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Long-Lost Letters

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Libra: …

Frederick: *enters*

Frederick: Ah, Libra, I’ve been looking for you.

Frederick: …but I see you are busy. I apologise for the interruption.

Libra: It is no concern. I am merely working on a set of dolls for the orphanage. It is of no urgency. What may I help you with?

Frederick: Ah, well. It is…something of a personal question, actually.

Frederick: …too personal. I shouldn’t bother you with my probing. Apologies.

Libra: Please – there is little I would not wish to reveal to you.

Libra: And if the question is truly too revealing, I may always refuse to answer.

Frederick: …of course.

Frederick: Well. Taking that into account, I was wondering…

Frederick: How have you been feeling, recently?

Libra: …well, thank you. And you?

Frederick: No, no – I don’t mean it as small talk. I mean it seriously.

Frederick: How you’ve been feeling since… the death of the Exalt.

Libra: …

Libra: You need not worry about me. I have been carrying on as usual, as much as possible.

Frederick: …really? You weren’t affected at all, by her death?

Libra: Of course. But I knew that it was foolish to wallow in feelings of despair.

Libra: Instead, I could better serve her memory by bringing about the good she wished for in the world.

Libra: A priest’s work is never complete. There is always more good that can be done.

Frederick: …

Libra: Why do you ask?

Frederick: Lately I have been…consumed by thoughts.

Frederick: All my life I have served Lord Chrom. And at every moment, I have been aware of the possibility of tragedy.

Frederick: If it became necessary, I would lay down my life in an instant for him. But I cannot protect him all the time.

Frederick: Lady Emmeryn’s death…has made that very clear.

Frederick: So, I cannot stop wondering… what would I have done if it had been Lord Chrom slain?

Frederick: To have my Lord so cruelly taken from me… I’m sure I would be inconsolable.

Frederick: But I see now. That is merely my own weakness.

Frederick: My duty is to Lord Chrom, but more broadly to the entire royal family. I cannot let myself hesitate even for a moment in grief.

Libra: Frederick…

Frederick: Forgive me for keeping you, Libra. I will leave you to your work now. *Frederick leaves*

Libra: He’s gone…

Libra: (…for a moment, he seemed incredibly sad…)


B Support

Libra: *enters*

Libra: Frederick. Are you busy at present?

Frederick: Not at all. I’m merely doing the third round of inventory on our magical supplies.

Frederick: Feel free to speak as I work.

Libra: …of course.

Libra: I wanted to tell you that I have been thinking a great deal about our conversation recently.

Libra: Thinking, and praying.

Frederick: Oh? What is this about?

Frederick: Have you more to say on the subject? Further words of inspiration to help me more fully dedicate myself to my duty?

Libra: No.

Libra: I have realised that what I spoke was wrong.

Libra: I am sad that the Exalt has died.

Libra: Although I did not know her personally, just as you dedicated your life to Lord Chrom, I dedicated mine to hers.

Libra: I was supposed to protect her. To lay down my life for her. But I failed.

Libra: Even if my ultimate loyalty lies to Naga, I cannot deny the importance that Lady Emmeryn held for me.

Libra: To have her so suddenly taken from us – from me – leaves me terribly grieved.

Frederick: …

Frederick: I’m very sorry to hear that.

Libra: There is no need for you to apologise. It was I who made such a cowardly attempt to hide from my own feelings.

Libra: Leaping immediately into this army after barely a breath… How on earth can I have possibly understood what I was doing?

Libra: To think that I could switch my duties and my feelings so easily… it is an insult to those who truly dedicate themselves to this cause.

Libra: To people like you.

Frederick: …do you truly see it that way?

Libra: Yes. Thank you for showing me the truth, Frederick.

Frederick: But… I’m sorry, I never intended to cause you to think such painful things…

Libra: It matters not. It was necessary for me to come to this realisation.

Libra: And once more, it seems, I have found myself obstructing your work.

Libra: As such, I shall take my leave now.

Frederick: It’s really not necessary-

Libra: *leaves*

Frederick: …


A Support

Frederick: …

Libra: Ah! Frederick. What is occupying your busy hands today?

Frederick: I’m putting together a menu for the rest of the week. Have any requests to make?

Libra: No requests… instead, I offer my help to you.

Frederick: I appreciate the offer. But there is really no need.

Frederick: You can feel free to return to your praying, or any work you are doing for your orphanage.

Libra: No! I insist!

Libra: I must help you!

Frederick: …

Libra: …I apologise for the outburst.

Frederick: It is no trouble. But what’s with this sudden passion for menu-formation?

Libra: …I felt the need to make an apology to you.

Frederick: Hm? What for?

Libra: The last time we spoke… I spoke many sad things. Cruel things.

Libra: I was overcome by the sudden outpouring of my grief, and as a result, acted rashly.

Libra: I told you that this army was not important to me. But that is not the case.

Frederick: …

Libra: After that conversation, I continued to pray… and I realised something more.

Libra: When Lord Chrom offered me a position in this army, I cannot say that I was reacting objectively.

