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Show off SPN FF 27.02.2017 07.03.2019

Inspired by – Japan Brothel – Neon Demon – Ai no kusabi – Eden / AU / Violence any kind

Prologue: >revised<

They waited for the customer to call, to pick his piece of meat.
As it had started there only had been four guys and three girls to choose from, but it was years ago and 039 had been way younger then.
For the dark blond it seemed like Decades ago as he was now following the line of Sexual Servants to that small booth set up for them to be presented, to be on display.

The squeaky voice over the sound system called them out and the line of 20 guys and 49 girls moved along the bare corridor.
Every one of them was only dressed in either white or black tight underwear, a number on a round clip connected at the waistbands.

This times Order must be some bigger appointment, as all the merchandise of the first flour was brought out. 039 thought about the last time something like this had happened to him? Usually the dark blond wasn’t one of the first floor ‘ideals’, but lately circumstances has it for him to be among these to young and high prised ones making their way.
But 039 wasn’t thankful though, because among these barely juveniles the tall, muscled, dark blond looked even older as he already was. Seeing these kids lining up reminded him of his early years.
He was one of those stupid’s, full of dreams, illusions and high expectations. None of them would ever pay off but at that age you always knew better than every one else. These kids, so sure they’ll be the one that would make it all the way out, all the way up.
A part of 039 pitied them and another part hated them for what he was thinking himself as he had been that age.

039 never had been a dreamer himself, he needed to be an adult way too young, way to early, and he never believed in a perfect live at all. But even him had dreamed, hoped for a save place, had gotten lost in those thoughts in these illusions that he could see in the other whores eyes and sometime in there already affected behaviours.
But 039 knew this live. His Body wasn’t shaped by accident or created by to much free time in an expensive Studio. All he was, physically and psychological, was the result of his untypical long live without protection, without a caretaker. A live 039 only ever could depend on his own strength and abilities.

The tallest among the group did not expected to be one of the few that would be chosen this time, and it wasn’t that bad to think like that.
Not been chosen meant sleeping well this night, it meant no sucking of dicks or being fucked by ugly assholes who wouldn’t get a second blink if they’d met somewhere under normal circumstances.
Sadly though, every coin has its turn.
There fore not being picked also meant running out of time…, running out of money.
And 039 was running out fast…


The dark blond looked at the one sided mirror of the big white room. He hated that place with it’s lined up three stair stages along the backside wall for the merchandise to sit down.
The bell rang ones and most of the whores went straight there to take a seat and get into good view under that bright white light coming from the ceiling.

039 did not…
The tall man stayed close to the door, leaning on the doorframe, his arms crossed and folded in front of his chest.
He decided to wait it out till they would be brought back to their supposedly rooms.

Not to mention that this small cabin was way too bright for the dark blonds eyes. Used to the dark - back at the living quarters almost all day - the light burned.
But this close to the door 039 could hide a bit. Not only from the light but also from the youth, chatting, laughing and posing around him.
Watching them showing off there best parts was kind of pathetic even if it was his job as well.

The dark blond watched as some started those stupid small acts, pretending to enjoy each other, syly smiling while whispering meaningless words close to their ears.
Fake interactions, that’s what this was all about. 039 knew this all to well. He’d done those shows himself in the early beginning.
The dark blond rubbed his sore neck and stretched his body a bit, careful to not show all of his length.
This wouldn’t take to long, he told himself.
Sure enough the monotone speaker voice started calling the picked numbers just a second later.


039 was tired and he tried not to yawn while the speaker was shouting.
It definitely was some big order this time because it took almost 5min till the speaker voice finally shut up and went mute again.
Right after the needed Whores got called out, the lights dimmed down a bit and all of them were allowed to get back to there place’s.

On the way back 039 realised some movements on the main stairs.
It didn’t took long to figure that some guys were relocating stuff from one of the upper floors of this old motel building.
The old, used and run down interior they were carrying was so perfectly fitting to this run down building, and 039 knew it wouldn’t be long till he’d to move again as well.

Too many were selling this kind of goods, to young, to cheap. The dark blond watched the Workers and sighted. He was exactly like this worn out stuff they were pushing out.
Used, old and ready to be thrown away.
That wasn’t sad at all, the tall man thought.
But he was a survivor, always had been and always would.
At least that’s what 039 was telling himself over and over again.


Once more he stared at his tie, somehow waiting for that mysterious riddle to solve it self.
But instead it got worse with ever newly try to fix it. Although it did resemble a knot in some way, it just didn’t looked the way it should have.
The dark haired man growled at the large mirror image. He didn’t want to do this and the tie problem was not brightening his mood, not the slightest bit.
Why had he said yes, why did they expect him to participate in such an event?
How could it be that someone his Rank still had to follow these, pain in the ass, society rules? Who cared if the new Lead had a mate, what did it matter, it had nothing to do with his work performance or behaviour.
Was it even legal to make, having a mate, a requirement for being promoted and to become a partner? The Alpha was wondering in anger about his own inability to bind this god damn tie.


Having a mate seemed like a useless effort in the Alphas eye’s, most of them didn’t last long. And preparing one for just that short amount of time seemed completely meaningless and a tremendous waste of money, the Alpha thought, once again opening this rebellious piece of silk fabric around his neck.
Although these existing arguments weren’t the reason he hadn’t picked an Example for tonight, it seemed to help the dark haired calming down even so slightly.
But in the end, and the Alpha was aware of that, he couldn’t blame any one except himself for simply forgetting about this ‘important’ Dinner Event that would await him in a few Hours.

With this in mind, the tall man growled again, deep and rough in frustration as his tie went backwards again.


Just a few minutes later, the bright deep blue eyes took a last look at the mirror, controlling the fitting of that expensive dark suit.
He looked presentable for the most parts, but this one problem remained.
Or as the dark haired Alpha preferred to think about this issue, there was one thing left to be solved before the Event.

He could do this, well, he had to. There was no other option he reminded himself walking to the marbled Elevator of his Apartment Building.
And even better judgment he was still angry at his unusual mistake. It was atypical for the alpha to forget something, anything at all.

He’d had two month to get someone to cover as his mate at the promotion, it was himself who’d lost it and forgot, so it would be his punishment to do it this way...

The Concierge greeted, his eyes down, as the dark haired Department Owner crossed the bright marmoreal Lobby.
The Alpha nodded back without really paying attention to the Servant or at the 6.9 feet tall, muscled Guard next.

Unfaced he made his way to the Entrance Door which was held open by a small Omega Boy who bowed deep enough to almost face the stone walk.
The Alpha did not care, tugging his sleeves back in place and walking towards his already waiting black limousine.

His driver, a dark honey blond short man, opened the backseat door.
He smiled and showed no intention of lowering his view as the alpha stepped closer.
The dark haired Alpha just shook his head. He knew this man for year’s, he was his most trusted, even though inhabiting a very specific kind of Humour that often remained a cause of concern and trouble.

“Evening Cassy!”
The honey blond greeted amused and without hesitation or any sign of a deeper respect.

“I am not overstepping my parts if I asked how’s your mate doing? Do we get her on the way….. or?!”

The ‘driver’ didn’t even try to hide his face wide grin.
He knew quite well that his “Boss” had not prepared anything to show off as his accompaniment, and he was very excited to find out how this ‘genius’ liked to put this in order.

“It is still Castiel and you definitely overstep your lines, as always.” The dark haired mentioned emotionless.

The honey blond didn’t seem to care though. He smiled from head to toe and watched the other Alpha entering the Limousine.

“I tell you on the way.”

The driver bowed dramatically and closed the door.
The moment they would hit the road the honey blond would be back at that term, no doubt…


“Sooooo…..?” The ‘short’ Alpha looked into the back view mirror where Castiel was holding his head, massaging his temples.

“Gabe. You’re annoying as usual.”
The honey blond just smirked and gave his thumb up for that obvious and usual recognition.

“I get it you have not thought about such an unimportant matter and forgot it. Cassy you work too much!”
So, what’s the plan?”

The blue eyes of the alpha on the backseat glistened from the already activated passing lights outside.
“Gabe… Do you know one of these…” Castiel gestured uncomfortable with his well manicured hand.
“…these you know…brothels?”

The honey blond had to furrow his brows. “Really… the dump…? You wanna go to the dump?”
The driving Alpha looked sceptical.
“Aren’t there way better options here in town?”

“I doubt it… Gabriel you know our work. There is no guarantee these options would keep quiet.”
“I’ve got no interest of dealing with that.” Castiel stated with a light disgust in his deep, dark voice.

“Well you could get an official…, you know, a payed mate. Just for that one Event.” Gabriel was still not finished, trying to convince Castiel for anything else than the dump. But the absent look on the younger Alphas face was erasing that bit of hope pretty fast.
“Don’t tell me you’re still insisting on this old fashioned, prude thinking? Not anything does have to hold a meaning Brother.” The shorter Alpha sounded annoyed to even think about it this way.
Mates were meant to be toys for lust and pleasure, maybe for display but not for the heart…

Castiel looked out of the one side blinded window. He looked distant and in thoughts.
“I’m not…” He almost whispered. And with a smaller voice he added. “… I want something true… something more…”

Gab smiled sadly. This was just out of reach for them, out of Reality.
“…Well…, dump it is!”
With that final decision the honey blond forcefully hit the gas while absently searching for the ready gun by his side.


The tall man got the last box and carried it to the bar storage room. He waved at the Bartender in a greeting gesture already moving on.
Wiping away the sweat on his forehead he went back to the Truck.
50 more Barrels and a lot more to go, he breathed.
But the 30 years old was fine.
It wasn’t that bad, and even though hard work, it was honest and legal.
He was healthy, well trained and build and he got the brain’s to actually enjoy that.
Not to mention, unlike most of his Colleagues, the dark haired was free to go where ever and when ever he liked to.
The Beta wasn’t limited like so many others in this society.

But with this freedom to decide on his own, to fight for himself, it was difficult to place this still lingering appeal to be taken care for, to be looked after and protected, without being controlled or giving up.
It was an ideal fantasy to be wanted by someone willing to sacrifice everything for this one and only Partner in life.
But the dark haired Beta knew that reality wasn’t a fantasy and not even near that illusional ideal.
And he would knew, because once in his live he had that kind of real devotion, in a real Relation that he didn’t want remember but thought that it had been with someone close to that perfect picture of a that ideal Caretaker every one was looking for.

However, here on earth, in the real world, every thing worked by payment, credits and ranks. It was all about using something or someone in any way possible for your own benefit.
The Rules were easy, low ranks, less guilt for treading he/she/it like shit. Worth was connected to your social position and even worse, the way you’ve been born and presented.

The Beta pushed aside some of his longer hair that had stuck to his heated face, as he looked on the walkways he was passing.
There were a lot leached Ones out today he recognized.
It was a view he had experienced more often over the last weeks, and it was still nothing the tall Beta would ever get used to.
The streets were packed lately. So many Alphas presented their mates all around Town. It was the same sign every where within the Second Ring.
On his delivery Routes the Beta had seen a lot of well styled Omegas and a lot more naked than usual. Even though this kind of presenting had gotten out of fashion/style a few years ago, it sadly had started to become popular again.

This embarrassing procedure for an Omega was nothing more than a game to the Alphas.

Only once in all of the time had the tall Beta met an Omega who found those procedure a complement and prove of her worth, she had be one in hundreds.
The young woman had told him that she was proud to be shown and dragged around naked in the open. She was proud to be beauty enough so her Alpha wanted other to see what he could have every time.
But all the dark haired Beta could feel for her was pity for her limited world that wasn’t much more than an empty illusion.

How ever lately this way of showing ownership had become way more popular and to do it on the streets has become a habit within weeks. The Beta wondered what it was that had all the Alphas insecure enough that they had to show off like this to compensate.
Presenting there mates, naked on the street, leashed and sometimes crawling on all four.

Finally the tall dark haired turned away from the streets back towards the Truck.
“A lot of leashed ones today.”
He stated to the young guy on/at the passenger seat as he entered.

But the ‘Boy’ wasn’t reacting and had his eyes down.
Another bad habit becoming popular again, the Beta thought, closing the driver’s door.

The boy next to him was only 16 and insecure of almost every thing especially of the giant beta he had to work with. The bright brown haired Omega probably hadn’t left his parents house often as he had grown up.
He was one of so many these days.
Although his parents had him trained the small basics of his status, he wasn’t as nearly as well educated and prepared as it needed to be if he thought about being in care, or becoming a house merchandise of some well off alpha.

The Beta looked at the Boy to his right. It wasn’t pity he felt but knowing the unwell future of this one was kind of sad. They would try every thing to change it but the boy hadn’t made as much progress as they had hoped he would.
And the tall dark haired Driver knew, some couldn’t be saved no matter how hard the tried.

But this here was probably not what the Omega had thought his live would be like.
The boy was cute but he missed the features that currently appealed to the people. He was lanky and his legs and arms seemed not to listen to his brain. His brown hair and eyes didn’t show any specials at all and if not been born omega the boy would have gotten lost in any crowd easily.
Maybe that was what had the dark haired Beta reminded on his own youth and the struggle he had to face even though not presented Omega himself.
Maybe that was why he somehow liked the boy by his side even though he seemed stubborn and kind of ignorant to all around him. This poor Omega just wanted to be what he was told he would be for all his live.
In a mean statement the boy was boring and since he normally wasn’t allowed to talk, he could not show off in any other way either.
And since he was taught and trained only in first Basics, his parents probably couldn’t afford the money for more, maybe this Omega hasn’t to say anything at all.
But the tall Beta would try never the less…

For now though the guy stayed silent, did not look out or at the environment. He just climbed out when they stopped went onto the back of the Truck and handed over the Barrels, always the eyes down.


It didn’t took long for them to reach their next destination.
And they were welcomed warmly this time.

A hyperactive red haired female Beta rushed out through the Backdoor to greet the tall Beta with an enthusiastic, familiar hug.
“Hy Charlie.” The gigantic Beta slung his long arms around the slender female Body.
“Oh you’ve got a new one?!” She mentioned curiously at the Omega who was climbing on the back of the Truck following his usual pattern.
Sam hugged the Girl once more before letting her free.

“Yeah. It’s tailor. He’s still a bit shy...”
The red haired smiled unseen and stayed respectfully aback to not scare the young boy even more. She knew pretty well what ‘shy’ was supposed to mean in that context and when given by Sam with that frowned look.

So she stayed at the Backdoor, holding it open, as Sam went to the Omega to help unload the ordered supplies.

“How’s it today” The red haired looked on the back of the truck. Flinching about the amount of barrels, baskets and boxes needed to be delivered as Sam heavily packed walked over to her.
“Not as bad as it looks. No need to worry. We’re good actually.” Sam smiled, balancing one of the wooden barrels on his shoulders.
“How is it going in there?” The tall beta nodded at the small Motel, the red haired Girl was working in/at.
“Well, rumors has it that there is something big going on at the core. A lot of high alphas in town. We’ve got a lot of Managers. And most of them would not even consider this place to stay. But town is packed and so are we. Mostly a bunch of assholes tough. Allways complaining and grabbing and touching on every one close by.”
Sam looked worried. “You ok?”
“Yeah!” The girl smirked. “You bet, and in case, I’ve got my ‘betty’ with me…”
She showed a small retractable bat and an animal spray tied to her flank.
Sam’s brows furrowed. “Man Charlie! Be careful.”
“Always! So how’s the workload at Bobbys?” She changed the subject.
“Well you’re untypical guests explains the orders.”
“I mean Cockles, cavier and lobster? A bit over the top but fresh as ordered. Although Bobby had some trouble to get some of those ‘exotic’ fruits, we had to do some ‘adjustments’ to get them.” Sam smiled at Charlie who smirked back in understanding.
“As i said, a bunch of assholes.” She added.

Finally both Beta’s went in, Charlie following Sam down stairs.
“By the way, with these “assholes” around how are you’re Maids and stuff?”
Sam was referring to the typical Problems that often occurred with having Alphas and Omegas in the same place. Even under medication Alphas did not behave that accurate around the Third Gender, and especially not around those Omegas seen as Underclass, like most of the naturally born from the second Ring.
Charlie sadly shook her head.
“For the time being, they work only downstairs. It didn’t work otherwise. So it is a bit more for us to do but it’s fine, at least for now.”
Sam nodded. “You know you can call anytime right?”
“I know and I would but we’ve got security this week so i’ll be fine.” Charlie smiled.

Sam hurried to finish his work for other things were waiting, he once more hugged the red haired, remembering her to call if needed, before he went back to the Company Truck and his silent ‘Companion’.
Tailor already waiting for them to leave as fast as possible, his eyes down to the rubber mats again.


“You are aware, that we are glowing like a Christmas tree down here, right?.” Gab mentioned his worries looking at his Boss through the Rear view mirror.
But the dark haired Alpha in the back kept looking out the window, his head supported on one hand, not reacting at his Assistants concerns.
The Honey Blond Driver furrowed his brows and shrugged his shoulders.

“You´ve got a special brothel in mind?” Gabe went on. “Or, are we just throwing a coin and seeing what shows up?”
This time the Alpha did react and he sounded a bit annoyed as he did answer.
“Don´t be ridiculous! It is embarrassing enough to be here. We will not expand this experience unnecessarily. I´ve got this Address number, let’s look at this first.” Castiel leaned forward and passed a small digital card through the circular saw.
“They were commended as clean for the most part and still well enough trained.”
“And please activate the Air conditioner with the downer…. It stinks of ill Omega from the Outside.” The alpha wrinkled his nose in disgusted using a white handkerchief to detain the smell.
“It is disgusting.” He added.
Gab nodded, transferred the digit card to the board computer and kept going.
“That’s not far, so do I pick some one or do you wanna go by yourself?”
The honey blond slightly turned his head in question.
“I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see.” The Alpha told going back to looking out of the mirrored glass, watching the run down neighbourhood. The trash, the addicted, the underfeed Omegas and Betas lingering on the barely lit streets and small alleys.
Some of which they passed weren’t even paved or tarred.
They weren’t more than sandy offroads within an urban surrounding.
Gabe had a hard time directing the heavy limousine along the extended track. But even he couldn’t avoid all the potholes, leaving the car hitting the ground every now and then.

The honey blond Alpha was grimacing at any hit as he directed the black Wagon into another alley that the Digital Roadmap and the digital System were leading them.
Only one lamp was giving a shabby yellow light as they went through the grafitited brick walls.
The dark haired alpha was getting a bit nauseous because of the still existing smell and the shaky movements of the car.
He was hoping that this wouldn’t take to long anymore, and that he would be able to handle it. But because of this unsettling feeling in his guts he decided to get out on his own the moment they would arrive at there destination. He needed some air, ‘smelly’ or not.


Finally, although just a few minutes later the car stopped and the door opened.
It hit the dark haired Alpha unprepared. He had not expected the wall of reek that he almost slammed against as Gabe did open the Passenger door.
Omegas in heat, illness, piss and feces, overlayed with the strong scent of chemicals from the drugs and ‘medics’ Omegas used to cover there hormones with.
It all was mixed up with the sweat smell of arousal and rotting lives. Castiel beared down a choke, it was just disgusting and in all his lifetime he hadn’t experienced something like this before. For a moment the Alpha got to get a hold on the leather bench he was sitting on, to steady himself in this humid heat.
Gab only smiled knowingly.

“You’re ok?” The honey blond asked.
“It’s disgusting.” Castiel repeated deeply growling and grimacing.

The Alpha was pale in general but his skin colour turned to a slightly transparent.
But he could hold it together as he got out of the car and used to the smell.


The brothel was a 20 floor high building at the end of the alley. It was run down and long behind it’s best times. The sign wasn’t glowing anymore and all the Floors atop the second Level seemed out of order, probably for a long time already.
Only the ground flour was fully lit still not allowing any view on the inside.
Just like the first level where all the windows were painted in black making the building looking even more worn out and hiding each and every one within.
Castiel was not so sure of/about his contingency plan anymore. But they’ve made it to this place, it was a question of pride, or stubbornness to at least give it a try. Not to mention that there was a reason they had come in the first place.

Gabe looked at the shattered windows up above. Some ripped curtains were floating in the heavy hot night air. It was a spooky view in this dark alley making the Motel look like braking down at any minute.
The honey blond wasn’t sure, that there would be healthy whores inside.
Rather was he expecting some black hole for the last survivors of that thrown out trash of the underclass at the outside Ring´s.

“You’re sure?” Gab turned to look at his ‘Boss’. It wasn’t really his position to question Castiels choices but he never bothered about it anyway.
The two Alphas had a history and they knew each other for some time now. The dark haired didn’t get irritated by his ‘Assistants’ behaviour and smugness. It often was a welcomed distraction or source of ideas and recalculation of one of his plans. Their unusual way of communication worked this way and the younger Alpha didn’t mind.

Castiel looked at the dark building.
“It is a brothel…” He told, as if to clarify that this was all that’s needed.

Gabriel nodded in his interpretation of obedience as he closed the Car´s door behind.
“Let’s get in there then.” He pointed out, gesturing into the Entrance direction, while he was always and carefully viewing the surrounding…


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__________________________________Chapter I_________________________________


Sam turned the wheel and parked the Truck. Finally they’d finished all of the orders for the day. It had been almost 9PM as they’d entered the Storage yard, calling it a day.
It had turned out, Charlie’s Motel wasn’t the only one packed with way to much Alphas.
Once again it was proving that something big was going on at the second ring, or even at the inner Core.


On there way back, Tailor, Sam’s Omega Coworker, had gotten tense all of a sudden. The boy, already starring down as if to open a hole in the cars ground, had ended up in some kind of an awkward stase, with his eyes widened and his breath increased rapidly.

It had been the first time Sam had scented an Ultra…himself.
He hadn’t seen the Creature but his own biochemistry always had been a strong and reliable detector

Although he did not react as intense as the poor Omega next to him, it was still disturbing to fight the need of bowing down, to crawl on all four and obey to any given, even silent, command.
The dark haired never had such a reaction to anything or anyone before.
And it wasn’t even an appealing scent Sam was taking in right now.
The tall Beta could only imagine how it would feel for the Omega on the passenger seat.

It did scare the Winchester that even for him, as a Beta, there was no way out of this uncontrollable biological reaction that could be intense with Alphas but was so much different with that possible Ultra.
It was disturbing that there were creatures existing that could hold Omegas and obviously Betas alike, captive only by her, or his pure presence. It was a terrifying thing to think of.

Still, Sam had been curious. He had told, more ordered, Tailor to stay and close the door as he had stopped the Truck and gotten out himself.
The Beta knew that Ultra’s preferred to block there scent. It was usually just out of convenience while working with or around others.
It was rare for one of them to present himself that openly.
Actually, Sam had to admit, he had never heard of an Ultra doing so. Not to mention had he ever seen one within the second Ring, or seen one at all.
These Mysterious Genders belonged in the Inner City, at the core, at the Tower.
If nothing else, that had been the ultimate sign for Sam that something bigger was going on.

A part of the tall Beta was eager to finally see what those rare Species would be like, but he was also insecure and worried to move on.
An incredible arousing feeling had risen within the dark haired as the scent had hit him again. And it had taken the Beta a lot of effort to fight down that overwhelming, impulsive feeling.
But because of that intense reaction his inner Beta was eager to get as close as possible to this unknown Ultra.
He was eager to get near that ‘Save Place’ which the scent of that special Alpha Version was offering him.

Sam had been presented Beta but he had learned early on the weaknesses, the imperfection of many ‘standard’ Alphas.
The Winchester was mostly stronger, faster, smarter and sadly to say, less obedient than any of the Alphas he had met so far. The tall man never had stayed for long in any alphas care. It never took long till he had realised the limits of the one usually, expected to be in charge.
It always ever had been the start of a Relation going south, becoming toxic and having Sam to leave at some point.
Because afterwards Sam hadn’t been able to bow down anymore, his ability to follow Rules given by a weak partner had always ended in Conflicts and more than once they had become physical.
Not even the strongest Alpha scent had the tall Beta willing to obey, not the way he was supposed to.
It always had ended like that. For almost all of his entire life Sam had felt different, somehow defect, incomplete by some meaning. Without a strong Lead to orientate at, Sam felt insecure and pitied and sooner or later he hated his ‘caretakers’ and with it himself.
The Beta couldn’t understand what it was that made it so difficult for those alphas to guide.
For chucks sake, he had been raised and guided and lead by an Omega and for the most parts, all of it to his full satisfaction. At least almost…
Sam sighed, thinking back at this long gone past.

Sam stopped, the Ultras scent had faded. And the thoughts of the past had his heart sunken.
There was a time when Sam didn’t dared look back. Not remembered his youth, by decision.
When he had not thought of the strong arms always protection him, the green, golden eyes always watching over him, and his brother always by his side.
Sam could not recall any other family time than this. His mother died when he had been a baby, and his father, although alive, he had never been a father worth mentioning. He had been out of the Picture as long as Sam could recall, taking off to nowhere somewhere along the way.
The only family, the only safety, the only home the Beta had ever known, was in his brothers arms pulling him close to this comfortable warm chest.
Sam normally did not thought back…
But lately it somehow had come up again.

The dark haired had started to remember these times, started to miss this place ‘home’ in his life. After all the Alpha failures, the memory of a perfect brother, a perfect caretaker had grown with every month.
Sam´s Beta personality wanted to settle down, his biology was screaming for a place to stay, a place to call his, and a Family of his own to be part of.

It was a Dream without substance a never to exist Reality and just like the Memory of his Sibling it was something Sam tried to ignore, not having any solution to that painful pictures.

Because Sam didn’t knew his brother anymore.
And the cosy feeling he experienced when ever thinking back at that time, it was nothing more than an old ideal long gone, maybe a twisted memory of all Sam was wishing for.
Not half of these images, remembered through a children’s mind could possibly be truth.
The tall Beta knew that most of the hard times they’ve lived through had been deleted or rewritten over time to that ideal dream he was still carrying even though knowing better.
In the end it had been 15 Years since he’d seen his brother. Somewhere, sometime in a life long, long gone, and they’d not parted as brothers, they’d not even parted as friends…

So yeah, Sam does not think back generally.


Finally and with a lot more time passed than expected, the tall Beta got back to the Truck and a terrified Omega he had left on his own on the Passenger Seat.
Tailor was shivering, pale and shrunken, folded in as much as possible. Sam could see tears in the Omegas eyes, scenting the young Boys distress. Tailor was frozen, he was frightened, and Sam suddenly realised his mistake.
He’d left an unmated Omega alone in a car in the open. Not to mention an extreme insecure one while an Ultra had passed by…

Sam could feel the anger building up in his guts. He was pissed that he had gotten so carried away to actually leave the Boy in his care on his own. That was reckless, it was stupid and it was only to follow an unknown Alpha/Ultra type. Sam really needed to think about the use of some Hormone Blockers to keep his mind focused, now that obviously Ultras were around the second Ring.
“Tailor im ….im sorry. You’re ok?” Sam tried but the Boy kept silent and he couldn’t be blamed.
Sam sighed and started the Truck. He’d fucked up this time.
That wouldn’t made it easier to be the one helping Tailor though.


As they finally had reached the storage yard, the Omega had walked off silently. He hadn’t even turned as Sam had tried another Sorry.
And again the tall Beta had sighed watching Tailor leaving to the quarters.


Finally the dark haired reacted even though slowly, as his boss, another Beta, called him for the third time.
“Jesus man….welcome back to reality!” The bearded, grumpy old man called.
“….ah…..sorry Bobby.” Sam hurried to apologize, which obviously had become tonight’s theme.

The old man murmured into his beard a small smile curling around his lips. He liked Sam, a lot, had done so the moment they had get to known each other, and it seemed that in general the boy was returning the favour/feeling.

Sam’s face softened as he walked over, his ‘Boss’ waiting for him to come along.
The tall Winchester had always thought, having a father maybe would be like his interactions with the older Beta ever since they’d met even though not under ideal circumstances.

Bobby Singer had be the one who had found the broken, damaged piece of Sam after he had been tossed out by just another of his Alphas.
The old Beta was the one who’d taken care of the horrible injuries which that weak impersonation of an Alpha had left Sam with.
The woman, the Winchester had been with at that time, had felt embarrassed by the Betas increasing disobedience and challenging. But instead of looking at herself and her inefficiency to figure out a solution to that Problem, she’d taken it out on Sam.
The Alpha had called some friends and complained about the beta, all tearing up and sobbing for the greater effect.

They’d captured Sam on his way back to his place, one he’d rented just that day.
The whole time he’d thought of those assholes as weak and pathetic.
All the time, while they’d tortured him, while ripping the Beta apart till they’d gotten tired of their toy.
The procedure, the Alphas unnecessary rages, had taken, had persisted for almost three days as far as Sam could recall. It had bee at the fourth night, with Sam still alive, as they had driven his almost dead Body further to the Boarders, tossing him out of the car at the other End of the Town and far away from his former living place.

It had been Bobby who’d found the bloody mass that barely had reminded of a Human being or any thing alive for that matter. Bobby had saved the young Strangers life and healed him back to the living, even offering him a place and work… The older Beta had been a Savior in more than one meaning of the Word, and Sam would be for ever grateful for what Bobby had given him, to a beaten up, dysfunctional Beta.


The seemingly grumpy man had build up his own business which wasn’t common for a Beta especially not being on his own. But after his beloved Alpha wife’s death old man had fallen into a deep depression. Had almost drunken himself to death as he had decided that he needed to move on after he had not died within two years as he had hoped he would do.
It had been hard to build up this small delivery service but he and his wife had still been known and Bobby had gotten started. From early on, Singer had worked with Omegas and it had worked, the old Beta had been content.

But over the course of the last year, something hat changed. All the new Omegas around, had gotten less and less knowledge to work with.
And to make things worse, over time their society had developed such and adverse Behaviour towards the so called, weaker gender, that it had become almost impossible to let them work on their own.
Only Bobby’s personal connection to his almost handpicked Customers made it possible for them to still have Omegas delivering the goods, at least to some parts of the Town.
However, they too had to make adjustments to the changing circumstances which made the work a bit more difficult to say it at least.

The old man always had delegated some important jobs to his Omegas and this way more than ones he had been able to play matchmaker during the expiration, helping some Lucky ones to find their fitting Caretaker they otherwise would never had have a chance to meet.

But with societies and governments the new directions integrating Omegas had become quite complicated.
They were no longer allowed to talk if not talked to, they were expected to look down at any time, and even though it wasn’t exactly a Rule, it was a fashion in the city and every Parent rising an Omega was eager to please the wishes of potential caretakers for there son’s or daughters.
With such kind of Self-regulation set up and in progress, it got more and more complicated to work against these so called ideals, Families were training their Offspring in, to only please the market.

Sadly though with Fashions like that Omegas could no longer do all the works they could have had a future in before.
And Bobby was trying hard to convince them to still look up and face the Customers, but aside the working storage yard most of them didn’t do it anymore.
It got worse, the younger they were, these new Ideals got imprinted so early within the last years, that it was almost impossible to get it over with later on.

Not to mention that at home and in open society it all was a wished for behaviour they all were willing, eager to obey to.

Bobby had always been willing and calm to try, to work for any Omegas Benefits and well being, Sam knew, had seen and watched ever so often, but lately even the experienced Beta seem to consider giving up on that effort.

It had become so difficult to find new Omega workers due to the newly set up restrictions.
The young male and females didn’t act functional social anymore and not looking up was just one of the things happening, although it was a huge problem with them not realizing or caring that all of their willing self restriction would have some more worrisome consequences on the long run.

With Omegas no longer looking up, they couldn’t drive anymore. With them not driving anymore their Parents didn’t have to pay for them to learn it and in the end they weren’t taught to drive, leaving Omegas once/even more to rely on others and having them helpless and without a voice in just another part of Social life.
And it didn’t stopped there. The third Genders weren’t allowed to talk without being asked simple questions, so they weren’t taught any kind of knowledge needed for conversations further more. Aside housework and beauty tips combined with obedient behaviour the omegas these days weren’t taught anything useful at all, and other than themselves, it had the Beta, Bobby Singer frustrated.

A few days ago he had met his first illiterate Omega in his already long life time.
With wide eyes the old man had stared as the Mother had explained that her daughter wouldn’t be a burden and easily to handle since she didn’t needed much because of her very wisely limited education. The middle aged Woman had explained it with pride that she had set up her Omega ‘darling’ to become the perfect ‘House Decoration’ or as she had called it, shining jewel of the House.

Training an Omega was an expensive Effort, Bobby knew that, Sam knew that and they also understood that due to those circumstances many Families struggled with granting their Children at least the basics. But for the first time, a mother happily and proudly had tried to sell to Robert Steven “Bobby” Singer, that she had kept her Daughter in absolute cluelessness because it was the greatest goal to archive, for the Omega Girl to become a silent, empty, but shining Decoration for her Alpha to use as liked… All the time, looking straight and in contrast to her girl, at the Beta, the mother had lied to them all, about the fact that she was just eager to safe the money since that kind of Training wouldn’t be needed anymore.
The old Beta had chased that Woman off of his ground! Watching as she had grabbed her daughter not even Bobby would be able to help anymore, even though he was praying for the poor child still.

All of these small changes, those tiny steps, set up over the last years almost casual and not much reported of, were setting Omegas up for failure and were driving People like Robert Singer, whom actually cared, into a Corner. And the Omegas who still could think were forced into a very difficult position.
The outcome of all of these policies were Omegas like Tailor, nearly unable to live on their own, and also probably without any chance to get a wealthy Alpha either.


Bobby sighed watching the new guy, Sam was driving with, leaving to the Quarters.
“Three years ago they could do the books, now I have to tell them to breath not to die.”
The old Beta massaged his temple while Sam patted his shoulder in a reassuring gesture.
He tried to look optimistic but wasn’t so sure himself anymore.

It’d been weeks with Tailor, working and teaching him, but the boy showed not much too no progress.
He didn’t seem to understand, or maybe didn’t wanted to, what this kind of effort should be good for.
In these times, the Omegas were lowered to a point that they’d started to believe in it themselves.
Or worse, they not only believed it, they had accepted their new role and limited position as naturally earned and fully deserved. In fact, it had become a common standard anticipation within the Omega community themselves.

