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Izuku had enjoyed being a Pro Hero, but he didn’t regret for a moment putting that type of work aside to become a Black  Mission Specialist either. He may have been All Might’s successor as the Symbol of Peace but, if he were to be perfectly honest with himself, he was more suited to this type of work. He still made appearances as Hero Deku, especially in times of crisis, but that wasn’t his main line of work anymore.

His first year of being a hero—one that lived in the limelight and up to society’s expectations—had been an eye opening experience indeed. He quickly grew tired of the attention, and found that there was a lot more to the life of a Pro Hero than he ever managed to write down in his childhood journals.

There were rules and regulations—politics— to follow that Izuku had, surprisingly, no interest in whatsoever. He was there to do the job. He knew what was right and he just wanted to be able to work towards a better future without having to jump through countless hoops.

Izuku was only one year in when he tendered his resignation at All Might’s agency to work for Hawks instead.

Working for Hawks, Izuku discovered two things about himself: the first was that he could be an effective hero without all the politics that came with working so closely with the press; the second was that he had very little patience for rules.

After long deliberation over the discovery of his ability to emotionally detach and finally accepting his rebellious personality, Izuku found his home among the Black Mission Specialists.

Coming to terms with himself as someone who could kill on demand had been a trial—one almost as difficult a pill to swallow as learning that assassination was regularly practiced by government sanction to this very day. Izuku couldn’t, however, deny that he was very good at what he did.

Izuku knew that when Katsuki joined, it was jarring for him to see Izuku there, already situated in the ranks of trained, professional killers.

Izuku had been more surprised to see him though.

Both Izuku and Katsuki joined as Pro Heros the same year, and after Izuku took a step back from the hero scene to join BMS, he saw Katsuki climb his way to the number three spot in just five years. He was in his prime—young, powerful, and devastatingly attractive. The Hero program had been so very lucky to have Ground Zero on their side and he was no stranger to the hero spotlight.

That’s why it had been so strange to find Kacchan walking into a BMS team meeting a year back. Izuku had been excited to see Kacchan there, but his expression looked harrowed and he looked like he’d not slept for weeks. Still to this day, Katsuki never told Izuku why he left the cushy life of the Pro Hero. The blonde worked for BMS full time now.

Izuku welcomed him, though, and the more they worked together, the more apparent it became that they were meant to be a team. Over the next year, they were viciously accurate in their missions; not once did the duo fail to take down a target. They were better at their jobs than their seniors, and Izuku had to admit that he simply did better with Kacchan by his side.

Katsuki seemed to become livelier as time went on, too. Izuku couldn’t help but think he had something to do with that.

“Oi,” came a voice only an inch or two from his ear. Izuku jumped in surprise, almost dropping his sniper rifle.

“A-Ah! K-Kacchan, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“If I’m able to sneak up on you, how have you even survived this job for five years?”

Izuku shrugged and positioned his gun again, adjusting the scope toward the target as they waited for the scheduled time. If the target tried anything funny, they would end the mission early. Concentration was critical, so Izuku really shouldn’t have been lost in thought.

He wasn’t usually so careless, but lately he noticed his thoughts often drifted back to the man laying on his stomach next to him.

“You seem spacey lately,” Katsuki mused. It was a simple observation, one that didn’t necessitate a reply, but it wasn’t often that Katsuki initiated a conversation.

“I have had a lot on my mind lately. I don’t know why.”

“Not gettin’ any?”

Izuku felt his face heat up despite himself and his hand slipped yet again from its position of his sniper rifle. “Wh-Why did your mind jump to that conclusion?!”

Katsuki shrugged, sighing. “I don’t know. I never see you do anything but work, so I’m assuming you ain’t getting enough dick.”

“Well it’s the same for you, isn’t it?” Izuku countered, his gaze fixed on the target, watching him slink around the party, cheerfully greeting his elegantly clad guests. “You live and breathe the job.”

“Yeah, so I know what you’re going through, then.” They were silent for a moment before Katsuki spoke once more. “We still got three hours before the scheduled time.”

