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Chapter 1: Jimin's POV

Jimin felt more out of place than he ever had in his whole life. He wasn’t even sure how he let Jin talk him into coming when the whole thing still made him nervous.

All around him were people dressed their best hoping to impress a guy with deep pockets, while Jimin just wanted to be at home wrapped up in a blanket.

Not that money couldn’t solve a lot of problems for him right now. That was the only reason that Jin had even invited him to come along.

Right now his hyung was busy playing host and talking a lot of rich looking people. While Jimin tried not to draw any attention to himself and stayed at the table Jin had deposited him at when he’d arrived.

Finally after a while, he saw his friend coming back over with drinks in hand. But he also had a guy coming with him which made Jimin extremely nervous.

He wouldn’t put it past Jin to try and set him up despite the fact that he hadn’t agreed to anything.

For some reason, he still noticed how handsome the stranger was. His hair was dark and although he was shorter than Jin he still had a broad chest and long limbs.

“Jimin, look I brought you a drink!” Jin greeted him happily and slid the wine glass in front of Jimin before sitting down.

“Thank you hyung,” Jimin mumbled a little bit, looking from Jin to the stranger.

“This is Min Yoongi! I wanted to introduce you guys,” Jin sounded too happy.

Jimin looked over at the newcomer, but it was so hard to read his expression. He had no idea what this guy thought of him or what Jin had told him.

“Hi, you can just call me Yoongi.”

His voice came out deeper than Jimin was expecting and it sent little butterflies to his stomach.

“Jimin,” He replied simply.

“Hyung tells me it’s your first time here,” Yoongi leaned on his hand almost like he was a little bored.

But the move also flashed his expensive Rolex watch, which had Jimin wondering if it wasn’t a more calculated move.

“Yeah I’m just here to check things out,” Jimin started to blush.

Jin clucked his tongue, “I keep telling him how many sugar daddies would want him but he isn’t convinced of the idea yet.”

Yoongi shrugged at Jin, “It’s not for everyone.”

The response had Jimin wondering if Jin really had just wanted to introduce him to a friend and not a possible client.

“I’m not judging anyone,” Jimin said quickly. “I just don’t know if I could do it personally.”

“It’s not like you don’t have bills to pay though,” Jin pointed at Jimin like he was scolding him.

“Hyung,” Jimin whined, he really didn’t want to air his dirty laundry out in the air right now.

“Don’t make the poor kid feel worse,” Yoongi pushed at Jin’s shoulders. “You should know better than anyone it’s not good to force someone into this type of thing.”

Jin shook his head a little, “I’m just worried for my dongsaeng, working minimum wage isn’t going to pay all of his school fees.”

“I still have some time to figure it out,” Jimin tried to assure Jin.

“Why don’t you just loan him some money,” Yoongi asked Jin.

“He won’t take any! I tried!” Jin was getting a little hysterical now.

Yoongi stood up and took Jin by the shoulders, “Why don’t you go greet some more people and chill out.”

Jin was shaking his head even as he walked away like he couldn’t believe it.

“Sorry,” Jimin wasn’t really sure why he was apologizing.

Yoongi shrugged like he didn't’ really care, “It’s fine I’m used to his hysteria but it’s not good for business.”

That got Jimin curious, “How do you know Jin anyways?”

“I’m a silent partner in his business. I funded the startup and he takes care of it all,” Yoongi explained. “What about you?”

“Old family friend,” Jimin said simply.

They were silent for a little while as they took a few more sips of their drinks. They both lost their gazes looking around at the rest of the party as well.

Jimin noticed more than a few people looking their way and it made him even more nervous. He was glad that Yoongi hadn’t left when Jin did. At the very least it seemed like his presence was keeping anyone else from approaching.

“Is there anything you want to ask me, you know about the business? You probably wouldn’t have come at all if you weren’t a little curious,” Yoongi asked after a while.

Jimin bushed, he would be lying if he didn’t say he hadn’t thought about it a little bit when he was feeling really desperate.

“I guess Jin never really explained to me how it works,” he said quietly.

“It’s pretty simple. You find someone you might be compatible with and then make up an agreement and go from there,” Yoongi said simply.

“And the guys are fine just handing over their money?” Jimin bit down on his lip, it didn’t go unnoticed as Yoongi’s eyes dipped down for a moment before he looked back up at Jimin’s eyes.

“Yeah, I mean they get something out of it too.”

“Sex?” Jimin blushed more as he spoke.

“That and also companionship when they want it,” Yoongi said. “It’s a lot like dating, just that an agreement is laid out beforehand. “

Jimin wasn’t sure if he really saw it that way at all, “It doesn't really sound like dating at all.”

“Maybe that’s a stretch,” Yoongi agreed and scratched at his head. “But usually both parties are happy as long as they get what they want. At least I’ve never had any issues.”

Jimin’s eyes popped open a little wider, “You’ve had…”

Yoongi nodded, “Often. It’s easier than dating for me.”

“And what do you do with them?” Jimin wasn’t sure if it was a rude question or not.

Yoongi didn’t seem bothered at all when he answered, “Sometimes they come to events with me, or we go out to eat or whatever. Usually they want money or presents, depends on the baby.”

Jimin licked at his lips, unsure of how much more he could get Yoongi to explain to him. But the man looked just as calm as he had been when he first came over.

“And you always sleep with them?” Jimin pressed further.

Yoongi nodded, “The ones that I keep seeing yes. If we just go out once and figure out we’re not really vibing then nothing happens.”

“Oh,” Jimin didn’t realize that it wasn’t immediately expected. “Is that normal, I mean to go out first?”

“That’s what I do, everyone is different though. That’s why you need to make an agreement first. If you’re not comfortable doing certain things you have to say so,” Yoongi said firmly tapping on the table with his fingers. “If a sugar daddy pushes you to do something you don’t want that should be reported so Jin can kick them out of the club.”

Jimin nodded quickly, letting him know that he understood the directions.

As Yoongi got distracted by something on his phone, Jimin wondered for what seemed like the hundredth time if it didn’t make more sense to just go with Jin’s suggestion. He could possibly pay off all of his debt to the school if he could find the right guy.

“Sorry I have to go make a call,” Yoongi spoke abruptly pulling Jimin out of his thoughts. “You should find Jin if you don’t want anyone to come up to you.”

“Okay thanks,” Jimin waved by as Yoongi walked away and brought his phone up to his ear.

Jimin watched as he walked away, appreciating the way his business clothes showed his frame. Who ever was tailoring his clothes was doing a mighty fine job.

No sooner had Yoongi left than someone else had come to take over his spot, “Is this seat open?”

“Uh I guess,” Jimin blinked up at another new guy.


It ended up being a bit of a long night for Jimin. After Yoongi had left his table, he’d had several others come up to talk to him.

But they’d all made him feel a little creepy in one way or another. If they weren’t being overly complimentary about how much they liked Jimin’s looks, they went straight to talking money.

He was glad when the whole thing was over and he could leave with Jin who had promised to give him a ride home so that he wouldn’t need to pay for transportation.

“So did you have a good time?” Jin asked once they were in his car.

“It was okay I guess,” Jimin was running his hair through his pink hair which he’d gotten more than one comment on.

“Did you happen to meet anyone you liked?” It seemed like Jin wasn’t going to let this drop.

It didn’t even take Jimin that long to answer, “I only liked Yoongi.”

Jin hit on the breaks to his car dramatically, luckily they were still only in the parking garage and no one was behind them.

“Min Yoongi??”

“We talked some after you left and he was the only one that treated me normally,” Jimin explained.

“Probably because he wasn’t trying to pick you up,” Jin laughed a little.

“Wow that’s rude,” Jimin crossed his arms over his chest.

“I didn’t mean it as an insult, he already knew you were hesitant about the whole thing so he wouldn’t just start trying to hit on you,” Jin tried to assure him. “Plus he’s my business partner so he might think that’s kind weird with you being my close friend.”

“Okay never mind then. I’ll just figure something else out like I told you before,” Jimin sighed a little. Not really sure how he could get enough money in the short amount of time he had.

“Yoongi is actually really good to his babies though, let me talk to him first before you blow the whole idea away.”

“Is he even, um single?” Jimin didn’t know what term you were supposed to use.

“I think so,” Jin looked like he was trying to remember something. “Honestly he doesn’t stick with the same person for very long so it’s hard to keep track.”

“He made it sound like he basically dates his babies,” Jimin said.

“Kind of,” Jin hesitated. “He definitely takes them out sometimes but don’t think that means he wouldn’t want more from you than just companionship Jiminie. These men don’t pay a lot of money just to hang out.”

“But at least I could go out with him once maybe and see if it’s too weird for me, he said he usually does that anyways.”

“What else did he tell you?” Jin asked.

“That you need to make sure there’s an agreement so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Jimin tried to remember exactly what he’d said.

“Yeah that’s true,” Jin said.

Jimin was curious if Jin knew anything else about him, “Do you know if his babies like being with him?”

“Yeah they’re usually really upset when he calls things off,” Jin chuckled a little at that.

Jimin found it hard to believe that anyone would get attached to one of their sugar daddies. But maybe it was the money that they liked from him? Jin said he treated them good so it could be that Yoongi wasn’t stingy with his presents.

“What else does he do, besides fund your company?” Jimin asked curiously.

“He’s a music producer. That’s why he’s always so busy,” Jin explained.

Jimin didn’t really know anything about what that entailed, though he found it interesting that Yoongi was in the music business. He wondered if they had anything in common that might make the producer interested in him.

When Jimin got home, the first thing that he did was change out of his clothes into comfy pajamas. The next thing he did was pull out his phone to start stalking Min Yoongi on social media.

He found his account fairly easily thanks to Jin following him, and he was also floored by how many followers this guy had.

It seemed like he didn’t even post that often, and usually is was something related to being in the studio. There were more pictures of other people and music equipment than anything.

But whenever a selfie was posted, Jimin thought he was obviously attractive. So why did he need sugar babies when he could probably get anyone he wanted the regular way?

He’d said that it was easier this way but Jimin still didn’t really understand what that meant. Maybe it was something he’d figure out later, if Jin pulled through on this one for him.

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Chapter 2: Yoongi's POV

Yoongi had just pulled off his coat and settled into his chair when his cell phone started to ring.

He was immediately confused about what Jin might need him for this late at night.

“Hello?” Yoongi answered.

“Yoongi! Are you free to talk?” Jin sounded overly excited about something.

“I just got to the studio to work but I can talk for a little bit,” Yoongi scratched at his hair, hoping this conversation wasn’t about to annoy him.

“What did you think of Jimin?” Jin asked.

Okay, that wasn’t what he’d been expecting.

“He seemed very nervous,” Yoongi supplied.

Jin laughed, “Duh! But other than that?”

Yoongi was even more confused, “What exactly are you trying to figure out from me? We mainly talked about sugar babies not about each other.”

“Well whatever you said got him interested because when I asked if he liked anyone he said only you,” Jin sounded smug.

Yoongi coughed for no reason, “Excuse me? I didn’t even talk to him like that.”

“Yeah, he said you treated him normal,” Jin replied. “Guess he didn’t like the way the others hit on him.”

“Huh,” Yoongi wasn’t sure what to make of that. “I’m not really surprised others were blatantly hitting on him. I mean when we were talking he bit on his lip just once and my brain went a little haywire.”

“So you are into him then?” Jin asked curiously.

“Well he is my type,” Yoongi rubbed at his neck not even sure why he was nervous. “If I had thought he would be interested I would have actually tried to talk to him more to see if we get along alright.”

Jin hummed, “Why not ask him out then? I can give you his info now. If after a date you’re not into it or he isn’t you can just walk away.”

“Maybe,” Yoongi said. "Send me his number and I’ll think about it.”

“Thanks Yoongi,” Jin replied happily and hung up.

It took virtually no time for Jin to send over Jimin’s phone number, along with his social media accounts. Which got Yoongi curious so of course he started to look at them instead of his work.

Yoongi had been so busy trying to be nice to Jimin, and not to ogle him that he almost didn’t realize just how hot the younger man was.

He’d appeared nervous and worried at the party, but his selfies ranged from adorable to sinful.

And the videos he’d posted of dance practices had Yoongi worrying he was going to pop a boner in the middle of his studio.

The thought of having Jimin all to himself was more than appealing. But it could also be setting himself up for disappointment if they went out once and then Jimin wasn’t into it.

He’d never been a sugar baby at all, and even if he did need money that wasn’t enough reason to go through with it. And Yoongi didn’t want to be with anyone that wasn’t sure about the situation.

Since it was late he decided not to worry about it for now and get the work done he’d wanted to do. Park Jimin could wait until tomorrow.

By the time he got around to texting Jimin the next day, he felt a little bad at how long he’d taken. Assuming that Jin gave his friend a heads up.

Which was maybe not a great sign that this was a good idea. But he didn’t want to leave anyone hanging either. That wasn’t his style.

Yoongi: Hey, this is Yoongi. Jin gave me your number

Jimin: Hi! Yes he told me he did!

Yoongi: Cool, What are you up to?

Jimin: Just getting ready for work :(

Yoongi: I’m already at work, I basically live here

Jimin: Well at least you earn enough to make it worth it

Jimin: oops was that rude?

Yoongi: No it’s fine, where do you work?

Jimin: Just a coffee shop, it’s close by where I live and gives me the flexibility for school

Yoongi: Thats what you need money for is school?

Jimin: Yes, my parents couldn’t afford the loans anymore so I have to pay back debt from last year and come up with money for the new semester if I want to finish my degree :(

Yoongi: That's rough, I’m sorry

Jimin: It is what it is…

Yoongi: Can I ask why you won’t just borrow money from Jin? I know he makes enough now with the company doing well

Jimin: Because idk how long it would take to pay him back and that makes me feel awful. I’d rather earn my money

Yoongi: Well I don’t have any babies right now and I know you told Jin you were interested in me but I don’t want either of us to waste our time if you never want to fuck

Jimin: oh my god Yoongi 😳

Yoongi: I’m not trying to be crude but I would rather not get involved with something that will just leave me sexually frustrated

Jimin: No I understand! I thought maybe we could go out and see about our chemistry like you said? I’m not good at pretending so trust me I can’t fake liking someone

Yoongi: It didn’t even seem like you liked me at the party though

Jimin: I was nervous! And it didn’t seem like you liked me either to be fair

Yoongi: I don’t hit on nervous people

Jimin: 😕

Yoongi: I like your lips, I bet they’d look amazing wrapped around my cock

Jimin: Well you’ll have to take me out to get the chance to find out

Yoongi: Are you a tease?

Jimin: [image attached]

Yoongi: okay when do you want to go out?

Jimin: I’m free this weekend 😄


Yoongi usually took all of his babies to the same place for their first date, or whatever you wanted to call it.

But for some reason he felt like he should do something different for Jimin. Whether that was because Jimin was Jin’s friend or because Jimin was new to all of this, he wasn’t really sure.

Luckily, he was still able to get a reservation at a nice restaurant last minute by dropping his name and paying for their most expensive private room.

He wanted to wine and dine Jimin but they still needed to be able to talk without worrying about anyone listening in to what they were saying.

They’d settled on going out on Saturday after they talked more about their schedules.

It was harder than Yoongi thought it would be to wait to see him again. He was anxious to see Jimin in person with the possibility of their acquaintance developing into something more.

When they’d met at the party he’d mostly just been trying to focus on helping Jimin out as a friend.

Even though it was impossible not to notice how hot Jimin was, he hadn’t had the chance to really check him out properly.

He was still nervous that Jimin was going to back out of all of it after just one date. Yoongi just hoped that he wouldn’t be too disappointed if that happened.

For whatever reason he even found himself asking his stylist to pick out something new for him to wear on Saturday.

He even spent the afternoon in the studio working to keep his mind focused on music and not all the things that could go wrong that night.

It was a good thing he set an alarm on his phone so that he would wrap up his work in time to get changed and ready to go get Jimin.

Yoongi: I’m on my way

Jimin: okay! :D

When he got to the address Jimin had given him, the dancer was already waiting outside and happily bounded over to Yoongi’s car once he’d pulled up.

“Hi,” Jimin leaned over the seat to kiss Yoongi’s cheek adorably.

“You look good,” Yoongi appreciated the sight of Jimin all dolled up, and hoped he didn’t come off as creepy.

“Thanks you do too!”

With that they drove off and Yoongi was glad that the ride to the restaurant wasn’t too long either. Despite Jimin’s bubbly personality, it was obvious that he was still a little nervous in the way he kept playing with his hands.

He hoped that it wasn’t a bad sign.

Everything went smoothly once they got inside though, and Yoongi was happy with the room they’d been given. And he definitely appreciated the way Jimin seemed impressed with everything.

“I’ve never been here before,” Jimin commented as they sat down and drinks were brought over to them quickly.

“Me either actually but I heard it’s good,” Yoongi told him.

After they’d had the chance to order, Yoongi started asking Jimin more questions about his school and his life. It was actually easier than he expected to talk to the younger man.

Jimin’s face easily lit up whenever Yoongi asked him questions and soon he knew all about his hobbies, friends, and favorite subjects.

They also shared some of their favorite stories about Jin which had them both laughing.

After they’d finished eating and were on another round of drinks, Yoongi took the chance to get down to some business.

“We should talk about what you’re comfortable with so that I know ahead of time like we discussed at the party,” Yoongi said.

“Okay what do you need to know?” Jimin asked softly.

“Do you mind spanking?” Yoongi had to ask.

“Um I’m not sure no one has ever done it to me before,” Jimin blushed. “Why, you want to spank me?”

“Probably, you have a great ass.”

“Oh thank you,” Jimin at least seemed to like the compliment.

“I’ll definitely want to eat it too, are you okay with rim jobs?”

“I’ve never had that either,” Jimin looked totally embarrassed to admit it.

“Okay this might go faster if you just tell me what you definitely don’t like,” Yoongi said patiently.

“I know I don’t like orgasm denial,” Jimin chewed on his bottom lip nervously.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi was confused.

“My exes never cared if I came as long as they got off, I hated that.”

Yoongi rubbed at his face, “I promise you don’t have to worry about that with me. I won’t have a good time unless you are too.”

“Is it bad that I don’t know the answer to all your questions?” Jimin asked softly.

“Maybe if it was someone else but you’re safe with me. If you don’t like something just tell me and I won’t do it again.” Yoongi explained.

“Okay,” Jimin still sounded worried.

Yoongi reached out to grab his hand, noticing how nicely it fit in his own.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

Jimin sighed a little, “What if I can’t keep you happy and then I’m still screwed with my bills?”

“We can put it in the contract that even if I end things early I’ll still take care of everything. I don’t mind doing that so that you’re not stressing over it,” Yoongi tried to sound as reassuring as possible.

“Why would you do that?” Jimin sounded confused now.

“I like taking care of other people,” Yoongi shrugged. “Even if it’s just with my money.”

“But you hardly know me,” Jimin insisted.

Yoongi clucked his tongue, “Well hopefully I’ll know you a lot better soon.”

That made Jimin start to blush again and Yoongi liked how it looked. He wondered if Jimin blushed the same way in bed when he was being touched and teased.

He knew that wasn’t going to happen tonight though so he couldn’t let his thoughts get away from him for long.

“Unless you’re having second thoughts?” Yoongi had to ask.

Jimin shook his head, “I’m really not.”

“That’s good, but I hope you know that you always have the power to walk away. From me or anyone else,” Yoongi didn’t want Jimin to feel like he was being forced into anything at all.

Jimin didn’t respond this time but nodded his head.

“Do you want another drink?” Yoongi pointed at his empty glass.

“I shouldn’t or else I’ll get a headache tomorrow,” Jimin pushed the glass aside.

Since he knew it was probably a lot for Jimin to take interesting he didn’t want to keep him out too long, “We can get going then if you’re ready?”

“Sure,” Jimin said easily.

Yoongi held his hand out for Jimin without a second thought, glad to see that he didn’t hesitate to take it.

Settling the bill was a quick matter of handing over his credit card before they could leave to get to his car.

Again he opened the passengers slider door for Jimin, watching as the younger man bent his lean frame to slide inside. Flashing Yoongi a quick smile before he closed it.

It was a shame that the drive wasn’t very long. He appreciated the sound of Jimin’s humming along to the radio station as they drove through the city.

When they were almost there Jimin spoke up randomly, “I really like your car, I don’t even have my license.”

“Thanks, why don’t you have your license?” Yoongi asked.

“Never had a reason to get it,” Jimin shrugged. “I can’t afford it so I always just take public transportation.”

“Maybe I can give you some lessons sometime,” Yoongi suggested.

Jimin laughed, “What if I’m awful and damage it?”

“Nah, not if we went to an empty parking lot. That’s where all beginners learn.”

As they pulled up to Jimin’s building, Yoongi found a spot to park in.

“I forgot to ask for your cash app information earlier,” Yoongi started to pull out his phone.

“Oh it’s under my school address,” Jimin spelled it out for him.

Yoongi typed away the information on his phone as Jimin gave it to him and was satisfied when the sound of an alert went off from Jimin’s pocket.

Jimin pulled out his phone and looked at it in alarm, “What’s this for? We haven’t even done anything yet!”

“You came out with me,” Yoongi said. “So that’s a little gift for your time.”

“Hyung,” Jimin whined a little and leaned over to put his hand on Yoongi’s thigh.

“It’s hyung now?” Yoongi raised his eyebrows.

“It is if you baby me unnecessarily,” Jimin pouted.

“That’s kind of the point baby,” Yoongi was helpless to reach over and press his thumb on Jimin’s plump bottom lip.

“Let me earn it at least,” Jimin gave Yoongi’s leg a squeeze to emphasize his words.

“How?” Yoongi asked letting his fingers skim down to Jimin’s long neck.

“Let me give you a taste of what these lips can do,” Jimin licked his bottom lip after he spoke and of course Yoongi’s eyes were drawn right there again.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Yoongi leaned closer but not all the way.

He was curious to see what Jimin would do. And he wasn’t disappointed when Jimin closed the rest of the space for bring their mouths together.

The kiss started off innocently enough at first, just a few slides of Jimin’s lips against Yoongi’s. Until Jimin flicked out his tongue to lick at Yoongi’s bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth.

If Jimin was trying to get Yoongi to think about what his mouth would feel about on his cock he totally succeeded.

Unable to sit still for Jimin’s ministrations any longer, Yoongi took control to plunge his tongue between those plump lips.

If Jimin wanted to show Yoongi how he could suck, Yoongi wanted to show Jimin how he could fuck.

The soft sound of Jimin moaning into his mouth drove Yoongi to pull away and nip at his lips before twisting his fingers into Jimin’s hair to tug his head back.

A surprised little sound left his mouth that turned into another moan as Yoongi dragged his tongue down Jimin’s neck until he found just the spot he wanted to latch onto.

“Yoongi,” Jimin panted a little as he reached out to grip at Yoongi’s shirt. “I thought I was showing you what I could do not the other way around.”

“You’re showing me how well you react,” Yoongi gave him a little nip that had Jimin shivering.

“Kiss me,” Jimin complained and Yoongi happily dragged his mouth back to Jimin’s.

Jimin’s mouth was already parted and waiting, making it all the easier to kiss him senseless again.

It was probably a good thing they were in his car, otherwise he’d be tempted to get as close as possible to Jimin’s body and tease them both even more.

Already his mind couldn’t get over how good Jimin’s plump lumps felt and he really didn’t want to know what they felt like everywhere. Just not today.

He hated having to pull away.

“We should stop before we both end up with blue balls,” Yoongi couldn’t help but press another last chaste kiss to Jimin’s lips.

“We have to stop?” Jimin looked a little dazed from lust.

Yoongi wanted to remember his expression for later when he was alone and touching himself.

“Yes. Nothing more until the paperwork is signed and off to Jin,” Yoongi wished it wasn’t true.

“How long will that be?”

Yoongi laughed a little, “I’ll try to get it over to you tomorrow, Okay?”

“Okay,” Jimin agreed.

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Chapter 3: Jimin's POV

As he got inside his apartment, Jimin still felt a little drunk from Yoongi’s attention. He hadn’t even thought about what it would be like to have all the focus of such a successful, handsome man but now that he had it he loved it.

He was glad that his roommates were out and that he wouldn’t have to answer any questions about his appearance or sudden burst of happiness. Instead he was able to go right into his room and text Jin like he’d promised.

Jimin: I’m home!

Jin: How’d it go?

Jimin: Good I think? He gave me money already and we kissed 😊

Jin: I’d say that’s good!

Jimin: But I wasn’t sure what to say about some of his questions so that was a little embarrassing

Jin: He probably doesn’t care

Jin: Yoongi’s not the judgmental type

Jimin: I hope not!

Jimin: He said he can send over the paperwork tomorrow so that’s good right?

Jin: That’s good news

Jimin: Is it weird that I’m not weirded out by the idea of sleeping with him?

Jin: Not at all

Jin: If he was creepy or ugly then I would be worried but Yoongi’s always been popular with the sugar babies

Jimin: Are you trying to make me jealous? 😠

Jin: Jeez territorial already? Remember I told you he doesn’t stick around with anyone for long so don’t get attached

Jimin: Okay 😞

The next day Jimin was back to his regular job. It was a little surreal to be putting on the ugly uniform and slugging coffee for others at minimum wage when he knew how much money he’d been able to transfer to his bank account from just one date with Yoongi.

But he tried not to think about that, especially when he hadn’t even heard from the producer all day.

Maybe he’d changed his mind after all? Jimin tried not to think about it too much and keep his mind busy with all of the orders that were coming in.

He was still at work when his phone went off and he was glad to see if was finally from Yoongi.

Yoongi: Do you want to stop by my studio later and you can sign the paperwork?

Jimin: Yeah what time?

Yoongi: Anything after 7 should be fine

Yoongi: Just let me know when you’re on your way

Jimin: Okay!

He was happy that it gave him plenty of time to finish work and go home to shower away the smell of coffee before going to see Yoongi. But it also made the hours seem to drag on even longer.

When he did finally get back to his apartment, Taehyung and Jungkook were in the living room playing video games. He was hoping that they’d be so distracted that they wouldn’t pay him any attention.

But after he’d showered and dressed they seemed to pause the game as soon as he came back out into the living room.

“Are you going out again?” Taehyung asked, leaning forward on the couch.

“Yeah, I’ll be back later.”

“Where are you going?” Jungkook asked this time.

“Out with Seokjin,” Jimin wasn’t exactly sure why he hadn’t told them what he was doing yet.

He wasn’t really ashamed of it but he wasn’t used to it yet either. How did one tell your friends that you had a sugar daddy?

“Okay, see you later then!” Taehyung called out before un-pausing the game without warning which made Jungkook swear.

As he made his way out of his building, Jimin pulled out his phone to text Yoongi quickly before getting a cab. He usually didn’t like to splurge on the extra money that it took instead of taking public transportation, but he didn’t want to risk taking too long.

