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Rental Love

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The first time it happened they were both in the perfectly tipsy zone. It’s the type of buzz where driving a car is out of the question but you still have control of limbs - and thoughts. It brushed a warm layer of comfortability over everything, sprinkled with a bit of courage. Perhaps, a little more than a bit of courage, because by their third drink Waverly placed a daring hand on Nicole’s thigh. It was enough to raise the fine hairs at the base of her neck. This was different for them.

Every Thursday night for the past three months they have come to this bar. It quickly fell into their routine and after long two-hour tutoring sessions, the drinks were needed. Despite Waverly’s impressive dual enrollment as both a History and Ancient Languages major, she “just couldn’t get her head around all the legality of political science.” Even if it was just a required, entry-level course - she struggled. That’s where Nicole stepped in - Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, actively working on a Master’s in Law, and tutoring for the University. With each session, they grew closer. Between legal jargon, and as Waverly put it “old, dead, white guys,” they traded stories of their lives. After a few of their post-tutor drinking sessions, Waverly even crashed the night at Nicole’s, the redhead respectfully giving up her own bed to Waverly, and opting for the couch each time, but this? A steady hand on thigh, space closing in, and smoldering fire in Waverly’s eyes. This was something Nicole hadn’t seen from the petite brunette before.

 “Your place?” Waverly whispered, almost soft enough to disappear among the bar noise. It didn’t escape Nicole though, and she heard it, and she felt it. She felt Waverly’s words crash and coil along the outer working of her ear. She felt small bumps ridge along her forearms and calves. She felt her mouth instantly dry and air leave her lungs.

 “Yes, ma’am,” Nicole nodded. She signaled to the bartender for their tab - same as each post-tutoring drinking session - while Waverly gathered her belongings and shrugged on her coat. Nicole quickly scribbled a tip on the receipt and scrawled her signature in an almost illegible swirl. With just as much haste, she swung on her jacket and then Waverly grabbed her hand. A knot made itself known in thick of her throat and she washed it down with her last sip of whiskey. It left a dull burn, similar to the one that had grown between her legs.

 Nicole followed Waverly out of the bar, allowing the younger woman to guide her through the door and out to the sidewalk. Before she could offer directions to her apartment, Waverly set the pace in the right direction. It was little and trivial, but it was enough that Nicole’s breath hitched - it did that from time to time when she was with Waverly. Their hands were still clasped together, fingers laced and all when Waverly broke the comfortable silence surrounding them.

 “I see how you look at me.” It was a statement, bold and brazen. Waverly’s words dripped with something Nicole couldn’t quite place - maybe want or lust. Whatever it was made her smirk and she gave a light squeeze to the figures curled between her own.

 “And how’s that, Waves?” Nicole’s question was low, her tone almost challenging. She felt heat flicker throughout her body and was thankful for the cold, Calgary air which reddened her checks for her, it masked her true emotions. They turned the corner to Nicole’s street and Waverly let out a soft chuckle. There was quiet until they reached the stairs of Nicole's apartment, the only noise came from the creek of the rickety front steps. She wondered if she pushed too far. Then she felt it - hands on her hips as she fished for her keys. Then she heard it.

 “Like you want to fuck me, Nic.” It was breathy and low, and so unlike the Waverly who apologized every time “shit” or “damn” slipped out from between her lips. The hotness of Waverly’s words brushed against the base of her neck while she struggled to put the key in the hole. It wasn’t from the whiskey, no, it was from the intoxication of the energy between them. That slow build up that raised day by day, month by month like the seas towards a full moon. With Waverly’s front pressed against her back, Nicole managed to fit the key into the knob and turned. As soon as the door opened they are both met by the cries of Calamity Jane. The hefty, ginger cat begged for dinner.

 “Can you get the door? I’ll feed CJ.” It was a curt response and a struggle for Nicole to not just slam Waverly against the wall and take her there, but an insistent Calamity Jane would most definitely kill the mood. Waverly rolled her eyes but a playful grin graced her lips as the brunette shut and locked the door. Nicole quickly walked over to Calamity Jane’s food bowl as the cat snaked around her feet. “Patience there, Calamity,” she chuckled out and bent down to scoop the food for the needy cat. As she did arms wrapped around her torso and fingers gripped the zipper of her jacket. There was a tug as Nicole stood up and Waverly discarded the taller woman of her outer layer.

