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To Russia With Love

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High school is stressful. People pick on the kid on the outskirts, like Yuuri Katsuki. He’s the target for being pushed to the ground. He’s lost track of all the times kids have poured juice or milk on his lunch, making it all soggy. Yuuri however, was surprisingly invited to the biggest party of the fall. He suspects they saw how many followers he has on Instagram, and saw that he’s actually cool because he’s an amazing figure skater. The whole week leading up to the party, people were nice to him, they let him cut them in the lunch line, if he dropped something, they’d pick it up for him, if someone bumped into him, they’d apologize. Yuuri thought he actually had friends. Then, when he arrived at the party, that’s when the name calling started. They first gave him a cup of something Yuuri has no clue what it was. He should have suspected, if they found his Instagram, and saw he’s a figure skater, they’re going to call him gay. They’re going to call him names, they’re going to call him “Girly” and they asked him to do a ballet spin, they ask him to say “Yasss”. They ask a lot of offensive questions about his nationality. His anxiety hits him like a frying pan, and he runs to the bathroom.

And that’s where he is now, hiding in the bathroom. He locks the door, falls to the floor, and allows himself to cry. He draws his knees up to his chest, and he buries his face into his knees, and he lets the world disappear around him. He can hear people singing to songs outside of the door, and he can hear distant arguing. Someone is knocking on the door.

“One second,” He called, he stood up and wiped the tears from his face, and he opened the door. The “King of The School” was standing before him. He has on a white shirt and tight black jeans. He has silver hair and bright baby blue eyes. It’s Viktor Nikiforov. King of The School. King of the Ice. People think that he’s cool because he figures skates, and maybe more because he knows how to throw a party. Yuuri felt his heart racing, this is as close as someone like him has ever been to Viktor, top of the social popularity scale in probably all of Russia. He looks at Yuuri with a concerned look on his face. Yuuri panicked and he walked past Viktor. As he’s walking through the crowd, he can’t help but wonder if Viktor is the reason why Yuuri’s life at school is hell. I mean, those kids are his friends, so why not?

Yuuri is out on the front lawn, wishing he wasn’t born, wishing he isn’t such a loser. He crossed his arms over his chest, because he forgot how cold it is, and he doesn’t know where he put his coat. He doesn’t care, honestly. They can have it, and keep it as a trophy. Yuuri thought he had friends, and thought his mental health was going to get better but looks like he’s going to go back to skipping day after day of school because he doesn’t have the motivation to go to school.

“Yuuri!?” He didn’t bother to turn around. He doesn’t care, he just wants to get the fuck away from that party. He’s walking back to his parent’s apartment. They’re only staying here in Russia for the skating season. “Yuuri! You forgot your jacket!!” Yuuri continued walking until he was on the sidewalk. He pulls out his phone and gets directions to his apartment because he still doesn’t know his way around Moscow like he knows his way around Hasetsu. The person grabbed his shoulder to stop him from walking. It’s Viktor, and he let go of Yuuri’s shoulder and handed him his jacket. Yuuri took, it from him, and turned around and continued to walk away. He jumped when a police car when whizzing by him. He’s definitely not ready for life in Russia. Hasetsu wasn’t ever as busy as Russia.

“I should walk you home, the streets this time aren’t the safest,” Viktor offered.

“You have a party you should be hosting,” Yuuri said, turning around, not putting on his jacket. Viktor looked at the ground and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’m just their poster boy, they’re the ones that pull all of the strings,” Viktor explained. Yuuri rolled his eyes and he turned around and continued down the street. Part of Yuuri who wishes he was cool, was screaming at himself for being so hostile to Viktor, but the part of him that’s trying to protect him, was making him be borderline hostile and cold towards him. Viktor walked after Yuuri anyways. Yuuri looked over at him and his first reaction was to roll his eyes.

“Just out of curiosity, where did you live before here?” Viktor asked. Yuuri didn’t reply, he just kept on walking, trying to lose Viktor. He debated walking into the nearest building and seeing if it’ll lose Viktor. Then again, he doesn’t want to delay getting home any longer. His parents worry about him a lot and he did say he’ll be home before 1 in the morning. He faced the harsh reality that he might not get there in time. He opened his contacts in his phone and he called his parents. They only speak Japanese, and Yuuri’s first language is Japanese, so he can speak to them without Viktor overhearing what he’s saying.

Hey mum ,” Yuuri said in Japanese. “ Yeah, I’m walking home now because I’m sure people are too drunk to drive me back home… yup, just leave the front door unlocked, I might not be home before 1 and I didn’t want you to worry…. Okay… Yup… Night,” Yuuri opened the directions to his parent's apartment, and he continued walking, trying to block out Viktor and his little stories of every little shop or cafe they walk by.

“C-Can you read any Russian?” Viktor asked. Yuuri sighed and shook his head. “How can you live in Russia and not know any Russian?” Viktor asked again, playfully.