Two days ago Sam had jumped into a fight between fife young Omegas in brought day light, in an back alley.
They’d kneeled down immediately as Sam had shouted out to stop.
The tall Beta was still shocked about what he had heard that day on what had happened.

It had appeared that one of the two female Omegas was found buying some grocery in her free time. And although it had been a master’s approved action, she had been ‘disciplined’ by the other Omegas for talking to the cashier by simply saying “Thank you”.
And even more horrifying, Sam thought, was that every one involved, even the Master and the Cashier at the shop, yes even the beaten up 14 years old girl herself seemed very much ok with this treatment.

After that incident that had happened during work, and with Sam’s current ‘Coworker’ witnessing, Tailor had closed off himself even more.

Sam was, as some kind of an honory payback, teaching others of Bobby’s Omega workers, and one or two befriended ones, in reading, writing and math at some days a week in the evening. He also tried to teach Tailor too, but after this encounter the young Boy had missed a few Lessons and was now no longer participating.
One of the other Omega’s later had told Sam that it wasn’t because Tailor would fear the maybe punishment, but because he thought Sam and the willingly learning Omega’s were against nature and the given Order and Rules that were existing for a reason…
It had added to Sam’s frustration and anger, not about the Omega, but the Situation they were all living in…


Chapter Text

__________________________________Chapter II_________________________________


- revised -

Both men entered through the worn down, but heavily guarded and shielded double glassed, metal door that was supposedly the Entrance.
Castiel lead the way while Gabriel was having a constant eye on the surrounding and his ‘Boss’ back, with his gun within reach and always ready.

The two unusual ‘Customer’ ended up in some small passage kind of Vestibule that was separating them from the still hidden inside of some ‘cheap’ Brothel outside at the third ring in an Area called the dump, for a good reason.

The moment Gabriel had stepped in as well, a strong ventilation System started cleaning the air within that small space, sucking out that heavy sweet scent of decay from the outside, along with the humid summer heat and exchanging it with fresh, filtered Oxygen, cooled down to a more comforting Temperature.

It was the second Surprise both ‘Alphas’ were facing after the first Door had locked automatically right behind them.


All the windows had been mirrored and only after an inside System had done some kind of check or research, the two men were granted access and the second door of the Brothel finally, with a slightly squealing sound of a long used but not cared for devices, slit open.

The next surprise was the now available view inside this run down etablissement which appeared unexpectedly clean and structured/modern according to the third ring standards.
Any kind of possible smell was blocked in some way and the temperature had dropped to a more bearable rate.
The floor was made out of black granite stone plates, the walls tiled with some polished dark grey ones and the whole place was only lit by a dimmed white light that was creating the illusion of Privacy and a sterile surrounding although leaving it in the dark for the most parts.

Castiel turned in curiosity.
And as expected, the man high Windows were blinded from within as well.
Gabriel slapped the younger ones shoulder, a gesture to inform him that he would take care of this.
And while Castiel nodded, still having a closer look around, the honey blond went right/straight to the tiny, boxed Desk in front of them, which was carefully lit and protected by an electric field.
Aside that brightly lit one person ‘office’ build into the wall, the dimmed Hallways to the left and right were completely empty and bare.
Castiel slowly moved around, staying in the Background, and leaving every thing else to his ‘Assistant’ and ‘Friend’.

The dark haired ‘Alpha’ got distracted by a bright light at the end of each of the hallways, implicating something of interest way down there.
But Castiel didn’t care, just noticed the newly fact as he stepped around one of the few columns at this lobby.
And while Gabe was discussing something with the ‘concierge’, the dark haired had a closer look at the small lit displays next to each corridor, showing the goods that would probably wait at the end, in that ominous bright white light.

Much to the blue eyed ‘Alphas’ newly surprise, the shown merchandise wasn’t that bad he had to admit.
Not as young and pretty as the Omegas at the inner City, but still not what Castiel had expected to find at the dump.
It seemed odd to have such, even though low, but still quality, to end up here in this bottom pit.

Gabe smoothly walked over to his ‘Boss’ after he had finished with their current ‘host’.
The shorter honey blond had a look at the digit boards as well as he settled next to the younger one.
“Hm…not that bad…” He mentioned, wondering how that brothel could present such exquisite, young Omegas at all.

The dump was supposed to be a place for thrown outs and runaways.
But some of these examples definitely had been bought on the overflowing Omega marked.


Since a few years the Omega marked was building up rapidly, with too many of these newly Creations flooding into it to fulfil each and every desire of people, no matter how ‘exotic’ or unusual. But most of these customer complacent breeds were only the end result out of a long gone breeding Process/Series.
Often the first, second and even third Generations did not fit or reach that expected ideal/goal and were labelled as failure and of low quality. In the end creating too many that couldn’t be sold to a high price or at all, ending up as remainders to be sold at a ridiculously low price into the second or third ring, all of them never ever seeing a caretaker or Master…
And these Omegas were only one part of the mass flooding in.

Another source were naturally born Omegas who had been captured by so called handlers, roaming among the lower classes and outer rings to handpick their goods by promising their parents to find a good catch for their Offspring…
These ‘Handlers’ were running this ‘love’ buying Business, or at least they had fueled it before the mass breeding had started to produce more than they would need to keep it going.

The ‘Driver’, Gabriel was aware of the misfit of the society situation.
And he was often wondering for how long this imbalance would work out, till it would break in the end.

For now though, it seemed very well handled by their leading authorities.
For now…


The Omega Education System had been stopped completely.
Actively preventing this group from getting knowledge about their rights and possibilities as well as their actual role and the general Situation they were part of but not allowed to really participate.
Unthinkable if Omegas would realize that they were the living, breathing Majority in all rings by their sheer number.

The Consumers Taste in Omegas got changed every few year by commercials, factitious needs and new beauty desires.
This way the System was constantly in need of new fashionable ones and getting rid of potential ‘rebels’.

A huge amount of the Outcome of that Omega Overflow, created by the upper class and the leading System set up at the Core, was used in medical studies, military Operations, serving as walking bombs or pleasure Servants on posts all over. They were even used to capture other, new Omegas, to collect them for the ever hungry pleasure business…

This way the overproduction was in control.
And since the Media had stopped reporting about any Omega subjects due to disinterest and the massive government campaign to strengthen Alpha and Beta awareness, no one was asking anymore.


Gabriel still looked at the pictures. These Omegas here were just some unknown looser off a system setting them up to/for failure. They weren’t even a number shown in any statistics…

“They line up.” He informed Castiel.


The dark haired knew how this worked, theoretically.
But he was glad for having Gabe by his side. This time, Castiel was the one following the honey-blond who calmly lead the way, a bit to comfortable and familiar with such a situation and place.

“Apparently some of the Items may not be available tonight. They’ve got a big order from the city earlier.”
Gab explained. Castiel just nodded as they turned to the left hallway.

“They won’t see us.” Gab explained, realising the small insecurity in his “Boss”.


Finally the two men stopped at a small alcove across from a huge Window where the cold white light, Castiel had seen from the Lobby, came from.
They stopped in front of the small room behind the, again, mirrored glass.

There was a nice black leather Lounge chair at the back of the alcove. A small iron, glass table and a computer remote, for the numbers they might pick, was prepared right next to it.

While Gabriel seemed lost in the construction of that still empty room, Castiel decided to sat down. Obviously they would have to wait anyway.

Just a few moments later their current ‘Host’ or ‘manager’ hurried down the hallway, carrying a plate with a glass and a bottle. Castiel was served some rare brand water from the inner City by a deeply bowing Beta who didn’t dared to look the ‘Alpha’ in the eyes.
The dark haired was not happy about the obvious special Treatment although he was expecting it somehow due to his own privileged Heritage.

But it was exactly the reason why Castiel had not wanted to be seen at the inner City while visiting some of the more exquisite Omega Parlor’s.
He couldn’t risk to be seen participating in such unworthy, embarrassing act.
At least around here, Castiel could be quite sure their presence would be kept a secret.
It was way easier to destroy something at the third ring, where no one was watching or caring, and every one down here knew that.
Anonymity worked both ways in this Shadow Society at the bottom of the food chain.

Castiel simply nodded at the Beta serving him with shaking hands, but he didn’t look up or turned towards the lower one.

Gabriel was watching the hallway after he had checked at the Beta’s intentions, the older Males Scent of fear and nervousness, clear in that otherwise neutral space.
As he had decided that there wouldn’t be any immediate threat coming from the Desk manager, the honey blond turned at the hall way as food steps were about to approach them.

The three other males, two definitely alphas were talking in a very underclass language, lewd and completely missing out on/in any finesse.
These three, definitely belonged to the Third Ring. Gabriel considered handler looking for some items for the night.
He immediately positioned himself carefully in front of his ‘boss’, who was sitting in the back of the Alcove, with his legs crossed and his hands calmly resting on his knee.

Trusting, relying on his Assistant to work out anything else.

Gabriel smiled as he straightened his body so that Castiel could still see but not be looked up himself.

Mere Ring folks weren’t supposed to stare or observe an inner city ‘Alpha’.
Although not reacting in any way, Castiel had of course realized the strangers long before they actually stepped into the light coming from that small presentation room.

The Beta servant had turned away the moment he had done his ‘duty’ and not been bothered otherwise by his high ranked ‘guests’. He had left only a subdued imprint of his carefully balanced scent, which could not be said about the Stranger in the background.

Castiel’s lips twitched in annoyance at this open display of insecurity and weakness by not wearing any blockers.

They were pathetic, needing there scent to lead them their way.
It was a behavior frowned up on at the inner City. Castiel wasn’t sure about other rings but expected it to be the same. Around here, it seemed even more disgusting and pitiful. The ‘Alpah’ was reminded of the place they were at right now.

There was no doubt that these smelly Bastards were Omega traffic workers, a work in which they probably needed their ‘strong’ scent to be shown.
Castiel covered his nose with one hand. The heavy smell of chemicals that was radiating of off these guys wasn’t at all to his taste.

High ranked Ultras and Alphas, even among the normal ones, were expected to wear Blockers.
Neither Gabe nor Castiel could be scented by others because of that.
This simple fact alone showed their dominance and rank among all the others…
…and it made the strangers feel really uncomfortable the moment they did realise the nothingness coming from those two unknown and way to well clothed men already waiting in front of the Presentation Chamber.


Gabe played the funny guy as usual and easily directed the attention away from the dark haired resting at the alcove in the back.

“Hot night, time for some fun! Right guys?!” Gabriel made some steps forward and smiled dangerously.
He walked over to his new ‘Besties’ wearing that predatory look on his face that was the most twisted threat even Castiel had ever seen. He knew what it could do with others.

The strangers smiled warily and hurried to concentrate on that window in front, instead of the Alpha in the back. They stupidly stared into that empty room as Gabriel slapped one of them, a bit too forceful, on the back, actually making them wince under the unexpected strength.
Fear and distress aerating from all of them till they got distracted as finally the merchandise lined up in the lit up show room.


Castiel watched with interest as the air tied, sealed up room with the obviously mirrored window was filling up with male and female Omegas whom/which would be available for this night.
For the dark haired from the inner City, each of these Items looked miserable somehow, and he was surprised and slightly irritated at the sheer number slowly finding their way in, even though, as they had been told, there was a big order gone all ready.

But all Omegas of the selection were young, they looked healthy, well fed and without too many bruises.
It was the first time Castiel thought that there was a possibility for this plan to work out.
The ocean blue eyes finally focused more serious at the presented goods.

“See some you like?” Gabe, who had returned, whispered close to his ‘Boss’ ear.
But Castiel shook his head. He was fine with all of them. He didn’t expect anything special anyway.
While the Omegas were settling down and finding their places, the window suddenly lit up, becoming a display of some sorts, asking for input/request.
Castiel reached for the Remote-Control, still untouched, resting on that glass table next to his left Water-bottle and the half emptied glass.

The other Customers, still in Gabriel’s Company and there fore controlled, kept silent. Although they’ve got a remote to pick there wanted numbers as well, the three men in front of the window didn’t dare to make any attempts on choosing their wished for goods.

Finally, and with no one moving on, Gabe stepped in, trying to help out in his twisted charming way, to get that situation sorted.
“Why don’t you guys pick first? Just out of generosity and due to the great night?!” The Honey blond encouraged the strangers, still holding a demanding warning in his all too calm voice.

But it worked, and even though subdued, the three men started to discuss there following decisions.
Castiel leaned back, sipping the rest of his water, turning his remote and listened to the other Alphas Arguments.
Apparently these guys were in need of some additions for a party.


It took some time but finally they concentrated on some of the younger ones, male and female, as they discussed the sexual events the Omegas would be used in/at.
It sounded like one of the normal/typical ‘coming of age’ parties for some spoiled Alpha brats Cass had to handle sometimes.

The three handlers decided on some very fragile male and females for the first timers.
Some of the more mature ones, Castiel guessed their age at about 16 to 17, for the parents and guests to be entertained in there ‘needs’.
Next they thought about the ones whom would be knotted in front of the audience, and further more they decided on some females for the drowning games at the pool.
Castiel knew about the fondness of some Alphas to be served by an Omega while he or she would be held down under water. It was said they would work more eager if brought close to the edge of drowning and only allowed to breathe after the Alpha was satisfied.
The dark haired found that game interesting but not that appealing.
Castiel always thought of those games as an unnecessary display of dominance.

The dark haired ‘Alpha’ focused back at the Items behind the window.
Some giggled or smiled at each other, another interesting aspect for the blue eyed. Even knowing what eventually would await these creatures on the outside of this room, they did smile and giggle. He maybe never would be able to fully understand the Omegas and Betas of the outer rings at all, Castiel thought, but didn’t care.

He took another sip of his, surprisingly tasty water, listening to the other men/Alphas ongoing discussion over some skin color and other details.

They were counting the money, probably trying to figure out what they would be able to invest here.
Castiel still didn’t care.
He only once cleared his throat as the strangers got to loud for his liking.
Immediately the weak Alphas apologized tuning down their communication.
They told with many excuses that they would be finished soon.
And aside Castiel’s interest, one of them explained in a long exhausting text that there was just one item left. That they would be finished at any minute, that they would hurry, that they were grateful to be allowed the first picks…and he went on and on.
Not once did any of the Strangers turn to look at the man in the Background, all of them constantly showing the Alphas version of eyes to the floor by presenting their back to another, probably stronger Alpha, even though knowing that they might get attacked if the ‘opponent’ got any intentions to do so. It was a gesture of obedience and fear, not so much of respect. But Castiel was fine with it either way.

Since it was the first Rule of being an alpha, never to turn your back on another alpha, the ‘willing’ to do it anyway was the point here.

In this submitting reaction, an alpha provoked or allowed an actual attack on himself. It was the same as giving up and/or surrender.
These dominance games among Alphas Castiel actually did enjoy, even though the guys in Gabriel’s ‘care’, his ‘Opponents’ right now, were of the weaker variety.

Alpha games were rare these days. The nonviolent way of competing among equals had come out of fashion somehow.
Castiel had always preferred this traditional way before attacking and fights. It had offered the dark haired with these intense blue eyes chances to relax, to retreat without loosing his life or his face while avoiding any kind of lethal brawls.
Rare opportunities the ‘Alpha’ didn’t get that often in his normal live and surroundings.
His family would rip him apart if he would ever show any sign of hesitation or deficiency towards any other in such a way these handlers did...

Castiel was proud that he got along with almost every one in the company. He knew there names and they knew him. From the highest superior to the lowest employee he knew them and especially the lower ranked coworkers admired and respected him.
The dark haired was one of the younger Members of the company even though he was pretty old himself. He’d worked his way up from the ground to the top, never assigned to be in his current position.
Castiel had made a lot of compromises on his way up, but he had never judged or stepped over the given Rules. He had not attended in any suspicious conspiracies, instead the dark haired had made the right decisions and because of that, he was still able to sleep very well at night.

Castiel was born Ultra, some would say that he was more created as one. Meant to lead, meant to give orders and the blue eyed did not question that.
There was no reason to do that/so. He was better than other Alphas, why not acting according to his birthright?

Cass thought of himself as a kind person. He was generous he was perfectly trained and sophisticated. He’d traveled a lot and had seen almost every thing, he was sure.
He was spending money to multiple different charity’s and he never complained if the Maid didn’t do her job as perfectly as the Alpha expected it to be.
He had never punished a subordinate or Omega if he or she did not deserved it. And he was perfectly fine, even willing, to wait for his perfect mate, who of course, he would pick and test before accepting. It was only fair Castiel assured himself. In the end he had a lot to offer as well.
So, yes, he was a kind Ultra and he knew how the world worked……

The other alphas seemed almost finished with their order. They mentioned the sum left for the last item. Castiel puckered his brows.
Mentioning money was a weak attitude a bad habit. Money was nothing that was talked about within the Inner City. Those living there didn’t need to think about that stuff. Counting Money was something for the Underclass, something poor people without style would do.

How ever, in this case obviously the sum that these Alphas had brought along wasn’t enough for the last item. They still needed at least one Omega for the, so called, ‘Endgame’ another Party game that had become popular over the last years.
Somehow it had become fashion to end a ‘becoming of age’ party with one or more Omegas, who would be used in any way imaginable. This way Alphas should experience there full power in society, which included ending the Omegas live at the end of the event.
Of course the price for those candidates was often a little bit higher than the usual cost.
It had started with real young ones, who generally died after the first knotting just because of the physical damage the alphas left at these premature bodies. But lately society seemed to enjoy the expandation of the last ‘highlight’ of the Celebration.
The longer an Omega lasted, the more the party guests could release stress and live-out the often tabooed personal fantasies.
And that was the actual content of the discussion.
The handlers tried to decide on the last ‘lucky’ one.
A young fragile but very appealing one for two or four rides, or a more experienced less appealing one for the extended party fun? They seemed to struggle.
But since their money did not left that many options, they finally pointed at an older male Omega, who was somehow hiding near the door.


Chapter Text

__________________________________Chapter III________________________________

- revised -

Out of curiosity Castiel looked into the direction of the pointed out Omega.
The Alpha hadn’t realized that one yet.
The tall figure was leaning, his arms crossed, against the doorframe. Not really paying attention or posing for anyone to be noticed.
There was something odd and irritating, something mesmerizing about this one….

Bronze skin, firm build, strong sculptured and way older than those presented kid’s. This male was standing out in more than one way.
But it was something about that ‘I don’t care’ behavior that was intriguing the dark haired alpha the most.
This Omega seemed misplaced, out of his natural periphery. Somehow he did not belong in here. Never had, never would.
And it showed even more comparing these other Omegas to him.

Castiel had to admit that this big one was beautiful although or because of it, he did not really show the softness and fragility that was expected of an Omega even though it was somehow still there.
Beneath his glaring Eyes, which Cass couldn’t really make out yet, there was a gentleness that the dark haired had never seen before.
Those still hidden eyes watched the show room, they roamed over the mirrored glass and for the blink of a moment, Castiel was sure this Omega looked right at him.

It was over before the alpha could understand what had happened although feeling some changes within.
He stared back not even realizing his own intense focus.

The Omegas skin showed scars and bruises who he was wearing with pride instead of shame like any other Omega would do.
Castiel watched with interest as the Omega was again scanning all the other beauties collected in this room, there was a pity and disrespect in tall males glance and Castile was amazed about such arrogant bravery.
Suddenly then the Omega smirked, a tiny little, knowing, smirks on these perfectly shaped lips.
And unnoticed by himself, the dark haired ‘Alpha’ copied that sassy image of an Omega whore almost identically.

The honey blond watched, unnoticed, that silent change on/in his ‘bosses’ features with close attention. It was never wrong to know as much as possible about every one around him.
And that,... was something unexpected and to keep an eye on.

The three Alphas in front finally finished there order by adding number 039 to there digital pad, having the tall Omega appearing on the window display as well, showing his hair- and eye color as well as his weight and the basic measurements.
He was stunning, Catiel thought.

The tall Omega wasn’t the ideal choice for the Handler, but he would probably last some time at the ‘Endgame’ and they could afford the cost for this one. It would have to make up for his age and his unusual appearance.

Castiel was growling for some time now and Gab tried not to laugh out lout because of that strange behavior.
It probably was the first time ever the ‘Alpha’ had used that sound, and he definitely did not know the meaning of it.
Gabriel grinned in amusement…
…But it stopped the moment he looked at the normally gentle face of the dark haired ‘Alpha’.
His usual appearance had changed into a grimace. Castiel seemed close to rage his glowing bright blue eyes showed it.
The so carefully hidden power was leaving the younger one on a constant stream.
Gabriel had never seen Castiel like this, never seen the younger one losing his posture, and it was frightening even the experienced honey blond.
The deep growl had started as a smooth background noise but become something terrifying.
“……MINE……” The alpha let out in the deepest, roughest tone he was possible to create in his throat.
It was a whisper as loud as an earthshaking rumble.
The general so behaved Ultra was close to loosing it completely.

Gabe had been focused on the Omegas themselves, not really caring about the discussion going on between the three other Alphas. Now he followed Castiel’s view and realized the male Omega in black short pants lingering near the door.
Annoyingly Cass had picked one of the ugliest Omegas Gabe had ever seen. And even worst, the other buyers had picked this one too.


Gabriel had ended up in a difficult position once again.
Castiels reaction left no mistake, he wanted this Omega!
He might not noticed it on his own by now, but the honey blond could see right through the man he knew for almost all of his live.

Sadly though, Gabe wasn’t the only one who had realized the sudden tension coming from the Alcove.
As Castiel was still rigid, severe in his sitting position and focused on the dark blond Omega in that Show room, constantly growling; “….MINE….”.

Apparently and not surprising, the three handlers were frozen, to afraid to turn or move by any means.
So Gabe used his ‘talent’ to step in again.

“Hey guys…!” He tried his easy going charm as he, sadly enough, stepped into the stranger’s direct view.
He wrapped his arms around the two nearest alphas and brought them closer together, leaving the men startled by this sudden contact.
“Guys I’ve got a great day and a cousin who had have his own party a few days ago.” Gabe started.
“See, we don’t want any of our future alpha leader to be disappointed on the first ‘showing off’ party in society, right?!”
“Let me be your fairy godmother. Leave that poor example of an Omega as it is and I pay you two more fitting extras for the finale of that special Event.”
“How does that sound to you, hm?!”
“I mean, look at this beauty over there, and maybe the male counterpart over there. These would be perfect pieces to kill off for a new alpha in this world.”

Gabe turned the three Customers to the other Omegas, guiding them away from the dark blond his boss had obviously chosen for what ever reason.

The strangers seemed not completely convinced but the short ‘Alpha’ was to long in this game and so way over their pay grade that there was no way for them to disagree or worse, to complain.
In the end they nodded, at least it sounded like a win. So they changed the numbers on there pad and send the order in, still complementing Gabe for his incredible taste and awareness for a young alphas need, the handlers went to leave. They backed off, promising to let the young man at the party know of this generosity.

Gabe followed the Handlers a while back before he considered them far enough for him to turn back to Castiel.
The dark haired hadn’t calmed down yet but Gabriel hoped that maybe the younger one would get back to his senses if the Omegas would leave.
So the honey blond picked the remote without asking and entered the number of the chosen one, in addition to the sum for the two surrogate Omegas, whom would die at the Alphas event, instead of that weird one at the door.


Chapter Text

__________________________________Chapter IV________________________________

- revised -

“019, 004 and 039 to the locker room!” The squeaky speaker voice commanded after they had already left the show room. The speaker voice crackled and broke sometimes but the numbers were clearly to be understood.
The dark blond turned on the step to his single room. “What’s that supposed to mean?” The tall man mumbled but he obeyed.

To be called out after the showroom wasn’t common. Customers usually picked there meat on display and it would be seen within the show room on lit number boards as well.
But to be called afterwards was unusual to the best part, but something to worry for the most.
The Omega sighed as he entered the locker room, looking on the, maybe, twenty people.

039 had got no problem with being almost naked, even full birthday suit wasn’t something he complained about, but what he did not like, almost hated, was the dress code sometimes given by the customers.
The dark blond watched the young body’s in perfect shape getting ready.
Lately he struggled with the signs of a hard life on the streets, he was carrying.
Obviously it was true that all your live did show on your skin when getting older.

039 looked suspicious at the small stripes of fabric which the others were starting to dress in.
These thinks could barely be called clothes.
The tall Omega shuddered thinking of yellow gowns and pink lingerie he had to wear for some paying guests. Oh he hated this part.

“039!” One of the workers looked around, a left over grey T-Shirt and simple black sweatpants in hand.
The Omega was irritated but lifted his hand to show his position.
The thin handler walked over and handed the way taller Omega these strange clothes.
“You’ll be awaited in 5 at the door.”
Then he left without hesitation and 039 started to feel fear.
These clothes were nothing to work in, even for some strange fetish or role play stuff, this was not for work.
He was picked after the showing, he was given normal clothing…..and he had to go to the door.
Customers who came here usually gave a time and a location, were the picked order would be delivered to.
039 started praying to an Entity he didn’t believe nor trusted in…

To be called to the door could only mean one thing, he was out, his time was over.
It could only mean he was expected to do the street work, here, at the dump…
Every whore knew it was the last step of a way down.
To be constrained to serve Junkies, ill psychos and shabby awkward people for Penny’s was the end.
The tall dark blond thought about returning to his room to pack at least the little rest of his belongings. So he could run the moment the safety door would open.
Sadly though, he did not get the chance to do it.
Again his number was called over the speaker system while the less dressed Omegas were brought to the waiting room at/in the opposite direction.

That’s it 039 thought. End of the last warm room and shower.
Well he had it coming.
Within the last month they’ve had cleared the other four floors one after another. They emptied the rooms, send away or sold the other pleasure workers and cut off the electricity and water.
A few minutes ago he’d seen the furniture been thrown out himself.
039 was the last on the upper floor whores and only because he had been in a fight not so long ago and the others involved wanted him to be separated from there territory, he was still here.
Which was actually kind of funny, since 039 was able to stay weeks maybe month longer than those stupid bitchy queens whom had kicked him out. A satisfied grin played along the full, curved lips.
“Fate is a bitch..” The dark blond growled, putt on the grey Shirt and walked away from another warm and generally protected sleeping place.

Nothing to cry about, the Omega reminded himself. He would run. But to be on the street again, with nothing than what he was wearing wasn’t something 039 was looking forward to.
It was hard in his youth and it would be more difficult now.
“Shit.” 039 remembered the almost full pack of his suppressant. “…damn, that stuff had been expensive….”
The Omega was still growling as he stopped at the locked Exit, a small separated space already cutting him off from the main Building, waiting for the light to change to green that would allow him to pass and get out.

He would run as fast as possible the moment the door to the outside would slide open.
039 knew he had to get away from the waiting Street dealer who would be his knew pimp, his owner from now on. It was nothing he was eager to ever have.
There might be one or two guards with the new ‘manager’ the dark blond would have to be careful about. He definitely needed to use the element of surprise.

There was still no green light in the lock and 039 looked up at the camera on the ceiling. But it took another disturbingly long minute till the light finally changed, before the dark blond Omega straightened his body to get a good start, just hoping that there wouldn’t be dogs…

039 had seen punishment involving those ‘trained’ and spiked Creatures and he definitely didn’t want to be part of that kind of nightmare.
For a moment his mind went to this night as he’d seen an Omega been ripped open by black monsters with metal fangs and claws.
For now though he couldn’t hear any and he focused back.
Still, and it was just a second but the tall dark blond almost missed the moment the door finally did slid open with this snake rattling sound. The moment he needed to jump forward and run.

039 straightened even more, positioning his body, ready to move at any second.
He expected smell, he expected a pimp, gorilla kinda guards and maybe dogs……
What he was not expecting though,…was this/ that…

A small bright brown haired, scentless, grinning man leaned on the wall right in front of the door. This way he was successfully blocking the Exit, definitely expecting his merchandise to run.
Which still was an option…

The man was small and 039 thought about just running him over. He wouldn’t be that strong right? So why was he still standing, the Omega questioned himself in mind.
The small guy was wearing a way to expensive suit for some random pimp out of the dump. But he definitely showed that disgustingly grin they all had, that face and aura of a Liar and manipulator that kept 039 on the edge of carefulness.
The dark blond Omega had learned by now that the rich could be bastards but those who tried to be rich could be even worse. So 039 kept his distant as much as possible since the doors in his back had slid close without him realizing that he actually had moved out.
He still wasn’t willing to give himself over to that dangerous trash on the street but he wasn’t running either. So this meeting became a mute checking on each other.
It was so damn awkward to not be able to scent that small guy.
For an Omega in this business it could be live depending to get the mood or behavior of the customer or buyer.

“039.” The small man pointed, he did not really ask. Demand, control and power was naturally floating from this man, showing in all of his moves and being underlined with every tone in his voice.
The tall Omega crashed down on his knees immediately, obeying to a not given command. He tried to hold his eyes up, fixed at the strangers face. But he just couldn’t.
This man, 039 decided, was definitely dangerous and he’d missed the chance to run.

039 had never ever felt this helpless, this Omega, so leashed and helpless before.
His inner nature, the Omega, had tensed the moment the small guy had called the number.

“Come on!” The shrimp said, and against his own will, the tall dark blond followed without hesitation, almost stumbling as he got up way to fast because of his need to obey.
039 decided for sure that he didn’t like this man, who definitely was an Alpha and obviously none of the dump.

For now though, and even though it didn’t seem to have any impact, the tall Omega counted himself lucky to be on suppressant, and the really illegally, strong ones as well.
He feared what otherwise he would be like right now without this medication.
Now and than the Omega tried to look up, tried to get a more detailed look of the one in charge right now, even if it would only be from the backside.
However, every time he tried, his inner voice blamed him for even trying.
The Omega needed to look down, to show respect, behave, hell he wanted to crawl on all four since the shrimp had spoken. 039 wanted to show that he was no threat, no attacker no danger at all. He felt an indescribably urge to be good for this ‘shrimp’.
The intensity of that need to kneel, to subordinate was so painfully strong, and the dark blond hated it.
But thanks to his medication and own strength, aside the looking down, 039 was still able to hold it together.
Since he couldn’t look up or around, the tall dark blond just followed, dressed in a grey Shirt, black Sweatpants and sandals as he felt as naked and vulnerable as never before in his live.


039 only realized the limousine as the shrimp opened the backdoor for the Omega to get in.
Came the next, clear order that left the dark blond in another wave of fear.
Maybe he was already thrown away. He wasn’t even worth serving on the street. This couldn’t end well for him.
The Omegas mind went nuts about the all the things that could possibly happen to him from now one.
Maybe they sold him to one of those perverts who slaughter for fun or out of curiosity.
Maybe he was sold to the medics for those known Omega experiments, although he wouldn’t be picked up by a limousine than.
Still, for a moment his self protection system kicked in, allowed him to hesitate for just a second and to calm his thoughts.
And under the suspicious eyes of the shrimp, 039 actually managed to stop, shaking but not moving for a blink, enough for the honey blond ‘Alpha’ to become impatient and repeat for the Omega to hurry.

And this time 039 got into the backseat of a dark limousine in the back alley of the waste dump.
It didn’t matter what he wanted, he followed orders, that was it, and what ever would await him now for the time being, he had to stay low.
They wouldn’t kill him in that car, not right now and the Omega knew he had no saying in it anyway.


It was dark outside and it was dark in the limousine but 039 could feel the man at the opposite site. Sitting there, silently watching, measuring him as the door closed.

In contrast to the strong dominance of the honey blond shrimp, the Omega didn’t feel that same urge to obey by now. He felt free to look up and even settle on one of the black leather seats, knowing that it wasn’t something an Omega whore should do in front of the customer.
The dark blond didn’t care, by now he was still pissed of his subordinated behavior in front of that small asshole. If this would be his last ride, 039 wanted to show that he wasn’t someone who would give up easily, just in case. It couldn’t harm to show his ‘balls’ metaphorically, it couldn’t hurt, not anymore, maybe……
So 039 thought but sat down his hands folded close to his tights, his legs logged together and his eyes every where except at the dark figure sitting across.

The shrimp had moved to the driver’s seat. It left the Omega insecure.
For a moment he thought the man who was staring at him maybe was a Beta, but the smaller one was definitely an Alpha and none of them would willingly serve an inferior.
Since this one in the back with him hadn’t any scent either 039 didn’t know what to expect.
And the constant silence was nerve-wracking.
Once more the Omega reminded himself that he wasn’t liking all of it one bit.


They were 25min into the drive as the shadow on the other side of the car finally seemed to awaken to life and actually talked for the first time.

The voice and the question hit the Omega right away…

“How old are you?”

No one would ever ask that impolite at any conversation if it wouldn’t be with an Omega, 039 gulped down a growl. Of all possible things to start with, this was the theme the man across choose. *Bastard.* The Omega thought but kept it to himself since something else was hitting him also.
It was that odd mixture of rough- and gentleness that this voice was giving somehow at the same time.
There was this specific vibe it brought through the air, and it was sending heat to the Omegas face, arms and chest.
He thought about lying but he just couldn’t.
And too his own, actual surprise, 039 told the truth to a god damn customer.
“….Im…36.” The dark blond did not look up and the other mans silence drawing just another awkward pause.

Would they throw him out now? The tall Omega wondered.
“What is your name?”
Apparently he would not be kicked out just yet.
The question assured him.
“I’m called Zero.”


Chapter Text

__________________________________Chapter V_________________________________

- revised -

“I’m called Zero.”

The dark blond answered, more of the professional whore he auditioned in that kind of situations.
But the man in the dark did not fall for that stupid trick the Omega tried, vaguely‘, not quite lying’.
“I asked for your name not how they call you!”
Now 039 could tell it was another alpha with him!
The deep voice kept calm but it got more intense and with a slight hint of anger beneath.
The dark blond shifted in his seat. His name wasn’t supposed to be used in this life. It would dirty him, darken and stain it.
His real name belonged to only one person in this world and that was not some random customer.
He would probably use it while the Omega did his job. And no, he’d never wanted his name to be called during these acts. Not like this…
Not ever…! Not from them…!

