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Celestial Flames

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Chapter 1 Realization on the Job

Summary of Chapter:

This chapter is the longest chapter that will ever be in this story. Natsu, Happy and Lucy go on a simple job to play as actors for a live theatre. Where Lucy get kidnapped, Natsu and Happy get magically sent to Fairy Tail to get help. (OK, so Im bad at summaries, sorry) 




Lucy sat at the bar of the Fairy Tail Guild; her head slumped down on the counter. "Uhh, what am I going to do about my rent next week?" groaned Lucy worried. "Did you find a job?" asked Mira with her cheery voice. "No, not really. Most of the requests’ rewards aren't enough to pay my rent with and the one that are, require at least 3 wizards," replied Lucy sighing in lazyness and defeat.

"Are you sure there aren't any requests that you'd like?" asked Mira again. "Well, I did find this one requesting a female wizard disguised as an Arabian princess in a play to catch a kidnapper who is kidnapping the actresses'. It also requires a male wizard to play the part of the princess's love interest," said Lucy looking gloomy.

"Well, that’s a good job request why don't you go with Natsu?" suggested Mira while drying some glass cups. "I don't know; we're probably going on a wooden stage with paper scenery they and I don't want to end up paying for the burned stage. Plus, I don't think Natsu can play the part of a romantic lover, I mean he's as dense as a brick," replied Lucy.

"Who's dense?!" shouted a voice behind Lucy making her shriek. "Natsu I told you not to sneak up on me like that!" yelled Lucy flailing her arms with the teeth razor sharp and pointy. "Geez, sorry Luce," apologized Natsu then ordered a drink. “By the way, Natsu where is Happy?” Lucy asked when he notices that the furball wasn’t with Natsu. “As soon as we got here he flew off to find Carla,” Natsu replied just as Mira place the drink down. "So, Lucy did you pick out a Job request yet?" asked Natsu taking a sip of his drink and turning to Lucy.

"No, not really," replied Lucy softly. "Oh, don't say that, (looks at Natsu), she found one that pretty good. Go on Lucy show Natsu," ordered Mira sweetly. Lucy mentally groaned before turning to the fire mage who had her undivided attention.

"Okay here, but it doesn't involve much fighting though," she said handing him the flyer.

[Natsu read aloud]

There have been kidnappings of my actresses and need help catching the kidnapper.

Two wizards, a male wizard, and a female wizard will be required and dress in wonderful Arabian clothing to attract the kidnapper.

Please help! There are already six kidnapped women. We need your help!

Reward: 350,000 jewel

"Well that should be enough to pay your rent for four months," said Happy flying above Natsu's head reading the paper. “Yeah, and wait Happy when’d you get here?” Lucy asked looking at the flying blue cat. “I came while you were groaning. You probably so loud all you can hear is your loud voice,” Happy said acting all high a mighty Lucy freaked, “Shut it cat or I’ll…huh?” The girl stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder only to find that the hand belonged to the fire mage.  "Come on Luce, no use in getting angry, let’s go the times a wasting!" yelled Natsu enthusiastically before marching to the door.

Lucy couldn't help but giggle at Natsu's enthusiasm. Mira noticed this and grinned then leaned over to Lucy and whispered, "Who knows he may take notice how hot you'll look in that outfit after all he just gave you a nickname, Luce." "Mira!" exclaimed Lucy with a bright red blush, eyes large circles, and her arms flailing. "What's wrong Lucy Dragneel" replied Mira innocently. Lucy shrieked her blush a dark red and ran out the door following Natsu and Happy. Canna who had been nearby heard what Mira had said to Lucy. "It's so obvious that Lucy's in love with Natsu" commented Cana, "It’s either she doesn't want to admit it or she doesn't realize she's in love with him. Personally, I think she just won't admit it, while Natus doesn't understand he's in love. " "I hope that they both end up together" replied Mira looking at Cana.

[At the train station]

"Ohhhhh h-how do I always forget about the train ride" complained Natsu with a quiver in his voice. "It's okay Natsu it only a two-hour trip," said Lucy before pushing Natsu into the train since he was holding up the line of people who needed to get on board. Once on the train, the three friends took their seats. Natsu was sitting opposite of Lucy and Happy was next to Lucy. As soon as the train started moving Natsu began to get dizzy. "Ohhhh I think...I'm gonna be sick," groaned Natsu weakly trying his best not to vomit well...everywhere. Lucy felt bad for Natsu, like always, but this time she decided to do something to help him.

So, she got up and sat next to Natsu, then laid Natsu's head on her lap and began to gently massage Natsu's head addictively playing with his salmon hair. While she did this she hummed a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her when she wasn't feeling well. A lullaby she will always hold in her heart in memory of her mother. Natsu sighed in relief as he felt Lucy's soft hands sooth his dizziness and his weak feeling stomach. The sweet tune soothed his thoughts into sleep. Both Natsu and Lucy were too distracted to notice that Happy was shaking holding his paws over his mouth trying not yell out, "They like each other!"

