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you are my garden.

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Chapter 1:



Jimin was a strange child since birth. His mother passed away a year after giving birth to him. He was born with an unusual amount of strength. He was strong, but inside he was a fragile little boy. It was funny, for his small height to have so much strength within him. He didn’t have fear going outside. Alone during the night. Knowing there was possible thugs, killers, or kidnappers. With a single punch, they’d be on the floor sleeping in a sleepless slumber. Of course, Jimin didn’t always enjoy this strength. It gave him trouble, towards people who found him suspicious. Or the possibilities of being locked up, for scientists to study on his unknowing power. He didn’t enjoy that idea at all. That’s why, even though he went out. He was locked up most of his life. 


“Prince Jimin?” A voice said. Jimin looked back at his door. Haru his butler, stood there firm and tall. He placed his book down, giving his full attention to him. 


“Yes, Haru?” His soft voice rang through Haru’s ears. To anyone it would be hard to believe a timid boy like him could have ultimate strength. He had a special power that anyone would want their hands on. Haru was in his middle years. He had his own wife, his own family. He watched Jimin grow from a shy boy to a strong boy who he is now. Even though he could show sings of him being innocent. 


“Your father requests you.” His voice was firm. Confirming that his father must need him immediately, for a serious manner. At times like this, Jimin feared his father the most. He had the power to control him. Jimin just gave a shaky nod, and with that Haru left the room. 


Jimin placed the poetry book on the shelf, sliding his slippers on. He walked out his bedroom into the hallway. Where his bodyguard awaited for him. Jimin scoffed. “Really? He sent me a bodyguard.” He whispered to himself in disbelief. “I am Park Jimin, the strongest person alive, and I do not need a bodyguard. I can protect myself more than a bodyguard would!” He talked to himself walking to the main room. The bodyguard paying no mind to the princes complaints. 


Jimin ran through the hallway, laughing to himself as he hopped. He had black hair, his natural hair that was something he cherished being one of the few things that resembled his mother. Chubby cheeks, and small fingers. His body was beauty to any man. He had a small waist, and round hips. He had a plump butt, and soft thick quishy thighs. 


He danced around the hallway, smiling to himself. He loved dancing. He secretly taught himself to dance. His father wouldn’t like the idea of him dancing. Saying it was ‘unprofessional’ or something a Prince of the Park family shouldn’t do. He had an older brother who was married to a beautiful woman. His father—and his step-mother. Which he hated, but that was for another chapter. He had step brothers who he did not talk to, or they acknowledge him. He was fine with being alone. The only people who he cherished in the world of ruin, was his aunt, and his older brother. The only people who supported through his fight. 


He came to a stop. A big door in front of him. He shakily sighed, placing a hand in front of his chest. He calmed himself down before going in. “Did you call, father?” He walked in. He could see his step brothers snickering at him. One of them roaming their eyes on his body. He covered himself with his hands going unnoticed by everyone in the room. His father turned, dark eyes looking at him. 


“Jimin.” He started. “I have found a husband for you.” At this Jimin’s eyes widened. “His name is Beom-Seok, Prince of Daejeon.” He continued, not noticing the tears that started to form in Jimin’s dark brown eyes. “He is 24 years old, he has agreed to this arranged marriage.” He said, being completely calm. “You will get married on May 19th.” Jimin couldn’t believe it. It was just a week! A week away from getting married. He couldn’t protest, if he did he was sure his father would get mad. Jimin turned, giving a weak nod. 


“Yes, father.” 


Jimin was left alone the rest of the day. The lights off, while he was reading tucked under his bed. He had a week. Just a week to get out of here. Out of this hell he calls home. He was strong, he could fight his father. But he was too weak in the inside to do something like that. He cried again, this time his sobs being muffled by the pillows on his bed. He thought about next week. His wedding week. He was devastated. He couldn’t tell is this was a dream, a dream that will never end. He grabbed his phone. He didn’t use it much, always on books or writing in his journal. 


He typed in, taetae(๑>◡<๑).


He pressed the call button. The last time he called, was about a week ago. 


A beep was heard, and a deep voice spoke softly through the phone. 


“Jiminie? “


“T-t...” Jimin’s voice wavered. He felt the lump on his throat get bigger, and the tears that started forming in his eyes. He closed his mouth shut for a second, focusing on his breathing. Taehyung sat, waiting patiently for his best friend to answer. After a minute, Jimin was back on the phone. “Tae...are you settled in Seoul?” 


“Yeah. I finally finished unpacking everything, Jungkook is yet to come though. His parents are gonna miss him a lot. So he’s staying a few days in Busan before coming here. Why?” 