 “Hard to be patient around you,” Waverly whispered and pressed a warm yet light kiss to Nicole’s neck. It was almost enough to bring the redhead to her knees, instead, she opted to swallow hard and turned to face the shorter woman. She was quick to note Waverly’s blown pupils, wide and wild. With a new drive of determination, Nicole placed her forehead against Waverly’s as her fingers worked at the zipper of the brunette’s coat. Her hands slipped between the heavy material of the coat and the warmth of Waverly’s shoulders, sloughing off the extra layer.

 “Are you sure you want to do this, Waverly Earp?” It was a sincere question. They had shared flirty looks in the past, some playful quips back and forth, but nothing like this. Nothing so, physical. This was different for them. So with their lips inches apart, Nicole’s hands snaked down to Waverly’s hips, the brunette’s hands toyed with ends of short, auburn hair. Nicole waited for the answer. There was a small smile on Waverly’s plump lips which she brought closer to Nicole’s with the slightest tilt of her head.

 “Yes,” Waverly managed to get out just before Nicole’s lips crashed against the brunette’s. It was a needy and desperate kiss, filled with want and hunger. There was no romance to it, just pure lust. Nicole brought her hands down to the back of Waverly’s thighs and used her strength to hike the smaller woman’s legs up to her own waist. Waverly, ever the quick learner, wrapped her legs around Nicole’s waist and pulled the redhead closer to her. The action made Nicole moan against Waverly's lips as she blindly guided them to a wall in the kitchen. “Nic,” Waverly all but hissed when her back hit the cool material of the wall. The loss of contact to her lips made Nicole yearn for more. She used the opportunity to pepper hot and hard kisses along the length of Waverly’s neck until she found the brunette’s pulse point. Without a second thought, she clamped her teeth down hard and sucked. It earned her a reaction that sent a low moan through her throat. Waverly tugged at her hair and bucked her hips - and hard. Needing air, Nicole pulled away to catch her breath.

 “God, Waves,” a breathy sigh escaped Nicole’s lips as she ran her tongue along the mark that already formed where her teeth had sunk into tan skin not more than two minutes ago. She soothed the angry bruise then kissed her way up to Waverly’s lips. Along the way she nipped softly at the brunette’s jaw, earning a small groan from Waverly with each one. Their lips reconnected, but slower than before. If the first kiss had been a head-on car crash, this kiss was a melodic chorus of strings. Their lips ebbed and flowed together, matching each other’s pace as they kept time. Softly and slowly, Waverly pulled away, leaving Nicole to ache for more. Their eyes locked and Nicole felt “it,” not knowing what it was.

“We need rules,” Waverly huffed and struggled to catch her breath, using the pause, she leaned her head against the wall. It was a statement that caught Nicole off guard but made sense knowing Waverly’s history. She recently broke up with her high school boyfriend from back home. Nicole tightened her grip around Waverly’s waist and locked eyes with her, giving a faint nod. “Number one, no cuddling afterward,” Waverly stated and Nicole felt the pit of her stomach pang.

“Okay…” Nicole trailed and opted to press another kiss to Waverly’s neck. She daringly scraped her teeth along the skin there. “So number two is?” she muttered against the hot skin beneath her lips. Waverly hummed in appreciation and gave a soft tug at red locks.

 “Number two, no pet names.” It came out as more of a moan than expected and Nicole chuckled. She held Waverly tighter and pulled them away from the wall. It was during these times that she was thankful for the years of hockey and a side gig as a landscaper. Nicole took the first step toward the stairs. “Mmm, where are we going?” Waverly asked against Nicole’s cheek as the two began their ascent up the stairs, the brunette clung to the sturdy frame of the taller woman.

 “Bed,” Nicole grunted when Waverly’s lips found her ear and brushed along the outer shell. A shiver ran down Nicole’s spine and reminded her of the ache between her legs. She continued to climb. Nicole was a true gentlewoman and refused to allow her first time with the woman she had been pining over for months be on the hard, wooden stairs. Although, by the way Waverly’s teeth teased at the lobe of her ear, she felt like the brunette may actually enjoy that.

