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A gift of Grace

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Magnus Bane was a notoriously feared man throughout the entire state of New York. He practically ran all operations that flooded the Cities, nothing went under his nose. Now, he didn’t consider himself a gangster, he was much too classy to be labeled such a low-life name.

His organization was known as the Downworlders, they were people who were made up of the small categories into one giant group. There were the Vampires run by Raphael Santiago, The Werewolves by Luke Garroway, The Warlocks were managed by Catarina, and the Seelies who were run by a young woman who labeled herself as the Queen.

On the other side of Magnus’ spectrum was a hardened group of individuals who called themselves the Shadowhunters. They were trying to take down the Downworlders one group at a time. He was really starting to believe them as a pain in his ass until one day Robert and Maryse Lightwood, the leaders of the Shadowhunters asked for his help.

“This is just too delicious,” Magnus purred in delight. “Just too perfect.” He grinned, twirling his finger in the blood red wine before looking over the two.

“Please, Magnus, our son won’t survive without the medicine.” Robert pleads quietly, looking over the Mob boss who set down the glass.

“Why should I help you? You’ve done nothing but cause me trouble. Now, you come begging for my help of all things? You both must be really desperate.” He tossed his head back a let out a cold, chilling laugh.

“We are,” Maryse whispered before they both jolted when Magnus’ hands slammed onto the mahogany desk.

“What are you willing to offer me in return?” He asked as Robert swallowed thickly.

“Whatever amount of money you are required.” The other man offers as Magnus rolls his eyes with a huff.

“Fine, I’ll give you the medicine and you have exactly a month to conjure up the money that I am required. If I don’t get the money in the allotted time… Well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.” He chuckled as two shared a look before nodding.

“Understood,” Maryse said before offering out her hand to shake his, suddenly he waved his hand to produce the bottle needed.

“Get out.” He snarled as they took the bottle and left, causing the old Warlock sighed, sinking back into his seat. “What?” He asked, looking over to the young Vampire who swallowed.

“I’m just curious as to why you’d help them. I mean… like you said they’ve done nothing but trouble… Why go out of your way to do good to them?” The boy pondered.

“Well, I’m not a bastard. It was for a young boy. Can’t let him die even if his parents are downright awful.” He hissed before lulling his head back with a lazy expression. “The best part is that medicine is what will keep that boy alive. So whenever he looks at them… they’ll remember me.” He whispered with a cold smile.

See, Magnus isn’t a bad guy, actually quite the opposite. It’s the people he loves and wants to protect that has made him into a dark person. He can’t protect them if he isn’t authoritative, isn’t stone cold like a fortress.

If he makes a mistake and gets someone killed, it’ll be on him and it’ll eat him up inside until he’s nothing but an empty shell of a man. Still, he’s got a soft heart when it comes to kids, considering he was never allowed to truly be one. After his mother’s death, he was never the same and had to grow up on his own.

He built this empire, built this organization to take care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves. He provided everything he could for those of Downworlder’s decent. He had magic and he was using it for everyone else but himself. Everyone came to the old Warlock because they knew they could trust him.

Magnus, depending on how he liked you, wasn’t too overly expensive considering his entire life he did nothing but do favors that raked in a good amount of dough. Still, he loved the finer things so when decided to help those who needed it, he always had a new item he wanted in mind.

“Hey,” Magnus comments into the phone. “I want you to keep an eye on Maryse and Robert Lightwood. They’re in debt to me. I want to… make sure that I get what is owed.” He explains before a sigh came from the other side of the conversation.

“I’ll do my best.” The voice comments.

“That’s all I ask, Raphael.” He grins before hanging up as he took a long sip from his blood, allowing the harsh tasting liquid to burn down his throat. He let out a satisfied sigh of relief when he pulled the glass away.

A month had passed.

Magnus was looking over his report when he frowned, realizing the Lightwood’s hadn’t paid the rest of the two thousand that was promised. He let out a sigh before pulling on his signature red and black velvet jacket as he opened the door to his office.

