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The Special Ingredient

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“Did you hear about Yoongi? Apparently he went missing a couple days ago.”

Namjoon glanced up, over the rim of his cup with a raised brow. “What do you mean missing?”

Jaebum shrugs slightly from across the table. “Just like the rest of the missing cases, up and gone without a trace. The police haven’t found much leads on him.”

Namjoon glances away, feeling slightly weary about the situation. Their town seemed to have gotten more dangerous the past few months.

The police haven’t found anything to help find the few people who have gone missing, and more townspeople are beginning to blame the supernatural creatures they live with, such as Namjoon himself.

He’s been accused of a few murders unfortunately, thankfully he never has to deal with any punishment.

“Do you think they’ll be able to find him?” Namjoon looks back at the kitsune in front of him.

“I’m sure they will, Jae. don’t worry so much.” Namjoon was pretty sure he didn’t sound convincing enough, but Jaebum didn’t seem to notice.

He didn’t add on anymore once he heard his watch beep.

“Ah crap, i gotta go, Jae. i’ll see you later.” Namjoon says as he stands up.

“You gonna go check on Seokjin again?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon replies as he pulls his jacket on. “He’s been holed up in his shop for the past week. It’s worrying me.”

“I’m sure he’s fine. He’s always stuck in the bakery a week before some kind of event. That bake sale is gonna be in a few days ya know.”


“Yeah, yeah i know.” Namjoon sighs softly. “I’ll see you around.”


Namjoon walked towards the entrance of Seokjin’s shop. It still smelled of fresh cakes, so he hoped the older male was still inside.

He knocked on the door, biting his lip slightly as he stepped inside.

“Seokjin? You still here?” he calls out, walking in and closing the door behind him. His wings twitch against his back, feathers fluttering slightly as they do.

“In the back, Joon.” He feels himself relax at the voice.

“Jin, i thought you were gonna stop staying in so late?” Namjoon says, as he steps into the kitchen.

“Yeah, i know, i’m sorry. I’m just trying to finish this last batch of cupcakes and then i’ll go.” the pink haired male says from where he’s bent in front of the oven.

“You always say that, but you never leave.” Namjoon says with a small huff before a cupcake with mint blue frosting is held in front of him.

“Can you taste test this for me? Please?” Seokjin asks with a pout. “Jackson used to taste everything for me but…”

“But he went missing..”

“Sorry, Joonie.”

Namjoon simply shakes his head, changing the topic. “Yeah, sure i’ll taste it.” He gave in as he always does with the male in front of him.

He takes the cupcake from the offered hand, and Seokjin steps back to the other cupcakes just as Namjoon bites into the cupcake.

“Delicious as always, Jin.” Namjoon comments, watching as Seokjin moves about the kitchen.

“Glad you think so. Now, why don’t you take a nap?” Seokjin says with an innocent smile, leaning over the counter in front of Namjoon.

The angel furrows his brows slightly, before his vision begins to blur.

“Sleep well, darling.” Seokjin’s voice is distant, and then he feels a slight push against his chest, and his back collides with the tile floor below him, the cupcake hitting the floor next to him.


Namjoon feels himself being dragged, but his eyelids are too heavy for him to open. His head spins, needle-like pinches eating at his mind, and his consciousness doesn’t last long before he’s asleep again.


He wakes up, who knows how much later, to the sound of irons and chains being moved. He jumps slightly when something cold and hard snap around his wrist, then the other. Next his ankles.

In his slightly awake mind, he realizes then, that he can’t /move/.

He groans, pulling at where his wrist is strapped down. “What…” he mutters, and something shifts across the room from him. “What happened..?”

“I was wondering when you’d wake up, darling.” That voice was so familiar.

“Seokjin? What happened? Where are we?” Namjoon eyes are wide open now, but he still can’t see a thing in the pitch black darkness of the room.

“The basement of my shop.” a light flickers on above Namjoon’s head and he squints slightly at the brightness.

“Why are we down here?” Namjoon asks, trying to adjust his vision to the rest of the dark room.

“Oh, i just needed to get something.”

“Um.. i’m kinda stuck? If you want me to help you get something, i’m gonna need to move.” Namjoon says, and then Seokjin steps into the light, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Well duh, how am i gonna get what i need if you move?”

Namjoon tilts his head slightly. “Jin, what-” he stops talking when Seokjin steps back into the shadows, and then he hears creaky wheels coming towards him.

“Jin?” Namjoon blinks slightly, watching as another light flickers on to his left. As his gaze adjusts to the new light, he feels his stomach turn at the sight.

Blood, blood, and more blood. It coated the floor, the walls, even the part of the table that he can see.