Besides, he tried to convince himself that Yoongi was giving him more than enough money to compensate for the extra expense.

Even with all the night traffic in the city, Jimin was able to make it to Yoongi’s studio quickly.

He double checked his phone where Yoongi had replied back to his text with directions on what address to use.

Jimin: I’m here

Yoongi: Go ahead into the lobby and I’ll come down and get you

Feeling all kinds of awkward again, Jimin went inside where the security guard gave him a quick glance before going back to his screen. It only took a few minutes before the elevator behind security was opening, and Yoongi stepped out.

He was dressed a lot more casually than Jimin had seen him before and somehow he looked even better.

The ripped jeans he was wearing fit his frame nicely and even his black sweater seemed like it was made just for him.

The expensive watch on his wrist still gave away his wealth over the average person you’d see walking on the street though.

“Come on up,” Yoongi motioned to Jimin to follow him and then they were getting back on the elevator.

“You look cute,” Jimin tugged on Yoongi’s sleeve after the producer had entered their floor on the elevator.

“It’s just my street clothes,” Yoongi was scrunching his eyebrows like he didn’t understand.

“I like it though,” Jimin insisted and ran his hands up Yoongi’s arm to prove his point.

“Let’s get that paperwork done,” Yoongi gripped Jimin’s wrist to pull him out of the elevator and lead him wherever they were going.

Jimin wanted to laugh but he bit down on his lip instead. He looked around curiously as Yoongi led him down a hallway which looked like it was just a bunch of large offices. At the end Yoongi entered a door that had already been left open.

He immediately recognized that it was Yoongi’s thanks to all the awards with his name on them sitting on a shelf pushed against one of the walls.

Jimin stepped over to take a closer look at them while Yoongi was closing the door.

“I just left the standard paperwork pretty much the same but if you want to change anything just let me know,” Yoongi picked up some papers off of his desk and handed them over.

Jimin had never seen the paperwork Yoongi was talking about so he didn’t really know what to expect. Though Jin had explained it was basically like an informal contract

The main thing that stuck out was that Yoongi had added in compensation would be in money, that the contract expired after just one month, along with the stipulation that Yoongi would pay off Jimin’s bills if he broke the contract early like he’d promised.

Jimin wasn’t sure if one month was typical or not but it seemed like such a short amount of time. He didn’t want to question it though since Jin had just warned him about this before.

“It looks fine to me,” Jimin said finally after reading it all.

“Okay good,” Yoongi grabbed a pen from his desk and handed it over to Jimin casually.

When he leaned over to sign the bottom of the document it was hard not to get distracted by the hand that gripped his hip.

Yoongi took over the pen when he was done and scribbled his own signature next to Jimin’s before pulling away to put everything into the scanner sitting next to his desk.

“Does that go off to Jin?” Jimin asked.

“Yup, he’ll get it filed in case you have any complaints.”

Jimin already felt like that wouldn’t be a problem but he was curious to see if Jin would have any insight later into how close this was to Yoongi’s usual contracts.

Yoongi had taken a seat at his desk, presumably to get the document emailed off to Jin. Following him, Jimin went around to desk as well and gripped his broad shoulders to rub them.

He smiled when Yoongi let out a little groan at the contact as he typed away on his computer. It didn’t take him long and then he was closing up his laptop to push it away a little.

“Come here,” Yoongi reached around to grab onto Jimin’s wrist again and pull him around.

“You don’t like my massage?”

“No, I do but I’d rather have something else from you right now,” Yoongi pushed his chair back a little bit so that he could pull Jimin in front of him.

“Like what?” Jimin asked.

“Sit,” Yoongi pointed at his desk so Jimin followed his directions.

He really didn’t waste any time running his hands over Jimin’s thighs slowly, until he was shivering from the contact.

But he was surprised when Yoongi’s hands avoided going over the bulge that was already growing from his excitement and instead moved to slip up underneath his shirt.

“Have you been hiding something from me?” Yoongi asked suddenly.

“What?” Jimin had no idea what he was talking about.

Yoongi looped his thumbs around the edge of Jimin’s shirt to push it up, exposing his stomach.

“You have fuck me lips, an amazing ass, and abs?” Yoongi sounded like he was in disbelief.

“Oh,” Jimin let out a little laugh. “Just from dancing so much, you know?”

“Okay take this off let me see,” Yoongi stood from his chair and started to tug on the shirt so Jimin helped him to get it off.

For some reason Jimin felt a little self conscious all of a sudden. It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to people looking at his body. He danced shirtless all the time. But he’d never wanted to impress someone so badly until now.

“What do you think?” Jimin leaned back on his elbows so that his abs would appear to their best advantage.

“Damn you’re too hot, you know that?” Yoongi leaned forward so that he could start kissing his way along Jimin’s neck.

He was so sensitive there that it was hard for Jimin not to start moaning already. He found himself hoping that Yoongi would mark him up with his mouth and his teeth so that Jimin would have proof of this later when he was alone again.

Because somehow it still seemed a little surreal to him.

He was so distracted by the feeling of Yoongi’s mouth working over his neck that he almost missed the hands skimming down his stomach again until they reached his jeans.

Then he really couldn’t stop the moan that wanted to escape his lips.

When he rolled his hips up onto Yoongi’s grip, it seemed like he took that as a sign to keep going because the next thing he felt were those fingers gripping his erection pressing against his jeans.

“I swear if you have a bigger dick than me too we’re going to have problems Jimin,” Yoongi commented and Jimin couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Don’t say that,” Jimin knew he was kidding but he pulled on Yoongi’s sweater to bring his mouth down to his.

Momentarily they both got distracted by kissing. Jimin loved the slide of Yoongi’s mouth against his. The way Yoongi seemed so in control as he tangled their tongues together and pushed Jimin to start moaning again.

“I want to hear what kind of sounds you make when you’re coming,” Yoongi pulled away to sit back down in his chair but kept his grip on Jimin’s thighs.

“Okay,” Jimin bit on his bottom lip as he tried not to spontaneously combust at the sight of Yoongi’s long fingers starting to work on the button of his jeans.

His fingers brushed over Jimin’s erection every few moments as Yoongi worked on the jeans and he couldn’t help but think the man was trying to tease him further.

It felt like a blessing when Yoongi was working them apart, exposing the black boxer briefs Jimin was wearing underneath his jeans. Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if he was leaking already so he was glad the dark fabric would hide any damp spots.

Yoongi was the one biting on his lips now as he continued to mess with Jimin’s clothes until he could free Jimin’s hard length like he was unwrapping a new present.

“You’re pretty here too baby,” Yoongi had leaned forward to put Jimin’s hardness in his mouth before he could even respond.

A curse left his lips at the feeling of Yoongi’s mouth wrapping around him. It had been so long since anyone had given him a blowjob, usually he was the one giving them out whenever he was with someone.

He couldn’t help but wonder if this was normal for Yoongi or not, but he quickly got distracted from that thought as Yoongi gave him a hard suck that had his whole body twitching.

His hands instinctively came up to touch Yoongi’s head but instead the man grabbed his wrists and pinned them down on the desk next to his hips. When he tried to buck into Yoongi’s mouth instead, he was punished with the loss of those lips around him.

“Be good and stay still or I stop,” Yoongi warned.

Jimin let out a little noise of frustration that only turned into a moan when Yoongi brought his mouth back down again. He had to fight with his body not to move and not to come too quickly at the feeling of the wet heat and Yoongi’s skilled tongue.

“I can’t last,” Jimin whined as Yoongi took him a little deeper into his mouth.

It was too much and he was too unused to having all the focus of pleasure on his body instead of someone else.

Yoongi let go of his wrists to slide his hands underneath Jimin’s ass and angle his body in a way that drove his dick even deeper into his mouth.

Jimin was twitching and coming before he could even articulate a warning to Yoongi, but he did moan out the sound of the man’s name as he continued to work him over until it felt like every drop of cum had been sucked out of him.

“You make the best sounds,” Yoongi was humming happily as he pulled his mouth away and ran his fingers back over Jimin’s stomach and chest.

“I can’t think of a good answer right now,” Jimin felt like a useless blob after Yoongi had literally blown him away.

“That’s a good sign,” Yoongi chuckled. “Can you get on your knees for me baby? Or do you need a minute?”

Rather than answer, Jimin leaned up and Yoongi helped him to slide off the desk before he dropped down to his knees. His mind was still trying to sort himself from the high of his orgasm so he was actually thankful that Yoongi took care of unbuttoning his own jeans.

“Wow,” Jimin wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting but Yoongi was definitely bigger than he was. Thick and full in a way that made Jimin sure it would stretch him out nicely.

“Are you going to show me how these lips look around my cock?” Yoongi didn’t force Jimin to move but he put one of his hands on Jimin’s neck to stroke the skin there.

Jimin shook his head a little, “Not yet.”

Instead he did his best to tease Yoongi a little with his tongue. Licking at the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip of Yoongi’s cock.

The taste helped him to snap out of his stupor a little bit more and he ran his lips along one of the veins that ran along Yoongi’s length.

Yoongi groaned a little, “Don’t I deserve to come baby? I took such good care of you.”

Jimin wondered just how much Yoongi got off on taking care of him.

“You take care of me better than anyone,” Jimin assured him and Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip again, clearly liking the words.

In that moment, Jimin felt so fond of him. Which was really odd considering he was on his knees getting ready to suck his dick. But his chest felt warm with the knowledge that Yoongi got off on just taking care of Jimin. Even if it was just for now.

Finally, he gave Yoongi what he wanted and let him slide inside his mouth. He felt Yoongi’s fingers move into his hair to grip him there.

“I was right they do look amazing like this,” Yoongi used his free hand to run a finger over where Jimin’s lips were stretched out over him and they both moaned.

Usually Jimin didn’t feel any kind of way when he was sucking someone off, but Yoongi somehow made him feel sexy. Here he was on his knees in front of a man that had all the success in the world and he wanted Jimin.

Having power over someone powerful made him forget about all of his struggles for a little while and gave him a boost of confidence.

He figured out pretty quickly that Yoongi liked it when he moaned while doing this too. As if his own pleasure triggered Yoongi’s, which was a trippy thought but he liked it. He didn’t even have to pretend either.

He liked the weight of Yoongi’s cock in his mouth, liked the way he tasted, liked the way he sounded, and moreover he liked the way Yoongi looked at him while he did it.

Like Jimin was everything.

It made him want to take Yoongi deeper, suck harder, really make the man want him even more.

Jimin knew he was getting closer when Yoongi started to buck his hips, trying to chase more of the pleasure.

“Fuck,” Yoongi half cursed and half groaned while he gripped Jimin’s hair tighter. “I’m going to come.”

He was surprised when Yoongi pulled away to start jerking himself off but moved his hand to grip Jimin’s face and keep him in place.

It was only a moment before he was getting cum all over Jimin’s lips and down his chin. As soon as he was done Jimin automatically licked at fluid covering his mouth.

“My sexy baby,” Yoongi sounded proud as he ran his thumb over Jimin’s lip, pushing more of his cum inside.

“Mmm,” Jimin licked more of what Yoongi gave him.

When Yoongi had to pull away to grab some tissues to clean them up he almost looked it pained him to let go of Jimin.

Even after they’d both cleaned up and re-dressed, Yoongi grabbed Jimin by the waist to pull him in for another kiss. It was sweeter than Jimin would have expected his first time to be with a sugar daddy.

In the back of his mind he couldn’t help but remember Jin telling him how upset Yoongi’s babies are when he breaks things off with them. Already he could tell just why that might be.

Min Yoongi was a dangerous man for Jimin’s heart.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Yoongi's POV

For the next few days Yoongi was so busy working on a deadline that he barely left his studio. He knew the timing was awful, and didn’t want Jimin to think he’d done something wrong.

So he’d asked Jin to take Jimin shopping for him. He knew he could trust his business partner to spoil Jimin and spend a bunch of his money in the process.

It wasn’t just that he wanted to make up for being busy, but he also wanted Jimin to get something from him that wasn’t just to going for paying bills. Hopefully if he got lucky, he’d even get to see Jimin wearing something he’d bought.

Maybe he sucked at giving others time, but he liked the idea of sparking some joy inside of Jimin even when he couldn’t be there.

Even though he was exhausted when he finally finished, he did want to see Jimin again. It didn’t really matter how tired he was, Yoongi was greedy to get to spend time with the dancer while he still had him.

Yoongi: Come over to my place tonight?

Jimin: Send me the address 😘

After sending the information to Jimin, he grabbed his bag to head out the door. He expected that Jimin would have grab a cab so he hoped that he beat him to his place first.

He was sure it was clean since his maid came while he was gone and he’d been sleeping in his office between working in his studio. But that didn’t mean that he wanted to keep Jimin waiting either.

Thankfully, he got there first and actually decided to jump in the shower really quickly so that he didn’t feel like such a pile of garbage. It was probably his fastest shower ever, and he was just throwing on some track pants when he heard a knock on his door.

He shuffled over and pulled it open without even bothering to check who was on the other side through the peephole.

Jimin looked so bright and beautiful that Yoongi almost forgot to breath for a moment.

“Hi,” Jimin smiled at him happily before his eyes trailed down to Yoongi’s exposed skin.

“Sorry I just got out of the shower,” Yoongi didn’t know why he brought a hand up to cover himself. “Come in.”

Jimin’s eyes quickly moved away from Yoongi though as he stepped inside, “Wow your place is so much nicer than mine.”

“Thanks, I feel like i’m never here anymore though.” He let out a little laugh mostly to himself since Jimin still didn’t really know how much he worked.

“That’s too bad,” Jimin was looking up at his television that was definitely excessively large.

Yoongi just shrugged and headed off towards his bedroom to finish getting dressed. He was grabbing a plain black shirt from his dresser when Jimin followed him in and started to look around there.

“Do you want something to wear?” Yoongi asked after he was done throwing on his shirt.

“Something to wear?” Jimin sounded confused.

“To bed,” Yoongi explained and pointed at it.

Jimin looked over and then looked down at what he was wearing, “You want me to change?”

Yoongi’s brain was too tired so he just shrugged again and then went over to his mattress. As he laid down he suddenly felt even more tired than he had when he’d left his office what couldn’t have been more than an hour ago.

Already he felt like he was half asleep when he felt a dip on the mattress but he was too tired to look over at Jimin.

“I didn’t know you invited me over to actually sleep,” Jimin was whisper talking.

“Sorry I forgot you’re not used to my habits yet,” Yoongi mumbled.

“It’s okay,” Jimin reached out to run his hands through Yoongi’s hair that was still wet.

It made Yoongi want to move closer to him but his bones felt heavier than ever before. When he didn’t move, Jimin shuffled around on his bed a little more and he felt the youngers body heat starting to spread onto his skin.

Eventually Jimin’s fingers left his hair to run down his back in a comforting manner, and that was how Yoongi finally fell asleep.

When Yoongi woke up a few hours later the sun looked like it was just starting to rise outside. He must have rolled over onto his side because he had to turn around to see Jimin laying on his back with one of his arms shoved under his head.

Jimin had struck him as a cuddler so he wasn’t sure what to think. Maybe he was wrong or maybe Jimin didn’t want to do that with him?

Shaking his head, he slid out of bed to pad into his bathroom and take care of business quickly.

Jimin hadn’t even moved a muscle when he came back out. Getting back into bed, Yoongi discovered that Jimin had actually ditched his jeans and just slept in his boxer briefs.

It was too tempting of a sight and Yoongi found himself sliding his fingers over Jimin’s bare thighs. It really wasn’t fair that the younger even had such attractive legs on top of everything else.

“Mmm,” Jimin started to stir from the feeling of being touched.

He waited to see if Jimin would pull away but when he didn’t, Yoongi let his fingers drag up further to slide over his groin.

Still sleepy, Jimin wasn’t even close to being hard but he made another little noise.

Just when Yoongi worried that maybe he was being creepy and started to pull his hands away he heard Jimin mumble.

“Why’d you stop?” Jimin’s sleepy eyes had opened up just enough to look at Yoongi.

“I can keep going,” Yoongi said instead of answering and moved his hand to push Jimin’s shirt up this time.

He ran his fingers over Jimin’s stomach and chest much like he’d done to his legs. Caressing and admiring.

After a few minutes Jimin started to shift around in the mattress like he couldn’t lay still any longer. This time when Yoongi dragged his fingers down, Jimin was getting hard.

“Take your clothes off so I can play with you baby,” Yoongi smacked Jimin’s bare thigh before getting off his bed.

He went over to his closet to get the black box he kept hidden away in there so he didn’t scare his maid.

By the time he was back by the bed Jimin had already stripped and was lazily stroking himself while watching Yoongi silently.

“I always buy new toys for my baby’s,” Yoongi started to explain as he opened the box. “I didn’t go crazy this time because I figured you weren’t used to using them?”

Jimin shook his head a little bit, “I’ve used them on myself before but not with anyone else.”

Yoongi nodded, “That’s good.”

He grabbed the brand new bottle of lube that had come with his shipment and tossed it over to Jimin who easily caught it.

“Can you open yourself up for me?”

Biting down on his lip Jimin nodded and clicked open the bottle. Yoongi looked away to focus on his own task so as not to make Jimin nervous.

He looked through the box that he’d dumped all the new toys in until he found what he wanted and started to unwrap them.

A soft gasp drew his attention back to Jimin though, and he nearly came right there at the sight of the dancer pushing his slim fingers inside of himself. With his eyes closed and his back arched, Jimin was a perfect picture of sin.

Before he could stop himself Yoongi was pulling off his own shirt and climbing on top of Jimin to suck on his neck. It only made Jimin arch even more, pushing himself into Yoongi as he touched himself.

He loved watching the way Jimin’s skin reddened under his mouth until he knew that his marks would last for days. Underneath him, the younger was trying to grind himself against Yoongi to ease himself.

It didn’t matter that Yoongi still had on his bottoms, he could still feel how hard Jimin was through the thin fabric.

Since he didn’t want to lose his mind from the shocks of pleasure that came each time Jimin rubbed against him, Yoongi leaned up to sit back on his heels.

Jimin’s eyes looked a little glassily, lost in lust from teasing himself. And his lips were reddened from where he chewed on them, matching the marks on his neck and his pink hair in a lovely way.

It was hard to drag his eyes away from the sight to grab the plug he’d dropped on the mattress earlier in his haste to get to Jimin.

“Are you stretched enough yet?” Yoongi asked as he made himself busy with the toy and lubricant.

“I think so,” Jimin had already pulled his fingers free to grip his cock which had started to leak and leave wet marks on his abs.

Yoongi wanted to lick it all up but instead he popped the cap closed on the lube.

“First I’m going to plug you,” Yoongi started to explain. “Then I’m going to make you come and then I’ll fuck you. How does that sound?”

Jimin closed his eyes for a moment before responding, “That sounds intense.”

Yoongi gripped Jimin’s thigh in what he meant to be a reassuring move but it made Jimin quiver nervously.

“Well we have to get you all caught up on the orgasms every other guy missed out on giving you, don’t we?

“Can we do that in a month?” Jimin’s eyes went a little wide.

Yoongi smirked and gripped Jimin’s leg until he could push it up until he could easily gain access to his hole.

Jimin gasped and arched his back again when Yoongi slowly began to push the plug in. Careful not to go too fast and risk hurting him.

When it was pushed all the way into the base Yoongi leaned over Jimin to lick up pre-cum that had already leaked.

“I’m definitely going to try my hardest to get caught up,” Yoongi finally responded as Jimin was moaning softly.

Jimin was whining and trying to grind against Yoongi, clearly already feeling the affects of being full from the plug, “Take care of me oppa.”

Yoongi titled his head and looked down at Jimin, a little amazed and a little turned on that the pink haired beauty had already figured him out so well.

It was so tempting to just rip out the plug and fuck Jimin right then until he was screaming but Yoongi pulled in his self control and leaned up again.

Jimin made a noise of complaint and tried to grab at Yoongi but he dodged the move.

“Patience baby,” Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s cock and gave it a firm squeeze in warning that made him gasp.

Quickly, Yoongi reached over to the box to grab the wand vibrator he wanted.

Jimin had closed his eyes to touch himself again when Yoongi came back over. He jolted at the sudden feeling of the vibrations against the base of his cock when Yoongi clicked it on without warning.

The sounds he started to make had Yoongi biting on his bottom lip while he watched Jimin unconsciously moving his hips at the feeling. It felt a little bit like torture holding himself back while he slowly moved the wand up and down Jimin’s length.

He took his time whenever he got to the extra sensitive underside of Jimin’s cockhead, which had the dancer throwing his head back from the feeling. His pink hair would fly back onto Yoongi’s dark sheets beautifully.

It was almost like watching him perform, the way his body would roll and draw all of Yoongi’s attention. Jimin was stunning to watch as his skin started to pinken and his sounds got a little louder. He loved every moment of it.

“Are you going to come for me baby?” Yoongi moved his fingers down to push on the plug so that it would go deeper.

“Yoongi,” Jimin pushed his hips up off the mattress before he started to spill all over his stomach.

Knowing that he’d get sensitive fast, Yoongi tossed the wand aside to lean over and lick all of Jimin’s juices up. The younger barely seemed to have the energy to lift his hand up to touch Yoongi’s hair while he tried to catch his breath.

“Turn over,” Yoongi leaned up and swatted at his hips, trying not to get distracted by Jimin’s touch.

“I don’t know if I can take any more,” Jimin whined but was rolling over anyways.

“You can take it,” Yoongi ran his fingers over Jimin’s round ass, admiring the sight. “Are you going to let me take good care of you?”

When he just let out a little noise instead of answering, Yoongi swiftly brought his hand down to slap at Jimin’s ass.

This time Jimin moaned in surprised while Yoongi ease the sting by rubbing at the skin gently.

“Well?” Yoongi asked.

“Yes, yes.”

Jimin was already pushing his hips back into Yoongi despite what he’d said just a minute ago. He was so tempting that Yoongi nearly forgot to suit up.

It took him a moment to pull open his dresser and grab onto a condom before slipping it on. Knowing he didn’t want to come before he could get Jimin to again, he also slid on his cock ring and groaned at the feeling.

Still laying on his stomach, Jimin was wiggling against the mattress like he was trying to move against the plug. Without warning, Yoongi pulled it out and earned a gasp from Jimin.

“Up,” Yoongi pulled on Jimin by the hips and was glad that he got onto his knees with ease though his legs trembled a bit. “If you need me to stop just say so,” Yoongi added.

Jimin was nodding until Yoongi started to fill him up again, and then he was back to making his noises.

“You’re still so tight,” Yoongi had to look up to try and distract himself from just how good Jimin felt.

When he looked back down Jimin was breathing heavily again with his face was turned so that Yoongi could see his eyes closed and mouth parted.

It was almost too much to look at Jimin and feel him at the same time. If it wasn’t for the ring Yoongi probably would have blown already.

He fucked Jimin slowly. Mostly because if he moved any faster he would lose control. And he was intent on making Jimin feel as good as possible. Every little sound the dancer made as he thrusted into him was like music to his ears.

There was nothing better than knowing he was the one making Jimin come undone like this. Even the pleasure building up didn’t really compete with hearing the beauty underneath him calling out his name.

“Yoongi,” Jimin was barely able to form the word between his moans.

Taking that as a good sign he was close, Yoongi picked up his pace but he knew he won’t be able to last long like that. Already he could feel the pleasure building and threatening to explode as his hips slapped against Jimin’s ass.

Snaking a hand around Jimin’s hip, he found his cock to start stroking him as best he could while fucking him harder.

Jimin’s moan turned into an outright whine before Yoongi could feel his whole body clenching in another orgasm.

“Fuck,” Yoongi was barely able to pull out and slam back in a final time before he was spilling his load.

The orgasm was so intense that he could feel it through his whole body until he was shaking right along with Jimin.

He had to make quick work of freeing himself from the condom and ring before he could collapse next to Jimin and pull him closer.

“I think I’m dead,” Jimin was mumbling and shifting around a little like he was trying to get comfortable.

Yoongi laughed a little, “You look just fine to me.”

He started to run his fingers over Jimin’s arms to help him calm down, Yoongi could still feel the dancers heart racing.

“I didn’t know you were a cuddler,” Jimin said after a while when his breathing had calmed more.

“Mhm,” Yoongi was getting too sleepy again to give a proper response.

“I’ll remember that for next time then,” Jimin sighed and seemed to settle in.

For some reason that made Yoongi’s heart skip a beat. He had no idea why really. Of course he knew that he’d be seeing Jimin again.

Maybe it was just that he liked the sound of it coming from Jimin’s mouth. Or maybe it was because he liked that Jimin was learning more about him.

Part of him felt guilty that there wasn’t more of himself that he could give to the younger. Really Jimin deserved so much more than he was getting from Yoongi.

The guy could have anyone he wanted. He was stunning, and sweet, and Yoongi kind of wished he could keep him all to himself. But he knew that just like anyone Jimin would grow tired of his life and he didn’t want to see that either.

For now he hoped that whatever part of him Jimin liked kept being enough.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Jimin's POV

Waking up was interesting.

Jimin found his body was sore in a way that he didn’t remember it ever being before from sex. Not just from the feeling of being stretched out and full.

Really it felt like he’d gone through a marathon the night before, who knew that having your body teased for so long made you sore?

Even when he just tried to carefully lean up in Yoongi’s bed, he felt twinges in muscles that he’d forgotten about.

Next to him, Yoongi groaned sleepily at the disturbance in his bed but only shifted his arm that had been wrapped around Jimin until he’d moved.

He wished that he could just climb back into bed and stay there with Yoongi, the producer looked so soft and cuddly in his sleep.

Instead Jimin had to hustle home to get dressed for work. If he’d known that he was going to sleep over he would have prepared better, but maybe that was a lesson for next time.

While he tried to quietly put on his clothes, Jimin suddenly heard Yoongi’s voice even though he’d never heard him waking up.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi’s voice was all raspy from sleep.

“I have to head off to work,” Jimin felt bad for some reason.

After he’d slipped his shirt back on, he walked back over to the bed to lean over and kiss Yoongi’s jaw.

He still looked sleepy and adorable, and not at all like the guy that had pounded into him in the early hours of the morning until he had the best orgasms of his life.

“You should just quit,” Yoongi was yawning now and reaching for his phone to check the time.

“I can’t! I still need a job once you’re done with me,” Jimin pouted, meaning to be cute.

He wasn’t expecting the weird look that crossed Yoongi’s face, “Yeah...sorry forget I said that.”

“It’s okay,” Jimin tried to ease the tension by playing with Yoongi’s messy bed hair. “I have to go but text me?”

Yoongi let out a little laugh and reached around to give Jimin’s ass a quick squeeze, “You know I will.”

Jimin couldn’t help but smile widely at that before turning to leave.