'I can't wait to tell everybody back at the guild,' though Happy still trying to keep himself quiet. Nakama After an hour and a half an announcement came on over the intercom, "We will be arriving at our first stop in Hosta city in half an hour. Those who plan on getting off at this town should start preparing now. Thank you and have a wonderful day," then as was cut off.

"Natsu," coed Lucy softly.

"Mmhmm," groaned Natsu not wanting to open his eyes and see the world wobbly. For in his mind echoes the words, "She is near, open your eyes," Within an instant, his eyes snapped open to gaze upwards into glossy brown eyes. "We're almost there so start gathering your strength so that I will be able to at least get you off the train," said Lucy with a soft almost loving smile.

"Yeah, Natsu she's not as physically fit as you are. She won't be able to help you up," said Happy being his usual funny stupid self. "Shut it cat! Or I'll tell Carla you’re the one who lost her adored mouse toy her mother gave her!" yelled Lucy with sharp teeth in her mouth.

"Natsuuu! Lucy's being meeean!" cried Happy flying into Natsu’s chest, who was barely sitting up. "Hey...Lucy, I know thaat...Happy likes to kidd around...but you didn't have to threaten him like that. You know - oh my stomach - how much he wants to date her," said Natsu comforting Happy by rubbing his head over Happy's cheek trying not to barf. , 

Lucy noticed this and began to think, 'Wow Natsu's treating Happy like he's his son or something' she thought. Suddenly an image of her and Natsu married with a kid. She saw the three of them play together. They all hugged and they both said, 'I love you' then said that to their kid. 'If we had kids I bet he'd be the best dad...WAIT! What am I thinking! He is my Nakama! Nothing else he's just a friend thoughts Lucy depressingly replaying image of Natsu and her together. Or at least try to suppress any hope that Natsu might like her back.

"(sigh) I'm sorry Happy, can you please forgive?" Lucy apologized softly and sincerely, feeling bad for making Happy cry. Happy sniffed then looked at Lucy. "Do you mean...i-it Lucy (sniff)" replied Happy. Seeing Happy like this made her guilt feel worse. She knew she didn't have to be so cruel to poor Happy. "Yes, Happy. I mean it; I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you. Can you forgive me?" asked Lucy looking down at the floor. Suddenly something soft and plush impacted her chest. "Aw, Lucy I forgive you," said Happy crying snuggling between her large mound as Lucy hugged back.

The train had just pulled into the train station them and Natsu regains some of his strength. He turned to Lucy and Happy and smile. He was happy that two of the people he loves most solved their problem. 'Wait!' thought Natsu, 'did I just say I love Lucy?' Natsu questioned himself. A small blush appeared on his face at the thought. 'Maybe one day we could...No! no! No! Lucy's my Nakama I can't date her. Could I?' thought Natsu as he laid his sight on Lucy, 'Nah.'

"Thank you for riding the Magnolia express hope you ride again soon," was said over the intercom. "Hey, let's go," said Lucy then went over to Natsu and help the wobbly mess up. Slowly, they got back onto solid ground Natsu barely even standing. Lucy sat Natsu down on a bench on the platform. "Do you think you're going to be okay?" asked Lucy rubbing Natsu's back. "yeah I...(ugh)...give me a minute," Natsu trying to feel better. After about 10 minutes Natsu was up and at ‘em, and off to see the city.

Lucy and Natsu were amazed to see all the magic shops and stands there were as they walked through the city. Lucy saw a near eyeshadow that had all kinds of magic for girls like magic lipstick and mascara. "Oh! Oh! Natsu please, please can we go in there? I want to go in," Lucy begged like a child pointing to the shop. "Magic Woman...(name of the store)...I don't know Lucy shouldn't we get to the theatre first" said Natsu not really wanting to go in anyway. "But we don't haaave to be there until 1 it still 11:45! Please, Natsu can we go in I want to buy stuff pleeeeeeeeeas!" Lucy begged like a little girl. "Uh fine but only because you're my best friend but don't tell anyone else at the guild," sighed Natsu in defeat. "Yay I promise!" exclaimed Lucy the dragging Natsu and Happy into the store.

"Okay, I want this...Oh! and this, this, this and this!" exclaimed Lucy picking up stuff she wanted.

"Okay, that'll be 30,000 jewel," said the old man the shopkeeper. "What! Oh, no, no I can't buy all this I don't have enough money," whined Lucy sadly and childishly looking down at the floor and slowly walked out the door. She walked out, sat on a bench in front of the store sulking. Moments later. "Hey, Lucy!" yelled a happy voice. Lucy turned to see Happy and Natsu hold tons of bags. "Wait are those-" "Yep we bought them for you," said Happy happily while Natsu had his goofy grin. "Oh, you guys are the best!" exclaimed Lucy hugging Happy and Natsu.