What made him feel even more sick was the severed head that laid on the edge of the table. It had familiar red hair, and Seokjin seemed to have noticed his gaze.

“Ah, i see you’ve found your friend.” the older male says, his hand moving to curl into the bloody red strands. He lifted the head off from the table, and Namjoon’s stomach lurched as it dangled in the older male’s hand.

“Taehyung was so much fun to play with, too bad he didn’t last very long..” Seokjin said with a small pout. “I wasn’t able to have enough fun with him.”

“Y-you- Jin, you did this? You’re the reason he went missing?”

Seokjin nods, a grin replacing his pout as he holds the head up to Namjoon and giving him a better look at the face he can barely recognize.

Seokjin had removed Taehyung’s eyes at some point, and cut up his cheeks, making his jaw drop wider than it should be able to. “You wanna say hi?”

Namjoon feels bile crawl up the back of his throat.

“So mean, Joonie. You’re gonna dirty him if you vomit.” Seokjin says with a small glare, before he goes and sets the head back on the table.

It takes a few seconds for Namjoon to find his voice again before he speaks. “I-if you have Taehyung here… then what about everyone else that went missing?”

“Oh! They’re all here!” Seokjin says, a bit too cheerfully as he goes over to a wall and flicks on a switch.

Namjoon feels like he’s gonna lose everything in his stomach.

There’s at least more than two baskets of bloodied clothing, and a couple tables had more heads set on top of them.

Namjoon feels tears sting at his eyes when he sees another familiar face.


“Oh right, your little boyfriend had been a lot of fun! He was the only angel i had managed to get, well, other than you that is.” Seokjin speaks as though he isn’t slowly breaking Namjoon.

“W-why?” Namjoon muttered, his gaze not moving from the bloody blonde strands that belonged to his now dead boyfriend. “Why would you do this!” He pulled at his wrists, struggling against the iron cuffs that held him down. “Jackson had done nothing to you! None of these people have done anything to you, Jin! So why are you killing them!”

Seokjin tapped his chin, pretending to think, before he smiled widely at Namjoon. “Simple. Because it’s fun.”

Namjoon saw the evil and torturous sparkle behind Seokjin’s eyes. “You’re crazy! How can you find killing and hurting people fun!” he keeps struggling, his wings twitching and flapping freely behind him where they stuck out from two holes on the table.

“I get to try new things in my cupcakes and cakes, that’s how i find it fun.” Seokjin grins. “That cupcake you had earlier, you paid attention to the frosting color, didn’t you?”

It takes a moment for Namjoon to catch on to what Seokjin is hinting at, and he really wishes he didn’t realize. “Y-yoongi..”

“He’s still alive, well barely at least.” Seokjin says, walking over to another table, one just like the one he’s on, and the older male flips a switch.

Namjoon’s mouth goes dry when the table turns to him, and laying there, with his hands and ankles still cuffed by the irons, was Yoongi, barely conscious, but in no way shape or form was he ever gonna make it out of here alive.

Yoongi’s shirt was cut open down the middle, and Namjoon finds that he can’t turn himself away from his chest and stomach, where the skin had been cut and torn open, his intestines spilling out, hanging down to his knees, his rib bones covered in blood, some broken off. His liver, stomach and kidneys had been removed, leaving only his lungs and heart in place, and so much blood covered him.

“How-how is he still alive?”

“I gave him a few adrenaline shots. They should wear off soon, and then he’ll finally die. I’ll be able to stuff him and sew him back up after that happens finally.” Seokjin is so cheerful as he speaks, walking back over to Namjoon with a grin as if he didn’t have half of the town’s supernatural creatures and some mortals cut up and hanged around the room.

“Fairies don’t taste as great as werewolves or mortals unfortunately, so Yoongi will stay down here as one of my little playthings.” Seokjin says as he turns to a small cart that he had wheeled over earlier.


“Mhm~! Ahh, they’re so much more fun when when you can move them however you want. Easier to deal with too.”

Namjoon shudders at what Seokjin’s implying. “Jin, you really need some help. Please, just let me go, and we can- we can just go to a therapist or some place where you’ll get the help that you need.”

“No way, i won’t be able to have any fun then.” Seokjin looks back at him with another pout, before turning to him completely with a hacksaw in hand.

“J-jin, what are you gonna do with that?” Namjoon asks, shifting away as much as he could.

“I’m gonna take your wings, darling.” Seokjin says, moving to step behind the table where Namjoon’s wings shook and fluttered, hoping to get away somehow.

“For someone who is supposed to be god’s creature, he really didn’t give you a lot of perks. I thought angels would be able to get away easier.” Seokjin comments as he runs one of his hands over the white feathers, taking note of the few black feathers at the base of the angel’s wings. “Not so pure, hm, Joonie?”