“Yeah.” Izuku looked forward and tightened his grip on the base of the rifle as the atmosphere shifted around them. “We do.”

A strong breeze disturbed the serene silence of the rooftop, giving voice to the cacophony of unspoken words between them.

Katsuki moved closer and started distractedly picking at the pieces of various leaves and grass that had collected on Izuku’s black sweater from a previous tumble on the ground. “Remember that concentration game we used to play on stakeouts when I first joined the team?”

Izuku froze, even more than he was already, as the heat on his cheeks spread to the tips of his ears. “Aside from the several obvious reasons why that would be a bad idea, it’s daytime, Kacchan,” he explained, trying to keep the regret out of his voice, “anyone could see us.”

“Nobody’s looking up here. We both know that.”

Izuku was silent again, feeling his blood boil because what was Kacchan thinking? If the target acted out and they missed their chance to down him, they would get into huge trouble. This was not the place or the time to do tha—

Warm hands trailed the back of his neck, all teasing swirls and gentle scratches. Izuku shivered at the pleasure sent across his body.

Just because they used to fool around before didn’t make it okay now.

Not only was it inappropriate, but it was impossible to maintain since they both liked each other too much to keep it casual and were too busy to nurture it into something meaningful. Izuku had ended up drawing the line between them because it hurt too much.

“You know we can’t do this, Kacchan.”

Katsuki scoffed. “Can’t, or shouldn’t? We can do whatever the fuck we want.”

Izuku sighed and looked over at his partner, now smugly laying on his side with his black sweater unzipped, allowing Izuku’s eyes to feast on toned pectoral muscles and prominent collar bones. He could rationalize that it was the middle of summer and he was simply overheated—the sheen of sweet covering his pink flushed body certainly suggested so, but he knew that Kacchan was looking like this deliberately.

He knew all of Izuku’s weaknesses.

Izuku swallowed and turned away, quickly finding the target again and training his focus there.

“You know what happened the last time.”

Katsuki’s hand trailed lower then, across Izuku’s firm back muscles and down to his ass. Izuku’s face burned as those strong hands gripped his muscles tightly— appreciatively— the feeling enticingly familiar. He hadn’t been touched in so long. It had been at least three months since he last hooked up with someone.

Nobody else seemed to do it for Izuku like Kacchan did, something he admitted with no small amount of frustration.

Like an ember growing into flame, Izuku’s body lit up with arousal and all he could think about was the hand touching him. It was like he could feel Katsuki’s energy seeping into him from his touch. Was arousal contagious?

Katsuki’s finger played with the seam between his cheeks, pressing firmly and ever so shamelessly.

“I wasn’t the one who was doing all that flirty shit today, right? You were the one who kept squirming in my lap earlier.”

“I had no choice, Kacchan!” Izuku protested. “Your boner kept poking me and it was uncomfortable!”

“Whatever. You know that shit gets me riled up but you did it anyways.”

Izuku’s eyelids felt heavy with the arousal weighing them, and he could feel his concentration on the mission slipping more and more with every interested twitch of his cock. Kacchan was right. The truth was, he had been excited feeling Kacchan’s erection against his ass while they were packed in like sardines next to their equipment during the car ride earlier. He knew his squirming would make it bigger, too, but he wasn’t about to tell Kacchan that.

Katsuki leaned in and whispered in his ear with a seductive bite. “You know how it works. Lose the target and you have to buy me dinner. If you don’t, it’s my treat.” Izuku’s breaths were labored as Katsuki positioned himself above Izuku, looming over his back and reaching around him to undo Izuku’s utility belt, making sure to stroke his growing bulge in the process. Izuku shivered under the touch, his cock responding excitedly without his permission, twitching towards his fingers like the starved, pathetic creature it was.

Izuku really hadn’t had time lately to take care of personal business. He was too busy with work, maintaining what he could of his friendships and his sleeping schedule to take the time he needed for himself.

He blamed his sexual frustration for not stopping Kacchan from pulling down his pants. Izuku winced as the cool air hit the sensitive flesh of his cock, but it was nice not to be so confined.

