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Of the Hemsworth siblings, Chris was the first one to attend in an university. His mother and father were now proud parents of an university fresher.

Chris had been in Uni for a couple months already, but there were still lots of confusing things for him. All the work he had to do by himself, and alone. He had never really done anything for himself, living as a brother of two for thirteen years had taught him to appreciate every little moment he got to spend by his own.

Liam, who was seven years younger than him, really looked up to him and learnt lots of things from him. But now Chris had to do lots of stuff for himself.
He had to study all for himself, and there was so much to do. -
English literature lection was starting, and Chris sat down in the front row, to the left side of it, he could be alone there. Most of his classmates were annoying as heck - the other lectures were really cool, but before English classes everyone just lost it. Probably the lack of food took its toll, before lunch break.

People were giggling and laughing before the lecture started, and Chris felt that they were laughing at him. He didn't mean to be squeamish but when he heard people laughing, he immediately took the laughter to himself. His English literature teacher was telling about an assignment. He decided to read few reviews online and not to touch the book at all. Moby Dick wasn't really his thing. Chris knew what it was about, and if he tried to read it on his own, he would probably find it interesting, but when someone said "Oh, you could read this one!" the little rebel inside him stood up.
The classroom echoed with whispering and chuckling. Chris rolled his eyes and drew some lines in his notebook. He usually took down lots of things from the lesson, but this time he felt really heavy and dizzy. He had fallen asleep around five AM, after doing couple essays and finishing a film analysis.
Suddenly, when Chris lifted his eyes from the notebook, the front part of the room was empty. The teacher hadn't changed yet. Usually the change between the professors was seamless. He rewinded his brains, trying to think of yesterday. Oh yes. The teacher indeed had mentioned that there would be a substitute for the rest of the year. It would only be a month or so, but it seemed like forever, as this particular teacher was Chris's favourite. She made him feel calm and safe in the class, and he was simply more interesting than the other teachers.

In that class, Chris would fall in love.

He peered behind him, and saw the girl he found to be the most annoying thing on the whole planet. She was one of the girls whose parents had it all, and gave their children all they wanted. Rumours had it that she got good grades from the hardest subjects by money.
The door closed, apparently the substitute walked in. He had a leather briefcase, which he placed on the desk. The class burst into chatter. Who was this teacher, could he be any good?
Law was one of Chris's favourite things. It brought order to the world and helped people in many ways.-
He had always had an urge to help the world in small ways. When he was younger, he wanted to become a professional surfer, as many other Australians. When he had moved to England, he had got a new career in his head. He could be a lawyer. Help the justice to prevail.
It seemed like a great option. But before that, he needed to study. A lot. It wouldn't be impossible, but he would need to find his motivation..
The substitute cleared his throat. "Hi. I guess you noticed that I'm new here, so hi y'all. If you don't mind, I would like to hear your names. Mine is Gerard Butler, call me Gerry, please, nice to meet you all."
The class murmured together.
Butler raised his eyes off the table.
"And you in the corner, would you start?"
Chris felt everyone looking at him, waiting. He cleared his throat and announced "Chris."
Mr. Butler nodded and lifted his head a bit, but his eyes stayed on the lad's face for a split second.
The class was silent for a second, and roll call continued behind him.
The substitute was writing something down. Chris's eyes couldn't stay away from his great body. Butler had bulging biceps, wide shoulders that really tightened his shirt on his chest muscles. His yellow-red striped tie split his torso, to two symmetrical pieces of pure beauty. Chris scrutinised his face from the distance. His angular chin, stubble covered cheeks and jaw drew Chris's attention.
Chris placed his left elbow on the table and upheld his head with his left hand. Bemusedly, he ran his pencil through his hair, and ended up biting the flat end of it.
Butler raised his eyes and watched at couple students in the back row. Chris wiped drool off the corner of his mouth and gave out a deep yawn.
The substitute stood up and started his lecture, about.. something.
Chris recognized words, but his attention was paid only on the voice that produce the words.
His brains created an image, of him, and Gerry, after the lection, in the empty room,
fucking. Hard. Passion. Grunting. Panting. Shirts, no pants.
Chris turned his head and scanned through the class. If there was someone who could read minds.. You can never know.
He heard scribbling around him, the ground shaking voice of the substitute bashed from the walls, angel choirs sang in his head. Rest of they day, Chris felt like he was high. The following lectures went in a blur. He wrote long notes on the lectures without even paying attention it. After school he took a walk to the Tesco nearby. He had worked there for few weeks and he knew it like his own pockets. The shop was really big, there was lots of things to organize and clean. At least once a day, some kid dropped a glass bottle or something else, and as Chris was the band new gopher, he was responsible for any mess that would happen in the store. He started his working day with changing the Tesco t-shirt on and grabbing the broom and the dustpan. This time an elder woman had stepped on a bag of crisps, and the crumbles had spread around the aisle. As a true rebel, Chris decided to spice his arduous work by listening to radio on his iPod.
He glided through the shop, spreading happiness around him. He greeted the co-workers with a nod and arrived to the accident-spot. He felt like an agent from the cop series on tv, squinting at the traces crumbles formed, like he was viewing at the crime scene. He wiped his imaginary mustache with his index finger.
It went really nicely, the whole day. He was at Tesco around quarter to four, and would be home by eight. He would do some excercising, maybe sit ups or some jogging, then do some writing and schoolwork for an hour or so, and do some exercising at home. After this he would go lie in his bed, the clock would be half past nine, or a quarter to ten. Chris organized loads of shelves, brought items from the stock, and worked as a cashier for a while. He was stacking canned tomatoes, organizing the items with the earliest "best-before" date to the front, Chris felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He turned around and unplugged his ear buds. He heard someone speaking in a low voice. "Excuse me, I couldn't find-" Butler smiled at him discombobulatedly and gazed around before continuing - "ahem, the contraceptives." He nodded slowly and raised his eyebrow with a smirk on his face. He told that he was going to meet one of Chris's professors tomorrow night and go out with her, so just in case something happens, he decided to be ready. They both nodded to the beat of the radio and smiled slyly.


