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Body Talk

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The bass pulsates under his skin. Euphoria washes over him as he tips his head back laughing as the melody takes over. Eyes closed as he dances with his friends.

He wipes the sweat dripping from the bridge of his nose. His eyes opening to the mass of bodies moving to the beat under neon lights. Ochako tugs him close; her back molding into Izuku’s front, pulling on his hands as her hips move to the beat.

After a long week, Izuku loves to let go. Nothing beats letting loose on the weekends: getting tipsy, dancing with friends, and the biggest thrill: grinding up against strangers.

Izuku is a tactile person. He gets high off of attraction & flirtations acted out via body language. That raw desire for close physicality; no words exchanged. Letting the body doing all the conversating.  Sometimes he’s lucky enough to grab a number but he’s never gone home with anyone.

His eyes survey the room; and they stop abruptly when he sees the only still figure in the room.

Amidst all the colors flashing; red eyes pierce through into Izuku’s green. The spiky blonde haired stranger is sipping his drink leaning against the bar; stone faced as he just watches Izuku.

Izuku feels his face heat up at the intensity of the gaze; the hair on the back of his neck standing up in reaction. He wants to turn away; yet he keeps finding himself catching glances at the handsome man.

But, why isn’t he dancing?

Ochako looks at Izuku and nods her head in the direction of their table for a breather. The four sit at their VIP area and gulp down some water and down even more alcohol; before venturing back into the throng of people.

Izuku rejoins Shouto & Ochako on the dance floor, but it lacks the physicality that Izuku craves. He envisions crimson eyes burning; but he shakes his head to rid himself of the mental image of the blonde.

Yet he finds his eyes going back to the bar where he first saw the stranger who’s still there; now talking to a man with spiky red hair and he’s looking quite pissed. Izuku shrugs and goes back to dancing.

The alcohol is seeping deeper into his bloodstream; a fuzzy feeling enveloping him.

His eyes drift again to the bar where he finds the blonde looking at him again.

With a bout of courage Izuku smiles at the man, eyes widen for a fraction of a second. Blondie looks to his sides and sees nobody smiling back at Izuku. Izuku points at him. The blonde points to himself. Izuku then does a come hither motion with his finger; the blonde looks apprehensive.

Izuku’s about halfway to walk over there and grab him, until a girl with pink skin shoves the blonde; who glares at her. She whispers something into his ear; and he stares her down before he straightens up and makes his way to Izuku.

Izuku’s smile grows.

The blonde makes his way to him; Izuku feels that strange magnetism pulling them to one another again.

The blondes taller than him, looking down at him when they finally meet. Red eyes intense & his mouth set in a thin line; Izuku only smiles at him before he grabs the blonde and pulls him behind him. Blondie seems unsure about what to do. So, Deku puts the latter’s hands on his hips and starts to move against him.

With the initial body roll into the blonde, the grip on his waist tightens and he swears he hears a groan. Izuku can’t help but smirk. The blonde starts to move tentatively against him; which only spurs Izuku on.

His hands reach behind him to the blondes hips and pulls him impossibly close as he gyrates against the blonde. Izuku knows how to get others attention with his ass and hips. It’s one of his forte’s; but it seems the blonde is either too stiff (no pun intended) or caught off guard by the sway of Izuku’s body.

The blonde finally starts to find his rhythm. They start to move in-sync with another, strong hands run down Izuku’s torso, while his hands wrap around the blondes neck pulling him down - running his hands through the ends of blonde strands.

The desire between them has been building the moment they touched; undulating bodies and rutting to the beat. Izuku’s never felt THIS level of sexual tension before.

He feels a puff of hot breath on his neck and he leans his head back against a sturdy shoulder. God, he could just let this man take him here and now. He’s felt the blonde against him, all hard muscle, and strong arms. Under half lidded eyes he glances up, and sees those piercing red eyes looking down at him.

Shrouded in complete lust.

A hand slips under his shirt sliding across his abs, and travels lower.

Izuku gasps as a hand grazes his hardening groin through his pants.

Izuku hears the blonde moan again. He also feels a poke against his ass. He turns his head to look at the blonde and closes the gap between them.