It kind of felt weird to be going so early in the morning but he tried not to think too much about what it might look like. In any case, it was so early that he only bumped into one other person in Yoongi’s building who was dressed up in running gear.

As soon as he got home he had to jump in the shower, because there was no way he could go into work with the remnants of sex all over him.

He was even faster to dress than he was to shower, and somehow he still managed to run out of his apartment in time.

The only downside was that he hadn’t been able to eat anything for breakfast, but he knew he could just grab something on his break at work.

He was making his way to the subway when he felt his phone go off. Expecting to see a text, he was surprised instead to see an alert that he’d been sent money.

It was funny, he’d been so amazed at Yoongi’s ability to hand out orgasms that he’d forgotten the man would send him money as well.

For now he just left the money, he would take care of transferring it to his bank later. He hadn’t even remembered to thank Yoongi for the clothes that he’d been tricked into buying by Jin.

His supposed friend had told him that it was an early present for school. As it had been so long since he’d been able to splurge on anything and his clothes were getting older, he’d resigned himself to letting Jin buy him the clothes.

Only to have Jin laugh and tell him once they were done that it was actually Yoongi’s credit card that he’d used and to take it up with his sugar daddy if he had a problem with getting presents.

But then being with Yoongi, Jimin hadn’t even thought of all that mess. He’d just wanted to spend time with Yoongi after not seeing him for a few days.

Meanwhile, all those pretty new clothes were still in the bags while he tried to sort through his feelings.

He also knew that he wanted to tell his roommates what was going on, because he was sure that they’d noticed he hadn’t come home last night.

For some reason he wanted to explain it in a way that would make sure they didn’t think the whole situation was weird or that Yoongi was taking advantage of him somehow.

Because really he felt like he was the one that was getting so much more out of his. It would just make him feel guilty if his friends started hating on Yoongi on top of that.

It was actually a good thing that the cafe was busy that morning when he arrived. That meant that he couldn’t worry about anything other than getting all of the orders right.

A few hours passed before things started to calm down. Just when Jimin was thinking about taking a break the door opened and he looked up to see Yoongi was coming in.

The producer looked handsome as always, Jimin was a little awestruck as he watched the man slide his sunglasses away from his face to tuck them into his shirt.

Today he was wearing jeans and a button up that he’d rolled the sleeves up to his elbows.

It was simple but still looked effortlessly cool. Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if the outfit cost more than what he would make at the cafe in a week.

“Hey,” Yoongi was giving Jimin a little smile as he stepped up to the counter.

“What are you doing here?” Suddenly Jimin was feeling self conscious about his uniform.

“Just grabbing some coffee before I go to the studio, can you have a break?” Yoongi asked hopefully.

“Um yeah, I’ll be out in a few minutes okay?” Jimin held up a finger to Yoongi before turning.

He grabbed someone to help Yoongi so he could go to his locker and pull off his apron and at least try to look a little bit cuter.

By the time he’d left to go out front, Yoongi was already sitting at a table with two drinks and some pasties. But instead of touching any of it he was doing something on his phone.

Jimin was able to slide into the empty chair across from Yoongi before the other man clicked off his phone and put it aside.

“I hope you don’t mind me stopping by,” Yoongi said immediately and pushed one of the coffees towards Jimin.

“Not at all,” Jimin tried not to sound nervous and took the drink.

The shot of caffeine would hopefully help calm him a little bit and give him energy to deal with the rest of his day after Yoongi was gone.

“I wanted to apologize if I made you late or anything. I didn’t even think about your job last night,” Yoongi really sounded regretful.

Jimin was surprised, “It’s fine and I wasn’t late.”

“Sometimes I still forget this is new for you,” Yoongi hedged and played with his drink. “But I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.”

“It’s okay,” Jimin reached out to grab onto Yoongi’s hand. “You’re being very good to me, I promise.”

Yoongi nodded and ducked his face almost shyly to take a sip of his drink. But he also flipped his hand over so that their fingers interlocked losely.

“Thank you for the clothes by the way,” Jimin found himself saying.

For some reason he wanted to cheer Yoongi up, even if he wasn’t entirely sure how he felt with the extra presents.

“Yeah? Did you have fun shopping with Jin?” Yoongi did look at him and smile which made Jimin’s heart beat a little faster.

“I did,” Jimin laughed because of course it was impossible not to have fun around Jin.

“Maybe you can show me something you bought next time?” Yoongi looked hopeful as he spoke.

Jimin twisted his lips, “Maybe…”

They just smiled at each other for a moment before Yoongi pushed the plate of pastries towards him on the table.

“I got these for you,” Yoongi said.

Without waiting Jimin took one and took a bite. He was actually starving and moaned around the sweet bite of food as it hit his tongue.

Suddenly Yoongi’s phone went off with an alert and he looked at it quickly before making a face that Jimin couldn’t really decipher.

“I have to get going but I hope you’ll finish eating,” Yoongi said as he stood to slip his phone away.

Jimin nodded as he swallowed, “Will I hear from you later?”

He was kind of hoping he would but he didn’t want that to be obvious.

“That depends how my day goes,” Yoongi laughed a little. “I’ll text you if I can.”

For a moment he looked like he was debating something, and then Jimin realized he must be trying to figure out if it was okay to give him a proper goodbye.

“Come here,” Jimin grabbed Yoongi’s shirt to pull on him.

Yoongi looked relieved and leaned down a little to give Jimin a quick kiss. It couldn’t get more chaste than that, and still Jimin felt his stomach do a little flip.

“Bye,” Yoongi gave him another smile before he left, leaving Jimin a sighing puddle of goo at the table.

When Jimin got back to his apartment later that afternoon, Taehyung and Jungkook were in the kitchen.

Seemingly arguing over what to order in for dinner since they all hated to cook, and were also very bad at it.

“Jimin can settle this!” Jungkook looked relieved once he spotted Jimin taking off his shoes by the door.

“I don’t care what you order,” Jimin called out not wanting to get in the middle of their fight.

“Are you going out again?” Taehyung asked more seriously as he put down the takeout menu in his hand.

“I’m not sure yet,” Jimin took out his phone to confirm he still didn’t have a text from Yoongi.

“Did you even come home last night?” Jungkook asked this time.

Jimin averted his gaze for a moment, trying to quickly decide how he was going to play this.

Really the sooner he told them the better it would be. That didn’t make him any less nervous about it though.

“I didn’t actually…” Jimin began nervously. “I’m actually kind of seeing someone now?”

“Why did that sound like a question?” Taehyung was furrowing his brows.

Jimin rubbed at the back of his neck now, “It’s not exactly dating but it kind of is. I mean I do like him but it’s a little untraditional I guess…”

“What are you even talking about right now Jimin?” Jungkook sounded super confused.

Jimin sighed, “Since I needed to find a way to pay for all my debt, Jin introduced me to someone and now he’s my sugar daddy.”

Both Taehyung and Jungkook were giving him the most stunned faces but they didn’t say anything at first. They turned to look at each other and then back at Jimin.

“So you...and then he...pays you?” Taehyung was blushing like he’d never had sex before which Jimin knew wasn’t true.

“Kind of? It’s not just sex but that’s part of it too,” Jimin tried to explain. “He came to visit me at work today which was nice. He is really nice. Like way better than any of my exes so far.”

“How much money does he give you?” Jungkook asked and then Taehyung slapped him.

“That’s rude! You can’t ask that!” Taehyung said.

“It’s fine,” Jimin really didn’t care. He pulled out his phone and showed them all the transactions of money Yoongi had sent him so far.

“Holy mother,” Jungkook was blinking like he couldn’t believe the numbers he was seeing.

“So this guy is like rich rich?” Taehyung finally asked.

“He’s a music producer so yeah,” Jimin kind of waved his hand in the air awkwardly. “He also had Jin bring me shopping for new clothes but I haven’t worn any yet.”

Taehyung’s eyes went wide at the mention of clothes, “Why not?”

“I maybe feel a little guilty.” Jimin said. “He gives me all this money and he’s so nice to me and I guess I just don’t know if he’s giving me too much?”

“Don’t feel that way,” Taehyung cooed. “You’re worth every penny!”

“Yeah!” Jungkook chimed in as well.

“Thanks guys,” Jimin smiled at his friends.

“Can we decide on dinner now?” Jungkook whined.

“What are the options?” Jimin asked looking at the menus they’d put down on the table.

They ended up just ordering in some pizza to share and Jimin even offered to buy if for them all since they’d been so understanding about the whole situation.

It was actually nice to be able to hang out with his roommates again without the stress of lying to them about anything.

Though it was hard not to keep checking his phone. He’d actually been hoping Yoongi would reach out.

For the first time in a while he ending up playing video games just to keep himself distracted.

He didn’t end up hearing from Yoongi at all that night.

It wasn’t until the next day, when he was all sweaty after going on a run with Jungkook that he found a text on his phone.

Yoongi: I have to go to an event on Friday, are you free to come with?

Jimin: Of course

Yoongi: I’ll set it up so you can stop by my favorite shop to get a suit

Yoongi: The sooner you can get in the better so they can make any alterations

Jimin: Okay just let me know where!

Since he didn’t want to go alone, Jimin waited until Taehyung was home later that afternoon. Then they went off to the store that Yoongi had told him about.

It had been so long since he’d needed to dress up nicely that he felt a little bit out of his element. That was exactly why he wanted Taehyung to come along with him.

As soon as they entered the store, Tae was already admiring some of the outfits on display. Reaching out to touch the fabrics gently and making noises of appreciation.

“Can I help you?” A man stepped out towards the two.

“Min Yoongi said he was making arrangements for me?” Jimin wasn’t sure exactly what he was supposed to say.

“Ah, yes!” The salesman sounded excited now. “Come to the back and I can show you some good options!”

Jimin grabbed onto Taehyung before they were hustled towards the back to a large room that had little changing booths off to the side.

Someone also came out to hand them drinks while they waited and Tae took no time at all to chug his down.

“I bet they’re sucking up to you because of Yoongi’s wallet,” Taehyung sounded way too happy when he said that.

“Oh my god,” Jimin was blushing for some reason.

They didn’t have to wait long at all before the man was bringing out a rack of impressive looking suits and Jimin was already worried about just how much money Yoongi had planned to spend on him here.

“I pulled some great options for you,” The man started going over his favorites and what type of fit he thought would look best on Jimin.

Mostly it went over Jimin’s head but Taehyung was aweing over them.

“Try that one on first Jimin,” His friend was pointing at one of them.

“Okay,” Jimin agreed since he really had no idea.

After taking the suit from the man helping them, Jimin stepped into one of the booth to change.

It actually took him a little while because he was trying to be so careful. He nearly had a heart attack after he saw the price written on a tag inside of the suit.

“Jimin hurry up!” Tae called from outside.

“Okay,” Jimin shuffled out and held his arms out a little bit to show his friend.

“That one fits you really well already,” Taehyung commented.

“I’m not sure about the color’s a little weird with my hair,” Jimin turned to look around in the mirror on the wall.

Taehyung titled his head a little, “Yeah I guess you’re right the navy doesn’t work with your pink hair.”

“So a slim fit, but maybe in classic black this time?” The salesman was looking through his selections already.

“How about all black?” Taehyung asked him. “Black shirt, black suit? That would look amazing!”

The guy nodded and it didn’t take him long to hand another option back to Jimin.

This time Jimin didn’t look at the tag as he slipped the outfit on. He could already tell that he liked this one better and he didn’t want to feel badly about the price.

“I like this,” Jimin said as he stepped out to show Taehyung.

“Ooooh me too!” Taehyung even got up to take a closer look. “You look so hot!”

“Tae!” Jimin hit his friend playfully.

Taehyung was already back to focusing on making Jimin look his best though, “Do you have shoes as well?”

“Of course!” The salesman quickly went off to go find shoes after Jimin gave him his size.

It took less time than Jimin thought to pick out the entire outfit and have his size taken for the alteration. Taehyung was still excitedly talking about the whole experience all the way home.

While Jimin was more excited about his upcoming night out with Yoongi than what he was going to wear. He knew it wasn’t really a date but if kind of felt like it anyways.

Jimin: Suit is all set

Yoongi: Can’t wait to see what you picked out

Jimin: 😊

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Chapter 6: Yoongi's POV

Once Friday had finally rolled around all Yoongi wanted to do was go home and fool around with Jimin until they were too tired to stay awake.

If he pulled out of the event he knew that Namjoon and Hoseok would kill him though. That’s why he’d found himself putting on a suit after his work was all done.

The only good thing was that he would at least get to see Jimin, even if he had to behave out in public.

But as soon as he saw Jimin he realized just how difficult that was going to be. He’d gone straight from his studio to Jimin’s place and was right on time for once.

“Damn you look gorgeous,” Yoongi had stepped out of the car to open the door for Jimin.

“Thank you,” Jimin was smiling as he approached while tugging on his jacket nervously. “I think this is the nicest thing I’ve ever worn.”

“Well you make it look good,” Yoongi assured him as the dancer slid into his front seat.

Yoongi was back in his seat in a flash, and leaning over to kiss the nervous looking man. After going a few days without it, Yoongi felt a little relieved to have Jimin’s lips on his.

Conscious of the fact that they had a long night ahead of them, Yoongi didn’t make any attempt to deepen it or touch Jimin in any other way. Still, he enjoyed the small affection just as it was.

Already, he felt a little bit better about having to go out tonight. Especially since it meant he would be able to strip Jimin out of the suit later on.

Yoongi had to turn on his navigation because he’d never been to this particular location before. Usually he avoiding having to go to any big events if he could.

“What exactly is this for anyways?” Jimin asked him after a few minutes of driving. “You never really told me.”

“It’s for the charity our label works with,” Yoongi explained. “Our artists help them to raise money for underprivileged kids.”

“That’s sweet,” Jimin cooed.

“I think this one is a silent auction,” Yoongi mused. “So it should be fairly tame but there will definitely be food and drinks so that’s always a plus.”

Jimin was giving Yoongi his full attention, “I’ve never been to any kind of auction before.”

“It’s easy and you can spend a bunch of my money so it should be fun,” Yoongi laughed.

“I’m not…” Jimin started to speak and then paused like he was thinking.

“What?” Yoongi asked.

“I’m not into spending all of your money if that’s what you think,” Jimin said. “You know I’m just trying to pay back my school.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Yoongi tried to assure him by taking his hand. “It’s for charity so the point is to spend money.”

“Oh okay,” Jimin replied softly.

“Does it bother you to spend my money?” Yoongi still had to ask.

“A little maybe?” Jimin admitted. “I almost died looking at the prices of the suits when I went shopping.”

Yoongi had to bite on his lip to stop from laughing at Jimin, he didn’t even think the purchase had been too much.

“You should know that I really like taking care of you and money is just part of that,” Yoongi tried to explain. “But if it makes you uncomfortable I can stop.”

“Taehyung said I’m worth every penny so I shouldn’t feel guilty,” Jimin said but he was playing with his fingers nervously.

Yoongi smiled, “I think you should listen to Taehyung.”

He was glad to find that there was valet parking when they arrived so he could just drop off his keys with the attendant and head inside. Jimin was nervously playing with his suit again so Yoongi stopped him.

“You look great baby,” Yoongi adjusted his lapels a little bit and smoothed it out for him, mostly just as an excuse to touch him and calm him down at the same time.

“Sorry I’m just nervous,” Jimin was biting on his lip in the way that made Yoongi want to kiss him.

Yoongi stroked his cheek softly, “You’re fine, I’m right here.”

After taking Jimin’s hand he started to lead him inside. The place was already packing with people dressed up in suits and dresses.

“I bet my friends are by the food,” Yoongi kept on going until recognized a group of heads.

“Is that-?” Yoongi heard Jimin ask beside him just as he reached out to grab onto Namjoon’s arm.

“Hey you made it!” Namjoon was smiling brightly already in the way that made his eyes almost disappear.

“Jimin you look so cute,” Jin was already cooing at his dongsaeng.

“What are you doing here hyung?” Jimin was blinking rapidly at Jin.

“Oh Yoongi didn’t tell you I would be here?” Jin was confused now too.

“I guess I didn’t?” Yoongi looked apologetically at Jimin who was looking at where Namjoon had his arm around Jin.

“I should introduce myself,” Namjoon was still smiling even if there was a little tension in the air. “I’m Kim Namjoon.”

“Park Jimin,” Jimin said a little absent-mindedly.

“I’m here with Namjoon,” Jin explained. “You know I’ve been seeing someone.”

Jimin was nodding like he was starting to get it, “So that’s how you know Yoongi?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi responded. “I met Jin shortly after they got together and the rest is history.”

Jimin looked at Yoongi like that didn’t explain a whole lot, but also like he wasn’t about to ask any questions.

“Oh my, aren’t you the cutest!” Hoseok came out of nowhere with drinks in his hand.

“And this is Jung Hoseok,” Yoongi looked a little exasperated at his friend but took the drink.

“Thank you,” Jimin looked a little in shock.

Hoseok didn’t pay any attention to Jimin’s nervousness and came right up to touch a lock of his hair, “I love the pink.”

“Hobi,” Yoongi was sighing and wrapped his arm around Jimin to pull him closer.

“Sorry!” Hoseok laughed. “I was just excited to meet this guy Jin told us all about.”

Yoongi didn’t realize that Jin had opened his mouth about Jimin to the others, but he wasn’t exactly surprised either. He wondered just how much that they knew. If he had to guess he would say everything.

Which would explain why they were looking at Jimin like he was an adorable newborn baby deer.

“How is Yoongi treating you by the way? Any complaints yet?” Jin looked liked he was having fun with this.

“Of course not,” Jimin was quick to defend him and even brought his hand up to rest on Yoongi’s chest.

“I’m kidding,” Jin said and reached out to pinch at Jimin’s arm.

“Do you want something to eat?” Yoongi thought Jimin might need a break from this group already.

“Sure,” Jimin seemed happy to be lead away.

With the table of refreshments right beside them, it only took a few steps. Yoongi took the plates that were handed to him by a staff member and gave one to Jimin.

“This looks amazing,” Jimin was already distracted with the array of finger foods before them.

Yoongi was already filling his plate up since he’d skipped lunch to work through it, “Take whatever you want.”

He was glad to see that Jimin didn’t shy away from taking plenty either.

They were able to snag an empty table to actually sit down and fill up on the food they’d grabbed. For a while, Yoongi was actually enjoying himself.

Jimin was absolutely adorable as usual as he tried all the different things he’d picked out. And he also let Yoongi feed him a few things off of his plate as well.

But it really didn’t take long at all before Jin came over to steal Jimin away.

“Let’s go spend some of these guys money Jimin!” Jin was already tugging on Jimin’s arm without waiting for a reply.

Jimin threw Yoongi a sympathetic look as he was pulled away and all he could do was sigh.

There was no stopping Jin when he set his mind to something. He hoped at least Jimin would actually put some bids down in his name so he didn’t have to do it later.

Namjoon and Hoseok strolled over right after they’d left so Yoongi didn’t even have the chance to watch his baby.

“Dare I say you look enamored?” Namjoon didn’t waste any time in talking.

“What?” Yoongi took a sip of his drink.

“I agree hyung! You look so smitten,” Hoseok sounded gleeful.

Yoongi sighed, “Don’t get any ideas guys. I plan on staying single as ever.”

“Jin has said so many wonderful things about Jimin though,” Namjoon wasn’t even trying to be casual about it.

“Jimin is wonderful,” Yoongi told his friends. “That doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have time for a relationship and you both know it.”

“We just want to see you happy,” Hoseok said.

“Jin and I have made it work,” Namjoon added.

“I work more hours and you know it,” Yoongi started to tap his fingers in annoyance.

“Working less hours would be good for you though,” Hoseok butted in again.

Yoongi sighed, “Can we not start this?”

The point of having a sugar baby was to avoid having someone nagging on him for being a workaholic. He didn’t need his friends to start filling in that role.

“Alright hyung but if you ever want to talk about it let me know,” Namjoon’s words trailed off as Jin and Jimin reappeared in the crowd.

“They need better things to bid on,” Jin complained.

“Sorry babe,” Namjoon was already curling an arm around Jin to pull him closer.

Jimin took one look at Yoongi and seemed to realize that something was up. He still took his place next to Yoongi, but was careful when he placed his hand on the producers chest.

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked softly.

“Yeah,” Yoongi brought his hand up to cup Jimin’s jaw.

Usually he wasn’t a fan of being too touchy in public, but Jimin was too sweet and tempting. Without caring that there were several sets of eyes on them, Yoongi leaned forward to kiss Jimin.

Suddenly he wished they weren’t here at all. If they were alone he could really kiss Jimin the way that he wanted to. Instead he had to be satisfied with the quick press of his mouth against Jimin’s plump lips.

It wasn’t enough. But it had to do for now.

Jimin’s cheeks were a little pink when he pulled away and when he turned to look at their friends they were all blatantly staring.

Yoongi just pointed at them in warning and they all pretending to look very interested in their drinks.

“Did you make any bids?” Yoongi asked Jimin.

“Yeah, there was some jewelry that looked nice.” Jimin sounded shy again when he answered.

Yoongi nodded in satisfaction, “Good.”

Jin took the chance to start telling them all about the items that he bid for under Namjoon’s name and Yoongi was grateful for the switch to a normal topic.

The longer they were there though the less patience Yoongi seemed to be having. It was impossible to ignore Jimin when he looked so stunning, especially when he started to feel more at ease.

Yoongi tried his best to keep his hands to himself but it really didn’t last long. Soon his hands found their way to Jimin’s waist. Just to feel the closeness and the contact.

Even that didn’t really feel like enough though. It really wasn’t his fault when his hands slid down to feel up Jimin’s luscious ass.

To his credit, Jimin barely even reacted to the move. Though Jimin did lean in to whisper in Yoongi’s ear when he gave the curves a squeeze.

“Are you trying to tease me with all these people watching?” Jimin’s voice sounded soft and playful at the same time.

Yoongi just gave him a small smile and wrapped his arm back around Jimin’s waist to pull him closer. He didn’t miss the look Namjoon was giving him when he turned back to the group though.

Luckily, it was less than an hour before they finally gave the results of the auction. Thanks to Jin’s encouragements to get Jimin to go wild they’d won a few things.

At least Yoongi did his part in helping out charity even if meant hours of being teased by Jimin’s beauty. He barely paid attention as he handed over his credit card to one of the staff members and handed the box of jewelry they’d wrapped up over to Jimin.

A confused look crossed Jimin’s face but he didn’t say anything as he took the box in his hands. Yoongi just waited for his card back, signed the slip they gave him, and then was quick to start ushering Jimin out before they could be stopped by their friends.

By the time he had his car back from the valet, Yoongi started to feel just how much of his energy had been zapped from the night. He wasn’t big on being in large crowds of people and sometimes it didn’t really hit him until afterwards.

At the same time, he felt hyper aware of the fact that he was alone with Jimin again who was still gingerly holding the box in his lap as they buckled up.

For some reason he felt little butterflies in his stomach when Jimin looked over at him and gave him a small smile. He just looked so cute that it hurt a little bit.

“Are you going to show me what you bought?” Yoongi asked, pointing at the box.

“You mean what you bought?” Jimin corrected him gently but opened up the lid.

He pulled out a set of simple white gold rings that couldn’t have cost too much. Yoongi was almost disappointed but took them in his hand and grabbed onto Jimin’s fingers.

They slid on easily and actually looked really good on Jimin’s delicate fingers. Jimin wiggled his fingers a little and bit down on his lip.

“What else?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin pulled out a necklace next, this time Yoongi was happy to see it was at least covered in diamonds. He took it in his hands to get a closer look, and it actually was really pretty.

“Here turn around,” Yoongi made a motion with his fingers that earned a little sigh from Jimin.

“Are you just going to put everything on me?” Jimin asked as Yoongi was slipping it around his neck to casp it closed.

Yoongi ignored him, “Anything else?”

There was another ring, this time it was chunky and had a large blue stone in it. Yoongi really had no idea what it was but he knew that it was overtake Jimin’s beautiful hands.

“You wear this one,” Jimin insisted and grabbed on Yoongi’s hands before he could protest.

It slid easily on Yoongi’s hand and he actually did like the way it looked. Or maybe he just liked that Jimin had picked it out.

Forgetting the rest, Yoongi leaned forward to cup the back of Jimin’s neck and bring him closer until he could kiss him. It just felt right to have the dancer’s lips on his. The feeling both calmed and excited him, and he didn’t want to think too much about why that was.

He felt Jimin’s reach over to slide against his thighs, which suddenly felt very warm in his pants. Yoongi burned to deepen the kiss, but just when he was shifting to pull Jimin closer they heard the sounds of someone honking.

Yoongi dazedly realized they were still in a parking lot and more people were trying to get out now.

“Maybe we should head out?” Jimin sounded a little amused but he also slid his hand a little higher on Yoongi’s thigh.

“Yeah let’s go,” Yoongi agreed even though it was hard to pull away from Jimin to rearrange himself back in the driver seat.

It wasn’t until they were on the road that Yoongi looked down and realized that the hand Jimin had resting on his leg was the one that was now covered in rings. The sight made him smile.

Already he was hoping that Jimin would wear them all the time, but he definitely wasn’t going to ask him to. Not when it could get back to Jin and then Namjoon.

He just wanted to enjoy Jimin as much as he could while he still had him.

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Chapter 7: Jimin’s POV

Even though Jimin had fun at the charity event with Yoongi and the others he was definitely ready to leave. It had been a lot of firsts and it was a little overwhelming at times.

Not to mention, he couldn’t stop thinking about the way Yoongi’s hands felt on him.

Thinking about what happened the last time he’d been at Yoongi’s place already had him anticipating what they would do next.

He used to feel a sense of dread with his exes, knowing he was more than likely going to be left feeling unsatisfied in the end. Instead with Yoongi he was a little worried about being to handle everything the producer dished out. He was more than willing to try though.

He couldn’t even stop touching Yoongi in the car. Leaving his hand on Yoongi’s thigh while he drove probably had the both of them a little worked up.

When they pulled into Yoongi’s parking lot he was thankful even though it meant having to pull his hand away for a while. Yoongi was quick to reach for his hand once they started walking towards the building though.

“Are you tired?” Yoongi was asking as they got in the elevator.

“Not really,” Jimin replied sheepishly.

Yoongi gave him a small smirk, “Good.”

There was another couple in the elevator that Yoongi must have known because they started to chat about some pretty mundane things. Jimin kind of wished that they were alone so he could kiss Yoongi already.

But he also kind of enjoyed just seeing Yoongi talking at ease with the neighbors. The way he laughed at something they said that wasn’t even funny was cute. Jimin found himself squeezing Yoongi’s hand so that he looked down at him.

It was dumb, but Jimin just wanted to smile at him. Yoongi smiled back and it set off butterflies in his stomach all over again.

