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“You really think this robot looks better?”


“Right. I rather like the colors on it too.”


Team Blaze sat around their room, lounging contently. Junior laid on the floor, drawing blueprints for his next scheme on the Mushroom Kingdom. Robin sat on the beanbag, reading a book. Lucina sat next to the Koopa Prince, watching him draw. Dart had his arms and left wing around Harper, the both of them snuggled up on the bed. With the way they were positioned, Dart had his right wing laid out due to its sensitivity. He had his face in Harper’s shoulder. Their quiet breathing was the only noise in the room.


Robin found it rather soothing. A much needed upgrade from Vaike. You could hear his monstrous snores fifteen tents away.


“Watch out, Junior…” The tactician smirked. “You’ll find that Lucina doesn’t have choices when it comes to aesthetics.”


“Mother…” Lucina frowned, but she fought against a smile.


“Oh.” Junior blinked. “Well, I’m getting everyone’s opinion on it. Here.”


He passed the two drawings to Robin, who set her book down to take a look.


“...Lucina, which was the one you liked?”


“The second one. It looks rather fearsome, wouldn’t you agree, Mother?”


Robin hummed with agreement. Both of them were unique in their own way.


“It looks I judged my own daughter too quickly. Both drawings look menacing. Though, I’ll have to go with the first one.” With that, Robin handed the drawings back and continued reading her book.


A couple more minutes passed with the sounds of Junior’s scribbling on the paper, Harper’s steady breaths, and Dart’s quiet snores.


Junior looked up from his blueprints. “Wow. I didn’t really take Fart as a snorer.”


Lucina giggled. “Me neither. But it’s quite soothing, isn’t it?”


“I guess. At least they’re not as loud as Papa.” He shuddered. “You could hear him from any part of the castle!”


Robin gently shushed the prince. “Now now. They’re sleeping. We don’t want to wake them up.”


“Oops. Sorry.”


Lucina looked at Harper and Dart with wonder. “Dart seems at peace for once. I noticed that he always has his guard up, even when sleeping.” Her eyes fell downward.


“...I can understand that.”


The tactician looked at her daughter and sighed. She was guilty of the same thing: always alert, even in her slumber, which is when you’re supposed to be vulnerable.


“I’m with you there. It seems like Harper helps him feel more at ease. It’s similar to how I felt after dating Chrom.” Robin smiled at the memory.


“Mother, you never did tell me what dating Father was like.” Lucina’s eyes glimmered with excitement. “Did you train together often? Was he a gentleman?”


Robin gave a quiet laugh. “I’ll tell you these things one day, Luci.”




Junior looked down at his drawings. He had a frown on his face. “Will Harper forget me?”


Lucina did a double take. “Junior, why would she forget you?”


“I noticed that people who get together focus on their partner more than anyone else. Back in my world, Wendy started dating this Koopa. She stopped hanging out with us. We barely saw her in the castle. Even now in the Smash World, she still leaves to hang out with him. I’m pretty sure she sees the matches as a chore at this point.”


The Koopa Prince’s frown deepened. “Is that what’s gonna happen with Harper and Dart?


“Are they gonna stop hanging out with us?”


Robin placed her book on the beanbag and sat on the floor next to Junior. “I understand your concern. It’s true that couples prioritize each other over everyone else.”


Junior sighed.




Robin smiled.


“Harper and Dart still care about us. Of course they do. It’s true that they’re dating, but they know we have their backs, and they have ours. They’ve never been in a relationship before, but one thing is certain to them: they won’t toss aside others.”


After a moment of deliberation, Junior hesitantly nodded. “If you say so…”


“Yeah.” Harper’s sleepy voice rang out. The three looked towards the bed and saw her gazing at them tiredly. “I get what you’re saying, Junior. But I’m not gonna ignore everyone else for Dart. If anything, I’m thankful because of you guys helping me shoot my shot. So no worries.”


Harper yawned, and readjusted herself back into her boyfriend’s embrace. Soon enough, she was in dreamland once more.


Junior looked back at his drawings and grinned. World domination wasn’t possible without allies, after all.