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30 Day OTP Challenge - Birdflash

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Wally dropped onto the threadbare couch on the communal floor of Titans Tower, sighing as he sunk into the well worn cushions. Letting his head flop against the back, he closed green eyes against the harsh, bright lights. Groaning he grabbed a pillow to cover his eyes. "Lights down to 15%." The lights immediately dimmed and he sighed, letting the pillow fall from his grasp.

Cracking an eye open to test brightness had him jumping in surprise as the grinning face of one Dick Grayson filled his vision.  Squawking indignantly, Wally flailed and slipped down onto the couch. One wildly waving arm, just missing Dick's nose.

Dick's sharp laugh echoed in the empty room, and crossing his arms along the back of the couch, he dropped his chin onto them. Blue eyes danced with ever present mischief.

"Whadaya want, Grayson? Can't you see I'm trying to wallow in my misery?" He draped an arm over his eyes, stretching himself into an overly dramatic pose of woe-is-me, before relaxing again, a disgruntled frown tugging at a face that was normally all smiles. 

"Aww, why so glum, chum?" Wally moved his arm enough that he could glare up at the shorter teen.

"Really, Dick?"

Dick chuckled softly, "Sorry, couldn't resist. But seriously, Wal, what's up?" He let the teasing drop from his voice and gave the redhead a sympathetic smile.

"Nothing," he raised his hands in surrender when Dick sent him a disbelieving frown. "Honestly. It's just been one of those days where a bunch of little things pile up, and slowly stuck the joy out of the day. Nothing super terrible actually happened."

Dick tilted his head as he listened to Wally vent about his day, watching as his hands waved around, motions growing sharper and more agitated the longer he talked. Sensing Wally was about to work himself right back into a funk, Dick straightened, and placing one hand on the back of the couch, easily vaulted over the back, landing with his knees on either side of Wally's waist.

Wally stopped his tirade short as Dick's weight joined him on the couch, hands immediately going to his waist, supporting the smaller teen. He let his eyes move up from where his hands rested on Dick's hips, and up to the easy smile on his face.

"Hi there, handsome."

"Hi yourself." Dick's grin widened as he leaned forward, arms resting on either side of Wally's face, Dick's face inches from his own. Black hair hanging down, tickled Wally's cheeks, making him scrunch his nose. 

"Whatcha doin'?"

"Gonna turn your frown upside down."

Before Wally could voice exactly how much of a cornball he was being, Dick began raining kisses all over his face. His forehead, both eyes, his cheeks, chin, and ending with a soft kiss to Wally's nose. He nuzzled their noses together before pulling back, grinning in triumph at the soft smile that now graced Wally's face.

"See, told you."

"Yeah, wonder-boy, you did." His smile only grew when Dick slid down a little further, twining his legs with Wally's, and tucking his head under his chin, sighing in content when Wally began running his fingers through his hair. "Thanks Dick."