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Welcome to the Family

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“What do you suppose this is all about?” Ron asked his wife as she pulled on her blouse, pushing her bushy hair through as best she could.

"What do you mean?” Hermione responded, picking her skirt up off the bed.

”Harry’s owl seemed kinda vague but urgent,” Ron said, straightening his vest as he looked in the mirror.

Now pulling up her skirt, Hermione said, “It’s not the first time they’ve invited us over on short notice, Ron.”

"Well, yeah. But I mean… it's been a while hasn't it. They are always busy these days,” Ron said, checking the zipper of his trousers.

“So are we. I’m not sure I see your point," Hermione said, sliding her feet into her shoes.

“I think maybe it’s something big,” Ron said, putting on his shoes as well.

"Something like?” Hermione said and sat down while she waited for Ron to get to his point and stop messing with his clothes.

He kept checking and rechecking his zipper. Ron always seemed unusually paranoid about the possibility of his willy slipping out at an inopportune moment.

"Ginny's pregnant. I'd bet anything on it,” Ron smirked.

"It has been known to happen," Hermione admitted then added, “It’s a common side effect of sexual intercourse.”

"Yeah. But unmarried? It's not right,” Ron said.

Hermione glared at him, putting her hands on her hips and asking, “What do you mean it's not right?"

"If Harry thinks my sister is good enough to shag and get pregnant then she's good enough to marry, isn’t she?” Ron said.

Hermione groaned. Not this again, she thought.

"Ron, Harry and Ginny are adults and are capable of making their own decisions. They don't need to be judged by you!"

"Yes, Hermione, but it reflects badly on my sister! You know the sorts of things people say about my family. It makes us look bad,“ Ron frowned.

"That's only because society, both wizard and Muggle alike, shames women for wanting and enjoying sex! We're only expected to have it for the pleasure of our husbands! And it's the twenty-first century, for Merlin's sake! We should be passed this!" Hermione snapped.

"You do have sex for my pleasure, though,“ Ron said.

"I have sex for our pleasure, Ron,” Hermione said.

“Well, yeah. That’s what I meant,” Ron replied nervously.

"I'm just saying that if he cares about how people see Ginny then he should do the right thing and marry her. Because whether it's society or not she's going to look bad!" Ron plead.

Hermione shook her head and turned away. If only she could get Ron to understand. Someday, she thought. Maybe. But not today.

"Let's go," Hermione sighed.

Ron nodded and took her hand as they apparated to Harry’s doorstep.


“So, you’re both probably wondering what we invited you over to talk about,” Harry said cautiously, Ginny feeling nervous.

“Ron, certainly has been,” Hermione said with glance at her husband.

“What? I’m fine. I’m relaxed,” he said, taking sip of the wine Harry had provided them with, his second glass already.

“Are you? You don’t seem very relaxed,” Ginny said.

“I’m getting there,” Ron said, taking a bigger sip.

“So, anyhow. There’s been a lot going on in our lives the last few years. For a while we thought we could just keep it private but after a lot of discussion… we think we want to be more open. You’re my best friends,” Harry smiled at Ron and Hermione.

“Look, you can just say Ginny is pregnant,” Ron said dismissively with a wave of his hand.

Ginny scowled and felt her cheeks flush. Always like her brother to be presumptuous.

“One thing at a time. The first thing is that… the two of us… Umm…” Harry started, clearly struggling with what he had rehearsed.

“Harry and I have been seeing other people. In addition to each other,” Ginny said flatly.

“You… what?” Ron asked, bewildered.

“Ginny and I have been seeing Neville. He… we… we’re in love with him,” Harry said, with a sheepish smile.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ron asked, seeming more confused than angry.

“I’ve also been involved with Luna. Since school, actually,” Ginny admitted.

Ron picked up his wine glass, studying it with a perplexed look on his face.

“I must be very drunk, Hermione, because I think my best mate and my sister just told me they were dating other people,” Ron said.

Hermione sighed at Ron then turned to Harry and Ginny to say, “Well, I’m very happy for you all and appreciate you being so honest with us.”

“Is it even your baby? Or is it Neville’s?” Ron asked, staring straight ahead, looking panicked.

“Ron, we haven’t even said that I’m having a ruddy baby,” Ginny snapped at her brother.

“Aren’t you?” Ron asked.

Ginny sighed an said, “Yes. I’m pregnant.”

“See! I knew it!” Ron said, standing up and pointing at his sister.

“Sit down, Ron,” Hermione said then reached over to hold Ginny’s hand, saying, “Congratulations, Ginny.”

“There’s more…” Harry started and Ron laughed.

“Of course there is. Next you’ll tell me that Ginny is going to give birth to the next dark lord,” Ron said, finishing his wine glass then grabbing the bottle to pour some more.

“That’s not funny, Ron!” Ginny growled, giving him a warning stare that he replied to with a shrug, sitting down with his third glass of wine.

“Ron. Stop it. Stop being such an arse. Do you realise we haven’t told anyone else about this stuff? We wanted this to be special,” Harry said.

Ron sighed, slumping over with the wine glass in his hands.

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” Ron said, looking embarrassed.

“Apology accepted. Now… the next thing is that… Ginny and I are engaged,” Harry grinned.

“Thank Merlin,” Ron uttered under his breath.

“What Ron meant to say was congratulations,” Hermione said, getting up from her chair to come over to hug Harry and Ginny.