 “Rule number three,” Waverly whispered gently against Nicole’s ear just as they reached the plane of the hall. Wet, hot lips lined the pale skin of Nicole’s neck and it urged her to pick up her speed - desperate to feel all of Waverly. “No morning after breakfast.” Waverly punctuated “breakfast” with a light bite to Nicole’s chin. It seemed like an odd rule, considering Nicole made Waverly breakfast before, but she didn’t question it. They reached the threshold of her room and Nicole carried Waverly over to her bed, spun them around, and settled on the edge. The redhead placed a gentle kiss to Waverly’s lips then rested back on the palms of her hands, declining slightly to get a better view of the woman positioned on her lap. The mark made on her neck from earlier was purple already, her lips were swollen, bottom lip tucked between her teeth, and hair wild. “What?” Waverly asked with a sweetness in tone that made Nicole feel weak.

 “There sure are a lot of rules for a one night stand,” Nicole noted while Waverly leaned forwards. Their hips pressed together and fueled the desire low in Nicole’s stomach. Lips were on hers again, and this time parted almost instantly, as Waverly’s tongue teased Nicole’s own. Someone let out a soft moan into the kiss, and Nicole didn’t really care who, all she cared about was Waverly Earp’s lips on her own. There was a break in the kiss when Waverly pulled away for a moment. Want dusted her eyes and an almost wicked smirk played at her mouth.

 “Who said anything about a one night stand, silly?” The tone was cheeky and Waverly gave a dramatic wink, causing Nicole to bite her own lip. Waverly’s skilled fingers, and Nicole knew they were skilled because of that one time they went trap shooting - and god the girl could work a shotgun, played with the collar of her forest green and gray checked flannel. “I want to do this again, and again, and again.” With each “again,” Waverly popped a button on Nicole’s shirt, her gaze never left the redhead’s. “But no strings. No relationship stuff… Just sex.” The last button was free and Waverly’s eyes flickered over Nicole’s body.

 “Any more rules?” Nicole questioned then darted her tongue out to wet her suddenly dry lips. Her hands found purchase on Waverly’s strong thighs and gave a light squeeze to the muscle there. Her heart was conflicted. The thought of having sex with Waverly Earp was something she had dreamed about and fantasized about. Those fantasies were also clouded with tender moments, date nights, slowing dancing. Any doubt Nicole had about the situation was quickly thrown to the wayside when Waverly’s hands were on her toned stomach. Her muscles responded to the touch and lightly tensed, her own hands slid up Waverly’s legs to her waist and played with the hemline of the woman’s blouse. She looked up to Waverly, waiting for the okay, and got it in the form of a smile and nod.

 “Number four, no jealousy.” It’s a bit muffled as Nicole pulled Waverly’s turquoise blouse over her head and tossed it off to the side - but she heard it. The lump in her throat was back as her eyes surveyed Waverly’s fit, tan body. Waverly’s fingernails raked along the defined muscles of Nicole’s abs.

 “Fuck, Waves,” Nicole moaned out at the action and her hips rocked on their own accord. Waverly smirked in response, before moving her hands up to Nicole’s face, and pulled her in for a deep and heated kiss. Nicole’s hands gave a slight squeeze to Waverly’s hips before slowly running up a tan back to play with the clasp of the bra she found there. Tongues met once again as lips parted and a rhythm was found between the two women. Waverly ran her fingers through auburn hair and then gave a playful tug at its end.

 “It’s okay,” Waverly whispered into Nicole’s lips, after slightly pulling away. With permission, Nicole wasted no time undoing Waverly’s bra. She pressed a soft, reassuring kiss to the brunette’s lips and pulled away to look at her. Nicole forced a moan down as her eyes flickered over Waverly’s torso. A toned stomach led up to perky breast with dusty brown nipples. Nicole noticed the way Waverly’s collar bone jutted out just enough as if it were inviting her to bite down and stake a claim on the ridge.

 “You are so damn beautiful, Waverly.” It was sincere and real and raw. With it, Nicole watched Waverly shake away her self doubt. Pale fingers slowly drew lines up Waverly’s smooth stomach and she bowed in to press their foreheads together. Their hot breath mixed together and Nicole rested her hands at the swell of Waverly’s breasts. She drew small circles there and pressed kisses across Waverly’s cheek to her ear. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you since the day we met,” Nicole smiled against the skin under her lips as Waverly let out a small whimper. Her lips created a trail down across Waverly’s neck and to her collar bone. She teased the skin there, first with her lips, next was her tongue, then her teeth gently nipped at Waverly’s collar bone.

