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three scoops of ice cream

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“Ah, San Lang, you’re here early today.”

Xie Lian looks up from where he’s clearing the paper cups and wiping the wooden tables. Throwing the used paper cups into the bin, he cleans his hands, dirtied from the ice cream that melted under the heat, before moving back to the counter.

Hua Cheng has already pulled a chair over from the nearest table to the front of the counter, sitting on it and tapping a finger on the table as his other hand props his chin, the signature smile on his lips. Coins of an exact amount for two scoops of ice-cream already on the tabletop.

“It’s too hot today, so I came here to see gege.”

Xie Lian laughs, already taking a cone out from the cabinets and sliding the glass. “You mean to get ice-cream. Seeing me won’t help the heat at all, San Lang.” He gestures to the variety of ice cream laid out. “The usual?”

Hua Cheng lifts an eyebrow. “Who said it won’t help? Seeing gege makes me feel better already. Mhm, the usual.”

Xie Lian ignores the slight warmth in his cheeks as he laughs, scooping two easily to place on the cone. Sliding the glass case closed, he passes the cone over.

When Hua Cheng takes the cone, his fingers always manage to touch Xie Lian’s own too and it’s true this time too. And this time, Xie Lian too, attempts to ignore the prickling sensation that crawls up his back. It doesn’t work but at least this time, Xie Lian is prepared for it. Unlike the previous times, Xie Lian isn’t meeting Hua Cheng’s alluring gaze that always make him turn a little dumb.

Yes, this time, Xie Lian managed to resist the weight of Hua Cheng’s intense eyes on him. Instead, pushing the coins over to put them into the cashier. Albeit with slightly trembling hands.

He sits down at the counter once he closes the cashier drawer and he meets the sight of Hua Cheng licking at the ice cream, eyes still on him. He coughs.

“If San Lang is here too early, what if they need your help? If someone starts drowning, I can’t help you.”

“Mm,” Hua Cheng doesn’t seem that bothered. “I got someone to take over for a while.”

Xie Lian blinks, “He Xuan?”


Xie Lian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Doesn’t he hate jobs like this?”

“He has no choice. He owes me too much money.”

Xie Lian is silent then. He himself, does owe Hua Cheng an amount of money, but Hua Cheng has never quite seem to bring that up, or force him to do his dirty work. Ah no, Xie Lian shouldn’t call it a dirty work at all. Lifeguards are after all, a respectable one. At least much better than simply selling ice cream.

Wiping his hands on the cloth again, he turns to look at Hua Cheng still innocently eating the cold treat as though he didn’t shove his work onto his friend. He directs his gaze outside, and the lifeguard post is too far away to make out anything other than a person seemingly trying to curl up under the umbrella as much as possible. And instantly, Xie Lian feels sorry for him.

“Don’t you… feel kind of bad for him?”

Hua Cheng only lifts an eyebrow at that. And when he finally replies, he says it slowly. “Mnn, then does gege ever feel bad for me?”

Xie Lian blinks.

He lowers the ice cream a little — the first scoop is nearly finished and Xie Lian notes the small vanilla stain that Hua Cheng licks away a short moment later. Hua Cheng’s handsome face seem to frown a little, a vague whine as he explains, “San Lang has always worked in the hot weather too, but gege has never said anything about feeling bad for me.”

Xie Lian stops short, throat stuck and unable to say anything for a moment. “But, San Lang…… is meant to work that job, right?”

Of course, it’s a hard job too, but isn’t it a requirement of a lifeguard to sit there under the sweltering heat?

Hua Cheng actually pouts, looking over with puppy eyes, “Then, that means gege won’t feel sorry for me?”

Immediately, Xie Lian widens his eyes and denies it. “Of course not! San Lang has been very hardworking, and even working so many hours for the entire day even though you don’t like the sun. If it wasn’t for San Lang working here, it’ll be terrible for the so many of the beach goers. And I imagine that parents might not even allow their children here. It’s only because San lang is here that the parents could be rest assured and……”

Xie Lian lets all the praises and ramblings fall out of his mouth without stop, and Hua Cheng has already propped his chin on the hand, grinning, clearly pleased as he listens.