Gerard Butler sat in his apartment. He wasn't sure, if the date tomorrow was a good idea or not. He sat in front of the mirror in the outer hallway, staring at his face in the mirror. All the lights in his apartment were out, he had replaced the electric lights with candles for tonight, to cheer himself up. He was a young man, in his thirties, but still he hadn't found anyone to live with for more than couple months. Another "another" would not be good for him. But he could just try out, for couple dates. If nothing was going to happen, he would stop the thing. It would be quite nice to know if anyone really found him somewhat likeable. If the woman wouldn't show up, he would just carry on, she was almost ten years older than him, supposing from her looks.



Chris did his morning ritual, including some breakfast, going through the laundry basket, trying to find a almost-clean shirt to use, brushing his teeth and mentally preparing for the up coming day.

As he took his first steps outside, the first snow started dripping from the clear blue sky which was painted with white clouds.

His day started with the gorgeous Gerard Butler and the rest of the day went in the clouds, just like yesterday. After many weeks, Chris was all smiling again.

He had just started his day at Tesco, when he met mr. Butler again. Chris smiled at him, gave him a thumbs up and mouthed "good luck", he answered with a shining smile.

As Butler turned away his smile melted away. He thought of upcoming night, the stranger he had promised to meet. Gerard swiped his face with his left hand and sighed. It had been a while since he had dated a women. He had had some tries with men too, but Gerard never had openly become out as anything. Bi, gay, whatever. The woman he was about to meet, seemed really nice, beautiful and all. Although Gerard knew they would probably never have anything to really talk about, or that it would never develop into anything serious, but you can never say never. She seemed like a good person, but there would have to be some chemistry between them. Young waiter was having his first evening in the restaurant, and he spotted a potential tip giver. He had seen a well dressed man, wearing an expensive looking, grey suit with a coal-black bow tie. The man sat down. Gerard looked around the busy restaurant.
Bright red walls nearly hurt his eyes, and golden ceiling made the whole place seem really cheap. Young and shaky waiter told him there were also tables for one available. Gerard politely told the waiter that he was waiting for someone.
He sipped some water and decided to start off with bread. He munched couple bread sticks, crumbling them first into small pieces and checked his clock. Time hadn't moved at all, he nibbled the bread.
Gerard glanced towards the door and sighed when he saw another teenage couple rushing in, giggling, probably having their third-month-together dinner. He sighed and saw himself with his date, maybe sipping wine. Too bad he wasn't a fancy person like that most of the time. The restaurant reminded him of a turkish sauna, no oxygen left for anyone, and the temperature was high. Gerard decided to wait another fifteen minutes. "People tend to be late on the dates often," he thought, as the gentle rain hummed against the windows of the restaurant.


