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Not Alone

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Hotshot slumped as he sat on a boulder, his chin resting against his palm, optics dim in concentration on what to do next. He was still not even close to beating Override and it was so damn aggravating! How was he supposed to beat Override and get the Cyber Planet Key at the rate he’s going?

“Ugh!” Hotshot threw up his servos. “What the slag am I supposed to do?!”

As predicted, nothing answered back, making him get more gloomy. He could really feel the weight of the mission resting on his shoulders and he absolutely did not want to fail at all and...well...he didn’t want to disappoint Optimus either…

He let his helm fell into his open palm, letting out a small sigh before he stood, about to leave when a noise caught his attention. He looked down from the cliff he was standing on and he saw the same purple truck that he had first seen when he and Red Alert first came here. In front of the truck was a familiar red motorcycle and green racing car. He frowned and tried to listen as closely as he could.

“Whoever this Megatron guy is, he can eat my dust.” he heard the purple truck told the two with a sneer in his voice. “I don’t take orders from off-worlders. I’ll defeat Override my own way! Transform!”

The truck transformed into his robot mode, making Ransack and Crumplezone follow suit.

“Come and get it!” the purple mech snarled as he ran forward, trying to land a punch on either of the two, but because he was slow, the two dodged him instantly. Then, the two were on either side of him and attacked, landing twin blows on him before Crumplezone uppercutted him, sending the purple mech to the ground.

“This guy is a little thick-headed, isn’t he?” commented Ransack. “Must be the titanium skull plate. What do you think?”

“You do the thinkin’ Ransack, I just smash stuff.” Crumplezone answered with slight glee in his voice.

“Don’t try to play me.” the purple mech growled as he began to glow purple. “CYBER KEY POWER!”

The key came and entered the slot on his back and the barrels on his shoulders hummed to life before they let loose their blasts, seemingly striking the two. Once the smoke cleared, it was revealed that Crumplezone had taken both of the blasts without a scratch.

The two called out to their keys which went into their slots, calling out their weapons before they fired, both blasts hitting the other mech dead on. The mech slammed into the ground on his back and Ransack walked over, putting a ped on the downed mech’s chest.

This was when Hotshot had enough and he jumped over the side before he used the wall of the cliff to kick off, towards them.

“Would you rather have us friends than enemies?” Ransack began but was cut off when a flash of a silvery blue smashed into him, knocking him off of the purple mech. The two rolled a few feet before Hotshot was punched off of the red mech.

Hotshot managed to stay on his feet, his frame tensing, readying himself for a full blown fight. “Two against one is hardly a fair fight, isn’t it?”

“We’re Decepticons, of course we don’t fight fair!” snapped Ransack. It was then that an engine sounded, making everyone turn to see who was coming towards them.

Override transformed a few feet away, her optics zeroed in on Ransack and Crumplezone, making her scowl. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like?” Ransack snarked at her. “Being helpful citizens of course.”

“He fell down and is crying like a little bitty girl.” Crumplezone added as the purple mech got to his feet.

“He just happened to fall down, huh?” snorted Override before turning her gaze to Hotshot. “Hotshot?”

“They were attacking him.” Hotshot stated without hesitation. “I intervened.”

“That’s what I thought. I suppose you can handle it?"

“Of course.”

Override nodded and with one last look, she transformed and drove off, leaving the group to their own devices.

Hotshot turned towards the two Decepticons, optics narrowing. “So, you want to try your luck with me again?”

“Tempting.” Ransack adjusted his grip on his blaster and Hotshot could tell he wanted to bring it up to bare.

Hotshot glared, his frame tensing up as he ready himself. If it was a fight they want from him, it’s a fight they’ll get.

“Eh, you’re not worth it.” Ransack finally stated before he put his canon away and transformed along with Crumplezone. Then, they were driving away, leaving the other two where they were.

Hotshot watched after them before he turned towards the purple mech. “Hey, alright?”

“Bad enough that she had to show up. Now I gotta live with the fact a goddamn offworlder saved me,” He didn’t even acknowledge Hot Shot, grumbling to himself as he stretched a bit, quickly recovering from being attacked.

Hotshot...couldn’t help but let the word ‘rude’ filtered through his processor. Wait a minute…

“How did you know I was an offworlder?” questioned Hotshot.

“Well, aside from the fact you obviously look it, yer also stupidly small for a standard frame,” He paused his stretching to glare at him, his tri-sight flashing a bit, “Plus this thing here can tell, sorta,” He pointed to the device over his right optic.  

“Right...Well, anyways, you alright?” he decided that being polite would be the best bet… and then, the two mechs made optic contact which Hotshot swore made his spark do...something from within his chamber. He mentally shook it off, deciding to not think too much into it.

“I will be once I can get away from all you clowns,” The other huffed. He turned away, about to transform back into vehicle mode, when a nasty jamming sound screeched from the wheel frame on his back, and he yelped out in pain, falling to a knee.

“Oh for… Awesome. Jammed up.” He got his bearings before looking up at Hot Shot, looking extremely reluctant, but at this point he was stuck.

