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The Boy With The Demon Blood, The Righteous Man and The Horned Queen

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Sam is hesitantly pointing his gun at the pink-haired-girl with multiple transparent limbs on her back with bloodstains on her naked body and a pair of horns that shaped like cat ears. Her limbs are moving like tentacles with hands on their ends. He is keeping his distance as he focuses his gun on her.


He was about to shoot and it shocks him that this monster didn’t try to run nor fight...He looks into her tearful eyes and when she goes down on her knees, all her limbs stop moving and drop on the floor…..that’s when he realizes that she was allowing him to kill her ... He recognizes those suffering eyes too well . She is just like him .


“Go ahead, do it! I’m sick of this, I’m tired of everything...I’ve hurt too many people my kind and yours... I lost everyone I ever loved...and if I can never see him again...there is no point in this life, especially among the likes of you! You humans!” she cried out as tears begin to fall out her eyes.


Sam quickly drops his gun, he doesn’t know why but...he doesn’t want to grant her that awful wish…


“Kill me before I kill you!’ she said angrily but sadly.


The younger Winchester isn’t scared especially seeing that she didn’t change her current position.


“Do it now!” she demanded but Sam shakes his head in response.


“...You’re a heartless want me to live in my suffering” said Lucy as she sobs.


“Don’t get the wrong idea…” said Sam.


She glared at him in confusion.


“I did everything wrong...I don’t want to add another assisted suicide ” said Sam sadly.


“Another?” she said in the question.


“Long story,” said Sam.


She looks into his eyes, she sees so much guilt and regrets in those lovely eyes, and her anger melted away.


“...What’s your name?” said Kaede softly.


“I’m Sam…and you?” he said.

“I have 3 names...Nyu, Kaede, and Lucy...right now I’m Kaede” she said.


Sam's eyes widen uncomfortably at “Lucy”. He wonders if this creature works for the devil but for some reason...He feels something about her that makes him want to protect her while he feels safe’s nothing like how he had felt for Ruby...It’s something very pure. And Lucy feels the same way about Sam...