“Your name!?” The Alpha commanded.
The Omega answered, feeling the nausea crawling up his throat. Why couldn’t he stop being so damn weak in front of those guys. He felt sick, vulnerable, weak, disgusting for betraying the one person that counted in his life. The one that wasn’t him.

For now the Alpha next to him kept silent. He just watched the Omega, obviously curious about the Emotions that suddenly showed in that mans face.
And the Omega, Dean, felt like burning alive.
At least it was out of discomfort so he wasn’t slicking and he was glad for that. So he wouldn’t be even more humiliated this way.

Slowly the lights, Dean could see on the leather seats, changed.
From a dirty yellow one, the car passed only now and then, to a constant bright white, clean one.
Dean knew what that meant. They were heading to the City.
But he also knew to get there, they would have to cross the Border between the dump and the first Ring. It wasn’t an official one. But still controlled and protected.
They didn’t like the scum from the dump coming back into the, so called, civilisation.

Dean was still in thoughts, trying to figure out what was happening to him right now as the Car just stopped and got turned over to the side of the street.
Somewhere between the dump and the border, deep within the wasteland, that was keeping them apart.
The dark blond Omega looked up and he got nervous again…

The man in front of him didn’t show any reaction or sign of movement.
This Alpha was creepy and not for the first time, Dean was reminded on one of those Alpha funerals, where the corpse would be arranged in a reverential posture for the last time, looking alive but weren’t, not anymore. The Omega had once been to such an ‘Event’ paid to participate at, to please the grieving bereaved…
Dean shuddered and thought about, if this one was dead inside and just looked alive to trick the normal People.

He heard the Drivers door open and then shut again. But the man next still wasn’t moving, not at all. Dean listened to the footsteps surrounding the limousine to the back, he listened as the trunk was opened then closed again.

And in all this time, there was still no reaction whatsoever from the man across, hiding in the shadows of the night and the dark Car. So Dean didn’t move as well. His nerves on the edge, ready to get into fight mode at any time now.
Because at this point, there was nothing else to expect than an attack, the Omega thought.
The door, he was leaning on would be ripped open, strong arms would pull him out and push him to the ground and they would have there way with him.
Dean had heard such stories. Reports of the poor Omegas who had survived those alpha attacks even thought there dead would have been a mercy…

But the dark blond was not willing to go without a fight. These Alphas would pay a price for having him and since he’ll never get to see the money they’d offered for him to the brothel, Dean would leave his own marks on them, just as a reminder, even thought he would be gone. The dark blond took a deep breath. He could feel the eyes from that Alpha on the other seat, staring at him, watching, scanning, controlling.

And then, suddenly, the door opened and Dean got ready to jump out!


It was a command in a twisted version of the voice that had earlier asked for his name.
And the Omega, angry and shocked, froze immediately, bowing his head and showing his neck to be either marked or killed, by cutting his vein or ripping out his throat.
Dean was shaking, he was terrified.
What was it with these Alphas it wasn’t normal for him to behave like that, no matter how strong they were, he had always been the one in control, he never bowed, not without his will or permission even though faked.
Dean had heard how other Omegas had described such a situation, how they have been dazed somehow, unable to do anything against the urge to obey or submit. But Dean had never experienced it himself.
It was disturbing to loose control like this. To be no longer the one in charge, even of your own needs and wants.
It was pathetic it was disgusting and, horrible to admit, arousing at the same time….

Finally Dean slightly surrendered, finding some odd peace in that moment as he waited for the inevitable to come.

But it didn’t happen.
There was no sharp paint, no hands, no shouts, nothing.
Instead the Shrimp opened the door and without any hesitation went into the backseat, right next to the other alpha, who remained in the dark background. *Sucker*, Dean thought.
Although he was just a ‘driver’ the short man didn’t seem to care at all, missing out on any kind of respectful or ranking relevant behavior. Which even the Omega knew about.

The Shrimp was holding something Dean couldn’t see very well from his still submissive posture and position.

“Wow…. Didn’t expect him to be so manageable.” The honey blond mentioned with that slight sarcastic amusement that left Dean biting his cheeks.
He felt so damn weak right now, thinking about the two Alphas that were judging him, starring at him and talking about him as if he wasn’t even there.
The Omega hated that but it wasn’t unusual behavior and they weren’t fucking or torturing him by now so Dean didn’t dare to complain.

“He is tall.” The shrimp mentioned again.
“...He is…, you know…, butch….” He continued. Dean could hear the disgust of that asshole as he was talking that arrogant and condescendingly.

“And you see …these scars… He looks more like a punching back than a cute, soft Omega…..” The shrimp went on, slightly pissing Dean off.
He’s got it, he was ugly and old and a bad Omega.

“… I don’t know? He might break just being around the others. And does he really know how to behave?” The short one didn’t stop and teased even more.
“It is a street whore I still don’t think it is a good idea. They will see his trashiness…..”
As the Shrimp took a breath to start another complain and insult, Dean finally snapped, breaking with his Omega personality like he had done so often, always ending up in trouble.

“THEN WHY did you bought me at all!!”
He growled with his deep warning voice, his eyes still fixed down, his body still locked in his seat and that damn submitting position.

Struck by that absolutely unexpected outburst, the shrimp went silent and Dean felt that small satisfaction of victory, while the other man watched with wide eyes.
If he had been insecure about his pick before, he as hell was sure now, Dean thought.

Castiel had stared in surprise the moment he had heard the Omegas unimpressed, angry voice growling at two Ultras. H
That moment he knew that he’d made the right choice, a small smile showed on his full lips, amusement and awe playing along.

And once again, it was realized by the honey blond.
*This could become interesting.* The alpha thought.
He leaned a bit forward trying to figure out what his Boss was seeing in that unusual Omega.


Gabriel commanded and a small blue one on the ceiling lightened the space to have a better look at what they’ve bought.

“Look up.” Came the next order. This time with a deeper, a rougher, but also more gentle voice than before.
It was the other one talking and Dean obeyed.

The two ‘Alphas’ were stunned the moment the Omega did follow, lifting his face to look at his obviously new Owners.
Gabriel flinched, furrowing his brows at those green glowing eyes, staring, glaring at them with such an angry fire…

These eyes didn’t ask for a command, in these eyes…, the look showed nothing else than strength and power. Eyes without fear or restrain that had seen hell.

“Holy crab!” The honey blond found his words back first.

“Eyes of an Alpha…!” The deep, gravy voice added, sending another wave of heat through Dean’s body. And this one was not out of discomfort.

The Omega now had a direct view of his customers. He asked himself which one would be first. There was no doubt both would want there time. He didn’t like the short honey blond, not a bit. But the other?
There was something about this dark haired one, the moment he’d spoken the first time, Dean had somehow been drawn in.
Now seeing those unbelievable blue eyes cased in a way to gentle face for this mans commands, Dean still couldn’t point it, but he was captured.
He wouldn’t mind to serve him, once
The Omega was long enough in this industry to get out some pleasure on his own. It didn’t happen that often and it had been a long while, but now and then, in the early years, he could have had some fun as well. It wouldn’t be that bad, if this would be his last, Dean thought.

“I may introduce ourselves, if you don’t mind.” The honey blond stepped in again.
“You’re allowed to call me Gabe.”
He offered generously.
“And the one you’re staring at, you will address him as ‘Master’ if not otherwise told.” The Shrimp finished obviously waiting for the Omega to affirm that he’d understood.
Dean nodded. His eyes still lost in this ocean blue of the other ‘Alpha’.
Gabe grinned at that.
These two became more and more interesting...


Castiel was fascinated by this Omega. The scent, even faint due to his own medication, was amazing.
Those jewels called eyes, that promised a peaceful mountain lake in a spring awaken forest. Not only that.
The Omegas unique features were even more impressive than the alpha had thought. This mans face was strong, shaped but nevertheless beautiful and soft, almost caring.
The most unexpected combination Castiel had ever seen.

He was eager to have it all, all to himself and all of it this close.
All of what he couldn’t enjoy during that time at the brothel, he wanted to see every piece of his now owned Omega, who was calling himself Dean.
The Image of him, looking up with those green eyes, and to think about owning this body had the ‘Alpha’ shivering in an unknown excitement, like a Teenager presented his first Omega.

To have this Man behave and obey to his word would be the most fulfilling pleasure for sure.

The Spirit of a Fighter, unbroken but damaged and ready to strike, the Ultra was stunned.
An Alpha banned in an Omega Spirit. It was as pathetic as it was awesome to see. Instead of Omega obedience, danger was radiating out from this strange Creature.

Castiel loved it and for a moment he felt sad that he would not have the possibility to try this man, to watch him bow, his power sealed and controlled while he would beg for what ever the Ultra would offer him.
Seeing him now, all fiery and wild but still posing, submitting and ready to be used in so many possible ways…

But they just needed this Omega for some time, nothing had changed that.


Since these weird ‘Alphas’ had allowed him to look up Dean was trying to stare them both into the ground.
It wasn’t common anymore that Omega’s were allowed to face the social higher ones.
Nowadays they basically had to bow down and look away at any moment and for/to any other living person even other Omegas who had an Owner.
As Dean has started in this business, it had been a different world.

Now Omegas had to wait for a given permission for almost everything. It was a Rule Dean had tremendous difficulties with.
For him it was even more reason to not waste any important second, and because of it, the moment Dean got his allowance for what ever, he took his advantage.

For now he was starring fiercely at the ‘Alphas’ that were still consulting about him.

First Dean had focused at that arrogant shrimp but he hesitated whenever he viewed the other one. The more he looked the more he found that one…..kinda… nice.
This awkward mix of dominance and care, of knowledge and simplicity of someone who had seen the world been born but still couldn’t understand that fragile system at all, was radiating from the dark haired.
Dean tried the word master as he looked at that ‘Alpha’.
It did feel wrong but maybe he could do that. It wouldn’t be the first time someone wanted to be called like that but generally it wasn’t that fitting, and held no meaning.
Although the face of this, ‘Master’, was way too soft for an alpha, the dark blond Omega thought, but his voice and eyes didn’t leave any doubt, this odd guy could kill, probably had already.
Hell, Dean would kill for him! And that was irritating, to say it at least.
He wanted to save and crush this guy at the same time and his inner Omega whispered in need, just to get a little bit closer… What the hell was wrong with him?!

Dean was staring, differently for quite some time now, focused only on the ‘Alphas’ lips, wondering how much this man could take and if he ever had. And that was by far no thought an Omega should ever have about an Alpha……any Alpha!


“He will do fine.” The dark haired mentioned, his eyes fixed at the Omega he now owned, and who was shivering through the praise.


“Dean?.....” The dark haired continued and Dean forgot about his name being dirtied, or used by this ‘Alpha’. It sounded like a Prayer and a Curse and both left the Omega breathless.

A dreadful thought crossed his mind. It would be the first time but why in chucks name now?
Could fate really be that gruesome, that disgustingly unfair?
Was it possible, that this damn alpha and he do fit?

“…you’re trained for?” The Dark haired asked but Dean just listened halfway. However, he got the question. But he hesitated. They’ve bought him at a brothel in the dump, what did they expect?
His irritation must have shown because the damn shrimp went in to explain.
Although Dean still couldn’t understand why the ‘driver’ was allowed in this, he listened.

“Honey we just need to clarify what we can expect from you and your performance.”
This time the Shrimps voice was like sweet, dripping from a lotus leaf and Dean disliked him even more.
But the Omega didn’t miss the mentioning of a performance which Dean was definitely no big fan of, especially if an audience would be involved.

Still, he just nodded since he had no clue where this was going. Every expectation he’d had so far had a different outcome and direction. They had not been attacked, yet! He had not been humped, yet! The Omega knew, he was still walking on thin ice here…

“I’ve been trained the Basics I and II and finished the first Education.” Dean finally answered.
It didn’t matter that he taught it himself by copying other Omegas.
The blue eyed alpha tilted his head in anticipation.
“So you be able to serve at outside events too. That is good. Do you have ability of any kind?” The Alpha questioned, neutral, but soft.
Dean wanted to sell himself high but as an Omega it was always better to keep it low. He’d learned that the painfully.

“No master.” He tried. But it still felt wrong.
The dark haired nodded while his Companion kept silently by his side, carefully watching the Omega.
For some reason Dean felt himself exposed right away… He had lied before, it was basically the main definition of his job, and he never had felt that wrong doing so.
He was glad as the interrogation went on without any sign of capturing his false information.

“Do you know some behavior rules of level 3?” The blue eyed ‘Alpha’ went on.
Dean needed to think about the answer.
Level 2 was high but Level 3 was as far away from his live as the next planet from his current position.
“I apologize, but no.” Dean told, not trying the ‘master’ again, for now.
The dark haired ‘Alpha’ nodded.
He did not judge. He hadn’t expected anything else, but he had to ask never the less.

Meanwhile, the shrimp just followed the on sided conversation and Dean didn’t mind, he did not feel as offended talking with the ‘cuter’ one.

“Your scent is really thin. Is this an illness or do you take suppressants?” The Alpha asked further on and Dean flinched.
It wasn’t welcome that whores dimmed down there hormones. It was on the opposite, customer’s prefered them always ready and reeking of heat.
A fact Dean could barely handle at all the places he’d stayed.
Those hormones triggered fear and aggression among the Omegas. A lot of them took medications to hold there heat at a constant high level in order to get more money. These drugs were used over years. They even change the body chemistry in an unhealthy way. Although the suppressants Dean took weren’t even better they prevented the customers from going nuts and just jumping him.
And to be as save as possible, not only at the prison like housings, whores were generally kept at, Dean took them constantly.
But he definitely didn’t want the two alphas to think of him as ill.
“I take suppressants.” He answered subdued.
Again the dark haired nodded, not judging again.

“Well that’s not perfect.” The shrimp considered.
“It’ll work out.” The other one, his ‘Master’ assured.
Leaving Dean delighted over that subtle approval.

Gabriel looked at the, way to expensive, golden vintage wristwatch.
“Well, we’ve got 3 hours.” He pointed.

And they weren’t finished yet.
Again the dark haired nodded at the smaller man before he turned to his Omega again.

“Omega you may’ve realized we are intending to leave the Outer Ring. You may know that we have to cross borders in order to do though.” He explained neutral and deep.
“Do you understand that?”
Dean nodded. He wasn’t stupid.
The strange Alpha accepted the sign of understanding with courtesy, although he saw the glimpse of dissatisfaction within those green eyes.

“Actually a great honor will be bestowed on you. We heading into the Inner City.“
Dean tried to keep calm. It wasn’t the honor speak that got him.
That didn’t meant anything, but to be able to cross the three borders and to be able to maybe see the inner city was something he’d never thought off in his whole live. It was just so impossible that even dreaming about it was so stupid and unreal that no one actually did. Dean hadn’t heard of anyone who could afford crossing even one border without paying his ‘soul’ for. And to think about crossing all three was just insane, impossible, especially for an Omega, and definitely for every one at the outer ring.
These societies didn’t mix up very well, if ever. People stay where they belong. The dark blond Omega of all knew that the best.

There was a price you have to pay when ever leaving your ground and it wasn’t always the money that did hurt the most.

“Strip your cloth.” The dark haired Ultra ordered.

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__________________________________Chapter VI________________________________

- revised -

They arrived at the first official Checkpoint, on there way to the inner City, about an hour later.
Dean had changed into the inner City Omega dress the shrimp had earlier get out of the trunk for him.
The black short pants weren’t that uncomfortable aside the fact that the soft laced fabric did not leave that much for the fantasy. It was transparent for the most parts.
But it smelled of fresh air, cool ocean breath and Alpha, clean.

His ‘Master’ had explained some simple ground rules of level 3, which basically had been the 1 o 1 of Omega behavior in public. But Dean had listened. Maybe it was just to relax, because this damn gravy voice was calming the Omega tremendously.
He still didn’t know this mans name though. And judging by the last hour he probably would never get it, which Dean was fine with. It wouldn’t make things unnecessarily complicated in the end.

The dark haired had also explained some basics that would be expected from Dean tonight. He’d also ask about the Omega’s Shoe- and Dress size which had been a bit odd.

But to Dean’s irritation and, he had to admit, enjoyment, there was not sexual interaction expected of him, by now. The Omega wasn’t sure if it still would occur later but for now he wanted to believe what the dark haired had told him about an Event he would just be needed for Company, although it definitely sounded too good to be truth.

But Dean wanted to believe, hoped, that there wouldn’t be any problems.
This ‘Master’ didn’t seem like that kind of ‘Alpha’. And although the Omega knew better than that, knew that there was no way to figure out his safety without any scent…, he wanted to believe…
But no matter how good Dean’s instinct could be, he still wasn’t able to scent this guy…


The black limousine past the first unofficial Control and Border without much difficulties thanks to the disinterest or fear of the dressed in black Guards.
They didn’t even look at the Backseat of that fancy Car.
The shrimp had probably paid a fee to get by, Dean thought.
Not that this would be something big for Alphas who could cross all borders from and to the Inner City.
Dean didn’t know much about the Inner Wall. He’d seen the High tower like every other Person living in/at the Outer Rings. But the only thing he knew for sure was that crossing there and, there fore any of the rings, would costs a large amount of money, which would even raise with every Checkpoint someone had to pass on the way to the Core.
Money, an Omega like Dean would never ever be able to collect in all of his lifetime, even serving Betas and Alphas 24/7 for the rest of his life.

He had never been at the Center. But he had crossed the first Ring Border, once in his life for private matter.
Dean had saved every Penny he could get his hands on and it had been the best and worst decision in his life to do so.
But the dark blond Omega had never left the Outlands. His life always had been at the Outer Ring, like the lives of so many, who had been fallen from the ‘better’ Society.

“First Point!” Gabriel informed over the Car’s Intercom, that they’d arrived the border.
The blue eyed in the back seat was focused on Dean alone.
“On the ground!”
He commanded and Dean obeyed.

The Omega moved his large body down and coiled himself up as much as possible. Not to hide, but to not strike any attention. He pretend to sleep and moved closer to his current ‘masters’ feed.
As the Car stopped Dean had himself positioned between the ‘Alphas’ legs, his hands hesitatingly holding to the other mans ankles in a typical Omega devotion.
He could hear the shrimp talking with someone on the outside but Dean was currently distracted and to unfocused to follow through.

Apparently though, these guards weren’t much interested in controlling and looking at the Backseat either. It must be great to be so exclusive, Dean thought about the fact that probably no one ever crossed that Checkpoint and path, and those who did, would automatically be seen as untouchable.

“None of ours.” Gabe informed his ‘Boss’ “They accepted the credits though.”
Well, Dean knew what that meant.
“It will probably not be that easy on the next.” The honey blond on the Drivers-seat finished.
And the dark haired nodded, casually stroking the hair of the Omegas obediently laying to his feet.


“Dean kneel.” The alpha stated after a few minutes. No order in his voice. Either way the dark blond followed and looked up, locking their eyes again.
He was just fascinated by the weird ‘Alpha’ who didn’t seem to mind.
It felt calming having the Omegas gaze upon him.
Castiel took a moment to get it together and to remember the next needed actions.

He reached for Dean’s cheek holding the Omegas face to keep him focused at him and to got a connection for himself, this one felt nice...
“You might have heard that the Inner City Omegas are more valuable than the others from the Outside. Even those from the first Ring.” The dark haired stated matter of factly.
And Yeah, Dean had heard they were arrogant…
But he kept silent, just watched his ‘master’ talking.

“There are some signatures needed that’ll prove you’re an Inner City Omega.”
That, Dean didn’t know, but it made sense, somehow...
“You’ll need these signs to be allowed within the core.” The deep voice went on.
“I will provide you with these signatures for the night. But it would be wise not to show it off to close to another Omega and definitely not another Alpha. We’ll be able to tell the different smell.” Castiel stated seriously.
Dean nodded but he got more and more insecure. This was getting complicated.

Normally customers bought him, got him, fucked him and the deal was done. But this was a whole new level, unknown territory and there fore, dangerous.

The dark haired Alpha turned slightly, leaving Dean’s face to open a small space between the black leather seats.
He took out a small silver, grey metal box and placed it by his side, only for Dean to get a better, direct look.
The Omega was still kneeling in front, using his hands to balance himself while the black rubber mats on the ground left marks on his hands and knees.

The ‘Alpha’ opened the Box with his Finger Print, satisfied realizing the nervousness and slight fear in the Omegas green eyes, with which he was following every move.
The ‘Alphas’ hands worked very efficiently and experienced, obviously it wasn’t the first time he was using that item.

Dean watched as the dark haired, slowly layed out two black drawers, which had been hidden in that metal case.
The first one contained some weird tools that looked like med. equipment and had Dean even more concerned.
The second one was closed and the stuff within still concealed.

The dark haired ‘alphas’ blue eyes traced over the Omegas features as he grabbed some disinfection ointment also equipped in that first drawer.

Castiel then got out some silicon gloves and some, although packed and sterilized, small silver rings which the dark haired looked at, once again focusing back at the still kneeling Omega before he decided otherwise and changed the silver Rings into some golden pieces.

Dean was getting nervous, he knew that kind of trappings.
Playing with Pain was a common thing within society but this looked like serious preparations for constant modification. It was dangerous to let that kind of play go on, it often and fast could went down the wrong path.
Not to mention, that every thing, every modification, that would stay, could end up as a serious deal breaker for obvious reasons.
First Dean wouldn’t be able to get the money he needed as a damaged good and second it would sign him as a broken tool, like so many of the addicted ones on the street.
It would be almost impossible to get some worthy and wealthy enough customer to even pay the basic fees.
The dark blond Omega backed away a bit, hesitating and trembling.

The Alpha ordered immediately. Not really focused on the man to his feet. The dark haired got another case out of the space between the leather seats he’d opened before.
He took his time opening the second box, slowly inhaling the rising fear coming from his newly received property still kneeling between his legs.
Dean starred in panic at the now presented cannula, and finally he lost it.
He straightened his body, clenched his muscles and backed off in a hurried move he realized to late, was a mistake, as he hit the Seat behind.
The dark blond Omega turned his head in irritation, again making another mistake this way in his growing distress.

Now it was too late to regain a better position, Dean felt the strong grip on one of his arms as he was pulled back, unable to even react as the ‘alpha’ forcefully pressed in the injection.

Dean starred at the dark haired, who seemed amused by the Omegas slightly irritated and betrayed look. In his last clear reflex Dean pulled back his arm almost breaking the needle still sticking in his bronze skin.
He started to sway immediately, still starring at those damn blue eyes and the small smirk on these full, soft lips, as his view got blurry and his body went numb somehow…

But Dean did not get down or passed out. The Omegas muscles just didn’t follow his orders anymore. He was helpless but not away. His mind was clear and he could see the Alpha reaching out for him and dragging his body any way the dark haired wanted it to be. Dean was moved back into his kneeling position. The dark haired leant the dark blond Omega back at the cold leather to give him some stabilization.
Dean’s eyes followed every action of the ‘Alpha’ in slow motion while he was manhandled in his helplessness.
As the dark haired was ready he hesitated for a moment. His blue eyes looked down at the Body beneath him. The slender finger dare to touch the Omegas cheek, slowly caressing the surprisingly soft skin. He smiled as he backed off, ripped open the first packs and put on the gloves.

Some disgusting part in Dean’s blurry brain shivered in excitement at that view.
Luckily his drugged Body didn’t show any sign of that.
The ‘Alpha’ then changed his position, sitting down on that seat Dean was leaning against, the Omega now sitting backwards between his legs, the opposite from before and the dark blond was just as beautiful from this back side, Castiel thought, his gloved hand carding through the short, stubbled hair, roaming down his neck and along the muscled shoulders.

It was exciting to know that his next actions couldn’t be seen by the Omega who was bowing his head through the gentle pressure of the ‘Alphas’ hand, showing Deans neck unprotected.

Something cool and moist was applied right there, carefully massaged onto/into the skin.
Dean could only feel the pressure of the fingers in contact with his body and he felt the loss of them as the Alpha moved again.
The man got another tool from the opposite seat. So Dean could see the object with that even bigger cannula. His hands lingered a while longer on that metal equip before he returned to his unmoved Omega.

There was just a small Pain, and Pressure as the thick needle went under Deans skin to inject the microchip of an owned Inner City Omega.
It didn’t hurt that much but it felt so wrong…
Castiel’ gently lifted the heavy head of his property by his skin, stretching the Omegas neck till these beautiful green jewels were staring up at him again.
“Almost there…….” He told Dean for irrelevant reasons.

The dark blond stayed limb, still watching the Alpha with his big, watery eyes.
The Omegas mind was starting to drift in that pouring sound of the cars engine and nothing seemed so problematic anymore.
The dark blond started to not care anymore and he didn’t even cared that he wasn’t caring.
Dean just wanted to swim in those blue eyes looking at him. He smiled slightly, liking the reflection of that expression on his tonight’s ‘master’face.

Strong hands grabbed Deans Body and he easily was lifted on the seat he had leaned against till now. His body was layed down like it was nothing. And the Omega was so gone, he didn’t care as long as the dark haired alpha smiled again at him.

But the dark haired had moved and was back at the silver boxes again.
He was taking off his gloves to clean his hands and get some new ones for the next steps.
He was thoroughly with the antiseptics although he wouldn’t mind using his bare hands.
But the Ultra knew how fragile those outside Omegas could be and even if he was immune to a lot of there illnesses, the dark haired preferred not to get any of them.

As he was prepared again he returned to the Omega who was still laying on his back, starring at him and waiting for what ever the alpha was planning, not that he had any other option or say in that anyway.
For the Ultra it didn’t matter that Dean was actually drugged. In Castiels mind, the Omega was waiting for him.
Dean could see the shiny things in those elegant white fingers, as the dark haired turned the Rings in his hands as if to check them one last time.

There were two. One big and a small one, both of them connected with a small golden, very exquisite and elegant golden bracelet.
The Alpha knew silver would be much more powerful but gold just seemed the better fit for this Omega skin.
Castiel looked at the small symbol on the bigger ring. To think about the Omega wearing his symbol on the most sensitive Body part was exciting.

The Rings and the sterilized piercing needle slowly warmed in the alphas hands as his eyes followed the firm body line showing under the thin layer of fabric of the black Omega cloth.
Castiel smiled, kneeling down himself to be able to reach the dark blonds Body middle.

His hands moved slowly as he pulled up the black transparent underskirt just enough to get a better access. Again he was impressed like the moment the Omega had stripped down to change the clothes. Once more Castiel was wondering how an Omega could be as packed as this one.
They weren’t supposed to be like that. Well, generally they were way younger and years away from fully grown when they were replaced. But even grown up, these creatures just weren’t supposed to be that build, especially not between there legs. There was just no need for them to look like betas or alphas not to mention them being fully functional.
Under different circumstances it would have been very interesting to figure this out, Castiel thought, gently caressing along Deans soft pubic hair not touching any further down…
It was rare for an Omega to have completely formed genitals.
Nowadays some Alphas felt very demeaned and intimidated facing such a development...

Castiel was just slightly smiling as he was pulling down the also transparent black trunks, thinking about how many of Deans Customers had felt that way, seeing this Omega up front?
Apparently it could be a big Deal for some higher ups…

Dean gave a small, whiny whimper, as the drug was slightly wearing off…


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_________________________________Chapter VII________________________________

- revised -

The drug was slightly wearing off, and Castiel realized it with a slight pleasure and excitement.
There fore the ‘Alpha’ hurried to finish his actions for the first part.
He really wanted to see the last piece of an owned Omega on this particular one, on Dean.

The Image of the green eyes looking up, and the ownership over this body, Castiel shivered in anticipation, just thinking about it.

With perfect efficiency the dark haired put the Jewelry in place.
The small golden frenum ring piercing did fit perfectly at/to the bronze skin of the Omega, as well as the golden bracelet connected to the piercing at the tip of the Omegas penis. The cockring, and the small plate at the scrotum, engraved with the Alphas house insignia completed the whole picture.
The plate was positioned at the scrotums upper side, centered and held in place with the same golden bracelet that was chaining the frenum ring, before it ended at a simple pendant out of three bowls right between the Omegas legs.
Dean hadn’t moved a single bit but he slowly started to feel the pain from those alterations done to his body. It already could be seen on the Omegas face, and much to the ‘Alphas’ excitement.

Castiel leant back a bit to examine the result of his work, and in his eyes, it was beautiful.
Just one thing he would change if he could, the blue eyed man thought.
Either the pendant or the plate would look much better with a gemstone fitting the green of his Omegas eyes.

Castiel applied some disinfection ointment to the fresh wounds, soothing the dizzy Omega as he jerked at the burn, before he took off the gloves and gently caressed Dean’s cheek.
He carefully pulled the Trunks back up, looking down at the now almost owned man.

“One thing left.” He whispered deeply, almost leaning against the Omegas forehead.

The next step got the Alpha really excited while Dean slowly started to move, just a little bit more.
The dark blond started to feel a numb pain, still from a far distance.
Castiel was thrilled, fascinated to know, that the Omega would feel the next procedure just fine as the immobilizing drug was fading more and more. The tall ‘Alpha’ smiled as he got a pouch, satin lined bag out of his suits inside pocket.

He leaned over to look into his Omegas, Deans, eyes.
“They are almost a pattern of my own.” He explained, close to the Omegas ear, not touching him just yet.
Dean let out little moans as the drug slowly went off even more.
It was still, not enough to allow the tall dark blond to move on his own but now, he could feel the changes that had been done to him, more clearly, more obvious.

Castiel helped Dean up, positioning the shaking, slightly swaying Omega back on his knees. Positioning him back right between his legs sitting back down on the leather seats himself.

Once again the ‘Alpha’ was running his fingers through the Omegas soft hair, along the nape of his neck and over the still covered shoulders… Once again Castiel thought of this Omega as beautiful, unique and extraordinaire, something that had always spiked the ‘Alphas’ interest.
The gentle hands lingered a little bit longer on the Humans heated skin, massaging softly over the tensed neck muscles…
This would be the best position, giving the best access for the next part of owning.

Castiel focused back on the small pouch to open in.
He hadn’t done this before and even thought it wouldn’t be a real mating mark, it still felt very intimate to prepare for it right now, in some way...

The dark haired was turning the silver piece, he’d gotten out of the bag, between his fingers. Concurrently showing the silver fangs in front of the Omegas face, watching the shimmering in that dimmed car light.

Dean slowly had raised his head as he’d eyed the metal in between the alphas fingers, and now his eyes widened in terrifying understanding.
The dark haired watched with joy the showing confusion and fear as his Omega dared to turn back at him, these green jewels begging, pleading.
A deep satisfaction flooded through the alphas body, leaving him more aroused than he was used to.
It was something he’d never experienced before to such a degree and the ‘Alpha’ growled, hummed in deep desire.
He lowered his hands, his slender fingers caressing Deans shoulders and neck which the Omega was presenting in that naturally imprinted gesture since the moment his ‘Alpha’ had gently turned his face back forward.

Dean wasn’t willing to present, wasn’t approving this, the slightest bit in his sobering mind.
Once more he hated his Preference as he was still presenting, still awaiting the mark of an ‘Alpha’, a Stranger, a mere Customer about to decide over his life.
Dean had never done this, never bowed down so far. Never felt the urge to do so.

The Omega’s logic mind was screaming, his own personality was howling in despair about the Situation he had ended up in right now. Dean wanted to fight back to turn and rip this blue eyed Bastard apart, but again, these alphas were somehow strange, to strong, to powerful and somehow way more dangerous than any other Dean had ever met in his life, or through his job in general.

Castiel on the other hand, he was flattered and impressed to get such an obediently, perfect response by that beautiful Omega and just from a mere touch.
It didn’t matter if the presentation was an imprinted reaction or not, Castiel just saw a willing Omega, a waiting Omega, a presenting Omega to either be killed or marked.
And the dark haired had no intention in killing this one, his body showing that very clear!

In fascination the ‘Alpha’ studied the Omegas posture, the bared neck, the shallow breathing…, Castiel was more than pleased to see that perfection, to see such devotion towards, and only for, him…

It was almost perfect but the ‘Alpha’ would have preferred, at the real occasion, to look at these intensely deep green jewels of his Omega, looking at him in nervousness and insecurity waiting for his mate to own him completely.
Other than that, it was just like the blue eyed alpha had always imagined a marking moment would be.

Castiels thumb massaged a bit more forcefully on a spot that was drawing in his attention the most, before he moved the fabric of the Omega clothing.
There it would be, there it had to be, his logic mind already gone, taken over by the more animalistic side of an ancient ‘Alpha’.
Castiel positioned the silver tool in his free hand to get a better hold, not caring about the panic and distress slightly wafting over from the helpless man, kneeling right in front of him, with his back turned and still perfectly presenting.

Dean’s mind was screaming >NO!< all the time, but his lips didn’t part. He didn’t make any sound, not once, although the Omega screamed and hit and kicked from the inside.
But he was unable to bring it out, to be heard in any way, his lips kept sealed and his protest remained silent.


But that couldn’t happen! Dean managed a small whimpering, seeing his fate been sealed. With a mark like this, he wouldn’t be able to work, he wouldn’t be able to get money, he wouldn’t even be able to be anywhere on the outside.
He would be dogfoot for every one, a tool to be used as liked by the lowest of the low.

Even knowing all of that, instead of moving, pushing the alpha away Dean’s body just stayed, presenting his neck to an alpha and waiting for marking or death. Which would be the exact same for the Omega whore…

The alpha proudly looked at the handmade silver Fang pattern. Of cause there had been some differences worked in, just in case, but still, at the base, it contained the Alphas Fangs.

And Castiel felt proud to be the first and only one who would broke the Skin of this specific Omega, with his masterpiece.
The dark haired didn’t even put gloves on this time. He wanted to be as much connected as possible for this, once sacred act of bounding.
His fingers again caressed Deans shoulder and neck, massaging some cool ointment, Dean had not even seen him taking. Castiel was completely focused on the/that one spot he’d chosen.
Dean tried again to move away, to get out a warning or a cry or a scream or to do anything that would stop the Alpha.
But the dark haired was to far gone to even realize any reaction in his Omega, and Dean still couldn’t do anything.
Castiel positioned the metal fangs on/at the Omegas shoulder/neck and laid his hand on top.