Hours rolled on.
Clock was a bit over eight when Chris got to his one-room flat.
He boiled pasta and ate some of it with the tuna sauce he had done last night. He then combined them into the kettle he had boiled the pasta in, and put it in the fridge. He would skip jogging this evening, his muscles felt really shaky and tired after a small exercise. After some studying with a cup of orange juice, the clock was getting closer to nine. He went to his bed, turned on his CD player with Radiohead's "Pablo Honey" inside, and held the player on his chest. The first song, "You" , for him, was about loving someone, he nodded in the rhythm of the drums.
The second song had always been very personal to him. "Creep" was like all his feelings, molded into a piece of art that everyone understood in their own way. For Chris, it was about being in love with someone, but knowing that you would never be worth the other one to love you. Being on a lower step than the person you love. His jaw shook, Chris cried silent tears or pain and confusion.
A sharp, heartbroken mutter broke the silence that the night had brought as it breathed cold darkness on the land.
"Oh, mister Butler."



Chris woke up on the bed, the CD player was next to him, and another day passed, almost exactly the way the day before had done.

Chris was walking fast, the last thing he wanted to do was to get wet, he could not afford getting a flu right now. He saw the bus coming up behind him, so he decided to run the last steps. Thank god there were others coming up on the bus too, otherwise he wouldn't have made it. The bus was quite empty, everyone was sitting on the window seats, looking into the darkness. His glance wiped the bus, and the only person he could identify was Gerard Butler, who sat in the middle of the bus, on the left hand side, leaning his head against the window, eyes closed. When Chris passed him, he noticed that the man was looking depressed. Should he sit down and listen, if he wanted to share whatever what was on his mind? Sometimes it helps, when you don't really know the person you are talking about your problems to. The best option was to just ignore him and try not to think about him, his problems weren't Chris's to carry. So Chris sat on the opposite side of the bus, a bench row after Gerard's, and smiled as he saw him move - at least he wasn't dying. Gerard pushed his eyes with his left thumb and index finger, his eyes felt sore after a small cry he had had, walking to the bus. His elbows were positioned on his knees, as he supported his head on the shaky palms. He felt so alone, so unwanted that words weren't enough to express his feelings. He tried to cheer himself up by thinking that there was plenty of fish in the sea, and someone on this planet would want him. But it's not enough to just know that someone somewhere could be in relationship with you. Gerard wanted someone. Now. On the same time, he was somewhat relieved that she didn't turn up, maybe the woman would had been a maniac, narcissistic asshole, or just plain boring? You can never know. A face appeared in his mind. It was that student, from the front row...
who was sitting behind him in the bus, without Gerard even knowing.
Chris's eyes were like melted into Gerard, who shook his jacket off, and tucked up the sleeves of his blouse...
How his muscles bulged inside the tight shirt, how he sighed heartbreakingly to himself and wiped tears off his eye. Chris sighted around in the bus, old lady sat by herself in the front of the bus, chattering with the driver. All he saw outside was just fields and forests, figures of houses he had never seen. He had driven out from the city, to the country side. Not sure how far though. Chris pressed the stop request button and tried to count the length of the trip in his head, but there were no landmarks he could remember.
Gerard glinted outside the window and yawned. He took his jacket and walked through the bus, out, into the cold rain. Chris followed him, but stopped at the door to ask if anyone had left their umbrella to the bus, so he could borrow it. The bus driver cringed and told him that he wasn't able to give anyone elses property to him. Chris asked what would happen, if he told that he had indeed left an umbrella on the bus, last week.
The driver shook his head and told him that he should just run, that way he could maybe manage to stay dry.
Chris jumped from the bus. Gerard walked away briskly, he could run after him, but then what? No time for brain activity, he decided, just action. So he ran after Gerard, who then turned around and frowned at the shadow, appearing from the darkness. "I drove past my house" Chris explained and wiped off water running on his face.
"Come inside." Gerard pointed towards his house and smiled blandly. Chris felt how the back of his hoodie had absorbed loads of water already. Gerard patted Chris's shoulder and opened the door for him. Chris's brains were running as he tried to figure out what to do in the situation, Gerard swiped past him and disappeared into the darkness. Could he enter the house? Did Gerard have some sort of plan already? Would he maybe stay for the night?
"The electricity is off. Darn.." Gerard mumbled and bumped into something in the darkness. "Hopefully this fits." A street lamp lit up the small entryway and Chris saw a hand approaching him from the dark. He received a white sweater. "You can keep it, if you want to, it is a bit tight on me." Gerard was proud of himself, and felt himself a bit toffee-nosed about his music taste which he believed to be better than many others'. Not openly of course, but listening to music that others didn't often even know about, made him feel good about himself. "Sigur Ros" Chris read from the shirt to himself. "What is it?" Gerard smiled a bit. "An Icelandic band. Check it out sometime, they have beautiful stuff."
After few seconds of awkward silence, Gerard clapped his hands. "So. How are you getting home? Would you like me to get you there?" Chris nodded. "That would be really cool, if you don't mind." "I don't mind at all, to be honest, it-" he swallowed the ending of the sentence and opened the outside door.