Jimin has to say it. He knows he has to. He feels like a burden. Telling his friend, his own problems. When he should be dealing with them on his own. He decided to just say it. Spill it before he regrets it, and hangs the phone, and never gets to leave this place. “My father arranged a marriage for me.” His voice wavered again, and he felt the lump in his throat rise again, before he knew it he was letting out soft sobs into the phone. 


Taehyung was quiet for a second, before speaking. “An arranged marriage?” Taehyung knew about Jimin being a Prince. Taehyung wasn’t one, but he met Jimin through his mother. Jimin’s Mother and Taehyung used to be good friends. Taehyung’s family wasn’t royalty. But his mother accepted it anyways. Jungkook also lived in Busan. But Jimin has yet to know this ‘Jungkook’ guy that keeps Taehyung busy. Taehyung was always, and only Jimin’s friend. Jimin never really could make friends as a kid. So, Taehyung was the only person he could trust. 


“Yeah. He w-wants me to m-marry——,” Jimin has to pause before speaking again. He feels like he’s going to burst. “—Some guy named Beom-Seok, a prince who lives in Daejeon. T-tae, I’m so scared. I-I don’t w-want t-to marry him.” Jimin sobbed. 


Taehyung frowned over the phone. “Of course you don’t. I mean who would? Just being forced into a marriage. You don’t even know this guy. How could you possibly know if he’s good? Fuck that, Jimin. You should get out of there. Leave before you regret and marry some guy who will probably treat you like a side-chick.” 


Jimin chuckled. Taehyung had a way with words. That’s what he loved the most. His way of comfort. He smiled softly, “I want to leave, I really do. But I just don’t know how. I can’t just stroll right up to my father, and say ‘Fuck you! I’m not letting you force me into this marriage.’”


“Well of course you can, silly! It doesn’t matter if you’re a prince. Or even if you’re the queen of England. No one should go through that. Jimin. Come to Seoul. I have a spare room. Plus it’s a great chance to meet Kookie! Remember? The guy I’m totally swooning over.” 


It wasn’t a bad idea. What was bad was getting through the guards, his step brothers, and his step-mom. He shivered at the thought. Yes, he has strength. Unbelievable strength. But he couldn’t use it to hurt innocent people, or attack them. It was purely wrong, and it probably wasn’t giving to him for that purpose. 


“You think that would work?” His voice was small. “You think I can escape here? Leave this all behind? Pretend I’m not a prince? Say goodbye to this hellhole? You think that’s possible, tae?” Tears constantly streamed down his face, and he quickly wiped them with his chubby fingers that were covered with the oversized sweater, that was just too big on him. 


Taehyung smiled. “Anything’s possible, Minnie.” 


Hearing that made Jimin realize so much. He sobbed into the phone again, and again—again. He was a mess, a total wreck, but he didn’t care. The phone was quiet, he could tell Taehyung was just listening. The silence comforting both of them. Jimin kept sobbing, broken sobs nobody could hear. His room was separate from everyone else’s. He slept far away from his—stepbrothers. The only thing keeping him safe his room. Who knew what they would do. But Jimin didn’t have to worry. He could punch them and they would pass out. Jimin ended up falling asleep, his soft snores only being heard through the phone. 


Taehyung soon hanged up. He couldn’t stay up late. He fell asleep too. 


When Jimin woke up, he wasn’t expecting to receive a headache. Hell—he wasn’t expecting to wake up to his step brother looking at him menacingly. 


“Why are you in my room?” Jimin asked. His step-brother——going by Ji-ho scoffed. 


“Listen loser. Everyone is going to this fancy restaurant to celebrate your wedding. You better get dressed, nicely. Be ready in 20, if not you’ll get beat up.” 


Jimin rolled his eyes. “Isn’t that quite immature.” He mumbled. “I want to see you try to hit me.” 


“What?” Ji-ho turned around quickly. He glared at Jimin. “What did you say?” 


“I said; I want to see you try to hit me.” Jimin spoke louder. Not a trace of hesitation. 


“Listen Bitch, I could care less what I do with you. So you better shut that pretty mouth of yours before you regret it.” 


Jimin again, rolled his eyes. “Let’s see who’s going to regret it.” 


Ji-ho laughed. He pounced on Jimin, his fist came up halfway trying to punch Jimin on his face. But a sudden force stopped him. Jimin’s step-brothers did not know about his strength. Neither his step-mother. His father kept it a secret, not wanting Jimin to look like a freak. Ji-ho’s eyes widened. He felt the pain. Jimin had grabbed his arm, stopping the forceful punch that was coming his way. “W-what the hell are you doing?” Ji-ho said. Traces of fear, in his eyes. 