Ron set the glass down on the table and also came around, first hugging Harry and then hugging Ginny.

“So, are you both marrying Luna and Neville too?” Ron asked.

“Don’t be silly,” Ginny said as Ron pulled away.

“I’ll be honest, mate. I thought you were going to be way more of an arse than you were,” Harry said to Ron as he went back to his seat.

“Well… some stuff has happened with me and Hermione that’s made me uh… reconsider some things. Let’s say that… I’m no stranger to bisexuality,” Ron admitted.

“Oh dear. Ron’s going to regret saying that later,” Hermione said, patting her husband on the back.

“Well, good for you. It’s something that’s… really important to me and Ginny,” Harry said.

“What do you think, Hermione? Should we marry someone else? Have a baby?” Ron chuckled.

“That’s a conversation that should be kept private,” Hermione said, shaking her head.

“You could have a wife, Hermione. I wouldn’t mind,” Ron declared.

“That’s very generous of you,” Hermione rolled her eyes.

Ginny laughed. She thought she had better take the wine away before Ron embarrass himself too much.

“How about I make us all some tea?” Ginny said, grabbing the wine bottle.

“I’m not even drunk!” Ron swore.

“Yes. And I’d like to keep it that way,” Ginny winked, walking away.

“Wait!” Ron said and Ginny turned around, giving Ron a skeptical look.

“What is it, Ron?” Ginny smirked.

“I… I just wanted to say… to Harry. Welcome to the family, mate. It’s about damn time,” Ron said, reaching over the table to hold Harry’s hand, if only for a moment.

“Cheers,” Harry replied as Ginny beamed with pride, heading off to the kitchen.


As Hermione undressed, Ron lay on their bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“What’s on your mind?” Hermione asked, thinking he looked thoughtful.

“Just… thinking. Could you do it?” Ron asked.

“Do what?” Hermione asked, removing her bra with a sigh of relief.

“Be with someone else. And be with me,” Ron said.

Hermione laughed.

“Ron, have you forgotten Viktor Krum?” Hermione asked with a smile, slipping her bed robes over her head.

“But that’s not the same thing, is it? I mean I like Viktor a lot and I know you do too. But Harry and Ginny and Luna and Neville… they seem really in love with them. Like… just as in love as you and I are. That’s mad, isn’ it?” Ron said, Hermione sitting down on the bed next to him.

“I don’t think so. I think it’s beautiful. Anyhow, to answer your question… I don’t know. I think maybe I like keeping things simple. And I like that… you’ve grown so much,” Hermione said, taking Ron’s hand in hers.

“Oh, you noticed, did you?” Ron giggled, tugging at his trousers suggestively.

Hermione laughed and said, “You know what I mean. You’re a better lover. A better partner. I kind of like that we can share with Viktor and it’s not a big deal for any of us.”

“Yeah. What about children, Hermione?” Ron asked.

Hermione shrugged.

“I don’t know. My career at the ministry is really important to me. Maybe if things slow down… but not just yet. Maybe in another year. Just… please don’t pressure me,” Hermione said.

“Never. Though I can’t promise my mum won’t. You know how she gets,” Ron said.

“Yeah,” Hermione replied softly.

“Hermione… do you want to have sex?” Ron asked, his blue eyes softly gazing up at her.

Hermione grinned and said, “I’m tired. I can’t promise I’ll be energetic.”

Ron, rolled over and placed his hands on her thighs, gently pulling them apart.

“How about you just lay back and let me take care of you?” Ron asked, wetting his lips suggestively.

Hermione bit her lip and nodded, happily sighing as she fell back against the bed.


“Ginny! Ah!” Harry whimpered, his hands squeezing her arse hard, Ginny on top of him as they climaxed together.

“Mmm. Damn I needed that,” Ginny said, breathing hard and realising she was drenched with sweat.

“Yeah… Me too,” Harry said, his green eyes looking glazed over.

Ginny shuddered again as she started to relax, laying on top of Harry. Harry’s hands rubbed up her back as they lay together, silent but for heavy breaths.

“I can’t believe how well that went,” Harry said suddenly.

“Oh? That’s funny. The second I reached between your legs and gave me that look, I knew it was gonna be good,” Ginny snickered.

“No! I mean Ron and Hermione… No. I mean Ron. Just Ron,” Harry said.

“Maybe he’s growing up. Sounds like he and Hermione have some stuff going on too,” Ginny said.

“I guess so,” Harry replied and Ginny gave him a soft, slow kiss.

“Do you suppose we’ll ever be able to tell the whole family about Neville and Luna?” Ginny asked, laying her head on Harry’s chest, staring off to the side.

“I hope so. It’s so hard to be so in love and not be able to share it with the world,” Harry admitted.

“I know how you feel. I mean there were always rumours about me and Luna. I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a shock. But no one even suspects you and Neville or knows that you both like blokes,” Ginny said.

“Maybe I’ll tell everyone at the wedding. Do a big speech,” Harry joked.

“No you won’t!” Ginny laughed.

“No. I probably won’t. If only because I want that night to be about the two of us. Neville and Luna would want that too,” Harry explained.

“Yeah. They would,” Ginny said, lifting up and turning her head to Harry, saying, “I really love you, Harry Potter.”

“I love you too,” Harry said, leaning up into her kiss.