When Natsu got hugged he felt something warm in his chest, a feeling he was getting a lot lately, especially when Lucy was near him. He liked it, h-he wanted more. Why though, why did he get this feeling only with Lucy. This feeling though new to him he could swear that he knows this feeling for a long time. ‘Find a wonderful mate, Natsu. Your heart will know,’ Igneel’s words echoed in his mind. ‘What?!  Mate. No, this can’t be…Lucy,’ Natsu though as faint red dusted his cheeks, 'Mates are one forever...'

When Lucy pulled away from the two boys she pulled out her purse. "How about I treat you both to a quick lunch. Afterwards, we quickly drop of the stuff at the hotel," suggested Lucy with a warm smile that made Natsu blush red read with a smile. 'W-Why is he blushing?' questioned Lucy in her thoughts smiling so Natsu didn't suspect anything. 'Why do I feel so warm inside. Why do I feel so happy when she smiles at me,' Natsu thought to himself not losing his grin so no one suspected anything even though he didn't know he had been blushing.

"Hello! I'M Talking to you!" yelled Happy waving his paw over Natsu's and Lucy's eyes. "Huh?" replied Natsu and Lucy in unison. "We were just about to go eat when you both stared at each other smiling all creep-like," said Happy. "We did?" they both said in unison. "Oooo, they like each they!" cried Happy with his paws on his cheeks and looking up. "We. Do. Not!" they both yelled blushing bright red. With that, they headed off to find a place to eat a quick lunch, head to an inn, before making their way to the theatre.

[Back at the Fairy Tail Guild]

Grey, Erza, Wendy, and Carla walked into the guild. "Mira, where are Natsu and Lucy?" Erza asked Mira in her usual serious tone. "Oh, they went on a mission with Happy. They went to catch a kidnapper who kidnapped six girls who were actresses," Mira replied in her usual cheery tone. "Oh, I see. Alright, Grey, Wendy, Carla you all rest up because when Natsu and Lucy come back we are all going on our next mission," announced Erza.

[Back with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy]

After unpacking their things at the inn, they arrived at Imagination theatre. "Wow this place is huge," said Happy as his voice echoed in the large room. Hundreds of red velvet seats were lined up row after row. Silver and golden balconies hung from the high walls. The stage was large and wooden. "Ah, welcome Fairy Tail wizards. Welcome to my theatre," said a skinny man in a brown vest and pants, "I'm Mr. Lason, I am glad you’re here we have three hours till the show and you two need to work on getting your line memorized and plan a strategy to catch the kidnapper." The man then began to lightly push Natsu, Lucy, and Happy into the two separate dressing room and told them to change into their costumes.

When they came out of the of dressing rooms they looked at each other in Arabian clothes. Natsu was wearing baggy with pants that could be exact replicas to the pants he always wore. He had a purple vest that was opened and was only long enough to reach the end of his ribcage. In the end, he looked like he always did only now he was barefoot. Lucy was in turquoise baggy pants with gold ribbons on the ankles and around her waist. She wore a turquoise bra-type top that had gold markings on it. The bra-types top was small and revealed quite a lot of her breast; also barefoot.

 She had round gold plate-like earrings and light turquoise eyeshadow. "So, how do I look?" asked Lucy posing like a belly dance. Natsu and Happy turned to look at Lucy. When Natsu laid his eyes on her he felt something strange, he felt his face hot, his palms sweaty and that was strange especially for a fire wizard. He couldn't help but admire Lucy's beauty. "Natsu! Hello! NATSU!" called out Lucy who had been waving her hand snapping her fingers to get his attention for five minutes. "Huh..." responded Natsu. "I said what did you think of how I look?" replied Lucy once again posing like a belly dancer. Deep inside Natsu wanted to say you look so beautiful, amazing, HOT! "You look good," said Natsu plainly. "That’s it I look good," said Lucy feeling disappointed. "What? What did you want me to say?" asked Natsu getting mad.

"Forget it," said Lucy turning around, "I'll meet you guys on stage for practice." 'Uhrg, that Natsu can be soooo dense and clueless' thought Lucy as she stormed on stage. "Natsu your so stupid," said Happy smiling casually flying on stage. "What did you just say!" yelled Natsu angrily with sharp teeth in his mouth but quickly pouted mumbling, "I can tell my best friend she looks damn sexy..."

"Alright let begin the dress rehearsal," said Mr. Lason.


The lights on the stage dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a balcony of a beautiful palace. The princess stares off into the starry night. "I wish I could see the world, find someone to love me for who I am... not because my father is the sultan," sighed the beautiful princess. [Obviously, Lucy's the princess] "I love you for who you are," said a voice. "Huh? Eek!" shriek the young women. "Princess it's me, the boy from the marketplace," said the young man calmly [Natsu is the "poor boy"]. "I-Is is it really you?" she asked fearing he wasn't really there. "Yes, it's me, princess. I am here because I cannot stand to be away from you. Please, if you will let me, I’ll stay with you and If you do not then I shall respect your wish and leave. So, may I stay with you my desert flower?" asked the young man.