“Mmm. . . Shit, I forgot how good this shit is,” Katsuki said sitting back and slapping playfully at Izuku’s ass.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku complained indignantly with a pout, trying his best to maintain his line of sight with the target.

“Mmm, so tasty. I could just eat it up,” Katsuki marveled, and Izuku could hear the smirk in his voice. “But you like it too much when I eat your perky ass, dontcha, nerd?”

Izuku swallowed thickly, feeling his focus slipping as Kacchan talked about nasty things. Nasty things that made his blood boil with arousal. “K-K. . .A-Ahhn. . .” Air huffed in and out of his mouth when he felt those warm hands spreading his cheeks and then something very warm and wet sliding along the cleft of his ass. Oh god. . . he hadn’t expected him to actually do it.

Izuku’s eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of Katsuki’s voice vibrating it’s approval against Izuku’s sensitive hole as he licked and suckled on it thoroughly.

Being eaten out by Kacchan was the last thing Izuku expected to happen today, but with the swirling swipes and seductive thrusts, the deliciously nasty feeling of his spit sliding down his sensitive perineum, well, Izuku was less and less inclined to protest.

“Hhhnnn. . . K-Kacchan. . .”

Katsuki was busy trying to fit as much of his tongue inside as he could because he knew that always made Izuku’s knees weak.

Izuku dared to look down and could see his cock already dribbling lewdly from the tip. He was a goner. He wasn’t equipped to reject Kacchan’s advances. He almost always failed because he liked Kacchan.

Okay no, it was way more than that. It had always been more than that. Fuck. Why was Kacchan so good at eating ass?

His finger was tugging at his rim now, opening him up and giving that dangerous tongue much easier access to his insides. Izuku also knew he had ulterior motives for this pleasant little treat he was giving Izuku. Izuku was already kicking out of his skin-tight pants and spreading his legs wider, his lower body already too far gone under Katsuki’s tender caresses.

Katsuki rubbed his muscled thighs, moaning as he licked in and around every inch of Izuku’s hole. The sounds drove Izuku crazy, but he refused to let himself lose his focus on the target.

It didn’t matter if he was currently receiving the best, most attentive rim job of his life, he was working.

He couldn’t stop the strangled sound escaping his throat as Katsuki roughly shoved three, lube-slicked fingers into his hole without any warning whatsoever. So much for tenderness!

“Nnnnghk! K-Kacchan w-wai—Ahh!” Izuku braced himself on the ground, his shaking thighs could no longer be trusted to hold him up.

“It’s funny cause anyone would think you’d be bitching about the pain, but you’re not, are you?” Katsuki sneered with a cruel twist of his fingers. “You’re just pissed because the roughness is making your dick leak onto the ground. You like it, don’t you? Fucking masochistic slut—”

“—H-Hnnngh K-Kacchannn. . .” Izuku held onto his gun like a lifeline, bracing himself as Katsuki thrust his fingers in and out of him roughly, almost immediately honing in on his sweet spot and punishing it mercilessly, as though in retaliation for the months they’d been absent.

Izuku hated it, but Kacchan was right. Kacchan knew him the best, after all.

“Where’s the target, Deku?”

“N-Next to the woman in the g-green dress and gold ch-chains—A-Ahh!”

Izuku had come to realize he liked it a bit. . . rougher than what was considered conventional. The only person who never bothered to be careful with him was Kacchan.

Katsuki’s fingers pressed relentlessly against his walls, tugging and stretching and making way for something much bigger. He didn’t ever have the patience to baby Izuku’s body into adjusting to his pace, and Izuku appreciated that. He liked the pleasure fringing the edges of whatever pain he would experience. Kacchan knew Izuku’s limits and he blessedly tested every one of them every time.

And Kacchan knew how to work that tongue.

Izuku didn’t muffle his moans anymore—didn’t bother stopping his hips from pressing back against Katsuki’s face. Katsuki licked around Izuku’s swollen rim as he stretched and fucked him mercilessly with his fingers. Oh how he’d craved this feeling, craved Kacchan.

It wasn’t an appropriate time or place, but while Izuku was watching their target eating hors d’ourves, he was getting tongue fucked into a melted puddle of arousal.