 “Nic,” Waverly whined and lightly dug her nails into the base of Nicole’s head. Both of their hips rolled together but it provided little relief to the ache Nicole felt. Her own hands now palmed Waverly’s breasts and she smiled against a tan collar bone. She gave one more kiss to Waverly’s shoulder then moved her hands to the shorter woman’s hips, stood up, spun them around, and gave Waverly a gentle toss onto the bed. Nicole took the freedom to lose her own shirt and slipped out of her bra, dropping them to the floor to meet Waverly’s. Their eyes locked for only a brief moment until Waverly’s fluttered around and took in the new features exposed to her. Nicole noted the heavy rise and fall of Waverly’s chest and it only spurred her on further. Somewhere in the process, she noticed that Waverly lost her shoes but groaned when she realized her boots are still on.

“Shit, sorry,” Nicole offered and bent down quickly to undo her laces. She kicked them to the side and they landed on the hardwood with a heavy thud, her socks followed behind. With a grin and a jump, Nicole landed on the bed and climbed over to where Waverly had set herself up against the headboard. Her eyes remained locked with Waverly’s as she placed a kiss to a denim covered knee. As she crawled her way up, her hands took every chance to feel Waverly. Soft yet strong. Smooth yet sturdy. She was everything Nicole had fantasies about - and so, so much more. Nicole placed a gentle and sweet kiss in the valley of Waverly’s breast the scooted up and brushed their lips together. “God, you’re gorgeous, Waves,” she smiled into the kiss and settled so their legs straddled each other, thighs pressed against centers. Nicole gripped Waverly’s hips and shifted them down to lay flat.

 “Wait,” Waverly urged while she pulled away. Nicole responded quickly, gave more space, and allowed their lips to part. The brunette brought her hands up to touch Nicole’s face, brushed loose strands of red hair off to the side, and tucked them behind an ear. “One more rule.” Waverly’s tone was stern yet her hand soft against Nicole’s cheek - a paradox that puzzled the redhead. “Number five, no falling in love with me.” There was no smile, no chuckle, not even a playful glint in Waverly’s eye. She meant it, and for some reason, Nicole felt a blow in her gut.

 “Pfft, no falling in love with me, Earp… No matter how good I am in bed,” Nicole smirked and winked back. She played it off and pushed the sour feeling down, instead, she focused on the beautiful woman below her. Waverly rolled her eyes and looped her hands around the back of Nicole’s neck in order to slowly pull her down.

 “Just shut up and fuck me,” Waverly husked against Nicole’s mouth and crashed their lips together like waves upon the shore. The heat between them radiated and built as Waverly took Nicole’s bottom lip between her teeth. She sucked hard causing Nicole’s hips to grind down against Waverly’s thighs. One hand propped herself up and the other found the hard peak of Waverly’s nipple. Nicole took the bud between her thumb and finger and gave it a slight roll. “Nic,” Waverly moaned as Nicole toyed with the sensitive peak.

 “Pants… off… now,” Nicole demanded in between harsh kisses to Waverly's neck. They both parted for the moment to shed their pants, which met as a collection of denim on the floor. “Damn,” Nicole sighed at the sight of Waverly, bare-chested and black panties.

 “Same,” Waverly smirked at the redhead in her blue boyshorts and pulled Nicole back down by her hips. The taller woman chuckled then pressed a fleeting kiss Waverly’s mouth before moving on to administer hard kisses down to a tan neck. Waverly hooked her legs around Nicole’s waist and pulled until their fronts were pressed together, earning a moan from the woman above her. Their hips found their rhythm again and rocked together as Nicole's teeth finally sunk into the intoxicating skin of Waverly’s collar bone. As the redhead sucked, with intent to mark, Waverly’s hands raked down a pale back, hard enough that Nicole groaned as she sucked.  Her lips detached from the point with a “pop” and Nicole looked into Waverly’s eyes, dark and hazy with want.

