool.

“Jungkook made a new friend?” Jin, Jungkook’s brother, asked when he heard the younger one talking non-stop about some boy.

“Yes. Taehyung is his name and he is a year older than me!”

“That’s nice, Kook.” That was Yoongi saying. Yoongi and Jin are best friends and Yoongi pretty much lived in their house since his parents worked all day long – and didn’t care much about him –

Before he went to sleep, Jungkook wrote a letter, like he promise he would, to Yugyeom talking all about Taehyung and how he had fun today.

Things were better than yesterday and Jungkook slept with a smile that night.