Before he started pressing it together, at first slightly, to punctuate at the chosen place…, and than, all of a sudden, Castiel pushed it down with such force and power that it immediately broke Dean’s skin, further and further down, till red streams started running down the Omegas shoulder.
And finally, Dean screamed…

…as his blue eyed customer got carried away, bending down to have a taste of this beautifully presented red color.
The ‘Alpha’ gently sucked at that sweet full scent he could test now for the first time…
While the Omega beneath was squirming, and still screaming in pain and agony, before his surrounding thankfully went dark…


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_________________________________Chapter VIII________________________________

- revised -

Sam entered the room an hour later, carrying the Math books Bobby had somehow managed to buy.
It was Alpha math second level it wasn’t something a Beta was aloud to have, chuck beware an Omega.
The tall dark haired Beta did not expect Tailor to be in the class he was giving for some of the other Omegas in Bobby’s care, and one or two from the outside, working or living with trustful others/owners.

Since Sam had started these classes, his students had made extreme progress, proving that they’re worth way more than society allowed them to be in nowadays society. Sam knew it was the right thing to do but sometimes he got anxious if showing them, their potential and real abilities, knowing that they probably never would be able or allowed to use them, might be more of a curse than blessing.
But in those times it was Bobby who was telling him that, even though his students would not use it now, didn’t meant that they would not use it ever. And that hidden knowledge always would be better than knowing nothing. No matter for how long the knowledge might be hidden, because the moment times would change again, and they always will, the knowledge Sam was teaching now would be available right away. And it would help to start anew.

The old man always made it sound like a military operation and maybe he was right to see it that way, judging by the lately ongoing changes within their world, Sam thought.
Giving knowledge that soon would be forbidden. All of it would be carried by every Omega they could reach up to, to save it through the ages. It wasn’t that bad, Sam thought.

The tall Beta greeted the 4 Girls and 6 Boys who were waiting as he entered the small room at the back of Bobbys garage.
The Omegas smiled and each and every one of them looked Sam right into the eyes.
And Sam felt proud and moved to see them like that. In these moments he knew he was doing the right thing.

Sadly though, as expected, Tailor wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
And it was the painful truth Sam understood, that he couldn’t reach all of them.
But the ones he could, Sam would teach as much as possible and he would train them to hide it even if it had a bitter taste on that.
It wouldn’t be the first time anyway. Sam had learned as a kid how to behave, to not be seen, how to hide what you were capable of and to play along when ever needed.
It weren’t Sam’s favorite lessons to learn but thanks to them he’d survived, and even more, the Beta was able to find himself on the way.


Dean came to mind slowly, his body was hurting and somehow itching.
There was a burning sensation between his inner thighs, and something really painfully pulsating between his shoulder and neck.
The Omega immediately wanted to touch were it hurt. But a gentle hand stopped his slow motion.
“You better not touch it yet.” The Alpha looked down on Dean, his face emotionless but soft.
He even smiled slightly as he stroked away some hair stuck to the Omegas sweaty forehead.

“You’ve been so well.” He praised.
It sounded hollow in Dean’s ears. The dark blond could feel the rubber mat leaving signs on his whole body. He must have been lying on the ground for some time now.
His head was still spinning and the world was befogged somehow. Dean felt numb and detached in a bad way.

“We will be at the next checkpoint in no time.” The alpha explained with anticipation in his voice, sounding like a child getting a new toy.
The dark haired bowed down to his Omega, enjoying the view and scent he could still taste from the open wound on the neck.
“You have to show me some respect.” His voice was still gentle but within his tone there was a clear order playing along.
Deans head was still nebulous but he got up, slowly, needing to adjust to the spinning before he could crawl closer to the damn blue eyed, positioning himself between his, now, masters legs.
The dark blond whore kneeled down as expected, his inner thigh, neck and shoulders burning painfully at any of his slight movements.

“Two….” Gab told through the intercome.
The alpha stroked his Omegas hair. Now and then grabbing somehow harder, massaging the head. It was calming and Dean could at least rest some more, even though the alpha pulled him closer to his inner thighs and lap.

The dark blond was still in shock as it was to be expected being marked, even more so if done without permission. Dean was acting on autopilot, years as a whore made it easy to perform and to react just as wished by a ‘paying’ customer.
As the alpha pulled on his short hair again, Dean stuck out his tongue, automatically licking at the luxury fabric of the alphas Suit pants that Castiel was wearing.
The dark haired ‘Alpha’ leaned back, resting his head on the cool leather car seat, softly moaning at the arousing warm feeling to his crotch.


This time the guard ordered to have a look inside, but they looked down immediately turning away seeing an Alpha being pleasured/pleased by his Pet.

They looked down fast enough to not get a detailed or even close enough view of the Passengers, to later possibly be able to describe either, the Alpha or the Omega.
And that was exactly how it was supposed to be.

As they drove on, the dark haired allowed Dean to lay down a bit and change from his kneeling position to a more comforting, relaxing position for the fresh wound between his legs.
His Alpha would tell him when they would arrive at the next border crossing and checkpoint.
The Alpha would tell him to repeat that last ‘sensual’ action but this time his new Owner would probably demand it for real.
Dean simply nodded and rested back down on the ground.


It didn’t take long this time. At least, Dean thought that it wasn’t long until he heard the order for him to get up again.
“Dean, come here, repeat.”

The Alphas voice was softer this time, and Dean obeyed. Although his head was almost clear, the drug almost gone, he obeyed.
Since the mark he didn’t thought about not doing it at all. Something had changed in his behavior toward this blue eyed man. Dean could feel it within his veins.
The dislike of following an order was gone somehow. To obey seemed naturally now and it was less of an own decision or urge, than a natural interaction, a weird nonverbal communication.
It didn’t cost as much effort to do what obviously was expected from him, as the dark blond was used to in this kind of work. It was like a burden was lifted but then there was something missing. It felt uncompleted somehow and empty.

Dean focused on the stinging pain in his body as he moved again but he tried to ignore it. In all his Years he’s learned to keep calm. There was no way out in sight any way, so he did what he was used to in order to survive that far, and easily the dark blond followed his ‘masters’, his customers wishes.
He was an Omega whore and if nothing else, he was a Great one!

Dean opened his mouth, slowly hovering over the fabric at the alphas lap, now and then tasting it with his lips.
He opened the zipper, and by the time the guards were having a look, the Alpha was moaning in pleasure and bliss.


He hadn’t planed to went that far but seeing the Omega between his legs, bobbing his head…, feeling him so close, it was just so irresistible.
The ‘Alphas’ eyes closed shut and his head felt back again as he came between these sinful lips.
While he was carefully watched by those burning emeralds as he whispered the Omegas name.


The next time the limousines door opened, Dean was still kneeling between the Alphas legs. His head was resting at Castiels lap with his green eyes closed.
The Omega was dozing a bit while the elegant, pale Fingers of his ‘master’ stroked his hair and neck.

Castiel was leaning back, satisfied and calm like he rarely had a chance to be.
Gabe held the door open for his boss to get out first. The honey blond was grinning knowingly.
Dean lazily moved, he knew already what would be expected from him, how this night would go on.
He was told the Rules of Level 3 training which he would need that night. Dean had been told what he was expected to say and to whom, if asked and necessary.
But again, and not for the first time the dark blond Omega was surprised as he got order to look up.

They weren’t anywhere near the Tower, were his master had told the Dinner would take place. Instead the dark limousine had stopped in front of a fancy Tailor parlor, already awaited by a nervous and way to nice acting and bowing Beta.
Dean could easily tell by the scent.
It was the first time in the Omegas life seeing a Beta bowing that far down, and it was the first time in his life someone did that to him in a social situation and not in some strange paid for Roll play.

Was it ever heard of a Beta bowing for an Omega, Dean tried to remember, while the Tailor starred at his shoulder wound and just did what he had to do.
This huge Omega was obviously an Ultras mate and there for much higher ranked than the craftsman would ever be.
The green eyes blinked in surprise as the Beta looked down to not directly face the Omega and not, as usually, to avoid the view of something disgusting, but instead to looked down out of respect, and probably fear because of the dark haired next to Dean…
It was a new sensation, one that Dean enjoyed to his own irritation and amazement.

The driver, who, Dean had decided, was more of a general assistant, started talking to the Tailor and Dean himself used the opportunity to finally look at the surrounding.
The Omega had never been at the inner City, not to mention ever close to the Core.
And the Omega had never seen anything like this at all.

Even the Outer Rings had urban areas but the Omega had always lived in a more industrial surrounding himself. He just couldn’t afford any other standards especially as an unmated Omega.
But this, Dean looked around, impressed, surprised and in awe. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. His current ‘master’ and the Tailors reaction gave the Omega a feeling of being safe, something he’d never experienced like this before.
The Alpha watched his property looking around like a curious kid and smiled generously.

Dean starred at the sky high glass buildings, glowing golden and white in the night air, outshining even the stars at the midnight blue, black sky.
Nothing was dark here, like Dean was so used to.
There where lights every where, clean bright white streets and green Oasis at any Corner, on the roofs and terraces. Even at the glass Building entrances were small greened places.
The air was clean, for chucks sake, as clean as Dean had never ever smelled it in his whole life. There was no disturbing or distracting smell, no scent of needy Omega’s in heat, on Drugs or ill. There was no Alpha Rage in the air, holding the Omegas tense at almost every time.
Just normal, fresh, clean nature smell, even the sweet of flowers streamed through Deans nostrils. He was just blown away as a warm Body in his back recalled him to reality.
His Alpha was standing behind him, scenting his Omegas current mood, smiling at his overwhelmed and enjoyable emotions.

“Please, this way.”
The Tailor Beta hurried, still bowing while guiding the ‘Ultras’ and their Omega inside. Deans ‘master’ went first, followed by the barefoot and barely dressed dark blond while Gabe looked at the Area and went in last, stopping at the second door, holding his position as the dark haired ‘Alpha’ and Dean followed the Tailor into the back of this expensive parlor. Again, something Dean had never seen before.

“Get up there.”
Castiel gestured, pointing on a small round stage at the centre of the room. The tall dark blond stepped on it and waited while his ‘master’ talked to the, obviously known Beta who took a digital pad for the details.

“I guest of dark silver grey, slightly dull.” He mentioned looking at Dean, gesturing around, giving details to the nodding Beta. “Maybe dark blue shirt, red tie.” His arms folded in front of his chest.
“Sir?!” The Beta asked respectful. “He isn’t wearing any shoes?” The Tailor stopped obviously sure that the Ultra had understood.
“Dark brown, classic.” Castiel decided to the nodding Beta writing it all down as fast as possible.
“Would you like for the mark to be seen?!” The shorter man asked, already creating an outfit on the Systems Computer.
The Alpha tilted his head, as if to think about it or imaging the picture.
“No.” He finally decided somehow unpleased with his own decision.
“But for the cuffs…I would like a perfect short fitting…”
“No…, leave enough room, make it Alpha fitting. If he moves it’ll be seen anyway.” Castiel made up his mind for this alternative, it would anger some superior but look better on his ‘Mate’. The dark haired Ultra smiled at the image in his head as the tall, strong Omega was walking by his side in ‘Alpha’ clothing that would not be cut open and shortened like it had become fashion a while ago.
Although his mark would be much more impressive if seen, it was to new to show it off just yet and the cuffs would do just fine as well. The dark haired nodded to himself.
And the Beta mirrored that posture as he got to work by measuring the Omegas Body, which he needed a small ladder to do so.
This Omega was damn tall, he thought, but definitely not mentioning this.


Their next stop, just a few hours later was even more confusing and unreal.
It was at a jewelry store a few minutes away.
Dean was still in his transparent Omega fabric and barefoot as they stepped out, repeating the scene from the Tailors Parlor.
His Alpha went in, followed by Dean while Gabe waited on the outside.

This time another ‘Alpha’ stepped forward, reaching for the dark haired hands to shake, which was done without hesitation. There was still no scent but Dean had learned to read Humans in other ways.
The old man looked around the dark haired, watching the Omega in the back.
“So? That’s him?!” The old man got a bit closer to have a better look at the immovable Omega who probably towered over him by two heads.
“Indeed a true beauty of the old days.” The old Alpha praised, humming in approval at the stunning man in front of him.
“I get the wish of yours.” He added before getting back his attention to Deans new Owner.

The grey haired hurried behind the counter as Deans ‘master’ followed.
With great interest the green eyes watched as Castiel put up the black velvet box he had taken out from the Car, opening it for the old man to see.
Something Dean couldn’t from his position.
“They are still beautiful.” The jeweler seemed to drift into memory at the sight.
“And, I guess I do have the perfect fitting green you’re looking for.” The artist mentioned.
“Give me… maybe 30min?” The old man looked at the Ultra in front, asking for this mans permission. And the dark haired did nod.


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_________________________________Chapter IX_________________________________

- revised -

Everything happened in a rush, in a blur even.
A mix of pain and excitement, it was like falling or losing the floor beneath the feed, as he walked slightly behind the dark haired ‘Alpha’.
Every one starred, every one whispered. The dark blond Omega was scant up and down by Alphas, Betas and even some Omegas who dared to lift there eyes up for a sec.
His ‘master’ didn’t seem to mind and he was measured too.

Castiel did not blink, didn’t shake or hesitated at any moment and Dean, to his surprise, got strength out of that.
He straightened himself to show his whole length and looked up completely, although he was still carefully avoiding the eyes of other Alphas, but definitely messing with some Beta’s who physically hurried a step back by surprise.
And Dean could see, could feel the pride radiating from his temporary ‘master’. The dark haired was not only ok with the Omega testing the new position, he seemed to enjoy Dean doing so. *A long leach.* The dark blond thought and posed even more.

It wasn’t the first time Dean was irritated by this ‘Alphas’ behavior and reaction that didn’t seem to follow any of the usually known pattern.
Dean had realized that the blue eyed was a bit shorter than him but never the less, as he got him dressed the ‘Alpha’ had insisted on some shoes with small heels for the Omega to appear even taller. He did not only wanted his property to appear as rare as he was, he wanted him to attract even more attention by underlining his atypical features, the blue eyed dork wanted his Omega to be seen. That was so odd, Dean thought.
The man maybe was way more perverted than he’d thought before.

Apparently though, the Winchesters own Persona seem to get along very well with this ‘lead’.
And so Dean walked proudly, head high next to his “Master”, which, for the first time, didn’t sound so bad anymore…

Since he was dressed in this suit, worth probably 10 times the money he would be able to earn in all of his life even working 24/7, Dean got a bit carried away. Especially now, feeling the pleasant heaviness of the cuffs and the collar, given to him just a few minutes before leaving the car.


His Alpha had held him down on the knees as the Limousine had stopped in front of the marble Entrance of the Artefact – Historical - museum.
He had opened the black velvet box and showed his Omega the golden Ornaments on the fine brown leather.
The dark haired had explained that the Symbols engraved on the collar named the Family of the Owner and there own guideline or wishes for the mate.
In this case, of course, the head note of the Alphas house. Not explained further tho.

The Collar was connected to the hand cuffs by two golden chains with strong links.
The hand cuffs were created out of the same Leather as the collar but instead of writing in letters Dean had never seen, there were Ornaments of swords ending in similar wings. One wing on the left cuff, one wing on the right side, hold together, creating a pair of full wings, ready to fly.
Dean was explained that these hold the class the Owner was in. But the dark haired did not explain which class this cuffs stand for either.

The blue eyes of the Alpha had glowed mysteriously as he had applied the collar to the head bowing Omega.
He had not worked right to the cuffs afterwards, and just looked at the current picture for a moment of desire.
The pale fingers had caressed the emeralds, that had been framed in just around an hour ago, and some of the bronze skin beneath the collar.
Only after that short moment of satisfaction the ‘Master’ had went on, obviously pleased with the result.

The dark haired had lifted one of the Omegas rough hands, a sign of a working life not many at the inner city ever experienced.
He had lift the fingers to his lips and kissed the tips. Fascinated by there difference, compared to his soft and well kept ones.
Dean had watched these gestures with interest but not much affection. It wasn’t rare for a customer to do this before changing into wanting.
But the feeling of the cuffs and collar he did like a lot.
It was kinda heavy and soft and cool on the skin at the same time. Dean had watched the Alpha slipping the cuffs over his wrists, dangerously enjoying that slight tingly feeling it had created within him.

These things were just incredible, something Dean had never seen or worn or even imagined before.
The golden wings were overlapping the Leather and the longest tip of the feathers pointed to the middle finger knuckle of each hand. They’d closed exactly, perfectly around the Omegas wrists as the mechanism within had adjusted like the collar had done before, locking around the dark blonds neck.

The moment all three parts had closed securely and this way somehow been connected, they glowed for a short moment sending a vibrating energy through the Omegas body. Dean had looked surprised but his ‘master’ had smiled.

“You are now connected to the system.” He had mentioned proudly, again not explaining it any further.

Dean knew that all of it was an act, but really he couldn’t fight it and got carried away even more in this momentarily illusion of an owner he belonged to and a place he’d searched for and deserved for all of his life.
A home, side by side with his worthy alpha, a dream, a false hope not only a few whores were clinging too..., and Dean hated himself for falling for this lie as well.

The illusion had changed ‘slightly’ as the car door had finally been opened and the flash lights of hundreds of cameras had blinded the Omega.


He’d followed his ‘master’ right away but this world, that the dark haired seemed so perfectly at home at/in, just wasn’t Deans.
He felt insecure and vulnerable, and to his own annoyance, all of it he felt because he feared to embarrass his owner.
The dark blond Omega did not like that.

He’d always been his own boss, always almost only responsible for himself.
Dean hadn’t felt that jaggy since his troublesome youth.
Now holding the burden of somehow being responsible for, someone else than him, was overwhelming and not in a good way. Especially since it was a forced burden, only Dean would still feel responsible to fulfill.

But again, he held it together, orientating himself at the Alpha who was leading him right now.
They walked on the red carpet, lined by, maybe journalists or other spectators at the sides. There were others around, walking along, posing.
Some Alphas stopped and talked to the press.
Deans ‘master’ just went by. Greeting now and then but not paying anymore attention to the calls in his direction.

Dean looked around as unseen as possible and tried to hide his reaction to the mostly naked Omegas, kneeling or crawling next to there Owners. He was actually one of One who was respectfully dressed.
And not only dressed, but wearing Clothes, even more outshining than some of the Alphas were costumed with. This world was weird, the dark blond thought as even some Alphas started bowing to him definitely, and even though identifying him as an Omega.

A warm wave of satisfaction, calm and serene washed over the dark blond and the three parts of his chain glowed slightly.
Dean would have liked to ask what that was about but it wasn’t his position to do so and there fore he kept silent, again just watching that circus around.
Close to the Entrance he suddenly noticed some of the Bystanders glaring at the cuffs and the collar that was showing while he was walking.
They started talking and typing on their digital devices.
Dean just hurried to get closer to his ‘Owner’.


They’d passed the Entrance with its high marble consoles and pillars, straight through a golden lit and out of marble, created vestibule before they’d ended in one of the first exhibition spaces/halls.

Dean felt like he was transported into a lucid drug dream.
The hall they stood in now was filled with Minerals of any kind, Meteor fragments and stoned fossils, glittering in the spotlights all around. None of it Dean had ever seen before and his green eyes widened, competing with some of the brighter Artifacts.

But the Omega was ripped out of his high flying illusion right away.
He was reminded the next moment what he was positioned in and what he was to be used for.
Not even being a whore, but being born Omega, which was the main problem in the firs place.

His Alpha had stopped watching the prepared Structure at the Centre of this hall.
A fully transparent Glass cube, obviously erected, build right there at the centre for this Event only.
It was positioned on a stage for every one to see, all of what was presented there…
Dean starred at the naked Bodies shown on top of this stage and at the Centre of this transparent cube, right now.
A skinny man in a white coat surrounded the Omega standing arms and legs spread apart to allow a better access and view.
There were a lot of Alphas and Betas standing next to that “Stage” looking up and judging the Creature presented to be verified as inner City Material.
Apparently any Omega who would be allowed into the next room had to undergo that examination.
Dean watched, slightly frowning, even though an affront, the man in the white coat studying the chip and the given information.
Next, the supposed to be ‘Medic’, looked at the mating mark and the signs that an inner City Omega had to wear.
The “Dr.” did not touch the Boy, did not get closer than necessary but his eyes showed his truth nature, a nature Dean had seen and experienced so often with customers. But this guy was watched by the audience, any of his actions carefully overlooked, for what kind of benefit wasn’t obvious immediately.


It was just part of a High Security System, Dean realized. It was prepared before they had even entered the Main hall and of course, this humiliation was only for the Omegas.
But it wasn’t the security check that reminded Dean of an Omegas position in this society, it was the way they did check on them.
The Alphas, the Owners just walked by to wait at the other side till the examination of his or her Property was done. Each of them willingly and without hesitation putting their mates, or just company on display like this, to show their worth and position, prestige and rank…
Dean couldn’t, didn’t want to gulp down the growl that escaped in his displease.

His blue eyed ‘Alpha’ was willing to let this slight misdemeanor slip for the moment and simply moved on while his Omega obediently followed.
There was a line Castiel was heading too.
He waited till his Omega was close enough to reach at and than he turned, facing Dean. The ‘Alpha’ smiled and reached at the back of the Omegas neck, well not exactly his neck but the back of the collar.
Immediately the golden chains, connecting the collar and the cuffs disappeared, leaving Dean surprised.
Again the Alpha smiled and leaned in a bit further.
“It is a Hologram.” He whispered close to Deans ear leaving the image of an Alpha giving his Omega an affectionate kiss on the cheek.
It was working well with the audience, which commented this gesture with whispered aw’s and ohhhs…..

Dean however did not fall for that.
He knew it was an act and the Alpha had paid for it.
The tall dark blond was expected to go next as one of the “Dr.” Assistant came to get him.
The moment his ‘master’ nodded his approval, the laser barrier was opened and Dean guided through the line of guards to that small space prepared to inform the Omega on how he was expected to undress.
Now Dean understood why his ‘Master’ had disconnected the digital chains. Without them activated he could undress, it would have been impossible with it.
Dean followed the Assistant who did not touch him either. It was a mute Beta who just gestured at the stage. The Omega followed, ready to be looked at, ready to be judged and ready to be humiliated once more.


As he stepped into that glass cube, waiting till the obviously soundproof Box would close, Dean was wondering what kind of brain would ever come up with such disgusting Rituals and when it had started?

Thankfully, or not, all the inside walls of that cubic construction were mirrored, preventing that the Omegas wouldn’t, couldn’t see the starring audience.
The skinny man in his white coat, Dean wasn’t sure if he really was a Dr, told him to step into a glowing Ring on the ground and to take of his clothes as explained. The skinny, maybe Dr. was an Alpha trying to hide his excitement about his job.
Dean knew these kind of weak Alphas all to well. Those assholes got hard thinking about how great they ones would be and in reality, no Omega would follow there orders if not hit or forced to do so. Those bastards got off on there working position course it was the only place they could give orders and people had to follow.
Dean felt dirty just having this Alphas eyes on him. He was told to go slow stripping down. The Omega was just thankful he hadn’t been ordered to dance.
This skinny creep pissed Dean off, but never the less, as an Omega, he obeyed.
The dark blond considered making it a cheap show, leaving this a-hole unsatisfied and drooling for nothing, but on the other hand he wouldn’t make any impact, wouldn’t leave any impression for his ‘master’ by the audience to see, either.
Dean was to long in the body buying business to not realize what this scenery was meant and created for.


Castiel followed every step from the outside. He was constantly watching over the skinny man who his Omega obviously disliked very much. For some strange reason the dark haired ‘Alpha’ felt the distress of his Property directly through himself.
Naturally, although unknown before, Castiel posed, his body straightened his chest puffed and he was growling slightly, equally disliking the ‘Doctor’, the stranger currently surrounding his mate.
It was just another irritating Revelation the tall Ultra had to face right now and worryingly enough, Castiel was enjoying this building inner fire…
The blue eyed was fascinated though, but still intensely watching the cube and his Omega.


Dean had stripped down his expensive suit and the other layers and his ‘Alpha’ was pleased once more to see the nature of his picked piece. He didn’t care about the comments, didn’t care about the dislike some of the others watching were giving at/about his beautiful, shaped … “Warrior”…, the ‘Alpha’ mouthed.
It was the moment Castiel realized what it was attracting him, drawing him towards this unusual dark blond man.
The audience got anxious, discussing the Omegas full build and seize. Not all seemed that reluctant, though.

Meanwhile Dean was ordered to bow his head to have the system scan his neck and the implanted chip.
It was that moment that Dean really understood what the alpha had done to him a few hours before. It was the moment he saw it himself, for the very first time, all on the open and on full display.


A crystal like structure, in a reversed pyramid hanging from the Ceiling of the glass-cube finally scanned the chip.
The data was immediately showing on a display next to the creepy doc. The display seemed to flicker for a moment before Dean suddenly heard that slight signal that was giving the Systems approval for the Omega to move on.

He’d gotten the clear from the security system.
But the examination wasn’t over yet, next was the visual check of the signs.
Dean was remembered on the painful sensation between his legs and on his shoulder. Would they be suspicious because of the fresh, unhealed mark?
The ‘Dr.’ ordered him to spread his arms and legs on the showing position.
Dean obeyed, surrounded by the disgusting skinny man looking at any signs of a mated and claimed Omega.
The dark blond tried to ignore the looks and to hide his obvious aversion by concentrating on the golden jewelry between his legs which were helping Dean to remember what he should be angry about.

It did hurt but it was no big deal, these ‘small’ changes on his body could easily be removed later, probably without leaving any signs. These wounds would heal. The mating mark was a much bigger, the main problem.
It would take surgery, if even possible, after the dark haired had clearly gone so deep, as Dean realized in terror seeing himself in the mirrored glass.

“Are they new?!”
The ‘Doctor’ asked, not pointing at the injury to not provoke the owner of this one.
But he studied the fresh needle points, the deep, still open wound on the neck and the bruises on the Omegas Body.

“No. Master prefers to hold them open for the tunnel games.” Dean quote as instructed.
The Dr. looked at all the other showing scars and cuts and seemed to believe the story.
It seemed obvious that this Omegas Owner was interested in punishment.
Something the skinny asshole was enjoying himself so he took his time to have a closer look at such exquisite work.
It was almost compelling, the urge to touch this bronze skin, to caress the scars and wounds himself and Dean could read that right away.
Still, he managed to stay calm, managed to not attack the bastard, remembering his years of profession.
“We’re finished?”
Dean finally questioned, directly facing the Creep Alpha, emotionless staring at the skinny dick.

The dark blond knew he was stretching his rights with his current behavior.
But this man was way too weak to even be allowed so close.
And Dean wanted out, fearing that he would just punch that ass at some point.
The skinny ‘Alpha’ in his white coat starred at the Omega, surprised and startled by this aggressive demeanor towards him.
God that man was trash, Dean thought.
“You….you can dress again.” The ‘Doc’ finally spoke.


Castiel had already surrounded the glass Box twice, already awaiting his mate on/at the other end.
Not once had he stopped that deep growl vibrating in his throat, leaving Bystanders eyeing him suspiciously and staying away.

As the Cube opened, the growl increased, reaching the creepy Dr. and inside, the weak Alpha starting to shiver and right away to smell of fear.
Dean was so pleased and proud as he looked at his ‘Alphas’ blue eyes, fiercely glaring at the Creep who’d dared to get way to close to his Omega, job or not.

The creep Alpha still at Dean’s side looked down immediately, slamming to his knees, lowering himself even further and for all guests to see…
Ending up in a humiliation, such debase, he would never forget…, no one in this room witnessing, seeing that submission would allow him to.
The creep kept down, his eyes fixed to the ground, while Dean fully straightened, head high walked by, not even caring…and closing the last button on his expensive shirt.

The ‘Dr.’ was done and right this moment, he knew it.
As the back door shut again the skinny Alpha didn’t move back to his feet…


Oh Dean was proud and pleased and satisfied. His Alpha was definitely not weak, not pathetic. His ‘Master’ was a powerful one!
And still it felt wrong to need an Alpha to feel proud and strong himself.
Once more the dark blond hated being an Omega…

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__________________________________Chapter X_________________________________

- revised -

The dark eyes in their bet of silver and white starred at Michael.
Disgusted and admiration held Rafael in line.
He loved his brother, he adored him by any meaning and he wanted nothing more than to crush him.
But the Ultra knew that he wasn’t strong enough, not yet.

Michael was sitting behind the enormous granite desk, enlightened from behind through the large panorama windows. The tall dark blond had been in charge ever since their father had disappeared to who knows where.
And Michael, always the obedient, the loyal son he was, had stayed at the given position, which felt like eons by now.

Michael had never struggled, never failed in all of his doing, in all of his performances.
That self-centred, prude, unambitious Bastard, Rafael thought.

His older sibling did not have any visions, no view of perspectives, he just followed these old fashioned rules imprinted by an absent, probably long death father.
Michael was hollow…
But not Rafael, he has visions, perspectives, he has planes and in contrast to his Brother, he would guide this company to a whole new future.
Because Rafael was not that limited, he could think big, and he was born to be a leader!

Michael turned some Papers and nodded to his chairman who had just brought some more of them.
Rafael had watched these continuing actions over days, over years, and he was so damn sure and convinced that it was finally time to change ‘it’.

Rafael had been surprised to hear about this promotion Diner around a year ago and he had almost expected this day to never come.

None of them had heard of there father, since forever. The only one expected to do the call and make the decision, every decision among their ranks and within the Company.
But then, all of a sudden, Michael had given word that there would be some changes, that there would be some rearrangements…
With excitement the younger man had listened to that news at the high tower.
Finally, Rafael had thought, he would be able to start and make the developments he had in mind.
Finally he would be the one to bring this business to real glory…
…And tonight would be the night, his night, the night of the announcement.

They were standing on the verge of a new Dawn….


After the examination Dean easily went back to his ‘Alphas’ side.
He did not bow, did not look down but the Omega still avoided direct view or other indirect contact with other Alphas. Again, just in case.

A lot of people crossed by, trying to get a glimpse at his current ‘Master’. But Dean wondered why only a few came close, near enough to shake hands or to gave one or two words to the dark haired, in a dialect or language Dean couldn’t understand, hadn’t even heard before.

The dark blond was no fan of such heavy crowded situations, but since there wasn’t much more expected of him than staying close to his ‘Alpha’ for now, the Omega didn’t complain. He just used the opportunity to have a look, without being to obviously curious.
The first thing he realized was the less bare skin around.
Aside the waiter and waitresses all people were dressed in more or less expensive fabrics.
Not that Dean could really tell all the differences.
And he realized that a lot of the surrounding crowd seemed to know his ‘Master’ and even among these damn beautiful Alphas and Omegas, the dark haired he was with, seemed special.
Dean figured a lot of blue eyes and a lot of them were measuring him and his Alpha and more than once, he heard an uncontrolled aroused growl from somewhere close. Send to both of them and it did exciting things to the Omega.

Among all of it Dean did not let his guard and attention down and there fore he figured something else in this grouping. There was an essential lack of betas, in this main room at least.
There were just a few of them around and they stayed in the back, barely participating in the gathering of all the others.


Sam waved goodbye closing the gates for the night. He stretched his long body and popped some of his joints.
The Beta did his last round, controlling the ‘yard’, as bobby was calling it.
It had become a welcomed routine to check it all, to have at least a short walk to calm down after a long day of work.

Bobby’s bureau and the Omega quarters were still lit so Sam walked over to his old friend who’s become the only known father figure for the boy he once was.
The grumpy, bearded man was the only real father Sam had ever known.


The old man sat in his office, bowed over the last papers of the day, surrounded by his calculator, phone and a glass of Jack, he never touched but always poured.
He looked up as the door opened.
“Your done?” Bobby asked, returning to his papers right away.
“Was he there?” He went on without looking again.
Sam closed the door behind, sitting down on/at the opposite of the desk while putting down the books he had used during the Omega lessons.

“No.” Sam answered and leant back in the second chair.
“But the others do very well. You might think about taking one of them for the office.”
The tall Beta suggested, grabbing the glass of Jack pouring it down in one move.
As he put the glass back down, the phone rumbled beneath some paper sheets.
Bobby shoved the pile of contracts, statistics and calculations away to take the unexpected calling.


“Singer!” The older Betas brows furrowed. He didn’t need to look at the callers name to know who it was.
Sam watched this from his ‘relaxing’ position.
The old man didn’t say much, just furrowed his brows even more.
Now and then he pursed his lips in concern or worry. He ended this call with:
“…give me a minute. …I call back…”
Bobby hang up, slowly laying down the phone…

“What?” Sam asked.
But it took a moment before the older Beta did answer, and he seemed worried as he looked up at the tall guy sitting in his bureau.

“Was a colleague,…he is doing some jobs at the inner city. Apparently he’s got a big order tonight.” Bobby hesitated once more. “… said it’s real big, something on the high tower, the inner core...”
Sam didn’t say anything, for the moment just listening.
The tall Beta knew that the core always was a big deal and generally troublesome.
And not only because of the high security and the paper-, System’s-work that was assigned to it.
Bobby never worked, officially, outside of the second Ring and he didn’t like the idea of doing so.

“….He’s a driver short, no Omegas allowed for this upcoming event…” Bobby continued.
“He asked for you…”
Sam could hear the discomfort in his old friend’s voice.
“Will the loan be enough?” Sam asked. It wouldn’t be the first time he would cross the border to the inner ring. Not that he would ever mention that to Bobby.
But going in legally would cost a sum, none of them could ever afford.
So it would depend on the wages this job would bring in after wards. Because to be allowed to cross the border, it was always payment in advance at the boarder’s checkpoint.
Sam didn’t really cared what he would have to carry, from food to car engines to trash, all of it he already had transported across the City. Aside Slaves, the Beta had carried it all.

