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A Star's Song

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     "Please. Pretty please. Please with like, five different berries on top."


     Shinsou's deadpan expression didn't change, despite being faced with the biggest puppy eyes Kaminari could muster. There were actually very few times in the past two years that he'd been able to resist such a pitiful expression, but some things were just too much.


     "No. Denki, for the love of god, I'm not going to resurrect you a storm dragon. Even if I bound its spirit to my service when I brought it back, those things are huge, have insane appetites, and consider a few million volts a playful shock. I'd have to bring it back in a half-state, and that's not.... that isn't alive. It isn't happening."


     Kaminari pouted, but backed off. He always did, once he registered that Shinsou wouldn't budge, and it was sort of a relief. Shinsou'd never found someone before him that didn't think he was cursed the moment they found the magic running through his veins, and they few that approached him regardless tended to have something to gain from winning the favor of someone cast aside as he was. But Kaminari hadn't so much as flinched when he discovered the magic- if anything, he was awed, and immediately accused Shinsou of holding out on him, because they could've been having fun summoning long gone creatures this whole time. It wasn't an application of his magic that he'd considered, but Kaminari had an incredible wealth of knowledge on creatures of olden times that Shinsou simply had to attribute to the fact that the man was a bard. Somewhere on his travels, he must've found quite the library to inspire his works. He didn't know how Kaminari could have so many beautiful pieces about dragons and phoenixes and then turn around and be incapable of giving the name of the current emperor. 


     All that aside, he'd learned what it was to not be alone these past two years. To be close to someone, care for them, and look out for each other. He'd almost had that with Midoriya, but the man had a taste for adventure and a desperate drive to help others- being associated with a necromancer wouldn't be a help to his cause, no matter how much he insisted he wanted Shinsou's help. But Kaminari didn't have quite so strong a drive- he wanted to help, to make people laugh and sing and dance and relax, and feel that all was fine in the world, but he didn't have the same urge to fix it. 


     His pout really was getting to Shinsou now, and he relented just a smidge. 


     "I can... bring back a small thunderbird, how does that sound? Still a storm. Still throws lightning. Less likely to fry us. Deal?"


     The man's brilliant smile made the compromise completely worth it- even if bringing a creature back into the threads of life completely was the most exhausting process Shinsou knew of. 




     Another year went by, marking a third year of travel together. Shinsou had come to realize that Kaminari shone in a way he'd never seen someone shine before. Whenever they went into towns he always managed to persuade someone to lend him an instrument, to pick at it until his memory of how to play returned steadily, and he'd waltz around the town square with all the children trailing behind him singing songs about knights and princesses and sirens, of brave warlords befriending the strongest beasts and of true heroes saving millions and just one more, no matter the cost. He made everyone laugh, put a smile on every face they encountered. Something about him seemed to make Shinsou more trustworthy as well- no one had felt his necromancy in a few good months, and Kaminari loved to joke that it was because the bags under his eyes were finally starting to clear so he looked less like a depressed spiteful warlock. Shinsou would reply with the fact that this depressed spiteful warlock was the reason Kaminari had a thunderbird, so he should shut the fuck up, and the man would laugh every time, like it was just as funny as the last. 


     It was somewhere between towns when Shinsou realized he really, truly loved Kaminari Denki. They had run across a little girl with long white hair crying over a dead cat- attacked by something, it seemed, young and obviously beloved. As always, when faced with early death, something in Shinsou burned; slow and steady, starting at the tips of his fingers until it ran up his arms and tried to drag his hands down to the earth, to draw from the blessing she'd given him and right this heinous wrong. He'd long ago learned to ignore it, and when Kaminari first heard of it he worried over it, but overall it wasn't new. He'd been ready to move on quickly- it hurt to see the little girl cry so much, but it would be worse to unveil his magic. One little girl crying did not a world make.