“—Of course, I myself am very grateful that San Lang is here to take on this lifeguard duty. The previous one wasn’t as good as San Lang either. There was once or twice that they didn’t see that people needed saving until a while later. Of course they didn’t lose their lives, but his reaction time wasn’t very good and……”

Hua Cheng is still prompting him to continue with that alluring smile of his, and Xie Lian somehow couldn’t quite stop his mouth from talking praises. “—And from what I saw, San Lang has been very quick, and within a second, you already responded. Just three hours ago, for instance—”


The arching of an eyebrow and Hua Cheng finally making a sound finally makes Xie Lian stop, his face strangely warm.

“It seems that gege has been watching San Lang’s actions very closely?”

If Xie Lian was still speaking, he’d have tripped over his words and stammered out a “what”. But as it is, his tongue just remains stuck, and he opens his mouth wordlessly.

It takes a few seconds before his tongue is finally untied. “It’s just—! Only when there’s nothing to do! San Lang knows there’s no television here, and my phone too, it’s not a smartphone, so I can’t do anything else so I’m just—”

Hua Cheng laughs merrily. “Mnn, so gege decided that I’m the most interesting to look at when you’re bored?”

The way he says that makes Xie Lian flush hard. And definitely, his innocent gaze seems to get a completely different flavour now and he can’t even deny it! Since his eyes involuntarily head to watch Hua Cheng, then, won’t that mean that what Hua Cheng said is correct? That he did subconsciously decide that he wants to look at Hua Cheng?

You say it as though you didn’t already know that.

The voice that whispers that to him is immediately shoved down.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to think of a way to reply because his eyes catches the melted ice-cream roll down the cone and hitting the counter.

“San Lang, San Lang! Your ice-cream, eat your ice-cream!”

His voice turns shrill, thoughts forgotten as he immediately gets a cup to put beneath the cone to avoid more ice-cream from being wasted.

But even when his mind is panicking over the concept of wasted food , when Hua Cheng speaks, the words are inexplicably clear, ringing above all of the chaos in his own mind.

Gege is the most interesting for me to look at too.”

Xie Lian’s mind short-circuits.



What he sees is a sore face, completely undisguised and Xie Lian cannot help a laughter from escaping.

Hua Cheng shoots a displeased stare at He Xuan sitting at the table, eating the ice cream uncaring. The other doesn’t even grace Hua Cheng with a nod or a greeting of any kind, as if his only world is the ice cream he’s wolfing down as much as possible without getting a brain freeze.

“Why are you here?” The distaste in Hua Cheng’s voice is obvious.

“Ice-cream.” A clipped, uncaring response as he continues eating.

Xie Lian shakes his head, elaborating for a little more. “Qingxuan told him he’s coming soon and to wait here. So I thought rather than waiting in the sun, he could come in and wait too.” And might as well get some ice-cream as well. And earn a few more bucks today.

Hua Cheng’s frown deepens, and Xie Lian has to laugh a little. “What’s the issue? It’s not like he can’t come here.”

Hua Cheng’s answer is a mutter that almost goes unnoticed, “But, it’s interrupting my alone time with gege.”

The words make Xie Lian’s face grow hotter, just like how it did previously. Before Xie Lian could think of what to respond with though, He Xuan is already pushing the chair back and standing up. His face remains as expressionless as always but somehow, Xie Lian feels as though it carries a sort of finality.

When he finally speaks, it’s with a gaze aimed at the two of them. “I’m done.”

“Um.” Xie Lian says, glancing down.

Surely enough, the ice-cream cup is empty. Not just in the common sense of the word either. Because when an ice-cream cup is empty after being used to eat ice-cream, it will at least have some melted ice cream around, but here, it looks as though He Xuan has consumed even that, and drank the melted ice cream speck clean to an impossible extent.

“Um,” Xie Lian says again, but He Xuan has already taken the cup to throw at the bin before nodding at the two of them and walking to the exist.

“Oh but, Qingxuan isn’t here yet though?”

But he doesn’t seem to have heard it, simply leaving too.

Xie Lian remains staring at the retreating figure. The direction he’s heading seems to be the local convenience store. On the other hand, Hua Cheng has already taken his seat. A glance back shows that he’s surprisingly not sitting at his usual seat that he makes in front of the corner, but where He Xuan was sitting earlier.

There’s a buzz inside Xie Lian, and he can spot the coins of the exact amount on the table already.

“Gege, I want an ice-cream cone.”

A laughter bubbles out of him then and he decides to forget about He Xuan. Well, he probably has his own reasons. Taking the coins as he passed Hua Cheng, he quickly scoops two of the usual flavours onto the cone. He considers for a second before he adds a third scoop.

