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One Miko, Two Lives

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One Miko, Two Lives

Chapter One




It was another early morning in Feudal Japan. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon when an exasperating Inuyasha decided to wake up his sleeping companions.

"Oi! Wake up. Damn, you guys are so lazy." He hollered as the sleeping miko called out her own command. "Inuyasha, sit."

While Inuyasha grumbled up in the tall branches of his tree after getting out of his hole, the gang got to work making breakfast before they started to travel for the day. After a simple meal, Kagome started to break down camp. Once she was done, the group was on their way to hunt down more jewel shards.

It was about midday when Inuyasha finally spoke up about what was on his mind. Everyone could tell something was up by how quiet he was during their travels.

"Oi, Wench! We need to talk." He was at the front of the group, turning towards said miko at the back of the pack. Kagome was walking with the children, chatting away before he spoke.

Sighing, the young miko stopped her conversation with the kids to see what he wanted. Kagome was fairly sure she already knew what he was about to say but inquired none the less. "Yes, Inuyasha."

"Kikyo knows where some jewel shards are so I'm bringing her into the group tonight. I'll leave once we set up camp."

His words hung in the air. Everyone seemed to be too shocked to respond. Kagome felt Shippo and Rin grab her hands in fear while she went back over the changes she noticed in her ex-crush.


It started out slowly, first he'd go see Kikyo when she called, like he always did, but he wouldn't be back by morning anymore. Then, he started to seek her out more and more. As time went on, Kagome and Sesshomaru started to take charge and work as a team. Each morning Sesshomaru started off the day asking Kagome if she could feel any jewel shards. If she didn't then he'd pick which way to go. That's why they were currently on their way to the Western palace.

The Western Lord wanted to check in with his spies and make a plan to track down the vile spider hanyo. Of course, Inuyasha had no idea what was going on. He was too busy with Kikyo to notice. Kagome wondered if Inuyasha felt pushed away by her when his half-brother joined the group…

It had been roughly six months since the two packs joined in the hopes of tracking down Naraku. Kagome and Sesshomaru's relationship started to grow almost timidly. Nothing romantic; however, Kagome loved the feeling of being respected. On top of being respected, she gained the respect of the western lord of all people!

She found it incredible how easy it was for the two of them to get along, so a few nights ago when he pulled her aside to talk, Kagome knew she could trust whatever he was about to say.

"Miko, This One's foolish half-brother plans to bring his dead lover to the pack. When he does, Kikyo will take over the role of Alpha Bitch. As the current alpha, you have the right to challenge her, but you will lose. You are nowhere near strong enough to fight one on one with her."

Kagome froze, she knew it was coming but the idea of having someone who had tried to kill her on numerous occasions and would gladly try again at any moment become the leader of their group was too much.

Not only would her life change but the dead miko hated demons and would go after Shippo! This same person was playing her best friend to believe she loved him. This was too much for Kagome to handle. Inuyasha already doesn't make sure his pack is safe when he takes off, what would happen when Kikyo joined?

'At least when Sesshomaru leaves he makes sure his pack is safe and knows he is leaving, even if all he has to say is "Jaken"' Kagome thought before Sango pulled her back to reality.

End of Flashback

Looking around at the group, she must have been the first to speak while Kagome was thinking over the past.

"You can't be serious! She tried to kill Kagome! She only wants what is best for her!" Sango yelled.

Miroku was also upset by his friend but tried to stop the blow out he knew was about to occur if he didn't stop Sango and Inuyasha right away. He had a little hope that they could stay a group and didn't want them to go their separate ways.

"Why don't we discuss this as a group tonight when we camp. I'm sure Lord Sesshomaru would have…" but he didn't get to finish his thought before Inuyasha jumped in to defend his reasoning.

"That bastard doesn't get a say in anything! This is my pack, not his!

"Indeed." Came the calm, cold voice of the lord in question. Having heard everything they said, Sesshomaru stepped out of the tree line watching his brother, or that's what it looked like, he was actually watching the little miko from the corner of his eyes.

She is alpha bitch. We are alpha male. Show the half-breed who the true alpha is! His beast was thrashing around after hearing Inuyasha wanted to replace their capable bitch with some dead clay pot that would never think of the others in the pack. That's what made an alpha great, being able to care for your pack and for some unknown reason, he felt Kagome deserved more, she surely didn't need to deal with what that loudmouth was saying. He pushed those troubling thoughts aside and went back to the problem at hand, Inuyasha.

"Shut the fuck up. This has nothin' to do with you. If you don't like it, you can leave!" The hanyo was feeling a bit excited. Maybe he'd get the love of his life and his brother would leave his pack. Talk about a win-win!

Rin latched onto Kagome's leg. She had tears streaming down her face at the idea of losing her only mother figure and Shippo. The groups just couldn't split up! They were a family, weren't they?

"How dare you speak to our mighty Lord in such a way, you filthy half-breed!" Jaken squawked while waving his staff of two heads around ready to attack.

Inuyasha put his hand on the hilt of Tessaiga, ready to charge at his brother at any moment. There was no visible sign of Sesshomaru preparing to fight if you didn't know what to look for. Kagome did, she saw his eyes glare towards his brother and his stance was a little more tight, ready to pounce at a moment's notice.