"Oh, yes please stay I'm am so lonely here by myself. Please keep me company?" replied the young woman. The peasant boy nodded with a goofy grin on his face that made the princess giggle. *Later in the practice performance* "My princess I love you with every part of my body..." said the princess's love. 'Why did he stop' thought Lucy looking up at Natsu who had stopped talking. “My soul is weak and weary when you are not around, my ears are desperate to hear your sweet voice, my arms long to hold you in my embrace, my hand wish to touch your smooth skin, my body fills with lust for your body, my wish is to be yours and only yours. For you to be mine truly mine," said the young man.

'Why isn't he sticking to the scripted' thought Lucy. "So, I ask you just one thing will you, my love, be bonded with me in holy matrimony?" asked the young peasant boy getting back to the script. "Oh, my handsome protector, caring love, I will, I will bond with you in holy matrimony," replied the princess as they both slowly leaned in and kissed each other's lips. Instantly, they both stepped back blushing.

"Y-You’re a great actress Luce," complimented Natsu with a soft blush. "Thanks, Natsu," replied Lucy looking to the side with a soft blush as well. As of the moment, they kissed all their suspicions were answered. Lucy officially realized she simply could not suppress her feelings for the handsome Dragonslayer before her even if the man before her didn't return her feelings. Natsu also realized something extremely important. His heart told him, it was Lucy.

"Excellent, wonderful, Natsu and Lucy you two were simply stunning you’re going to be the best in the theatre business. Oh, tonight when the kidnapper appears, make it so it looks like it's all part of the show. You two can defeat him without getting anyone in the audience hurt, right?" said Mr. Lason to the mages. "U-uh about that-" "Of course! We can!" replied Natsu flexing his arm and his hand in a fist and a toothy grin that seemed to always cheer Lucy up, from the moment she met this crazy, reckless, caring, amazing, strong, cocky, fun guy.

"Alright, then now go change and relax the show will be starting at 7 pm," said the director as he walked into his office. After changing Lucy, Natsu, and Happy went to their booked room at a nearby hotel. "Hey, Natsu?" Lucy asked as she sat on the edge of her bed looking over at Natsu laying on the other bed beside hers. "Yeah…" replied Natsu taking a nap with his arms behind his head. "Back at the theatre where did you come up with such romantic thing to say?" asked Lucy curiously. Instantly Natsu's eyes shot open and he sat up straight. "What? Oh, haha. Nowhere, uh, hey I'M hungry. Are you Happy? Hey, why don't I go buy us some food and bring it here? Okay bye!" exclaimed Natsu avoiding the question and shot out of the room dragging his blue pal along. "Why was he avoiding the question?" Lucy said to herself.

[Outside walking the streets]

"Natsu? What was that about?" asked the blue cat flying beside Natsu. "Well, uh, can I tell you a secret?" replied Natsu. "Natsu you're my best pal you can tell me anything" replied Happy landing on Natsu's shoulder and looked curious. "Well, lately I've been thinking a lot about Luce and well I think I' love with her," said Natsu, just thinking about Lucy made him smile. "Really! Natsu since when have you know about this?" asked Happy getting more and more curious by the second, "Are you sure it's love." "Well, at first I really like hanging are her and seeing a smile. Lately, I've been thinking about her a lot; I've noticed things about her like how hot she looks in any outfit. I love how she tries to make everyone happy. I feel completely amazing when I'm with her. She is so smart and clever and she gets this cute look on her face when she's reading something she finds really interesting. I love how she tries to see the best in people even if they may seem too far gone; her instinct to protect those in need," replied Natsu in a daze filled with the beautiful thought of Lucy, her smile, her voice, her gentle touch etc. "I've been feeling all mushy and warm inside and that's saying a lot since my magic is fire, but it's been growing a lot over the last few months. Man, I probably sound like a lovesick idiot, huh?" "Nah, Natsu your fine, so you want her to be you mate?!" asked Happy holding his composer even though the little flying cat wanted to jump for joy and yell out how happy he was. (Pun intended)

"Yeah. I do. I want her to be my mate. I know because I felt it. My heart confirmed it, right after our kiss on stage!" said Natsu firmly with his childish grin all the while his cheek burning brightly. "Yay, dad and Lucy are going to be together," exclaimed Happy innocently hugging his father figure not realizing he had referred to Natsu as such. "D-Did you call me "dad?!" asked Natsu looking down at his best pal with an eyebrow raised. Happy pulled away flying in the air. "Well yeah, I've always thought of you as my dad even though I didn't show it," said Happy shrugging nonchalantly the glared, "You tell anyone in the guild, especially Carla, I'll claw your eyes out!" "Hey, it okay, I won't, (Chuckles) though it’s nice to know!" said Natsu with a goofy smile. Then reaching out to his flying pal and gently pulled him down by the head into an embrace followed by a noogie. "Hey! No, stop that!" Happy groaned using both arms and legs to try and get out of Natsu's grasp. Sadly, his small stature was no match for the larger human.

"Haha, ok, ok, (Lets go of Happy) Now come on let’s go get the food, or else Lucy’s stomach is going to roar all night," said Natsu running off laughing loudly alongside Happy to look for a restaurant. "Aye sir!" exclaimed Happy the followed Natsu.

