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Chin up, Ok?

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Chin up, Ok?

Unplanned date pt. 1

It seems like another regular day at the Daily Bugle for Peter Parker as he enters the building to turn in the recent pictures that he took of Spider-man. The usual day at the workplace for Peter involves turning in his work which he knows not anybody can get the shots like him only for his boss to complain about how crap they are or go on a rant if it's Spider-man related. When it comes to his life behind the mask, Peter's life isn't fascinating, but he does count his blessing with one being the fact that he does have a job to help pay the bills.

Heading inside the office, Peter readies his self for the same old treatment that he receives as he gives his work to his boss J Johan Jameson. "Serious Parker these are worthless, your fired!" J.J shouts after looking over the photos that Peter took of Spider-man stopping the villain Vulture.

Peter pretends to be offended as the editor in chief of the Bugle and Peter's ally at the workplace steps in and says, "Jameson, you do remember that Peter is our only photographer right?"

"Good point, your back hire! Now get out of my office!" Jameson fires back quickly pointing at the door.

"Thank you, Mr. Jameson," Peter said casually before mouthing thanks to Robbie for looking out for him. Robbie gives Peter a thumbs up for he knows that Peter is excellent at his job and knows deep down. John wouldn't honestly fire Peter unless it was for something extreme.

With that said, Peter proceeds to exit the office only for one of his coworker to call out to him asking, "Hey, Peter. When you get a second, I need your opinion on something.

Peter turns towards her direction and smiles saying, "Sure Betty what's up?" Betty Brant is the personal secretary of the Bugle and like Robbie vouches for Peter when Jameson gives him a hard time.

"Well, it's a topic that I rather discuss in private." Betty points out throwing Peter off guard.

"Um okay." Peter than gestures to lead the way to somewhere that they can talk alone. As Peter follows her, his curiosity starts to grow on what Betty wants his opinion on hoping that is nothing too serious.

Once they enter her office, Betty takes a deep breath before giving her explanation. "So before I tell you what I need help on, I should give you a bit of backstory which involves my love life. Ned and I ended our relationship this past month for reasons I'm not ready to talk about yet. So my friends encourage me to go out with them tonight. However, I need attire for the occasion if you feel up to help me decide. If not, I understand."

Peter blinks in shock and then relax once he processes her request. He couldn't believe that Betty's relationship had ended although he remembers her mentioning that they were having issues as of late. As far as the going out plans, Peter doesn't mind helping out since it would help Betty feel better from the breakup. "Oh, I'm sorry things didn't work out with you and Ned. I don't mind helping you out considering all the times you help me with Jolly o Jameson."

Betty smiles brightly at Peter's response for even if she did look out for Peter in the past, he isn't obligated to return the favor. "Thank you so much, Peter, and hey we hard-working employees need to stick together." She quips feeling appreciate by Peter as she continues. "So I have these two outfits in minds, and I want to know which one you think will look better."

Betty pulls up both attires from on the computer to show Peter so he can give his opinion. What she doesn't expect is Peter's reaction after glancing at the screen and then at her making him speechless.

"Peter are you okay?" Betty asks with concern due to Peter slow response.

Unknown to Betty, Peter went dumbstruck due to after looking over the clothing his thoughts drift to how Betty would see in them causing him to heat up a bit. Before today Peter had found Betty attractive, but with her being in a relationship his mind never thought more of her until now.

"Yeah I'm fine, I think it got hot in here or maybe it just me. I would go with this one for I think you can pull that color off." Peter points at the red color dress for that one was the choice that he pictures Betty wearing.

"Aww, Peter that's so sweet. I was leaning towards that choice as well but wasn't too sure, so I wanted to get from a guy point of view, and since you are a gentleman, I trust your opinion." Betty compliments him while starting to catch on to Peter's unexpected behavior. For some reason, she found how he acted cutely but kept herself from saying out loud.

"I appreciate the compliment, Betty. Anytime you need clothing advice in the future I'm your guy." Peter jokes and points to himself getting Betty to laugh causing Peter to smile widely. Seeing Betty be in a better mood thanks to him make Peter feel proud on the inside.

With that said, Peter was about to let Betty go so he wouldn't make things awkward by just lingering until she speaks up again and asks, "Say Peter after my shift ends would you like to come with me to get the dress?"

Betty's offer to hang with throws Peter off guard even more. To keep his self from sounding surprised, Peter quickly keeps his composure and responds in a calm like matter. "Really? I mean I don't have anything specific going on with my schedule so I can go with you."

Peter mentally slaps his self for sounding lame but fortunately for him, the Parker luck appears to be on his side for Betty brings him back to reality in a cheerful tone, "Great! I will see you at six than okay?"

Peter smiles softly as the feeling of excitement grows within him. "Sounds like a da... hangout to me." Both Peter and Betty slightly blush from Peter almost calling their hangout a date.

The moment between the two doesn't last long for they both jump from hearing their boss popping his head in the room yelling, "PARKER I DON'T PAY YOU CHAT, GET ME MORE PICTURES OF THAT MEANCE SPIDER-MAN!"

"Yes, sir on it sir!" Peter panics and rushes out the room yelling out, "See you later Betty!" in the process.

Witnessing the nerdy display gets a giggle out of Betty. "See you later Pete!" She calls out to him with Peter missing the interesting smirk on her face.


AN: So this story will be different from my previous Spider-man content for this will mostly focus on the Peter side of things than Spidey. The idea is based on a similar situation that occurred in my life, and I figure why not write a fic inspired by it while using Peter x Betty a pairing that is somewhat rare on this site much. The story is au, so it doesn't necessarily take place in a particular universe though I will say the Sami Rami version is the idea looks for the characters and both Peter and Betty are young adults past 25 with Betty being slightly older than Peter.