“Gege?” Xie Lian hears the eyebrow lift before he even sees it, and he simply smiles, giving the ice cream over. This time, he drags his own chair over this time.

“Was……” His own heart seems a little loud, but he decides that, if Hua Cheng would tease him like that, then he might as well do that too. “Was San Lang jealous?”

Hua Cheng receives the cone and pauses, raising his head to glance at Xie Lian. “Mm, maybe.”

“Of your own friend?”

“He isn’t my friend.”

Xie Lian mimics Hua Cheng in raising a single eyebrow. “Even if you asked him to take over your shift for a while and he agreed to it?”

“He owes me money.”

“Even if you took his recommendation of this lifeguard job?”

“He didn’t recommend it to me. He just brought me over.”

Xie Lian shakes his head then, deciding to let go for now. Even if Hua Cheng doesn’t seem to agree, their dynamics seem more like friendship. Especially if… Xie Lian suspects that He Xuan had eaten and left so quickly in order to give that “alone time” that Hua Cheng was complaining about.

He shakes the idea away before his face turns warm again, instead turning back to the original topic. “San Lang likes… spending time with me?”

Hua Cheng glances up then, a smile on his lips. “I don’t think that’s any surprise.”

Xie Lian, “Then, is spending time like this enough for San Lang?”

He blinks before nodding. “Mhm, it’s fun like this.”

“Then, the third scoop is my apology for you.”

Hua Cheng tilts his head.

“Because it’s not enough for me.”

It’s all he says before he leans across the table and covers Hua Cheng’s mouth with his own.



“Ah, it’s raining.”

“Mhm, everyone’s heading home already.”

Due to the location of the ice-cream shop being located at an area not too noticeable, usually not a number of people came here for shelter either. And this time, the rain starts slow enough for the people to leave without the need to squeeze for a shelter, so somehow, it still remains the two of them when it starts pouring.

“Oh, San Lang, you managed to bring your stuff over?”

Hua Cheng nods.

He’s carrying his bag too, so likely he had the time to rush over to sign off and before he made his way over. In the other times, he did too, usually coming in after changing and bringing his bag before the two of them close off the shop and make their way home until they had to go on their separate ways.

But that brings up the question then.

Why…… hasn’t Hua Cheng changed yet?

Xie Lian attempts to avoid looking too hard at him. But he’s still wearing his swimming trunks and a jacket over him, chest bare. He could remember that the first time Hua Cheng walked in, it was with Shi Qingxuan and He Xuan, expression dull as if he didn’t really want to be here, but that dullness somehow turn into an elation the moment he meets his eyes. A mystery that he still hasn’t figured out yet.

But that isn’t the point. The point is that, the Hua Cheng then did come to the beach to play too, and at that time, he was in swimwear too. But that was the only time he was. And in the subsequent visits, it has always been after his shift, after he’s packed up.

“Gege’s staring.”

There’s a teasing tone and Xie Lian immediately tears his eyes away, face already reddened from being caught. He was already trying not to stare but yet……

“Is Gege wondering why I didn’t change?”

Bullseye. “I was…… just a little curious…….”

He feels footsteps behind him as he catches him in a hug, pressing a kiss on his forehead. “Mm, no particular reason. It was going to rain so I just grabbed my bag and came here.”

The thunder booms in the distance. And the place sounds strangely quiet other than the whirling of the machinery.

Xie Lian is sharply aware of the press of Hua Cheng’s bare skin against his back and his throat goes dry.

“D-Does San Lang want some ice-cream? It’s not hot now but still……”

In actual fact, Xie Lian’s skin feels so warm and he doubts Hua Cheng cannot feel it at all. But regardless, it’s raining and he can feel the wind blowing in, so it should be cold right now, right?

“Mhm, always, Gege.”

Hua Cheng isn’t sitting down at his usual spot this time either. He’s hanging off Xie Lian, standing behind as he wraps his arms around Xie Lian shoulder in a hug.

“San Lang…… could you… put some of your clothes on first?”

Hua Cheng presses a kiss onto his ear, “Hm, does it bother Gege?”

His mind answers with a resounding yes but with the ticklish kisses, he finds his voice hoarse and gone. It has been like this, ever since Xie Lian initiated the first kiss, and made his own feelings clear. The teasing San Lang has gotten worse, touchy now and it’s impossible for Xie Lian not to be distracted by each bit of it.