The kiss is electric. All the synapses firing across his body. Sparks igniting in his gut. He wants - no NEEDS this man in front of him. Izuku's grip on the man’s neck tightens as the blonde pushes himself deeper into the kiss.

The blonde pulls back with a victorious smirk on his face; and Izuku returns it. Lips are on him again. They’ve stopped dancing in the middle of the floor and have started making out heavily. Hands trailing down his back and down his ass. Izuku moans into the blonde’s mouth; who pulls away again leaving him dazed.

He grabs Izuku’s hand and starts to pull him off the dance floor; Izuku waves off Uraraka and hand signals that he’ll call her later.

The blonde’s friends look at them; but only throw their thumbs up with wide smiles; causing the blonde to frown as they exit. The blonde walks briskly into the night; their hands still joined as they walked. Izuku’s pulse quickens - he’s practically vibrating with excitement as they reach their destination.

A love hotel.

Wordlessly they enter, the blonde talking to the receptionist and getting a key; he grabs Izuku’s hand again and they head towards the elevator.

The second they crossed the threshold of the hotel room; the blonde grabs Izuku; his lips devouring Izuku’s as they quickly strip their clothes off as they move further into the room.

Feeling skin on skin the two groan; the fire between them burning stronger, hotter.

Izuku pushes the blonde onto the bed; who leans on his forearms as Izuku hooks his fingers on the man’s boxer-briefs and pulls down. He looks at the package and then up at red eyes with a smile and a lick of his lips.

Izuku licks the length of the blonde’s cock; licking the slit of the head before wrapping his mouth around it. The blondes head drops back and he lets out a long moan. Pleased with the reaction Izuku hums as he starts to go take him in further till he hits the back of his throat.

Hands are in his hair as he starts a steady rhythm. Expletives paired with moans. Izuku pulls his mouth off and uses his hand to jack him off a before going back. His fingers slick with saliva he pulls down his own boxers and starts to stretch himself out.

He gets off his knees and climbs the bed leaving a trail of kisses up chiseled abs and pecs, up his neck, trailing kisses up his jaw before capturing plush lips with his own.

Izuku notices the night stand packed with condoms and lube; courtesy of the love hotel. A nice touch.  He reaches for the items and sits up sliding down the body till he’s hovering above the biggest dick he’s ever had the pleasure of sucking and now fucking.

He rips the condom package open with his teeth as he straddles the blondes thighs. Red eyes watching his every movement with dilated pupils. He throws the package away and starts to roll the condom down his length. Blondie bites his lower lip; eyes never taken off of Izuku’s face who only winks in response. Izuku pops open the lube and squeezes a generous amount onto the blonde’s dick as he uses his hand to smear it around and languidly strokes him.

Izuku positions his hole above the swollen cock; slowly easing himself down he feels the head press against him; Izuku exhales as he starts to lower himself; feeling the ring of muscle stretch and burn. He leans his head back as he moans till he’s completely filled.

The blonde’s hands gripped Izuku’s hips hard, and a shiver runs up his spine at the idea of those hand prints bruising his hips. Fully seated, Izuku tentatively wriggles his hips.

The man below him groans, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Move. P-Please.”

Deku quirks a brow; why did the blonde look uncomfortable saying, please? He rises till only just the tip is inside him, and slowly makes his way down.

Izuku starts to roll his hips up and down, riding the blonde in a nice slow rhythm. Waves of pleasure hit Izuku as he loses himself in the feeling. Eyes closed as one hand starts trailing up his body and up his neck as he reaches for his own cock to stroke it. He bounces a little harder and the blondes grip is like a vice on his hips. The next time he glides down; hips snap into him in perfect synchronization causing Izuku’s eyes to snap open and throw his head back and let out the lewdest moan he’d ever heard from himself.The blonde had hit his prostate in one snap of his hips; and started to time his thrusts with Izuku’s. The blonde was taking control and he was more than happy to hand over the reigns.

Izuku stops stroking himself and lets his hands trail all over the blonde. He bites his lip as he traces the deep v-lines that cut into his pelvis. The blonde must like the face Izuku is making because he snaps even harder into Izuku as he groans out “Holy Fuck.”