They sat down into a silver mercedes benz. Chris had his wet clothes on his lap as he closed the seat belt.
"Well," Chris growled. "How did the date go?" Gerard coughed and breathed in sharply. "She didn't show up." He said in a low voice. Chris's jaw dropped. "Rude! Didn't she call you or anything?" he asked quietly. Gerard shook his head and pulled a paper napkin from his pocket and gave it to Chris who took a good look at it. It had Gerard's phone number on it. "I thought I would had been really smooth and given that to her tonight." he explained. "But I guess if she really wanted to contact me, she would had got the number somewhere, from the principal or something." The worst thing in the whole case to Gerard was just the fact that now he was a bit more aware of how he looked, that maybe it wasn't good enough for others. He had never seen himself as ugly, but maybe others did?
Chris gently fondled Gerard's shoulder, but quickly pulled his hand back and made a cough. Gerard's whole body was sizzling with shivers. Suddenly he felt a bit better about himself. "Yeah." Chris nodded. He tried to think of something that would be encouraging. "There is always someone who's secretly looking at you, you know? Just because someone didn't show up on a date, it doesn't mean that you are going to be alone forever." Said Chris, and kept his eyes strictly on the road.
They got to the city, and Chris guided Gerard to his apartment. "Thank you, so much." Chris spoke as he got off the car. "My pleasure." Gerard stammered and nodded a goodbye.





The night was dark, as they tend to be in December. Chris was lying in his bed, his phone in a grip. He put his hand in the pocket of his jeans and pulled out the green napkin. Gerard had seemed so heartbroken. A bad day combined with a date gone wrong was enough to make anyone feel bad.
Chris had just lied there for couple hours, probably he had fell asleep couple times too. Maybe he could send a message for him, just to say that he was really sorry about what had happened, even he had nothing to do with the whole date thing. He should tell him that he was fairly good-looking and seemed like a nice guy. There would be someone who would love him... for example, Chr-
His fingers couldn't stay in order anymore: he took out the napkin and his phone, and wrote a little text to mr. Butler.
"I am sorry for what you experienced tonight. If you feel like ranting then I am willing to listen if you have something to let out.
Hopefully this doesn't come out nosy or intruding.
-Chris." He waited, drank a liter of orange juice and waited, shaking.
Chris had closed his eyes as he woke up to the phone vibrating and beeping. "Yes!" he sighed and hungrily opened the message.

"Ok, lsiten to me cHirs. YOu are really sweet for caring about me but I guess im not woth of your worrying i am just fien! as you saiD, theres otherfish in the sea too.
how are you+"

A smile brightened Chris's face as he read Gerard's message.
Chris decided to answer honestly, maybe Gerard wouldn't remember the whole thing. And he would only be around for a month or so.
"Quite good, a bit sleepy, but otherwise good."
If Gerard really didn't feel like talking, he would stop the conversation here. Chris felt chills on his back, they were multiplying, his body was sizzling with electric power and sexual frustration.

"put yuro head on apillow and close your eyes, relax!"

"Wish it was that easy! I

haven't slept well in many days."

"Is tehre something you wanna talk abuot1?"

Chris thought for quite a while. As Gerry was now all relaxed and focused on him, he could talk about his stress over his sleeping, how he couldn't relax in the evenings. He had slept quite well for a month or so, but...
"Nah, I just" he typed and cringed at himself. Ugh. To be honest he was just lonely. That made him stressful, and that kept him up all night. He was very afraid of never finding anyone who would like have feelings for him too. He wanted to believe there was someone, but just knowing the fact that there is someone somewhere, waiting to come up some time, wasn't satisfying Chris at all. He was in need of someone right now.
"-I can't stop thinking at the nights."