“Simon, be a dear and get my car. We have to travel to the Institute today.” He hums happily as the young Vampire scrambled off to get the car for his boss. “Oh, Dot, hold my calls. I’ll be… busy.” His smile was nothing happy as Dot swallowed before nodding quickly to Magnus.

He stepped out, breathing in the mid-afternoon air before he leaned, using his glittering silver bat as a cane. The black 1970’s Porsche 911 slowly pulled up before Simon rushed over and opened the door for Magnus who immediately thanked him. The young Daylighter was thankful not to be on the chopping block of the Warlock’s list of rage at the moment.

“Drive slow, will you? I have no rush for this.” Magnus replies, sliding into the car as Simon nods before closing the door and getting into the driver’s seat. The car slowly pulled out onto the street and started for the Shadowhunter’s Institute.

Magnus was humming along to the gentle sound of music coming from the radio as his eyes glazed over the shops that he’s known for years, possibly decades. He smiles softly at how beautiful the City could look in the daytime, making a mental note to spend more time outside.

The moment the car parked in front of the old rundown church Magnus’ mood changed so quickly that Simon could feel the coldness coming off him in waves. He swallowed softly before opening the door for Magnus and offered out his hand before Magnus slid out of the car.

“Stay here. Wouldn’t want that pretty face of yours to get hurt now do you?” He gently tapped Simon’s face as he opened his mouth to protest. “Come now, get back in the car, Simon.” He comments, taking on a more fatherly tone as Simon swallowed and got into the car again.

Magnus smiles, straightening out his jacket before his tilted his head to the side causing his neck bones to snap. He let out a sigh before walking towards the Institute while he whistled casually like he was taking a mid-day stroll. The bat was now resting on his built shoulder before he opened up the door to the building as stepped inside.

All eyes fell onto Magnus who couldn’t help but preen under the attention, Cat always said that was his downfall. He couldn’t help it, all the looks from utter horror to utter confusion were hilarious to him. He always was someone who loved to enter with a bang.

That being said, he slammed his bat to the ground, causing it to echo loudly. It made some of them jolt at the sudden sound before Magnus’ eyes darkened, pupils were blown wide almost engulfing the once vibrate brown.

“I would love to speak to Maryse and Robert Lightwood. Anyone wants to be a doll and point me in the right direction?” He tilted his head as a few people slowly pointed to the office, causing Magnus to grin. “Thanks.” He said, throwing his bat over his shoulder again before whistling his tune once more.

Robert and Maryse were discussing some things when suddenly the door was practically kicked open as the duo jolted. To their utter horror, Magnus casually walked in before sitting himself on the couch that faced the desk. The room was eerily silent as Magnus waves his hand before the door slammed shut. The husband and wife shared a quick look of terror before looking back to the Warlock who was grinning like a madman.

“Magnus, what are you doing here? We--” Robert was cut off by Magnus who practically jumped out of his seat.

"I told you that you wouldn't like the consequences of not paying me. Well, what am I going to do?" Magnus' cold brown eyes locked onto Maryse and Robert who swallowed.

"Please, we just need a little more time," Maryse begged as Magnus tsked when a bat came down to smash at the desk Robert sat at.

"I gave you a month. That's more than enough time to get me the money. Now, I got to be the bad guy." He growls, flashing his golden eyes. "I'm gonna need collateral until you decide to pull the rest of the money out of your ass." He comments with a sharp grin.

"What--What do you want?" Robert asked, trembling when Magnus picked up the picture on Robert's desk before pointing to one of his kids.

"Him. I want this one." He smiles as Maryse's eyes widened in horror.

"Please! Don't take him! We'll get you the money!" She whispered.

"Oh, I know you will. This boy will ensure that. What's the kid's name?" Magnus looked to Robert, ignoring Maryse's sobs.

"Alec... Alexander." He whispered softly as a warm smile spread across the Warlock's face...