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Fate/Grand Memoir

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Guidance and insight into the future comes in different ways, for some, it might be glimmering spots of light that one isn’t aware are there, for others, a feeling in their gut that drives that to go against the ordinary. And for those who have been gifted, it may be possible to see visions of the outcome of their choices. All for the sake of guiding one / humanity to the best possible future.

Fuyuki - Autumn 2004 - October 11th

What had occured was the future I’d deemed to be nothing more than a pipe dream.. The vision which simply seemed to be too good to be true.

“⑇⨀ེ⌓⨀ེ⑇, by the Command Spells, I order you to sacrifice your life to open the Gate of Akasha to The Root.”

--”Ah, so that’s how it is.”, was surely how I’d have had reacted. Instead, what had occured surprised me beyond measure.. As an unknown feeling swelled in my bosom, I embraced just a small moment of selfishness.

Antarctic Base Chaldea - Winter 2018 - January 8th

The tension in the air has been tangible ever since the last week, today was going to be the day they started their mission, afterall. After finishing up on the medical checks of the last few candidates, the doctor went into hiding in a spare room and booted up his laptop, chanting words that are now part of his daily routine.

“Awawa.. Help me Magi ✰ Mari, Help me Magi ✰ Mari!”

On his screen, a pink, flowery web-page loaded up, with rhododendrons decorating the banner. Today's update was posted 3 hours ago, but he had another reason for checking back here. Loading up the chat box, with fingers slightly shaking, he started typing.


DoctorRomantic: 'Help me Magi ✰ Mari! Please tell me my [Daily Fortune] for today! It's a big day, so please let it be a good one. (;´Д`)'
Magi✰Mari: 'You'll have a faithful encounter today~ Isn't that just exciting?~~ (*≧▽≦)'
DoctorRomantic: 'Ehhhhhh?! Are you trolling me, MagiMari-san!!?! (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅)'

He did, afterall, just got chased out of the Command Room by the Director after finishing the health assessments of the Master Candidates. Since they were a secret organization hidden in a mountain 6000 meters above sea level, there was no way anyone would show up here.
"Ehh.. hmph. I'll just go comfort myself with some cake.", pouting at his screen, he sneaked off to the cafeteria, quickly forgetting the false hopes given by the prediction as he distracted himself with watching videos while enjoying a tea break.

-- Base sequence: Human genome confirmed.
-- Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

“Welcome to the data centre for the future of humankind. This is the Security Organization for the Preservation of Humanity, Chaldea.”


“Fingerprint, voiceprint, and DNA authentication cleared. Magical Circuit assessment complete.”

‘--Magi-what circuit? Wasn’t I at an interview?’

“Nice to meet you. You’re our final visitor today. We hope you enjoy your time here.”
“-- We are very sorry. Another 180 seconds is required to complete the admission process. Enjoy a simulated battle while you wait.”
“Regulation: Senior. Contract Servants: Saber, Archer, Lancer. There will be no record of your score. Please feel free to enjoy.”

'A battle?! Servants? What's going o-'

“Activating Heroic Spirit Summoning System Fate. We hope you have a good experience as a master for these 180 seconds.”

Overcome by a sense of falling endlessly, the girl found herself face to face with a monstrous golem, werewolves and warriors in red and blue. It was over before she could process what was going on, and she blacked out after all sensation fell away once again.

“Fou? Kyuu… Fou! Fou..!”
Stirring at the sound of squeaks and a small warm dampness on her cheek, opening her eyes, the redhead found herself staring up at a girl about her age, with short lilac hair and glasses.
“..Umm, Since it’s neither morning nor night, please wake up, Senpai.”