“Uh… Do you offworlders have any know-how with fixin’ up a jammed t-cog and possibly a messed up wheel module?” He asked, though he still sounded just as pissed as he did in the beginning.

“I personally don’t, but my friend does.” Hotshot reached up and activated his comlink.

::Hey Red, can you get over to my positions?::

::...Why? Did you hurt yourself again ?::

::Just get over here.::

::Fine. Be over in a few::

Hotshot almost winced as the comlink fizzled off before looking back at the other mech. “My friend’s on his way.”

“I heard,” the mech replied, still avoiding looking at Hotshot. His pride was still hurt, but he’d be damned if he was about to let it show now.

There was a click, and then the hissing of escaping air and disengaging hydraulics as the entire chassis on his back released and dropped to the ground. The truck kneeled down to look over the frame, every so often glancing very quickly at the offworlder nearby.

Hotshot simply stared off at the horizon without much care as he waited for his long time comrade to come. After a few minutes, he could see the mech driving towards the two, transforming and once he saw that it was another local, gave Hotshot a annoyed and conceding look before walking over to the local.

“What seems to be the problem?” he asked as he knelt down.

“Two things, I think… Biggest one is my damn t-cog got jacked up thanks to a couple of losers,” He turned, his back facing the medic as he gestured to what appeared to be several ports that the wheel frame connected to, including one half of a transformation cog that appeared twisted and damaged inside his back.

Red Alert nodded and got to work but Hotshot couldn’t see what he was doing, so he simply looked around, making sure that that Ransack and Crumplezone doesn’t come back.

“I hope that one of those losers wasn’t my friend here.” Hotshot heard Red Alert state, making his from tense and bristle.

“Hey!” he snapped. “If you must know, it was Ransack and Crumplezone! I just came in to help is all!”

“Yes, yes, what else is new?”

“....I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

Red Alert finally finished after some time before he stood, nodding to himself. “There you are, t-cog is fixed. Anything else?”

The Purple mech cautiously attempted to reattach his wheel frame. It was a little damaged, but wasn’t anything he couldn’t personally fixed. The frame reattached just fine, and he transformed back into vehicle mode, though his right side sagged a bit from the damage to the module.

“Nope. Looks like I’m all set for now. Next time I see y’all I’ll make sure not to accidentally run you over,” He cackled, and then went quiet for a moment.

“Anyway uh… Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Red Alert straightened up slightly.

“He gets a thank you but I don’t?” Hotshot almost whined, frame sagging and he was sure that Red Alert had just rolled his optics under his visor. Hotshot just fake sniffed. “At least Clocker and Brakedown appreciates me…”

“Act your age, Hotshot.”

The truck had heard the exchange, and snickered loudly, “You don’t get a thank you because I know yer type. Cocky-ass lil standard frame thinking he’s some big shot, when he’s just a punky little brat.”

“What did you just say?!” Hotshot snapped, growling as he glared at the truck. “I’ll show you…!”

“Hotshot!” Red Alert cut in sharply, giving the younger a look before letting his voice drop to a whisper. “You know our orders.”

“Tch…” Hotshot turned away with a huff. “Whatever. Let’s just go and check in with Clocker and Brakedown."

“I’m sorry about him.” Red Alert apologized. “He’s...not usually like this.”

With that, the two transformed and drove off, leaving the mech to his thoughts.


As Dirt Boss drove off, as far away from any no-good street cheats and weird, cocky offworlders as he could, he found himself thinking about the two strangers. Particularly the car. There was a weird moment between them when they made optic contact for a split second, and the truck felt like his spark just jumped a cycle.

Great, another issue I gotta worry about. First my t-cog jams up, and my wheels get fucked up, and now I got a spark murmur, He thought to himself, as he tailgated a particularly slow, smaller offroader.

“HEY ASSHOLE IT’S A NO SPEED LIMIT ZONE, GET GOIN’!” He shouted, ramming into the back of the vehicle, who swerved and finally let him pass.

“Today’s just not my day, is it?” He mumbled to himself, quickly sinking back into his thoughts.

That medic… Red Alert was his name? Now that was a mech that he had no issue with. Then again, he was biased towards medics who weren’t selective with who they helped. A super rare thing on Velocitron, where you could only get any sort of medical care if you were a standard frame and rich.

And then the kid… He was infuriating. Dirt Boss hated his type; obnoxious, cocky, thinking they’re the shit when they’re just dumb kids. And of course he was a standard frame to boot. And an offworlder. Still… What the hell was that weird feeling he got? It was just a split second, but it was still fucking weird.

Ah, who cares. Probably just a hitch in my spark from all the stress. I see that kid again trying to be the good guy, I’ll just run him over. I don’t need anyone, especially not some spoiled, self-important offworld standard!

“Y’all can all burn for all I care!” He shouted at nobody in particular, though a few nearby bots overheard and were confused. They were even more confused when Dirt Boss started cackling like crazy to himself as he used the slope of the shoulder to launch himself off the road and onto the sand below, driving off deeper into the desert...