Because despite the embarrassment that his body always firstly responds with, it always comes with a yearning for more. So even now, when his hands can’t seem to put the scoop properly on the cone, even now when his mind is utterly focused on the bare chest pressing on his back and the warm breath on his ear and the lips that slowly trail down on his neck, he doesn’t ask him to stop.

He struggles to put the third scoop on.

“Three scoops again? What is Gege apologising for this time?”

He turns his head to the side, cheeks flushed and he whispers, “For not trying to stop San Lang here.”

And he presses his lips closer—

The ice-cream drops. Not because Xie Lian had accidentally knocked it or his hand had loosened but suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he catches a figure.

A very familiar figure.

Immediately, his face whipped forward, hands stretched out as if he’s trying to hide Hua Cheng, and the ice-cream drops.

“B-Boss Pei!”

“Oh.” Pei Ming says easily, leaning against the door frame. “Don’t mind me.”

How could I not???

“If! If you’re here, you should say something!”

“Oh, but it’ll be a pity to interrupt.”

Recovering and realising that trying to hide Hua Cheng is a futility, he immediately drops down instead, taking tissues and trying to clean up the ice-cream on the ground.

“San Lang, I’m sorry! Your ice-cream……”

“Mhm, it’s okay, Gege.”

“Boss Pei, why did you come!”

“Oh well, I thought I’ll tell you to lock up early today. There’s no point and the rain seems to be getting harder too.” He pauses thoughtfully for a moment, ignoring the stare that Hua Cheng is aiming at him. Then he offers, “Maybe I’ll close it up this time. You two look busy. I’ll continue with the cleaning up so you two can continue.”

“Boss Pei!”

Pei Ming laughs, but he steps in and does a shooing action, as if he means it.

Face completely red, Xie Lian only wishes that he’ll could take him up on the offer and do just that. But he’s still responsible enough to at least force himself to stay and clean up the ice-cream spillage.

And then he’s zipping up Hua Cheng’s jacket, grabbing his hand and rushing out of the place.

It’s raining but Xie Lian doesn’t care. Hua Cheng is still quick enough to pull out an umbrella before the either of them get wet though.


“Ah, I didn’t get to have my ice cream this time.”

“I’m sorry, San Lang……” Xie Lian is trying to catch his breath from the exertion of the running.

Halfway through, Xie Lian started running blindly, so Hua Cheng had grabbed him instead and led him to a specific direction. And now, they’re currently in Hua Cheng’s flat. Xie Lian seated on Hua Cheng’s couch as Hua Cheng pours out a cup of water for him.

“Mhm, how would gege make it up to me then?”

“Um.” He takes a sip of the drink. Rather, he almost gulped down the entire cup. Usually he didn’t need to drink so much when he only ran for this amount of distance, but the embarrassment and the realisation that he’s suddenly in Hua Cheng’s place unprepared is too much. “A free 3-scoop ice-cream next time?”

“Then won’t that mean that I’ll be missing out on the treat today?”

He racks his brain. “I can… go to the convenience store to get it?”

“Convenience store ice-cream isn’t as good as Gege’s.”

Xie Lian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “San Lang, you do know I didn’t make those ice-cream, right?”

But Hua Cheng says, “Mhm, but they’re not scooped by Gege’s hands.”

“Is there a difference?”

“Of course there is. I get to touch Gege’s hands when you give me the ice-cream.”

Xie Lian stops in the last sip of the water, breath shortening for another reason entirely now. “But…… but San Lang can touch it any time.”

The moment he says it, he realises what Hua Cheng is aiming at doing and he raises his face just in time for Hua Cheng to shoot him a grin.

“Mhm, any time? Now?”

Xie Lian could only nod. Because even if he knows what Hua Cheng wants to do, to say no to something like this is utterly ridiculous.

Hua Cheng raises his right hand then and Xie Lian places down the emptied cup before his left hand meets Hua Cheng’s right, fingers curling around to hold the slightly-larger hand tightly.

“Is this enough…?” He asks but not with any conviction.

But Hua Cheng smiles and leans in, breath hovering on his lips, “Didn’t Gege say that the third scoop earlier is for an apology? What was Gege apologising for?”

As expected!

A little helpless, but he also thinks it’s a little funny how much Hua Cheng went around in order to get him to give him the kiss.

So he does lean in to give a soft peck. Or at least that’s what he intended as just a peck. Because the moment their lips meet, Hua Cheng’s grip on his hand tightens hard, and for some reason, that very fact makes Xie Lian gasp a little.