[The show night ]

"Thank you for coming out tonight. We promise this will be an eventful show tonight and now without any further a due I present to you, Araa love!" said Mr. Lason as the light turned off, the curtain retreated and the stage lights light up as the play continued.

As the play continued the audience get introduced to Natsu's and Lucy's characters as well as her family and his only pal who was played by Happy (right). Natsu's chapter had fought a man that wanted to kill the royal family and unsurprisingly defeated him. (Note: This is before Natsu's character meet Lucy's character).

After the mysterious man's defeat, Natsu decided to give the man mercy and told him to go and to never return or he will see to it, himself, to kill that man. Eventually, both their characters meet one day when Natsu was passing through an alley and bumps into a woman covered in cloths and drapes' so he could not see what she looked like. So, with a quick pardon, they both continued their own ways. Now that day was extremely hot quite hotter than usual, causing the princess to feel as though she was burning in all that clothing. To alleviate some of her heat ignited pain she pulled back the hood that covered her head and face. She had only just exposed her face for no more than 5 minutes when two men walked out of the shadows and grabbed her by surprise.

"Well, well, look what we have here, a beautiful woman. Hey, Miss how would you like to have a taste of a real man, huh? I'm sure you'll savor it." spoked the taller of the men, though ironically he was mainly skin and bones. Lucy gulped taking a step back into to back into a larger object. "Don't worry we'll take great care of you, you and your delicate body," replied the second who has stepped behind the princess blocking the retreat. Lucy looked back at the man who was taller than her yet still shorter than the first man; he also appeared to be way more than skin and bones instead he was a more fatty muscled man. "Plus, a woman like you deserves to be dominated by real men like us," the fat man said placing his hands just under Lucy's arms them sliding them down the contours of Lucy's waist.

Lucy shivered in disgust and anger at what the man had said. "Dominated, you did not just say that!" Lucy exclaimed defensively including large amounts of sass. "Calm down we're just trying to teat you like the delicate woman you are." the skinny man said coming closed only to receive a left hook punch to the face. As the taller man cringed in pain, his accomplice quickly took hold of the young woman from behind with a firm grip, "You shouldn't have done that," the thicker man whispered menacingly into the blonde's ear. "Let go of me, you cretin!" the princess ordered.

 Lucy's character tried to get out of the iron grip before they began to caress her body by stomped on one of the guy's foot by escape was futile. Shing! Lucy's character looked up from her struggling to see the taller man whipped away the blood dripping from his nose while holding a rather sharp and rusty dagger he had pulled out. Her eyes widened and pupils shranks upon sight of the dagger, it was one thing to fight hand to hand but to an iron weapon she didn't have a change. The thin man stopped in front of her placing the point of the dagger to the left of her neck. Lucy hissed feeling the tip slice into her flesh drawing a bead of blood to emerge. "Now, listen, we were just going to have a little fun, then let you go free as the wind, but not you've cause trouble so after we have our fun, we're going to place ou six feet under," the man spoke; his face barely an inch from her own fair skin. The princess pressed her lips tightly in an effort to prevent herself from vomiting to the foul smell of his breath. "There now, silence is better, mmm," he said before taking her lips. Now, Lucy had nothing against the actor before her as this was all acting, though she could not help but dislike the kiss, apart from acting disgusted for the play. It just did not feel right.

The princess thrashed about trying to unlock her lips from the putrid hold the man called a mouth. "Stay still, girl," the fat man commanded increasing the tightness of his hold on the girl. This stronger presser causes the girl to gasp as her airflow was being cut off. She tried screaming for help as the men began to undress her (don't worry she wasn't stark naked on stage only in underwear and bra). But no one came, for her voice was cut without air. Two men were about to rape her, the screamed in her head terror set off alarms in her fogging up mind. The lack of air was pulling her into unconsciousness, 'No! No, help! Help!' Just as her senses were about to go dead she head. "Max Speed Attack!" A shining blue sping bur zipped through her right along with a pink one before the eyes out.