Gerard was chuckling in his bed. He reached his new phone out, Gerard was really proud of his phone, as he was now able to send pictures, Nokia 6670 was the shit. If he was in school, he would be the cool kid. Few miles away from Gerard, Chris's phone flickered.
He opened another message from Gerard.

"Insteda of thinkning try feeling"

Chris frowned. What on earth? He sent a simple question mark back.



The phone on Chris's hand vibrated again. This message had an attachment with it. He opened the file, which was an image. Gerard lied on his back in the pic, he had straightened his right arm out and taken a... revealing photo of himself without a shirt, his left hand squeezing his right chest muscle with a grinning smile.

"Something to thikn aboubt tonight ;9"

The heart inside Chris's chest was pounding hard. It was rushing blood through his body - and body parts. His brains felt itchy and his whole body was just waiting for something to happen. Chris was sure that Gerard was laughing to himself at his joke. Was it meant to be a joke?
He was good looking, there was no way to deny that. Chris's eyes glided on the tiny display of his phone, his imagination was running wild. In his mind, he saw Gerard's sturdy shoulders, rough features on his face, his smirky smile and sparkling eyes. The eyes that could be looking at him, Chris. He let his right hand smooth along chest, to his stomach, to his hips...

In his mind, Gerard was checking him out, eating Chris up with his eyes. He would crouch over Gerard. Their lips would gently touch. That touch would be the last bit, that last move that drove both of them into claws of raw feelings.
If only...
That night Chris slept better than ever.

Saturday. Gerard yawned and clicked off the alarm clock that was screaming beside his bed. He saw that sun was already rising, but this man would sleep for another hour.

Chris woke up thirty minutes after Gerard's alarm had beeped him awake, a few miles away. He was laying in his bed, looking at the used tissues on his black night stand and smiled discreetly. This was a small thing that brightened up his day.
He could just leave random stuff in random places and no one was there to judge. He was quite sure, that it could affect his sleeping. Maybe he somehow sensed that the fengshui or something was wrong, in the room. Chris closed his eyes for few minutes. He kept imagining what life would be with Gerard. He could be lying besides Chris right now. They could be spooning, or maybe just holding hands. That could be really nice too. The though it Gerard's skin against his made him breathe deep couple times and bite his lower lip. Frustration.
He could be adventurous and wild. He could just try the ice with a stick.

Chris rolled to his side and reached for his phone on the night stand. He held it for few seconds and rolled to his back. He could send a message, to test the ice. His eyes were closed as he visualised a cold lake at wintertime. He felt the surface of the stick in his hand crackling, he heard it tapping on the ice. Chris knew he would end up falling over on the thin ice and drowning. He woke up from his near-dream-nightmare and checked his phone to see the text "message sent." His brains felt like feet.
"No-" he moaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes with his left palm. "-fuck."
With tightened lips, he opened the message he had sent.
"Wanna meet?"
Thinking of a good excuse, he positioned his thumbs on the keyboard of his phone. He couldn't use school things as an excuse, that is too dumb and obvious. A crystal clear lamp shined upon his head. Yeahhh!
"Too fast thumbs haha. I would like to compensate your gas money from yesterday. Should we meet up somewhere, get a cup of coffee maybe - on me"
He was waiting. Excruciating five minutes passed slowly and Chris got up to get breakfast for his growling stomach. His whole body was growling, actually, with power, lust, and excitement. Chris's mind was going wild, he felt how his heart was pumping blood, and he felt the symptoms of his heart's work, below his waist.