As soon as they got inside of Yoongi’s apartment Jimin was already tugging on Yoongi’s suit jacket to kiss him. The way they were both smiling when their lips landed on each other had Jimin giggling.

It was funny, when Jin had initially broached the subject about becoming a sugar baby Jimin had no idea he would be this infatuated with someone that was paying him for his time.

He even groaned when Yoongi pulled away to focus on taking off Jimin’s jacket. Slipping it down his arms and away to toss it across the arm of his sofa.

“You’re really going to throw an expensive suit like that,” Jimin gasped in mock horror.

“Shush,” Yoongi laughed and pulled off his own jacket before grabbing onto Jimin’s hand again.

Yoongi slid onto his leather couch before pulling Jimin on top of his lap. It wasn’t the easiest maneuver thanks to the constriction of his pants but Jimin figured it out after some adjusting.

Sitting right on top of Yoongi’s lap might become Jimin’s new favorite thing, he decided. He let himself sink right down until he could feel the proof that Yoongi was every bit as worked up as he felt too.

He wanted to grind down into Yoongi, but Jimin forgot all about his plans when the man leaned forward to start mouthing at his neck. Meanwhile his fingers got to work on Jimin’s shirt as his mouth worked magic.

All Jimin could really manage to do was grab onto Yoongi’s neck to try and keep him just where he was as breathy sounds started to escape his throat.

Eventually though Yoongi’s mouth finished it’s teasing to trail up to Jimin’s mouth. More than ready for more kisses, Jimin pushed forward so that Yoongi was pushed backwards against the couch.

Wanting to show Yoongi just how much he was into this, Jimin didn’t hesitate to plunge his tongue inside of his mouth. There wasn’t any hesitation in the kiss as Jimin put everything he had into it.

Somehow Yoongi still found a way to keep his hands busy, pushing open Jimin’s shirt to run his hands down the dancers body. Jimin shivered without warning, he felt like his body was burning up everywhere.

Starting to roll his hips against Yoongi’s, he felt elated to hear the producer let out a groan at the contact of their bodies. It seemed like Yoongi wasn’t one to be outdone though, because he dove his hand right inside of Jimin’s pants without warning to grip Jimin’s cock.

Jimin had to pull away to tilt his head back and moan out, “Yoongi.”

“Hmm?” Yoongi just leaned forward to nip at Jimin’s neck this time making Jimin shiver even more.

“Please no teasing this time, I want you to fuck me.”

Immediately Yoongi let go of him to grab back onto Jimin’s hips and push him up a little bit.

“Take those off then,” Yoongi pointed at Jimin’s pants as he spoke and Jimin was quick to get up and comply.

But he was much more careful when he folded them up and put them down gently on the other side of the sofa. When he looked back Yoongi had taken out his wallet to pull out a condom and lube packet.

Jimin was glad that Yoongi at least kept his mind when all he was thinking about was how fast he could get off.

He couldn’t even stop himself from stroking his erection which had started to leak at the sight of Yoongi slipping his pants down until he could free himself. The way Yoongi didn’t even take them off all the way was kind of hot so Jimin left his dress shirt on and hanging open.

“Come here,” Yoongi reached out after he’d suited up and Jimin was more than glad to slide back onto his lap.

This time feeling even more aroused as he could feel the heat and weight of Yoongi’s cock pressed against his ass.

“No teasing right?” Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded.

He didn’t realize that meant Yoongi was going to slip two fingers inside of him at once. Jimin bucked at the feeling but then he was moaning into Yoongi’s neck as the man started to work to stretch him out.

Suddenly he wished that he hadn’t said no teasing because Yoongi was careful not to let his fingers slip in too deep.

It wasn’t enough to really give him the pleasure that he wanted. Yoongi was inside but not enough, trying to push down against his fingers didn’t work either because he just pulled away.

“Use me,” Yoongi was already pulling on Jimin’s hips to guide him.

In his eagerness Jimin might have tried to slide down on Yoongi’s cock too fast. Two fingers definitely did not equal the girth of Yoongi’s cock.

He moaned through his body’s adjustment regardless, because he felt like he’d been waiting forever for this feeling again. At first he just rolled his hips again, getting used to having Yoongi inside of him and putting delicious pressure on his prostate at the same time.

“What do you like?” Jimin asked because he hadn’t been in this position often and he wanted to do his best for Yoongi.

But Yoongi just shook his head, “Whatever feels good for you.”

Yoongi’s hands found Jimin’s hips again to move him back and forth in the same way he’d rolled his hips. He had to bite down on his lip to stop himself from moaning too loudly.

“You always feel good,” Jimin said as he felt more shockwaves of pleasure hit his spine while Yoongi slid a hand forward to slowly stroke him.

Yoongi made a sound of agreement before leaning forward to kiss him again.

It felt like too much at once. Yoongi was everywhere at once, and not just on his body. He was in his heart and mind at the same time, Jimin couldn’t stop his feelings from growing no matter how hard he tried.

He wanted to complain that it was too much, tears were starting to form at the corner of his eyes from feeling overwhelmed. His movements ended up stuttering as he fought against the emotions.

“I need your help,” Jimin’s body was shaking from the effort to not let himself get too swept up.

“I’ve got you,” Yoongi was quick to grab onto Jimin’s hips again to lift him up a little.

Seemingly with no effort at all, Yoongi was able to fuck up into Jimin. It actually made Jimin have to lean forward until his face was pressed into Yoongi’s neck.

The rest of his sounds were smothered into Yoongi’s skin as the man took care of the rest of the work. Yoongi was always there to sweep in and take care of him, it looked like.

Jimin came undone at Yoongi’s capable body working him over. And when Yoongi had finished too, he was still shaking a little.

His heart raced at the thought that they were already running out of time. He knew he’d have plenty of money by then, but what shape would his heart be in?

Jimin didn’t even realize he was crying until Yoongi was wiping at his cheeks.

“Baby,” Yoongi carried Jimin to bed and helped him out of his shirt before sliding in to hold him again.

Yoongi didn’t ask him what was wrong, just stroked his arm until Jimin calmed down. Jimin thought it would probably be better if he left instead of sleeping over again, but that wasn’t what he really wanted to do.

Eventually he fell asleep with Yoongi still touching his skin gently.

At some point Jimin woke up alone in bed, it startled him to realize that the space next to him was empty. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep he got out of bed and went over to Yoongi’s dresser.

Figuring he wouldn’t mind, Jimin grabbed an oversized shirt and a fresh pair of boxers to throw on. Yoongi’s hips were wider than his but it was close enough that they fit okay.

Really he had no idea where he was going. But once he left Yoongi’s room he heard some soft music playing and he just followed the sound.

Yoongi was hunched over a computer in what looked like a home office when Jimin found him. He was making some adjustments on his computer before playing the music again.

As he took a step into the room the floor creaked and Yoongi was a little startled.

“Oh hey, did I wake you?” Yoongi asked and turned his chair around.

Jimin noticed that he’d dressed in some pajamas and his feet were barefoot now.

“I woke up alone,” Jimin said even though that wasn’t really an explanation.

“Sorry,” Yoongi made an apologetic face. “Something was bugging me I didn’t get to do earlier before the event.”

“It’s okay,” Jimin stepped closer and sat on the floor by Yoongi’s chair to lean his head against the man’s leg.

Yoongi dropped his hand down to run it through Jimin’s hair affectionately, “Are you feeling better?”

Jimin nodded but didn’t expand on the subject and Yoongi didn’t ask any more questions about it.

He went back to working with one hand while the other stayed in Jimin’s hair.

The office looked relatively simple to Jimin. His desk was covered in fancy equipment but there weren’t that many decorations in the place otherwise. Making Jimin wonder if it even got used that often.

Yoongi played the song a few more times before he seemed to be done with whatever he’d been fixing.

“Back to bed,” Yoongi patted Jimin’s hair after clicking off his computer.

“Alright,” Jimin let Yoongi lead him back into the bedroom.

He really was still tired, already yawning as he crawled into bed. Waiting until Yoongi was laying down, he curled up to rest his head on the man’s chest this time.

Jimin just wanted to be close to him and he didn’t want to wake up alone again.

“Can I ask you something?” Jimin mumbled.

“Sure,” Yoongi shifted a little and then his hand was rubbing Jimin’s back again.

“Why only a month?” Jimin knew he could probably ask Jin but he wanted to hear Yoongi’s explanation.

“Well I’ve gone longer before,” Yoongi hedged. “But it can get messy if you go too long, people get attached.”

“Right,” Jimin knew that made sense but it wasn’t a good answer for him.

Yoongi didn’t want his baby’s to get attached to him. Why he was so kind and affectionate then had Jimin’s mind spinning.

“That’s pretty standard to start though,” Yoongi added. “If you were thinking about what to do next…”

Jimin shook his head, “I was just curious.”

He didn’t want Yoongi to think he was looking forward to the end. It was the opposite of that but he didn’t really think he could admit that either.

Maybe he needed to talk to Jin some more.

“Anything else?” Yoongi asked.

“How did you get started being a sugar daddy?” Jimin asked.

Yoongi sucked in a breath, “Well Namjoon introduced it to me actually. I was trying to get over someone and it just made sense. I’ve done it ever since then.”

Jimin started to fiddle with Yoongi’s shirt, his eyes catching on the rings he was still wearing.

“You met Jin sometime after that?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah,” Yoongi didn’t explain.

He wasn’t sure how much more Yoongi was comfortable sharing but he didn’t expect him to get mad either so he asked another question.

“Are they really dating or is Namjoon a sugar daddy?”

Yoongi sighed, “I think you should ask Jin that.”

Jimin was a little disappointed since Jin had never bothered to explain it to him to begin with. He couldn’t exactly fault Yoongi for not wanting to explain though.

“Why don’t we try to get more sleep okay?” Yoongi was still rubbing his back.

“Aright,” Jimin agreed but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to sleep well now that he had more questions spinning in his mind.

He really didn’t sleep very well after that. Through the night he kept falling asleep only to wake back up to check that Yoongi was still in bed with him.

In the early hours of the morning he decided to give up and got dressed. He actually ended up stealing a pair of sweats from Yoongi too because he didn’t want to put the suit back on to leave.

After slipping out of the apartment he texted Yoongi to give an explanation for when he woke. Then he texted Jin to see if he was up yet.

Really he hadn’t been expecting a reply but his phone went off before he’d even left.

That’s how he found himself heading to Jin’s for breakfast when it just past five in the morning. It was a good thing he lived close to Yoongi because Jimin could just walk there.

“Good morning,” Jin grumbled out when he opened the door for Jimin.

“Morning hyung,” Jimin tried to give Jin his best please don’t be mad at me smile.

“Coffee?” Jin asked as he went over to his kitchen.

“Sure,” Jimin nervously looked around Jin’s apartment, just now realizing he had no idea if Jin was alone or not.

He’d been over at Jin’s place plenty of times before and nothing really looked out of place. Of course that didn’t necessarily mean Jin didn’t have Namjoon over last night.

“So are you going to tell me what had you so freaked out that you scampered out of Yoongi’s place in the wee hours of the morning?” Jin asked as he put to mugs of coffee down at his kitchen table.

Jimin took a seat across from Jin and had a sip of the coffee before answering.

“I just…” Jimin shook his head, unsure of where to start. “I think it hit me last night how much I’m starting to really like him.”

Jin sighed deeply and took a sip from his mug too, “I should have known the way you were giving him the googly eyes last night.”

Jimin frowned, “Googly eyes?”

“Yeah, you know the face,” Jin cupped his cheeks and made a dramatic look that made his eyes much wider.

“Hyung,” Jimin whined. “I’m serious.”

“Me too!” Jin was way too loud for this time in the morning. “You know this isn’t good Jimin? Yoongi has never dated any of his babies!”

“I know,” Jimin played with his hair nervously. “We talked about it a little last night after the crying episode.”

Jin narrowed his eyes, “The crying episode?”

“Umm,” Jimin regretted saying that already. “I might have started tearing up when we had sex.”

“You cried while he fucked you!” Jin nearly yelled in hysteria.

“Only a little bit,” Jimin winced.

“Any amount is too much!” Jin waved his hands in the air.

“It was just a lot okay, he’s so good to me and I got emotional!” Jimin tried to explain.

Jin shook his head, “It’s been like two weeks, god Jimin! I should have known you’d end up liking him, half of his baby’s fall for him before their time is up.”

“I’m honestly shocked it’s only half,” Jimin mumbled unhappily. He didn’t like thinking about Yoongi with anyone else.

“If you want my advice I think you need to make a decision here,” Jin started to say and he didn’t sound very happy. “You can ride this out and stay with him until the month is over like you originally planned, or you can tell Yoongi the truth and he’ll most likely end things early.”

Jimin looked down at his lap where his fingers were twisting the rings Yoongi had put on him, “I wouldn’t really be surprised if he already figured out something is up. You said yourself I’m not exactly subtle.”

“And if he texted you today to end things how would you feel?” Jin asked.

Jimin bit on his lip and thought for a moment, “Of course I would be upset hyung.”

“You could wind up more hurt in a few weeks though,” Jin added.

Jimin shrugged, “If Yoongi leaves me then that’s his choice. But I’m not ready yet, go ahead and judge me if you want but he’s been better for me than anyone else I’ve ever dated.”

“But you’re not dating!” Jin’s voice was getting loud again.

Jimin opened his mouth to respond but he was distracted at the sight of a sleepy looking Namjoon shuffling into the kitchen.

“Why are you yelling babe?” Namjoon came over to put his hands on Jin’s shoulders.

“No reason,” Jin pursed his lips.

“I think you should give Yoongi more time,” Namjoon said suddenly to Jimin.

“Joon!” Jin shouted.

Namjoon tried to calm him, “Just listen Jin, you have no idea what will happen.”

“Neither do you,” Jin demanded. “You’re just looking out for Yoongi and I’m trying to look out for Jimin.”

Jimin felt like his head was going to burst, he was so confused.

“Yoongi just has some things to deal with but that doesn’t mean he won’t come around for the right person,” Namjoon was still speaking calmly to Jin. “Are you really telling me you don’t think there’s a chance Yoongi will fall for Jimin.”

Jin squinted at Namjoon like he was very upset with him, “I think we should listen to Yoongi when he says he doesn’t have time for a relationship.”

“He says one thing but he looks at Jimin another way,” Namjoon pointed out.

Jin was rolling his eyes, “Not everyone is a romantic like you though.”

Namjoon shrugged at that and turned his attention back to Jimin, “You should follow your heart and ignore this cynic.”

“Wow I love you too,” Jin laughed now and Namjoon gave him a wink.

“I am more confused than ever,” Jimin complained and put his head down on the table.

He wanted to cry again.

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Chapter 8: Yoongi’s POV

For the first time Yoongi felt notably anxious about his sugar baby. Really, he didn’t know what to think about the fact that Jimin had cried the last time they’d been together and then basically snuck out of his apartment.

It was true that Jimin had texted him, but he still thought it was kind of odd that he didn’t just wake him up. Yoongi would have rathered talked to him if something was bothering him that made him want to leave. He was assuming that’s what happened anyways.

Now he felt weird and thought it was better to wait it out and see what Jimin would do. Leaving the ball in Jimin’s court though meant that he’d gone days without hearing from him.

The longer their chat stayed silent the more worried he felt. Maybe it was a sign that Jimin was tired of him already, which had his stomach in knots.

In turn that only made him feel worse, he’d just told Jimin that the reason he limited the time with his baby's was so that they didn’t get attached. And here he was doing just that.

He even debated talking to Namjoon about the whole thing but then he would have to admit things. Somehow, verbalizing all of the thoughts in his head would make it seem more real.

Yoongi knew he wasn’t ready for that at all. It was better to keep it to himself, that way he wouldn’t get burned by whatever was going on.

Without being able to ask any of his friends, he decided to just send Jimin some flowers and see what happened. If he still didn’t hear from him, well then he’d be sure that Jimin was done with him. But just maybe it would stir Jimin into reaching out and then he wouldn’t feel like shit anymore.

After making the arrangements though, he wound up feeling even more anxious as he waited to see what would happen. It made him feel silly to be so caught up in such a simple thing.

It didn’t matter that he was in the middle of recording with someone when his phone went off, he stopped everything to check it.

Jimin: Oppa thank you for the flowers 🥰

Yoongi: You’re welcome

Jimin: You’ve been busy this week?

Yoongi: Ahh, a little

Yoongi: How have you been?

Jimin: Okay

Jimin: I’ve just been missing you

Jimin: Is that okay to say?

Yoongi: Yeah

Jimin: 😊

Jimin: Do you miss me?

Yoongi: Of course…

Yoongi: Maybe we can do something later?

Jimin: Yes please

Jimin: Just let me know!

Yoongi: I will

Jimin: 😘

After he’d plopped his phone down, Yoongi was rubbing at his face. Now he felt totally out of his element and he wasn’t sure what he was even doing. His replies had been honest, even if they were hesitant, and that made him nervous.

For the rest of the day he ended up debating whether he should text Jimin again or not. Every part of him wanted to see Jimin, that wasn’t even a question. But would it be better to keep a bit of distance for now? Maybe.

Except that if he really did want to stick to his one month rule then it would be a waste of time not to see Jimin.

By the time he’d made up his mind it was so late that he worried Jimin might have already given up on hearing from him again.

He tried anyways.

Yoongi: Are you still awake?

Jimin: I just got into bed but I’m awake

Yoongi: I can come over if you want

Yoongi: Or not...I know it’s late

Jimin: Come over 😊

Jimin: Just drive fast


Yoongi: haha I’ll see you soon

Despite what Jimin had said, Yoongi did driver faster than normal. Not only because he wanted to get there quickly, but also because he was still a little nervous. Somehow he made it to Jimin’s street without any problems and found a nearby garage to park in overnight.

Since it was his first time actually going inside of the building, Jimin ended up meeting him in the lobby. But he looked adorable in his sleeping clothes which had little teddy bears all over it.

Jimin must have noticed that Yoongi’s eyes went straight to looking at his clothes because he let out a laugh that diffused the tension.

“I was already dressed in these before you texted,” Jimin explained.

Yoongi smiled, “They’re cute.”

“Probably wouldn’t have been my first pick if I knew you were coming over,” Jimin bit on his bottom lip like he was trying to hold in another laugh.

“Oh?” Yoongi was tempted to reach out and touch those lips but he held himself back.

Jimin just nodded but didn’t add any more explanation, instead he showed Yoongi the way to the elevators. His floor wasn’t too far up in the building so it was a quick ride.

“Taehyung and Jungkook are home too but they’re already in bed,” Jimin told Yoongi before he unlocked his door.

“That’s fine,” Yoongi kind of figured they would be.

As soon as they were inside Jimin seemed to get more shy as Yoongi looked around a little bit. The place was definitely small but it was tidy for a bachelor pad.

“There’s not much to look at but our kitchen and living room are here, the bathroom and bedrooms are just down the short hallway.”

Yoongi shrugged, “It looks a lot like my first apartment.”

Jimin smiled a little, “It’s hard to imagine you as anything other than a successful producer.”

“I would show you proof but that would just be embarrassing for me,” Yoongi liked the way Jimin’s smile widened at his humor.

They didn’t talk as they walked down the hallway as to not disturb the others, but it was a short walk anyways.

The light was already off in Jimin’s room, but the glow of his television lit up the room a little. Yoongi put his bag down on the floor, before taking a look around.

Jimin had up some pictures of what looked like his family and friends. While his bookshelves had plenty of graphic novels and textbooks.

“My room usually isn’t this clean. I tidied up before you got here,” Jimin admitted for some reason.

“I never clean,” Yoongi laughed. “If I didn’t have a cleaning lady my place would look awful.”

Jimin ended up dropping to lay on his bed, looking up at Yoongi who goes over to his bag to pull out a change of clothes. He always kept extras at his office for when he crashed there.

He could tell Jimin was trying to avert his eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt. But it didn’t take long for them to come back around.

Yoongi wasn’t even trying to seduce him but he smiled anyways at the knowledge that he drew the dancer’s attention.

Once he’d finished changing Yoongi collapsed on the bed next to him. And immediately realized that Jimin’s mattress must be old because it was nowhere near as comfortable as his. Perhaps his next gift would be need to be a practical one.

“What are you watching?” Yoongi tried to get more comfortable by putting his hand underneath his head.

It was a good thing he was already pretty tired because otherwise it would be difficult to sleep.

“The program I was watching ended already,” Jimin let him know and rolled to lay on his side so that he was looking at Yoongi.

“Are you going to turn it off?” Yoongi yawned after he asked.

“Sure,” Jimin reached for the remote and clicked it off which brought his room to a more complete darkness.

There was more shifting as Jimin put the remote away again and then started to lay back down again. He was also pulling his comforter up to throw over them.

Yoongi actually got startled when Jimin‘s hand came to run over his stomach, almost as though it had just happened while he adjusted the blanket. Except that his hand stayed there and then Jimin was leaning closer until his face was touching Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Have you talked to Jin at all this week?” Jimin asked out of nowhere.

“No I haven’t,” Yoongi couldn’t keep the confusion out of his voice. “We only talk when he needs me for something.”

“Oh okay,” Jimin replied softly.

Yoongi brought his hand over to lay on top of Jimin’s, “Why?”

“Just curious,” Jimin didn’t sound convincing at all.

Yoongi was just starting to fall asleep when Jimin spoke up again.

“I really did miss you,” he was barely speaking above a whisper at this point.

But Yoongi was so tired that all he managed was a nod of his head in reply and then he was passing out.

Usually whenever he slept, he would wake up some hours later. His body seemed so unused to sleeping a full night's rest. However, when he cracked open his eyes next it was already bright inside of Jimin’s room.

It seemed like he’d barely even moved a muscle in his sleep. Though Jimin had slung a leg over his waist at some point and was wrapped around him snugly.

Yoongi was able to reach for his phone and check that was already six in the morning. He had to get up and use the bathroom but he didn’t want to wake Jimin so he moved as carefully as possible.

It was a little surprising the way Jimin tried to cling to him even tighter in his sleep as he moved. He managed to soothe him by pushing the pillow towards him until Jimin cuddled up to that.

Since he hadn’t showered the night before, Yoongi decided to just help himself to the bathroom. It was easy to figure out which of the shampoos and things were Jimin’s just based on the smells he was used to.

The apartment was still silent when he was done showering and getting dressed so he went into the kitchen. There wasn’t much in the fridge, typical student life. But he did find some eggs, cheese, and sausages to work with.

He couldn’t stay much longer but he could at least make some breakfast for his sleeping beauty.

Busy preparing the ingredients to make some omelets, Yoongi didn’t even hear Taehyung shuffle down the hallway until he was in the kitchen rubbing his eyes.

“Who are you?” Taehyung asked as he yawned.

“Umm,” Yoongi froze as he was beating the eggs and realized he had no idea how much Jimin’s friends might know about him. “Min Yoongi.”

“Oh hey I’m Taehyung,” Taehyung easily accepted the answer and went to sit down on a chair to watch him. “What are you making?”

Yoongi went back to work on the food, “Some omelets and sausage, are you hungry?”

“Yes please!” Taehyung sounded more awake and excited now.

Yoongi just let out a little chuckle and got busy cooking. Taehyung chatted with him some while he cooked. Complimenting his clothes and also talking about how much fun he’d had going suit shopping with Jimin.

Eventually Jungkook also came into the kitchen. Yoongi had already given Taehyung the first omelet that he’d finished and the guy was happily eating.

“You want one?” Yoongi asked Jungkook as he looked at the food on Taehyung’s plate.

Jungkook’s eyes went really wide when he looked at Yoongi but then he nodded.

“Wow this is so good,” Jungkook was complimenting when he started to eat too.

“Thanks,” Yoongi was cooking again while he ate his own food.

“I’ll go wake Jimin,” Taehyung practically ran off before anyone could stop him.

When they appeared back in the kitchen a few minutes later Jimin barely looked awake. But he still looked a little amazed to see the plate of food Yoongi was just putting together for him.

“Hungry?” Yoongi offered him the plate.

“It’s really yummy!” Jungkook was rubbing his full stomach as he spoke to Jimin.

“Thank you,” Jimin grabbed the plate and took a seat to eat.

Yoongi checked his watch, it was already getting late for him but he wanted to see Jimin eating a little. It was a good thing that he dancer started to feast on the breakfast quickly.

“Wow,” Jimin’s eyes went wide just like Jungkook’s had earlier. “You can cook too?”

“A few things,” Yoongi shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Can he stay over more often?” Taehyung was pleading at Jimin. “We never get to have a good home cooked meal.”

Jimin was blushing the shoving at his friend before going back to his plate. Since he had to leave soon, Yoongi turned to clean up his mess only to be stopped by Taehyung.

“Don’t worry about it hyung, we’ll clean up the mess!” Taehyung grabbed the pan to bring it over to the sink.

“I’ll help,” Jungkook offered and started to clear up the countertop too.

“Thanks,” Yoongi gave them and easy smile. “I should get going,” he told Jimin next.

“Oh let me see you out,” Jimin dropped his fork to get up and grabbed Yoongi’s hand.

It was just a few steps out of the kitchen to the doorway where Yoongi put his shoes back on. He’d already left his bag there after his shower so he just had to throw it over his shoulder.

Yoongi turned to Jimin after he had everything, “Sorry I have to leave early, there’s a meeting I have to be at.”

“It’s alright I know you’re an important man,” Jimin moved his hand to touch Yoongi’s chest lightly.

“Hmm,” Yoongi was barely paying attention now, more focused on Jimin’s touch.

Now he really was sorry he had to go. Sparing an extra few moments, Yoongi brought his hand up to run it through Jimin’s adorable messy bed hair before bringing it down to run over his cheeks and jaw.

“Do I get a goodbye kiss at least?” Jimin leaned into Yoongi’s touch and stepped a little closer.

It was easy to lean forward and brush their mouths together a few times before he properly kissed him. Jimin already seemed eager for more, pulling on Yoongi’s shirt until there was no space between them.

Yoongi had just ran his tongue over the seam of Jimin’s lips when the sound of clanging dishes reminded them that they weren’t alone.

Regretfully, Yoongi pulled back only to be met with the sight of Jimin’s look of bliss. The smile that Jimin gave him made Yoongi’s heartbeat a little faster.

“I’ve got to go,” Yoongi touched Jimin’s cheek again before pulling away.

“Text me later if you can?” Jimin asked hopefully.

“Okay,” Yoongi promised before leaving.

Yoongi felt a pit in his stomach for the first time as he drove to work. He knew it was because he was driving away from the place he wanted to be at, and the person he wanted to be with.

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Chapter 9: Jimin’s POV

As soon as Yoongi was out the door, Jimin felt an overwhelming amount of sadness wash over him. It made him want to go back to sleep so that he wouldn’t have to miss Yoongi at all.