His hands continue to trail higher through the dips and valleys of well defined abs and pecs. Fingers grazing over hardening nipples; causing the blonde to react every so slightly; moving higher, tracing collarbones and then the shoulders, up his neck and behind his head as he leans forward pushing his weight onto the blonde as he seeks out his lips. It’s a tangle of tongues; he can feel saliva dripping down their faces as they make out messily with open mouthed moans and curses tumbling from their mouths.  

In one swift movement Izuku has to catch his breath as his back hits the bed. How the blonde managed to flip them without disconnecting is beyond him but he’s too dazed in lust to even care. Izuku’s gaze drifts down and oh god, watching the blonde pump in and out of him is so hot. He looks up at the blonde and how his arms are wrapped loosely around the other's neck. Red eyes lock onto his green; swallowing Izuku whole. He feels himself whimper under that gaze; wants to feel closer to this sexy god of a man.

He wraps his legs around a small waist and pulls him in. Arching his back off the bed he looks up at the blonde, “M-more, Harder. Faster,” panting with each word that spills out of him. He pulls the blonde down for a kiss after his request and he feels hands hold down his hips into the bed as they pound harder; the sound of skin slapping on skin reverberating in the room. His fingernails dig into the biceps of the man as he moans even louder, “Ahng~ Fuck..” This only encourages the blonde whose pace starts to get brutally faster; but Izuku relishes in it.

The familiar tightening in his groin, a sign of impending release. He locks eyes with the blonde again, “C-c-close, please.Please, make me cum.”

“Fucking hell. You’re so ..hngg fucking hot.”

The blonde groans out as he drops his head into the juncture of Izuku's neck and shoulder. Muttering into his neck with licks and kisses. His hot breath in Izuku’s ears as he whispers how Izuku is fucking perfection; how his tight ass feels so fucking good; how he wants Izuku to cum on his dick without being touched.

Izuku groans at that. The blonde’s dirty talk is the hottest thing he’s ever heard. It’s commanding and it brings Izuku closer to the edge. Izuku starts muttering himself, urging the blonde on with praises. Oh God, oh God. Right there, yes, yes. Please.

The blonde shuts him up with his mouth and pounds him even harder into the mattress and it brings Izuku over the edge. His whole body freezes as his cum splatters across both their abs; his vision clouding as the intense orgasm wracks through his system. His legs tightening around the blonde’s waist who follows right behind him with his own orgasm. Izuku can feel the blonde’s cock pulsating inside him and the warmth of the cum radiating through the condom.

The blonde collapses on top of Izuku. Completely spent; Izuku starts to lazily trace his fingers along the blondes spine as they regulate their breathing. Blondie shifts and pulls himself off and out of Izuku. Rolling the used condom and tying it off as he tosses it into the wastebasket by the bed. Izuku rolls onto his side watching the blonde curiously.

He gets up to use the bathroom to clean-up; and brings a damp washcloth for Izuku. The blonde’s cheeks are stained pink as he wipes Izuku down; from the exertion or from shyness Izuku isn’t sure. He can’t quite seem to meet Izuku’s eyes and Izuku finds it cute as hell. That someone with such a ferocious personality just a few minutes ago can be tender and shy the next. A lion to a kitten. Izuku sits up pulling the blonde’s face to meet his.

With a bright smile he says, “Hi, I’m Izuku Midoriya. Your name?”

The blonde blinks a bit before he looks confident again as he smirks ,”Katsuki. Katsuki Bakugou.”

“Well then, Kacchan ,” he trails a finger down the blonde’s chest, “it’s nice to meet you.”

The blonde’s eyebrows raise at the kiddie nickname paired with seduction and leans into Izuku’s space, “Looks like we did this backwards, Deku.”

Izuku leans in even closer, his lips inches away from the blondes,”I’m not complaining. Are you?”

Red eyes flick to his lips before meeting his eyes again, “Fuck. No,” he replies before closing the gap, kissing Izuku softly, “But, I definitely want to take you out, and this again.”

Izuku laughs, kissing the blonde back, “Sounds like a date,” and pulls him down for round two.

Izuku would leave the words for their said date; but tonight. Tonight he just wanted to let their bodies talk.