Gerard's bedroom was bright as the sun, as he had left his window shades open last night. He wiped his eyes and noticed a nice feeling of pressure under the blanket. He nodded a hello to his morningwood and threw his boxer briefs across the room, laid in the bed in his birth suit. The air was warm, sun felt nice on his bare skin, even through the windows. Gerard cracked his knuckles, and his wrists, and decided to get rid of any tensions downstairs.
Chris was feeling very relaxed and well-rested as he poured himself the last drops of orange juice. He sat in the small table in the kitchen. He heard his phone vibrate in the bedroom, and went to get it.
"Sure. In couple hours or so? Where do you wanna go?"
Chris chuckled, biting his tongue with a big grin on his face. He felt a bit embarrassed around himself as he performed a tiny happy dance before answering. The little clicking sound his phone's keyboard made was very pleasing.
"There is Gregg's almost next to my apartment. Want to meet there?"
Gerard replied almost immediately. "I guess I know the place. Let's see there, in two hours." Gerard was grooming himself. He washed is face twice, and every time he passed a reflecting surface, he would fix his hair a bit and practice to smile as charmingly as he possibly could. He was humming to himself as he locked the front door, and stepped out into the fresh sunlight wearing cozy jeans and dark brown leather jacket that covered a dark blue hoodie. He was trying to keep a thought out of his head. He was in need. In claws of his hormones and feelings, he needed someone, badly. Chris was galloping towards Gregg's. His tight grey jeans made him feel confident and safe. As he passed few shops, he secretly checked his looks from the shop windows. Clear blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviator-style, silver sunglasses. Bright, piercing sun in the sky warmed up the back of his thick, black hoodie, and his light brown hair was casually just in its bedhair-form.

He sat down to a table next to a big window. He wanted to be a bit early, to prepare himself mentally, and the excitement just had driven him out of his flat. Chris couldn't stop smiling to the dark surface of the table. He would have a date.
Well, not a proper date, but it was something. And without something, you can't get anything. The streets were black and white, as the golden ray of sunshine skipped on the wet asphalt, lighting the world up, painting colours around the place. Chris saw this familiar face approaching the café, and felt his teeth sink into his tongue. He stood up as Gerard walked in, rubbing his eyes which didn't want to get used to the darker lighting inside the little shoppe. Gerard patted Chris's shoulder as they greeted each other. Chris lead Gerard to order their drinks. Gerard insisted to buy his own coffee, Chris hesitated a bit, but simply couldn't say "no."
They sat down to the table Chris had chosen before, both awkwardly staring out the window time after time. Chris was sitting in the corner or the café, biting his lip.
Two pairs of eyes were looking for something to settle on to, the best option seemed to be the coffee cups in their hands. Both of the men were looking at their coffees and randomly gazing out of the window. Gerard opened his mouth just to notice that Chris was about to say something. They both nodded and smiled. Gerard raised his eyebrows. Chris licked his lips and let his eyes loose. He admired Gerard's jacket for a second, and cleared his throat. "I was just going to say that you are looking sharp." His sight was grudgingly turned to the wet asphalt outside the window. Gerard coughed and thanked with a tiny voice. He sipped some coffee too.
"I'm sorry, I am a bit out of my comfort zone here." Gerard explained. "I haven't been out in a while." He explained, Chris nodded.
"I understand. This is my first year in the UK and this is my first time going out in any way."
"Really?" Gerard frowned and had some more coffee.
"Yeah.. Haven't got too many mates here." Chris smiled and had a glimpse into Gerard's green eyes. Gerard's tongue felt swollen. Instead of letting "We could mate" out, he hummed: "Well, you can count me as your mate now, I suppose", wiped his mouth and cleared his throat. Chris's heart was pounding so hard he was afraid Gerard would hear it. "Thanks." he chuckled. The coffee shop lived its own life, letting the two guys sit together in their own little universe. Both of them were looking for any subjects for a conversation.
Gerard was gazing out from the window, Chris admired his majestic appearance. Gerard turned his eyes and stared into Chris's icy blue eyes. Chris lowered his head and stared at the coffee cup in his hands.

