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The name's Lance

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«Not this guy again.» I groaned quietly, trying to hide behind my book in a classroom full of chattering students before first period starts.


We had a new kid start at our school last week and already he’s made a name for himself. No wonder though, he was the school’s new delinquent, and took the title with a proud demeanor wherever he walked the hallways.


The funny thing about this guy was that we had every single period together so I couldn’t shake him off except for recess or lunch. Today he waltzed in like he owned the place, but that was no surprise. My eyes went back to my book until he spoke up catching my dark stare.


«Woah, woah, woah mamcitas, there’s enough of me to go around. How about a little kiss on the cheek, chica?» I hear him cat calling the girls in class, but they didn’t mind. Whenever he opened his mouth the girls would swoon for him, no matter what came out of it.


I felt a heat bubble in my stomach when Lacey, the class president of all people melted into that guy’s hold, giving him a loving peck on the cheek. The nerve of that guy. I went back to my book ignoring the douche.


«Mr. McClain please take your seat, class has started.» Miss Allura said when she pooled into the classroom wearing her usual stubborn look whenever new guy felt like taking over the class.


«Anything for you, Allura.» New guy smooth talked, but was iced when Miss Allura shot him a cold look, nodding her brows to his seat. He did as demanded but shot me a snide smirk my way before sitting in his seat all lazily.


Just ignore him, I thought. Closing my book to pay attention to Miss Allura.


This was senior year. My most important year of high school. Sure, i got straight As the past three years, but they didn’t matter. Senior year was always the year that counted. It was the year I needed to do my best in every subject and with college applications. I really wanted to get into this high prestigious college on the west coast that offered an amazing arts course but I needed all As, a letter of recommendation and something to impress them with to get the scholarship that only two out of hundreds of applicants got. I needed this year to focus or else Shiro would be disappointed. I would be disappointed.


I felt a tap on my shoulder. «Hey, poindexter. What’s Miss hot stuff’s deal?» New guy asked me, his smile turning my insides.


«I don’t know, we call her Miss so I bet she’s single. Not that you have a chance.» I chided back.


«Kogane! McClain! Don’t make me write you up.» Miss Allura shouted our way.


She gave both of us a hard stare before returning to the board. Her cold stare could rip any one's skin off. But it looked like new guy was just enjoying it, crossing his arms, sitting with his ass almost sliding off his chair. Man, he needed to learn some proper mannerisms.


While Miss Allura wrote on the board, I took the chance to look at my college applications. I had three alternatives that I didn’t mind getting in if my dream school got cut. I filled out all three application but could feel my nerves getting to me. I didn’t like writing essays that centered on my private life. Too much had happened in my past that writing an essay about it would just hurt too much. I didn’t feel inspired by much, except for nature and machinery. But who would want to read an essay about a kid who felt inspired by that?


I felt another tap on my shoulder. «Knock it off, McClain. Pay attention to the board before she whacks you.» I waved his hand off, not directing my gaze at him. I didn’t want anything to do with this kid, he would ruin everything for me if I let him socialize with me.


He didn’t listen to me and continued tapping me shoulder, turning the tapping into a full on clap with his whole hand. «KNOCK IT OFF!» I yelled, forgetting we were in the middle of a class.


«That’s it. Both of you, detention.» Miss Allura had two slips at the ready on her desk giving them to us when the first period bell rang.


«God dammit…this is all your fault.» I glared at new guy, but he was only smiling.


My eyes traced his figure. He was tall, wiry almost like a tree, he had a tan complexion, my money was he was from Mexico or Cuba. His eyes had a light blue color but I could see splashes of green in them making it look like the ocean. His chestnut colored hair was short, but curling at the nape of his neck. What always caught my eyes in class, since he was impossible to ignore, was his mouth. Whenever he felt cocky enough, he would smile that ridiculous grin of his, all of his teeth showing but it was impossible to look away whenever he smiled.