Hua Cheng’s tongue darts out and Xie Lian doesn’t move back, opening his mouth and allowing the kiss to be deepened. Xie Lian’s other hand finds its way to press on Hua Cheng’s chest, covered by only a layer of jacket that he pulled up. As if knowing what Xie Lian is thinking, Hua Cheng’s other hand covers his own, dragging his hand to the zipper to prompt him.

Xie Lian couldn’t quite think of anything other than the way their tongues are entangled together, or the feeling of Hua Cheng’s firm chest that’s already etched in his memory. The zipper goes down easily and Xie Lian doesn’t even know if it’s own hands pulling it down or Hua Cheng guiding his hand to doing so. But what he does know is how he lets out a muffled whine against Hua Cheng’s lips when he had to separate their hands to shrug off the jacket. As if as a reassurance, Hua Cheng’s right hand return, grasping onto his hand tightly.

His free hand goes back to the chest, now exposed. Not merely pressed against his back, but under his hand. The knowledge makes a small fire grow at the pit of his stomach as his hand explores the firm muscles, from a quiet appreciation of the abdomen and moving upwards to the right nipple.

Xie Lian breaks off the kiss with a gasp, out of breath now but also from the realisation of what he just touched.

He didn’t realise how Xie Lian has been pressing himself forward the whole time, and the moment their kiss is interrupted, Hua Cheng seems to have lost his balance and fell back onto the couch, their entwined hands dragging Xie Lian into falling on top of him.

Nothing glamorous, because Xie Lian’s forehead ended up hitting Hua Cheng’s nose and he could hear a quiet groan. He pushes himself up as much as possible, apology ready on his lips but it dies the moment Xie Lian meets his eyes — flaming and burning with…... with a desire that Xie Lian cannot pretend not to know anymore. The same kind of fire that’s growing at his stomach.

Apology forgotten, he immediately kisses Hua Cheng hard, this time, he’s the one mimicking what Hua Cheng did earlier, tongue sticking in and exploring bit of the mouth. Hua Cheng moans against the kiss, his knee coming in between Xie Lian’s legs to rub against his crotch and Xie Lian shudders, not realising that it’s already hard, but now with Hua Cheng’s grinding, he couldn’t ignore about it even if he wishes.

His hand is rubbing at Hua Cheng’s nipple, encouraging more of little moans from spilling from Hua Cheng’s mouth, and there’s a thought — a voice that hasn’t lost himself in the allure that is Hua Cheng — that wonders what has gotten to him.

As if to reiterate it, Hua Cheng’s voice is a hoarse whisper, faint laughter in the voice as he says, free hand settling on Xie Lian’s waist, pushing the shirt up, “So Gege can be this forward.”

The sentence should usually turn him into a blushing mess again but his own hands move still, pinching and wanting to draw more the sounds out from his lips. Attacks that has to stop when Hua Cheng pulls off his shirt then and he responds with fingers moving down to the waistband of the swimming trunks. And that’s when the slightest bit of rationality coming back to him. An unspoken question and uncertainty as his fingers dances across the waistband.

“Gege,” the voice is soft against his ear, “If Gege is willing to do it, San Lang won’t mind having this as my treat today.”

Xie Lian laughs before he realises, “So, this is only worth a three-scoop ice-cream?”

“I didn’t say that, Gege…… It’ll be more like a treat from a paradise.”

The answer makes him laugh yet again.

“So, Gege? Your answer? San Lang won’t mind either way.”

“Does that mean holding hands is already enough?”

The familiar raise of the eyebrow makes Xie Lian unable to resist pressing a kiss on the brow. “San Lang would of course take whatever Gege is willing to give.”

“I don’t know how to,” Xie Lian admits.

“I’ve never done it before either……”

“But I really have never……” This one, he admits a little more shyly because most have already, in this day and age, at least read or watched something that could give them a starting point. And Xie Lian would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little curious, but he never ended up searching for it.

There’s a soft hum and Hua Cheng is already whispering. Crude words that Xie Lian was utterly unprepared for. “Which one does Gege prefer? Your dick in me or mine in yours?”

Blood floods through his entire body and he stammers, “I-I-I— My— Your—”

But Hua Cheng doesn’t joke, and only waits patiently until Xie Lian calms down a little. Not long because he at least knows that much, his own reply soft, “I, am not sure. San Lang can choose.”

The moment the answer is given, they’re flipped and Hua Cheng’s hard-on is pressing at his thigh already, grinding.