Gerard lift his right hand and carefully laid it on Chris's left hand. He smiled as he watched Chris close his eyes and experience shivers. Chris sighed and gave a shy smile.
"Come here." Gerard begged, whispering. Chris smiled again, Gerard took his leather jacket from the seat next to him onto his lap, as Chris sat beside him. The empty shoppe changed its mood to sepia brown. The cashier girl chewed her gum loudly, an older lady coughed in the opposite side of the room, Gerard felt a firm hand on his right thigh as Chris looked around the room. They both were thinking about it, their lips were tingling, their breathing was synchronised and fast. Gerard reached his left hand, turned Chris's head around by wiping his right cheek. Chris took a deep breath and leaned towards Gerard's face. Gerard leaned towards Chris, took a second to take a breath, and he set his lips against Chris's.
Chris felt how his whole body went all numb, his lips were sparkling, like your tongue does when you eat pop rocks. He laughed at his thoughts and felt Gerard's lips turn into a wide smile. The men leaned their foreheads together and caught their breaths together. There was nothing to say.
They sat in the café for maybe half an hour, after the physical borders had fallen, chatting and talking seemed a lot easier.
The day went on with more drinks, chuckling and laughing. Gerard had a key to a small gym at the city. It had two worn-out showers, all the gym equipment was probably from the nineties, and people rarely went there. That was the main reason why Gerard liked it. There was no chance for awkward eye contact or other embarrassments. They decided to work out quite lightly.
Chris did some sit-ups while Gerard was doing leg presses. They were both glancing at each other surreptitiously, panting, biting their tongues and lips. Doing something physical helped both men to control their craving for the other one in the room.
Gerard told things about his homeland Scotland, and they found many cultural differences to discuss. Chris was entertaining Gerard with stories from Australia, all the dangerous animals and things that live there had given Chris quite a few memories.
"Ah yeah.." Chris's face went blank.
Gerard squinted his eyes, Chris explained: "Are you in mood for some shopping? I could use some new shirts."
"Oh!" Gerard gave a laugh and nodded. "Well, you could actually have more from my wardrobe if you want to. I have grown out of many of my shirts."
Chris drank the last drops of his ice cappuccino and instantly thought of Gerard's muscular arms. "That'd be really nice."
"Oh yeah, I have a bunch of clothes I can't fit in anymore. Maybe you could find something you like."


"Here is a pile of the ones that don't fit me anymore. Uh, see if you find anything you like." Gerard said and left Chris alone in the bedroom. In the end of the room, there was a mirror that was almost the size of the wall, in the other end there was a bed. Too wide to be a normal single-bed, but a bit too narrow to be a double bed. He picked a salmon-red tee, took off the white one on him, and dropped it on the floor.
Gerard was leering from the kitchen, smiling to himself.
Chris had picked few shirts already, as Gerard came in and sat on the bed next to the shirts. Chris felt himself blushing a bit, as he took another shirt off. Gerard was looking through the pile of non-tried-on shirts. He smiled as he picked up another print shirt. It had Steve McQueen's "Great Escape"'s poster on it. Gerard threw the light blue shirt over his shoulder, across the bed. Chris took off another shirt and placed it on a pile next to him on the floor. He looked at Gerard who quickly switched his eyes from Chris's rear to his eyes. They nodded at each other.
"So, you want those, huh?" Gerard smacked his lips. Chris gave a smile. "Yeah, that would be nice."
Gerard took a huff of air into his lungs and opened his mouth, let out a hiss. "Sure. You would probably want a bag for them." He cleared his throat and went to the kitchen to get a plastic bag. Chris thanked, and followed him with the pile of shirts.
The plastic bag was shaking a bit when Gerard reached his hand, giving the bag for Chris who stuffed the shirts in. Gerard kept smiling and glanced through Chris's bare upper body. Chris answered to the smile and pulled a shirt from the plastic bag and dived into it. Gerard swiped the front of the shirt with his left palm.
Chris felt like his organs were now replaced with some kind of hot fluid. He blushed and bit his lip which made Gerard squeeze his left hand into a fist in his pocket where he had hid it. Chris took a step towards Gerard, who had his eyes firmly on Chris.
Gerard closed Chris inside a safe and warm place, in his arms. He reached his arms around Chris, who set his head on Gerard's shoulder, and was now hugging him back.


Gerry kissed Chris's ear.
Chris lift his head up and pressed his cheek against Gerry's. They kissed and Gerry felt Chris's fingers sinking to his back. Chris glided his nails on the back of Gerry's shirt.
Gerry growled quietly as Chris's hands found their way under Gerry's shirt from the back side of his shirt, and his nails left light red stripes into the skin of his back.
Chris lead Gerry to lean against a kitchen counter. He left the last scratch marks on Gerry, they lead onto his sides, and disappeared towards his stomach. Chris grabbed Gerry's shirt and started pulling it off - Gerry was not against it at all, and let the shirt drop on the floor. Chris also slid off his own shirt and placed it on Gerry's.
Gerry gave a laugh and let his lips kiss Chris's one more time. Chris answered to the kiss and ruffled Gerry's hair with both of his hands. Gerry held on to Chris's shoulders and they switched places, Chris being the one who was leaning on to the kitchen counter. Gerry let go, and felt his heart racing. He could.. could they? Should he? Would he dare to?
Gerard decided to live in the moment and started to undo his belt. Chris replied to every move Gerry made by copying them. They both were now staring at each other only wearing underwear, both giggling. Chris had similar boxer briefs on to what Gerry was wearing - Chris's were bright blue as Gerry's were white. They both let themselves stare at each other below the belt.
Gerard moved next to Chris and placed his right palm on Chris's thigh. He felt Chris's hand on his right hand, sliding towards Gerry's stomach. Chris sensed Gerard's stomach muscles twitching, as his hand moved from right to the left side.
The kitchen was all silent, they heard Gerard's radio alarm clock, Roxette was being played on the radio station, "Sleeping in my car."