“I just got here a month ago,” Yuuri replied, defensively.

“Really? Hmm, I wonder why I don’t see you at school,” He commented.

“I avoid rush hour in the halls as much as possible, I requested to have all small classes, I avoid all eye contact and conversation I possibly can,” Yuuri added, following his GPS.

“And I’m also guessing you don’t know where you’re going?” Yuuri nodded.

“You should just go back to the party,” Yuuri said “I’ve been picked on enough for one day,”

“I’m not picking on you, just trying to start up a conversation,” Viktor replied. Yuuri rolled his eyes and continued down the street. “Hey, what did I do to get this cold shoulder? And are you going to put your jacket on? It’s fucking cold out here.”

“I’m going to burn it,” Yuuri replied. He believes the jacket is cursed. The last times he wore it, things have gone wrong. He thought someone would just grab it, mistaking it for theirs, and he’ll never see it again.

“Why? Because I touched it?” Viktor asked, Yuuri shook his head, and quickened his pace. “Hey, wait!” Viktor called. “What’s wrong?”

This got Yuuri to stop walking “Don’t act like you heard the names they called me, the things they’ve done to me. You might be able to laugh it off, and not let it get to you, but it bothers the fuck out of me. Now if you don’t mind I’ll like to get home without deadweight.” Yuuri replied, knowing his eyes are welling up with tears. He walked past a person who was sitting with their back against a wall. Yuuri walked over to them and handed them his jacket. The person smiled and Yuuri kept on walking, now that he has lost the jacket, all he needs to do is lose Viktor and he’ll be as content as ever.

“Hey, Yuuri wait. Seriously,” Viktor called, sounding panicked. “Listen, this part of town is really sketchy, I really don’t want you walking here alone, and freezing.” Viktor takes off his jacket and hands it to Yuuri. Yuuri doesn’t take it. He just crosses his arms, and he continues to walk. “Dude, c’mon, it’s getting colder.”

“I don’t want your fucking jacket. I just want to be in my room, and I just was to disappear,” Yuuri says, turning towards Viktor. Viktor just stood there looking at him. He didn’t realize it right away, but his jacket was covering the scars on Yuri’s arms. He looked at his arms where Viktor is looking. He quickly turned around, and he quickly took off. Viktor went after Yuuri because he doesn’t want someone on the side of the street to attack him, and he wants to ask questions about what happened to his arms, but he knows. He knows what those scars are, he’s seen them multiple times by the other popular girls who are all smiles. But he knows the truth about them. There’s just something about Yuuri that makes his heart stop, it makes it sink.

“I’m not going to ask about the scars… Well, how recent are they?”

“You’re not my therapist,” Yuuri says, taking a left. He’s still following the GPS on his phone, and he wishes could just be alone. “I don’t have to tell you anything.”
“Is from them picking on you? Because I can tell them to knock it off. They’ll listen to me,”

“I don’t care. I’ll be back home at the end of the skating season,” Yuuri replies, seeing the apartment building across the street. “My apartment is down there, can you leave me alone?” Yuuri asked. Viktor shook his head. “And what about you? Huh? You gonna walk back home?”

“No I’ll call a cab. I speak Russian,”

“No shit,” Yuuri said, throwing his arms up in the air. He continued to walk away, ready to get far far away from Viktor. He walks into the apartment building. It’s a Japanese speaking apartment building, and Viktor follows Yuuri to the front desk.

Hello,” The lady behind the desk said

Hey, did my parents ring down here saying I’m getting home late?” The lady looks down at a notepad.

“Katsuki, Yuuri?” Yuuri nods. “ All set, what about him,”

He’s going to wait for a cab, don’t worry, he’s not coming up to the room with me,” Yuuri says he turns to Viktor. “Thanks for walking me home.” He said bitterly before walking towards the elevator, rubbing his numb arms. Viktor calls a Taxi and by the time he gets home, his house is a fucking mess, but it doesn’t bug him as much as the scars on Yuuri’s arms. He sits on the couch and he finds Yuuri’s Instagram. He literally has half a million followers and gets more likes on his posts than any of the popular boys in school do. He reads through the comments, and people are talking about how adorable he is, and how amazing his skating is.

Yuuri got changed into comfy clothes and he walked down the hall to his small room, that’s the size of the small kitchen and living room combined He has a couple more months here in Russia and he’s honestly not entirely sure how he’s going to survive school now. He was pulled out of the junior competitions last year because of his mental health, and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him again this year. He’s so close to making a name for himself. He’s closer than he’s ever been before, and he’s trying to get his life together. He goes to sleep without having dinner. He eats a small breakfast and a big lunch, and no dinner. It’s something he found work with maintaining his weight. Which is another thing that he has to be careful about? He flopped onto his bed and was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.