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Kindness of Strangers

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The smell of gasoline, blood and sweat filled Juliana's nostrils.


She grunted as she tried to move, their truck had overturn, Lucho had being in a rush to get back and now she was stuck.


"Lucho?" She called and turned her head as much as she could, just to see him halfway out of the windshield, she knew he was dead and that she had no time before he turned.


She tried to take off the seatbelt but it didn't work, she could feel the desperation rising on her chest.


Suddenly she remembered Sergio, he was in the bed of the truck with the supplies, he was probably dead too.


So she now had to worry about two infected, she tried again with the seatbelt but nothing.


She thought about Val waiting for the three of them to come back, she had wanted to fix things between them and now she may never have a chance, she thought about her mother, she didn't know if the woman would be able to survive without her.


"Fuck!" She exclaimed again after the third try on the seatbelt, she could hear groans and then she saw Lucho starting to move, she pulled again as much as she could.


Groans from the outside alerted her that Sergio was close.


"Shit!" She said trying to squirm out of the tight embrace of the piece that kept her on her place.


Suddenly she hear a gunshot which served for Lucho to finally pull out of the windshield.


Slowly and groaning he looked at her.


As stuck as she was she chose to fight with the hand that was closer to him she punched him.


This made him back off a little but then he was back, it seemed that even in death Lucho was a pain in Juliana's ass.


So she punched him again and yelled expecting whoever was stealing the supplies to at least help her.




For a second she thought everything was over as the yell seemed to just prompt Lucho to try to kill her.


But just as he was getting closer and she took a good look at the milky bloodshot eyes, she saw them change from mindless rage to completely look dead.


She saw his head fall to the side lifeless to never be up again, she then saw a hand with a butterfly knife make its way towards her, for a moment she flinched and closed her eyes expecting the bloody blade to go through her own skull. But then she felt the seatbelt loosen up and she felt herself fall to her side.


She was so confused, in the past few minutes she had been in a car crash the two idiots that were with her were dead and now she was free of the seatbelt thanks to some unknown person.


It wasn't until she hear a soft "are you ok?" That she looked at her savior's way.


Soft and gentle green eyes met hers, she was surprised and just nodded.


"Come on let's get you out of here" the girl said before disappearing from the driver's side.


A second later Lucho's body was pulled out of the truck and Juliana made her way out of it too.


Once outside she took in her injuries, she had hit her head, she probably had a broken rib and multiple scratches, but otherwise she was ok.


She then saw Sergio's body a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead, Juliana winced.


"I'm sorry I saw the whole thing and then saw him reanimate, I thought there was a chance there were some survivors so I took him out" the girl explained as she started to pick some stuff from the road; the supplies.


"It's ok, it’s just that you made the other one go kind of crazy" Juliana said, taking her saving grace in, sun kissed light brown hair, full lips and a gun strapped to her tight and a riffle of probably military use on her back.


The girl was picking the supplies, Juliana groaned "I should fight you for those, it took us a week to get them" she said wincing as she tried to breath.


"You could try, but you wouldn't win" the girl said smiling before taking another bag.


Juliana frowned and said "I could totally take you down broken ribs and all".


The girl stopped and stood up walking towards her, for a second Juliana thought the girl would actually fight her but the she was smiling.


"Wouldn't be fair, maybe when you get better" she exclaimed as she looked Juliana up and down, she was a beautiful girl, even with the scratches and cuts.


Juliana held her gaze for a second before asking "so you plan to steal my supplies and let me here?"


The girl laughed and shook her head "Nope, I was actually planning on taking you to my camping site so you could recover, Doc will take care of you and then we can go to your camp or drop you near there" she explained.


"How do you know I'm going to accept that, I don't even know who you are, how can I trust you?" Juliana got defensive.


"Well you don't have that many options , you either risk to have a leap of faith with me or stay here waiting for someone to help you, I mean walking back to your camp is out of question" the girl said.


Juliana thought about it and  touched her lips with her fingers just to bite on her fingertips, she saw the girl raise an eyebrow, it kind of reminded her of Valentina always getting upset watching her do that, she  immediately put her hand down.


"Ok I'll go with you, but I need a way to let my group know I'm ok" she said before walking back to the truck to get her backpack that was now on the side.


"We will figure something out, don't worry" the girl reassured her.


As they walked to the girl's truck Juliana stopped, her companion did too and then looked at her confused.


"Well, before we go can I at least know what´s your name?" She asked.


The girl smiled and extended her hand "Alicia Clark", Juliana took a moment before taking the offered hand.


"Juliana Valdés" she replied after a second.


"Nice to meet you" Alicia said before climbing into her truck.


As they drove away and Juliana saw the truck and bodies of Sergio and Lucho disappear on the rearview mirror.


She felt bad about the guys but at the same time she was happy she had survived.


Her mind then went to a conversation she had with Valentina about people kindness.


The blue eyed girl believed that people could still be kind even in the worst moments, Juliana thought that was silly as in a situation like this people would look for themselves and no care about others.


Then she looked at Alicia, if it wasn't for her kindness, she would had died in that truck so she guessed Valentina was a bit right there was still kindness of strangers.


She smiled and hoped Alicia and Valentina could meet someday.