He knew he was encouraging Kacchan with the sultry sounds coming from his mouth, but he couldn’t stop. They both knew where this was headed now, and Izuku was too horny to care anymore. It had been too long since he’d had a big, thick cock inside him.

And what better cock was there than Kacchan’s?

He let out a needy mewl when he felt Katsuki slowly stroking his cock.

“Having trouble concentrating, Deku?” Katsuki taunted, his voice lower, thicker, and more sultry than ever.

Izuku looked back, panting, taking in Katsuki’s glistening lips and beautiful flushed complexion. His eyes were blown nearly black with arousal now, the vermillion there almost nonexistent. He got that way just from eating Izuku’s ass.

“Come on, Kacchan,” he said with an enticing sway of his hips. “I’m excited for you to buy me dinner tonight.”

Katsuki’s lips curled into an amused grin and he quickly undid his own belt and pants, pulling out that perfect cock Izuku knew so intimately. There was already precome smeared all around the pink-flushed tip and Izuku salivated, very much torn between his original plan and stuffing it into his mouth right now.

Katsuki leaned over and growled into Izuku’s ear, “Fucking love it when you get like this. I’m so fucking hard,” he said, slipping the slick head of his cock between Izuku’s cheeks, allowing him to feel just how swollen and twitching it was by now. He gently started to push the head into his hole. “You gonna take responsibility, nerd? You ain’t gonna bitch out if it gets a little rough, right?”

Izuku’s face burned, but his mouth betrayed him anyways. “Y-You know I can take anything you give me, Kacch—H- Hhnngh!” Katsuki, without preamble, plunged himself himself completely into Izuku’s tight depths. Izuku clutched the stationary rifle before him, his eyes still on the target but his mind completely at Katsuki’s cock splitting him open. “K- Kacchan!”

“G-God you’re so fucking tight!”

The burn from the stretch of Katsuki inside of him should have killed Izuku’s arousal, but it only served to fortify it, making his cock leak even more helplessly than it already was. Izuku tried desperately to adjust to the intrusion but he didn’t have time before Katsuki was making the first of his relentless thrusts.

He didn’t bother going slow—didn’t bother giving Izuku time to get used to the size, he just unzipped Izuku’s sweater and started to suck possessive hickies all over his neck as he pumped his dick roughly in and out of Izuku’s heat.

Izuku was gone. He absolutely loved it.

It hurt but the burning pain set Izuku’s body ablaze with need, made him clench desperately around Kacchan’s delicious cock to feel even more of the stretch. Not to mention that he knew Kacchan liked it, and Izuku’s favorite thing was seeing Kacchan lost in pleasure.

He could vividly remember what it was like to have Kacchan come inside of him and he was starved for it. He craved the needy, moaning whimpers Kacchan would make, so he sought to drag those sounds out of him. He pushed back his hips, taking in more of Kacchan until he could feel their balls press together. Katsuki thrust into him forcefully, the dirty squelching of their fucking embarrassing in the breezy silence of the open area.

Anyone could open the door to this rooftop right now and witness Izuku being fucked out of his mind. They could get written up for this, or worse, fired, if anyone from the team found out and reported them.

Izuku knew he should finish this quickly, so he would simply do what he knew drove Kacchan absolutely bananas.

“Mmmm. . . so good,” he cooed, wiggling his hips. “So perfect for me. Kacchan makes me feel so amazing. . . ” Izuku’s breaths were colored with moans and praises now, all of them punctuated with a firm clenching of his ass around Katsuki’s insistent dick.

The pace of Katsuki’s thrusting increased sharply, as if on cue. “F-Fuck! You’re gonna make me come inside of you, you idiot.”

“M-Mmmm. . . K-Kacchan’s c-come. . .” He felt drool slipping down his lips as he thought about it, his eyes rolling back as Katsuki pounded his sweet spot with the blunt tip of his cock. “K-Kacchan. . . hah. . . p-please. . . .”


“Bathroom. . .”

