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Between Shades Of Gray

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The sun was shining as if it were about to explode, but yet young Lina Vilkas heart was heavy. Almost a year ago her mother died, and it’s been over two years since she saw Andrius. Oh god words could not describe the hole in her heart. It seemed like she lost everyone except for two things. Jonas and hope. Jonas is her little brother who she would protect with her life. He was the only spark of joy left in this dark world.
And hope. That was keeping her going. Just thinking in only a few more years she could live a life with Andrius, Jonas, and herself. She is 17 right now, so in a year she would be old enough to start being considered with sleeping with the NKVD, which is disgusting! She remembered what Mrs. Arvydas had to go through to save her son’s life. All she wanted was to be free from this hell, and it’s not coming anytime soon.
After all of this, she had a list of all of her friends she lost on the way.
Ona’s Baby,
The stuttering man,
The man who wounded his watch,
The grouchy lady,
Janina’s mother,
Why did we have to loose so many?