“You said you would hit me, you haven’t hit me yet.” Jimin still holding onto his arm, stood him up. And threw him across the room, his back landing against the wall. Jimin was a small boy, and to this Ji-ho grabbed his arm that stung from the throw. His back also hurt. He quickly got up, ready to run out the room. When he did he yelled out. 


“Crazy Bitch!”


“What a jerk.” Jimin mumbled. “I look like a small and fragile boy, and yet he threatens and still tries to hit me. I feel sorry for his wife.” He said. 


He didn’t feel like going to the breakfast, or lunch or whatever it was. He didn’t want to celebrate his wedding. So he stayed locked up in his room, planning out different ways to escape from this torture. 




Finally, it was the wedding day. Jimin had one of the stylists get into the dress. He convinced her to walk out to the aisle, he offered her two times her pay and she accepted. So she was still sleeping in her room. 


Meanwhile Jimin was trying to dye his hair. “How do I dye my hair?” He asked himself. “Don’t I have to wait a few hours?” Luckily enough, the wedding wasn’t till 12. And he woken up extra early. It was 2 in the morning. He wasn’t tired. He slept all day yesterday to have enough energy. Jimin decided a blonde look would go well. So he did the work. He had to bleach his hair according to the box, and he did. After an hour he washed it out. Another 30 minute wait, and his hair was ready. The blonde didn’t look bad. He was sad, that he had to change his hair. But he didn’t look terrible. It suit him pretty well. He thought if he changed his hair, they wouldn’t recognize him. He thought it over though. Does he really want to leave his Older brother and his aunt? Live in this hell? He decided he had to. Not only for them but his own being. He sent letters to them, explaining the situation. He liked his hair blonde. It made him feel a sorta special way. All he had to do was place a beanie over it in the morning, and he’ll be good. Two hours he spent on that— and he didn’t think it was supposed to take that long, but he was new at this. 


He placed a big bag in front of him. Spare clothes—like oversized sweaters and jeans. A few shirts too. He could buy more clothes in Seoul. A lot of money in a wallet—and a lot. He had to make sure to put some in his back pocket. He placed a picture of his mom inside, he looked at it. Oh, how he missed her. He missed her so, so much. He sighed. Next—he placed his laptop, phone charger and laptop charger in. He had to make sure to not lose this bag. He’s never been to Seoul so he had to be careful. The bag wasn’t like a suitcase, it was more like those gym bags. That are big and could hold a lot of things. Plus, even if it was heavy it wouldn’t be a problem for him. He placed his favorite poem book inside. Finally—he placed a music box inside. The only gift he has left of his mother. Something he was given when he was born. This was probably why he wanted to dance. 


After he finished packing his bag, he took a long hour shower. It was 6 am by now. He changed into comfortable but—running clothes. An oversized sweater and a pink light shirt under it. He also wore sweatpants. He placed the beanie on his head. Making sure to keep it in place and not a strand to fall out. For the next few hours he took a nap. His phone buzzed two hours later. 


taetae(๑>◡<๑): You ready? Remember. Once you get out the palace run to the airport. I’m not going to pick you up because they might follow you. Just because you changed your hair won’t mean they won’t be clever. I’ll send you the address and you can call a taxi, the number for the taxi is xxx-xxx-xxx. Got it?


Jiminie(╹◡╹)♡: yeah got it tae! love you. :)


taetae(๑>◡<๑): love you too babes, be safe. 


With that Jimin turned his phone off and zipped the sweater up. He walked out his room. His father probably thought he was in the dressing room. The stylist probably in there wearing a wig. He looked through the window, and saw her. She looked back and gave a thumbs up. He gave one too. So he started walking out again. He heard a few voices down the hall and he entered a room. 


“Who are you?” A deep voice demanded. Jimin turned around and saw— a pretty good looking guy in a suit. 


Shit. “Um..I’m Min!” He said. He wasn’t technically lying. Min was a nickname. It just wasn’t something anyone could call him. The unknown man raised a brow. 


“Min? Who are you exactly.” 


“Uh..I’m one of Jimin’s friends, yeah! I’m here to congratulate him. Who are you exactly?” Nice save Jimin. He thought. 


“I’m Beom-Seok. Prince of Daejeon.” Jimin gaped at him. So this was the famous Beom-Seok. 


“Oh.. well congratulations!” 


“Thank you, Min.” It felt weird. The way his named rolled off his tongue was weird. He didn’t like it. He had a weird aura. 


“Uh, yeah.” Jimin smiled. “I have to get going, I’m looking for Jimin.” Beom-Seok nodded, and Jimin left the room running down the hall. He sighed to himself, it was starting to get late. 


The plane took off at 12:30, and it was already 11:30. Now, he had to get through his step-brothers. He strolled down the hall, his bag on his shoulder, which he carried with ease. Sometimes he forgot he had such power. Sometimes. 