His roommates clearly had other ideas though because Taehyung was already dragging him back into the kitchen to finish eating.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us how hot your sugar daddy is!” Taehyung’s voice was higher than usual but Jungkook was nodding along with what he was saying like it was totally normal.

“I told you I like him,” Jimin hedged.

He really didn’t feel like talking about this now, he wanted to mope around instead.

“You’d have to be an idiot not to,” Taehyung teased.

“He must like you if he woke up early just to cook breakfast for you,” Jungkook stole a piece of sausage off of Jimin’s plate.

Jimin shrugged, “I don’t know. Jin is adamant that Yoongi never gets feelings for anyone.”

Taehyung made a rude noise, “Sounds like Jin is just being too skeptical.”

“But he knows Yoongi better than I do,” Jimin argued.

“Doesn’t mean he knows everything,” Jungkook pointed out. “Maybe Yoongi doesn’t talk about his feelings with Jin, you never know.”

Jimin pressed his lips together, that was actually a good point but he was worried about getting his hopes up for no reason.

“We didn’t even do anything last night,” Jimin whined. “Maybe he’s tired of me already and breakfast was just a consolation prize.”

“Didn’t he come over really late though?” Taehyung said.

Jimin blushed a little, “But he usually wakes me up the morning to touch me anyways.”

“Maybe you’re just being overly sensitive,” Jungkook said carefully. “It doesn’t really make sense for him to come over if he doesn’t want you.”

He’d opened his mouth to argue more when the sound of his phone going off interrupted them.

“How much money did he send you?” Taehyung asked curiously.

Jimin sighed and pushed his phone away, “I don’t want to look.”

“I’ll look,” Jungkook grabbed the phone and then let out a gasp before passing it to Taehyung.

“Damn...I think we need to get sugar daddies too Kookie!” Taehyung said.

Jimin was groaning, “I just want to go back to bed and sleep all day.”

“Don’t forget we’re supposed to go out and celebrate Yeonjun’s birthday tonight,” Taehyung reminded him.

“I totally forgot,” Jimin groaned again.

He’d agreed to go out with some of their friends from university weeks ago, way before he’d even gotten going with Yoongi. Now he wished there was some way to back out but he didn't’ want to look like a jerk.

“Are you supposed to see Yoongi later?” Jungkook asked.

“I don’t know…I usually don’t hear from him until nighttime,” Jimin pouted.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Taehyung patted him on the back but Jimin really didn’t feel fine at all.

It was actually a good thing that Taehyung dragged him out later to go shopping with him. According to his roommate, he’d been inspired by Yoongi’s pricey but casual outfit and wanted something new to wear out that night.

Jimin already decided that he’d just wear something that he’d bought when he went shopping with Jin. On the off chance that he did see Yoongi later, at least he’d get to show off one of the things he’d paid for and make him happy.

Later when they were getting ready to go out, Jimin was actually surprised at how good it felt to put on the clothes Yoongi had paid for.

Obviously they looked amazing, but he also liked knowing they were a gift from his lover. He even slipped on the rings from Yoongi as well and it was nice feeling like a little piece of the man was with him.

With the boost of confidence he snapped a picture and sent it off to Yoongi. He was a little surprised when he got an immediate reply.

Yoongi: I like it

Jimin: You should since you paid for all of it

Yoongi: Now I really like it

Yoongi: Maybe you should come visit me at the studio

Jimin: I can’t right now 😕

Jimin: We’re going out for a friends birthday

Yoongi: Ohh okay

Jimin: Can I text you later?? Maybe we won’t be out too late

Yoongi: Of course

Jimin: 😍

After that conversation Jimin’s mood actually improved. He was able to laugh and joke along with Jungkook and Taehyung as they made their way out that night.

The fact that he got so many compliments for all their friends once they arrived at the bar didn’t hurt either. Jimin didn’t miss the way Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows when he explained that they were presents from someone he was seeing.

The more they drank and danced the more Jimin was able to relax. He didn’t even worry about school, money, or what was going on with Yoongi.

It wasn’t until they were taking a break from dancing to go grab another drink that Jimin got upset for the first time since they’d gone out.

“You look good out there,” A stranger had slid up uncomfortably close to Jimin at the bar.

“Oh thanks,” Jimin tried to brush him off and turn towards Taehyung.

But the guy didn’t seem to want to be ignored because he wrapped his fingers around Jimin’s wrist, “Let me buy you something.”

Instantly, Jimin recoiled and pulled his arm away so violently that he accidentally elbowed Taehyung in the side.

“I’m taken,” Jimin was frowning, both at the guy and at the way the words stung himself a little bit.

It wasn’t strictly true that he was taken, although he wasn’t supposed to see anyone else as long as he was with Yoongi so it wasn’t exactly a lie either.

“Hey back off,” Jungkook came up to block the guy from making another attempt at touching Jimin.

He quickly backed off, “Alright, alright.”

They all let out a sigh of relief that nothing worse had happened. As Taehyung got busy ordering them more drinks when the bartender finally came over, Jimin pulled out his phone.

Jimin: 😕

Yoongi: What’s wrong?

Jimin: Some guy just grabbed at me in the bar 😭

Yoongi: Are you okay?

Jimin: Yeah, Tae and Jungkook were with me

Yoongi: That’s good

Jimin: I want to come cuddle now

Yoongi: I can come get you now

Jimin: Really?

Yoongi: Of course baby

Yoongi: Just give me the address

Jimin: Okay 😍

He had to look up the address again before he could send it off to Yoongi, and then it was just a waiting game to see when he’d arrive.

Of course, Jimin didn’t let their next round of drinks go to waste. He worked on finishing it off and then making sure to get a chance to say goodbye to each on of their friends. Some of them whined that he was leaving already, until he explained why he was leaving.

By the time he left the bar to go wait outside, he was in a giggle fit with Taehyung and Jungkook.

Thanks to all the alcohol in their systems, his friends couldn’t seem to help themselves from hyping Jimin up to see his sugar daddy. Apparently, it was too much for them to call Yoongi by his name when they were tipsy.

When Yoongi’s car rolled up, Jungkook and Taehyung seemed momentarily stunned by the sight. Until they made little sounds of appreciation that had Jimin giggling more.

He stopped giggling when Yoongi got out of his car and started to walk towards them though. Now Jimin was the one stunned by the sight of him, even though he’d just seen Yoongi that morning.

“Hey,” Yoongi had no problem sliding his hand around Jimin’s waist.

“Hi,” Jimin felt stupid for the smile that broke out on his face so he buried it into Yoongi’s chest instead.

“Are you guys going to get home okay?” Yoongi asked Taehyung and Jungkook.

“We’ll be fine,” Taehyung clearly didn’t want to bother them even as Jungkook was still eyeing Yoongi’s car.

“At least take a cab instead of going on the subway,” Yoongi was handing over money to Taehyung before he could refuse it.

“Let’s go,” Jimin was complaining because he wanted Yoongi all to himself already.

“Alright,” Yoongi had no problem appeasing him and even opened the car door for him before the younger one slid inside.

As soon as Yoongi got back in the car, Jimin was scooting to the edge of his seat to get as close as possible while still having his seat belt on. With a little bit of effort he was able to lean close enough to pull on Yoongi’s face for a kiss.

Yoongi made a sound of surprise but that didn’t stop him from kissing Jimin back.

“You taste like booze alright,” Yoongi was giving Jimin an amused look when he pulled away.

“Gross,” Jimin scrunched up his face in horror and wished that he had some gum.

“It’s fine,” Yoongi grabbed his hand to reassure him before focusing on pulling out onto the street and driving away.

Thanks to the way Yoongi stroked his hand with his thumb, and the calming feeling of being driven through the city. Jimin started to relax back into the seat until his eyes started to feel a little heavy.

“Do you want me to pick anything up to eat?” Yoongi asked after a while.

Jimin shook his head a little bit, “We ate earlier already.”

Yoongi nodded and brought his attention back to the road. It was a good thing that they arrived at Yoongi’s building before Jimin nodded off.

The awareness that he was finally back at the producers home helped him to shake off the sleepiness he’d been feeling moments ago. Especially when Yoongi took his hand to lead the way.

“Do you have a toothbrush I can borrow?” Jimin was asking as soon as they were inside and slipping off their shoes.

“Sure,” Yoongi brought Jimin into his bathroom to rummage under his sink and pull out a brand new toothbrush to hand to Jimin.

“Thanks,” Jimin got to work taking care of his booze breath diligently while Yoongi slipped back out of the bathroom.

Satisfied that his breath was better, Jimin left the bathroom to find Yoongi was lounging on his bed with his phone in his hand typing something away.

He wasted no time in laying down next to him and getting close until Yoongi lifted his arms in the air so Jimin could lay his head down on the producers chest.

That didn’t stop Yoongi from continuing to do whatever it was he was doing on his phone. While Jimin got busy running his fingers over Yoongi’s chest until they were sliding down his stomach, and then under his shirt.

“I thought you wanted to cuddle?” Yoongi asked as he put his phone down.

“We are,” Jimin tried to sound innocent even as his fingers were brushing over the little hairs beneath Yoongi’s belly button.

The sound that left Yoongi’s throat made it clear that he wasn’t convinced. Before he could ask anymore questions Jimin was leaning in to brush his lips against Yoongi’s jawline.

It was a relief when Yoongi finally turned his head and let Jimin bring their mouths together. He felt needy and desperate for as much contact with Yoongi as possible after their too-short visit the night before.

Which was why he whined when Yoongi pulled away when he tried to deepen the kiss.

“You know we can’t fool around tonight,” His words came out a little pained.

“Why?” Jimin complained and pressed his face against Yoongi’s chest again.

Yoongi’s fingers tangled in his hair to calm him, “You’ve been drinking baby.”

“So?” Jimin knew he sounded awful but he still felt desperate. “I’m not really drunk.”

Yoongi was shaking his head, “Let’s get some rest, okay?”

“Okay,” Jimin didn’t like it but he didn’t want to feel like he was forcing himself on Yoongi either.

It made his heart ache in a way that he hoped he wouldn’t remember tomorrow.

Even after they’d changed and gotten back into bed Jimin didn’t feel better. Not even when Yoongi curled around him and held him close.

Somehow he felt like Yoongi was farther away than ever even though he was right beside him.

It was painful for Jimin in a completely different way the next morning. He really didn’t think he’d drank too much at the bar but his splitting headache suggested otherwise.

As if summoned by his noises of pain, Yoongi appeared in his bedroom fully dressed and showered with a tray in his hands.

“How are you feeling?” Yoongi asked softly as he sat on the edge of the bed and put the tray down on his bedside table.

“My head is killing me,” Jimin pouted.

“Here take some medicine,” Yoongi popped open the bottle he’d brought out before handing over two pills to Jimin. “Juice or water?”

“Juice please,” Jimin said quickly.

He tried not to think about the way Yoongi was watching him as he put the pills on his tongue and started to down the juice. Even though he knew the medicine would take some time, the juice actually did make him feel a little bit better.

“Do you think you can eat anything?” Yoongi asked when he was done.

“Maybe a little?” Jimin really wasn’t sure but he wanted to try for Yoongi anyways.

“I thought fruit and eggs would be best but don’t push yourself,” Yoongi was pulling the rest of the tray up to rest on Jimin’s lap.

Jimin felt like crying again at how thoughtful Yoongi was being, he didn’t seem mad at all that he was stuck taking care of him while he was hungover.

Instead of letting himself get too emotional, he focused on taking a bite of fruit to see how his stomach would react. Luckily, he wasn’t hit with any waves of nausea so he ate some more.

After a little while Yoongi patted his legs that were still covered by the blanket, “I’m going to get some work down in my office while you eat.”

“Okay,” Jimin nodded.

He was a little relieved when Yoongi left again so that he didn’t have to stress out about the possibility of getting sick in front of him. That would probably make him feel worse than when he cried during sex. Maybe.

The fruit went down fine, but he was only able to eat a little bit of the eggs before his stomach started to feel too full. He didn’t want to push it so he put the tray aside and decided to try and shower.

When all else failed, showers usually had the magically ability to make him feel loads better. He was actually a little in awe of how much nicer Yoongi’s shower was than his. Until now every shower he’d seen had just been basic.

But of course Yoongi’s had multiple shower heads, a little bench to sit out on, and beautiful tile work he was sure was costly. Figuring out how to get the right settings took a little bit of playing, but when he stepped under the water it was like heaven.

Could he just move inside of Yoongi’s shower forever?

Unfortunately, he did have to get out at some point. Even though he was seriously sad that the shower had to end, he was happy at how the pressure of all the water helped his body to feel more revitalized.

After he’d dressed, from clothes he stole from Yoongi’s closet, he found the producer was still working in his office.

“Feeling better?” Yoongi asked as Jimin leaned against the doorframe.

“Yeah,” Jimin felt a little awkward for some reason. “Thanks for babying me.”

Yoongi laughed, “It’s not a problem at all.”

“I guess I should get going?” Jimin really didn’t know what to do.

Jimin didn’t exactly want to leave Yoongi, but he was a little mortified that their last two sleepovers hadn’t resulted in anything other than cuddles and some kissing. He felt self conscious and insecure about the whole thing.

Yoongi must have picked up on his weird mood because his eyebrows scrunched a little in the way that they did when he was confused.

“Alright,” Yoongi replied simply. “Do you want me to drive you?”

“I think you’ve done enough,” Jimin laughed a little awkwardly and rubbed at the back of his neck.

For a moment, it seemed like Yoongi was debating whether or argue with him about that or not. But he let it go and stood up from his chair instead, coming over to Jimin to wrap his arm around his waist.

“Text me when you get home then, okay?” Yoongi asked.

“Okay,” Jimin nodded and licked at his lips.

The chaste kiss that Yoongi left on his mouth was bittersweet. It made his heart swell but it also pained him to have Yoongi pull away so quickly. This situation wasn’t anything like what Jimin had expected.

The question was, what could he do about it?

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Chapter 10

Yoongi’s POV

Yoongi was sitting in his studio when it happened. One minute he was trying to figure out what was bothering him on the track he was working on and the next he felt like his world came crashing down around him.

And all it took was the sound of his phone going off with a text. From the preview it looked like an innocent enough conversation until he opened up the messages to read it all and he suddenly felt sick.

Jimin: I have good news!!

Jimin: I got a letter from the school today that my full scholarship was approved!!

Jimin: And you gave me so much money already that I already caught up on the payments from last year!!

Yoongi: Oh that is good, congrats

Jimin: I’m so excited, I had to tell you right away!

Yoongi: So I guess you don’t need me anymore then

Yoongi: I can tell Jin the contract is up

Jimin: What do you mean, we still have time left??

Yoongi: Don’t worry about it

Jimin: Oh..okay

Because he didn’t know what else to say, and didn’t want to look stupid Yoongi put his phone away. For a while he just sat there, looking down at his feet and tried to process everything.

He hadn’t expected a situation where he wouldn’t get to finish out the rest of his time with Jimin. But it wasn’t like he was dumb, he remembered that Jimin was only in this to pay off his school bills.

Without that there wasn’t a reason for him to put up with Yoongi’s lifestyle. Already he’d felt like Jimin was growing tired of how busy he would become with work and their limited amount of time together.

That didn’t stop him from feeling awful about not getting to see him anymore. He just hoped that with time he’d get used to being without him. It wasn’t like he was in love with him, he just had to get over his utter infatuation with the pink haired beauty.

A little piece of him felt regret for being so generous with his money, it wasn’t like he could help wanting to spoil Jimin though.

He really did think Jimin deserved to be cared for as best as possible. Though, it was his generosity that had him without a reason to keep Jimin around now.

This called for some emergency wine that he kept stashed away in his office.

It took a few glasses to where he was tipsy enough that he could stop obsessing over Jimin, but not too tipsy that he couldn’t keep working. Though it did make him work a little slower than normal.

That first night he spent the entire night working until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore and ending falling asleep on the sofa in his office.

It only took a few days of this before Yoongi felt completely wiped out. Not just physically but also emotionally from trying to push away all the thoughts he really didn’t want to deal with.

The first time he went back to his apartment to try and get some proper rest, Yoongi was immediately confronted with pieces of Jimin that had been left behind.

The suit jacket that was still on his coat rack, the laundered clothes he’d had sent out after Jimin left them there the day he’d been hungover, the toothbrush Yoongi had given him to use.

It wasn’t much but it was enough to make his heart ache a little.

Even as he crashed into bed he knew that if he grabbed onto the pillow that Jimin had always used it would probably still smell like him.

He pushed the pillow off his bed so he wouldn’t be tempted and closed his eyes to forget the rest of the things that were bothering him.

In contrast to the days he spent throwing himself into work, Yoongi spent the next few days sleeping and moping around his apartment. He even used sick days for the first time years.

There was still some work he had to do thanks to deadlines, but he utilized his home office for that. He didn’t even leave to get food and just kept having it delivered.

Really, he wasn’t even surprised when Hoseok showed up at his place without warning to check in on him.

“Hi hyung,” Hoseok was pushing his way inside without waiting for an invitation.

“Hey,” Yoongi sighed and resigned himself to putting up with the visit.

Yoongi was sure that he looked awful. He hadn’t even showered yet and was still in his pajamas but Hoseok didn’t look surprised by his appearance at all.

“I couldn’t help but noticed you haven’t been into the office lately,” Hobi said casually.

“I’ve been working from home a little,” Yoongi shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Namjoon and I are worried about you,” Hoseok cut right to the chase. “What happened with Jimin?

Sighing, Yoongi collapsed onto his couch.

“Nothing crazy,” Yoongi shrugged again. “His scholarship came in so he doesn’t need me anymore.”

Hoseok frowned at him, “That doesn’t make any sense hyung.”

“What do you mean?” Yoongi asked. “He found another way to get the money he needed, it makes perfect sense.”

Hobi shook his head like he disagreed though, “He told you he didn’t want to see you anymore?”

“Here,” Yoongi pulled out his phone to show it to Hoseok rather than explain.

“Hyung, you know it sounds like you’re the one that wanted to stop seeing him right?” Hobi was looking at Yoongi like he was sincerely confused.

“What did you want me to say?” Yoongi got defensive.

Hoseok sighed, “Maybe you should have asked him what he wanted instead of assuming?”

Yoongi stood up, getting more annoyed now.

“It doesn’t matter now anyways,” Yoongi spoke with an edge to his tone. “He was bound to get tired of me anyways even if he wasn’t already yet.”

Hobi tried to calm him by putting a hand on his shoulder, “Not everyone is like your ex hyung.”

Yoongi gave him a little look like he didn’t want to talk about it but it didn’t work.

“Just because she stomped all over your heart, cheated, and complained you were never there for her doesn’t mean everyone else is like that,” Hobi told him firmly. “You’re closing yourself off to everyone to protect yourself but now you’re just hurting yourself in the process.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Yoongi tried to play dumb.

“You never take time off from work and you look awful, no offense hyung!” Hobi’s voice was getting louder now. “You can’t tell me you’re not already hurting and all because you pushed Jimin away.”

“You have no idea what was going on between us,” Yoongi argued back even though he knew it was a weak argument.

“So open up hyung,” Hobi said. “Tell me!”

Yoongi rubbed his face with his hands and over around his living room for a little while, trying to decide what to say exactly.

“Of course I miss him,” Yoongi admitted. “I would be an idiot not to, and maybe sometimes it felt like he was really into me too but that doesn’t change any of the factors that could easily mess things up.”

Hoseok was smiling but shaking his head at Yoongi, “But that’s life hyung, you have to take some risk to get a reward. You can either be miserable and miss him or at least try and have a chance at happiness.”

“I don’t know Hobi,” Yoongi rubbed at his neck now, not able to sit still with all the nerves in his body.

“At least think about it,” Hoseok tried to convince him. “Don’t dismiss the idea just yet.”

“Okay I’ll think about it,” Yoongi agreed, it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about Jimin every day since he last saw him anyways.

That night it was harder than ever for Yoongi to sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about everything that Hoseok had said and wondering if his friend was right. Was he just projecting his own insecurities from the past onto the present?

Perhaps he’d been stuck in his ways for too long and it was time to take a chance. If there was anyone worth getting hurt for it was certainly Jimin.

That didn’t stop him from feeling anxious about the whole situation. He felt out of sorts and he had no idea what to do next. The thoughts kept turning over in his mind until he gave up and went to work on some music.


Jimin’s POV

The last thing that Jimin wanted to do when he was upset was see Jin, he was sure that his friend was about to tell him all the things that he didn’t want to hear.

But since it wasn’t in his nature to turn down his friends, he was heading to meet Jin for dinner anyways. At least they’d planned to meet at a place in Jimin’s area so there was no chance of running into Yoongi.

He didn’t think his heart could take that right now. Not that he even thought he was on Yoongi’s mind anymore. His gut twisted at the thought that the producer could have already moved on to another sugar baby already.

“You look like crap,” Jin commented as soon as Jimin arrived at the restaurant.

“Thanks hyung,” Jimin couldn’t even muster up something funny to say back.

“You need to color your hair again,” Jin continued as they walked to their table.

Jimin shrugged, “I know, I will soon.”

For a while Jin dropped the subject as they looked at their menus and debated what to order. Jimin really wasn’t even that hungry so he just went with sometime light so that Jin didn’t bother him about it.

As soon as they had ordered and had their drinks, Jin was back at it.

“So are we going to talk about what happened?” Jin asked.

“I figured you would make me,” Jimin shrugged again.

“All I heard from Yoongi was that you’re scholarship came in so you decided to end things early,” Jin started out. “But then the next thing I heard was from Taehyung about how sad you seemed.”

“So?” Jimin didn’t know exactly what Jin wanted from him.

“So what happened? You got the money but you’re sad?” Jin sounded confused and it kind of annoyed Jimin.

“You should know why,” Jimin told him. “You know I like Yoongi.”

Jin scrunched his eyebrows, “So you didn’t want to end it?”

“Obviously not,” Jimin tossed his hands up in the air like it was obvious. “It was his idea so I just went with it. You’re the one that kept saying he doesn’t stick around so I wasn’t going to beg him.”

“Well yeah,” Jin replied. “I can’t say I’m surprised at all that he suggested that.”

“I don’t really need to have it rubbed in my face hyung,” Jimin whined.

“I won’t,” Jin said. “But you see now why I told you not to get attached Jimin. These types of deals aren’t made to last.”

Jimin nodded, “I know. It wasn’t like I wanted to start having feelings for him, it just happened.”

Jin made a little noise of acknowledgement, “I can’t fault you there. I fell for Namjoon despite my best efforts.”

“How did you guys go from being in a sugar relationship to a real relationship?” Jimin asked. “You never told me before.”

They paused their conversation for a little bit as the food was brought over to their table.

“Well, it just kind of happened. I had been with awful sugar daddies before Namjoon, so once we met I wanted to stay with him.” Jin looked like he was trying to figure out how to best explain it.

“And?” Jimin asked.

“And eventually we were both ready to elevate our relationship.” Jin said. “Namjoon learned to make more time for me and I didn’t need his money once my company got rolling and I had a business partner thanks to Yoongi.”

Jimin sighed, “And I can’t force Yoongi to want to make more time for me.”

“Exactly,” Jin said after he took a big bite from his plate.

“So what should I do then?” Jimin asked.

“Stop moping around,” Jin suggested. “Take care of yourself, go get your hair done, hang out with friends, whatever will make you happy.”

Jimin pushed around the food on his plate without taking any, “No contacting Yoongi?”

“No,” Jin was firm. “There’s no need to hurt yourself more.”

Jimin nodded a little, “Okay I’ll try not to.”

But as Jin started to eat more and Jimin attempted to eat he couldn’t stop thinking about the what if’s.

Namjoon had seemed so sure before when he told Jimin give Yoongi time. What if he was still right and Jin was wrong?

Everything about the situation was just so confusing to him. With everything Yoongi did for him, could he really not have any feelings for Jimin?

He knew that Jin had said before that Yoongi was always good to his babies. But he’d always cared for Jimin even when he wasn’t getting something out of it.

Was the reason that Yoongi had no problem with sleepovers without sex because he liked Jimin or because he’d gotten bored?

Jimin had been inclined to believe Yoongi was bored at the time but what if he actually wanted a real relationship like Namjoon had wanted from Jin?

It was all too much and Jimin felt like his entire head was spinning. He still had no idea what to do about the whole situation or what Yoongi really thought of him.

But maybe Jin was right, maybe he should start to take better care of himself in the meantime. If Yoongi came around he wanted to be ready, and if not...well then at least he wasn’t letting himself go.

He kind of wished there was a way he could get Namjoon’s number without Jin figuring out what he was up to. Maybe Yoongi’s friend would have more information, or maybe he’d just wind up even more confused.

It didn’t really matter since he figured there was no point in asking Jin. Since his hyung was so adamant that he not contact Yoongi he doubted he’d be keen on Jimin trying to find out more information.

He couldn’t help continuing to obsess about it though. Jimin was quite sure that Yoongi had ruined him for any other man. But he didn’t want to get more heartbroken either. He just hoped everything would work out in the end.

As soon as he got home, Jimin decided to take Jin’s advice and went into the bathroom to touch up the color of his hair. Since he’d been neglecting it thanks to his sadness the pink had faded to a dull color.

While he waited for the dye to set into his hair, he pulled out his phone and couldn’t help but pull up Yoongi’s social media accounts.

He’d never actually followed them because he wasn’t sure what the etiquette was supposed to be there. Before he could stop himself, Jimin found himself clicking the follow button.

With how many followers Yoongi had, he probably wouldn’t even notice. And it gave Jimin some small comfort that he would know if the producer posted anything.

It looked like Yoongi hadn’t posted anything since the day before they’d last talked. Since he normally posted so sporadically anyways, Jimin didn’t know if that meant anything at all.

Looking at his pictures made Jimin’s heart clench in a funny way. Butterflies still entered his stomach when he looked at Yoongi’s few selfies.

It also made him miss Yoongi more though. Because he had no idea if he’d be stuck with just images forever or not.

Trying to shake himself out of his sad thoughts, he pulled off his clothes and jumped into the shower to rinse out his hair.

Before leaving the bathroom he shot a selfie with his pink hair still damp but visibly brighter so that Jin would see.

After posting it, he left the bathroom to go get dressed in some clean clothes. By the time he checked it again he nearly choked on nothing to see that Yoongi had not only followed him back but liked his new picture.

Already his mind was racing with the possibilities of what that simple action could mean. It looked like he had a long night of questioning everything ahead of him.

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Chapter 11: Yoongi’s POV

It was very weird for Yoongi to be heading into the office for a reason other than work.

Well, he would work but that wasn’t what had him leaving the safety of his apartment for the first time in days.

He went right to Hoseok’s office where he was reviewing some footage of a group he was training. Hobi paused the video and smiled at Yoongi as soon as he saw him.

“Hyung!” Hobi sounded excited.