“That cupcake- you-you ruined me!” Namjoon shook with fear, his breathing becoming more heavy as the seconds pass. “Why- i don’t understand why you would do this!”

“I told you,” Seokjin’s voice is next to his ear suddenly, “because it’s fun.”

Namjoon feels a tug on his right wing, before a sharp pain shoots through it. “Fuck!” he struggles, moving and pulling, his wings shifting and fluttering away from Seokjin’s grip.

“It’s only gonna hurt more if you keep moving! Now stop being mean and stay still!” Seokjin exclaims, pulling on the angel’s wing more and Namjoon lets out a yelp when he feels something puncture the joint of his wing.

“There, now you won’t be able to move as much.” Seokjin says, and Namjoon can only guess that a hook was shoved into his wing. “Too bad all the feathers are gonna be all bloody now, they would’ve made beautiful decorations too.”

Namjoon feels the tears begin to stream down his cheeks at the pain in his wing, and the fear that courses through his veins. He’s gonna /die/.

He would’ve been fine with it in any other situation, but right now, he’s dying at the hands of one of his /best/ friends.

Who would want to die like /that/?

He’s brought out of his black hole of fear when he feels sharp points digging into the base of his wing, and he lets out a scream of pain, his left wing fluttering and flapping, while his right one begins to hang limply on the hook and in Seokjin’s hold.

More tears stream down his face, and blood begins to decorate his back, dripping down the fabric of his shirt. Some splattered onto Seokjin too, but the older male didn’t seem to mind how messy he was getting.

The saw begins to dig into his bone, and Namjoon lets out a few strangled cries, finding it too painful to move away from the sharp teeth of the tool.

He heard a snap, and felt the burning white hot pain in his back only seconds later, letting out a sharp scream.

He hears a giggle leave Seokjin’s lips, before the older male came out from behind the table, and Namjoon only let out more choked sobs as he saw his wing, covered in his blood hanging in the pink haired male’s hands.

“One down, one to go!” Seokjin says, placing the wing down on the cart and moving to the other side.

Namjoon stares at the white feathers of his wing, before moving down to look at the black feathers that were soaked in blood.

He tries not to let anymore tears fall, but it’s hard to do so as those sharp teeth of the saw dig into the base of his remaining wing, and he lets out another scream, finding it harder to move again.

His vision begins to blur and darken around his eyes, and keeping them open becomes harder as another snap is heard, more pain shoots through the left side of his body, and more blood splatters and splashes his clothes, Seokjin,and the wall behind him.

His head begins to feel heavy, and the last thing he sees, before his vision darkens, is a head of pink hair.


Namjoon wakes again to silence, and for a moment, he believes it was all some nightmare, just some fucked up dream that was caused by all the missing cases that had happened.

But he’s wrong, because when his vision refocuses, the first things he notices are Taehyung and Jackson’s severed heads tied up to the roof in front of him, and Yoongi’s limp body still strapped to the table across from him.

“Finally, i thought those adrenaline shots would never wake you up.” Namjoon’s eyes snap towards a staircase he hadn’t noticed before, and there he sees Seokjin, dragging a black garbage bag behind him.

Namjoon subconsciously winced at every thud that the bag made. “W-what’s in there?” He watched as Seokjin drags the bag over towards him.

“Hm, how should i say this?” Seokjin says as he kneels down, beginning to untie the bag. “Our little friend had decided to pay a visit while i was waiting for the adrenaline to wake you up, and since i wasn’t able to clean up in time, i had to bring him down here once he realized that i was covered in blood.”

Namjoon’s brows furrowed slightly, shifting slightly to try and peer over Seokjin’s shoulder, only to feel jolts of pain go through his back. He ignores the pain, in favor of trying to see who was in the bag.

His jaw drops open upon seeing Jaebum unconscious, with tape over his mouth and his hands and feet tied together. “Dumbass! Why is he here?!” He exclaims, flicking his gaze back to Seokjin.

“I don’t know, but i’d say it’s your fault he’s here don’t you think?” Seokjin says, pulling Jaebum’s body out of the bag, and over to a wall where a chain and collar were hanging.

Namjoon took the few seconds he had of Seokjin’s back facing him to look at where his wrists were cuffed. He pulled at one of his wrists, frowning when he doesn’t see a way he could get out easily.

He looks back at Seokjin, and squints his eyes to see better in the dark, and he manages to catch a glimpse of a long line of stitches from the back of Seokjin’s head, down his neck and disappears in his shirt.

“Stitches?” he asks out loud, and Seokjin turns back to look at him, just in time to see a flash of red shine in the older male’s irises.

His heart stops.

“What was that?”

That’s not Seokjin.