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Love Was Never My Profession

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Regina’s alarm wakes her up at 6 AM, and she’s surprised to find an extra blanket had been spread out over her body sometime during the night, indicating that Emma had returned home.


She sits up on the couch slowly, her achy muscles stretching and adjusting as well. She isn't sure if she should gather her things and go home to get ready or stay and be with Emma and Henry.


She doesn't want to leave but she’s sure that they aren't ready for family morning routines despite the large step she and Emma took the night before.


Her body tingles at the memory of having Emma’s mouth on her.


Faintly, she hears the opening of a door and she wonders if Emma had heard her phone alarm go off. But the soft, childlike padding of footprints tells her that it's the younger Swan.


Henry looks tired and groggy as he appears from the hallways, and Regina fights a grin. “Good morning.” She tells him, and he looks at her for a long moment, confused.


“What’re you doing here Miss Miss?”


“Your mother had to go to work last night so I stayed with you.” She replies, holding her arms out to take him into her lap.


“But she's in her room.” He counters, and she smiles softly.


“She got home very, very late.”


He nods and sinks into her body, and for a moment, she thinks he’s drifted back to sleep. He smells like watermelon shampoo and laundry detergent, and she can't help but wonder how she'll be able to leave them this morning.

When Emma comes out about thirty minutes later, Regina and Henry are cuddled on the sofa eating oatmeal.


Regina wasn't sure if they were allowed to eat in the living room but she couldn't muster the strength to say no to Henry when he asked.


She blushes as she catches Emma staring at them. “I-I made enough for you as well. It’s on the stove and still hot.” She relaxes when Emma smiles as wide as her tired face allows.


“Thanks,” Emma says softly, green eyes lingering on brown. She licks her lips and turns to Henry, head motioning to the TV, “before you're dressed for school?”


“The pointer isn't on the seven yet, mommy!” He defends, pointing to the large wall clock by the kitchen entrance.


“Yeah, yeah.. finish your breakfast and get dressed. Then you can come back and watch Voltron until it’s time to go,” She leans down and kisses his head, “don't forget to brush your teeth too.”


He nods, standing up to take his bowl to the kitchen and then dashes off to his room, leaving both women alone.


Regina sets her bowl on the coffee table and stands, “I’m sorry, I just-”


“It's okay, babe.” Emma smirks, wrapping her arms around Regina’s slender waist. Immediately, Regina feels calmer, and she relaxes into the embrace. “Morning Henry is hard to resist. It takes years of practiced intolerance.” Emma jokes.


It feels fantastic to be in Emma's arms like this, and Regina can't help but lean in further, bringing their bodies closer together, “He certainly is very charming.”


“Gets it from me.” Emma grins goofily, leaning in to kiss Regina softly.


And she’s so very content, despite the fact that she needs to get ready for work and leave early enough to get there before any of her students. She’s content and happy and it's so unusual for her that it throws her world off kilter just a bit.


When the kiss breaks, Regina lets her arms rest on Emma’s shoulders, and she leans away, “What time did you get back from work?”


“Three hours ago.”




“Yeah, I have to be back at 8. But good news, I was going to get today off because of the overtime but I switched it to Friday. And I already had Saturday off. Two free days.” Emma wiggles her eyebrows and grins.


Regina doesn't know how that is good news, considering Emma is only running on 3 hours of sleep at this point, but she keeps quiet, knowing it’s not her place to mother Emma. “You work too hard,” is what she settles for, softening it with a lingering kiss against the blonde’s pink lips.


“Gives me time to miss my kid and my best girl.” Emma shrugs, chasing the kiss. It deepens for a few long moments, tongues brushing against each other languidly. The kiss is so good that Regina nearly wants to call in a substitute and make Emma stay home just to make out like teenagers.


Regina pulls away after a long moment, lips kiss red, “I suppose.”


Emma gives Regina’s waist a firm squeeze before pulling away, “I need to hop in the shower, feel free to use the bathroom by Henry's room to get ready for work.”

Friday comes slowly, the only time Regina is able to see Emma is after school for a few strained moments, mostly because Mal has taken to lingering close by until Emma leaves. It’s definitely a threat by now, Regina knows this for sure. The way Mal smirks at her every time Emma makes her way over, the way the older blonde talks to Emma like she knows just a little too much, and it's starting to overwhelm Regina greatly.


So by the time school is out on Friday, both Emma and Mal (along with the rest of the volunteers) are in the parking lot where the Trunk-or-Treat is being held, Mal standing close to an uncomfortable Emma.


