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i deserve happiness.

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“Jin...I am breaking up with you”,the voice, the one he loved and felt safe, said.





“Why?”his voice cracks as he asks his well ex lover now but he already knows the answer.


“I’m sorry, Seokjin, but I can’t be with you anymore.”






“I’m sorry daddy left”,he croaked out,”but I’ll always be here for you..”


“My little Jungkook”.











“Jin! Seokjin!” Seokjin eyes snapped open upon hearing his name called out. His vision was immediately filled with a bright, warm light. He squinted, trying to let his eyes adjustment to brightness. Once his eyes were accustomed, he looked over to the pair of figures that were looking at him. There was one adult male and two young children. 


The male had fiery, red hair that framed his face perfectly. His eyes were of dark brown, that held kindness and happiness in them. His lips were formed into a bright smile. Overall this man looked he was the sun himself. He was Seokjin’s sunshine after all. 


The children were different. The older one had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was only ten years old, yet he was rather tall for his age. His name is Namjoon and he is Hoseok‘s child. Namjoon’s mother actually died at childbirth and so Hoseok raised Namjoon all by himself. He was so young yet he was intelligent. 


Then there’s his child. Jungkook. He looked so much like his father. He received his black hair and cute button nose. Their eyes were even the same. But Jungkook held a softer tone to them. He is only five years old. Yup, Seokjin raised Jungkook all by himself for the past five years. 


It was hard. One because Seokjin was alone and unemployed at the time and two because Jungkook was not exactly the easiest to handle. But Seokjin overcame the those small obstacles. Later on, he met Hoseok. The love of his life. He always managed to bring a smile upon his face, no matter what the reason being. Whether he was sad or mad, Hoseok would make Seokjin smile. 



The two actually met when Seokjin brought Jungkook to the park, when he was just only three years old. How they met was well through Jungkook. Jungkook wanted an ice cream that day, so Seokjin went to get him an ice cream cone, with Jungkook beside him. But Jungkook was in that stage of being curious, and still is sadly, so he ran off while Seokjin was paying attention to the man selling the ice cream. So after paying him, Seokjin looked to his side and saw that Jungkook was no longer there, so he panicked. He immediately dropped their cones and ran off to find him. Seokjin thought that his son was kidnapped and he was about to raise hell-if it weren’t for him hearing Jungkook’s adorable laughter by the playground for older children. He saw his son interacting with Hoseok and his own son. Of course, Seokjin ran over to Jungkook and picked him up while even crying in relief. Hoseok was alerted and ready to call the police but stopped when he saw the stranger crying. After being reunited with Jungkook, Seokjin explained to the stranger of how Jungkook ran off while he was getting them ice cream. So they were going to leave after the explanation but Jungkook whined and begged his dad to stay so he could play with Namjoon. Seokjin could only sigh and give in, allowing the two to run off and play. While Seokjin sat next to Hoseok on the bench, the two talked and then well the rest is what led them up to this moment.



Seokjin and Hoseok were now married, living in a big home with their children. Hoseok was a dance instructor, teaching young adults and even sometimes children. Seokjin was a kindergarten teacher and sometimes on the side Seokjin would help teach a cooking class. So their lives were great. They had each other and made steady money. 





“Papa! Come on it’s time to wake up! You said we can go out to the park!” A very excited Jungkook bounces up and down in his and Hoseok’s bed. 


“Okay, okay, why don’t you two rascals head downstairs to the living room, okay?” Hoseok chuckles and laughs ruffles Namjoon’s hair. 


Namjoon nods his head,”Come on Kookie, lets go watch BT21!”With this Kookie nodded his head and ran out the room with Namjoon in tow.



“Thank you Hoseok,” Seokjin mutters out and removing the blanket away from his body, causing him to expose his milky skin that had dark purple mark scattered about. You see Hoseok needed to dismiss the two because well Seokjin was bare due to last nights activities. 


“It’s no problem, Jinnie,” Hoseok replies while wrapping his arms around the older man’s small waist. He gently presses his lips against the other’s exposed neck in small kisses. Seokjin hummed softly and flashes Hoseok a smile. 



“Hoseok come on, I have to get ready and make breakfast, we don’t have time for another round,”Seokjin lightly taps his husband’s back who only can groan in response. 


“Can’t we have a quickie in the shower?” Hoseok asks. This only received him a no and Seokjin took the opportunity to escape Hoseok’s arms, running to their shared bathroom and locking it behind him with a whiny Hoseok on the other side. 