“What does it mean that Jimin followed my social media accounts?” Yoongi got right to the point.

Hoseok laughed, “You’re so cute!”

“Hobi!” Yoongi groaned.

“Okay well that’s a good sign that he followed you! Did he do anything else?” Hobi asked.

“No,” Yoongi shook his head. “I followed him back and liked his new picture but he didn’t like anything back so I don’t know what to think.”

“Hmm,” Hoseok pulled out his phone and looked at it for a minute. “Maybe because you haven’t posted in a while and he didn’t want to look weird?”

Yoongi shrugged, “So should I post something then?”

“Yesssss,” Hobi clapped his hands excitedly. “Let’s go to your office.”

For the first time, Yoongi didn’t mind at all to let his friend help out. Though it felt a little odd to be doing a little photo session like this, he was curious to see what would happen.

Hobi tried to direct Yoongi to stand by some of his awards and show them off. But Yoongi just shook his head and sat down at his desk.

“That’s boring!” Hoseok argued.

“It won’t be to Jimin,” Yoongi disagreed with a smirk.

“Seriously hyung,” Hoseok made a face. “I don’t even want to know.”

“So just take a picture already,” Yoongi rolled his eyes at his friend but posed for a picture anyway.

After Hoseok seemed satisfied with what he’d taken he handed Yoongi’s phone back over.

Yoongi never really cared that much about what he posted but now he was looking at himself with a critical eye. Was this enough to get Jimin’s attention?

He hoped it was because he didn’t have any better ideas at the moment. Holding his breath nervously, Yoongi posted the picture and then put his phone down.

“I forgot we would have to wait,” Hoseok said anti climatically.

“Yeah,” Yoongi rubbed at the back of his neck. “Should we go get some coffee?”

“Good idea,” Hobi agreed.

They only had to go down the hall to the break room but Yoongi felt like his phone was burning a hole in his pocket.

Already he was itching to check it but he forced himself to leave it as they made fresh coffee.

It felt like torture to actually talk to Hoseok about something else other than Jimin, but they actually discussed work for a little while as they refueled on caffeine.

Surprisingly it was Hoseok that gave in first, “Okay the suspense is killing me, can you check already?”

Yoongi nodded and had his phone out of his pocket faster than ever before. It was actually a little shocking that he didn’t drop it in the process.

There was already a lot of responses to the picture so Yoongi had to scroll through his notifications on it for a little while before he spotted Jimin’s user name.

“He liked it,” Yoongi smiled widely at Hoseok who punched his arm in the air.

“That’s good hyung,” Hobi sounded nearly as excited as he felt.

“What does it mean though?” Yoongi’s heart was beating loudly in his chest but he was still unsure.

Hoseok pressed his lips together for a moment, “He didn’t leave a comment huh?”

Yoongi shook his head, “No.”

“Well I’m pretty sure that he’s still interested in you,” Hoseok said. “Even if you did break up with him.”

“I did not break up with him,” Yoongi narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Could you be more helpful and less rude.”

Hobi raised his hands in the air like he was innocent, “Maybe you should just try texting him.”

“Just randomly?” Yoongi said nervously. “I don’t know, I’m awful at texting.”

“Come on hyung, it’s easy!” Hoseok grabbed his phone and started to get to work on it before Yoongi could stop him.

Yoongi just crossed his arms and watched as Hobi typed on his phone before handing it back.

“Hey? That’s the best you could do?” Yoongi was annoyed again.

“Just to get you going,” Hobi couldn’t help but laugh but then had to dodge Yoongi’s swat.

They were both distracted as soon as Yoongi’s phone went off with an alert.

Jimin: Hi 😊

“Now what?” Yoongi looked at Hoseok for direction.

“Just talk,” Hobi said it like it was nothing. “Don’t be weird.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “You are seriously not helping.”

“I got you this far!” Hoseok argued and started t walk away.

Yoongi blew out a nervous breath and started to walk back towards his own office while he tried to think about what the hell to say to Jimin.

There was plenty that he did want to get off his chest, but it felt way too soon and he had no idea what Jimin was even thinking.

In the end he decided to just keep it casual for now, he could totally play it cool right?

Yoongi: How are you?

Jimin: I’m okay I guess

Yoongi: You guess?

Jimin: Well I’m feeling a little better now that you texted me

Yoongi: Oh good

Jimin: How are you hyung?

Yoongi: Hyung? Is that what you’re going to call me now?

Jimin: What do you want me to call you?

Yoongi plopped his face down onto his desk, it had only been a few minutes and he’d already blown his cool.

He tried to collect himself for a little while before replying, this time being more careful about what he said.

Yoongi: Whatever you want to call me

Jimin: I’m sorry oppa but I have get back to work now, I was on break

Biting down on his lip, Yoongi debated if he should just go for it or not. Jimin had to be flirting with him saying that.

It was ridiculous how nervous he was to reply, Yoongi had to hold his breath and try not to think about the worst that could happen.

Yoongi: That’s fine, will you text me later baby?

Jimin: I will ❤️

As he put his phone down, Yoongi let out a breath of relief that he forgot he’d been holding in.

Now he was just going to be anxious to hear from Jimin later. But at least he could try to get some work done in the meantime.

Just as he was starting to get into the flow of answering some emails that he’d been neglecting while he was working from home, Namjoon came into his office.

“Hey,” Namjoon sat down in one of the chairs next to Yoongi’s desk as he spoke.

“Did Hobi send you up?” Yoongi was already suspicious.

Namjoon laughed, “Not necessarily but he told me you texted Jimin and then abandoned you.”

“Yes he did do that,” Yoongi drummed his fingers on his desk.

“Soooo,” Namjoon leaned forward to rest his chin on his hand. “How’d it go?”

Yoongi shrugged casually, “We didn’t get to talk much because he was working.”

Namjoon didn’t look convinced at all, “Is that all you’re going to tell me?”

Sighing, Yoongi just pulled out his phone and handed it over. It seemed like he wasn't going to have any privacy in this.

“This is good hyung,” Namjoon assured him after he looked at the conversation. “So are you going to ask him out for real?”

“I don’t know,” Yoongi rubbed at his neck. “I’m just going to see what happens.”

“Well if you do see him make sure you’re careful not to slip right into your old habits,” Namjoon warned him.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi asked.

“Like if he’s interested in you for real then he probably won’t want you to just throw your money at him,” Namjoon said. “He’ll want your attention and affection.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Yoongi sighed. “Those are the things that I’m the worst at.”

Namjoon laughed a little, “I think you’d be surprised at how easy it can be for the right person. Just give it a try.”

“I’m trying,” Yoongi nodded.

“Good,” Namjoon stood up. “Remember you can always ask me for advice.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “I know, now leave me alone.”

“Alright,” Namjoon laughed and finally left his office.

Yoongi was able to dive back into his work, though he left his phone in front of him so he would know right when it went off.

But when hours passed he began to worry that maybe Jimin had suddenly changed his mind.

He was already starting to panic that he’d made a mistake by reaching out and getting his hopes up.

It wasn’t until he was walking out to his car that he felt his phone go off in his pocket. He took it out immediately and was relieved to see it was from Jimin.

Jimin: I’m sorry I took so long!

Jimin: I came home and showered and then accidentally fell asleep ☹️

Yoongi: It’s okay

Yoongi: Why were you so tired though?

Jimin: I haven’t been sleeping well…

Jimin: I’ve had too much on my mind lately, you know?

Yoongi: Yeah

Jimin: What are you up to?

Yoongi: I was just leaving work

Jimin: Oh have you eaten yet?

Yoongi: Not yet

Jimin: I could meet you somewhere for dinner if you wanted...

Jimin: Or not, it was just an idea!

Yoongi: How about I come pick you up and then we can go somewhere?

Jimin: Okay! 😊

Yoongi: See you in a few

Suddenly Yoongi worried if he looked good enough. He’d posted a picture that day so it wasn’t like he could change his clothes without Jimin knowing. And since he was already down to his car he couldn’t really freshen up.

Without any choice but to just deal with it, Yoongi headed off in the direction of Jimin’s building.

He debated calling Namjoon or Hoseok to ask where he should take Jimin out to eat but then he thought they might just make him more nervous.

He was surprised to see that Jimin was already waiting outside when he pulled up.

Under the dim lights of the street he could clearly make out Jimin’s freshly colored pink locks, but it was harder to see his face while he looked down as he walked up to Yoongi’s car.

It felt like he was seeing Jimin for the first time again as he the dancer opened his car door and slid inside, just like he’d done plenty of times before.

Somehow Yoongi didn’t feel ready at all for the breathtaking smile that Jimin flashed his way.

“You got here fast,” Jimin was running his hand through his hair and Yoongi couldn’t help but notice that his fingers were wrapped in the rings he’d given him.

“Don’t I always?” Yoongi itched to reach over and touch him but instead kept his hands firmly planted on his steering wheel.

Jimin smiled even more, “That’s true.”

“Where do you want to go?” Yoongi tried to act like he wasn’t freaking out on the inside.

“There’s a barbecue place not too far I like,” Jimin pointed down the street as he spoke.

“Okay let’s go there,” Yoongi really didn’t care where they went.

He was glad that it was a quick ride, Jimin directed him as he drove and it was actually a relief to be able to hear his voice without worrying about saying something wrong back.

After they’d parked and gotten out of the car, Yoongi found himself putting his hand on the small of Jimin’s back without even thinking.

Even through Jimin’s shirt, he could feel the warmth of his body radiating into his hand as they walked.

But Yoongi found himself stiffening, worried that Jimin would pull away from him. Instead Jimin acted like nothing had happened as he started to talk about how he usually came here with his roommates.

“It’s one of Jungkook’s favorites,” Jimin was telling him.

Yoongi wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a signal that he’d meant for this to a more friendly meetup or what. He ended up sliding his hand away when they entered and Jimin asked the hostess for a table.

The place smelled amazing, as the late crowd of customers were cooking up their food all around. But Yoongi’s stomach was so tied up in knots he wasn’t sure how much he’d actually be able to eat.

He purposely sat across from Jimin instead of next to him so that he wouldn’t keep being tempted to touch him. Not when he had no clue how Jimin felt about it.

“How was work today?” Yoongi asked after they’d settled in.

“It was fine,” Jimin shrugged. “Nothing very interesting to talk about.”

“You’ll keep working there even when school starts?” Yoongi asked because he really was curious what Jimin’s plans where.

“Yeah I still need the extra money for living expenses,” Jimin explained with a small smile. “It wasn’t enough to pay off my debt but it’s enough to buy food.”

The subject of Jimin’s former debt made Yoongi nervous for some reason, and he wasn’t exactly sure why.

“You must get very busy then,” Yoongi tried to just maneuver around the subject of money.

Jimin’s smile dropped a little, “Not too busy...I still have time for friends and stuff.”

As their meat and drinks were brought over, Yoongi had a little time to think of what to say next.

He wasn’t sure why Jimin looked a little upset now. But before he could ask him about it, Jimin pointed at the food.

“I like beef and chicken the best,” Jimin told him.

“Okay,” Yoongi got busy getting it all on the grill to cook up.

“Have you been busy at work?” Jimin was asking once he was done getting it all set up.

“Not any more than normal,” Yoongi said carefully. “I actually worked from my apartment a lot this week.”

“Oh,” Jimin looked really surprised to hear that. “Why?”

Yoongi shrugged, “Because I can and because I didn’t feel like going in.”

Jimin laughed a little at that, “Why didn’t you want to go in?”

It felt a little too raw to admit the real reason why he’d been working from home.

He’d been too sad having lost Jimin, but that wasn’t something he was ready to admit to him in this very moment when everything was still so confusing.

So instead he shrugged again and changed the subject, “Why don’t you tell me what you have coming up for school instead?”

Jimin didn’t seem to mind the subject change and told Yoongi about the courses that he’d signed up for. And which ones he was most excited to take, which were all the ones that were dance related.

Yoongi listened carefully even as he turned the meat around and made sure that it was cooking properly.

When the first pieces were finished, he wrapped one up in a piece of lettuce and reached across the table.

“Here try this,” Yoongi told Jimin.

Instead of taking it from him, Jimin wrapped his delicate fingers around Yoongi’s wrist and brought his hand closer.

Yoongi hadn’t even meant to feed him like this, but now he really wanted to. He had to bite down on his lip while he watched Jimin’s mouth come so close to his fingers.

“Mmm,” Jimin chewed on the wrap with appreciation but his fingers didn’t leave Yoongi’s wrist.

He wished that he could just let Jimin hold onto him forever, but he needed his hand back to keep making the food.

“Let me make another one,” Yoongi slowly pulled his hand away, and watched as Jimin blushed a little.

It only took him a minute to get another piece off the grill and wrapped up, and then he was reaching across the table again.

This time Jimin glanced at Yoongi before he took a hold of his wrist and repeated the process of helping guide the food to his mouth.

They did this a few more times, with each pass Yoongi felt a little less heavy than he had when they first came in.

Not just because he liked feeding Jimin, but also because of the way he touched him with purpose each time.

To anyone else it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Yoongi craved that affection from Jimin like nothing else.

“That’s enough for me,” Jimin let out a little laugh as Yoongi was making another wrap.

When he pouted in response it just made Jimin laugh more.

“Feed yourself some first oppa,” Jimin touched his arm again this time, but to push it closer to Yoongi instead of himself.

Really, he still wasn’t feeling hungry but he ate the wrap anyways because Jimin wanted him to. Since it made Jimin smile, he ate another one while he watched the dancer eat some rice.

When they’d cleared all the food away and were getting ready to leave, Yoongi hesitated about what to do next.

Usually he would automatically assume that he’d be the one to pay but now he wasn’t sure, especially with what Namjoon had told him.

“Can I get this?” Jimin grabbed the bill before Yoongi had decided what to do.

“If you want,” Yoongi said as casually as possible.

That seemed to be the right answer because Jimin smiled and pulled out his wallet to take care of it.

As they were walking out to Yoongi’s car he realized how late it was and felt bad for keeping Jimin up. But Jimin didn’t seem tired at all as he started to play with Yoongi’s radio once the car was on.

“I guess I should get you back home,” Yoongi regretted having to say the words.

“I guess,” Jimin agreed sounding like he didn’t like it either.

Now Yoongi hated that the drive was short because it meant less time with Jimin. It was difficult to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach.

He wasn’t ready to go back to his apartment alone and worry all night long about what tonight had meant.

When he stopped in front of Jimin’s building again, the younger seemed to hesitate as Yoongi parked the car and turned to look at him.

Jimin was chewing on his lips like he was thinking about what to do or what to say.

“You know what that does to me,” Yoongi’s voice came out more pained than he expected it to.

Jimin stopped chewing on his lips but then his tongue swept out to lick at his bottom lip and it tortured Yoongi in a completely new way.

“You still like my lips then?” Jimin asked softly.

“Of course,” Yoongi admitted.

His eyebrows raised in surprised for a moment, but then Jimin was leaning closer to grab onto Yoongi’s shirt.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whined.

Without worrying about the consequences Yoongi closed the rest of the space between them to crash their mouths together.

It wasn’t a smooth move, but the desperate sound that left Jimin’s throat as soon as their lips touched let him know he wanted it too.

Unable to be delicate with his emotions running high, Yoongi didn’t waste any time driving his tongue inside of Jimin’s mouth. He wanted to kiss away all the worries and all the sorrow.

At the same time, he couldn’t quite decide what to do with his hands.

At first they dived into Jimin’s hair, angling the dancers face just the way he wanted it. Then he couldn’t help but slide them down so that he could try to pull Jimin in even closer.

Then he wanted to drag them down Jimin’s chest until he could run them over the dancers muscular legs. There was too much and not enough of him to touch all at once.

At some point Jimin’s hands must have found their way down his body as well because he suddenly felt the fingers tugging on his pants.

“Yoongi,” Jimin panted after pulling his mouth away from the kiss. “Come inside.”

“What?” Yoongi felt like he was in a daze and didn’t trust his lust fogged mind.

“Please,” Jimin was begging now. “I need more.”

Yoongi was already reaching over to turn off his car, not quite sure how they’d manage to pull away from each other long enough to get inside.

“Okay,” Yoongi told him. “All you have to do is tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

Jimin smiled, “Let’s go.”

This time when they got out of the car, Yoongi was sure it was fine to touch Jimin. And he didn’t waste the chance to wrap his arm around him as they went inside together.

Chapter Text

Chapter 12: Yoongi’s POV

They couldn’t get inside of Jimin’s apartment fast enough. It was hard enough not to touch each other in the elevator that had other occupants coming home late as well.

As soon as they got to Jimin’s door, Yoongi was pressing against him to run his hands under the dancer’s shirt while he kissed at his neck.

“Yoongi, let me focus!” Jimin whined but was pushing his hips back against Yoongi encouragingly anyways.

“Go faster,” Yoongi told him before nipping at Jimin’s neck.

Finally, Jimin was able to get the door open and they nearly stumbled inside. Mostly because it seemed impossible for either of them to let the other move away.

The door was barely closed before Yoongi was pushing Jimin against it again, not even a breath of space left between their bodies.

Showing that he felt every bit of desperation as Yoongi, Jimin was the one to kiss him this time.

Their lips came together like they were running out of time, and Yoongi couldn’t deny he wanted to memorize what this felt like in case he never got it again.

His hands found their way under Jimin’s clothes and he was moaning into Yoongi’s mouth in no time at all.

As Jimin started to swivel his hips against Yoongi’s in a way that teased them both, he lost his resolve and dove his hand right down the front of the dancer’s jeans.

The gasp that left Jimin’s mouth filled him with pride. Even as he did his best to run his hands along Jimin’s hardness in the confines of his tight pants.

“My room,” Jimin barely managed to get out as he bit down on his lip to quiet himself.

Yoongi nodded and only pulled his hands away to drag Jimin down the hall.

“Are your roommates home?” Yoongi asked as they quickly entered Jimin’s room.

“Yes but they should be asleep,” Jimin was already tugging off his shirt as Yoongi closed the door.

“You think you can keep quiet?” Yoongi asked as he trailed his fingers down Jimin’s exposed chest until he touched his jeans again.

Jimin shook his head, “No, but you can just make me be quiet.”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows but didn’t ask any questions, instead he gave Jimin a gentle push until he laid back down against his mattress.

Determined to show Jimin he was good for something other than his money, Yoongi tore at his jeans until he could pull them down over the dancers slim hips.

Jimin leaned back on his elbows to watch with his mouth hanging slightly open as Yoongi exposed him. He was already leaking as Yoongi leaned over to lick away the drops of cum that had dribbled onto Jimin’s abdomen.

“Yoongi,” Jimin’s whimper only had Yoongi pausing for a moment to meet his eyes before he ran his tongue over his cock this time.

The way Jimin groaned and tossed his head back was beautiful but Yoongi reminded him to be quiet, “Shhh baby.”

But Jimin wasn’t quiet, not when Yoongi wrapped his mouth around the hardness until it was hitting the back of his throat.

He really did have to lean forward and press his hand against Jimin’s mouth to stifle the moan that the younger was making as he worked him over.

For some reason that only seemed to rile up Jimin even more and it wasn’t long before he was trying to pump his hips up to seek the pleasure he was finding in Yoongi’s mouth.

Using his second hand to push Jimin’s hips still, Yoongi only had his mouth to work with. Doing his best to tease Jimin’s member as it throbbed inside his mouth.

“Are you going to come for me so I can fuck your mouth?” Yoongi pulled his mouth away to start pumping Jimin quickly.

Jimin was nodding eagerly when Yoongi shifted his hand that had still been covering his mouth to skip two fingers past Jimin’s plump lips.

Moaning around Yoongi’s finger, Jimin arched his back and started to come all over Yoongi’s hand and himself.

While Jimin was still making those sounds that Yoongi loved so much, he leaned down to lick up the mess they’d made.

“Good?” Yoongi asked as he leaned over to start sucking on Jimin’s neck next while the younger continued to breath heavily underneath him.

“Always,” Jimin weakly brought his hands up to wrap around Yoongi even as he squirmed at the feeling of his neck being teased.

Pulling away only when he was satisfied with the mark he’d left against Jimin’s skin, Yoongi leaned up to pull off his shirt.

He loved the way Jimin’s hands automatically smoothed over his skin, like he was dying to touch him. For a moment, he felt stunned just watching Jimin’s eagerness to have his hands on him.

Eventually Jimin’s eyes moved up his with a questioning look on his face, “Are you just going to stay there?”

Yoongi shook his head like he needed to shake off the daze, “Undo my pants for me.”

Eager to please, Jimin slid his hands down until he could work on Yoongi’s pants. While Yoongi took in the sight with a little bit of awe.

But Jimin didn’t stop there, he kept going until he could push Yoongi’s pants down and run his delicate hands over the erection that ached for him.

“Fuck,” Yoongi hissed his breath in at the feeling of Jimin touching him. “I could come just like this.”

“Yeah?” Jimin smiled and kept teasing Yoongi with light touches.

It was torture to have the touches so light and slow, but Yoongi loved having all of Jimin’s focus on him.

Not only did it run shocks of pleasure up his spine, but it also did funny things to his heart to watch Jimin’s face light up with something akin to affection.

But he could help but rock his hips towards Jimin as his body sought more of what it wanted.

“I wish I could touch you everyday,” Jimin hummed with happiness and leaned up to run his mouth against Yoongi’s cock softly.

Yoongi couldn’t help but groan as Jimin began to pepper kisses all over him before teasingly licking at the leaking slit. His hands ran into Jimin’s hair, just to keep a hold of him.

He never thought he’d be so into someone kissing his dick, but he was having a hard time not exploding. Enjoying the sight of Jimin touching him too much, he wanted to hold back.

But it was too much when Jimin started to press open mouth kisses and Yoongi could feel the testing licks of his tongue running over his heated skin.

“I’m going to come,” Yoongi warned.

Jimin actually laid back down to pump him gently, watching with wonder as the pearly spurts hit his neck and chest.

He’d always loved Jimin’s neck, but it looked even better marked up from his love bites and cum.

“Can you clean me?” Jimin asked sweetly.

Even though he knew he could just leave his mark on Jimin like that forever, he still didn’t like having to wipe it away.

But his desire to take care of the dancer won out and he got up to grab a tissue to wipe it up anyways.

After he’d been cleaned up, Jimin grabbed on Yoongi’s arm and leaned up to kiss him again.

This time they were both gentle, and Yoongi could really appreciate the slide of Jimin’s lips against his own.

“Will you stay?” Jimin asked with uncertainty after he’d pulled away slightly.

“Yeah I’ll stay,” Yoongi agreed.

They didn’t even bother to get dressed in clothes to sleep in. Instead they just shucked what was left of the items they’d been in too much of a haste to take off before.

Yoongi still hated this mattress, but he loved the way Jimin curled up against his chest and clutched to him tightly.

It was easier for both of them to sleep without having to worry about the other and soon they were both passed out.

As usual, Yoongi woke up first in the morning. For a moment he was confused about where he was, thinking he must have dreamed up the night before.

Until Jimin shifted next to him, and Yoongi realized it wasn’t a dream at all. For the first time all week he was able to gently run his fingers over Jimin’s sleepy face.

Adorably, Jimin seemed to lean into his touch even in his sleep. Not wanting to wake him though, Yoongi pulled away to get up.

“Don’t go,” Jimin was sleepily blinking at him and reaching out towards him.

“Go back to sleep,” Yoongi tried to comfort him and gave Jimin has hand to hold.

“Stay,” Jimin pouted at him and tried to pull on his hand.

Yoongi chuckled a little, “I wish I could but I need to go home and get ready for work.”

“Oh right,” Jimin rubbed at his eyes. “I’m just being needy, ignore me.”

Yoongi didn’t like the sound of that at all, “Maybe we can do lunch later if you’re not busy?”

Jimin leaned up to look at Yoongi better, “Really?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi assured him. “I eat lunch sometimes.”

Jimin laughed and Yoongi loved the sound.

“Okay, I can text you later then?” Jimin asked.

“Yes,” Yoongi leaned over to plant a quick kiss to his mouth before getting up again to get dressed.

It was a little unnerving to do so while Jimin watched him with a playful smile on his lips. Not to mention the way he’d pushed down the blankets so that his lean chest was on full display.

Yoongi wanted to dive back into the bed and run his tongue all over Jimin’s exposed skin.

Instead he finished pulling together his rumpled clothes and tried not to think about all the sweat and other fluids he still needed to wash away.

He managed to convince Jimin that he could let himself out, and gave him one last kiss before he had to slip out and then get to his apartment as quickly as possible.


Jimin’s POV

Knowing that he would get to see Yoongi later made it a little easier for Jimin to go back to sleep. That and the fact that he was able to curl up around the pillow that now smelled that Yoongi again.

He wasn’t sure how much sleep he actually got before he was being woken up again. This time by Taehyung loudly banging his door open.

“There you are sleepy head,” Taehyung was nearly shouting.

“Why are you being so loud?” Jimin tiredly mumbled and rubbed at his eyes.

“Why were you so loud last night?” Taehyung sounded annoyed but there was a smile playing on his lips that told Jimin otherwise.

“Oh my god,” Jimin groaned loudly.

“Yeah it kinda sounded like that,” Taehyung stuck out his tongue. “So who’d you bring home last night, hmmm?”

Jimin blushed a little, “Yoongi.”

“What!” Taehyung was really yelling now.

“Don’t yell you’ll wake Jungkook,” Jimin warned him.

“Too late,” Jungkook came in the room and yawned. “What’s going on?”

“So Min Yoongi is amazing in bed and our walls are too thin,” Taehyung told Jungkook like it was a totally normal conversation to be having.

Jimin was groaning again while they kept on talking like he wasn’t there.

“Wait when did you get back with Yoongi?” Jungkook asked.

“Last night apparently,” Taehyung supplied.

“I mean I don’t know that we’re really together,” Jimin cut in. “We haven’t talked yet.”

“You just fucked?” Taehyung asked.

“Tae!” Jimin screeched and his friends laughed. “We went out to dinner, and then we were making out in his car and I asked him to come up.”

“Oh he came up alright,” Taehyung giggled.

Jimin made more noises of frustration, “We didn’t even have sex Tae! We just fooled around.”

“Oh god, I don’t even want to know how loud your sexcipades are then!” Taehyung was being dramatic again.

“Focus Tae!” Jungkook told him. “You want to get back together with him though, Jimin?”

Jimin sighed, “I do. But not like how it was before and I don’t really know if he’d be interested in that.”

“Well you better figure it out,” Jungkook warned him. “Otherwise you’ll just fall for him more and end up hurt.”

“I know, I know.” Jimin had heard this all before. “I’m going to meet him for lunch later so maybe I’ll get a better idea of what he’s thinking.”

