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You Complete Me

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Hello Tom,

I think it is time we meet; I am ready to negotiate the terms of joining you. This is not a trick nor is it a plan to lower your defenses. My request for our meeting is for it to be in a public place. I will let you set the time and place. We should both bring one person we trust implicitly. Oh, and no glamours. Let’s be our real selves.

Yours truly,
Lord Harrison Potter-Black
Of the Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Black



Seventeen-year-old Harry Potter sat in his dismal bedroom at 4 Privet Dr. This will be the very last time he will be in this room. Hedwig knows where to go once she has delivered the owl to Voldemort; she knows to wait for his response no matter his threats. He walked over to the new trunk that he bought; his so-called uncle can have his old one. There was nothing in there of value. He made sure to pack everything he owned and bought with his own money. He took all of Dudley’s old clothes and threw them on the floor as if they were rags. He checked all of his hiding spots one more time to make sure he left nothing behind. He wanted no trace that he had lived here.

It was time for him to stop pretending. Two years ago, when he came into his magical inheritance he had learned many things. Who he could trust and who he could not. He had been was devastated to discover and know that the ones he called friends were untrustworthy. The man he looked to for guidance was nothing but a conniving murderer and thief. Or the mother with a kind face who opened her home and her family to him was all under the guise of pretense. Harry cried for all the hurt he had been put through, so many secrets were revealed the day he spoke with the goblins.

He walked around the room once more. There was nothing here but bitter memories of the times his uncle would beat him or his cousin would laugh while his aunt did nothing but scorn him. He checked himself in the mirror; he had on black jeans with white button down shirt. He started growing his hair out two years ago. It now reached the middle of his back. The blond streak in the front and back of his hair brought out his eyes and the paleness of his skin tone. He used glamour on his hair, without it his hair would reveal another secret that he was not ready to show the world.

He walked back over to his trunk, closed it, then wandlessly and wordlessly shrunk it. Checking to make sure his wand was in its holster, he picked up his robe from the bed walked over to the door and opened it. He silenced the soles of his shoe so as not to rouse the family as they watched television and made his way over to the phones, ripping the cords out of the wall. He made sure all communications were disabled. He looked around the kitchen he had just cleaned for the last time shaking his head at his thoughts; he walked out the back door. He turned and looked at the garden he had tirelessly tended to every year in the hot summer months. He picked a few flowers as a memento. He then walked over to the house touched the back door, with closed eyes he whispered in Latin. No one but him could see or and hear as all the doors and windows locked from the inside and a silencing spell was placed on the walls. When that was done, he walked over to the window where he knew the family was watching television.

If anyone looked through the window they would see a perfect family. A husband who works hard all day and comes home to his family. A wife who dotes on the men she loves and the perfect son who can do no wrong. But, only some know the deep dark secret of who they really are. He stood there for a second watching, it was Dudley who looked up and saw him. He tapped his father and pointed. His uncle rolled off the couch and stomped over to the window. When he tried to open it, it would not budge. Harry could see him shouting but because of the silencing spell he could not hear them. He smiled at his uncle; finally they will learn see what happens when they mess with the wrong person.

He raised his hand as if he was going to wave at him and snapped his fingers, flames ignited from his fingertips. He opened his hands, watching looking as each finger ignites with flames. He smiled then glanced at his uncle who was looking at him in astonishment. His cousin and aunt were looking at him with fear clear in their eyes. Their fear made him chuckle aloud with delight. He slowly walked over to the house still in view of his so-called family putting his flaming hands to the house and watched as it instantly started to burn. He stepped back with glee in his eyes and watched as every corner of the house burned.

He could see his family trying their best to get out of the house. He aunt ran over to the phone picked it up but it was useless. Soon smoke started to fill inside the house he watched as they tried to cover their mouth and nose in order not to inhale the smoke but that also was useless. He uncle turned and looked back at him, but Harry could not discern what was in the man’s eyes: fear, regret or hate maybe all three. It did not matter to Harry because frankly he did not care. He felt nothing for them. As the fire built on the inside and the outside, the family continued to try and escape. Harry sent a wandless stupefy and froze them where they were. They were able to see him. He looked into their eyes and smiled. The last thing they saw before the flames took them was him laughing at their demise.

Once the house was burned to the ground and everything inside was ash, he turned his back and got ready to disapparate. His final words before he disappeared was

“Burn, baby burn.”