Soon he saw his brothers approaching, him. Well he thought it was him. “Beom-Seok!” One of them yelled and hugged him. Jimin walked further from them trying not to attract attention. He could hear their conversation. 


“......Yeah Jimin’s a total cutie. You’ll have fun with him. He has a good ass.” Jimin visibly cringed at his step brothers words. Soon he was out the door. Walking past the guards was easy. All he had to do was call them through his phone. Tell them his father was waiting for them, and they were gone. 


And soon he was out the door. But there was a catch. Even though Jimin easily got out the house. “JIMIN!!” He heard his fathers voice from the yard. Oh no. It was twelve. They must’ve already found out. They came to the front, his fathers voice boomed. “Get him, fools!” They ran to him, but Jimin was quicker and threw big rocks at them. Not big enough to hurt them, but big enough to stop them. He ran through the gates and to the direction of the airport. He had to get out of Busan. 


He ran, and he had a few guards behind him. He could already picture his fathers face. Probably red from anger and rage. A guard managed to catch up to him, and grabbed Jimin’s arms. Jimin didn’t want to hurt him. But he had no choice. He stepped on his shoe, and with the strength he had he probably broke bones. And he did. He could heat the cracks and the way the guard let go of his arm to fall on the ground. 


“Sorry.” Jimin mumbled before running even faster than before. The guards saw what happened and stayed back to help him. Not one going after him. But he had to be fast they’d probably catch up to him sooner of later. He still had his bag, and soon he was at the airport. 


He quickly got on, went through security, and got his ticket out. And soon he was on the plane. He was on the plane. He smiled, knowing he left that place for good. Seoul. The place he’ll soon be in. 2 hours later, he was getting off the airplane. He walked out. 


It wasn’t late so he decided to walk around, he was in Seoul. It was amazing! Everything was different from Busan. He soon found stands nearby, like a mall place. He wandered around. And soon it was night time. The lights were so beautiful, and he enjoyed every second of it. Till a “There he is!” voiced through the streets. With fear Jimin looked back, and sure there was about six guards waiting to catch him. Jimin ran. 


Jimin didn’t know where he ran, but he ran into a bar? Maybe a karaoke place? There was lights blaring everywhere, and people dancing and drinking. The guards from this place didn’t seem to care for him and let him go in. Not even showing an ID or anything. Jimin was being pushed by everyone. They were dancing having the time of their life. As Jimin ran from guards, who probably were still out there looking for him. There was a guy up front, on a big stage. With a microphone in his hands. He was tall, and whenever he smiled a dimple showed. He was rapping and it wasn’t bad. But Jimin had to find an escape fast. 


Soon he saw a ‘Do not Enter’ Door, but he went anyways. He had to either way, he couldn’t just go from the front the guards were probably out there waiting for him. He entered the room, and didn’t look where he was going and soon he bumped into someone. 


He wasn’t tall—probably two inches taller than him. He had light blue hair—or a green. But it looked good on him. The guy wrapped his arms around him, so Jimin wouldn’t fall. They stared at each other for a few seconds, and Jimin thought this wasn’t such a bad place to be in. Even though he’s being chased, and he’s panicking the guy was cute and his aura was calming. He liked it. 


“Are you alright?” He finally spoke. And god—he also has a good deep voice. Something he’d probably wouldn’t mind hearing everyday. Snap out of it! Jimin thought. It wasn’t time to have these gay thoughts over a guy you just bumped into!


“Uh.. yeah I’m alright. Sorry.” Jimin bowed. Assuming he was probably older than him. The guy smiled softly. 


“It’s alright. Why are you back here? It doesn’t look like you’re apart the stage crew.” 


Before Jimin could respond. He could hear the voices of the guards behind the door. Before they entered Jimin, grabbed the man, turned him around and placed his arms around his waist. Jimin’s hands crawling over his neck. 


“Let me use you!” Jimin whispered. 


Jimin tucked his head in the guys neck. And the guy was confused. But soon, the guards came in searching through the room, finding no one. They didn’t want to disturb the ‘couple’ who were snuggling against the wall so they simply stepped out the room. 


Jimin sighed in relief and pushed the guy back. Not too hard, to hurt him. 


“Thank you.” Jimin bowed again. Feeling his face heat up in embarrassment. 


The guy scratched his head. “Uh, it was no problem.” The guy was awfully calm about ten situation. He was just strangled into holding some strangers waist while they cuddled. Jimin thought that was rude of him. He shouldn’t had done that. But it was done, and he was thankful those guys left. He stood straight up, held his arm up waiting for the man to shake his hand. 


“I’m Park Jimin.”