A young man appeared causally eating an apple, before throwing it the bitten fruit into the air. Flaming punches pass in front of the men's eyes vision before being sent flying into the wall of the alley. "How dare you treat a young woman like that. I thought I told you to stop harassing and raping the women of this city you bastards!" yelled Natsu's character angrily. "Yeah, scum bags!" Happy proclaimed. "Mind your own business runt," the fat man glared. "We have a right to any woman we desire, you can-" Without hesitation, Natsu burned the two men to a crisp he walked over to the young women. "Are you alright?" Natsu said gently nudging the girl to wake. Her eyes twitched open to see the man before her. For some reason through she felt no fear for this particular man and did not try to escape in fright. "Are you alright, princess?" he asked her helping her up. "H-How did you know who I am?" replied the girl shocked. The man looked confused as did the flying cat. "How did you know I am the princess?" asked the beautiful young Lady. "I didn't, your just a beautiful as one," said Natsu's character as he had his famous grin plastered on his face before his eyebrows scrunched in realization, "Wait, do you mean to tell me...." Lucy blush when she saw Natsu's cute confused face as he trailed off and hope that people thought she was blushing for the play's sake; though she knew it was because of Natsu.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you for helping me um could you walk me through the palace gates please I-I don't want to run into more people like that," said Lucy/Lucy's character blushing looking away. "Sure, no problem," said Natsu's character as the two walked out of the alley and into the busy streets of the city. (Oh just so you know this stage acts like the grand magic games that's how you can see them walking through the city) The walked and talked and began to know each other. They like having each other's company but soon the would feel lonely as the arrived at the palace gates. "Thank you for helping me back there and walking me back home," thank the young woman. "It was no problem princess. I really hope we can meet again sometime" said the young man. "Really?" asked Lucy's character feeling inwardly happy since no one had taken notice of her. Well, being the princess she constantly had men take notice of her but with this young man, she felt it different. "How about you meet me in the center of the market near the melon stand tomorrow at nine," said Lucy's character. "Deal, see you later princess," replied Natsu's character as he watched her walk through the gates.

Instantly he was tackled by the flying cat. "Hey I think you in Looove with the princess!" exclaimed Happy's character. "What! I just meet her!" Natsu's character yelled back with sharp teeth in his mouth. Both then continued on home. Soon they meet up and began to see each other in secret. Eventually, they fell in love with each other. Sadly, their happiness was not to last as one day a princess from a far nation came to the sultan asking to marry the princess. The sultan had told the prince that if he could win her heart he could marry her. Sadly, she was already madly in love with a peasant boy. It wasn't long before the princes discovered this. He told her that he only wanted her for her money anyway so he did not care if she were to fuck around which such men, though if he were ever to find him within the palace walls her would kill him. (Now up to the moment where they were practicing the day before).

On the balcony of a beautiful palace, the princes stare off into the starry night. "I wish I could see the world, find someone to love me for who I am...not because my father is the sultan" sighed the beautiful princess[Obviously Lucy's the princess]. "I love you for who you are," said a voice. "Huh? Eek!" Shrieked the young women. "Princess, it's me, the boy from the market," said the young man calmly as he was in the air carried by Happy's character "I-Is is it really you?" she asked fearing he wasn't really there. "Yes it's me princess I am here because I cannot stand to be away from you please if you will me I stay with you and If you do not then I shall respect your wish and leave so may I stay with you my desert flower," asked the young man. "Oh yes please stay I'm am so lonely here by myself. Please keep me company?" replied the young woman, unfortunately, forgetting the princes' threat. The peasant boy nodded with a goofy grin on his face that made the princess giggle. Then leaned down and kissed Lucy's character's lips. Their kiss was a long passionate kiss. Happy was flying near then holding his mouth once again trying to not yelled out, "They like each other," so he flew away off the stage. When the two broke for air they looked into each other's eyes. "My princess I love you with every part of my body..." said the princesses' love. 'Why did he stop' thought Lucy's character looking up at Natsu who had stopped talking. " My soul is weak and weary when you are not around, my ears are desperate to hear your sweet voice, my arms long to hold you in my embrace, my hand wish to touch you smooth skin, my body fills with lust for your body, I wish to be yours and only yours and for you to be mine truly mine," said the young man.

'Wow hearing him talk like this is so wonderful,' thought Lucy/Lucy's character. "So I ask you just one thing; will you my love be bonded with me in holy matrimony?" asked the young peasant boy once again getting back to the script. "Oh my handsome protector, caring love, I will, I will bond with you in holy matrimony," replied the princess as they both slowly leaned in to kiss each other's lips. This time they kept the kiss long and passionate. Natsu pulled Lucy closer, her breast pressed up against his chest. The part of her breast that was exposed to touch the exposed skin of his chest which made her moan softly into the kiss. SUDDENLY, she gasped into the kiss which was heard by the audience when she felt two big hands grope her perfectly soft and round ass and gave a firm squeeze. As the audience heard the young women gasp at the young man's action cause the audience to, "ooooo," and, "oo la la," and some laughed. Eventually, they soon ended up in bed where they made love to each other. (PLEASE NOTE THAT IS WAS ACTING AND THEY DID NOT ACTUALLY have SEX THANK YOU).

The next morning the prince walks into the princess' chambers and find the two sleeping in bed. When he saw then he felt anger but left without waking them for an idea came to mind. When the lovers woke up they said their goodbyes and plans to meet up later. When Lucy's character walked out of her chambers the prince met up with her where he told her that she'll marry him or he'll inform the sultan of the commoner who raped his only daughter and that he such be put to death for just a heinous act. The princess had to agree to it or her lover would die. Due to this wedding was moved up for the next day and it wasn't too long before Natsu's character found out about the wedding. The next day the prince and Lucy's character stood at the alter about to get married when the peasant boy barged into the palace and yelled, "Stop this wedding!" Everyone in the room either gasped, screamed or fainted. "Love!" yelled the bride instantly covering her mouth after saying that causing even more faintings. "W-WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS! YOU-YOU PEASANT! HOW DARE YOU INTERFERE IN THIS ROYAL WEDDING," yelled the old short fat angry sultan. "Forgive my intrusion but you are making a grave mistake by making your gorgeous daughter marry that man. That man is no prince, that man is a man I found planning to take over the kingdom. I took care of him before he caused any trouble," said Natsu's character cracking his knuckles.

