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When The Sun Comes

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Yoongi is not really sure when it all started. He is not sure when first noticed his feeble heart started racing at the mere thought of Namjoon. When he started taking too-long-secret-glances. When he could finally breathe knowing that Namjoon did not lose a finger every time he showed up with something new broken.


Yoongi knows he doesn’t have a slight chance of Namjoon returning his feelings and really that is okay. He does not expect him to. He doesn't mind looking from afar, even if that means watching him give those so-sweet-smiles, those soft hugs and beautiful melody of a voice to everyone that’s not him. Sometimes his overbearing love for his clumsy leader tends to be quite hard to ignore. For instance, right now they’re in a scheduled area that BigHit rented. They’re filming a surprise piece for their ongoing series LOVE YOURSELF. It’s actually the intro for LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER. It's a correlation between all three albums that they plan to have finished and released by this time next year. Their maknae Jungguk did the intro this time, and as always he did well.


They are filming a scene for Euphoria. They are currently in what seems to be an abandoned cafeteria, Yoongi is not certain if the building is really abandoned, he was too busy drifting in and out of consciousness to actually pay attention to what the director was saying. Though he did hear Taehyung and Jin saying something about somewhere being abandoned and spooky.


This scene is mostly about Jimin and Seok-ah though more mostly about Jimin that Seok-ah. This sense is supposed to reveal to the audience the significance of the references that were made in their previous chapter MVs of the BTS universe about the tiresome loneliness the pair faces in the series. As usually all the members are paired up to fit with the stories that were told within each pair. In the film, the pairs of each member have a close relationship. One so close they literally hurt when they are apart for too long.


Yoongi knows this, yet he can’t stop the gloved hands that seem to grab ahold of his heart whenever he sees Namjoon smile so sweetly at Taehyung. He knows he shouldn’t be mad, its apart of the theme, It is literally the concept that they have had for an ongoing of 5 years now. Yoogi knows that the only reason Taehyung keeps sitting in Namjoone’s lap -and of course wiggling his hips every chance he gets- is because its all for the camera.


The worst part is he can’t stay mad at Tae for too long, even if he really wanted to, not when he is so overbearingly cute, especially when he knows exactly how to grab hold of the too-soft spot for him that are in Yoongi’s heart. So instead he focuses his attention on his character’s relationship with Jungguk, it’s too of a difficult of a task, not for him, not when he already has a soft spot for the younger boy.








“Pay attention to me-”


“I am,” Yoongi says turning to the younger boy. He looks especially cute today, boyshi even. His white T-shirt and orange jacket seems built to bring out the boyish look in Jungguk. His wind-swept hair all but tying up together to bring his entire look to bring to life to the young unbounded free boy that Yoongi has always known. He looks so huggable, Yoongi can’t resist the urge. He gets up so suddenly he almost startles the younger boy.


Yoongi grabs him by the waist, left hand sliding into his hair latching on to the fine hairs on his nape in a firm grip, Yoongi similes and lean in, landing a small yet sweet kiss on Jungguk’s pouty mouth. Yoongi pulls the younger boy closer so that their hips are touching.


“See, I am paying attention to you babe”


Jungguk’s mouth drops open, his breath picks up, eyes glossed over.


“Hyung-” he starts, breathes caught in his throat.


Yoongi barely ever shows affection so willingly. Jungguk still can’t believe he gets to see this side of his hyung.


“Yoon- Yoongi-hyung sit I-I wanna” he doesn’t finish, already pushing Yoongi to sit in the chair he had been previously occupying.


He’s so grateful that when he decided to seek out Yoongi, The older man was already climbing into one of their MV trailer buses. Now he can have all of his hyung’s attention all on him.


He walks over to the trailer door and switches the lock of the trailer bus to occupied it. He returns, already pulling down Yoongi’s fly.


“Hyung I-I want you so bad, you’re so good to me, hyung is so good to me” he moans pulling down his pants, pulling apart the globes of his ass showing off the butt plug he had placed there with a bountiful amount of lube.


A slap to his right asscheek has him moaning, jiggling his ass once more. He pulls his pants and boxers briefs off completely, he then turns and straddles Yoongi, sinking down on his length.


They both moan.


“Gguk makes hyung feels so good.”


“Y-Yeah hyung”


Yoongi leans in and kissing the younger boy on the mouth, licking into his mouth he moans at the feeling of Jungguk bouncing on his cock.


“Gguk looks especially good today, so soft, makes hyung wanna fuck into his puffy hole.”


Jungguk moans louder, hips picking up erratic almost. He cums with a spurt when Yoongi sucks violently a sensitive nipple.


“Yoongi-hyung cum inside me”


Yoongi licks into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. He cums into the younger boy’s puffy hole, grinding up until there’s no more to give, until he has grown oversensitive.


“Come here baby give your favorite hyungie a kiss,” Yoongi says a soft whisper.


He kisses Jungguk until both their mouths are sore, until they run out of breath until there is a knock at the door signaling time to continue with filming. Yoongi pulls Jungguk off his now soft cock, plugging him up with the butt plug from earlier. “Come on Gguk we gotta go now, they’re lookin’ for us.”  


They exit the trailer flushed and refreshed.


Namjoon is at the door when they exit. Chin jutting out, jaw ticked. He doesn’t meet Yoongi’s eyes. Grabbing Jimin’s ass the pair walks away, Namjoon brushing by him without a word.


No one speaks of what just happened. Tensions still high.


Namjoon won’t look him in the eye and honestly, Yoongi doesn’t know why. It’s not like it’s a secret, everyone knows Yoongi and Gguk are fucking. Even the manager and the stylist noonas.


It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve been seen after a round of hooking up. So Yoongi is really confused when they get a lunch break and the director calls a cut. The staff brings over food to their makeshift table. By the time Yoongi gets to the table everyone is already seated, well everyone except him and Namjoon.


Namjoon is just heading over to the table carrying what looks like a plate of Bulgogi with a small smile on his face. When he reaches the table he stops, his smile slipping off his face once he realizes that the only two chairs that are not taken are right next to each other. Instead of sitting in one of the unoccupied chairs he goes over to where Jimin is sitting between Hoseok and Jin, he pulls Jimin up from the chair he was occupying. Then he pulls the younger boy into his lap, making a show of it by kissing Jimin softly on the lips, his smile returning.


Yoongi keeps a calm facade. Taking a seat he reaches for a bowl. He tries to keep the bile rising in his throat down, not wanting to cause suspicion. So he stuffs his mouth with Samgyeopsal, perhaps he took too much or went too fast, either way, he starts coughing a piece of meat when down the wrong pipe. Already there’s a cup in his hand, a hand soothingly rubbing his back. Jungguk. He’s whispering in his ear reassuring words of comfort.


“It’s okay hyung, you’re alright”


“Thanks, gguk” he coughs one last time drinking the remains in the cup. He’s so grateful for his dotting dongsaeng .


He looks up eyes meeting Namjoon’s glare, though it’s not directed at him, it’s directed at Jungguk? Though Jungguk eyes are fixated on him, making sure his hyung is recovered.