“Thank you all for volunteering to help this year,” Regina starts, her familiar political smile on her face, “we have just enough cars to fill the parking lot. I've donated some of my own money for candy and games, but for those who have also donated, you are greatly appreciated.”


Everyone is divided up into groups, each working on the cars in sections of 6 cars per group. Regina supervises and delegates each group, helping where she can. She tries hard not to linger near Emma’s group for too long, knowing that Mal is watching and waiting like the tiger she is; ready to pounce when they least expect it.


She takes to working in the group where her own car sits eventually, trunk popped and empty and decorations scattered around. Her mind drifts as she sets up the witch themed trunk.


She wonders if Emma is able to focus, knowing what they’d done together just a few nights before on the blonde’s couch. Regina blushes when she thinks about where Emma’s lips had been, and she can still feel the blazing hot tracks of Emma’s tongue.


She has to take a moment to calm herself before she continues. She closes her eyes and grips the tiny broom sticks in her hands tightly.


Of course Emma Swan is the one to awaken her body and make her realize that sex is indeed more than an obligation.


She’s completely flipped Regina's world on its axis she’s completely off balance. It’s not a bad thing either; she realizes that maybe she’s ready for more sooner than she initially thought.


She stores that thought away for the time being and finishes her trunk.


By the time everyone is finished, they all make their way to the gymnasium where the kids whose parents have been helping play. There are snacks waiting; mini sandwiches and drinks and crudités, and Regina hadn't been aware of just how hungry she’d gotten during the Trunk-or-Treat setup.


“You did amazing with the planning, Genie,” Kathryn sidles up to her. Regina had assigned her and another teacher to to watch the dozen or so children, “be careful, Glass might have you be the planner every year.”


Regina smiles and gathers a small plate of food, making brief eye contact with Emma. She pops a cherry tomato into her mouth and smirks as Emma’s eyes follow the action. She turns back to Kathryn with a slight shrug, “If I’m honest, it really wasn't that bad. If I’m assigned to do this again next year, I'll be more aware of what to expect.”


Kathryn nods, now uninterested in the conversation, “So I’m assuming blondie with the red monstrosity of a jacket is Emma Swan?”




The other teacher lowers her voice and smirks, “You literally mouth fucked a tomato just now right in front of me. The only one looking was that drooling blonde over there.”


Regina turns back to Emma, who immediately spins around, turning her attention to the group of kids, including Henry, and loudly offers to play a game of duck duck goose.


“Yes, if you must know. That’s Emma.” She searches for Mal, and is pleased to see that she is a good distance away, “Mal kind of found out about us.. somewhat.. so please keep your inappropriate thoughts and words to yourself, okay? She won't hesitate to expose me.”


Kathryn scoffs, stuffing a carrot into her mouth, “Ugh. What a Dragon.”


Regina smiles, “That's what Emma called her.”


“Well,” the other woman perks up, “I, for one, like this Emma Swan. Good judge of character.”


Regina looks back over to where Emma is playing an intense game of duck duck goose, and is currently being chased around the circle of children by a first grader. If it was ever possible, she thinks she’s fallen just a bit harder for the beautiful oaf.

Five o’clock hits, and the parking lot fills up quickly with costumed children and their families. Regina had settled on a modest dark purple pantsuit that she kept in the back seat of her car for the day, smokier makeup, and a witches hat to top off her look. Nothing too scary for the children.


Emma and Henry had decided to walk home around 3PM to get ready and then come back, and Regina is slightly grateful for the momentary separation from them. The longer she’s around those two, the harder it is to tamp down the urge to be close to them.


It also gives her a breather around Mal, who seems to wane off as the afternoon turns to evening.


The sun is setting and the event is in full swing, and Regina sees all of her students one by one, shyly approaching her car during their car hop with their bags of candy held out.


She sees Henry, Nick and Lily hop to her car, and they all hug her, Henry more enthusiastic than the other two.


“You're a witch!” Henry squeals, “I’m Shiro. I wanted to be bumblebee but mommy couldn't find enough cardboard to make it but this costume is still AWESOME!”


Regina smiles, “You look wonderful, Henry. What about you two?” She turns to Lily and Nick.


“I’m a m’canic, like my daddy.” He stretches the fabric of his tiny jumpsuit to show Regina the name tag, which says “Michael”.


Lily adjusts her large headpiece and grins, “I’m Maleficent,” She pronounces slowly but perfectly. Regina knows that Mal probably rehearsed it with Lily a hundred times in order to impress people. Regina has to hand it to the other woman though, it's adorable.