 “The things I’m going to do to you, Waverly Earp,” Nicole stated with a peck to swollen lips and kissed down her neck to the swell of Waverly’s breasts. She peppered one breast with feather light kisses, the other was tended to by an experienced hand. Nicole looked up at Waverly as she took a sensitive bud between her lips. Hands found her hair again and pulled as she teased the peak, alternating between sucking and twirling with her tongue. Beneath her, Nicole felt Waverly’s hips jut forward with each flick of her tongue - their bodies close enough to feel the heat that as grown at Waverly’s own apex.

 “Nic,” Waverly moaned out while her fingernails ran through locks of auburn. Nicole released the now wet bud and blew, feeling her own desire flood as Waverly’s back gave a small arch off of the bed at the sensation. She moved south and planted kisses along her route. One where Waverly’s breast and rib cage met on the right, one where the flat of her stomach began, one above and below her belly button, and finally, one at the hem those black panties. Nicole looked up at Waverly for consent. It was granted when the brunette rushed out a breathy, “God, yes.” It was all Nicole needed and she hooked her fingers around the offending article, removed them, and tossed them over her shoulder.

 “Absolutely gorgeous, Waves,” Nicole whispered before pressing a kiss to the top of the finely trimmed hairs of Waverly’s mound. Her scent was enough to spike another wave of want through her while she gazed up at Waverly. A lip was between her teeth, her eyes were clouded, and her chest was rapidly rising and falling. Nicole delivered a sweet and gentle kiss to each of Waverly’s thighs before settling between them. She saw the way Waverly’s arousal already coated her out lips - Nicole forced a primal moan down at the sight. “Jesus,” Nicole uttered under her breath as she parted the folds of Waverly’s core. The scent alone sent a shock down to Nicole’s core and with a final glance up a Waverly she ran the flat of her tongue from entrance to clit - collecting the moisture there. Waverly’s taste was a blend of sweet and salty, a concoction potent enough to get Nicole addicted with one taste.

 “Oh, fuck.” The moan was accompanied by hands tangled in auburn tresses. Nicole felt the gentle tugs on her scalp and it only encouraged her on more. A practiced tongue swirled around Waverly’s swollen clit and all Nicole felt were fingers locked in her hair tighter and tighter - and her own arousal grow. “Just like that, Nic,” Waverly begged and Nicole shot a look up to the brunette. Her mouth was agape, cheeks flushed, and eyes coated with desire. With her eyes drawn to up to the brunette, Nicole wrapped her lips around the bundle of nerves. She watched Waverly react - hips bucked, hands pulled, mouth let out silent moans - as she sucked on the brunette’s clit. Nicole felt that Waverly was close the climax by the way the smaller girl’s hips rocked with such fervor. With quickness and desire, she released the bundle of nerves and dipped her tongue into Waverly’s entrance. She moaned against the wet skin there when her taste buds connected with that salty-sweet taste. As quickly as her tongue was at the entrance she moved it back up to Waverly’s clit. Nicole sucked hard on the bud and that’s all it took for Waverly to unravel. “Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck, Nic!” Waverly cried out as her back arched off of the bed, nails dug into the sensitive skin of Nicole’s scalp, and hips jerked wildly with their own accord into the redhead’s face.

 “I’ve got you, Waves,” Nicole assured Waverly and lapped at the brunette’s come. Her hands ran up to draw comforting circles with her thumbs on Waverly’s stomach. Once she was satisfied with her work, she kissed back up the tan body and took her time with each peck. “You’re stunning,” Nicole exhaled between the valley of Waverly’s breasts before meeting the younger woman face to face. “Do you want me to - uh,” gestured to the moisture that collected around her mouth, “wipe before we kiss again?” It was a sincere question - Nicole knowing some women weren't comfortable with such an act.

“Come here,” Waverly giggled and wrapped her arms around Nicole’s neck to pull her close. Their body’s pressed together as Waverly kissed around Nicole’s mouth, cleaning herself off of the redhead’s face. The gesture set a fire deep within Nicole and she let out a low sigh before soft lips found hers again. This time it was slow and deep - Nicole would almost dare to say passionate - and she swore, she felt Waverly smiling against her lips.

“Was that okay?” Nicole’s voice wavered a bit as she pressed a light kiss to Waverly’s cheek. The smaller woman let out a quiet laugh and fingers played with the ends of her hair.