After the small family had breakfast, they began to get ready to leave to the park. Seokjin dressed both Jungkook and Namjoon up in casual clothing, because he knew the two would end of being all sweating when they would come back to eat. It didn’t take them that long to get the two ready, seeing as they were eagerly to comply so they could get the park faster. The only problem Seokjin had was Hoseok who definitely could not keep his hands off Seokjin. It was funny seeing their children to later on reprimand their father for not hurrying up. So in the meanwhile Hoseok was changing, Seokjin was getting the food ready. It was a fruit salad and triangle shaped sandwiches. He made a lot, because there would be plenty of other families at the park. This would be a picnic with all his friends and their own children. It was nice, him and the other dad’s actually arranged this because they wanted to all simply catch up and have fun. 


Once they were all finished changing and creating food, all four headed to Hoseok’s car. They entered the vehicle and soon drove off to the park that was not to far. When they arrived there, Jungkook and Namjoon immediately jumped out the car and raced off to the playground to see their friends who were already there. Seokjin and with the help of his husband, unloaded their food and went towards the other adults that were setting down their food in a long table. 


“Hey Seokjin!” A rather cheery voice called out as Seokjin set down the large sealed bowl of mixed fruits on the table. He looked over and saw that it was his good friend, Jaehwan. 


“Hey Ken!” Seokjin calls back excitedly and runs over to the other, hugging him as soon as he was in front of him. 


“How are you? God it’s been long since I’ve seen you,” Ken says while hugging back his friend tightly.


Seokjin only responded back with his squeaky laughter,” I know, but it’s only been two months Ken! Also I’m good, how are you and Sanduel doing?” 


“We are both doing good, but later on we have an announcement to make,” Ken says while finally releasing his friend. 


This only received him an eyebrow raise from Seokjin but only chuckles gently . “Alright, well I’m going to greet the others now, Ken, we’ll talk later!” Seokjin turns back and sees his husband talking to the other fathers there. He smiles softly and heads to the other’s who were gathered in a circle by the food.


“Hey there ladies,” Seokjin says out in a teasing manner.


“Seokjin, your body is built like a lady so hush,” a sassy voice states out and looks at him. This was Jinyoung who said that.


“Yeah but I envy that kind of body~”a teasing Baekhyun points to Seokjin’s waist.


“This is not what I asked for when I signed up to be friends with you guys,” Seokjin pouts but soon releases out small chuckles. He continued on conversing with the others. Minhyuk was lively as always and talked to Seokjin about how parenting was hard but he was slowly getting use to it. Jaehyun and his happy self asked Seokjin for recipes and even asked some not so innocent questions. Soon-young, known as Hoshi, and Jinho constantly said weird things but that’s what made them fun. Sanduel asked Seokjin on some parenting techniques, which made Seokjin already guess what Ken was going to announce later. Seokjin had so much fun just talking and catching up with them. It wasn’t until he was talking with Baekhyun, his happiness deflated. Baekhyun brought in his friend and his husband.






“Jimin! I’m so happy to see you!” Baekhyun squealed out and hugged a small blonde haired male. 


“I’m glad, you invited me, Baekhyun”, Jimin says softly.


“Come and meet the others!” Baekhyun pushes his friend to the others.


“Guys meet Jimin! Jimin meet Jinyoung, Sanduel, Soon-young, Jinho, Minhyuk, Jaehyun and of course Seokjin!” They all gave him a polite smile. Seokjin did too, but something in his mind was for racking information because he swore that he had seen Jimin before. 


“It’s nice to meet you, oh let me bring my husband so you can meet him also,” Jimin says in his gentle voice. He turns around and soon his body is facing towards a man with black ruffled hair who was crouching over a small cute boy.


“Babe come over here and bring Taehyung with you!” Jimin calls out and soon the two make their way to the group. Seokjin paid more attention to the cute child, cooing with the others at how tiny he was. Once Taehyung was in front of the others he gave a boxy smile,”Hello there, I am Taehyung!” The others smiled at him. 


“I would like you to meet my husband, Min Yoongi.” Jimin says while wrapping his arm around the taller male. Everyone politely said hello before going back to Taehyung who was showing them some cute drawing he had folded in his pocket. 







Seokjin looked over to Jimin and Yoongi, and froze. His eyes slightly widen in surprise. Memories flashed into his brain, causing his heart to tug at each every one of them. It wasn’t until the most recent memory of their last meeting caused his heart to crack again.














‘Yoongi...,’he thought out.