It took a while before Jimin could usher his roommates out of his room so that he could grab some clean clothes to go take a shower. Then he just had to decide what to do for the rest of the morning until he could reasonably text Yoongi to make plans for lunch.

Chapter Text

Chapter 13: Jimin’s POV

For the rest of the morning, Jimin was a ball of excited and nervous energy. He even ended up cleaning up their apartment because he just couldn’t sit still and wait around until it was lunchtime.

But then he got distracted and had to rush to get ready as noontime started to approach. Of course he wanted to look his best even if it was just going to be a quick lunch date.

He carefully picked out jeans that were ripped in a way that showed off plenty of skin and a tight shirt that showed off his lean figure.

When he was satisfied that he looked cute enough, Jimin pulled out his phone to text Yoongi.

Jimin: What time do you usually eat lunch?

Yoongi: I can eat whenever you want

Jimin: We could meet somewhere in like 30 minutes?

Yoongi: Okay, where do you want to go?

Jimin: Wherever you want!

After a bit of back and forth they decided to try a new Kimbap place that was closer to Yoongi’s work than Jimin’s apartment.

He basically had to leave immediately in order to make it there at their agreed time, giving his roommates a shout of byes before he was heading out the door.

He had the put his phone’s navigation on after he got off the subway to get to the exact location since he wasn’t familiar with the area. At least he was able to focus his mind on not getting lost and not what might happen with Yoongi.

But that all changed when he got closer and looked up from his phone to see that Yoongi was standing outside. The producer had his head down and looked like he was rapidly typing something away on his phone.

Even though Jimin had just seen him this morning, he was still blown away at the sight of the man. His dress shirt was rolled up to his sleeves, showing off the way his forearms flexed as his hands moved around his phone.

Who knew that forearms could be so attractive?

Jimin was able to approach and lean forward to press a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek before the other even realized what was going on.

“Oh hey,” Yoongi finally put away his phone to wrap an arm around Jimin’s waist.

“Have you been waiting long?” Jimin hoped not.

“Just got here a few minutes ago,” Yoongi shrugged. “Want to head inside?”

“One second,” Jimin couldn’t stop himself from leaning forward again to kiss Yoongi properly on the lips.

This time Yoongi wasn’t taken by surprise and Jimin internally rejoiced at the way the producer pulled him in closer.

If they weren’t in the middle of the street Jimin would have been tempted to open up his mouth for Yoongi, but instead he had to pull away before they got any looks.

“Missed you,” Yoongi admitted when Jimin put a little bit of space between them.

“Yeah?” Jimin gave him a shy smile. “I missed you too.”

Since the restaurant was still new, it was pretty packed with business people that had come to try it out. That didn’t seem to be an issue though because Yoongi stepped up to the hostess before Jimin could.

“I called ahead, Min Yoongi.”

“Yes of course,” She smiled brightly at Yoongi and Jimin didn’t miss the way her eyes darted down to his expensive watch.

Jimin was already thinking of all the ways he hated her as she swayed her hips while walking them over to an empty table that was tucked away in a corner.

“Thank you,” Yoongi flashed her a quick smile before taking a seat and Jimin sat across from him.

Jimin was glad when she left them alone, and then he felt a little badly for his jealousy. After all, Yoongi had been in his bed just hours ago.

“How’s work been today?” Jimin asked instead of looking at the menu.

“Alright,” Yoongi shrugged. “Had a meeting which is always boring but I can’t really complain.”

Jimin opened up his mouth to respond when the waiter quickly came over to ask if their order was ready.

“I’ll just have whatever you want,” Jimin told Yoongi.

Giving him a nod, Yoongi turned towards the waiter and gave him the instructions on what to bring to them.

“How was the rest of your morning?” Yoongi asked him once they were alone again.

“Well,” Jimin started to blush a little remembering what had happened. “My roommates kind of gave me a hard time.”

Yoongi scrunched up his eyebrows, “About what?”

“Umm,” Jimin tried to think of how to word it. “Taehyung heard us last night and he told Jungkook all about it.”

Yoongi let out a little laugh, “Of course they did.”

“Don’t laugh at me!” Jimin playfully tried to swat at Yoongi.

“I told you not to be loud,” Yoongi gave him a smirk that had Jimin thinking of everything that had happened and his insides got warmer.

“I thought that since you covered my mouth I was being quiet enough,” Jimin mumbled shyly.

Yoongi was still smiling like he was pleased with himself, “Next time we’ll just have to go to my place then.”

“So, there will be a next time?” Jimin asked softly.

Yoongi opened his mouth but then the waiter was coming back over with some food and Jimin really wanted to murder this staff for continuing to get in his way.

Instead he picked up his chopsticks and started to put some of the dishes on his plate while Yoongi was quiet on the other side.

“There’ll be a next time as long as you want it,” Yoongi finally answered.

“Of course I want it,” Jimin had the desire to touch Yoongi but he was too nervous.

Yoongi sighed softly, “Why does it sound like there’s a but in there?”

“I’m just not sure where we stand right now,” Jimin explained. “Before I knew exactly what we were but then you broke up with me and now I have no idea.”

“I didn’t break up with you,” Yoongi insisted gently. “You obviously didn’t need my money anymore and I thought that was why you were telling me about the scholarship.”

Jimin shook his head, “I just wanted to tell you because I was happy.”

“Oh,” Yoongi started to scratch at his neck nervously.

“So then, what are we now?” Jimin asked.

“I don’t want to go back to what we were before,” Yoongi admitted. “I really like you.”

“I really like you too,” Jimin was blushing like a little school kid when Yoongi’s eyes finally flickered up to look at him.

“But I haven’t dated normally in years,” Yoongi sounded nervous still. “Maybe we can just see where this goes?”

Jimin wasn’t going to lie, he wished that Yoongi would have given him a more straightforward answer than that.

He didn’t want to come off as too needy though, and he was willing to take what Yoongi would give him for now.

“You won’t see anyone else though?” Jimin clarified.

Yoongi shook his head, “No, we would be exclusive.”

“Okay,” Jimin smiled. “I’m happy as long as I have you all to myself.”

Yoongi seemed happier too now that he’d heard that, “I want to make you happy.”

Jimin wished that he could move over and go kiss Yoongi like he wanted.

He settled for reaching over and holding his hand, which had them both smiling like idiots while they finally dug into their meal.

After that anxious conversation, Jimin was glad to find that the food was delicious. Especially because Yoongi kept piling on portions onto his plate.

When Yoongi’s phone went off and he pulled it out to check, it reminded Jimin that it was still the middle of the day and Yoongi would have to go back to work after this.

“Do you need to answer?” Jimin asked.

“Nah it’s just Hoseok,” Yoongi put the phone down. “I’ll check in with him once I’m back at work.”

“I’m so full already,” Jimin pouted and leaned back in his chair.

“Me too,” Yoongi took a sip of his drink and Jimin was distracted by the way his neck moved while he swallowed. “We’ll have to come back another time.”

Jimin nodded and chewed on his lip a little, which drew Yoongi’s attention quickly.

“Are you free later?” Yoongi asked after he was able to tear his eyes away from Jimin’s mouth.

“Depends on how late,” Jimin answered honestly, he had things planned tomorrow morning.

“I would offer to come to your place but,” Yoongi smirked.

Jimin blushed, “How about you text me if you don’t leave late and I’ll see what I can do?”

Yoongi nodded and then they got busy getting out of the restaurant. Jimin let Yoongi pay this time and tried not to think too much about it.

When they were back outside Jimin was faced with the same issue they’d had earlier.

The street was full of people and all Jimin wanted was to attack Yoongi’s mouth before they parted.

“Come here,” Yoongi tugged on Jimin’s hand and pulled him in for a kiss before he could complain.

Of course Jimin melted immediately. Loving the feeling of Yoongi’s lips pressing into his, It was hard for him to remember they were surrounded by the public.

Yoongi pulled away before Jimin could try for anything else, but that didn’t stop him from pouting in complaint.

“If I didn’t have things to do I would take you to my place now,” Yoongi promised as he gave Jimin’s hip a squeeze.

“Please don’t work late,” Jimin didn’t care if he sounded needy this time. “I really want to see you later.”

He let his hand drag down Yoongi’s chest and really hoped that he got his message across without being able to touch him like he really wanted.

“I’ll do my best,” Yoongi pressed another kiss to Jimin’s mouth quickly.

They both hesitated to pull away from each other. Refusing to let go of their hands until they absolutely had to.

Even then Jimin walked backwards for a while to watch Yoongi’s back as he headed towards work.

Catching when Yoongi turned back to look at him, and Jimin gave him another bright smile before Yoongi disappeared in a crowd.


Jimin was so desperate to keep his mind off his phone that he even played video games with Jungkook and Taehyung when he got home.

He wished he’d had work or classes had started so he didn’t feel like he was just waiting around for Yoongi but those were things he couldn’t control at the moment.

Too bad he was awful at video games and his roommates were amazing. He continually kept dying which just frustrated them all but luckily Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t kick him out.

He was just starting to worry when he got a notification on his phone and Yoongi’s name lit up the screen.

Yoongi: I’m leaving soon

Jimin: 😄

Yoongi: can you come over?

Jimin: I’ll leave shortly ❤️

Figuring that it was better to be prepared, Jimin grabbed a bag and packed it with a change of clothes.

As soon as he could he was done he was out the door and grabbing a cab to take him to Yoongi’s apartment.

It felt like forever until he was at Yoongi’s place and being ushered inside by the producer, but really he knew that was just his impatience speaking.

“I picked up some food on the way home if you’re hungry,” Yoongi was telling him as Jimin kicked off his shoes.

But Jimin was more interested in grabbing onto the other man to kiss him. Which didn’t seem to bother Yoongi one bit.

Yoongi was already wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist the moment that Jimin leaned forward to plant his lips on Yoongi’s.

“I’m glad to see you again,” Jimin murmured against Yoongi’s lips when he pulled away.

Yoongi gave him a small smile and squeezed his hip, “It was easy to want to leave work to see you.”

Jimin smiled widely and only then did he turn to look at the takeout bags resting on Yoongi’s kitchen counters.

“So what did you get?”

He really hadn’t even thought about dinner, he had been more worried about getting to Yoongi. So he was grateful that at least one of them still had their head on their shoulders as they dug into the food that Yoongi had bought.

It was really good, and Jimin found himself indulging until he felt like his stomach was starting to bulge. Which wasn’t sexy at all.

“Do you want to watch something,” Yoongi asked after they’d cleaned up their plates.

Jimin looked over at Yoongi’s massive tv and realized he’d never seen it turned on before.

“Okay,” Jimin replied as he followed Yoongi over to the couch.

It only took them a few minutes to settle on a movie that neither of them had seen before and then they were cuddling up on Yoongi’s couch.

He was glad to discover that Yoongi’s couch was large enough that the producer could lay out on his back and there was still room for Jimin to lay half on top of him.

With his head nuzzled into Yoongi’s chest he could still comfortably watch the movie and enjoy having the freedom to stroke his fingers over Yoongi’s hand and arm as he pleased.

It struck him that this was the first time they were cuddling just for the sake of the affection, without the prerequisite of them already being in bed for sleep or sex.

The whole thing made him feel like they really were together. Even though Yoongi was worried about placing any kind of name on what they were doing at the moment. It made him hopeful for their future.

When Yoongi moved his hand up from where it had been resting on Jimin’s back to slide into Jimin’s hair and start to play with the strands, he felt like melting into him even more.

“Feel good?” Yoongi’s voice rumbled against Jimin’s ear after he’d let out a sigh.

“Mhm,” Jimin could barely keep his eyes open at the feeling of Yoongi’s long fingers playing with his hair.

It wasn’t even a surprise to him when he found himself being lightly shaken by Yoongi sometime later.

“Let’s go to bed baby,” Yoongi’s hands were gently trying to wake him up while he spoke softly.


Jimin let Yoongi help him get up and grab his bag before heading into Yoongi’s room. They were quick to get dressed for bed and then slide onto the giant bed.

He could hear Yoongi’s light laugh as he nestled into the pillows and shoved his face into them. Loving the way that Yoongi’s pillows smelled like him.

“You’re so cute,” Yoongi was curling around Jimin this time when he got into bed and Jimin was more than happy to let him.

When they’d made plans earlier, Jimin had honestly been expecting that they’d fuck each others brains out after what had happened the night before.

Somehow this was even better. He was warm and loved and there wasn’t anywhere else he’d rather be right now.

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Chapter 14: Jimin’s POV

It was early in the morning when Jimin heard Yoongi walking around his room. He peeped his eyes open to watch as the man finished pulling a shirt on and button it up.

He kind of wanted to demand that Yoongi take his clothes back off and crawl into bed and on top of him. But at the same time he was barely holding back a yawn.

“Stay in bed baby,” Yoongi came over to play with Jimin’s hair.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Jimin asked in confusion and reached out his hand from under the warm blanket to run his fingers against the soft fabric of Yoongi’s shirt.

“Yes but you can sleep in,” Yoongi pulled out a card from his pocket and placed it on the bedside table where Jimin could reach it if he wanted.

“What’s that?” Jimin felt like his brain was too slow to figure out what Yoongi wasn’t saying.

Yoongi tapped the card lightly with his finger, “The codes to my apartment and building. You can come and go as you please.”

Jimin sat up a little in bed after hearing that, “Oh thank you.”

He felt awkward even though he really was touched, he just hadn’t been expecting it and didn’t know how to act. No one had ever given him the codes to their place before.

“No problem,” Yoongi leaned over like he was going to press a kiss to Jimin’s hair but the dancer wrapped a hand around his neck to change his direction.

The kiss that Yoongi placed on Jimin’s lips was way lighter and quicker than he wanted.

“I have to go,” Yoongi told him. “Text me later?”

Nodding, Jimin watched as his lover walked out of the room and he heard the sound of the apartment door closing a minute later.

He tried to lay back down like Yoongi had wanted. Cuddling up into the elders pillow and pulling the blankets closer until he wa surrounded by the smell of Yoongi’s cologne.

No matter how long he laid there his mind wouldn’t stop turning though. It seemed like he was going to obsess over Yoongi’s actions even if the man himself had made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal.

He ended up leaning up to grab his phone and text his roommates to freak out with him.

Jimin: So Yoongi gave me the codes to his place before he left for work

Tae: Excuse me?!?!?

Jungkook: What?!

Jimin: It came out of nowhere! I’m so shocked!

Jungkook: So he’ll give you access to his home but won’t call you his boyfriend...interesting

Tae: You should definitely go through his stuff

Jimin: 🙄

Jimin: I’m definitely not going to invade his privacy

Tae: Lame

Jimin: I regret texting you guys

Jungkook: You love us

Jimin: Maybe

Since he couldn’t sleep any longer and his roommates weren’t helpful, Jimin decided to do his favorite thing at Yoongi’s apartment.

Jump in that beautiful shower.

Since he didn’t have to rush off anywhere just yet, Jimin took his time letting the water help finish wake him up and calm him down.

Once he was finished indulging himself, Jimin got dressed in the clothes that he brought over and packed away his dirty ones.

He felt a little odd going through Yoongi’s kitchen for food so he decided to just head out to a coffee shop for breakfast.

But not before he pocketed the card with Yoongi’s door codes on them.

On a whim he pulled out his phone and texted Yoongi.

Jimin: In the mood for coffee? I can deliver

Yoongi: I’m always in the mood for coffee

Jimin: Coming right up ❤️

With a new plan in mind, Jimin made his way to a coffee shop to pick up some drinks for the both of them.

He hadn’t been to Yoongi’s office since they’d sign that contract which felt like ages ago.

It was a little surreal to walk into the building in the daylight with all the people bustling around.

Jimin was waved up by security and he walked the way to Yoongi’s office from memory.

The door was wide open, and he was only a little surprised to see Namjoon was in Yoongi’s office leaning over his desk like they were looking at something together.

“Hey guys,” Jimin spoke nervously, not wanting to interrupting anything important.

“Look who it is,” Namjoon looked over and gave Jimin a wide smile.

It was then that Jimin realized that he hadn’t seen any of Yoongi’s friends since they’d gotten back together, or whatever you wanted to call it.

He really had no idea what they all knew about what was going on with their arrangement.

“It’s good to see you,” Jimin told Namjoon as he walked towards Yoongi who was rolling his eyes a little.

“Thank you baby,” Yoongi took the coffee that Jimin had handed towards him and started to take a sip of it.

“How’s school going?” Namjoon asked Jimin curiously.

Jimin put his own cup of coffee down on Yoongi’s desk to give his hands a break from holding it.

“I actually don’t start for a few more days,” Jimin told him. “I have a dance practice today though to get back into shape.”

“You look like you’re in fine shape to me,” Yoongi had reached around to wrap an arm around Jimin’s waist in a way that made him start to blush.

Jimin would have replied back but Namjoon let out a little snort, like he was amused with his hyung.

“The door is that way Namjoon,” Yoongi pointed at it without even looking.

“Alright I’ll leave you two alone then,” Namjoon was grinning at them before he left the office and closed the door behind him.

No sooner had the door closed than Jimin felt Yoongi tugging on his waist until he collapsed on the man’s lap.

He let out a little laugh and awkwardly pulled off the backpack that had started to weigh him down.

“Oh,” Jimin’s laugh died in his throat when Yoongi came closer to tease his neck with kisses.

“Did you have a good morning?” Yoongi let his words run over Jimin’s neck.

“Mhm,” Jimin was too distracted to form a better answer and instead focused on wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s neck.

“I thought you might sleep in more,” Yoongi said curiously.

Jimin shrugged, “Missed you.”

Yoongi let out a low laugh that made Jimin’s toes curl at the timber, “Oh yeah?”

Jimin nodded slightly and turned his face to claim Yoongi’s lips for a kiss. Already he could feel the budding arousal building in his body with Yoongi’s presence all around him.

He wanted to squirm in the man’s lap to see if he could tell if Yoongi was getting worked up too.

As if he could tell where Jimin’s thoughts were going, Yoongi pulled his face back to look at him.

“We have to keep it PG today baby,” Yoongi told him even as his eyes looked heavier and his lips looked plumper from their kiss.

It was a tease just to look at Min Yoongi in this state.

Jimin pouted, “Why?”

“Because you don’t know how to stay quiet,” Yoongi pinched Jimin’s side teasingly. “Remember?”

Jimin laughed lightly and his cheeks pinkened in embarrassment at the same time.

“I like it,” Yoongi told him. “But I’d rather keep those sounds to myself anyways.”

“Okay,” Jimin put his hands up to hide his flushed cheeks. “Maybe I should let you get back to work then.”

Yoongi made a sound of disagreement but let Jimin plant another sweet kiss on his lips before getting off his lap and reclaiming his coffee and bag.

Leaving was actually harder than Jimin thought it would be. He kept hesitating to leave to wave at Yoongi who smiled and watched him the whole time.

He felt like a giddy little teenager when he was walking out of the building. Seeing Yoongi so much that morning seemed to put him in a good mood the rest of the day though.

Even though he had a busy day which included a rigorous dance practice he was still smiling at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, once school started it was a little trickier to get that time in. Between his work at the coffee shop, class schedule, and dance Jimin was already busy.

Technically he knew that he could come and go to Yoongi’s apartment with the codes he’d been given.

But he wasn’t used to it and if he was already tired and went to his apartment after his day was done he usually didn’t want to leave again.

Plus they already knew what happened if Yoongi tried to come over and sleep at his apartment.

He was both relieved and excited when Yoongi made plans to come pick him up from dance one night.

Jimin was the most confident when he was dancing, but that didn’t make him any less nervous about his lover seeing him do it for the first time.

He wanted to wow Yoongi. Maybe part of him wanted to make Yoongi realize that he should be locked down as a boyfriend.

It was a little silly maybe, but he even took special care in what he wore to practice that day. Usually he just threw on whatever old clothes he had that he didn’t care about getting sweaty in.

But he wanted to look good for Yoongi.

The only problem was that he had to get through most of the practice knowing Yoongi would be showing up at some point.

He wasn’t exactly sure when the man would be arriving since he had his phone tucked away in his bag.

His eyes kept drifting over to the door to see if someone was coming through it, even though it continually remained firmly shut.

When they started to go through a more complicated routine, Jimin got so distracted that he missed the moment Yoongi came in.

They’d just wrapped up the dance and landed in their final positions when Jimin’s eyes flickered over to the door and saw Yoongi was already there leaning against a wall.

He must have been there for at least a little while because he looked like he’d made himself comfortable with his arms crossed over his chest.

While his dark eyes were locked on Jimin, the heated gaze would have made Jimin shiver if he wasn’t so focused on regaining his breath.

Jimin wanted to go right over and throw himself on Yoongi. Instead he went over to his bag and grabbed a towel to wipe away his sweat before grabbing his things and heading over to the man.

He hesitated slightly when he got closer, not knowing if Yoongi would want to be near him when he was in this state. Thankfully, Yoongi wasted no time in pulling Jimin closer.

“You looked good,” Yoongi’s voice was a little rougher than normal as he gripped Jimin’s waist tightly.

“You think so?” Jimin grinned and let his hands wrap around Yoongi’s arms.

“So much so we need to get alone now,” Yoongi ran his tongue over his bottom lip in a way that distracted Jimin for a moment until he was being pulled out of the room.

Even though Jimin was worn out from practice he didn’t complain about the quickness of Yoongi’s steps as he led them out of the building and towards his car.

When Yoongi opened the door to the backseat Jimin looked at him in confusion.


“I can’t wait,” Yoongi pushed Jimin against the side of the car and he instantly felt the bulge in Yoongi’s pants pushing into him.

“Oh,” Jimin grabbed Yoongi by the collar of his shirt to pull him closer until their mouths crashed together.

It wasn’t sweet, or slow. All of the passion that they felt for each other was funneled into the kiss.

They were greedy for each other and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to slide his tongue inside of Jimin’s mouth, making the younger moan.

Yoongi only pulled away to growl a command and point at the backseat, “Get in baby.”

It was a good thing that Yoongi had tinted windows, Jimin thought idly as they slid inside the car.

It was only a moment before Yoongi was on him and attacking his lips while his hands trailed down Jimin’s body until he could palm the dancers erection through his pants.

Jimin let out a hiss from the contact, it felt like it had been way too long since he’s had Yoongi’s hands on him.

He was glad that Yoongi didn’t make him wait much longer for it. One minute they were kissing and the next Yoongi was turning him around to rest on his hands and knees.

His pants were pulled down just enough to expose him.

Jimin welcomed the feeling of Yoongi’s fingers teasing him and stretching him out. Until he was panting for more and Yoongi gave him exactly what he wanted.

It was almost devastating how well they fit together like this. Jimin only had to make a sound and Yoongi knew just what he wanted.

Pushing inside of him and setting a pace that drove Jimin insane. Inside the cramped car he could feel their body heat surrounding them while the sounds of Yoongi’s hips hitting his ass filled the air.

“You’re so-“ Yoongi didn’t get to finish his words because his climax hit him in the next moment and his words slurred into a moan.

Jimin wasn’t far behind him and was sure he’d made a mess of himself or Yoongi’s car but he was too out of breath to even warn the other about it.

When they’d caught their breath a little more, Yoongi managed to pull the towel out of Jimin’s bag and do some damage control.

He was so blissed out that Jimin nearly fell asleep inside of Yoongi’s car when they started the drive home. His eyes felt heavy as they made their way up to Yoongi’s apartment.

Usually he would take a shower after dance but he only had enough energy to change into new clothes before sliding into Yoongi’s bed for a rest.

“What were you going to say earlier?” Jimin asked sleepily as Yoongi curled around him.

“When?” Yoongi was confused.

Jimin would have blushed if he hadn’t been so tired, “Right before you came.”

“Oh,” Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin’s neck. “I was going to say you’re so beautiful.”

Jimin just smiled and snuggled closer to Yoongi. The wait had been worth it.

Chapter Text

Chapter 15: Yoongi’s POV

In some ways being with Jimin was the easiest thing in the world, but in some ways it was the hardest thing for Yoongi.

It wasn’t always easy to shut off the part of his brain that just wanted to keep working on music all day long. He loved it. But he also loved being around Jimin.

The part that was the most difficult was how easy it was for him to stay at work long hours on days when he knew he wouldn’t be seeing Jimin.

When Jimin had work or late practice all that Yoongi would do was stay at work. His schedule only changed when he needed it to.

Logically he knew that he hadn’t really changed his ways that much at all. He was still putting in long hours, just adjusting them around Jimin’s schedule.

It hadn’t been an issue yet but that started to change when Yoongi began to work on the album for a high profile artists. He was under a tight deadline and get extra pressured to produce quality tracks.

That meant he basically wanted to live at the studio. It wasn’t like he didn’t know it was probably upsetting Jimin that he was so busy.

But he didn’t really feel like there was much he could do about it other than try to get through it and go back to their normal routine.

One night Yoongi didn’t get back to his place until it was nearly two in the morning.

He would have just slept at his studio had there been an extra set of clothes he could wear the next day. But he’d used up all the clothes he stored at his office.

Exhausted from the long day, Yoongi didn’t even notice the extra set of shoes by his door, or the lump of a body in his bed until he was laying down.

“Yoongi?” Jimin asked sleepily.

Yoongi startled at first until he saw Jimin’s messy pink hair, and then it came rushing back to him that the dancer had told him he wanted to sleep over. He’d told Jimin to let himself in.

“It’s me,” Yoongi replied guiltily. “Go back to bed baby.”

“What time is it?” Jimin asked instead.

Yoongi plugged in his phone and looked at the time that flashed up at him.

“Almost two,” Yoongi mumbled the reply.

Jimin let out a sigh and slid back down into the pillows.

Yoongi wondered how long Jimin had been there but instead of asking he finished slipping into bed and carefully wrapped an arm around Jimin.

His heart hammered anxiously, worrying that Jimin would try to pull away from him or tell him off for being late.

He did none of those things however. In the dark Yoongi could see Jimin’s eyes searching his face before closing them and snuggling a little closer.

The exhaustion that he’d been feeling was replaced with sadness. Yoongi didn’t want to hurt Jimin, but he hadn’t done it on purpose either.

It was some time before he was able to fall asleep. Which was why waking up later that morning was even more difficult.

It was only a little surprising to find that his bed was empty beside him. It alarmed him immediately, thinking that Jimin must have woken up annoyed and left.

When he got out of bed though he found Jimin in his kitchen eating breakfast. He’d clearly gone out to pick something up because of the boxes in front of him.

And he was already dressed in fresh clothes with his hair still a little damp from showering. Yoongi let out a sigh of relief upon seeing him and Jimin turned toward him with puffed out cheeks from eating.

After he’d chewed his food Jimin pointed to a cup on the counter, “I thought you would need coffee.”

“You’re perfect,” Yoongi closed the space between them to press his lips to Jimin’s hair.

Jimin just shrugged and kept on eating while Yoongi moved to grab the coffee and start drinking.