Chris climbed onto the kitchen counter, and Gerry followed him. The dark wood getting hot under them, the feeling of the cold table made Gerry crack a laugh. He looked at Chris who answered with a wide grin.
Gerry placed his lips on Chris's for one more time, and moved off the table. He lowered the touch of his mouth on Chris's body couple inches at time: he felt Chris's adams apple move under his lips, he felt his chest moving, he felt his stomach move as Chris's breathing was becoming faster by every breath he took. Gerry positioned his hands on both sides of Chris, on the edge of the counter, and chuckled. "This feels so weird." Gerry leaned towards Chris, who was smiling widely. Chris placed his hands on his cheeks and wiped his face. "Oh I know, I know. We can stop if you don'-"
"Oh no no, I just feel strange, doing this all." Gerry lift his eyes from the floor.
"It does feel quirky!" But Chris couldn't admit it out loud, it did also feel heavenly good. Gerry nodded, and coughed. "Okay." Chris purred and leaned his head back, feeling Gerry's lips on his stomach once again.


Parts of Chris's body that had remained untouched by anyone else but himself were now well take care of by Gerry.
He gave a sigh as the touch of Gerry's fingers faded away. The following words of his got Chris excited: "Should we move to the bedroom? My bed could be a better place to continue on. Chris jumped off the dark, wooden countertop. He walked besides Gerry, who was surprised by a gentle pinch on his buttock and a faint squeeze where no-one had squeezed him in a while, as Chris passed him and tip toed to the bedroom.
They stood in the bedroom, next to the bed. Gerry opened the mirror-door cabinet and dug through some bedclothes and took out couple extra pillows he dropped inside white pillowcases, and threw them on the bed. He turned to Chris, whose eyes glided into Gerry's, not even trying to hide the adornment towards his body. Gerry fell onto the silky counterpane and spread his body all over the bed, stretching every muscle he just could. Chris was now only a third of the things standing up in the room, so he crawled next to Gerard, running his hand on his body, massaging him in small, circular motions. Gerry murmured how good it felt, Chris's hands were shaking a bit, as he came closer to the most subtle areas. He felt Gerry's body twitch and vibrate as he placed he proceeded to fill his burning desires.
Gerry put his hand on Chris's and moaned: "Wait, let's not go too fast." Chris laid next to Gerard, who moved closer to him, and laid his head on Chris's stomach. Chris sank his fingers in Gerry's hair. Chris smelled the fresh, sweet cologne on his neck, the scent drove Chris mad. He rolled from underneath Gerry and put his face in Gerry's hair. "How can you smell this good." Chris said softly and pressed his cheek against Gerry's head. Gerard hummed with a soft tone, and pet Chris's head above his own.
But Chris couldn't settle down, they had only went to the half way. His body was waiting for a finish.
He caressed Gerry's right thigh, let it fall between his legs. Gerard received what he believed to be the best hand job on the planet, Chris's hands seemed to be all over his body at once. He gave Chris a kiss and placed his palm on Chris's stomach, left faint scratch marks as he slid his hand down and repeated Chris's every move. Up, and down..
The room filled with panting and laughter, as they reached their climaxes one after another.
Gerry left Chris laying on the bed to catch his breath, and went to the shower in the next room. Chris got to use the shower too, and Gerard wanted to join him.
Chris didn't rebel against him, as he entered the shower and turned the water warmer. Gerard's fingers glided among Chris's back along the water, and Chris gave out a happy hum. Chris felt a firm squeeze of his rear, and turned around to share a hug with Gerard. "You feel so great." Gerry insinuated, Chris kissed his cheek and gently bit his ear as he mumbled: "You too."