Libra: Perhaps, yes, I was desperate for some other purpose to my life, after my previous purpose was so suddenly extinguished.

Libra: But I also cannot say that it was the wrong decision.

Libra: Lord Chrom… offered me a chance to carry out Lady Emmeryn’s vision in another form.

Libra: And through that, my grief was eased.

Libra: I admit that I hid from my own grief. But it was not all hidden.

Frederick: …so, it was your new duty which allowed you to continue on?

Libra: Yes, in part.

Frederick: Then, I still do not know what I will do.

Frederick: Lord Chrom serves as the leader of this army. Without him, our cause is forfeit.

Frederick: I am still left with nothing.

Libra: But, you see, there is also the second thing I realised.

Libra: It is partially my duty which allowing me to continue moving, yes…

Libra: …but it is also the bonds which I have developed with the other members of this army.

Libra: Together, we have been able to support one another when we are in strife, and bring ourselves joy in times of victory.

Libra: The feeling of being part of such a wonderful group – that brought me an immeasurable relief.

Frederick: Then, I’m very pleased to have been able to provide you some comfort.

Libra: You have certainly done so.

Libra: And I, too, promise that I will continue to support you.

Libra: No matter what happens… our bonds will remain strong.

Frederick: Thank you, Libra.

Libra: It is no trouble at all – exactly the opposite, in fact.


S Support

Frederick: Libra.

Frederick: My apologies, but I have come to ask you another question.

Libra: It is no worry at all!

Libra: In fact, when I consider the end result of your last question, this surely seems a blessed occurrence!

Frederick: (What a dazzling smile…!)

Frederick: …

Libra: Frederick? Is something wrong?

Frederick: …oh!

Frederick: Ah…sorry for my absent-mindedness. I will try not to waste your time so.

Frederick: (This is exactly what I was worried about…)

Libra: You could never waste my time. But, your question…?

Frederick: Well… I was wondering about something you said earlier.

Frederick: That your grief over Emmeryn’s death was healed by both your dedication to our cause, and the bonds between your fellows.

Frederick: Since then, I have been wondering…

Frederick: Of them, which is more important?

Libra: …you are asking for my opinion?

Frederick: Yes.

Frederick: The answer is very important to me, so I ask that you treat this question with utmost seriousness.

Libra: I see…

Libra: …

Libra: …it is hard to say what I believe. But…

Libra: As a priest, I was taught to value the greater good above all else – including personal attachments.

Libra: (Though, I have had much trouble with that, recently…)

Frederick: …

Frederick: …I see.

Frederick: My question has been answered. That is all I wished to bother you with.

Libra: Wait -

Frederick: I shall go now.

Libra: What is that you are holding in your fist?

Frederick: It is nothing. Merely a selfish thought.

Frederick: You are right – I ought to be dedicating myself entirely to Lord Chrom.

Libra: Frederick-

Libra: …is there someone else you would like to dedicate yourself to? A bond you would like to deepen?

Frederick: …!

Libra: Please tell me. You are my dear friend, and your happiness is important to me.

Frederick: …yes. There is.

Frederick: You.

Libra: …!

Libra: A ring…!

Frederick: When we first met, I was immediately struck by you – your calmness and strength in the face of such tragedy.

Frederick: But as we have become closer, I have come to understand much better.

Frederick: That you are strong not because you lack emotions, but because you move forward alongside them.

Frederick: And in coming to such realisations, I came to understand my own feelings better as well.

Frederick: That I do not see you as a friend, or a teammate – but as the man I love.

Frederick: But, I know that I am being selfish. We both have duties far more important than petty romance.

Frederick: I should never have distracted you with my queries to begin with.

Frederick: Do not feel the need to respond. I have my Lord, and my duty. I cannot ask for more.

Libra: You need not do so. What you desire shall be freely given.

Frederick: What?!

Libra: Although we have spent only a short time together, I have already found myself growing so much.

Libra: Understanding myself better. And, yes…becoming happier.

Libra: I had not realised how unhappy I had been, until you showed me what I could be feeling.

Libra: Every moment we have spent together is precious to me. How could I not fall in love with you, too?

Frederick: But…didn’t you say that your duty is more important?

Libra: They are both important.

Libra: I spoke too hastily. It is futile to place one above the other.

Libra: For why should they contradict one another?

Libra: I can love you, and I can serve Naga, and the royal family. And so can you do the same.

Libra: My beliefs are extremely important to me, and my duty to the Exalt has brought me to where I am now.

Libra: But why should I turn away another source of meaning and happiness for me?

Frederick: Libra…

Libra: There is no need to choose. We may carry out our duties together – side by side.

Frederick: …if that is truly the case…

Frederick: …I cannot think of anything that would bring me greater joy.


Ending text:

As Ylisse’s new knight captain, Frederick took charge of keeping the peace and training new recruits with his husband, Libra. But he never forgot to spend time at his husband’s orphanage, where they worked together to spread the word and good will of Naga.