It did help to wake him up. But he didn’t notice how quiet Jimin was being. The younger kept his eyes down on his plate as he ate and only looked up when Yoongi spoke again.

“You have classes today?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded, “And don’t forget we’re supposed to have dinner with Namjoon and Jin later.”

Yoongi had forgotten, “Right.”

He would have to ask Namjoon the details later so Jimin wouldn’t know he forgot.

“I have to go soon,” Jimin grabbed his plate to clean up.

Yoongi watched him until he came closer. Even if he was acting off that didn’t stop Jimin from leaning closer for a kiss.

“I’ll see you later?” Jimin spoke softly when he pulled away.

“Yes,” Yoongi ran his hand through Jimin’s hair and smiled when he leaned into the touch.

But his heart panged sadly when Jimin walked away to slide on his shoes and head out the door.

Yoongi took a few more minutes to finish his coffee before going to take a shower and get ready for work himself.

“Well you look awful,” Namjoon told him later that morning when he walked into his office with Hoseok.

“Why is everyone always coming into my space?” Yoongi crossed his arms in annoyance.

“Someone’s grumpy,” Hoseok noted and pointed his finger accusingly towards Yoongi.

“Hmm,” Yoongi ignored him and looked at his computer screen again to keep working. If he was going to have a short day he was going to try and get as much done as he could.

“Are you nervous for tonight?” Namjoon asked.

“No,” Yoongi gave him a clipped answer. “Why would I be?”

Namjoon shrugged, “I don’t’s your first double date right?”

“I guess,” Yoongi hadn’t really thought about it. “Where are we going again?”

Namjoon shook his head and sighed, “You forgot?”

“I’ve been busy,” Yoongi replied defensively.

“Too busy?” Hoseok asked.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at his friend, he probably had a point but there wasn’t much that he could do about it. Which was why he wasn’t going to admit that he knew he’d been putting in longer hours than he should.

“I’ll text you the details,” Namjoon eased the tension in the room.

“Thanks,” Yoongi murmured.

“But Jin will have your head if you’re late,” Namjoon warned him.

He nodded even though he wanted to roll his eyes. Really, he knew that Namjoon wasn’t kidding. Jin didn’t like to be held up and he was probably still over protective over Jimin.

It was a relief when his friends finally let him get back to work in peace and Namjoon fulfilled his promise of sending Yoongi the details that he needed for later.

The only problem was the once Yoongi got back to work he got sucked into what he was doing. By the time he glanced at the clock he realized that he was already running late.

He didn’t even have time to check out if he looked decent enough. Instead he grabbed his keys and practically ran out the door.

When he checked his phone there were already a few texts waiting for him.

Namjoon: Leaving work now you should too!

Jimin: Can’t wait to see you!

Jimin: Just got here...Jin and Namjoon are already here too

Namjoon: Hyung?

Jin: Wtf Yoongi

Cursing, Yoongi slipped inside his car and drove as quickly as he could to the restaurant. He wasn’t surprised to find that his friends had already gotten their drinks.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yoongi leaned over to press a kiss to Jimin’s cheek.

“It’s alright,” Jimin replied softly.

“Pfft,” Jin butted in. “It’s definitely not alright, we’ve been waiting forever Yoongi.”

“I already apologized Seokjin,” Yoongi gave him a look that he hoped would shut him up be he also noticed Namjoon raising his eyebrows in warning.

“That doesn’t make it any better Yoongi,” Jin narrowed his eyes. “You didn’t even text any of us back.”

“Because I was trying to get over here fast,” Yoongi told him.

“I was worried,” Jimin hedged.

“I’m sorry baby,” Yoongi brought his hand to Jimin's thigh to give it a comforting squeeze.

When Jin opened his mouth to make another retort Namjoon spoke up, “Babe why don’t we just get the waiter over here to order?”

Jin reluctantly gave in, “Fine.”

Namjoon was able to get their waiter’s attention and they all ordered dinner. Yoongi just kept it simple and ordered the same thing that Namjoon did since he never actually had time to open the menu.

Jimin seemed to want to try and salvage the dinner so he turned the conversation to how his new classes were going this year. He distracted Jin by describing the trouble he was having with one of his required courses until their food arrived.

While they were eating, Namjoon asked Yoongi a question about a song they were supposed to be working on together.

“When will you have time to finish it up?” Namjoon was asking Yoongi.

“I can take another look at it soon,” Yoongi told him. “I just have to wrap up this project first.”

Jin butted right into the conversation, “And when will you make more time for Jiminah again?”

“Hyung!” Jimin whispered yelled at Jin.

“What?” Jin held out his hands like he didn’t understand Jimin at all. “If you’re not going to give him hell about it I will!”

Jimin shook his head, “I can take care of myself hyung.”

“Can you?” Jin questioned as he narrowed his eyes at the younger.

“Babe,” Namjoon put his hand on Jin’s arm. “It’s not your business.”

“You know what,” Jin stood up abruptly. “I think I’ll go outside for some fresh air.”

As Jin left Namjoon let out a sigh before getting up to go after his boyfriend.

“Jin’s in a bad mood today,” Yoongi tried to sound casual as he took another bite of his meal.

Jimin sighed too, “He’s not wrong though Yoongi...even if he’s being dramatic about it.”

Yoongi stopped what he was doing to look over at Jimin. He looked more sad than mad but it hurt Yoongi even more to see him like that.

“It’s just work,” Yoongi rubbed at his face. “You know what it’s like for me.”

“I know,” Jimin was speaking quietly. “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Yoongi told him. “I promise I’ll do better once I get through this project.”

Jimin gave him a nod but he didn’t look very convinced.

Eventually, Namjoon was able to drag Jin back into the restaurant. Though his friend didn’t speak anymore he was still visibly agitated.

To try and make up for being late Yoongi quietly paid for everyone's bill after he’d gone to the bathroom.

“Are you coming over tonight?” Yoongi asked Jimin on the way to his car later.

Jimin pressed his lips together like he was thinking about it, “I can if you want.”

Honestly, Yoongi had kind of been hoping he could go back to the studio to work a little more but he wasn’t going to say that now.

“Of course,” He told Jimin instead.

The car ride to his apartment was quiet and Yoongi could feel the tension in the air. Jimin kept his gaze focused out the window instead of looking at Yoongi or playing with the radio like he normally did.

It filled his gut with anxiety but he didn’t know that there was anything he could say to make it better.

“Do you mind if I take a shower?” Jimin asked Yoongi when they got upstairs. “My muscles are sore.”

“Of course baby,” Yoongi told him before going into the kitchen to grab a drink.

While the younger was busy in his bathroom, Yoongi slipped into his home office to get some more work done.

He wasn’t even sure how long he was in there for, it wasn’t until he tried to take a sip of his beer only to realize that it was empty before he left the room.

From the hallway he could see the lump on his bed that signaled Jimin had climbed in there without him.

As quietly as he could, Yoongi changed his clothes before climbing into bed. When he leaned over Jimin he could tell that the dancers hair was still damp so he couldn’t have gone to bed too long ago.

Testing the waters, Yoongi pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s hair before pressing another to the back of his neck.

“I’m tired,” Jimin told Yoongi softly.

He didn’t sound upset, but there was definitely something off about his reply that bothered Yoongi.

“Okay baby,” Yoongi pulled away without touching him further.

Even though he was sleep deprived and overworked he couldn’t stop looking at the shape of Jimin’s back underneath his blankets. As if staring long enough could give him the answers as to what Jimin was thinking.

He already feared the worst.

Chapter Text

Chapter 16: Jimin’s POV

It was a weird feeling being both absolutely head over heels for someone and watching what they were doing with such disappointment and sorrow.

He’d never been happier with any of his partners before which only made it harder to suddenly feel like it was slipping away from him. As much as Yoongi liked to take care of him when he was around, that didn’t stop him from falling back into his habit of letting work overrun his life.

Jimin understood it, he really did. Just like Jimin loved dancing and could lose himself in it, so did Yoongi with his music.

Unlike Yoongi though, Jimin didn’t let his passion get in the way of the other aspects of his life.

It was a little different because it was also Yoongi’s career on the line, but when Jimin looked at the hours Namjoon worked it didn’t make sense.

Surely Yoongi could pull back if he wanted to. So either Jimin wasn’t enough of a reason to work less or Yoongi just really was out of control with his obsession with work.

He didn’t even want to go to Yoongi’s place anymore unless the man was already there. Jimin didn’t want to be forgotten about. He knew that it would only make things worse if he had to wait around for Yoongi into the wee hours of the night, or worse to not have him come at all.

It was actually surprising when Yoongi texted him randomly one day and asked if he could come in to the office. Of course Jimin told him that he would as soon as he got out of his classes for that day.

Which meant that it was already the afternoon by the time he made it over, but he knew it wasn’t an issue since Yoongi was still working late hours anyways.

When he got to the building he was surprised when Yoongi met him downstairs instead of just waiting for Jimin in his office like last time.

“I’m bringing you somewhere different today,” Yoongi explained as they got on the elevator and he hit one of the buttons to another floor.

“Where?” Jimin asked curiously.

Yoongi gave him a grin, “You’ll see.”

“Alright,” Jimin really had no idea what the other was up to.

Once the elevator stopped Jimin was surprised to hear the familiar sounds of footsteps sliding and hitting wood. He turned to give Yoongi a confused look but they were interrupted when Hoseok appeared in the hallway in front of them.

“Jimin you made it!” Hoseok was smiling at them both.

“Umm,” Jimin wasn’t sure how to reply since he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“He just got here,” Yoongi supplied.

“Ah,” Hoseok nodded. “Yoongi told me he got to see what a great dancer you are.”

“Yeah he saw a bit of one of my practice sessions,” Jimin was still confused though.

“There’s a job opening up to assist Hoseok with our trainees and I thought you would be perfect for it,” Yoongi told Jimin.

Jimin’s mind went a little blank for a moment. “A job?”

“Do you want to show me what you got?” Hoseok asked and opened the door to one of the dance rooms.

“Ah sure,” Jimin didn’t want to be rude.

He was glad at least that he hadn’t had dance that day, so he wasn’t coming into this worn out already. It would have been nice to have a little warning though.

“I have to go meet Namjoon,” Yoongi told them. “Come find me afterwards?”

“Sure,” Hoseok answered Yoongi and then the producer left them alone.

Jimin did his best not to think about it while Hoseok turned on some music and started to show him a routine. It didn’t take him long at all to pick up on it and dance to it alone.

Then he asked Jimin what changes he would make to the dance and so Jimin quickly added in his own style to the dance. It wasn’t even that difficult for him, he came up with his own choreography all the time.

“Wow you really are good,” Hoseok was blinking rapidly when Jimin finished the routine he’d come up with on the spot. “I wasn’t sure if Yoongi was just enamored with you or something but he wasn’t kidding.”

“Thanks,” Jimin put his hands on his hips while he tried to get his breathing to even out. “To be honest I’m not really looking for a full time job right now though.”

“Oh?” Hoseok raised his eyebrows.

“I’m still in school,” Jimin explained while trying not to come off as rude. “I know this is a great opportunity but I’m really interested in graduating.”

Hoseok nodded, “I understand, maybe once you graduate we can talk again?”

“I would love that,” Jimin gave him a friendly smile.

They grabbed their things before leaving the room and started to head for the elevator again.

“You want to go find Yoongi?” Hoseok asked him.

“I think I’m going to head out thanks,” Jimin told Hoseok kindly. “Can you ask him to get in touch with me later?”

Hoseok looked a little confused at Jimin’s reply but nodded anyways, “Okay I’ll let him know.”

As soon as Jimin was out of the building he texted Taehyung and Jungkook.

Jimin: Are you guys home?

Tae: Yeah

Tae: Are heading home?

Jimin: Yes

Jimin: I need to talk about something

Jungkook: Uh oh

On his way home, Jimin grabbed some of his favorite take out because he wanted the comfort food. Which also meant that his roommates descended on him as soon as he walked in the door.

“You got food too,” Jungkook excitedly took the bags from Jimin as the dancer slipped off his shoes by their door.

“Do I need to break out some wine?” Taehyung looked at Jimin nervously while Jungkook started to unload the takeout.

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Jimin sighed and scratched at his hair.

Once they were all settled in with their plates and glasses of wine, his roommates turned to him.

“So what happened?” Taehyung asked tentatively.

“Yoongi asked me to go to his work,” Jimin started to explain.

“That’s good though right?” Jungkook cut in.

“Well I barely saw him,” Jimin sighed. “He asked me to come over to audition for a job.”

“Ohhh,” Taehyung and Jungkook replied in unison.

“Yeah,” Jimin replied. “And he didn’t tell me about it before I got there.”

“Yikes,” Jungkook cringed.

“It is crazy that I’m upset by this?” Jimin ran his hand through his hair. “I know he meant well but..”

Jimin just shook his head, his mind felt like such a mess.

“I get it,” Taehyung told him. “You were blindsided and that’s never fun.”

“Are you going to talk to him about it?” Jungkook asked.

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded. “We’ll see if he even remembers to call me tonight.”

They drank more wine and caught up on a cheesy drama they had been watching together after they finished eating.

It was already late by the time Jimin’s phone went off with a text.

Yoongi: I’m leaving work now

Jimin: I’m hanging out with Tae and Jungkook

Yoongi: So you’re not coming over then?

Jimin: Not tonight I’ve been drinking

Yoongi: I can come over for a bit, we should talk

Jimin: That’s fine

His roommates stayed by his side while Jimin waited for Yoongi to arrive but they made themselves scarce when he knocked on the door.

“Good luck,” Taehyung patted Jimin on the shoulder.

“Thanks,” Jimin tried to give him a smile but it didn’t really reach past his lips.

He gave himself a moment to gather his nerves before opening the door. Yoongi looked devastating handsome as usual, if not a little worn out and tired.

“Can I come in?” Yoongi asked when Jimin didn’t say anything.

“Yeah,” Jimin made space for him to come in.

“Hoseok told me you turned down the job,” Yoongi jumped right into the subject which kind of caught Jimin off guard.

“I did,” Jimin told Yoongi. “Of all people you should understand how important school is to me.”

Yoongi nodded, “I get that I just thought it was such a good opportunity.”

“You should have just asked me though,” Jimin told him. “Instead you wasted both mine and Hoseok’s time. That doesn’t make me feel good.”

“You could have heard him out on it more though,” Yoongi suggested. “I feel like you turned it down without even thinking about it.”

Jimin sighed, “It doesn’t matter I’m not going to change my mind about it no matter how cool the job might be.”

“Not even if it means you would get to work with me too?” Yoongi asked.

“Is that what this is about?” Jimin let out a little laugh. “Having me there would be more convenient for you?”

“What?” No that’s not it,” Yoongi held his hands out.

“Oh?” Jimin said. “So you’re saying that it wasn’t a perk for you that I would be on hand whenever you wanted? Isn’t that what you like, your sugar baby’s available whenever you want them.”

“You’re not my sugar baby,” Yoongi replied softly.

“You’re right I’m not,” Jimin told him. “So don’t treat me like one.”

Yoongi rubbed at his face, “I’m not trying to, I was just trying to do something nice.”

“I don’t need you to try and do stuff like that for me though,” Jimin told him.

“What do you want then?” Yoongi asked tiredly.

“I just want you,” Jimin couldn’t help that his voice raised in annoyance. “At least try to act like you care about seeing me even if it means prying yourself away from your work.”

Yoongi sighed again, “That’s not fair Jimin, I do care about you but you knew going into this that I’m a busy person.”

“Then how does Namjoon make it work,” Jimin asked. “I don’t understand how he makes it home every night to see Jin but it’s a problem for you to remember to see me every once and awhile.”

Yoongi winced, “I might have made a few mistakes recently but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.”

“I have to be honest it doesn’t really feel that way right now,” Jimin shrugged. “I know that you like being with me but it’s not a priority. Not even enough to call me your boyfriend.”

Yoongi recoiled at Jimin’s words like they physically hurt him and Jimin regretted that last dig.

“Maybe I should go,” Yoongi told him. “This conversation isn’t going anywhere healthy right now.”

Jimin pressed his lips together, there was more he wanted to say but he held them inside for now.

Instead he opened the door for Yoongi and watched as the man stepped out the door with a look of defeat.

He turned to Jimin again and opened his mouth like he was going to say something else but then thought better of it and left without a word.

After he closed the door Jimin grabbed the rest of the wine and took it to his room with him.

He kind of wanted to cry but he wasn’t sure that he had the energy in him to do it. Instead of feeling relieved that he’d made his problems known he just felt a little empty and disappointed.

It wasn’t like he could really be mad at Yoongi for acting the way he had always been. Jimin had hoped that he would be enough for Yoongi to want to be different, and for a while it seemed like he was.

Now Jimin wasn’t so sure. Now it looked more like Jin had been right all along.

Even now his heart ached to text Yoongi to tell him that he missed him and wanted him to come back over. But he knew that wouldn’t do any good. It would just make him feel more sad the next time the man hurt him like this again.

It wasn’t enough that Yoongi wanted to be with him, he had to actually make the effort it took too. And that wasn’t something that Jimin could convince him to do. Yoongi needed to be ready to put in the time and effort or else it would never work.

Jimin knew all of this, but it didn’t make it any easier on him.

Chapter Text

Chapter 17: Yoongi’s POV

Yoongi felt awful the next day. He knew that he’d messed up as soon as Jimin had left his work without so much as coming to say goodbye first. Then going to talk to him later had just made him realize how bothered Jimin had been lately.

He knew that they’d been off, but it seemed like things were just getting worse. His first instinct was usually to bury himself in work, but instead of going into the office he decided to stay home that day.

As soon as he worked up the nerve he texted Jimin to see when they could talk and then waited. The longer that Jimin took to get back to him the more nervous he got.

He couldn’t even really focus on getting any work done because he kept checking his phone. When he got texts from Namjoon and Hoseok checking in on him he got annoyed that he’d gotten excited at the sound of his phone going off for nothing.

Namjoon: You didn’t come in today?

Hoseok: Are you still alive?

Yoongi: I’m waiting to hear back from Jimin so I stayed home today

Namjoon: Oh, is everything okay?

Yoongi: We got into a little bit of a fight..I guess you could call it

Hoseok: Because of what happened yesterday?

Yoongi: That and some other things

Namjoon: He also showed up late to our double date

Yoongi: Thanks

Hoseok: Hyung!

Yoongi: I’m not having the same fight with you guys

Namjoon: Good luck friend

Sighing Yoongi put aside his phone and decided to take a break in order to eat some lunch. Just as he was walking into the kitchen he heard a knock on his door.

Frowning, Yoongi went over to the door and was surprised to see Jimin was standing there.

“Hey,” Yoongi opened the door wider. “Did I miss a call?”

“I decided to just drop by,” Jimin shrugged. “You said you would be home all day.”

Yoongi already felt himself bracing for whatever Jimin was going to say, he could tell that by the way the dancers whole body was tense that he hadn’t gotten over anything they’d talked about the night before.

“Do you want a drink or something?” Yoongi asked, delaying the inevitable.

“No,” Jimin shook his head. “I’m fine.”

“Alright,” Yoongi scratched at his neck. “I should probably apologize for not warning you about the meeting with Hoseok I was just so excited about the idea.”

“I know that your intentions were good,” Jimin sighed like he was already tired of this conversation that had just begun. “But that doesn’t make it right.”

“I still don’t really understand why it bothered you that I might like the idea of working together though,” Yoongi pointed out. “You say you miss me but then you get annoyed at the idea of being around me? It’s confusing.”

“It’s not the idea of working together that put me off Yoongi,” Jimin pinched his nose. “It’s that I know it’s just a way for you to get around having to really commit to a relationship.”

“I can’t help that I have to work Jimin,” Yoongi crossed his arms defensively.

“And I’m not asking you to stop,” Jimin sighed. “I just want you to see if from my perspective. I go to work, go to school, see my friends, and still make time for you. But you’re barely making time for me right now and then you want to fit me into seeing me at work so that you don’t have to try at all.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to make his defense but Jimin held out his hand to stop him.

“Wait let me finish,” Jimin told him. “Last night you said that our conversation wasn’t going anywhere healthy and it made me realize that neither is this arrangement.”

“What do you mean?” Yoongi’s heart ached at what Jimin was saying already.

“You’re not ready to be in a relationship Yoongi,” Jimin explained. “You’ve made that clear and it wasn’t fair of me to try and push you in that direction when you weren’t ready.”

“That’s not true-” Yoongi tried to cut in.

“It is though,” Jimin said sadly. “You won’t call me your boyfriend for a reason, because you’re not ready to be someone’s boyfriend. And I need to respect that.”

“Jimin,” Yoongi ran his hand through his hair but he didn’t really know what to say.

“I know that you like me, and I like you - that’s not what this is about,” Jimin said. “If you’re not in the right place than it’s pointless for us to keep torturing each other like this, nothing good will come from it.”

“I can try harder,” Yoongi spoke softly even though it felt pointless to argue.

Jimin shook his head, “I don’t want you to Yoongi. There’s no point in lying to ourselves about what would happen. We’ll just end up hating each other and that’s not what I want.”

“But surely there’s something that I can do,” Yoongi felt like he was begging at this point. “I can cut back on a bunch of my work. I’ll tell them I’m taking some time off. Something?”

Jimin shook his head again sadly, “You can’t find your all your happiness in me just like you can’t find all your happiness in your work. There needs to be a balance but you have to want to do that for yourself.”

Yoongi let out a pitiful laugh, “You think if you leave me that I’ll want to work less? The opposite will happen Jimin. I won’t have anything else that I care about other than my music.”

Jimin frowned and reached forward to touch Yoongi’s arm, “As much as I want to be with you, I don’t want to destroy what we have by trying to stay together when you need to love yourself first.”

“So you really are breaking up with me then?” Yoongi asked.

“Is it really a break up if we weren’t really together?” Jimin gave him a sad half smile. “This doesn’t have to be goodbye forever though Yoongi. Work on yourself, then come back to me.”

Yoongi sighed and looked away from Jimin, his heart wasn’t even hurting he just felt empty. What was the point of even trying when he never seemed good enough for anyone?

“You’ll find someone better,” Yoongi told him.

Jimin stepped closer and Yoongi heard a hitch in his voice, “I won’t.”

When Yoongi looked back at Jimin there was a tear running down his cheek. He wanted to reach out and wipe it away but it didn’t feel like it was his place anymore.

“I promise I’ll wait for you Yoongi,” Jimin told him.

“Don’t,” Yoongi couldn’t believe he was actually saying it. “You deserve to be happy even if it’s not with me.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin frowned. “I hope that you won’t give up yourself. I’m not giving up on you yet.”

Yoongi shrugged, it didn’t feel like it mattered anymore.

Jimin sighed and stepped away from him, “I should go.”

What Yoongi wanted to do was to get down on his knees and beg for Jimin to stay. Instead he just watched silently as the dancer left his apartment, only looking back at Yoongi once before he closed the door behind him.

For a while Yoongi just stood there. Half hoping that Jimin would change his mind and come back. But that didn’t happen.

Eventually his stomach growled and Yoongi realized that he’d never eaten. Almost blindly, he went into the kitchen and grabbed the first thing he saw in his fridge and ate it lifelessly.

The next day he still felt like a zombie but he went into the office anyways. There were things he needed to do and he just had to suck it up.

That didn’t stop Namjoon from coming in to check on him though.

“I heard what happened,” Namjoon spoke softly as he approached Yoongi in the studio where he’d been recording with someone.

“I’m sure that everyone has heard already,” Yoongi sighed. “It’s not like I can say I’m surprised, I always mess everything up.”

Namjoon sighed at him, “It doesn’t have to be a loss though Yoongi - you can learn from this.”

“Am I really that bad?” Yoongi felt emptiness as he asked his friend.

“Your hustle was admirable when we were just breaking into the business,” Namjoon told him. “Now we should be sitting back a little and enjoying life. You don’t have to sacrifice everything for your career.”

“It’s never felt like I was sacrificing anything until now,” Yoongi told Namjoon. “But I’m just so used to being this way. I don’t know if I can just shut off that part of me.”

“You’re right,” Namjoon said. “You can’t just shut it off, you’ll need to work on it hyung.”

“Tell me what to do,” Yoongi pleaded.

“First we go out tonight and drink,” Namjoon put his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder. “And tomorrow you’re going to call my therapist and set up an appointment.”

Yoongi blinked at his friend, he hadn’t even known Namjoon had a therapist, “Okay.”

“You can do this hyung,” Namjoon told him before leaving.

They did go out for drinks that night, and even Hoseok joined them. Yoongi actually felt lighter for the evening. They didn’t talk about Jimin or his plan to call the therapist the next day.

Instead they chatted about their old times in university and then when they all managed to land jobs at the same company. They’d shared a crappy little apartment that whole time until they climbed their way up and had enough money to get their own places.

It reminded Yoongi just how far he’d come in his life so far, and how hard he’d worked to get there. All he had to do was work a little harder to get into this next stage of his life.

He watched Namjoon happily answer a phone call from Jin and promising he wouldn’t stay out too late and damnit if Yoongi didn’t want that so badly for himself.

Jimin had told him that he needed to want this for himself, but was it cheating if he was really doing it for the both of them? Because Yoongi just wanted Jimin and he hoped that he hadn’t fucked it up so badly that he wouldn’t have another chance to be with him.

When he was back at his apartment alone again Yoongi struggled to think about anything other than Jimin. He kept pulling out his phone to look at their messages which had ended with his last text to Jimin asking him to come over to talk.

He was so tempted to text him again, but he felt like he would just end up trying to convince Jimn to give him another chance and he knew that wasn’t the right thing to do.

There wasn’t anything new on his social media pages either and Yoongi hoped that whatever Jimin was doing he wasn’t too sad or lonely, like how Yoongi felt.

In the morning, Yoongi went into work early. Both because he hadn’t really been able to sleep and also because he planned on taking time out of his morning later to call the therapist. And he was hoping to distract himself a little bit too.

When it was finally within the normal business hours, Yoongi closed the door to his office and dialed the number that Namjoon had given him.

“Hello this is Kim Jae’s office, how can I help you?”

“Hello, this is Min Yoongi and I’d like to make an appointment.”

It was easier than he expected to make the appointment, it was a little bit harder to actually go when it was booked. He was full of anxiety, not sure what to expect, and not used to having to lay out all of his thoughts and feelings to a stranger.

By the end of his first appointment he felt a little bit better but also a little bit worse when he realized how much work there was to be done. It wasn’t going to be easy but he hoped that it would be worth it.

He couldn’t stop himself from pulling out his phone and texting Jimin this time. Yoongi just needed to know that Jimin still believed in him.

Yoongi: I miss you

Jimin: I miss you too

Yoongi: I changed my mind

Yoongi: Please wait for me

Jimin: I will

Jimin: Promise