The funny thing was, he didn’t even look like a delinquent. He didn’t have any tattoos or face piercings. But he did dress like one. He always wore ripped jeans, tattered shirts with t-shirts underneath always having some sort of rock band on it. His kicks were black Doc Martens, and he smoked. Looking away from his clothing appearance, he would just seem like any other guy. Someone who could seem nice, until he opened his mouth.


«Lighten up, Kogane. You need to show some of your rebellious side, you’re such a…what’s the word? Oh yeah, such a pet. I mean look at you, you're wearing a white shirt under a red sweater, only nerds dress this way. Where's your calculator.» He sneered, happy with his little jokes. His grin was still plastered to his face, and I couldn’t look away. I just stood there hoping the bell would ring, but we had the same classes every day so I knew I couldn’t shake him off.


«Lighten up!? This is going to be on my record. I’ve never had detention before…Shiro’s going to kill me.» I groaned, pushing new guy into a locker while making my way to the next class.


«Hey..where do you think you’re going?» New guy followed me into the classroom.


I turned around with a brute force, my eyebrows furrowed angrily. «Listen. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me and don’t just be around me. I want nothing to do with you, McClain.» I spat his name, or tried to but felt my voice wimping out on the tough guy act. This just wasn’t me. I backed up from him finding a desk. «Just…» I started, my hand pulling out a chair, not looking at him. «I just don’t want anything to do with you.» I sat down, ignoring him.


He tried to give me an angry glare, but found a desk further back in the classroom. On his way to the back of the class, he leaned in on me. His breath warm against my face. I could see splashes of green in his eyes when he tilted his head to the side, just an inch, trying to size me up.


«It’s razzle dazzle time, Kogane. I’m not done with you.» He got up, a large tan hand fisting my desk. «Oh, and the name’s Lance. Don’t forget that.» He spat, then walked to the back of the class.




I was in the middle of a test when the speaker went on. «Can Mr. Kogane come to the principal’s office.»


«Really! In the middle of a test? He knew I had a test this period» I gritted my teeth.


«Kogane, go. We already know you aced the test. You can retake it later if you need to.» Mr. Coran called from his desk, legs lifted on it while reading the paper. Such a sleeze.


Before I left the classroom, my neck craned to catch a look at new guy. He looked like he was struggling, biting his pencil, his other hand ripping at his short bangs. I almost felt sorry for him, but this was an easy test. He should be able to get at least a C.


I made my way out, finding the principal’s office.


«Hey Keith. Sorry I pulled you out of class, I knew you had a test this period but it was the only free time I had.» said Adam, giving me a reassuring smile that he didn’t bring me here to scold me or anything. «Listen, you’re one of our finest students. Guess we can thank Takeshi for that.» He joked, always finding an opportunity to talk about his husband, but I got enough of that at home when they both acted like stupid teenagers. «Anyway. We need you to tutor a student. He’s new here, and we’ve been receiving some complaints from the teachers.»


My mind went immediately to McClain. Mother fucking-Before I could open my mouth to protest, Adam shot a hand up asking to explain. I closed my mouth, letting him proceed, rolling my eyes at how annoying this was becoming. 


«Keith. I knew you would deny this, but you’re too smart, and we think you would be a good tutor for him. I’m guessing you already know who we’re talking about.» said Adam, a smile finding his face. He was so enjoying this, he loved tormenting me. «And you know you can’t say no. We brought you up better than that.» His smile widened to a wicked grin.


God damnit, he was right. «Yeah sure, okay. But, you should know he’s a bad influence and if I turn into a delinquent, I’ll pin it on you.» I winked, but he just bursted out laughing knowing full well that would never happen. I couldn’t be bad, it wasn’t in my nature.


«Oh Keith, that one is going on the fridge at home. I’m making Takeshi turn that into a stupid quote.» Adam wiped away an invisible tear. «Now get going, you guys meet tomorrow after school.» He said.


I got up, slinging my black backpack on my shoulder before I said, «I can’t ride home with you today. I got dentition, because of him. But I won’t say I told you so, yet. See you later, Adam.» I smirked on my way out of his office.