“Mine in yours.” He says easily. “So, Gege can just relax and let me work…… If I ever hurt Gege, let me know.”


Hua Cheng is gentle.

Fingers entering him down there, rubbing and watching for Xie Lian’s reaction. He tells Xie Lian exactly what he’s going to do before he does it. His own legs spread as much as possible, and there’s something almost strange looking down and seeing his dick so free and straining so hard, precum already leaking. Knowing that Hua Cheng is seeing the exact same thing makes him want to keep it away somehow but that’s not possible. Fingers that soon go past the objective of Xie Lian getting used to something inside into searching and brushing against a spot that make him see stars.

When the three fingers are out, Xie Lian’s gaze is already glazed over, thighs quivering and somehow, they’ve found their way around Hua Cheng’s shoulders, almost forcing his head down.

He chuckles, “Does Gege want me to blow you too?”

“No! San Lang, just— Just—!”

He doesn’t manage to finish it but of course, Hua Cheng does it for him, nodding, though not without laughter in his voice. “Mhm, I’ll just do it, I’ll do that.”

Hua Cheng kisses his thighs before gently prying them off his shoulders, leaning forward, and Xie Lian could feel the tip hovering right at the entrance. A kiss at his chin before the tip pushes in.

Xie Lian cannot help finding his hold on Hua Cheng’s back,  gripping hard as Hua Cheng pushes in, tight. He prepared himself when it was fingers, imagining Hua Cheng’s…… thing instead, but the feeling is far too different from what he expected.

Warm, thick, and so hot.

He lets out small gasps as he feels himself being stretched harder until Hua Cheng bottoms out and Xie Lian feels as though he could barely breathe.

His eyes are looking up at the ceiling, mouth open trying to take in as much as possible, but each breathe makes him feel full all over again.

Hua Cheng’s peppering kisses all over his jaw, unspoken question and when Xie Lian is ready, his fingers curl around Hua Cheng’s hair instead, tilting his mouth down to kiss Hua Cheng’s mouth messily.

The rolling motions and thrusts start then, and it’s hard enough to keep it to quiet gasps. His voice lets out lewd moans as the thrusts start gaining speed.

“Gege, Gege, does it hurt?”

The voice gentle yet breathless and Xie Lian feels like he could barely hear it with the dick that just keeps thrusting in and out. His mind is spinning as he shakes his head, hands clutching hard.

It does hurt. Not awfully so, but Xie Lian doesn’t think that there’ll be absolutely no pain in such an act, and the pleasure that spreads through his body makes his fingers dig into the scalp, urging, wanting more and more.

“Faster, San Lang— Please, faster—”

The words that come out of his mouth sound so unlike him, needy, needy, so needy, and greedy, making his own ears flame with embarrassment.

Xie Lian swallows and searching for some head space to correct his words— but into what?

He doesn’t manage to think because, Hua Cheng lets out a growl then, and he looks down only to see a strange glint in his eyes and the thrusts are slamming in and out then, fulfilling what Xie Lian said, and the little bit of headspace he had is ripped into shreds by the sound of flesh hitting flesh and his own broken moans that fill up the room.

It doesn’t take long for Xie Lian to come. And when he does, he doesn’t even manage to warn before the hot liquid spills all over their chests along with a moan that tears through the air almost like a scream.

He could feel the body jerk at the moan before he’s growling and thrusting a few more times before his own spills inside Xie Lian.

Xie Lian lets out a shuddering breath, toes curling in as Hua Cheng pulls out after emptying out.

“Sorry Gege, I shouldn’t have come ins—”

He only manages that much before Xie Lian’s hands are already pulling him down to lie beside him. “No…… It’s fine.”

The sensation is strange, filling up where it shouldn’t be filled and his butt feels incredibly sore. He shifts slightly and he could already feel the liquid slipping out so he stops moving completely.

“How was…… the treat for San Lang?”

The question seems to make Hua Cheng chuckle, body vibrating lightly beside him. “Paradise.”

But not just that. He scoops up a little of Xie Lian’s split cum on his chest to taste a little before confirming again. “Paradise.”

Xie Lian’s face is already pink again. “Don’t—!” And he’s trying to reach for the tissue at the table right beside them, but Hua Cheng presses him down again.

“Paradise, Gege.

“But, Gege I want to try your own three-scoop ice-cream next time.”


“San Lang, you know I can’t cook.”

“It’s fine. I’ll still eat it, Gege.”