“Well…” Bobby grabbed the empty glass, a nervous gesture of the old man.
“…if they pay what he’d just mentioned…. We would have enough money for at least four months to pay the ground.” He explained.
It was a sum way above Sam’s imagination, and since they often worked this enterprise from week to week only, it was a tremendous opportunity as well.
Finally the old man looked at Sam directly.
“…Im not sure.” The bearded Beta folded his hands.
“It’s the tower, you’d be expected to deliver too…”

Sam did wonder, not for the first time, what had happened that had left Bobby so suspicious when it comes to the Inner City.
“I’m fine.” Sam shrugged his shoulders.
Bobby slowly shook his head.
“Listen boy…”
The old man said with a seriousness Sam rarely had heard from this strong Beta.
“…the Tower is different. Omegas, others than owned ones or pleasure slaves from the inner City aren’t allowed there…”
“…And they go after Betas… Just be careful Sam, if you get caught there, you might never come back!” “And I want you to take something with you if you go there. If you accept my terms you can go.”
“But Sam, don’t do it because of the money, were good here.”
Sam smiled thankful for Bobby’s concerns and that the old man still did not try to talk him out of it.
It proved that the older Beta knew him way to well to do so.
Sam nodded and Bobby got back on the phone leaving the office for the/a moment.

As he came back after a while Bobby was holding a box that Sam had never seen before.
“What’s that?” He was curious.

“..Your safe insurance, hopefully.” The old man stated ominously and put it down in front of his ‘son’ to open the dark wood.


Sam stepped back a bit at that view and to give Bobby some more space.
The Box was covert with weird Symbols that were carved all over it. And these signs weren’t only on the outside, Sam realized, reaching for it to have a closer look.
Everywhere within the red velvet, lining on the inside, there were similar Signatures.

Bobby encouraged Sam to turn the Box for his surrogate ‘son’ to really see what was hidden there.

Sam’s eyes widened and his brows furrowed…
There was a leather Collar…
Black, dark red brown and bright beige brown combined and decorated with silver applications fitting the tattoo on the tall Betas chest.
But that wasn’t the only surprise, still irritating though
But the real thing Sam was looking at was the small knife laid right next to the collar.
The shaft did fit the color of the other leather work and the silver blade was carved with Symbols similar to those on/at the box itself.
There was a glowing coming from those applications and the blade as Sam again stepped closer.

The tall Beta took the knife and examined the notched silver blade and the handle. Both of them out of material Sam had never seen or felt before.
And since it was reacting to him there must have been a connection of some kind.
The dark haired looked at Bobby who seemed calmed down a bit and actually excited to present these unusual pieces of unique craftsmanship.

“It is something special out of the inner core.“
“Only there you can get that kind of material and this alloying. I don’t know exactly how it works or what they do to create it but there is an energy within that is able to hide your scent, or at least lower it down and it is connected to the high tower somehow so technically you would be able to use their system if you knew the passwords and stuff.”
“Technically carrying that collar and the knife would allow you to walk around without becoming to conspicuous.” Bobby explained.

“Bobby?...” Sam seemed completely awe-inspired.
“When did you…” He gestured at that ‘present’.
“As I found you…” The old guy stated.
“…I thought that a so young, good looking Beta like you would be picked by some worthy alpha soon. Than I realized how smart and great you were. And it became obvious that you could get an owner in no time. …damn there were a lot asking for you... Daily…” Bobby lowered his eyes.
“But I… I’d already ….i’d already thought about you as my son and I found none of those Alphas asking for you fitting in any way.”
“I know I should have introduced them to you but I just couldn’t do that at that time.” The old Beta uncomfortably rubbed his neck and looked apologetic.

But Sam smiled. Bobby had every right to send him out the moment he was healed, and even before that. But the older Beta hadn’t.
Instead he’d taken him in.
To hear that the old man had gone as far as to decline some mating offers somehow warmed Sam’s heart.
He was actually thankful that Bobby had not handed him over to the next best Alpha that had showed up at the door, although, technically, it had been the other Betas right and even mandatory to do it.

“I’ve understood that you have to leave, eventually and I wanted you to have something that reminds you of here, of the time when you handled every thing by yourself and that you did not need any Alpha, even if you maybe would choose one.”
“And, I wanted it to be a reminder, in case you would ever meet some worthless shidt again, that there had been a time when you’ve been your own Master, doing awesome. I wanted you to be able to take care of yourself.”
“…But than you didn’t show any intention of leaving and I was happy and took this stuff away, always waiting till the moment might come to give it to you.”

“And you going to the tower, I mean I know it is not leaving, but I want you to be as save as possible…”
Sam turned the knife that fitted so perfectly in his hand.
As he stepped closer to the old man, Sam was smiling thankfully.
The hug was warm and caring and Bobby patted the tall ‘son’ on his back.

As they did part again Bobby took the collar.
“This …” He showed Leather ring with it’s, encarved/engraved Symbols, the silver Tattoo Application and the fixed Ring in front. It was a masterpiece Sam thought.
“Even if it shows you are your own Master, the Alphas there will see it as a claim sign and hopefully showing some respect or at least leave you alone.”

“And the knife….” Bobby went on.
“It cuts to almost every material even the guards armament. Just in case you need it. And this little piece will not be recognized as a weapon by the system since it belongs there due to its own material.”
“And one more thing...”
Bobby handed the collar to the tall Beta, giving it a slight turn.
“There are two small openings in the leather right at the Applications on each side. They are big enough to put in small pieces of patch, impregnated in/with, maybe, Alpha scent.”
Sam’s eyes widened again, Bobby must have thought a lot about this.
Last, Bobby shoved a small patch on the table.
“It is middle Alpha but still Alpha.”

The old man looked slightly embarrassed as Sam smiled warmly at him.
“Jeez get it on….they will not wait.”
Sam smiled even brighter, hiding the knife and taking on the collar, which closed itself right the moment it had contact to the Betas neck.
Once again with it’s symbols glowing.

“Thanks Bobby.” Sam stated, deeply thankful and honest, having his surrogate Dad feeling slightly uncomfortable.
“Yeah Yeah… just be careful and come back!”


Bobby Singer looked after the boy. He smiled, happy to finally being able to hand over this ‘present’.
But the Beta was worried never the less…


Chapter Text

_________________________________Chapter XI_________________________________

- revised -

It took almost an hour to get to the address Bobby had typed into the traffic engineering.
Even though, Sam knew the second district like nothing else. His whole life, almost his whole life, he’s lived here, through good and bad times.
The Beta knew the bright sides and the down going parts near the third Ring Borders or the Outlands.
But no doubt, without the programmed traffic engineering he would have been lost within the first ring. Although Sam knew some small parts of it as well, due to his unofficially border crossing once or twice.
But he had to admit, doing it legally was definitely something else.
And despite his Betas other knowledge, it was Sam’s first time at an official checkpoint.

He lowered his eyes, out of respect not obedience but the guards actually did made Sam nervous. Suddenly the Beta understood why Omegas could not cross the Border without protection.

The three Alphas scanned him intensely and the tall Beta was actually thankful for his Collar they had a constant eye on, carefully searching for the scent radiating out of it till they finally asked for the temporary ID, which was mandatory without an ID Chip.
Sam handed it over along with the Credits Bobby had loaded right after the call.
He did not know how much the old guy had spent on the small chip but hearing the mechanical system approval told him that it had been emptied completely.
And for a slight second the tall Beta was insecure if they would let him pass.
But he got his ID back and the car stopper went down along with the gates and the electric field opening up.
The Signals turned to white while the heavy metal moved.
Sam registered with interest that odd excitement about his Collar still being eyed the whole time as he drove off.


Entering the first Ring on/at the main road was something the Beta had never ever imagined and definitely not like this.

It was a Highway above the Livingquarters and Buildings of those who could afford living in this area, at the core, even though at the edges.
Sam felt like flying above a treasure of hundred thousands of jewellery with the High Tower as an erected Symbol of power right at the centre, glowing in the same blue white lights that were lining the Highway and leading the way.
Almost everything was either out of a transparent material similar to glass or shielded and solidified by a force field.
Sam did not even know that this technology could be used like that.

While the Beta was still fascinated by that impressive surrounding and all the new impressions Sam was suddenly welcomed by a soft computer voice informing him that he had entered the Main System and that he had a 0-A access at the inner Core. ‘It’ followed with an explanation what would be in- and exclude around the Core and there fore the inner City. The Beta was encouraged to feel free to ask if there would be any question.
And while he still listened, Sam was struck by the blue glowing of the Tower in the distance, as the sunset settled in.

There was a slight, warm vibration coming from his collar as the tall dark haired Beta realized that the pulsation was almost identical with the glowing energy of this crystalline Tower in front but far distance.

That’s maybe what Bobby had talked about, Sam thought, impressed as the first stars started showing up on the darkening evening sky. This panorama view was just incredible, awesome.
The Beta was lost for a moment, enjoying the view in front and the City beneath, lightened like diamonds.

Even knowing of the misguiding done within the inner Core, Sam couldn’t deny it was breathtaking to see it up so close...


Sam was alone on the Highway and that was what the dark haired Beta had expected.
No one in his home area at the second Ring, would be able to afford the cost of crossing the border out of town, not once.
Not to mention, driving into town right to the centre.
None of them would even be able to drive out to the Outlands into the other direction, away from the inner Core.
They were basically stuck at the second Ring. It wasn’t that bad though, Sam thought, recalling some of his youth in a worse surrounding.
But right now Sam felt special he couldn’t prevent himself from thinking this way. It was something new and it was exciting.


As the tall Beta finally arrived at the huge Container Storage Area the Computer had called his programmed destination he was stunned once again.
This place was nothing like the small Business Bobby had build up over the years and Sam had thought of it as big.
It took the dark haired some more time to get to the bureau after he’d entered the heavy security gates.


The Beta was welcomed roughly by a man already impatiently waiting for him.
“Im Rufus.”
He stated not showing any intention on greeting the new one.
“So you’re Bobbys boy hm?!”
The black man measured Sam from head to toe and nodded, not really wanting an answer.

The younger Beta was irritated, either this guy was ok with him, or he wasn’t expecting anything more.
Sam wasn’t so sure, but still he tried a smile and not to feel offended.
Rufus, as he had introduced himself, turned and gestured the younger one to follow.
“Let’s see if we’ve got something fitting to ya.”

Sam thought about where the hell Bobby would have met someone as unique as this man.
But he seemed ok and Sam smiled, thinking about what it would be like with both company owners working together and how they would definitely end up in old married couple fights all the time…
Two grumpy guys trying to figure out something, anything.
This Rufus guy obviously not respecting anyone or anything and Bobby trying to get him in line.

Sam chuckled in silence.
And he still smiled as the older man showed him a small locker room on the property.
“OK!” Rufus clapped his hands scanning the racks for something a giant like that Beta would fit in, while Sam was waiting outside.
Just a minute later the grumpy guy came out with two different clothing in his hands.
“This should fit….. Get it on!” Rufus pointed at the storage room.
“And hurry. You’re late already.”


It didn’t take long till Sam came back wearing a grey overall and a black west, trying to figure out how Rufus could have picked the right size at the first shot.
“How is it?” Rufus asked, surrounding the tall Beta and not really expecting an answer.
“Yeah will do.” He decided.
Sam looked down on his working cloth as Rufus finished his circling.
It was ok though. Only the missing sleeves and the bare belly region kept him sceptical.
“….I’m just delivering stuff, right?” Sam asked.
Rufus brows furrowed and he crossed his arms.
“You’ve really never worked at the core, right?”
“Of course not.” Sam answered.
“Hm…….” The older man wasn’t happy about that.
“Ok, listen!”
And he started to explain the Rules Sam would have to follow for that night.

Sam wasn’t someone who got insecure often or nervous in general but starting of to the tower, the Beta suddenly felt uncertain.


Rufus had seen the knife but not said anything. He’d handed Sam the Digital Pad and a wristband which would be scanned at the delivery entrance.
The black pick up truck was already loaded and ready to go.
The Wagon was packed and heavy, not easy to handle and as Sam left the ground, two others drove in.
It probably would be a long night…


Dean watched his still nameless ‘master’.
The dark haired hadn’t looked at him or spoken to him, not paid much attention at all after that interrogation.
He just walked, self-confident, head high and with his body straightened up, across the halls, always closely followed by his dark blond Omega.
The Alpha did not hesitate, did not show any signs of nervousness or uncertainty, he did not stagger or flinched, and not once did the dark haired ‘Alpha’ lower himself when one of the Strangers approached him, some of them in a quite aggressive demeanor.
On the opposite, Deans ‘Master’ made these offenders step back themselves, immediately showing them there place.
And Dean loved it!
He loved the calm, natural power, radiating off of this man, the way he did command others without saying a single word, and this steady, kinda emotionless appearance…
It all seemed so normal for that ‘Alpha’ and Dean was impressed, terrified and thrilled every time he glimpsed at the dark haired.

But on/at the same time, the Omega felt the pain coming from those modifications this man had done to him.
Dean felt it pulsating from his shoulder, from his neck and between his legs.

He’d stepped into a trap. And now he couldn’t get out. And even if he could, this man had marked him, made him a tool for everyone and no one, for nothing and everything on the same time. There was no way Dean wouldn’t be able to get back and he wouldn’t be allowed to stay here either. The dark blond was to long in this game to believe in those lies, no matter how good they looked.
And although not knowing exactly what was about to happen to him, the Omega knew deep within, that this here had become a dead end in some way…

While they walked through the crowd in the next room Dean was thinking about his options. And there weren’t many left, if any at all.
The piercing was not the problem the puncture would heal after the jewelry would be gone. Dean only hoped they wouldn’t just rip it off.
This jewelry wasn’t his and the Alpha would want it back afterwards.
They would probably cut out the ID Chip but that, Dean knew, he could handle, just one more scar on his skin that he could tell stories about.

But the mating bite, the mark?!...
The Omega had heard of others who’d tried to replace that sign. Some had made it, others had not.
There was only one way to get rid of such an invasive, transforming injury, and that was by surgery, all too often a lethal one...
And a procedure Dean would never be able to afford the credits for, even under third ring standards and even doing it in/at one of the illegal Operation Centers.

The dark blond knew that he would need to find another way…, somehow, his live as an Omega whore was depending on it.
Leaving this sign of ownership would mean an even worse life than what he already had experienced.
Wearing such a big, gaping hole on his shoulder and neck was an Omegas dead sentence and worse for a mere third ring whore.
He wouldn’t be able to attract customers wearing that sign which should be a blessing and signature of love but for Dean and so many others it was a signature of the expelled...

It was illegal to buy a mated Omega and it was the only law that actually punished the customers as well.
Those who were willing to ignore that law, didn’t care at all, and were not the people Dean wanted close, by any meaning and not to mention, to serve in his profession.
Sadly though, with the devils claim on his body, other, normal Customer would avoid him. A whore house was now out of his reach.
Even the lowest and cheapest of them all would not allow a marked Omega at their stock.

Maybe it ruined the illusion of all of them being virgins…
A smile curled on Dean’s lips thinking about this stupid lie, only the worst egoists and narcissists would fall for…, and there were so many of them…
But the Omegas smile didn’t stay on the face for long, as he came back to reality the moment he followed his ‘master’ into another great hall, and the moment the dark blond realized the small Cubes, hanging side by side at the other end of it.

The transparent Boxes were only big enough to hold one person, to small to stand or even stretch one limb. They were hanging from the Ceiling, eight in line and each of them above a small stage.
The moment these cubicles would be lowered down, they would connect with the platform and enclose what, or who ever would be on it.
Dean knew about the disgusting toys only Alpha’s would invent for their entertainment.


“That’s the one?”
Someone close by asked in no more than a whispered rumble.
And Dean knew they were talking about him.

“He is tall.” Another one stated disgusted about/at the Omegas features.

“Really that’s the one he chose for….. I don’t know."
They commented further on, making the dark blond nervous.

Dean focused again at the Cubes and hesitated, feeling a pressure building up in his chest.
He could feel the panic rising as he started slightly shivering, the pain of his fresh wound suddenly very clear and vivid in his mind.
The Omegas breath became uneven and heavy.
He tried to focused, tried to calm, tried to concentrate on something else.
He tried…


Sam went along the bare walls of that underground tunnel.
His Wristband was scanned twice by now and constantly starred at by the guards that were patrolling all over and around. So far there hadn’t been much trouble other than the usual slight difficulties that could happen on any delivery.

The first people Sam had come in contact with had been Betas, judging by their actions and behavior. Not by the scent that, Sam had realized that early on, was blocked almost completely at anyone.
All of the Betas, Males, had been about Sam’s high which had the real tall one surprised to say it at least but understand why Rufus had asked for him.

Sam was wondering what it was that had the first ring Betas this impressive until he had went further into the building complex to be faced with his first, Core Alphas…
All of those the Beta had come across so far had been packed, tall and even without any scent, they had smelled of trouble and aggression.
Sam had lowered his head as he had passed them, extremely concentrating, focusing on his hovercraft carrier, he was thankful to have.

It was the Betas second round and he already knew were to stable the high expensive drinks and these living Octopod, which would probably be served at this event.
Sam had never tried stuff like that and he wasn’t sure if anyone ever should.
The tiny ones were somehow cute but eating them, and the Beta had heard alive, was definitely disgusting.
Sam frowned looking at the slimy creatures tingling around in this barrel.


He wasn’t the only worker around but he hadn’t seen any other of Rufus man yet.
But within the last hour there was a sudden build of hectic, which seemed as if this Event was about to accelerate.
The really impressive limousines Sam had seen heading towards the Main Entrance of this Building did underline the Betas suggestions.
Although Sam had strictly been limited to drive his Truck down the servant entrance, or just to the Back door, and there fore been separated from any closer view at the higher ups, the real guests, there were some occasions for the Beta to have a sneak peek through small gaps and windows he was using to his advantage…
The tall Omega was about to turn back to his transporter again as one of the coordinators hold him back.
“You!” He pointed at Sam...


Rufus had told him not to leave the path. Sam had felt reminded on children tales.
His current boss had told him to not leave the given route on his pad, had been very direct in his warning. And he had also told Sam not to follow anyone aside the superior at the Entrance telling him where to bring what kind of grocery and drinks.

“HEh! You’re deaf?! I called you!”
The man in his silvery tight body suit sounded angry about being forced to call twice.
His grey eyes starred at Sam and he pointed at him again.

“Get your cheap ass over here!” He commanded. And slowly Sam got pissed. They were both Betas, obviously, and there were no reason to be such a dick.
But Sam smiled and walked over.

“Finally!” The Coordinator praised sarcastic.
The Man was maybe a head short to Sam’s high, extremely slender and gestured like one of these high fashion Omegas Sam had seen in the City. His hair was bleached and he wore a golden, flowery collar, and he smelled heavily sweet, but not from his scent.
This Beta was an extreme difference to the guards at the first Level, Sam though.
And although he appreciated the diversity, this guy was simply too much.

But there was no way that this one would be of any harm, Sam thought.
And so, dark haired second ring Beta followed.

“Take that and bring it upstairs!” The glittery Beta guy commanded again. Obviously used to anyone following his orders.
Sam took the silver bowl filled with crushed ice and the exquisite Champagne.
“Great! To the Ballroom, and hurry!”
The bleached Beta commanded again.
This time though, Sam didn’t care or mind, because upstairs meant he could have a look at the inside, aside the servant corridors and tunnels.

Sam was already lost in exciting imaginations as the other Beta was already talking into his Headset, typing something at his pat and walking away, commanding someone else.
Sam was left only slightly confused in this cooling chamber as he realized that he was a bit lost on where to go to, or how to find the damn Ballroom that he wasn’t assigned for….


Chapter Text

________________________________Chapter XII_________________________________

Trigger Warning: Breathing…&….confined spaces

- revised -

Dean followed his ‘Master’ through the intensely staring crowd. He was still looking up but he had become insecure, uneasy just a bit more instable on his feeds since the dark haired had reminded the Omega about his position...and put him in place, oddly enough offering him stability in this way…
Stability Dean had lost for a moment, watching the glass tubes in the distance and, in a sudden reflex of fear he had made a small step backwards.
His ‘Master’ had been next to him within a blink.
He had growled deeply and commanding at the Omegas ear, underlining his words with a slight grip at the dark blond’s neck.

It had Dean shuddering but it helped him to calm, to ground and balance him, just not in a good way though…

After that short display of dominance and control that had not been commented in any way by their surrounding, Dean was now even more disciplined, even closer to his ‘Master’ and even more eager to please.
Without hesitation the Omega followed as his current Alpha turned towards the stage at the other side of the hall.


The Stage was huge and occupying almost a quarter of the whole room/hall that was lined with marble columns and glass showcases with minerals and ores put in the spot light.

Close up Dean could see those glass cubes above their heads and the Omega tried desperately to ignore them. Instead the tall dark blond tried to focus on something, anything else.
The stage was separated into two parts, the ‘smaller’ one in front, ready for the Omegas, and further in the back, and build up even higher was a another area for obviously someone else.
This part was heavily decorated, a long Centerpiece, maybe a hidden Table positioned right at the Center.
The Stage alone was about 14 feet high but with this table and all the decoration, in addition to the even higher ground, the second part looked tremendously intimidating and Dean was pretty sure that this was on purpose.

Dark velvet Curtains were framing the whole Stage in the back while deep red, blood colored flowers, Dean had never seen before, were prepared all along the front and the slightly lower stage part.

The dark blond Omega suspiciously and in disgust eyed the long Table prepared in the back area of the Stage, right behind the small platforms and the hanging glass cubes at the Ceiling.
The covered banquet board was decorated equally extravagant as the prepared surrounding.
Shiny christalglasses, perfect china ware, exquisite Center pieces out of Flowers and jewellery, organic and vibrant Orchids among filigree gold and silver structures.

Everything was supposed to impress, to leave an impact of wealth and worth…

And even though knowing about the barbarous intention of this preparation, and even though being constantly reminded of it, looking up at the small platforms and the Cubes, Dean had to admit, although seeing it as cheesy in his mind, he wasn’t unaffected by all that displayed splendor.

There was a structure to that set up on the theatre stage.
Each of the platforms at the front part of it was perfectly lined with the seating at that luxury table and the belonging setting.
There were eight of any kind, eight Platforms up front, surrounded by those blood flowers, and eight tremendous chairs at any of the place settings in the back.
Eight of any thing I total…, Dean gulped in discomfort.

And the Omega had a reason to feel like this, to have his panic rising up again.
Because Dean knew, he knew what this Creation was done for…, and although never been part of it, never having seen it, the dark blond knew that this was a set up for one of these so called “Show off’s”…


The dark blond Omega had heard of these Alpha Rituals at the inner City.
He had heard about these ‘games’ with the living stake/pool. Dean knew about the bet’s, the gambling and the consequences for either, Omega and sometimes the Alpha, that could follow in the aftermath.

Either his Alpha didn’t realize the dark blond’s distress or he simply didn’t care, the dark haired just moved on, expecting Dean to remain as close as possible as they reached at the differentiated, and heavily protected, area that the whole stage construction was build in.

The blue eyed was calm, or at least he looked like it, but for some reason Dean was feeling insecure, in a way that wasn’t him, and the Omega was sure that it was coming form his ‘Alpha’, because he had been already over his own insecurity, and straight up to fear by now.

And while Dean was struck by a wave of nervousness and doubts having leaving him to struggle even more, it was this overall calmly manner of his current ‘Master’ that he suddenly hated the most…
He remembered this moment that he hated ‘Alpha’ in general…

But much to his own frustration and anger, that at least helped a bit with his fear, Dean was not bursting out or hesitating, instead he followed as he was supposed to do, in this role, due to his preference and because he had no say in any of this anyway...

But surprisingly his ‘Master’ did not moved on to the guards securing the entrance to the stage and the ‘special’ area around it.
Instead the blue eyed ‘Alpha’ went, unexpectedly, slightly to the right, the most overwhelmingly Dean had seen him do so that night, greeting some strangers to talk with them with obviously less interest in doing so. Apparently though, Dean figured to be the only one seeing it that way as the Strangers got closer, becoming excited the moment they’d been addressed.
The tall Omega just stood back his one step behind as the Lections of a Level 3 education was commanding for a mate.

Dean used this newly chance to concentrate on something else than the threatening stage construction, and he realized a general movement going on in that hall.
And suddenly Dean kind of understood his ‘Alphas’ behavior.
The dark haired was stalling.
For some reason his ‘master’ wasn’t in a hurry to get up on display.
And it was something he and his bought Omega where on common ground right now.

Even though in a desperate situation Dean still was curious enough to use his allowance to look up to scan the closing in crowd.
It took a moment till he realized the direction the mass was moving, and that all the other Alphas were heading towards the stage.
Each of them were followed by their entourage, their exhibit Omegas in their striking dresses, some with more some with less fabric covering the skin.
This would definitely be a show and Dean was horrified to be part of it and not only because he hated audiences.

His dark haired ‘master’ stopped again to talk to another bulk of strangers, all of them Alphas, all of them assholes Dean decided.
As the blue eyed talked, Dean stood behind, back on watching there surrounding.
He carefully kept an eye on the guests, searching for potential other participants of the soon to be opened Event.

Some of the Omegas around seemed so damn young. Dean pitied them but desperately tried to ignore it being social under these circumstances was nothing the tall dark blond could afford right now, actually since some years now.
He would be part of this show as well and he would need all of his strength to make it through.
He couldn’t afford to carry the burdens of others.
There fore Dean just watched for Alphas to stepped out of the crowd and to get on stage.
Dean wanted to remember, to remember it all. He wanted to save it for when the time would come. It was a delusional idea but all he had and it helped the Omega to not break down in despair.


The first Alpha approached the stage area just a few seconds later. His Omega was a 15 maybe 14 or even younger, slender boy with bright blond hairs and stinging blue eyes.
The boy was shaking, probably told on/in long-terms what would be expected of him and what would happen if he would fail or abash his Owner.
Deans lips twitched slightly in disgust about the look of the fragile boy following his Alpha. He was way to shaped in perfection to be a natural born one but that didn’t made it any better to have such youth been thrown away without any hesitation and the betrayal for being chosen for this must have been just as worse after being somehow cared for.
Dean hide his sighed but he frowned in worried sympathy… as the poor boy almost slipped on the steps in his pure nervousness and fear. Something about this pub hit Dean hard…


As the brown haired Alpha, obviously belonging to the fragile boy, reached the first steps to the prepared stage he and his Omega were flanked immediately by two handlers.
One of them slightly bowed next to the Alpha while the other stopped right behind the young kid.

The brunette kissed his little blond toy on the head and went off, led by one of these awkward creatures who had lined up with them.
These strange handlers or maybe waitress, Dean couldn’t tell. They were not dressed in anything that would show there status. They were collard but not mated, there was no scent coming from them and their pale faces were kinda blank.
There was something pure and dangerous about these strange beings. Dean couldn’t call them person, humans at all.
They had too big eyes, glowing silvery. Their hairs were bright white and their mouths to small to even be used for talking.
And there was something in there movements that had Dean at high alarm even though he couldn’t point at the issue. But something about these ‘Things’ was more than odd.

Dean watched as the One close to the Omega Boy was leading him onto the platform lined to his Owners seat.
The blond was allowed to stand for the crowd, the ‘guests’, to have a good look.
He was almost naked in his white, transparent Toga that did not leave much to the fantasy and was now slightly glittering under the spotlight.
The moment the Blond stepped on the Platform, there was the number IV lit up right at the front of it.

His Alpha was already seated above at the table. He was served a drink as he lent back watching the others watching his Omega. Obviously one of the reasons he’d put him up on display this early.
Omegas used in Shows and or on display could be bet on and his appearance would have be a significantly impact on the amount of credits being spent this specially bred one.
At least the Boy had to make up for his purchase price, his training, the housing and feeding and not to mention all the other investments his Owner had put up with for this Show Omega.
It was a rare, pure breed that could cost a fortune and this boy was a priced one already in his youth as Dean had heard some talking about.
All of those ‘needed’ information were printed within a paper catalogue that was handed to every guest who had been allowed in this room. Even that paperback catalogue would be sold on high price afterwards. Most of the Omega ‘Contestants’ were described there like horses in a god damn race…
Dean gulped down his growl just thinking about this…


Sam went surprisingly easy through the heavy packed Guards controlling on the gangway above the Service hallways which where separated by a grid.
This way the guards cold always have an eye on the working stuff, Sam thought. Every now and then there was an access to the under-part, or the zero Level.
The tall Beta was literally walking beneath the high society of the inner city.

Just as uncomplicated as his way through the guards Sam made it to the elevator, again without being stopped ones.
Which was strange compared to the strict controls he had been through before, just for moving to the Storage area and not among the higher ups. But a few minutes ago the tall dark haired had realized something that might be the answer to this illogical fact.
Sam had realized a slight buzzing on his neck every time he passed a door or even a door frame or an archway at the floor.
Obviously his bracelet was scanned indirectly any time he went into another hallway or passed a door or went into an elevator. A ‘great’ feeling to be controlled and overlooked like this at any given time, Sam decided slightly annoyed. They had similar systems at the second ring as well but at least they were just controlling objects, not Human beings.

The Beta tried to ignore it but he was still thinking that it was strange that he had come this far since he had been warned and explained very specifically that his Wristband was limited to the ground Level by any means.
Sam though about what Bobby had said to him. That his collar and knife came from here and would maybe interact with the system at the core.
It somehow made sense judging by the unannounced vibration of his Collar from time to time. There was not other explanation to that slight tingling Sam was fascinated by.

The Beta pushed his carrier further, the big champagne bottles slightly moving in there bed of crushed ice poured into that huge silver Bowl.
Sam was curious how his bracelet would work at the first floor he was heading to now…


Sure enough the band was scanned the minute the elevator opened.
And once more, to his surprise and relief Sam was allowed to step out.
All the Guards up here were Alpha’s, Sam scented it right away which was odd immediately after being around others that had not shown and scent id. These up here seemed somehow different, they were Alphas of a kind the dark haired had never seen nor sensed before.


These Guards faces were covered but their eyes were shown, although Sam tried not to stare too intensely. He thought there eyes were grey, maybe blue but at a second glimpse he realized that they were not.
The Winchester was irritated as he almost bumped into one of them.
The Alpha surpassed the tall Beta by at least a head… They all did, Sam flinched figuring it out only now being that close to one of them.

The giant was growling and starring down, which was a completely knew experience for the 6.4 feet tall Beta who immediately lowered his view and made himself smaller somehow.

However this short second had been enough to actually see this Alphas eyes.
Those eyes were silver, legit silver. Sam thought as the Guard leant in by bowing down to the dark haired, and scenting his neck.
And again he growled in an inhuman sound.
Sam froze right away and didn’t even blink while holding his breath.
He had have Owners acting like this and often shortly before an attack…

It seemed like hours as the guard finally moved and took some steps back but still not showing any intention to leave at all.
Sam still stood put, his eyes locked to the floor, unsure of what was expected of him.
It took some more minutes till he realized that the Alpha wouldn’t move at all but that he, maybe, was allowed to make his way to the next elevator, up to the second/third floor.

Sam did not look up as he tried a slight, very slow move as a careful test, just to make sure. He was still suspecting/expecting an attack at any moment.
The tall Beta could feel the silver eyes laying on him, he could feel this Alpha starring.
But that it was, just staying and starring, the whole way to the elevator Sam could feel it.

And only then, the moment Sam felt safe in that small cabin, the door about to close, that he dared to look up, finding his suspicion confirmed and the Guard still watching in his otherwise immovable posture.
Was that thing even breathing, Sam wondered as the doors closed.


Now, in this closed up safety, the tall Beta felt his shivering, his inner nervousness that had him recall the scent of that thing, which seemed Alpha but…
Sam sighed as the Elevator stopped at the next floor and the doors slid open for him to move on.

He didn’t made it far though, pushing his carrier, before he realized out of the blue the scanner light suddenly turning to red while the door behind him was closing.


It wasn’t more than a reflex that had Sam looking back for just a second before he got terrified.
He’d already been recognized by the giant guards at that floor, their silver eyes were right on/at him.
Two of those packed guys turned into the Betas direction as another one just walked around the corner at the end of the hallway.
Sam froze again, he was in damn trouble. The red scanner light was constantly flashing from behind and there were three monstrous Alphas heading right at him.

Again the Betas eyes went down, he got to his knees without hesitation and again he lowered himself as far as possible.
There was no word, no command urging him, but it was the same strong Alpha spell Sam had felt with the other thing a few minutes ago a floor below.
But this time it was way stronger. It was an unbearable need to obey, to offer something?

As the Guards got closer and their strange energy more intense, Sam was about to fall into panic. He had never felt like this before.
The next moment Sam was lifting his arm showing his band without being told so or asked about, only lead by that silent command coming from those strange Alphas.

One of these silver eyed Creatures scanned the offered band.
Another one of them was searching the silver bowl and the carrier.
Sam almost mist to breath as he felt this gloved hand grabbing for him…

But the wristband didn’t seem to be the only issue, because the guard also focused his attention to the scanner at the elevator in the back.

The two Alpha Giants moved around the Beta as if he wasn’t even there, and as odd as it was Sam did found back his breath at that realization.
But he was still the one kneeling down, and definitely the most vulnerable around here.
And the obvious disinterest at him directly wasn’t a really good sign, Sam understood.
But that was exactly what was happening.
These Alpha things obviously had no reason to fear the beta doing anything suspicious, and it wasn’t because Sam didn’t want to, but he simply couldn’t move at all.
This silent command Sam had followed by lifting his Arm, was holding him right in place as well.

As the gigantic Guard searching the Carrier seemed to have finished, Sam felt the burn of those actually cold silver eyes right at his body.
He still couldn’t look up but knew the other Alpha in his back, maybe checking the Elevator, maybe just waiting to attack…

Sam had lost track of the third one that had turned the corner the minute the Beta had realized the red light, he only knew there was another of those Things around and it was not helping.
Still in his thoughts Sam got hit with just another silent call had him back on his legs within a blink and it was terrifying to not have any control about his own actions like this.
It was almost as bad as the hand he suddenly had on his body, starting to pat him down…

And finally there was no stopping the real panic building fast within Sam as he was locked in this one and only thought limiting the whole world to that floor he was standing in, in front of an Elevator somewhere in the inner City…

They would find the knife, he thought!
They would find the knife…!!