The last thing Kagome wanted to see was the two brothers fight before she left. She spoke up before the situation could escalate any more.

"Okay, let's set up camp here. I have some things to show you Sango and Miroku."

"What the fuck. Bitch, we ain't stoppin' now! Look how much light is left! This is why Kikyo needs to be here. She doesn't waste the day laying in the grass being useless."

Everyone watched as Kagome pulled her massive, yellow bag down from A-Un. Sango and Miroku quickly helped her set up camp while Sesshomaru sat under a tree to watch what the foolish pup would do next.

Inuyasha wasn't sure what to do. He studied Kagome as she set up camp and started to show their friends some of the odd tools she brought from the future. Feeling unsure of himself, Inuyasha stayed where he was, crossing his arms over his chest attempting to look irritated at her.

The inu hanyo was expecting to see the miko scream at him, maybe cry, and at least a dozen sit commands. This? Inuyasha was at a loss. She was too calm, he couldn't tell what she was thinking, and that realization alone terrified him. How do you respond to someone when you have no idea what's going on?

Unlike his half-brother, Sesshomaru knew what was about to happen. Kagome would soothe the children, who were visibly upset after the demon slayer and monk were clear on the plan and saw the letters, she hid in her bag for him to read to everyone after she left.

The lord was still irritated by the treatment of the miko, Sesshomaru said one word before he decided to leave, "Jaken."

He left to go speak with a guard he had stationed nearby. He also planned to go hunting. He'd enjoy the kill in an attempt to calm his raging beast. The older inu truly wanted to kill the half-breed, or at the bare minimum severely injure, Inuyasha.

He was forced to remember the pack he made. When he joined his pack with his half-brother's there was a trues to not hurt the pup. Sesshomaru could almost feel pity for the soul that ended up taking his brother's place in his hunt, almost.

Kagome noticed Sesshomaru leave and decided to move into the next phase of the plan. Pulling the two crying children towards herself, the young miko offered the children a chance to be alone with her.

"Let's go to the hot spring and bathe you two," Kagome said with a small smile. Walking away with the kids and A-Un, Kagome didn't spare Inuyasha a glance. She couldn't, not now. If she did there was a chance she'd cry or forgive him as she always did. This time was different, she wouldn't forgive him so easily.

Once they were far enough away Miroku knew the others wouldn't hear what he was about to say, he spoke to his packmate. "Well my friend, you have finally pushed her away it would seem."

Sango took to the sky with Kirara too cool down before she killed Inuyasha, knowing the fool wouldn't understand what the monk was trying to do.

"What the hell did I do?" Inuyasha asked, honestly confused.

"Are you really going to act like bringing Lady Kikyo into the group wouldn't hurt Lady Kagome?" He paused to see if Inuyasha would say anything. When he was met with silence, the young monk spoke again. "Look, I know you love them both and you feel you owe Lady Kikyo. But this? You may not be able to come back from this."

With a quick "feh" Inuyasha leaped into the tree to wait for his dinner. If he grabbed Kikyo before the meal he knew he wouldn't get to eat.

Miroku sighed as he sat down to try and meditate while the ladies were away. It was going to be a long night.

At the Springs

"'Gome do you have to go? We could leave, and I'll protect you!" Shippo stood to his full height, puffing out his chest. The little kit was ready to fight for his mama!

"Yes Kagome-san, Lord Sesshomaru would let us all go with him. Rin knows he would! You take good care of Rin and make Rin happy."

Smiling, she took both kids in her arms and told them "you are both going to be with Lord Sesshomaru. Him and I have already talked about what would happen if Kikyo was brought into the group and he knows there is no way I'd leave you with Kikyo. I love you both very much; however, I need to go home for a bit. I'm going to work on me and my life in the future. Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can. I need to take some time to get things settled so I can be a better me and better for both of you."

When she saw the fear on Shippo's face she kept talking, "I know he may seem scary Shippo, but he has honor above all else. We made a deal and I know he will keep you safe. Just be respectful and listen to him. I trust him."

After talking they stayed in the water a while longer just to play and enjoy the time they had left before heading back to camp. Little did they know, the Lord himself was listening. He approved how the little miko handled the children. When he noticed they were getting out of the water, he left to beat them back to camp.

The camp was very awkward and uncomfortable. No one really talked while they ate. The children stayed right next to Kagome, all in their own worlds until Inuyasha left camp. Kagome looked over to Sesshomaru to see if Inuyasha was far enough away she could leave without him knowing until it was too late to follow.

He closed his eyes for a moment, anyone looking would think he merely blinked when he nodded. He stood to get A-Un ready for her while Kagome said her goodbyes. His beast whined as Rin clung to the miko, pleading for her to rethink this and stay with her.

Kagome hugged both kids and kissed them on the forehead. "Just remember, no matter where we are, I'll always be here with you." She pointed to their hearts.

"Will Rin and Shippo be in your heart while you're gone?" Rin sniffed.


"Miko, if you do not leave now the half-breed will be back before you get far," Sesshomaru spoke in his cold voice.

Kagome nodded and walked over to the two-headed dragon, thanking Sesshomaru once again before the Lord helped her up and she took off into the night.