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Domestic Bliss: Jason

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Jason got along fine before you lived with him, but it’d be a lie to say that you hadn’t improved his way of living drastically. The cabin he had made his home was old, and dilapidated and you had been the one to come in and say that just wouldn’t do. Slowly over time, you did tremendous work on the cabin. Replacing old wood with newer steadier planks, fixing any doors, and replacing broken windows.


By the time you were finished the cabin went from a simple dwelling, a place Jason came to rest his head after a night of killing camp counselors to a home. A home that he shared with you.


More than that though, you provided structure.


In the state he’s in, Jason doesn’t need to eat, and he hasn’t really tried. Still, that doesn’t stop him from being sure to be at the cabin everyday at 7 no matter what so he can sit at the table and have dinner with you. Even if he doesn’t eat it’s still nice. It’s like the two of you are a family.


It’s like he’s normal. You make him feel normal.