Dean was feeling heavy. The air at the hall had changed as more and more people had flooded in.
It had gotten muggy, warm and exhausting.
His ‘master’ was still talking, still greeting each and every one, who’d gotten close, and he was doing so by using everyone’s name.
Under different circumstances Dean would have been impressed, would have thought about it as classy and very sophisticated, a word the Omega had learned from one of those old word riddles he had sometimes found among the trash on the streets…


In the mean time another Alpha had stepped up at the stage and was now sitting down while her Omega was presented to the mass. The Alpha female was cheered and praised by some out of the crowd as she had moved through the people.
Dean had watched with disgust.
Her Omega was a cute red haired female, maybe in her early twenty’s and she was already looking worn out.
While she was dressed up pretty, covert in make up and decorated with jewels, her eyes were hollow, her expression blank as she turned to face the audience, guided by her handler, another of these white haired, silver eyed creatures.
Her Alpha had been seated two chairs away from the already placed Male, who’d raised his glass at the new one.
Both Alphas had glared at each other for quite some time before they had simply nodded, each of them with a sarcastic smile.

Dean had stayed at/in his given position with his head high, eyes in one direction and over the shoulder of his ‘master’.
And he was still constantly scanning the room as far as possible.
He had already realized the number of guards rising with the number of visitors filling the hall.
He’d heard some first discussions about the Omegas and their quality or appearance and their power of endurance.
Dean didn’t liked these conversations at all.
But since his ‘Alpha’ had reminded him on his position, had clearly put the dark blond back in place, Dean hadn’t it in him to just run now.
And it was a stupid thought anyway…
Dean knew that he wouldn’t get far, probably get caught right at the next door if he would even get that far...

The tall Omega slowly got tired just standing around, and even worse, he got bored, although he knew in what kind of situation he was.
He did not know for how long his ‘master’ was stalling, how long he’d been hiked through the crowd, avoiding something and the unavoidable.
The dark blond tried not to yawn out of his exhaustion, the limited air and the still heating room with this mass of people all around.

Already 6 Alphas, and there Omegas, had taken their seats on stage.
And by now there were only two seats left, the two chairs out of this carbide black material, standing right at/in the middle of that banquet table.
It was then that Dean noticed a strange reaction in his dark haired ‘Alpha’. He seemed to be the only one realizing anything though.
But the signs were obvious to the Omega.
His ‘Alphas’ shoulders had straightened and the deep breath gotten a bit faster as the applause had build at the other side of the hall.
And while the crowd had started to turn and to join the clapping, Dean could not even have a look since his Alpha had not turned and the Omega couldn’t till then.

But his dark haired ‘master’ didn’t turn, did not join the cheer getting closer.
Instead the tall Alpha had thanked the people he’d been talking to and slowly started moving to finally enter the stage...

Even though thankful to be able to walk again and slightly stretch his stiffened body Dean did not miss the newly wave of nervousness radiating from his ‘Alpha’ but hitting him hard.
And although the Omega tried to ignore it, he could not stop his Body from physically reacting, starting to shake in slight tremors, luckily unseen.

The dark blond had watched the reaction of any Alpha on that high table. He had watched how they’d left their Omegas, how they’d given a last attention, a sign of affection, to their belonging, their property, before getting to their shown seats.
And just to distract himself from the Horror he was about to face, Dean was wondering, what his ‘master’ would be like, what he would do to a paid whore?
Since that would probably be the last attention Dean would ever get in his life…


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________________________________Chapter XIII_________________________________

- revised -

The applause had grown louder, echoing from the walls, as they arrived at the first steps of the stage.
Deans Alpha didn’t seem to care.

Out of no where and without the slightest sound another of those silver eyed handlers appeared on either side of the new guests.
Dean still couldn’t figure out where these creatures were hiding and all of a sudden coming from, this and their odd movements were creeping the Omega out.

Dean was still lost in his thoughts as his, ‘master’ of the night, turned at/to him, having the Omega staring at these incredible eyes, just as stunning as the last time Dean had seen them up close.
The ‘Alpha’ was smiling slightly and Dean couldn’t help it, he was mirroring that expression as the soft, gentle Fingers caressed the Omegas cheeks.
A thumb moved over the dark blonds full lips, before the dark haired, with a last intense look and an empty smile, left.

Right away Dean was guided to one of the still empty platforms in front and lined with/to his ‘Owners’ seat.
Finally the Omega hoped to see the Person all the fuss at the hall seemed to be about.
But he was hindered once again, blinded by the spotlights pointing right at him.


Dean had realized earlier that some of the other eight Omegas had been undressed partly, right on stage.
As the tall dark blond was walked to his supposed position he was wondering what to expect in his case.
But his handler gestured at the platform and didn’t make any move toward the expensive suit Dean was wearing.
So he simply followed and stepped up on the platform.
Like all the others he didn’t kneel yet, just stood, Arms behind his back, presenting his strong but covered body, as he’d seen the other Omegas doing so.

It wasn’t long after he had stepped up, but seemed already enough time for some of those Assholes out of the crowd to make mean comments about the ugly giant dark blond Omega.
But it wasn’t the only reaction Dean got from down there.
Dean decided to focus on these others blushing the moment they looked at him. Omegas as well as Betas and even some of the Alphas seemed suddenly very interested in a different way.

In his mind, even under the current circumstances, Dean managed to grin, thinking about mixed preferences, still hating audiences and the vulnerability it did create being watched by so many, and especially in his last minutes.

The tall guy was still lost in his thoughts as the lighting suddenly changed, the room becoming darker, except this one bright silver Spot, pointing right at the stranger surrounded by the guests on the lower ground , slowly moving into the stages direction.
Again Dean could feel this odd emotion of distress from his Alpha, seated by now, right behind.

But right now the dark blond Omega was distracted otherwise. For once, the hot spotlights were out and even though it was pretty heated in this hall already, the deactivated light cone created a welcomed moment of cooling.
Although enjoying this slight change tremendously the Omega didn’t show any signs of it, he wasn’t moving, wasn’t sighting or otherwise letting it slip while he tried to ignore the sheen of sweat creating on his forehead.
Dean still tried to get a better look at that man who had entered in such an exaggerated way and who obviously was someone special.
It wasn’t as much curiosity or interest that had the Omega focusing, instead he was just thankful for every possible distraction that would prevent him from thinking about the show that was about to begin.

Dean knew that his life had finally run into a dead end. The Omega knew that he couldn’t, wouldn’t get away anymore and it was costing the dark blond a tremendous amount of efforts to not let that fear, that pain, that hopelessness and worry, this deeply unspeakable despair taking over…

Dean hated himself for being this weak, for being this incapable right now, he hated Alphas, always had and the one in his Back was no exception, and still…, the Omega could feel the strings attached, the slight tugging at that connection he tried to ignore at any cost.
Willingly and hating himself for it, the dark blond played his roll, the underdog of a Show-Omega.
For some reason he couldn’t fight this damn urge to be good, to make his ‘Master’ proud, although he hated it, felt wrong doing so.

Only once in his life Dean had experienced an emotion like this before, equally feeling forced by some unknown power, to sacrifice himself, to be the reason for someone else to live on.
And there was something powerful in this selfless action, something that left Dean with/in a strange way of peace that he’d searched for in all his live.

But at the same time, there was this screaming voice within not allowing the Omega to even think into this direction, daring him to welcome this ‘peace’, blaming him for falling for such a biological lie.
There was a constant war burning within Dean, it was his drive and his blockade, but none of it showed on the perfect Surface the tall man had been granted/cursed with.

Right now though, he just wanted this confusion to be over.
This constant battle against himself to stop, and there fore Dean focused back on that last Alpha walking into their direction.

It wasn’t a lifeline but at best it would be a slight relieve. But soon his mind slipped again although not in that same direction as before.
Instead Deans mind decided for something comforting and dangerous at the same time as it went back to the soft and chilling touch of his tonight’s ‘master’, the tiny little affections in between inflicting the burnings wounds.
It was still creating chaos in his head but Dean didn’t fought the joy flooding along.
He wanted to kill his Omega instincts, rip it out and throw it away like someone would do with any bothering Insects crawling around.
Instead the dark blond stayed, afflicted by his need to be touched like this again, to be recognized the same way once more and locked with the bluest, universe reflecting, eyes he’d ever seen.


The applause had made its way right to the stage and the spotlights, Dean had been thankful for being deactivated, went on again, illuminating every surrounding and person close by.
The Omega was blinded once again by that hot, bright white light.
But he’d seen the Alpha with dark skin, his gazing black eyes and without an Omega by his side.

This man was dangerous the dark blond decided. There was no scent, no aggression shown but every one in this hall and even those on stage shuddered as the man walked his way up, to get the last empty seat right next to Deans ‘Master’.


Without much real respect or fondness Castiel welcomed his brother with a small nod.
But ‘his’ Omega could feel the uncomfortable atmosphere in his back.
The Energy, the Power vibrating from both men behind was breathtaking and it got even worse as the new one finally sat down.


Rafael leant back, his eyes on his weak brother, the Seraph, next to him.
These Acts of showing off weren’t to his taste, he always preferred to show his Worth, Power and Ability by his own and not by some of this overbred humans, this failure of their father.
Rafael wouldn’t even be around in this limiting vessel of a black Alpha he’d picked to be able to operate around here, in this filthy, perverted surrounding among this naked ape’s.
But, although he did not understand the necessity of this inconvenient behavior of his family to walk among human at all, he was willing to make some compromises. He was not such an Extremist, he wasn’t Lucifer.
A small Agreement now and then wasn’t that big of a deal, at least not for now.
Rules and Regulation was something a Leader could count on he did not have to like it though.
And after this stupid event he would take care of all of this pain in the ass anyway.
Rafael glimpsed side way once more eyeing one of his younger Siblings where there were so many of them, way to many...
And with this one he would start!

The tall Ultra got up again, a glass in hand, waiting till he’d got all the attention from those weak Followers to see him raising the filled crystal.

“Ladys and Gentleman…….!” The Ultra started.


Sam didn’t move. Obediently he was frozen to the spot. The Betas thoughts were running in panic since the Alpha had started to pat him down, searching the tall Winchesters Body.
The silver eyed giant had started at his upper part going down to the Betas legs.

Sam carrying the knife in one of the safety boots he had been given by Rufus to wear.
It would only take seconds for this Alpha guard to eventually find the hidden weapon!
Sam tried to focus, to find a solution, to get out of this situation. But the Beta just couldn’t come up any believable lie right now. And he also doubted his current ability to even speak out if he would have had an explanation or at least an acceptable distraction.
Sam took a deep breath which got him a suspicious look from the Alphas guard standing by.
The mountain of a man searched along the tall Beta’s sides, around his hips, further down.
Sam shivered nervously and closed his eyes, waiting for what was about to happen to him…



The raspy voice hit Sam by surprise, ripped him out of his inner turmoil and had the Beta wincing at the sudden impact with Reality.
He could feel the guards next to him turning and even letting go of him…

“THEy wait at the hall damn it!!!”
The angry voice went on and Sam got a chance to risk a slight look up.

The, dressed in black, guy came closer, hectically, pointing at Sam and his carrier.

The strange guy was blond and just like this other one at the ground floor, definitely a Beta.
A simple fact that should not have been that surprising, but it was the behavior that had Sam furrowed his brows once again.
In irritation Sam watched, kinda, as the other Beta waved the giant Alpha guards aside, gesturing Sam to move, completely ignoring the giants around that easily could have kill him, and under today law would even have the right too do so.
But much to the Winchesters surprise these Alpha Monsters did not show any attempts on an attack, die not growl in a warning or straightened their posture.

But Sam realized the chance, a limited one and eagerly he obeyed to get out of that situation and away from this Alphas spell, holding him in place.
As soon as the Alpha did step back at the blond Betas command, Sam hurried to follow his ‘savior’ who had turned to simply leave.

In the company of the other Beta Sam walked towards the next elevator.
They walked past other guards and some strolling guests, holding Omegas, of some kind Sam had never seen before.
And as they walked on, slowly the tall dark haired calmed, finding back to a more focused and logic mind.

They walked past other guards standing closely to the walls as Sam was reminded to do the same.
He was overwhelmed by that luxury presented all around, not realizing one or two of the ‘high society’ guests looking him up although he was supposed to not be recognized at all.
Sam was just trying to get as much information of his surrounding as possible, he wanted to report all of that to Bobby and to his class afterwards without missing a thing...


It was a damn long hallway, almost build in a circle, Sam realized.
They walked along a massive glass façade to their left.
The Windows were hallway high and without any viewable connection points at the building.
Huge columns, out of white marble with black pattern, looking like river deltas, lined up along the glass wall, were framing the breath taking view over the inner City and the high tower.
Heavy, blood red brocade curtains were spanned along the hallway ceiling, framing and partially covering some coat of arms secured within the archways up above.
Sam could barely hide his curiosity but looked around only if he could be sure he wouldn’t get caught doing so.
He’d never seen any of the symbols on the coat of arms but this might be some high family’s crests, the tall Beta guessed also realizing his collar and knife becoming warm while walking beneath the Symbols of Power.

Until, unexpectedly and all of a sudden one of these huge coat of arms started glowing as they got closer, Sam’s Collar seemingly answering in its deep buzzing vibration, singing in response with the sign above.

Immediately Sam took care that it wasn’t recognized before he tried to remember this symbol as detailed as possible.


They were walking on the right side of that hallway, always prepared to look down, if or whenever a high Alpha or guest in general was passing by. Which hadn’t happen for quite some time now, Sam recognized.
But it wasn’t the only thing that had change over the last minutes.

There had been sounds of a Festivity before which were now gone.
Either they’d walked away from that ‘Part’, or something else was drawing in the attention of the guests elsewhere.

Although the hallway was empty right now, the Beta in front did not leave their walking path close to the wall at the right side. The blond was also, not once stepping on the, also blood red carped, at the centre of the floor.
Sam again looked out of the glass façade.
At night the inner City looked like thousand jewels glistening in the dark. It was a beautiful view. An Illusion but never the less beautiful, Sam thought, slightly smiling.

They’d passed some heavy build in winged wooden, metal doors with similar and/or completely different signatures and symbols that Sam’s collar was decorated with.
And the Beta was wondering what would be hidden behind.

It took some more minutes of constantly walking at the right wall, till they finally arrived at a special even bigger decorated wooden door at the ‘end’ of that damn long hallway.
This one was blocking the way completely and the carved in Symbols this time were not only similar to Sam’s, these were identical with the ones the Beta was wearing on his collar and the crest, that had glowed as they had walked beneath.

The golden emblems the Winchester was staring at right now were not really carved in the wood. It appeared, the Beta realized in awe, that the Symbols were directly growing out from within the actually dead wooden material.
The tall Beta was confused by this weird world he was dragged in as he suddenly heard the voices and cheering coming from the other side.


Rafael had ended his self praising speech, while Dean had worked hard not to roll his eyes on some of the comments that Alpha had given.
But the crowd had cheered at almost every of those stupid words coming over this guy’s lips. These sheep’s had clapped enthusiastically, almost frenetic at the end.
It was difficult to tell if this reaction was out of stupidity or flattery towards the Alpha, most of them obviously feared.

Again the Lights changed.
While speaking, all the bright spots had pointed at the leading Alpha/Ultra to underline his own glory.
Now, that he’d finished he gestured the crowd to calm down and stop the cheering.
Rafael pointed in front of the Banquet Table and the Alpha stage to get the attention down there, to the lower construction. Immediately the spots turned, highlighting the waiting Omegas on there square platforms with the glass dome’s hanging threatening over their heads.

The moment the lights turned, blinding Dean again, he got very nervous. It was close, soon the Show off would begin.
The dark blond couldn’t look to either sides but he did recognize the slight movements and felt the distress radiating from the other Omegas close by.
All of them knew what was waiting and all of them knew that there was not way out.
Some of the white haired creatures walked by and undressed the Omegas they’d worked on earlier. Dean was still left alone while the handlers took off all the clothes they had left on earlier before they left the Objects naked, only covert by their needed jewelry and one or two pieces provided by there Owners.

Deans breath got uneven but his handler didn’t move at all and the Omega tried to keep his look and view constant and steady while waiting for this moment of no return.

In the end, six of the presented Omegas where stripped down in front of the audience while Dean and another young man stayed untouched and fully dressed in their expensive suits.
It was irritating but of course Dean did not complain.
Not to be naked in front of a huge hall of strangers was a pro on the dark blond side, especially since he was still remembering the rude comments of some of the guests.


All of a sudden the white hair next to Dean straightened and moved.
He guided, without touching, the tall Omega, gesturing him to kneel down.
Dean looked at the others following the orders given by their handlers. They all kneeled down on the hard mirror on top of that small platform space.
The dark blond knew for sure this would hurt like hell in no time.
He tried to kneel as comfortable as possible, avoiding the thoughts of the small place he’d to stay at/in for who knows how long.
Again a wave of distress hit the tall Omega, a mixed scent of chemicals and fear.
Some of the Owners had probably prepared their property/goods with some ointment and drugs to dim down the intensity a dying Omegas scent could develop a scent that could only be created out of fear in situations like these.

They all kneeled like this for some minutes and Dean could already feel his knees and back aching and the Event hadn’t even started yet.
It wasn’t long after, that the sound of an engine started and the dome of the Omegas prison slowly went down to close them all up from the outside, from the living…

It took almost two minutes till the glass coffin closed and the sound of the vacuum shutter was affirming the full lock down, colliding with the base.


Dean tried to keep calm but the temperature was already rising within this damn locked box.
The dark blond had expected the square dome to be at least man high.
But even kneeling down he could feel his short hairs touching the top. And although this coffin was out of glass, given the possibility to look through and out, it did felt way more claustrophobic than the tall, male Omega had expected it would.
Dean needed to close his eyes to get into a more welcoming headspace to calm down, to be able to handle this situation. He could do that, the dark blond lied to himself.
A moment later the spots right at the glass coffins changed again, sadly not to the benefit of the Omegas though.
Now, the light was blinding and it was impossible to see anywhere else than at the limited space of their mirrored bottom and the glass walls all around.
Dean couldn’t move the slightest.
The hall was left in this subtle dark lighting while the Stage, or at least the Omegas display cases were lighted like some of the museums artefacts at the other exhibition rooms.
And unable for the Omegas to see, the Alphas sitting at that banquet table got served their first meal in a long line of plates, whereas the Audience had to be satisfied with, the now served, exquisite drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
Unseen by the closed up Omegas as well…


Chapter Text

_________________________________Chapter XIV________________________________

- revised -

Sam followed the flashy Beta into a small Vestibule as the winged door opened without any command just by someone getting close enough.
At first Sam was still focused on/at the symbols glowing in that same pulsating rhythm as his collar, he didn’t realized the really small and slender, but never the less, beautiful Omegas, chained to either part of the doors, not immediately though.

But the moment the doors were closed behind them, slowly moving, Sam did recognize the small figures.
The two boys silently worked the heavy wooden door, locking it before they got back into an immovable stand, positioned closely to the Wood, with the heavy chain slung around their slender bodies.
The obvious Omegas immediately cast their view back down folding their hands in front before in unison closing their eyes.
It was an odd action and none of the small boys was missing a blink, moving as one as if somehow connected.
Sam frowned in secret.
He was appalled at this disturbing image and the set up constellation of those kids.

Sam used the small chance, as the other Beta was typing some Data into a console, to have a better look at the chains that were keeping the two brown haired Omegas in place almost tied to the doors.
The unknown metal was closed around their thin necks and body middle. A huge golden Ring in the back was tying them completely to that Building Element.

But it got even more disgusting, as Sam realized the chain going through the doors material that showed on the other side as well. It was impossible to tell how this had been integrated without destroying the material at all.

These boys were dressed lightly nothing of them really hidden. Every one could have a detailed look at them.
Sam realized the small chainlet’s and decorations each of them was wearing at their openly presented genitals, and these obvious pieces of jewelry were also connected to the collar guaranteeing for the small Omegas to keep their heads down at any time.

Sam felt pity, and sorry for these poor creatures which/who couldn’t be much older than Sam had been as he had, for the first time, been recognized by an Alpha…

However the tall dark haired had no time to get lost in those uncomfortable memories.
The other Beta called and Sam straightened, focusing back in front…
And once more he was hit by surprise, his eyes widening at the view suddenly open up in front of him.

They had stepped through the tremendous wooden door only to end up in that small space between the hallway and, as Sam suggested, the Event Room/Hall, still blocked by an extravagantly decorated glass Barrier.


As the seemingly solid glass blocks slide open, clearing the sight into a luxury hall through a crystal front, carved with flowery pattern and golden inlays, Sam couldn’t avoid flinching at the displayed wealth and power.
He wasn’t someone to step back or bow, it was what had the tall Beta often in trouble in the first place. But even the dark haired Winchester lowered himself the moment his flashy companion was moving on, walking in while Sam followed.
Never in his whole live had he ever seen, not even imagined, something like that.
Sam had found the Hallway impressive but he had no words for what he was eyeing now, with great interest and curiosity.
And they weren’t even at the high tower, the main centre of the inner City, the core. This was ‘just’ a Museum at the first ring.
Sam realized that he was starring at the male and female Alphas on the floor, and although the light was dimmed, he could see perfectly fine the luxury dresses and jewelry these guests were carrying.

Even the Omegas in that crowd held clothes and decorations Sam wouldn’t be able to afford in all of his live, even if he would have wanted to do it.
With one of those Omega collars he could probably cross the borders three, four times in both directions, Sam thought as the blond Beta called again.

The blond gestured to a small door at their right side, integrated within the walls decorations.
He was gesturing for Sam to hurry while nervously watching the surrounding for no one to actually realize them.

As best and fast as possible Sam maneuvered the/his carrier to follow the other guy who had fastly disappeared into that corridor suddenly appearing behind the secret door that had slit open after the blond Beta had done some Manipulation at the Wall decoration.

It fast was obvious that this small Corridor was intended for delivery only.
The walls were pale and undecorated. Dirty yellow, dimmed lights lead the long straight and slightly dusty way. Suddenly the Luxury and glitter seemed far away and it had Sam smiling about the often occurring contrasts within their society. It wasn’t the first time he had faced a polished façade, hiding the reality, the dirt lying beneath.

“Hurry!” The other Beta ordered again and clearly stressed.
He was still nervously looking around, always attentive not to be seen or otherwise recognized by any of the guests.
And he only calmed the moment this secret door slit shut behind returning to become/being just the decoration on that marbled wall.


The hallway seemed endless and had turned into a slight curve.
Sam guessed that they were surrounding the hall they’d seen for a short moment before disappearing into the Workers corridors once again.

Although bare and seemingly unused, aside the lights, they had passed some other doors on the way, all of them heavily secured by DNA scanners that did indicate a still very well used path.
Sam had seen some of those protection devices at a few mansions around the second, his, Ring as well.


The door they finally stopped in front of, about 8min later, was almost at the end of the hallway, which apparently had a dead end and was not a round tour as Sam had considered earlier.
Another security reason Sam thought as he tried to hide that he was watching his flashy superior entering a specific code into the digital lock.


They entered a big room, decorated with flowery silk wallpapers and heavy curtains at the room high windows. All was covered in gold and minerals similar to the hall’s presentation.
There was a marbled chimney that the other Beta was now lighting up, while Sam studied the theme of that man high oil painting hanging above that fire place.

The image was of some mythical history of the first Alphas and their fight against the Darkness. Something taught even in Omega schools.
The tall Betas eyes hovered over the flowery decoration fitting the other Betas Collar, and apparently the real flowers being prepared all around as well.

White and rosé peonies in full bloom spread there heavy sweet scent within this heavy decorated place.
At the centre of the first part of the room was a stone plate table, set with exquisite, rare and exotic fruits, as well as sweets of all/any kind.

There were, wallpaper fitting, love seats, couches and comfortably looking single chairs all around.
Sam couldn’t figure out what such a room would be used for and he wasn’t sure if he should.
His attention went to the sideboard, also with a fitting stone plate, right to his left as the glittering, blond Beta pointed at it.
Sam nodded, noticing the crystal champagne flutes and Wine glasses.
His silver bowl was obviously supposed to be set there.
And while he prepared the Sideboard by replacing some glasses and bottles to make the bowl fit, the other Betas was again on his headset.
And this time Sam was listening.

“The gold room is prepared in a minute. Bring up the prize and make sure she is wearing the new owner’s signs.”
“Your finished?!”
The blond one turned to have an eye on the workers preparation. Although there was nothing wrong the Blond did push and pull some of the items just to make sure he was the one in charge.
Sam did not comment on that unnecessary action of some insecure Weakling, because the Winchester was once more lost in his thoughts…

This weird place must have been one of these golden rooms, Rufus had warned him about to go in.
It had the young Beta even more curious to get to know what could be so terrible with such an overcharged, poser room.
“Ok, you’re done, wait at the Exit!” The blond ordered.
Sam did, at least a bit. He got out of the golden chamber, pushing his carrier. But he stopped right away. Looking what the ‘coordinator’ would do now.

The blond beta looked at some details within the prepared place till he seemed satisfied with everything put right in place before he walked over to one of the Mineral Panels to open a small hidden chamber. Something that seemed to be a thing around here…

It didn’t take long till he got back, carrying a golden tray with some tools Sam had never seen before. But it did look like medical equip somehow.
Aside was some disinfect the Winchester could identify just like the prepared lube, something Alphas sometimes used if intending to be careful..., most of them were not that ‘kind’ Sam knew from own experiences.

The bleached Beta got one of the rosé Peonies and carefully laid it out on the tray in his decorating attempts.
He placed all of it on a small gueridon and looked up his work. But he still didn’t seem finished.
The bleached blond male went back to the chamber and brought some decorated shackles he positioned on some of the cream colored seats near by.
The next tool he brought out of the small hidden spot were boxes with different symbols and inlays which seem to fit some of the signs Sam had seen on their way up.
He watched as the blonde got some small cards out of the box, Cards Sam couldn’t identify and did not know. His ‘Companion’ set these additional items on the stone plate table at the centre of the room before the high fashion Beta nodded, and Sam hurried to get to the exit to not be seen spying, the moment the other Beta seemed pleased with his preparation and went to close the chamber again.


The tall one was pushing the carrier and hastening his steps while trying to focus on what he’d seen. He still couldn’t come up with anything that would have made sense of the things he’s seen today.
Sam was still wondering what this room would be used for, but the equipment was alarming.


As they got back to the Entrance that had lent them into the dark errand/servant passage, Sam could hear the sounds of cheering rising through the closed doors and obviously coming from the great hall.
Just seconds later the tall beta was suddenly yelled at out of no where.
The Blondy was suddenly beside Sam, wildly gesturing at the stopped worker.
He looked hectic, unsure and somehow desperate.
Sam hesitated till the words finally reached his mind, having him move.
Once again the blond yelled at the other Beta, as Sam didn’t move fast enough to his taste.
“COME ONE...!!!!”
The flashy bleached Beta turned back and forth, seemingly searching for something and to make sure they were still on their own.

Sam had difficulties following while directing his carrier that was of no real weight but horribly to navigate.
He almost hit the frame as the other Beta suddenly turned, opening another door and directing them inside in his nervous, hectic gestures.

The Space they’ve ended up in all of a sudden wasn’t a room but another hall.
Not as great as the one they had seen already, but still nothing Sam had ever seen before as well.
While his ‘Guide’ was slamming and watching the secret door after he had taken care that this space was indeed empty.

Sam used the chance to get a look around himself while the bleached Betas attention was not completely lying at him.
The multicolored, hazel eyes looked in awe and surprise at this hall.
It was again a lot of marble all around.
There were marble chimneys on two sides of the emptied hall, black and white marble floor and more than countable marble pillars were reflecting in the multiple mirrors covering all the walls.
It wasn’t lighted up but somehow there was a slight white, blue glowing coming from somewhere and that the tall Betas collar was reacting on again.


The steps of the two Betas echoed at the stone material, like sounds of ghosts haunting this place as they hurried to cross the floor.
Again the Blonde walked, just as trained and expected, close to the mirrored wall, giving Sam another opportunity to get a closer look.
From close up Sam could see that all of them were created out of square pieces and not normal glass it seemed.
He watched carefully as the bleached ‘coordinator’ gestured a symbol with his hand, just painting it into the air, hovering slightly above one of the mirroring ‘bricks’ next to them.
In fascination but with furrowed brows Sam watched as the points the other Beta almost touched did lit up, just for a moment before the panel itself vanished.
Sam was irritated as another hidden storage space appeared.

But the Winchester was brought right back as he was called again.
“Here.” The blond guy hurried not even caring who he was with anymore.
He handed Sam a silver tray without saying anything...
Sam could see that the Closet was stocked with boxes similar to the ones the Blond had prepared at the golden room before.
But this time these small Containers were black, all of them, eight in number Sam could count. Each of them was carved with silver and gold lines.
The boxes were flat and lager than the one at the golden room and these items were not out of wood.
“Get them!” The Blond handed over one after another in such a hurry that Sam almost lost the balance on the tray where they got piled up on, all of a sudden.

It was still confusing and slowly but surely the tall Beta got a bit nervous..., as he watched Beta by his side reactivating the electric field that had hidden the storage space and imitated one of this hall’s mirrors.
The Winchester almost slipped as the fancy guy turned at him so suddenly that there was an actual wind from this movement.
And Sam did more, ducking down as he was looked up and measured by the other one that wasn’t higher than him but somehow set up to be.
He did not look happy, Sam decided.

“Just….pretend to be not there, do not look up, don’t talk not the slightest and don’t you dare to look at the guests! Got it?”
The bleached Beta asked, talking down to Sam and not hiding his try to command the other one like he had done with those giant Alphas.
And he didn’t even wait for the tall dark haired to answer.
“Ok hurry and stay silent.” The uppish Beta turned again, expecting, not asking Sam to follow…


“Leave the carrier here for now.” The Blond mentioned as they got back at the corridor, answering the unspoken question showing on Sam’s face.
He measured the tall one again.
“Take off your vest.” He ordered.
Sam did, although hesitating and not really comfortable with the now public domain of his middle body part.
He was now fully dressed in black, showing a well trained free stomach and heavy working boots while carrying a silver tablet set up with black boxes.
For the first time the other Omega seemed to recognize the Workers presence, and the Blond seemed pretty pleased with the change and nodded with a pleasant, somehow salaciously small smile.


Back on/at the main floor, behind the carved glass windows Sam got an even better look at the Omegas who’d opened the heavy main wooden door to the Hallway out.

And this time Sam looked without being overwhelmed by his surrounding, and immediately he felt disgusted…

The two young boys weren’t only chained by their neck and belly chains leading to the wood.
They were literally chained completely to it, sealed to that ancient door.
The collar, the hands, the legs, every part of them was connected to the respected wing. Refined, hardly recognizable silver, blue bracelets were somehow drilled into the skin of the boys and the doors material, Sam wasn’t so sure anymore that it was really wood.
And even worse, the dark haired had realized something even more horrible that had him needing to fight a wave of sickness. As they had entered back into that small space dividing the hallway and the Even or Main Hall, the Omega Boys had opened their eyes and from his current standpoint, Sam had actually seen them.
And he recognized that the children didn’t seem to focus at any of them or even their near by surrounding. These kids didn’t seem to focus at all…
They couldn’t, Sam understood in terror.
These, way to young Omegas, couldn’t see, both of them appeared to be blind, and Sam was pretty sure that they hadn’t been born this way.
But even thought they did not focus, their empty eyes still seemed to follow the Betas movements while their heads kept in that devote bowing posture… And it was creepy…

Sam’s blond Companion didn’t seem to care as he once more gave the worker by his side a look over before he started to move, and this time straight towards the Main Hall’s Entrance.
“Stay close.”
The bleached, glittering Beta whispered warningly before, and without further hesitation, walking through the sliding apart, decorated glass wall.

Sam’s mind was a mess right now, he struggled with all the Impressions he’d had to process right now.
But still he followed, not thinking twice as the glass panel opened up to a completely different world…


Sam was not prepared for the sudden, although dimmed, intensity of Alpha Aura and Scent.
It was so much stronger than he had ever experienced it even being close to one of these preferences.
It was unexpected and kind of stopped the tall beta in his steps, it was just overwhelming to be surrounded by all of these potential Alpha mates.
All to clear was the sudden need of looking for a Partner and a Mate willing to take care.
Sam hated his weak neediness he had been so sure he had taken care of and been cured off.
It was painful to realize the opposite in that moment and it took him a little bit longer to find back his balance and focus.

It smelled different it felt different and his collar started its smooth vibration again.
The Blond watched him angrily, Sam could feel it even without really looking up.
But the dark haired Beta managed to center himself, enough to move on.

The sound of people talking had build up the moment they had entered the main hall walking at the side while the voices became a constant background noise.
The younger Winchester followed the Blond Betas lead and his orders, in general, although he did, illicitly look around.
Sam just couldn’t stop it.
Something deep within was screaming, begging, a genetically given biology hoping, wanting and needing attention, someone willing to care, a fitting Partner.
It was something the tall Beta desperately tried to keep hidden, to bury down.
But in this surrounding it was really hard not to listen to this intense Call Sam thought he had learned to ignore over time.

He sensed High Alpha all around, he scented caretaker, protector, and Sam felt Ultra, this close, for the first time in his life, and it was overwhelming.
Without no control about his sudden, ‘weak’ and disgusting urge to be closer to all the Alphas, the Ultras around, Sam got very nervous.
Now he did understand why the workers were all Betas, why Rufus had told him no unmated or owned Omegas allowed.
Under these circumstances, an Omega would be nothing more than prey, so Sam thought.
And due to an Omegas nature, they would obey to that intense Call of the Ultras around, in any way possible. It was something the young Beta understood only now for real.