“Y-Yeah, fuck,” Katsuki licked a trail from his neck up to the back of Izuku’s ear and firmly sucked on the sensitive skin there, making Izuku’s position falter as the pleasure coursed through him. “I’ll fill up your slutty ass with my come, don’t worry...”

“N-No I— hnnngh!”

Izuku was suddenly empty as Katsuki yanked his cock out. He couldn’t catch up with what was happening before he was being grabbed by his hips, flipped around, and, pinned to the asphalt of the roof with his chin forced up.

“Keep an eye on the fucking target,” he ordered while shoving his dick back into Izuku’s waiting and gaping heat. “Gonna carve my shape into you this time, Deku. Gonna ruin you for anyone else, got it?”

Izuku swallowed thickly and nodded, heat pooling so tightly in his groin at Kacchan’s possessive tone, thickening his cock even more and causing more and more precome to pool in his belly button. He couldn’t control the litany of praises and pleading mewls escaping his lips. It was a bad habit, but this was one of the rare circumstances where Katsuki actually enjoyed his manic ramblings. Otherwise, he prefered to have Izuku’s mouth on him.

God, Izuku wanted it. . . He wanted Kacchan to claim him, to possess him. He wanted Kacchan to hold onto him and never let go.

He wanted Kacchan to force him to stay with him this time.

Katsuki buried his dick in as deep as it would go and rutted against Izuku’s hips, panting and sucking dark hickeys right into the hollow of Izuku’s neck as the lewd sound of Kacchan’s balls slapping against his ass disturbed the silence around them. The need and urgency of his movements were making Izuku dizzy with pleasure but he still managed to keep one eye on the target, even as his orgasm started to become iminent.

Katsuki was already there as well. Izuku could feel his cock jerking excitedly against his walls and the needy moans rumbling against his neck where Katsuki was biting and kissing. Izuku indulged in one of his favorite things, reaching down to feel where Katsuki’s dick moved inside his stomach. His lips parted in a sweet keening noise and he couldn’t help but grab his cock and start pumping it with the other hand as his orgasm tightened in his balls.

Katsuki lifted his face and looked down at Izuku, his eyes half-lidded and clouded with lust as they fucked. “D-Deku. . .h-haahh. . .” He leaned in and took Izuku’s lips as if they belonged to him. And who was to say they didn’t? Who was to say that, even after all this time since they broke up, Izuku wasn’t as in love with Kacchan as he had been when they were kids? This was it, after all; this was what he’d been craving for so many nights spent alone. He drank Katsuki’s kiss desperately, meeting his tongue with his own and opening himself for Katsuki to take everything he wanted.

How was he supposed to live without this feeling? How had he lived without this feeling?

“K-kacchan I’m gonna—”

“Fuck yeah. . .Come on Deku, show me how much you needed this,” his thrusts turned jerky and brutal, the pink on his face growing deeper. “H-hnngh, c-come with me, baby.”

“C-Coming. . . A-Ahh~!” Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck and his legs around his slim waist and cried out, his form stilling and clenching tightly around Katsuki as he started to convulse. He came harder than he had in months, crying out against Katsuki’s lips as his hot seed splashed across the blonde’s chiseled abdomen.

He felt Kacchan’s entire form go rigid as well, could feel his cock spasm, spilling deep within, filling Izuku up with his come. He was breathing harshly into Izuku’s neck as tremors wracked his solid form.

“Where. . .hah. . . Is the target, Deku?”

“N-next to the p-punch bowl, talking to Senshima Naoto.”

Katsuki chuckled, a rumbling reverberation in Izuku’s ear that sent aftershocks throughout Izuku’s oversensitized body. “Damn. . . You’re fucking good.”

“I’m a p-professional, Kacchan,” he explained through labored breaths. “It’s my j-job to stay focused.”

Katsuki laughed and collapsed on top of him, and the sound rang like chimes in Izuku’s ears. “Shitty nerd,” Katsuki said, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Let me buy you dinner after we take this fucker out.”

Izuku smiled and kissed him back. He had a bad feeling about this, but his orgasm induced haze didn’t allow him to remember why they ever even broke up to begin with.