 “Okay? Nic, that was incredible.” Waverly insured her with kisses peppered to Nicole’s face. A grin spread across her lips and she looked up at a blushing Waverly. “It was my first time… you know, coming,” the brunette admitted in a hushed tone. Her eyes diverted for a moment as Nicole placed a tender kiss to Waverly’s chin. Nicole is surprised and not at the same time. Waverly had been with Champ throughout all of high school and was with him up until a month ago. On the other side of the coin, from what she  heard about the guy, he was a selfish lover.

“Well, I’m glad I could be of service,” Nicole smirked and brushed their lips together, before rolling off of Waverly. The ache between her legs was still present and she felt the slickness of her thighs but she refused to break a rule - refused to ruin this, whatever this was to them. As she settled next to Waverly she was sure she heard her groan at the loss of contact. Just as the thought flashed through her mind, she felt Waverly straddle her hips. Almost instinctively, her hands found the curves of Waverly’s hips and she looked up at her. “Waves?” she asked with curiosity - her core still desperate for touch.

 “I want to make you feel good,” Waverly confessed, her hands rested on Nicole’s shoulders as she settled her weight on her lap. It trailed off as there should be more and Nicole ran her hands up and down Waverly’s ribcage. “But I’ve never been with a girl and I don’t know what to do and I’m scared I’m going to be bad and-”

“Hey, hey,” Nicole interrupted and gave a light squeeze to Waverly’s hips. “Making you feel good, makes me feel good, and we take this at your speed, okay? No rushing, no pressure, your call here, Earp.” She placed a kiss on Waverly’s chin and ran her hands along the length of her tan back. Nicole noticed the small grin on Waverly’s lips and she asked, “Everything okay, Waves?” A flicker of “something” passed across Waverly’s eyes before she pressed their lips together in a searing kiss. Nicole wrapped her arms tightly around the woman on top of her until their chests were skin to skin. Hips worked together to create a friction that was almost enough to have Nicole spiraling. With a steady tempo in place, Nicole is shocked to feel a hand toy with the hem of her boyshorts.

“Off…” Waverly whispered so quietly between kisses it could have been missed. Luckily for Nicole, it was heard and she unraveled her arms from Waverly to remove the offending article. She made quick work of the boyshorts and they met the rest of the clothes on the floor. There they were, both completely bare and vulnerable as their hips met again. The combined heat of their cores made Nicole groan. She surged forward to kiss her lover again. Hands roamed and hips rocked, lips bruised and breathing became heavy. “Touch me,” Waverly said into the kiss and Nicole was more happy to oblige. One hand ran along Waverly’s spine to the base of her neck while the other moved down to the heat between their cores. Nicole stamped hot, hard kisses along Waverly’s chest while her hand slipped between their centers and lightly cupped her mound. Her fingers spread the wet folds she found there and a deep moan escaped her lips at the feeling of warm moisture.

 “Fuck, you’re so wet,” Nicole muttered against the hot skin of Waverly’s chest while their hips rolled together in sync. She slowly pushed one finger into Waverly’s entrance and moved her mouth up to meet swollen lips. Fingernails dug into Nicole's back - causing her to release an audible hiss. They moved together in tandem and the friction of their hips forced the back of Nicole’s hand against her own clit. Between the feeling of being inside of Waverly and the pressure on her clit, Nicole felt herself getting close to the edge.

“More,” Waverly begged against Nicole’s cheek, her teeth pressed softly into the skin there. Quick to respond, Nicole thrust a second finger in Waverly’s entrance and picked up her pace. Hips ground together, fingernails scratched along Nicole's back, and she felt dizzy in the head. She brought her mouth to Waverly’s shoulder and took the delicate skin she found there between her teeth. Pace and pressure cumulated to the point where the friction against her clit tiptoed Nicole closer to climax.

 “I’m gonna come, Waves” Nicole gritted through teeth and bucked her hips up harder and rougher. The hand at the base of Waverly’s head tangled in long, brown locks and Nicole curled her fingers up in Waverly’s walls.

 “Come with me, Nic,” Waverly demanded with her lips strained against a rosy cheek. As on command, Nicole gave one hard thrust up, Waverly’s hipped roll down, and the pressure on her clit made her sees stars.