Sam tried not to get lost on/at the scent, although vague, very potent, all around this hall, instead he focused on the male and females, dressed in these exquisite cloths.
Sam focused on the strange pet’s some of the guests were carrying around.
At least the Beta thought these Creatures to be Pets, because he had never ever seen these things before.
Sam watched how some of the Alphas, or maybe Ultras, it wasn’t always that clear, were escorted by Omegas and Betas of an unusual form and height, not really looking human somehow, but it was hard to tell at the dimmed light and the crowded floor, not to mention the Betas own overwhelmed state.
Sam wasn’t sure if to trust his current impression, he definitely could be wrong.

The Winchester recognized a little girl already collared and hung with gem stones bigger than chicken eggs, and a Boy maybe barely 14 being lead on a leach out of shimmering jewels.
And between/among these Alpha leads and their Entourage, really beautiful Omegas, all owned and probably under medication, serving Drinks, Fingerfood and Desserts from silver plates almost as tall as them.
All of these Servants wore a thin layer of white or rosé colored silk, only hold up by their heavy collar that seemed at least worth three or four Omegas at second ring the market.
Sam sighed as one of the waitresses winked at him, smiling flirtatious as she walked on with her hips swinging beneath the transparent silk.
Sam felt like cornered, like walking into a honey trap and a dead end at the same time.
Trapped between obediently presenting as the Beta he was and actively posing as the Alpha he could be if needed.

A silent snarl of his Blond ‘Superior’ had Sam finally focused back at his current work that was difficult enough with his stocked silver tray he was maneuvering through the absolutely not caring Crowd/People.

Sam was thankful as they hurried behind the line of guard either protecting or herding the guests but standing closer to the walls.
Luckily the lights, the spots were pointing right at some stage on the other side of the hall. It was to far yet to have a good view but as far as Sam could tell, there was a big table on the construction framed by dark curtains.
Since a lot of the guests were focused straight at the hidden spectacle, the tall Beta considered it some Event Entertainment or Main act since for Sam it seemed as if those up there were the only ones to sit down and to be served a proper meal.

It was an odd, “The last supper”, kinda scenery, Sam thought uncomfortable.
He did not see the lower standing Boxes just yet.
His eyes felt on a blond female holding real close to her Alpha who had astonishingly blue eyes and was carrying a young boy, maybe four, who was smiling at the man. They were all dressed up very beautiful and looked like a happy family.
But Sam did think differently the moment he saw the collar the little boy was wearing.
Sam wondered if there ever really would be such a thing like a happy family.
As long as the members were only defined by there presented biology, forced into submitting or dominating like that.
There was no way this boy had been presented yet, so there was also no reason to sign him as an omega this young.
This collar had just one meaning at that, to show the ownership over that boy and probably just to benefit the Alpha and to help on his promotion.
At least they look fine, acceptable to their given conditions, but it was just not enough for Sam, would never be, he knew....
It wasn’t what the Beta hoped for when thinking about a partner and being equal and loved and cared for.
Sam turned and looked away to keep it that way, just following the other Beta across the hall, where ever that would lead to.


The first pearls of sweat dripped down Deans back. He first was happy not to be stripped down, now he wasn’t so sure anymore.
The dark blond was sweating heavily. The clothes felt so light hours ago, now they felt like cement vests he was carrying. His back was hurting like hell and one of his legs had started to become numb. Not at all that comfortable he thought in his left sarcastic humor.
But he wasn’t the only one starting to feel the pressure. Out of the corner of his eyes Dean could see one of the younger ones next to, slightly swaying.
It felt like days but the dark blond Omega knew that it couldn’t have been more than an hour past. He still did not know the exact rules of this sinister game but he was pretty sure they’ll had to keep that position till their Alpha, probably all of them, would have finished their slowly served Dinner.
Dean had heard some of the guests talking about some important celebration before, but by now he wasn’t really caring anymore although it was coming up in his more and more drifting mind.
He was panicking just slightly, thinking about the Air he might had left in his clear casket.
But he was uncomfortable enough, he reminded himself, desperately trying to think of anything else, something real, something outside of this glass prison.

So the dark blond closed his eyes and concentrated for what ever. Dean did not know if the Omegas, if he was allowed to do this but since he didn’t lowered his head or gave any other signs of weakness, he guessed it would be fine hating himself for even now being willing to please and follow orders, to be good for this damn ass hole that had him ending up here all on his own anyway...

Still the dark blond hoped that the audience would think of his closed eyes as a strong sign of a calm Omega maybe meditating..., something Dean would never do no matter what.
But he hoped that this way he would be able to regain some strength and that this actual misdemeanor would slip from an all too strict assessment.
Since he was locked up and closed off from the Alphas scent he could not get there agreement but since his ‘master’ hadn’t give a damn about behaving the typical Omega way before, at least to some degree, Dean was willing, needed to risk it, to give it a shot, for just a little bit rest…


The blond Beta whispered in a suddenly high thin voice, turning at Sam, as they got close to the other side of the hall.
“Take it there…..”
The coordinator pointed at a small prepared table lined at the marble wall, protected by some giant guards looking down on Sam as the Beta stepped near.

All of a sudden the dark boxes started a deep buzzing, vibrating just like the, suddenly a bit too tight, Collar Sam was wearing around his neck.
The closer he got to the prepared stage, which he still couldn’t see quite well from his positions and the blocked view by those gigantic Alpha guards he was walking behind.
Sam did realize though, that the buzzing, the slight vibration changed now and than as if he was listening to a different heart beat.
It started to tickle and even to give some small shocks, Sam could feel going down his spine. It wasn’t painful but never the less worrisome and uncomfortable and definitely alarming considering the current place and situation the dark haired Beta was at/in right now.

The Winchester, feeling the eyes of the guards zeroing in on him already, lowered his view some more.
Slowly, the Beta put down the buzzing boxes, trying to avoid any further attention and to loose his goods.
He did not turn but walked backwards as he left, feeling ridiculous himself but couldn’t stop it anyway while he was carefully watched by the guards.

Only as Sam recognized the Blond Beta right by his side, not bowing at all, he decided it was ok for him to at least risk a slight straighten of his long frame to get rid of the little pinch in his back from bowing this deeply.
And much to his relieve, Sam figured, that the guards had stopped starring at him for good again, remaining in their immovable statuesk position.
The tall Beta sighed in silence, because these Creatures were terrifying.
By now all Sam wanted was to get out and be safe back in his Van, this was not his place and as exciting the new impressions had been, being that tense at any time wasn’t worth any of it no matter how much jewelry and money and power was collected even in this ‘small’ Hall.


Now with having done his retreat and being able to look up and around again Sam actually find a way to have a better look through the crowd and at the Stage enthroned above them watching and taking the main space of this part of the Hall.
Without the need of focusing on that instable stack of items the Beta was immediately moving more freely. Now he really could actually try to see the stage act every one seemed so overly excited about.
And although there still was no clear, direct view from the Betas position since the Stage was additionally guarded, Sam managed to get at least a glimps at some of the things that were set up for the Ultras and Alphas entertainment.

Sam could make out eight, eight confined glass containers lined at the front of the slightly smaller part of the stage.
He guessed that there were eight Omegas and eight Alphas lined up although he couldn’t see all of them directly.

Two female Alphas, fife male, with a way stronger sense Sam had ever tasted, sad at the table on top, served by strange white haired servants, with high cuisine meals and beyond price drinks.
While the Alphas seemed perfectly comfortable, taking there time, enjoying their food and refreshments, watching the crowd beneath, Sam was disgusted to see the state of the Omegas obviously presented before their owners and with no access to either food nor drinks so it seemed.

In front of the banquet table were boxes, transparent Cubes as far as Sam could see it.
The Beta stopped his movements to have a closer look.
The Cubes were spot lighted and not even high enough for a child to stand in, the Omegas within needed to kneel to fit somehow.
Hell, Sam thought, he would not fit even bowing and kneeling inside.

The Omegas Sam could see, and that were recognizable by the signs on/at their naked Body’s, seemed in deep distress right now.
They were obviously struggling and not only due to the confined space they were put on display in right now.

The Omegas were sweating, some dripping and unstably swaying in their showcases.
One of them seemed to have trouble breathing normally as if he wasn’t getting enough air.

It took a second longer before Sam in horror realized the depth of this world he’d stepped in by strange coincidences.

The Betas eyes widened at the terrifying revelation that these boxes might be air-tight!...
This wasn’t just to show off of Omegas, as some Alphas even out at the second Ring tend to do. This here was something else, something unspeakable.

Sam felt exhausted, shaky, and sweaty and he felt fear. His whole Body was reacting to a distress he couldn’t even scent.
The tall Beta did not understand this intense reaction even though he did sympathize with the Omegas locked in those boxes.
The collars vibes had started to hurt, the small shocks coming from it burned painfully at the tall Betas skin.

His empathizing, or worse, this odd ‘connection’ with the Omegas, the strong smell of those strange Alphas giving away such irresistible strength, the heavy sweet air in this hall and the constant noises in the background, Sam had to much of all of it.
He started swaying himself, his view becoming dizzy for a sec and Sam had to fight this nauseous feeling crawling up within and tugging at guts.
The Beta started to feel unsafe and shaky on his feeds as his thoughts started swirling in his head.
His inner Beta was screaming, howling in pain and anger, and need, unable to clear all the emotions flooding in at the same time…

The bleached coordinator had watched the changing within the worker. And he wasn’t the only one.
One of the stage guards had made a move forward and opened the view for the Beta to have a real good, unrestricted view at the scenery on stage, and at all of the glass cubes…


Dean tried to roll his shoulders without being recognized doing so. But since all of the other Omegas didn’t move either in their small cages, and Dean was just copying them to still be perfect for his last ‘master’, he didn’t dare to even make this small move just remaining in his uncomfortable and tense and stiffening positions while his sweat was already building small puddles in the Omegas given underwear.

His skirt was probably soaked wet right now, Dean thought.
Sadly though in this blocked, sealed coffin it didn’t get clammy, which would have helped cooling him off, at least a little bit.
Instead the Omega felt like being cooked alive in his own skin...
Tiredly he closed his the air became more and more used.
Dean could feel, even though still clear, that he was slowly drifting.

For quite a while now he’d had a headache going on and the still fresh wounds had started pulsating painfully.
They might gotten infected, the dark blond thought unemotionally, to exhausted and gone by now to care for such a ‘small’ issue.
Dean tried to bury all of those thoughts like he always did with every thing involving strong, unbearable emotions of any kind. Pain and worries just one of them.
It was one of the Omegas long term coping mechanisms that had helped the tall guy to survive till now without him going crazy like so many of his kind had ended up like.

Every thing that got in the way of Dean Winchesters live purpose or, within the last years, got in the way of him surviving, the Omega buried away, deep down within, hoping for it to never return at/to the surface…

The dark blond again opened his green eyes at the painfully burning lights…


Sam starred.
He starred at the Box almost at the centre of the stage. He starred at the glossy glass cube, he starred at the expensive suit, at the dark blond hair, the too muscled, to strong body for an Omega. Sam starred at the wristbands, at the collar…
And than he stared at the face, those lips, those features and these intense emerald eyes that Sam would never, could never forget even if he would want too.


It was a hoarse whisper, a toneless question as the still familiar name hesitatingly left the Betas lips while his fingers clawed into his hands, his nails tugging into the skin till the knuckles turned white.
The floor beneath Sam’s feeds seemed to vanish for real and the tall dark haired thought that he couldn’t hold himself up anymore.


He must have starred a while as he was brought back by the other Beta calling him.
“Come on, we got to go!!”
The Blond sounded concerned and panicked...

But Sam couldn’t, he just couldn’t move…!!!


Chapter Text

_________________________________Chapter XV________________________________

- revised -

That was Dean! There was no mistake, Sam was sure. There, right in front, almost within reach, HIS Dean!
Sam was frozen in shock. It might been 15 Years and he might be older but Sam knew this face all to well, knew it since forever.
It had been the first face he had seen in his life, the first face he had recognized and the first he was remembering when ever thinking back at all.

Sam knew every one of these damn freckles, every wrinkle, every line and he did recognize them all right now…
Sam knew it all, would realize it at any time and everywhere, and this was Dean!!! No doubt possible…

In the back of his mind Sam realized someone grabbing him by his shoulders, as the guards started to look at them in suspicion, seemingly attempting to step forward.

The coordinator slowly got nervous. If they would attract any more attention they’ll be punished, they could get killed.
Very angry due to his own fear, the bleached blond got even closer, leaning in to the other Beta.
The grip on Sam’s shoulder tightened firmly, becoming painful as the manicured, sharpened synthetic nails digged in the Winchesters bare skin.

“HEY!... I don’t care what’s going on with you! GET IT TOGETHER!”
The blond sounded not only angry, there suddenly was an echo in this turned down voice.
It got deep and vibrating, a commanding hidden within that wasn’t typical Beta.

Whatever it was that suddenly changed, it did work and Sam’s Head cleared.
It wasn’t enough to make own decisions but it helped to get the tall guy out of his stasis, having him move again.
He’d a last look on the green eyed Omega as the blond dragged him back the way they’d come from.


It took a moment but finally Sam tried to pull off of the grip of the blond, but much to his own surprise he couldn’t. The strange Beta had changed somehow. He smelled differently and was way stronger than he should have been. It was a slight shock for the dark haired who had always been used to rely on his strength, at least around other Beta types.

Sam was pushed outside as they reached the glass door, back out of the Hall, and he was handled with such force that he actually slipped and got thrown over the ground in that small space between the glass Hall Entrance and the huge Wooden door with the chained, blind Omegas, as they got locked within and hidden from any further view.

“I ,…I need ….go back…!!”
Sam huffed out in terror, and pain as his collar suddenly and without a warning, sent another shock through his spine.
Sam was overwhelmed, confused and irritated about everything that had, and still was happening here…
He was staring with wide eyes, unable to decide what to do, to fight, to run…? Sam was trapped.

The Blond yelled and opened the side door to the corridor.
“GET your stuff, and RUN I’m not saying it twice!!”
He growled again, his eyes starting to glow in an intimidating gold, pulsating in a rough rhythm that Sam could suddenly feel in is Chest.
There was another pain as his heart beat slowed down, directed by some unknown force.
The tall Winchester grabbed at his chest coughing at the tense feeling within his breast/chest.
Panic spread to his mind having the Winchesters thoughts running...

It couldn’t be now, not yet…! He had found his Brother, he was so close…, it couldn’t be now, Sam begged desperately but in silence.
“YOU GO!!!!”
The blond Beta added in that echoing sound that was sending another sting to the Betas heart.
“Get up!”
He commanded and Sam did follow in pain, pushed by the same urge he’d felt as the guards had stopped and searched him.
He slowly walked to his working tool and vest, taking it on without really realizing it as he was starting the carrier.

Sam tried again as his body moved on automatic mode, preparing to leave this place, his collar still pulsating, buzzing and getting ready to initiate a newly shock.

It was warning enough for Sam not to try again.

The Blond was in a real hurry to get the ‘broken’ Beta out of the Hall, away from this floor, and down, were those low workers belonged to in the first place.

Sam was struggling under that disgusting spell he was forced under for the second time this night and that seemed a normal thing around here.
Three more times the Winchester tried to escape, to pull away from this invisible chain he had not agreed to wear.
He got shocked three more times and the last one almost throw him of his feeds, leaving Sam even partly paralyzed in one leg and his left shoulder...

This did slow him down a bit but still, Sam did not stop analyzing and looking around, hoping to find another way out, a possibility to escape…
He could not stop, not with his Brother so close, right there behind this door almost within reach!


The Blond had waited for Sam to enter the Elevator, and for the doors to close, not once leaving the other Betas side just in case.
They were already close to the first floor, almost on the upper Level as Sam was finally able to pull away from the “hypnoses” that had controlled him and his biology gripped tied.

Without hesitation and immediately Sam reacted as the Elevator Doors opened, surprised himself, about this stupid and impulsive move.

But his blond Companion wasn’t less surprised as the Beta worker suddenly pulled away from the carrier, turning towards the open floor, apparently trying to get back where they had just come from.
But the bleached Beta didn’t hesitate for long, tapping something on his devise and activating a silent alert.

The coordinator shook his head and turned, this wasn’t his problem anymore, he’d got more important things to do than some underling on the loose…


Sam made it to another elevator, hiding as much as possible while he was constantly and stronger shocked by his collar, obviously for leaving some invisible, given path.

He’d tried to rip it off and throw it away but the key mechanism must have been broken somehow, not the slightest bit reacting at the Winchester efforts to open it up.
For now he would have to deal with it, would have to handle the shocks because he had much worse problems to take care of right now.

But even though the tall Beta handled the pain, coming from the sign of Ownership tightened around his neck, the guards that started appearing from all around, somehow focused directly at him, Sam could not avoid or ignore, no matter how much he tried.

These Giants were fast, much faster than Sam had expected those meat sacks to ever be, their size and build was tricking the mind into a false safety about their damn agility, the Winchester thought almost crashing into one of them turning the corner in front right now.

The dark haired Beta managed to dodge the attack but a sudden pain running down his neck and spine had him slightly immobile within a blink.
Sam hadn’t even seen or heard the other Alpha things moving and closing in, especially not that fast.

The hit or punch, Sam wasn’t sure, had him dizzy as the deep growls started coming from all around.
And this growling sound did something to the Betas head, he started to loose his orientation, his body became even more instable, rigid and wobbly at the same time…as the next impact had his view fading, making it almost impossible to stand upright.
And shortly after, Sam actually hit the floor…


He did not know how he somehow had gotten away afterwards but as his mind, thoughts and Body reactions finally cleared, Sam was standing on a footbridge looking down on one of the servant levels.
He was completely lost in that unfamiliar territory and he could hear, actually feel these Alpha guards close to his neck…


This time Sam heard the crack of bones as he was hit again, as this forceful blow painfully spread from this spot right on his back.
For a moment Sam expected himself to hit the floor. It was the only way after such a shock through his system.
But he wasn’t going down.
Instead, the tall Beta felt his body being lifted without any difficulties or restrain as he was grabbed tightly at his throat.
Sam recognized his collar vibrating, sending out another wave of these electrical shocks, stunning the Betas physics, with just another painful impact that he couldn’t locate specifically before finally, the world went dark…


“I was really surprised by your message.” The tall blond Alpha mentioned looking down at the honey blond to his right as the two men passed the hallway side by side.
“How come you’re willing to meet him now?” The blond sounded sceptic.
Gabe just smiled brightly.
“I took an interest at on of them.” He told.
“Kinki dude, would never guessed you would be one of those.”
The big guy seemed amused, the same time and crushing his huge hand, painfully on the short mans back.
But he missed the small flinching of his current companion.

Gabe wasn’t one of “those” and being compared to these idiotic morons was hurting, but the honey blond was good in his roles and for now this was his play/act.
He knew of a lot of Alphas who need/wanted to use Omegas after they’d participated in these “show off’s”.

It often happened that the winning one or the Omega of the highest Alpha, was prepared for some private games afterwards. It was an open secret and the Owner and Winner could get some extra credits out of that.
Of course that wouldn’t work out that often with the high ‘End games’, but aside the lethal ones there were enough Sidelined Plays to pick and chose some favorites.


There was one man you couldn’t avoid dealing with that part of the play though, he was the one deciding on either, the further use of the ‘Show off’ Omegas or their parts.
He was the one coordinating this rather ‘shadowy’ side of the Alpha and Ultra games and it was the one Gabe was now heading too.

The honey blond was no big fan of that man but he could respect his management.
Although for the short Servant it was an industry running only for the weakest of them all, to provide them a momentum of an illusion, a lie of being someone they weren’t in real live.
But Gabe wasn’t stupid enough to ever share his thoughts about this business.
Dealing with it was dangerous enough.

The two men got distracted at the noises coming from around the corner of the next hallway they had to turn to.
The long haired giant stopped directly.
He did not like the idea of being seen walking with the honey blond and Gabe wasn’t so eager to be recognized walking with the other Alpha as well.

“I got this. We better met on the lower level again.” The rather small Ultra offered generously and more to the benefit of his own.
But the giant seemed pleased and nodded before he was leaving into another direction.
Gabe waited till the blond Alpha in his flamboyant, glistening suit, was out of sight, before he moved on to have a look at the disturbance.


There was a worker laid out on the floor, his body awkwardly turned and squashed into one corner.
Two guards leaned over the poor guy and were about to finish their attack.

Gabe sensed strong Beta and looked at the tall guy who wasn’t showing any sign of live.
He was wearing a vest of one of the companies working for such events, and his dark, shoulder long hair was hiding the face in his current position.
The short man walked closer as one of the covered guards lifted his hand while the silver eyes started glowing.


Calmly Gabe walked closer no hurry or other emotional reactions showing in the small Ultras movements.
The guards had stopped immediately at his command anyway, lowering their view and waiting in a weird standby mode for the next direction.
The honey blond with the golden eyes squatted down and pulled one dark curl aside to look at the man lying on the ground. It wasn’t as much the situation that had him intrigued, the Guards were supposed to handle things like this and it wasn’t random that they did.
But it was curiosity, one of the stronger issues along with the Ultra becoming bored all to quickly, that had Gabe getting involved in an action that wasn’t normally to even lift a brow.

The ‘grounded’ Beta was an eye-catcher for sure, Gabe thought, eying the long frame as he suddenly recognizing the partly covered collar.
This was inner core craftsmanship, but the short man had never seen something like that before.
This day was full of surprises Gabe smiled finally founding something to cheer him up before his meeting.
The honey blond got up, turning to the guards.
“Leave him, we will no see any death Worker on the heel’s of that Event.”
The Ultra underlined his words with a deep, very unexpected, growl.

“Send it off to the boarder and go back to your position.”
He staid calm but his voice did not leave any doubt what he would do it if he wouldn’t be obeyed.
The guards nodded and one of them pulled the tall unconscious Beta up, throwing him over his shoulder like it was nothing and he about to carry some sack of trash.

Gabe watched them leaving and shook his head.
It wasn’t uncommon that some unused workers got overwhelmed being confronted with Ultras for the first time. But it wasn’t what the short man had sensed at all. Distress, yes but not because of the Alphas around, there was something else he couldn’t identify but got attached to right away.
He also was interested in that collar. This Beta was obviously not from the inner City but he was owned and not only the collar was showing that, there was something about this guy..., the Ultra thought. He had done something good the honey blond praised himself, smiling before he remembered what he was actually here for in those underground tunnels, and immediately the charming grin faded…


It didn’t take long to find back to his “companion” on the lower level. The Blond was already waiting, leaning against a pillar.
“Na, dealt with it?” He asked really curious as Gabe approached him, smiling as an open answer.

“Can we?” The honey blond questioned, taking over the top position once again.
The blond pulled away from his support and nod, just accepting that the other man wasn’t willing to tell anything.
It didn’t matter though.

Gabe followed the tall Alpha who he didn’t know at all. But he had helped Gabriel, which was the honey blond official call, in some unofficial matters.
And even though it barely qualified them as friends, even though the Blond, Rasiel, acted as if, it did indeed had them in some kind of comradery connection.

In reality, both men knew that they weren’t and any of them would sell the other within a blink just to get away himself. And as odd as this might would be for any outsider, Gabriel preferred it this way, open and with not strings attached.
And as long as the other would be of some use, both of them would play along and live with the other ones presence.

And even knowing Rasiel was nothing more than a messenger and not the brightest light on the Lamp Gabe could work with it as long as needed and as long as benefiting.
The real Brain was someone else, someone who was clever enough to stay in the back.
And even Rasiel hadn’t realized it yet, but after tonight he might be vanished without any trace, and Gabe couldn’t say that he was sad about it/that.
The only reason the blond stupid was still alive anyway, was his connection to the short honey blond, following him right now.

Well that would end tonight as well. And Gabe was pretty sure the Blond’s boss wouldn’t mind as well…


It was dark, loud and it stank as Sam came back to his senses. He wasn’t sure what had happened but his body hurt like the time he was thrown out of the car years back.
He tasted blood and he couldn’t lift his right arm. It might was dislocated, he thought.
But he was alive and slowly the memory started coming back.
He was tackled by some of those creepy guards and than there was another shock, maybe….
He might heard one of the Alpha males grunting as he was hit by the shock as well, but after that…

The Betas thoughts started too hastened again, leaving his mind spinning, his breath uneven and his heart racing as he recalled the guy in that Hall…
Was he right? Did he saw right? Was that Dean? His Dean, here? How did he get here? How was that even possible?
And what was that on the stage? Was he sure that Dean was on that stage?
Sam panicked requesting every thing, realizing that he hadn’t looked at the Alpha. He didn’t know who his Brother was owned by.

With nothing at hand he would never be able to find him again.
Was Dean alright?
Sam started recalling more of the Situation he’d seen his brother in, focusing on what he’d might have seen himself, just minutes ago… or was it hours???

There were these Boxes…, and hadn’t he realized some gambling going on at/in the crowd?
The Omegas had been in distress. Sam suddenly saw the exhausted eyes of some of the young ones behind that glass.
He remembered the strange, strong Alphas and those white haired creatures serving them on that stage.

In further horror Sam remembered at these strange abnormal ‘pets’ among the crowd in that hall.

Slowly he started to combine all he’d seen and the more he does the more uncomfortable, terrified the Beta got…
But no matter how he felt, all over those instinctive fears and terrors there was this one thought, the one that had lead Sam for most of his life, if not for all of it.
He needed to go back! He had to, because Dean was there!...
And if nothing else in this world, that/this was reason enough, always had been and always would, especially now that Sam knew, had the first slight prove, that his brother was still alive, somewhere out there...

Another image crossed the Betas mind.
The blind boy’s, literally bound to the Entrance of that hall and even more he needed to see Dean.
It was intense, having Sam struggling and in surprise of this overwhelmingly urge to go back, to be close to his Brother, something he had hoped he’d been over after so much time...
Sam had never imagined such powerful emotions to flood, to overcome him although, of course, he had missed his older sibling.

There was some frightening knowledge within this revelation, something Sam wasn’t able, couldn’t face just yet, but did understand.
Sam had always been smarter than it had been goof for him.
He needed Dean, always had, always would…… Sam stopped right there!
For years now the Beta was haunted by those thoughts and it didn’t get him everywhere other than questioning the possibility over and over again. A possibility that shouldn’t even been considered being of the same blood.

But all his reaction, his body his mind all of him and especially his Beta biology was screaming again. It was screaming for his one and only, screaming for his mate…screaming for Dean. The only “Alpha” he would ever be able to accept.

Sam did not know how to process that. He wasn’t acting rational he was just swimming in hormones. But he needed to get back, he needed to.
Another, even louder sound of some mechanism brought him back. He wouldn’t be able to get anywhere if he couldn’t get out of here, what ever ‘here’ was...

Sam tried to orientate in this new situation.
There was a constant, pulsating sound of some Engine near by. And it was obvious, where ever he was locked in, that it was moving, and it was moving fast.
The Beta tried to get up and almost immediately the tall guy hit his head on a metallic ceiling.

Sam tried to calm down, to concentrate and focus, but his hands were shaking and, Dean kneeling behind glass, was all he could really think of.


Somehow, and only with great effort, the Beta finally did managed to calm enough to reach out in the dark and feel around, patting for something that would help him figuring out his current place, to find something that might be some/a way out.


Sam figured that he was in a closed up Container, cylindrical and filled with unidentifiable stuff, judging by that stench all over, it was trash of some kind.

The Beta slowly and on instable feet moved along the walls while he was struggling in that deafening noises and shaking ground.
It took him a while till he felt something that could have been a combination lock.

For a moment Sam considered searching for a crowbar or something similar among the Trash.
But after a few thoughts the Beta had a different idea that might be preventing him from groping around in trash he couldn’t see, risking any kind of injury.
There wasn’t much chance for this idea to work out but Sam had to try never the less.

So the Beta lifted his left arm, since his right wasn’t working at all, and tried to find the scanner he was expecting at that lock somewhere at the side.
To Sam’s immense surprise his id still seemed to work.

A blue laser scanned the wristband and a beeping sound informed about the confirmed data.
Once more the Beta’s surrogate Collar vibrated, buzzed around his neck and burned on his skin as right above the Ceiling slid open, presenting a wide view all over the inner City.

There still was an electric field glowing, flickering when being touched or hit by some insects or objects.
At least the Opening granted some light from the moon within this sticky container, enabling to have a slight look around.

Sam realized that he had been thrown into one of the trash transporters he had always seen when they’d passed their Ring on the way to the dump.
The high trass-route-rail system was the only system crossing the boarders.
But it wasn’t mentioned for humans.
The monorail lines crossed above their heads, operating at a high no one ever would be able to reach up to, and with the construction pillars holding it up to never touch ground in an unsecured sector outside of the first ring or inner city.

Sam got nervous. The trash of the inner core was carried out to the dumb, no one really knew what happened there but the empty trains came back in absolute accuracy.
The tall Beta looked around at the sudden urgency, he needed to get out!

He wouldn’t be able to get back to the second ring if crossing to the dump, not to mention getting back to the inner Ring, to DEAN.
Sam stared out of the small gap showing him the rushing by inner City…
Somewhere down there was Dean, he had been so close!!!
The Beta clenched his fists as he started to cry in exhaustion, dashing against the magnetic field with all the power his left arm could provide, ignoring the pain from his dislocated right shoulder, and screaming from angst and frustration...


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_________________________________Chapter XVI________________________________

- revised -

“Castiel,….” Rafael looked at his glass as it was refilled.
“…good to see you again.” He growled deeply while Castiel just nodded absently, watching his Omega in his confining box while sipping his, crystal clear, wine trying to appear disinterested.
“So,…” The older man turned to his brother. “…say, how is it going lately?”
“Heard some rumors… some whispers….”
Rafael smiled, not really hiding his intention of humiliation.
Castiel kept silent. He knew better than that. Rafael might be his brother but he wouldn’t think twice to get Castiel out of the way if necessary.
The dark haired knew, he’d learned it the hard way.
Rafael had almost killed him once.
And although there wasn’t real proof that it had been the older Ultra, Castiel knew, every one knew, and there was not doubt that he would do it again, even though his whole investigation went blank.

Rafael had always thought of the younger one as a disturbance before this little burden of his Brothers had actually become a threat, a problem and more than a worthless pain in the ass.
It wasn’t even that Castiel was standing in his way up to the top, but for some reason Rafael had picked the dark haired as his personal enemy.

Castiel knew that Rafael had ambitions, expectations of what he did deserve.
All at the high tower knew and there fore kept out of sight as best as possible.
The younger Ultra had never tried to cross one of his sibling’s paths, had never been interested in, and every one around was thankful that the Ultra had chosen Castiel to work out his anger.

The younger dark haired was basically left alone to handle that.
No one was stupid enough, had dared to pick his side.
Each at the Tower either kept silent about the higher Ultras Behavior in his ambitions on his way up, or they were eager to please Rafael’s wishes and imaginations to run in his fairway, hoping for some bigger crumbs to fall off for them.

Castiel was an Ultra like all the Elites at the inner Core, like all the Alphas working at the high tower.
But due to the strict ranking system the Elites were operating at, Castiel had always been among the lower ones, some kind of an outsider, even though he’d made a fast promotion within the business.
But because of that, he was an anathema to some of the Elders.
Rafael was maybe just one of them, but definitely the most intense and dedicated in ‘torturing’ his younger sibling.

Castiel had always wondered, when ever his brother had started another dispute, how far he was about to climb up at the high tower this time, since the older one already was one of the two most powerful Ultras in control.


Within the company there was only Michael, directly chosen by their father.
The only one who was higher than Rafael, by holding 57% of the ‘family business’.
There wasn’t much left Rafael could get his hands on already.
And truth be told, Castiel feared the moment Rafael might get it all.
He was definitely no one who should be in such a powerful position on his own. He was no one who should lead anyone, Castiel thought, but never mentioned.

Michael, the current CEO and Head of the Company was a stable decision, officially initiated by the first Alpha Power, he was the First after their ‘father’, promoted by heavens command. The blue eyed was fine with that, although he sometimes questioned himself about the reason he was obeying that easily to the given orders he, they were living under. There was a high possibility that it was simply because of his dislike of changing.
And eventually, Castiel hadn’t ended up on the bad/wrong side of the deal either.

The dark haired Ultra had made his way up from the middle to the top on his own, yes, but his given birth right had always been the key to even start it. And Castiel was appreciating this, for sure...
Because with such rights, being born, created, at the inner Core, there came freedom and comfort including a specific kind of Power and appearance that could open a lot of doors.
There fore Castiel kept silent and tried not to step into his older Brothers territory, to avoid them all, as best as possible.
The dark haired was fine with his position, fine with what he’d accomplished and he had actually planed to stay,… although constantly fighting the small voice within, that was commanding more, and complaining about the fact that all the others on top weren’t as half as capable or fitting as he would be in such a position, guiding his siblings whom definitely just waited for someone who could…

The blue eyed got another sip of his crystal wine, sighting, unheard, over the pure bliss coming with it as the contained Alpha drug started kicking in.

Rafael was still smiling, lost in his own high of a different kind.
Today was his day and he’d waited for this to come for way to long...
He still smiled satisfied as the next plate of their formal feast was served.


The crowd was slightly shifting. Were they dancing? Were they cheering? Dean wasn’t sure anymore. The Alpha Woman up front had two heads and a third on slowly swimming next to her. At least Dean knew this ain’t right. He was starting to see doubly, triple even, while the temperature in this glassy coffin had increased to an unbearable level under the hot spotlights.

And a bit ago it had started to hurt like frostbites where and when ever the Omegas sweat run down his oversensitive body.
The fresh wounds burned like fire and it felt like the pain was consuming him completely.
Dean’s head was about to explode.
The Omega could feel the Blood pumping through his veins. And every heartbeat pulsated in his scull like a drum played right next to his ear.
The dark blond felt like vomiting and ripping of his clothes and not stopping there.
But he hold it, didn’t move, just closed his eyes again to keep him self as calm as possible.
Dean knew the moment he would allow his mind to slip, to follow this urge to move and kick and scream, it would drive him crazy because there was no way out of this, no matter what…

But he wasn’t the only one faltering by now.
The red haired Omega girl, Dean had recognized earlier almost at the end of the table, had a hard time herself. She had breathed heavily and collapsed a few seconds later, bumping against the glass due to the limited space unable to fall down at all.
None of the people watching this event had even flinched or react in any other way appropriately.