     Kaminari hesitated as the passed, though, and looked at her with such sad, sad eyes- like he could see something in her far more tragic than just a dead pet, so he stopped and went back, and kneeled beside her, offering words of comfort, asking the cats name. The girl didn't quite seem to trust him, but he didn't mind, asking if she'd like for him to play a song in honor of the pet. She gave him a slight nod and he pulled his lyre from the bag he always carried on his back, gesturing to Shinsou to sit down beside them. How could he ever say no?


     They sat there for maybe forty minutes, with Kaminari slipping from one song into the next until her tears stopped falling, until Shinsou was smiling softly and he switched to making a fool of himself to get a laugh. He told her about his thunderbird, which he loved but was now too big to travel with them regularly, so they visited him at the top of a mountain miles away. She listened to his tales with only a small twitch of her lips, apparently not accustomed to smiling. Shinsou grinned and teased him, and let himself relax- and the magic rushed out of him like a tidal wave, impossible to contain in any regard. It rushed in swirls of lilac purples around the cat, which they'd moved away from- slowly pieced the cat together, stitch by stitch, until the little feline was blinking open sleepy eyes and purring with the strength of a lioness. The girl didn't seem to notice Shinsou's sudden panic, getting up quickly on little legs and scooping up the cat with tears in her eyes again, but tears of joy and finally a stronger hint of a smile. Shinsou didn't see it- he saw fiery anger, and screams and pain and abandonment and loss, and he rushed to get up, needing to get away, as far away as he could before the little girl could run and tell someone and he'd have to hide in the woods for months for people to relax just enough that he might exist somewhere again-


     And there was Kaminari, grabbing his hands and panicking alongside him, trying to ground him back into reality, yellow hair shining like the sun and eyes a brilliant gold drawn in tight concern. His frantic attempts to calm Shinsou down somehow drew a shaky smile back onto his face, because it was... funny. It was warmth and kindness and an obliviousness to rival a child. His heart tightened, and it hit him- god, did he love this man. He could spend the rest of his life seeing those eyes every day, and life would be worth living no matter what obstacles it threw their way. 


     The little girl recognized his magic- apparently her father had something similar, though less strong. The man could never bring back a creature so completely. She thought he was kind, and his magic generous and beautiful. For once, Shinsou started to believe it.




     Shinsou didn't say a word at first, though he knew Kaminari was starting to notice the subtle (at least, he thought it was) change in the way he looked at him- softer smiles, his sarcasm didn't have quite the same bite when Kaminari threw in a smile. His fondness for the blonde was shining through his every move, and he didn't quite try to hide it, though he didn't confess. For now, he was fine with this odd balance they'd always shared. 


     In the end, he was glad he'd kept his mouth shut, because Kaminari knew him well enough after all these years. Well enough to figure out a pretty good way for them to avoid any of the tension that might come with voicing those feelings- he wrote him a love song. It was sappy, and silly, and it waxed poetic about his "lilac, wild hair" and "tired eyes" in a way that somehow made both seem like the most beautiful things on the planet. Shinsou would deny having been so stunned when the song ended, but he was, and Kaminari slowly leaned forward, digging a hand into his light hair to bring him closer; stars shining above the only witness to two lovers as they slowly closed a distance that took three years to break. It was a soft, sweet kiss, with a hint of the peaches they'd eaten earlier that same day. 


     Suddenly it was everything Shinsou needed, and he pulled Kaminari closer, though he needed to throw in at least one jab before succumbing fully to... whatever this turned into. 


     "Every single god out there would be so disappointed in me for falling for an idiot that put at least three different lightning puns in a love song. Denki, if I had known how taken you are with electricity and not me, I might've actually gotten you the storm dragon."


     "What, you only caught three?" Kaminari chose to ignore the last bit of the jab, mostly because showering Shinsou in affection was by far the most effective way he could think of to get him to be quiet. "I can sing it again, but if I'm going to really get into it I'm going to need some incentive. Maybe another kiss? Or three? One for each that you actually caught, and then get to get payback for every one you missed."


     Shinsou, as it turned out, missed quite a few. 






     "Yea, Denki?"


     "Have you ever thought of what you'd do if the stars went out, someday?"


     "Well.... I'm no Midoriya, but I'm sure I could figure out some way to bring them back."