That's when things began to get weird as a fog rolled in. "Hahaha," a laugh echoed through the theatre. Natsu only grinned at this. His and Lucy's plan was working.


"Well, I notice that this place is very complex and hard to find your way in this huge place right," said Lucy with her finger pointing out making her point. "Right?" said Happy and Natsu confused to Lucy's point. "Well, for someone to be able to kidnap those girls, that person would have to know his way around this place also have quit and obsession towards theatre and hot women," Lucy explained. "Mhmp," replied Happy and Natsu in unison nodding in supposed understanding their hand under their chin. "Also, from what you said Mr. Lason he always appears and plays along as an actor in the play," said Lucy as Mr. Lason nodded. "Well, this play should attract him and he'll want to act in the play in order to kidnap the girls without raising suspicion. He must be especially good which disguises due to him not being caught let alone identified," said Lucy smartly, "He'll probably show up during the part when Natsu will stop the wedding so the prince will excite the stage, so people think it part of the play that's when Natsu beats the guy up and it all plays out as part of the show." "Magnificent!" said Mr. Lason. "Wow, Lucy your so amazingly smart!" said Natsu hugging Lucy making her blush, "Your such an amazing friend!" "T-Thanks N-Natsu" shuddered Lucy blushing brightly.

[Flashback over]

"I will not let you stop this wedding! I should have just had you executed before. Haha, I will marry her and have her tend to my every whim!" laughed the man through the sudden appearance of fog. "Ha that's what you think!" said Natsu grinning cracking his knuckle. His fists the ignited in flames as he ran towards the man. "Fire! Dragonnn! Iron! Fist!" yelled Natsu he punches the man hard. The man shows no reaction when he was pushed backward. "Ha that tickled, did you really have to ruin my new vest," the man complained. "Huh?" Natsu was shocked he didn't expect this guy to be strong enough to withstand his attack. "Space distortion magic! Space smelt," he yelled as the space around Natsu began to melt and become solid objects. The objects became strange sharp weapons that suddenly flew through the air and attacked Natsu. "Ahhh! ughrrr!" Natsu yelled in pain. Though it caused Natsu lots of pain; Natsu covered his skin with his dragon scale so the sharp objects would not cut too deep. "Natsu!" Lucy yelled practically screamed it worried for Natsu's well-being.

“Natsu are you okay!?" she yelled worried. Natsu then turned to her and grinned, "Don't worry about me Luce I can handle him. Remember we're talking about me! It will take more than that to stop me."

"Fine but I’m not just standing by," she said. Natsu knew Lucy was strong enough to fight but still. "Fine Luce," replied Natsu smiling the turned to fighting the man. Lucy felt happy that Natsu excepted her help. "Alright! Open Gate of The Golden Bull!" exclaimed Lucy, "Taurus!" Suddenly, the ground shook as the bull emerged from the ground, "Moooooo!" The bull posed with his ax.

"Taurus! Help fight that guy!" said Lucy pointing Natsu who was fighting the man. "If I do this will you finally give me that smooooch!" said Taurus with hearts for eyes. "If you win I'll give you a peck on the cheek but that's it!" yelled Lucy angrily. "Alright! Let get moove'n the faster we beat this guy the faster I get my kiss from the lovely Luooocy!" said the bull swinging his ax at the man. “Star dress, Taurus form!” Lucy exclaimed as the clothes around her began to glow and transform. Deep inside Natsu snarled at the bull. The only person who would ever touch those lip where his own.

The people watching were impressed with Mr. Lason for getting the Salamander and the greatest celestial wizard in the kingdom to act in his play. "Fire! Dragon! Roar!" yelled Natsu as a column of burning flames shot out of his mouth. "Space twist!" the man laughed as the space in front of him bend in front of him into a curved object. The fire came at the distorted space and ran along the curved surface and was sent back to Natsu. Natsu easily dodges the attack but the force of his own attack sent him back mid-air. "Natsu! Are you okay!" she yelled beginning to run to him the sending her whip after her partner. When her whip wrapped around his waist she pulled him down having him land beside her, “Natsu you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just warming up,” he replied igniting his fists in flames, “Thanks for the catch!” “No, prob,” “Fire dragon Iron fist!" he yelled running up to the man and punching him. The man only stepped back the grinned. “Dual ax strike!” Taurus yelled splitting his giant ax into two giant identical axes ready to strike. “Just give up!” Lucy exclaimed coming in for a Lucy kick. The man smirked. "Dimension bind," the man said as space around Natsu, Taurus, and Lucy solidified into long strips like a rope which then wrapped around each of their bodies tightly and lofted then up into the air. The mages tried to break free but to no avail. Natsu looked that than man and snarled bearing his sharp canines. The man grinned, "I suppose you are wondering why your magic isn't affecting me even when you attack me head on. Well, it's simple really, I'm just distorting space so that it makes a barrier between you and me, of course, it's a really thin barrier which is great to frustrate those who are not as smart." He then waved his finger bending space.