The Alphas at the table were served further on, the audience was lost in their own conversations and thoughts, with a few cursing over the lost bet, they had running on that girl...
The Music was playing a slow waltz while on stage, right in front and somehow among them all, seven Omegas where dying.

But Dean did not notice any of that, he had started drifting…


Gabe stood next to one of the pillars, his arms crossed in front of his chest.
The honey blond watched the crowd.
The first credits had already changed Owners
It was perfectly clear that most of the little things up there in these boxes wouldn’t make it till the end of this event.
Not that Gabe cared, but a part of him felt sorry …, a little.

But neither this nor the gambling was why the Ultra was here for, not today.
Some Alphas at the crowd clapped his shoulder walking by, or greeted the short one from afar, and not just a few women, Alpha and Omega alike, winked at him as he was looking around.
Gabriel appreciated their enthusiasm as always, and he generously smiled back.
You never knew what this night might be like at later hours.

For now though the Ultra had a different and way more important appointment.
It was a simple task although it didn’t felt right at all.
However it wasn’t the first time the honey blond had to play this role and it probably wouldn’t be the last time either.
“…We do what we have to…”
The short man mumbled, pushing his body off the column and walking on to one of the Alphas surrounded by his own entourage.

The tall brunette with blue eyes was loudly laughing on something he was told a second ago, shortly followed by his admirers, toppling over at what ever.
Gabe was sure not half of them had even heard the reason for that exaggerative outburst.
“In the end…” The honey blond chuckled. “…we may all Omegas, ready, willing and needy to obey to the greater ones.”
His golden eyes glowed for a second as he walked through the entourage, powering up his scent to get their attention and them moving.
And just as expected, the Omegas closely holding to their Owners turned first, immediately slamming their view to the ground and stepping aside almost breaking down to their knees. If not in this close proximity to their ‘Handlers’, maybe Mates, these boys and girls would have not been able to avoid this more submissive and obedient gesture.
Now they stepped further behind their Masters and waited in anxiety, and the Ultra did enjoy this picture, just as much as the lower Alphas stepping aside, opening an alley for the honey blond to pass.

The laughter stopped the moment all the followers became aware of the smaller man stepping into their personal space, many of them probably irritated and mixed about their consideration about the guy walking among them, looking like he could be beat up easily but having all of them feeling as if to bow down themselves.

The brunette Ultra watched the other guy carefully, weighing up his options, before finally with a smirk on his lips, opening his arms and greeted Gabe like an old friend he’d missed for so long.

“Brother….” The brunette smiled openly, stepping forward a few steps.
Gabriel mirrored enthusiastically the kind expression on the younger but taller ones face as he slightly tilted his head while welcomingly opening his arms as well.

Instantly the bystanders relaxed into the former tense and unreadable situation.
But the brunette gestured them to get lost.
This would be a private consultation with an old ‘friend’ he was now guiding out of the crowd and to a more secretive place.


Sam leant his head back.
He was exhausted and sitting on some metal sheets.
The Beta had tried every thing to get out, but except opening the metal shielding to be blocked by the energetic shield, he’d achieved nothing.
Well, not nothing, with some effort and the help of a few trash items, Sam had managed to put his arm/shoulder back in place which sadly though did not stop the pulsating pain.

The tall Beta tried to hold his limb, Keep it still, as best as possible, but due to his tries to break out of this moving garbage Container, he’d failed tremendously.
Now Sam was stranded, his mind ready to shut off and his Body burning in pain while he was surrounded by trash of the inner core on his/it's last way to the dumb.
He’d found his brother and lost him right away.

And if he wouldn’t find a solution to his locked in Situation, there was a high possibility that he wouldn’t be able to get home at all, not anymore.
He needed to be out of this transporting system before the train would reach the boarder of the third ring and drove right into the outlands.

Sam starred at the slightly blue glowing force field that was still locking the container he was trapped in.
It felt so surreal to see the stars above, to imagine the fresh air having the shiny inner City passing by beneath while actually being closed from the outside in this capsule.
The multicolored/hazel eyes viewed the space again.
He still looked for a way out as he’d done maybe 100 times since he was thrown into this situation.

The ‘Trash-Train’ had already passed the high tower.
Sam had thought the system would stop multiple times to get loaded even more but this didn’t happen. Instead, the Containers were still running, obviously all the way through.
Sam tried to recall the Tubes running above the Second ring to figure the ways this train could possibly go.
Although there was still the possibility that these Monster guards whom had throw him in these Cylinders, might have changed this trains direction, but it was a start.

If this system was following the standard route though, it would surround the inner core before heading to the boarder.
And through the few signs the tall Beta had made out from his position and to that opened gap, Sam estimated that he’d left, maybe, 20 min before the system would actually cross the border between first and second ring and maybe 15 min more before he and this trash load would pass the second ring, reach the third ring and the literal dead end.

Sam slowly got up, trying to ignore the pain and dizziness as he stepped closer to the digital lock he’d found before. He looked through the transparent force field as the container train sped along the highway Sam had driven on to enter the inner city.
The oval carriage, somehow, threw long shadows on the illuminated streets deep underneath.
And Sam calculated again, 10min till this thing would reach the first boarder line.

For a moment the Beta got distracted by the blue lights going by as he felt slight buzzing coming from his collar. He had forgotten about this sign of Ownership, still connected to his neck.
But it wasn’t the only thing suddenly coming back to the tall Betas mind.
Frowning about his own stupidity Sam bowed down and tapped on his leg, squeezing his fingers between his safety boots and the overall pants.

The knife…, he’d forgotten the god damn knife!
Sam would have punched himself if he’d had the time…

Instead he pulled out the slightly glowing silver thing.
It was just as light and steady in his hand as Sam could recall it to be. It was still surprising though.
Closely the tall man eyed the vibrating glow coming from that deadly tool.
And for the first time the tall dark haired realized the similarity of the glowing of this weapon to the lights on the outside and the force field sparking up when ever something living was hitting it.

Sam grunted in his moves, trying to get closer to the lock box that was sealing the upper part of that Container as the Beta knew from way back experiences.
With all the strenght he could bring up right now, the tall Winchester just crashed the blade at/into the metal alloying. And much to his own surprise, the carved blade went into that material like a hot piece of steal cutting into butter.

Without resistance the knife cut through the cover plate of the electric Locking System.
The moment the blade opened the shiny metal, sparks started spreading, sizzling to the ground and enlighten the indoor space just before the bright light suddenly was spreading, running in blue lines all along the welds all over the Trash Container.
The whole Wagon glowed up like the electric force field that flickering for a little longer before it all burned up and turned off the moment some upper pieces of Sam 'cage' got lose and exploded into multiple directions…

Immediately the Beta was hit by the strong and ice cold air stream created by the systems high and Speed, almost ripping him off his feet.
The dark haired grabbed blindly after something to get a hold on as some of the loaded trash flew out of the open rift, some of it hitting Sam on the way, deeply cutting through his skin.
It took a moment till the stream of cutting items and wind stopped, dying away to a strong stormy day instead of a hurricane.

Sam was able to get closer to the rift and to look out, protecting his eyes by covering it with one hand. To do so he needed to let go his hold since only one arm was working well enough to lift it.
But somehow the Beta managed to hold himself in an upright position and to cover his eyes even though he was in a speeding train system with an open top.
Sam looked out watching the surrounding and streets rushing along beneath.

There was no way he would be able to get out like this.
In his mind he pursued the system passing the second ring.
There had to be a way to get down without jumping to death. The train wouldn’t stop anyway. So Sam guessed about some points within his home ring, where the system got closer to the ground.
But he couldn’t find a point save enough to jump which would definitely be his last option after all.
He tried to figure out something else as the container train crossed over the dark flood river…

That was it, Sam thought. His only way out!
The garbage Train system would cross the river two more times.
And at the second passing this Container would be above the second ring. It was just a small congestion area before the River would go off into nowhere.

Sam thought about it. It would hurt he knew, it would hurt like hell.
He did not know how deep the water got there nor did he could see the swirls and shallows.

But even facing possible death, the dump was still no option!
This system would throw the garbage either on one of the heavily secured hectares sized disposal sites or it would go right to one of the incineration companies.
Either way Sam knew he wouldn’t survive the end of this ride.
Jumping out now was left as the Betas only chance...
Sam searched the garbage, looking for something to tie down his injured arm to prevent it from further destruction while the train inexorably hurtled towards the boarder.


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________________________________Chapter XVII________________________________

- revised -

Gabe followed the smiling Ultra to one of the exits closer to the stage, just in time to see the ‘Urgals’ serving the Main menu as another Omega broke down in his transparent, restricted space.

“Naaa damn… I had some credits on this one.” The brunette stated disappointed while guiding the other man on their way out.
The honey blond looked at the young boy laying, slumped together in his Showcase.
He did not show his disgust. Omegas weren’t that rare but he did not agree with using them like that. He always was one for the pleasure and fun part, not the powerplay and pain that reminded on torture and that some of the Ultras nowadays seemed to enjoyed for their entertainment.

The two Alphas left the hall.
Gabe did not care what would happen to this man he was walking with. His intentions had greater reasons and belonged to someone else.

Since he’d left the high family to live on his own there weren’t many the honey blond gave a shit about anymore, but now and then, the Ultra found something out of the ordinary, something, someone worthy to keep an eye on, for multiple and different reasons though.

For years now Gabe had found this little spark within one of his younger Sibling. And behind his brother the honey blond was very comfortable and well covered to live his life the way he wanted it. Mostly unbothered by any of this ongoing war that comes with being born to the High tower, although it did not mean that Gabriel wasn’t interested to listen in, the smaller Ultra was just not keen to be an affected, direct part of it on the open.

His little Brother though, seemed to fit perfectly into one of those positions their Father once had set up, probably only to have the whole Family in constant turmoil at any time.
Castiel, the young dark haired Ultra was one of the rare creatures who did not bore Gabriel and surprised him on so many occasions over and over again.
There was something about the other blue eyed, Gabe did like to either protect or to destroy, and even Years watching Castiel closely the honey blond had still not decided on it yet.
There fore at the moment and for the time being Gabriel had decided to help his Brother promote, to lift him up into better fitting position and to watch how he would deal with it.

Currently though, he was working on a personal matter and focused back on the brunette in front, the Brother named Rasiel, the one in charge of coordinating the ‘golden Rooms’ who was showing him the way.


Dean’s view wasn’t clear anymore. Sweat was pearling down his Head, neck and back. The Omegas Body urged, every muscle, every limb, every part of it was in pain.
The fresh wounds still burned like fire at least having his mind aware.
And between his legs it was the worst. Dean felt like he was skinned alive, starting right there.

The dark blond swayed in his kneeling position that wasn’t as upward as it should be anymore.
And still, even though his lungs were hurting from his/the breathing efforts in this contained left air, even though his limbs had ended up numb by now, and even though around him the world was fading, Dean did last.

The tall Omega had his eyes closed, imagining of cold nights somewhere out while he, unnoticed by most of the Ultras and audience, touched the slightly cooler glass to distract himself from the heat raising within the cube, due to the spots pointing at it.
Dean wasn’t sure ho long he had been in this oven by now, but he couldn’t feel his ass anymore.
The dark blond was sure he wouldn’t be able to get up after this and he wasn’t sure if he even cared anymore as well.
Actually, he thought in a sudden clearness, he probably had given up some where on the way.


The dark blond Omega had heard of and participated in Alpha games before. And he wasn’t as dump as some expected him to be.
This here was and end game and it wouldn’t end well for him, one way or the other.
Dean had risked some sidelong glances along the kneeling, the young boy next to him had collapsed a while ago and the dark blond was pretty sure he wasn’t breathing anymore.
Also Dean hoped he was wrong, he did know better, he had never be illusional, always been a realist, facing the cruelty and horror of this world and his existence straight forward. It had not always served him well though.

But the Omega was a survivor, and even now, a small thought in his mind yelled and kicked and punched against the fogginess that was starting to spread all over Deans exhausted brain.

Sadly though, now it wasn’t helping…
Dean pushed hard to ban this ancient instinct into the depth of his ignored memories and worries. He tried to focus back on that picture of a dark, cold night when he was so very young…

One night, as he had smoked that cheap drug, after a long day of struggle and scavenging, while he had held his even younger brother, feeling the boy’s body warmth and watching the stars above, promising the one in his protection, that he would get a better life than this…

The Omegas finger touched the glass, smoothly moving along the even and cooler material, supporting the dark blond with an immense mental relief.
A slight smile curled around Deans beautiful lips as the memory hit, sending once more, this overwhelming feeling right to his current dark haired “master”, leaving, unknowingly, the older one in an unknown bliss that actually did hurt, to the blue eyed Ultras surprise.

As Dean was floating in this old time memory, the reality was fading further, ebbing away.
The audience was gone, so was the hall, the time and anything else outside of this sealed Showcase while the omega drifted, sinking deeper and deeper into the past.


Castiel starred at the cube in front as this warm feeling hit him again, more intense, painful and very foreign to the ancient Creature.
The Ultra frowned in irritation about this unwelcome and unexpected Emotion Castiel couldn’t assign correctly.

This new experience did hurt and he was overwhelmed, full of energy although suddenly burdened with guilt and a heavy sadness almost pushing him down, leaving the blue eyes watery and Castiel actually loosing a tear, wetting his left cheek.

In irritation the dark haired reached up to that wet line.
The Ultra was torn in confusion.
He felt proud about how well his Omega was holding it and at the time, there was this wounded feeling, this invisible scar, ‘bleeding’ and draining his strength, this damn itch of guilt for failing someone, and the pain of worry and blame for somehow not having done enough.
All of it mixed up in the Ultras mind and Body…, overwhelming the normally collected and controlled man who couldn’t avoid a deep, subdued vibrant growl, showing nerves this way and not even caring about his ‘Enemies’ sitting right next to him.

Castiel was huffing in dissatisfaction if about himself or the unwanted feelings, he couldn’t tell as he stared back at his ‘Mate’ for one night.

Watching the dark blonds back was calming even next to the other Ultras Castiel generally couldn’t stand at all.
The dark haired was confused, irritated and puzzled in a situation he should have been clear, aware and concentrated.
To focus back he concentrated on these slight shifts and muscle turns underneath the grey silver suit jacket his Omega was still wearing, and which had the Ultra just a little bit annoyed about his decision not to let his Mate be undressed in front of the audience, although the dark haired was enjoyed to be the only one in this room, to know about ‘Deans’ real appearance. To know that this, all of it was belonging only to him, that this was his property, had created an unknown excitement and obviously been an also unknown kink of his.

And these slight moves beneath this fabric were like a small breath of live within this extraordinary man, signs that Castiel enjoyed the most, for multiple reasons actually.
Castiel was impressed how calm this untrained underclass, street Omega behaved. He could have gone rogue, he could have fight, even this dump creature must have realized it’s hazardous situation by now.
Half an hour ago one of the high, luxury breeds had lost it.
The blond teen on platform IV had started screaming and crying while banging his head on that sound proofed glass till he got down, shaking and choking before ending up catatonic on the ground
However it took 5more min till the boy finally went silent, curled together and starring into nothingness.

Castiel just thought how rude and misbehaved this pet was, nothing to be proud of.
Especially if trained since birth.
It hadn’t shown any grace, compared to his own…

Again the blue eyes scanned the straightened back of his Omega.
And again it felt so natural to have this Dean close.
Castiel had never been one of those Pet Game Optimists.
It just didn’t appeal to him why someone took so much effort to train, to teach and to care for a bought Omega.
Of course the Ultradid understand the need of an Omega Partner but those had a different status than these “Show off” toys.
These Omegas were tools to collect, to breed, to chare, sell or to give away and nothing to care about like a breeding partner.
So, from the dark haired’s point of view, having such an Omega was a Hobby that took way to much valuable time.
But…, watching the other Omegas loosing it, while his catch still stayed strong…, was holding some excitement, the feeling of winning…, it would have been something Castiel thought he could have get used too under different circumstances and in a different time.

It was the moment Castiel realized his brothers starring at the dark blond Omega as well, and this exciting feeling suddenly developed a whole new layer as it became arousing...

Rafael was watching, actually staring at this uncommon Omega his younger sibling had brought to the event. And it was jealousy and envy Castiel could identify and see in the glowing eyes of his older Brother.
And it finally appealed to the dark haired, why so many in this society were using Omegas for their own benefit.

Seeing Rafael so in rage was pure bliss and satisfaction.
Castiel did know for a long time before this promotion dinner that his Brother would appear without an Omega, showing all of them that he was above those play’s, to high, unreachable to be bothered with such unworthy rituals.
A message meant for all of them but especially for Castiel. Rafael didn’t need any additional signs of power in front of his brother. His younger sibling wasn’t even worth bringing a Toy to show his dominance.

Since the moment Castiel got the invitation to this promotion he’d thought about a fitting pet, but after Rafael had almost killed him and humiliated him in front of a huge crowd at the high tower, telling the younger one that there was no need for him to even participate, Castiel had buried himself in work, buried away everything that had somehow been connected to this event.

In his shame the young Ultra couldn’t face it, couldn’t stand to even think about that he had been beaten up like a pup in early years. Castiel had to use every possible distraction to not loose it and constantly be reminded of that painful incident and how scared and weak he had felt, still was being around Rafael. Something he needed to process for the first time in his live.
But now, seeing his Brothers rage over that old, ugly Omega who currently dared to challenge him even in his last minutes on earth, the Omega Castiel would have never ever picked or even met if Rafael’s attack hadn’t been the reason for him to forget about this Event and the Show off all together in the first place.
It just seemed such a perfect, ironic universal joke that the dark haired couldn’t avoid a small smirk.

Castiel had never been a threat to any of his siblings before and neither had one of them been one to him. For some time the younger one had considered showing his equal position to Rafael, by showing off without an Omega himself.
It was Gab who’d talked him in again in the end by convincing him that this would be just as disrespectful to the other Ultras as it was for himself, being treated like that by Rafael.

Finally Castiel had given in, but not to the arguments of his ‘driver’.
It had been nothing else than fear that had the Ultra agreeing to participate in this promotion with a Show Omega in the end.
That, and the simple fact that he couldn’t risk standing up to his Brother like this.
Maybe next time Rafael wouldn’t be so restrained and eventually kill him for real.

Castiel hated it, hated himself for such a weakness, but the Ultra was afraid to his core.
That’s why he agreed to Gab’s alternative interpretation of him showing off with his own Omega…


But now, seeing Rafael glaring at the back of the dark blond, his chosen ‘mate’, watching his brother starting to grind his teeth, Castiel was overwhelmed by his feeling of victory.
And for the first in a long line of days he did not fear the older one next to him.
On the contrary Castiel felt strong because of his Omega, stabile and more balanced, back to himself than ever before…

And it really was kinda sad, that this would be over again in just a few hours….

Maybe, the dark haired had thought, half way through this event, it wouldn’t be that bad to have a pet again.
Although knowing that Dean had been a lucky punch, a one in a billion win, untrained and without any family tree.
But Castiel was excited by the thoughts of what he would be able to do with a well picked show Omega of his own…

The blue eyed Ultra was lost in his day dreams as the last part of the meal, the dessert was finally served…


Sam was counting the intervals between the short cuts within the tracks, and he wasn’t doing it for the first time.
He’d figured out about the magnetic and electric field right underneath the containers as some more garbage pieces had flown out of the now fully opened Cover
All of them had been cut apart as they had come within reach of just another electric shield like appliance build under any container and connected to the tracks.

Sam had realized that this construction was acting like a clutch, keeping those otherwise loose containers together and also protecting them from any possible attack or unwanted manipulation from someone of the lower Rings and outer Cities.
Sadly though, these magnetic fields did work very well and had become a huge problem for the tall Winchester who was trying to escape his transportation vehicle.

Sam had tried a few times to figure out how far this shield would spread to either sides of the wagon.
And he had to face the sad reality… This wasn’t his lucky day…
The force field went too far to jump over even running and taking/using tarnish Sam wouldn’t be able to pass it without coming in contact in at least some way.

This specific electro magnetic field was cutting every thing from metal to wood, to plastic and rubber, and not to mention any kind of biological material.
The tall Beta got desperate.
He couldn’t think of anything helpful from around him that would give him a choice and a solution to solve his current Problem, while the braking point was getting closer and closer by the second.

Sam thought about building something to climb across the power shield and than jumping off. But it was ridicules he never would make it in time and it was impossible to climb out of this container with only one arm to hold on to the created “garbage bridge”.
Also there were pylons appearing every now and then in unspecific intervals getting so close to the train that it would rip off anything sticking out the container just an arm length.
Sam got insecure, as the idea hits him.
The pylons get that close that they actually went right through the shield and there fore should be cut as well, but it never happened.
Suddenly the Betas brain started running.

Why, how, which way was it that the shield got deactivated at the right moment.
He did figure out that the shield was working in intervals. And Sam started counting, once, twice, third times. He started making tests by throwing bits and pieces and slowly he figured the rhythm out. But too slowly he feared.

Sam needed to be very precisely, one mistake and the electric field of the track might cut him into pieces, disassembling his existence because of a wrongly timed jump.

The train passed another pylon and Sam counted again, closing his eyes and concentrating on the sounds of the wind the buzzing electricity and their small clicking noises. It was the notification that the shield was about to be deactivated for less than 5sec.

It was a small time frame, the only window Sam would have to climb over the left parapet, to step on that small valance on the outside, just to balance before jumping into the darkness which hopefully would be the melting pot of the dark flood river.
The Beta tried not to think too much about all the other possible outcomes of his rarely planed breaking plan.

The train crossed thundering the first ring boarder speeding on towards the third ring outlands.
Immediately there were obvious changes at/in the surrounding. The City rushing by under the tracks was barely lit, compared to the Core.
And it wasn’t just the streets and houses that suddenly seemed less impressive and new, the moment the trash had passed the boarder the lights on the tracks had been gone. Nothing, watching from beneath gave away the garbage transports position.

Sam hadn’t guessed about that. He tried to find any signs of his home ring which would help him to figure out his current position and maybe help him in his obviously suicidal plan.
He needed to orientate to be able to time his jump without hitting the ground and missing the water.
And time wasn’t on his side right now.
Due to the speed of this container system Sam could easily pass the point of jumping without even noticing.
And so, the Beta starred into the dark, trying to find something he could orientate on while he was counting the clicks of that electric field beneath...


“I did not expect you to bring something,…like this!”
Rafael sounded calm as he tried to offend his younger brother’s definitely new toy.
But his voice betrayed him the moment he spoke up.
He wasn’t calm, the Ultra was fighting hard to keep his rage at bay.
His younger sibling had made an impressive impact on these stupid followers in front of the stage, …underneath them, as Rafael liked to see them all.
But his little Brother had left an impact to those damn sheeps with that ‘meaningless’ performance of his chosen Omega.
And the audience seemed more than pleased with the given entertainment.

That was not what Rafael had expected and nothing he liked to see.
Although the black Ultra wasn’t liking anyone around here, and although he considered himself the only legitimate lead, he couldn’t risk loosing the mass, not yet at least.

But it was so typical for his younger brother to show off with the most uncertain, unacceptable Omega ever seen within these walls and still made a promising impact even to all of his opponents.
Once more his Siblings given luck paid off. As his chosen Creature did way to well for Rafaels taste, still kneeling as the last one.

“Thank you brother for noticing my choice.” Castiel smiled kindly as he thanked his older sibling as polite as could act out.
For that, Rafael hated him even more but the mask of a politician didn’t waver as he lifted his glass and politely smiled back.
Only Castiel would turn an insult into a praise, he thought, gulping down the venom he wanted to spat on the younger one.

“It is almost sad that you will lose your creature this way.” Rafael ended and Castiel smiled back, not commenting it otherwise.


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_______________________________Chapter XVIII________________________________
- revised -

(find a happy place)

Dean was shaking and the air was almost too thick to inhale and get it through his lungs.
His breath hastened, every gasp not enough to stay conscious.
The sweat was burning in the Omegas reddened eyes and face.
He couldn’t see clear anymore no matter how often the dark blond blinked.
Dean’s lips had been opened for a while now, automatically and missing the needed ability to breath properly they had parted, the usually strong but definitely exhausted body trying to compensate the loss of oxygen by taking what ever ‘air’ was left through the mouth.
His full lips were pale and chapped…
The dark blond Omega tried to stay awake, to hold his head up finding it more and more difficult though.
The bright light, the heat of the spotlights and the ending air in his system were all too much, and finally Dean was drifting off.

Through the blur and the glass he watched the schemes of the audience fading, watched them becoming even more disformed figures while he was starting to sway.
So many people, mostly Alphas, blonds, brunettes and white hairs, all in their exquisite cloth, as exquisite as what he was wearing, Dean thought as his eyes started to roll to the side on their own.
The Omega didn’t care.
He watched at the front line and saw a tall brunette male, obviously an Alpha, he had a beautiful woman by his side. She was wearing a luxury dress and a collar, covert with glistening crystals and she was holding a kid in front.
Dean smiled at that family. The tall man seemed happy, he’d picked a great wife, maybe an Omega and that was their child, their daughter….
Sammy would have struggled getting to know that it would be a girl but he would love her just the same from that immediate moment on. Dean knew.
And the tall dark haired looked happy.
Sammy looked happy with his family, the dark blond Omega thought.
It was all worth Dean guessed. It was all right, he’ done right in his life, since Sammy was good, Sammy was happy…

The Omega watched the tall guy and his family, watched ‘Sam’ as he pointed for his Daughter to see, and Dean smiled as his head became too heavy to hold it up anymore.
There was a dull sound as his forehead collided with the cold glass of his transparent coffin. Sam was there, he’d made it out of the dump.
Everything was fine…
In the end…
His little Sammy, Dean smiled even wider. He’d known his brother would be tall. But the Omega felt a bit annoyed that his younger brother was now obviously taller than him. But soon his view became blurry/foggy, too much to see more than wobbly masses, and Dean couldn’t hold his thoughts together anymore.


His mind started drifting although he tried to fight, he really tried and somehow managed to hold to that special one…
The dark blond thought about the clumsy, clunky small Sammy. How smart he was even as a kid. How intently and sensible, not made, never made for the streets, for the dump, not even for the third ring. The moment Dean had been presented himself he had known, somehow felt what his brother would be, was meant to be in his presentation.
Lucky had it that Sam, other than his older Brother, was meant to be worthy, the chubby little kid with these huge multicolored, gentle eyes was meant to be a Beta!
It had been the moment Dean had seen, had understood his brothers chance, his need to get out…

As an Omega, Deans way was already decided and given and he would probably, definitely not have a word in it.
Even as the little boy Dean had always been a realist, he had all to soon understood the world, even before he even had the chance to be a child.
He knew at the age of 6 that he was born at the dump and that it would be were he would die.

But that day as Dean was four and his father had handed over this little bunch of human and told him to get out and keep that toddler safe, his life had lost all meaning of its own, and he had become nothing more than a tool in an honorable mission, a fate he had to fulfill.
Dean had understood in his little kid mind that his meaning in this world, his live task would be decided by others and as he had be presented at eleven, the boy had simply accepted it, never learned anything else anyway...


His father had become restless and controlling after their mother had died, and till today, Dean did not know if their old man was dead, or just run of to who knows where.

But he had gotten drunk often after they had been all on their own. Until that one night he had become very desperate, very angry about the whole world, yelling at his first born, Dean, and going for Sammy.

It was the first and last time Dean had fought with his Dad and taken the beating of his live.
The dark blond had been 10 years old and instinctively gotten between his baby brother and the tall, strong, angry man, to stand up against the guy who had raised him.
All these years he’d just endured, just tolerated, but this night, the moment his, idol and orientation of how a man should be, his father, had gone for Sammy, leaving Dean no option as to act on a deeply imprinted reflex, not even thinking of himself.

That night, the soon to be Omega had taken all the anger and pain, the sorrow and guild his Father had put into his beating, annoyed, disgust and frustrated about his own failure.
That same night, their Father had left, leaving a badly injured boy who had smiled under tears watching after John in his own mixed emotions.

It had been the first night Sam had layed down on the floor, next to his beaten brother, holding him and not leaving his side, the whole night until the next day.
It had taken days for Dean to come back to consciousness, resting in an embrace he hadn’t felt since their mother had held him as a very small child.
And it had been the first time since forever that the not yet presented Omega had cried in the arms of his younger sibling, unable to bury it down any longer.
It was still shameful and something the dark blond felt guilty for.
But that incident so long ago had changed a lot, almost changed everything within the still unpresented Omega.

From that day on Dean had done every job he could ever get his hand on, saved every credit he could “find”, and he ensured with all of his strength, that Sam was getting the training he would need.
Sam had, other than Dean, been to school and taken every of those needed private lessons they had been able to afford.

He had always told Sammy that it was important no matter the stubborn arguments of the younger one, because this way Sam would be able to teach his older brother as well.
And although Dean didn’t care about that, it had shut up Sam and got him going.
For the older one however, it had always been Sam his efforts, work and sacrifices were meant for and there for Dean was willing to say, to tell everything to get his sibling where he belonged.
Out of the dump, out of the third ring!
A Beta worthy life…, this Beta worthy!

But Sam hold to this reason and taught his brother reading, calculating and some of the Beta training he received himself. It wasn’t the Omegas most favorite thing to do and sometimes he was to exhausted to tired to even stay awake during the late lessons but as long as it kept Sam going on and not becoming suspicious, Dean did what ever was necessary.
And surprisingly to himself, the Omega wasn’t as stupid as he’d thought because being told so all the time by other Alphas and Betas he’d worked for.

Since their Dad was gone they hadn’t a place to call home and mostly lived on the streets.
Now and then though, Dean managed to get them a cheap motel room for some hours or even a day.
But they had each other.
And since they generally stayed out on the open they cuddled together, holding as close as possible to the other half.
Dean got used to grab into Sam’s hairs, to stroke it like doing it with a pet. It calmed him from the daily harsh whenever his fingers went through the dark brown locks his Brother had been growing longer every year for what ever reason...
The Omega had still moved his fingers after Sam had long been gone.
And it was this little gesture he was doing right now in his confined glass coffin, in his last ever movements…


The dark haired Alpha had realized, and intensely watched, his Omega starting to sway, dangerously close to unconsciousness and in the end slowly shifting sideways.
Never the less, this Dean, Castiels chosen one was still up, still holding it together somehow, as the second part of the dessert was served and with all the other Participants gone, lifeless crunched together in their sealed boxes.
Castiel did enjoy not only the meal but more and more his undeniable gorgeous choice, his ability and intelligence for picking that specific one who was doing so unbelievable compared to all the other Omegas up on stage and maybe even those around.
His mate was the only one who did handle it so far, who was the only one within the cubes, still moving.
The dark haired Ultra had not realized his satisfied smile while he watched those hands of a working man, slightly moving in that seemingly stroking gesture, but his Table mates certainly had...

The former distress Castiel had felt although tried to ignore, the pain and the fear that had the Ultra just a little bit irritated had started to fade, changing into a solid calming peace which also was shared in that odd connection the blue eyed couldn’t quite explain just yet and wasn’t sure he would try later on.

Still the tall man enjoyed this unknown feeling of ‘home’ which he whispered in awe and failing to give this emotion another name.
Castiel knew what could go through a mind in its last moments it wasn’t something unusual to happen within the inner City and especially not at the High tower, the Core.
The young Ultra had seen it, felt it and even experienced it himself.
That’s why the he could clearly tell that it wasn’t dying his Omega was sending out….
But even though Castiel somehow knew about the last moments, experiencing it more than once, he’d never been actually part of something he could only call similar to a grace bound, and it was intense to say it at least...

Castiel was drawn to that not dying scent of his dying Omega which their inner core system was transmitting through the cuffs and symbols Dean was wearing.
The Ultra didn’t even realize that he got up, starring straight at the transparent cube in front.
This feeling was so overwhelming as it completely flooded the alphas body, his sense, his nerves, becoming part of his whole Existence.
Suddenly Castiel felt that dull pain in his chest as his heart, with no reason, hastened much to the controlled Ultras irritation.

Especially Rafael looked with disgust at the weird behaving Brother by his side.
And he had never been fond of being ignored or put aside.
Still it took a moment longer for Castiel to get back to his senses and to react at his brother words.

It was a whispered growl with a strong warning that had the younger one turning to face his Brothers glare.
Immediately Castiel realized this dangerous situation and used to all of those years in alarm and aware of his other Siblings, the dark haired Ultra reacted fast as he turned at the audience, lifting his arms in an inviting gesture, calling out in his deep, rawly and emotionless voice.
As Castiel announced that his Omega obviously was showing his owners ability’s and worth, since he’d be the one to pick, raise and train this one into such magnificent perfection.
The dark haired Ultra never liked such posing or showing off but he felt proud as it did its part.

Having the other Alpha’s at the table starring at him, no longer in disgust but in open jealousy, before they slightly bowed their heads to show their acceptance and subordination to the ‘best’.
All of them did, except Rafael, who just clapped his hands, his face like a stone, not showing any kind of emotion.
He was too high in that given ranking system, their food chain to even bother, but Castiel knew that there would be an aftermath of the whole situation and that his Brother was very annoyed about the turn of events right now.

For now though, while the Ultra was applauding the audience went in, cheering about the “Show off” result, although it wasn’t actually over yet.
But Castiel had unofficially declared his win and the other Alpha/Ultras had agreed.

High headed Castiel overlooked the crowed, gesturing his predominance till he sat back to finish his dessert.
But he did not do without opening the emotional channel again and sensing his Omega, enjoying the bliss the dark blond was creating, still slowly moving his fingers...

It was the moment that the Omegas world went blank and Dean collapsed still kneeling on his hard platform.
And it was the moment as Sam jumped….