 “Waverly!” Nicole screamed out as nails clawed her back - most certainly drawing blood. With the pressure of Waverly’s walls clenched around her fingers, a cry left her lips, and their hips began to slow their pace. They panted as they came down from their highs, foreheads together, and smiles on their lips. Gently, Nicole removed her fingers from Waverly’s apex and hair - she opted to wrap her arms around the brunette’s body.

 “Wow,” Waverly sighed out in content and rested her head on Nicole’s shoulder. They collectively caught their breath until Waverly ran a soft hand over the open cuts on Nicole’s back - a yelp came from the redhead in return. “Yikes, I carved you up bad. Sorry, Nic,” Waverly half chuckled, dismounted pale thighs, then settled next to Nicole.

 “Don’t worry about it… chicks dig scars,” she winked over to Waverly who rolled her eyes at the auburn-haired woman's cockiness. Their bodies pressed together at their sides, but after a moment Nicole tapped Waverly’s thigh and kissed her cheek. “I’m gonna go get settled in downstairs. Need water or anything before I go?” she asked while stretching and shifted to move off the bed. Almost immediately, warm arms circled her middle and a tender kiss is placed at the scratches on her back.

 “Stay here with me,” Waverly proposed into red, aching skin. Nicole closed eyes but not at the pain - no - at the thought of spending the night holding Waverly Earp.

 “What about rule number one?” Nicole countered back and turned her head to look over her shoulder. Their eyes met and Nicole swallowed the lump in her throat again.

 “Just this one time,” Waverly stated sternly while kissing the sensitive skin where Nicole’s neck and shoulders met. Nicole sank back into the touch before reaching out to turn off the light - she didn’t remember nor cared when it got turned on. They shifted together and nested under the covers, bare bodies met as one. Waverly turned suddenly, her back to Nicole, and the redhead was quick to fill the empty space between them. Skin to skin again, Nicole looped her arm around Waverly’s middle, hands mindlessly ran along the smooth skin of her stomach. They fit and well too. “Goodnight, Nic,” Waverly said into the quiet dark of the room while relaxing back into the warmth of Nicole.

“Night, Waves,” Nicole echoed and pressed a kiss to silky locks before shutting her eyes. Their breathing matched as they drifted off. A smile graced Nicole’s lips as she burrowed deeper into the comfort of Waverly. The familiar feel and sound of Calamity Jane nesting at the foot of the bed came through Nicole’s senses and she let out a content sigh before drifting into a restful sleep.

When she woke up the next morning it’s from a combination of the light that peeked through her blinds and weight of Calamity Jane on her chest. “CJ, you got fat, kid,” she grunted while scooping the large, orange, Maine Coon and placed her at her side. That’s when Nicole noticed she was alone in bed- the spot next to her cold and empty. No Waverly near, no sounds from the bathroom or downstairs. Just silence. With a sigh, she grabbed her phone from the nightstand but stalled at the feeling of paper. A bright pink sticky note covered the screen of her phone and she recognized the script from their tutoring sessions:


  1. Calamity Jane has been fed. Don’t let her fool you.
  2. Last night was incredible, we should do it again soon.
  3. No more rule breaking!
  4. I made myself some coffee, left you some in the pot. Hope you don’t mind.
  5. Talk soon.


 The corners of her lips upturned as she read the note and thought of last night. Her back still stung like hell, her lips were bruised, and she desperately needed a shower - but to watch Waverly Earp come will riding her fingers - it was worth it. There was passion there, Nicole felt it in every kiss, every touch, but it was all bittersweet knowing it wasn’t for keeps. It was some cruel form of paradoxical torture - so close yet so far to the thing Nicole truly desired.  “Ugh,” Nicole huffed out and Calamity Jane responded with a concerned meow. The ginger cat’s eyes were wide and she quickly climbed back onto Nicole’s chest - making the redhead grunt. “Fine, you loaf,” Nicole sighed and scratched behind Calamity Jane’s ears while the cat settled. The heavy weight of the Maine Coon was somewhat relaxing - albeit a bit too crushing because Calamity Jane needed to lay off the treats - and Nicole looked at the creature and whispered, “I’m fucked, aren’t I, CJ?” There was a loud chirp in response from the cat and Nicole leaned her head back against her pillows because even without Calamity Jane’s affirming response, she knew, there was no way she wasn’t falling in love with Waverly Earp.