“You all look amazing.” She tells them adoringly, unable to stop the wide grin on her lips.


“You're the classiest witch I've ever seen, Ms. Mills,” She hears, and she looks over to see Emma swan walking up in a pink nurses uniform.


Regina blushes and smoothed her already pristine jacket out, “At least I didn't come dressed as a teacher,” she retorts, motioning to Emma’s getup.


“Oh this?” Emma smirks, looking down at her scrubs, “Automatic halloween costume every year. Plus, when I inevitably get called in, I’m already prepared.” She crosses her arms and grins in triumph. "It's worked every year, foolproof, really."


“Laziness at its finest.”


Emma shrugs, “You call it lazy, I call it efficient.” 


The night goes off without a hitch, and Regina can't help but feel relieved that it's going so well, knowing that all of her stressing and prepping has paid off. She watches Emma hang around Henry and his friends, keeping a professional distance from each other while, at the same time, sharing lingering glances and smiles. 


A parent stops to talk to her as she refills her cauldron with candy, and she smiles at him politely. 


"This is probably one of the best trunk-or-treats so far. Last year's was boring." And briefly, Regina tries to remember who'd planned it the previous year. Dr. Glass mostly.


She can't help the grin that spreads over her face and she nods, "I had lots of help though, and some good donations to make it a bit more entertaining for everyone." 


"Well, you should plan every year," he grins, almost flirtatiously, "my daughter Grace was in your class last year, she'd had only good things to say about you." 


Just as Regina is about to respond, the sound of Henry and Nick calling out to them rings through and Regina spins around to see Lily on the floor, a tiny hand clawing at her throat. Her eyes widen and she freezes, looking around for Mal, who is sprinting toward them with an expression of terror.


She realizes she’s moving too slow and that Lily is choking, and she turns back around to see that Emma is already over there, kneeling behind the little girl and delivering firm, hard blows with an open hand to her back.


What’s happening?” Mal rushes out, skidding to a stop on her knees in front of Lily. The little girl’s face is nearly a pale bluish purple.


Nick sobs next to Henry, who looks sick. “She eated a chocolate and then she fell,” Henry tells them.


“She’s choking,” Emma says, and she immediately started on abdominal thrusts, pulling the girl up to her feet like a rag doll. “C’mon baby,” she says quietly, and a Regina can only watch on in horror. In all of her years of teaching, she'd never had a student choke. 


Moments later, a large chunk of chocolate flies out of Lily’s mouth, landing in the grass, and she starts coughing. “Atta girl,” Emma sighs, and everyone that had gathered around them releases a similar sigh of relief.


Regina watches as Emma helps Lily sit back down on the grass, carefully taking the girl’s headpiece off and loosening the costume cape ties around her neck to help her breathe better. She holds Lily’s arms above her head, then turns to Regina and Mal, “She’s okay now but I think you should take her to the ER. She was out of air for quite a while and she’s still looking very weak.”


“I’ll call an ambulance?” Regina suggests, already pulling her phone out of her pocket. She isn't sure if an ambulance is necessary but she'd rather over compensate than not have the right resources.


Mal comforts her daughter as Emma talks her through the aftercare, and Regina takes note of how completely different she is when in work mode. She’s checking Lily’s heart rate and breathing every few minutes and demanding strangers to get water, and it’s incredible.


Regina finally sinks down next to Henry, unable to stand his crying any longer, and she holds him to her tightly, motioning for Nick to join them as well. Mal looks at her from over Lily’s head and somehow, there’s an understanding between the two women, something about a life or death experience washing away all other cares. The main concern here between everyone is keeping all of the kids safe.


“I hear the ambulance,” Emma tells Mal, “keep her arms above her head and have her take a small sip of water in a minute or two. When the EMTs get here they’ll take over and you'll be able to ride with her to the hospital, okay?”


Mal nods quickly, “Thank you.. so much..” there are tears streaming down her cheeks as she takes over holding Lily’s arms up, “how did you know..”


“I’m a pediatric nurse at the hospital, so I know a few things..” She smiles kindly, patting the older woman’s shoulder. “She’ll be okay, that's the important thing.”


Regina just holds onto Henry tightly, and Henry holds back. Nick holds onto Henry's and Regina hand, just wanting to be near.


“Mommy’s a real life hero.” Henry mutters, and Regina nods, placing a kiss on his head.


“She is.”