“Fire dragon roar!” roared the dragon slayer from his position of being tied up. Within seconds the power flames surrounded the mysterious kidnapper then vanished having no effect on him. “Nice try, but to no avail. Needle pressure…” the man whispered with grinned sadistically napping his fingers as thousands of hair-like needles glowing a poisonous purple appeared. they swarmed around the man as if alive, similar to groups of mosquitos or bees. Within seconds they all embedded themselves within the two male magic users. “Ahh!” screamed the blonde young woman in agony as the needles pierced her skin allowing blood to spew out. “Lucy!” Natsu yelled with extreme worry trying to move but found he couldn’t, “What?” The man laughed loudly before stepping close to Natsu, “No need to move, after all, my needles do more than just make you a bloody mess; it also injects a neurotoxin that paralyzes and deactivates your ability to use your magic. Each needle was placed in a pressure point as well as multiple places in your nerves are. Don’t worry it’s unfortunately not permanent but it will last a few days!”

The man then turned to Lucy and grinned maniacally at her as dirty thoughts race through his mind. Lucy would have stepped back in an effort to get away if not for her paralyzed body. "Oh, the princess. I didn’t forget about you? Don't worry you have my attention now," said the man licking his lips, "Now, please forgive me for harming you, but I certainly needed you to remain still. "No...rrr Luce stay away from her, aaahhgrr!" Natsu yelled through the pain as the binds tighten. "Miss, Lucy, please you must get away!" Taurus called out as well bugling his muscles desperately trying to move and get free but to no avail. 

The man had then created a hammer type objects and began to hit Natsu with it. He also created hand like objects that took hold of Natsu's bare foot and proceeded to utterly crush it; meanwhile creating a spear that stabbed the spirit, thus returning the bull back to the spirit world. It could even be heard; the cracking of bone and gush of blood. "Now, my lady we will take out leave," said the man as he threw Natsu to the ground hard. The man then walked up to Lucy who stared wide eyed in fear. "Stay away from her you jerk! Max speed attack!" roared Happy flying in at max speed and tackling the man head on; sadly, it didn't do anything. The man grabbed the cat and threw him against the wall hard and knocked the poor cat out. "Happy no...Natsu!" Lucy yelled for help as she saw the man right in front of her with a horrible grin. The man grabbed her wrist with an iron grip then created a portal with his space distortion magic he walked in pulling her in with him.

"Lucy no!" yelled Natsu flaring up trying to burn off the poison needles, but as soon as he tried to use magic incredible pain course through his body. Just before they left a strange tentacle-like thing sprouted from behind the dragon slayer and in a second the tip became a sharp thing need which embedded itself into the back of Natsu's neck. A searing pain spread through his entire body causing him to yell in pain. His vision began to become a blur, his eyes closing. He was losing consciousness. "Natsu! Help meee!" Lucy yelled as she was pulled into the portal. "Lucy Nooo!" roared Natsu trying to get up and run to the portal before it closed but it was no use he couldn't get up. His foot went completely limp. The moment the portal closed Mr. Lason ordered for everything to go lights out. Instantly, the stage where Natsu was turned off and everything went dark. "Uh hehe, thanks for coming. Please come back in a month to see the ending of this marvels play," said Mr. Lason nervously. The people all walked out happy and satisfied with the play. Immediately after everyone left him and the rest of the cast rushed over to the fallen fire mage. "Kid, wake up, Kid!" the owner yelled in fear. "I'm up..." replied Natsu in a horrid tone as if he had just witnessed the most horrid thing ever. "Can you buy me a t-ticket to magola...I tell my guild," slurred Natsu trying to stay awake and move his limp body. "Uh I'm a teleportation mage I can send you there now," said Mr. Lason as his hand glowed orange then place then on Natsu and suddenly Natsu and Happy vanished into thin air.

[At the Fairy Tail guild]

Everything was loud and rowdy as usual. Suddenly, there was a flash of light that blinded everyone for a few seconds and when their eyes adjusted they looked at the source of that light. Right in the middle of the guild hall Natsu appeared laying on a table with Happy on his chest. All the girl gasped while guys jaw-dropping at his condition. "Lucy...Lucy got kidnapped...we...have to find...heeeeer," he forced himself to say as his eyes closed and fell to the floor unconscious. "Natsu!" exclaimed Lisanna, Mira, and Wendy ran to help Natsu. They then proceeded to get him to the infirmary. "Master, shall I take a group to search for Lucy," asked Erza with a stern and very serious tone. "No. We cannot just rush out a look; first, we must gather as much information as soon as possible. We will rescue my beloved child and bring her home!" yelled Makarov determined to find his child.


So, thats the end of this chapter hope you like it. Stay toned for more!